The idea for Daniel Fry Dot Com came about as a natural extension of my interest in the story of Daniel Fry.  Besides writing, I am also the proprietor of TechOnFoot, an onsite computer consulting business headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta.

Snail mail can be addressed to:

Sean Donovan
Daniel Fry Dot Com
19 Bethel Drive,
Sherwood Park, Alberta,
T8H 2H1, Canada

Or you can reach me by e-mail if your question is not answered on the Frequently Asked Questions page.


This website has also received help from the following individuals:

  • Eric Erpelding – Early on when Daniel Fry Dot Com was not even public yet, Eric contacted me and ever since has helped scan in books and run down leads.
  • Thomas R. Morrison – Thomas has a keen theoretical mind and it has a been a significant pleasure to bounce ideas back and forth.  He has contributed two significant chapters to the Contactee book.  Send him an email.
  • Anders Liljegren and Håkan Blomqvist and all the people at the Archives for UFO research based out of Sweden.  Anders and Håkan have been tireless in sending material and answering questions in regards to Understanding.


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Otherwise noted are:

If you are going to use anything on this site, a simple link back and an attribution of the form “Daniel Fry Dot Com” is all that is required.

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