Ben Hunter Show – Dan Fry answers questions

Ben Hunter Show – interviews Frank Edwards

Howard Menger Treanton, NJ

KFI Radio – Dr Stranges, Ron McCoy Interview Flying Saucers

Los Angeles – Dan Fry talking on Government and his WSI – followed by unamed preacher

maybe 1970 Giant Rock Convention – Daniel Fry on His Experience, George Van Tassel, Noel Air Force Officer, 8 September 21st Inglewood Unit 15 of Understanding – Fred Kimball on ESP with Animal

maybe September – Jessica Madigan maybe 1st hr then George Van Tassel talking at Giant Rock

Saucer Long John interviews George Van Tassel

Space Craft Convention – Wayne S. Aho

Stanton Friedman followed by unknown speaker

unknown speaker 64 Part 2

What Are the Flying Saucers with Major Donald Keyhoe, Johnathan Lenard of Time Magazine, Captain William Nash, Willy Lay. @37min 28sec – Chek Swarthz talks about White Sands in 1948, Frank Edwards Talks