Minutes of the Annual Meeting

October 26, 1975 Tonopah, AZ. 85354

Meeting called to order by President Daniel W. Fry, PhD, at 10:30 am.

Florence Durkee Fry appointed recording secretary by the president.

Minutes of the last Annual Meeting were approved as read by the members receiving their own copies.

The treasurer’s report was reviewed and approved. It is attached hereto.


Magazine subscriptions decline.

Suggestions for increasing subscriptions included:
1. More UFO articles
2. More action for promotion of the magazine
3. Extend invitation to speakers at the Grand Opening and speakers at the individual units who have given real meaty substance for thought to write an article for the magazine each month
4. List speakers in the magazine who might be available for unit programs
5. Consider further changes in the periodical

The resignation of the membership chairman, Florence Bohnert; was read and received with grateful appreciation for her work for Understanding. The resignation was accepted Florence Fry was nominated and unanimously voted in as new membership chairman.

Election of Officers:

The following new officers were elected:

Mary Ellen Curtis to succeed Kerttu Campbell, who had asked via phone call to the president to be relieved of the responsibility of Treasurer.

Brent Thompson was elected to become Corresponding Secretary.

Jeffrey Perry was elected to the National Board of Directors to replace Mrs. Brian Baker, who sent a letter of resignation.

The same Board of International Directors was unanimously re-elected.

New Business:

Suggestions for raising funds for the organization were offered thru publishing the need for same in the magazine. Suggestions that many people are looking for worthy organizations to benefit through wills and bequests was discussed. No action taken except to let the public know of our needs in a tactful way.

A letter from Anthony Brooke was read to the assembled members. All expressed pleasure that he should have taken the time to be with us in spirit. A letter of appreciation will be sent to him.

The group unanimously recommended that a letter of appreciation for her many years of faithful loyalty and work be sent to Kerttu Campbell.

Meeting adjourned at 12:15 pm. Respectfully submitted /s/ Florence Fry, Recording Secretary