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Published monthly by ‘Understanding.’ a nor.-profit
organization dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all
the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.












II  February, 1957  No. 2



One of the most encouraging
statements ever to be made at a White House press conference was given to the
world by President Eisenhower on January 23rd of this year. Because the
statement describes, so precisely, the goal toward which this publication has
directed its entire efforts for the past year, we believe that it should be
reprinted here just as it appeared in the headlines of almost every newspaper
in the United States, and in many foreign countries.


Washington, January 23-President Eisenhower today named
“better world understanding as the primary goal of his second term,
beside which everything else fades to unimportance.
Relaxed and easy in his first
press conference since Nov. 14, the President said progress toward this goal
would come in three steps: first, better understanding among the free nations:
second, better understanding with the Russian government: finally, trustworthy
agreements with the U.S.S.R.




President stressed the fact that our present arms program was designed only to
provide us with a secure position from which to seek this understanding.

is both encouraging and stimulating to learn that our Chief Executive has his
feet firmly planted upon the one path which leads to true and enduring peace.
We sincerely hope and trust that every citizen of this country will stand ready
to assist him in putting his best foot forward. It
is our
belief that this dedication marks the beginning of a new era of political
science and statesmanship, and that future historians will mark the Year 1957
as the first year in the new age of international under-standing.


Daniel W. Fry



is no sense in advertising your troubles. There’s no market for them.




by L. C. Clark

Berkeley, Calif.)




We may think of life as starting
from a point, or many like points independently, and developing in any or all
directions as need and opportunity arise. Graphically this may be illustrated
by a sphere, the center of which is a starting point, and any radius a line of
growth. The growing radii constantly expand the sphere of life and thus provide
more room and opportunity for growth, variation, and differentiation. This
builds an ever-growing background or reservoir of experience and accumulated
adjustments to draw upon. This reservoir of experience and accumulated
adjustments is the substance of racial, generic and specific inheritance.

No limits may be placed upon
either the direction or scope of evolution except that it is (by definition)
progressive and time is not a factor. Nature has eternity at her disposal. The
process may be speeded up, however, if we learn to co-operate with nature.
Conscious evolution by roan could bring rich rewards. That heaven on earth
about which man dreams, hopes and prays becomes Possible only by man’s
co-operation with nature. The frustration resulting from a competitive way of
life enforces an ever broader,
fuller, further-reaching co-operation among men. That form of society will
ultimately survive and persist, which is most aware of this basic truth and
translates it most effectively into the pattern of daily living.

Nature constantly impresses upon
man by universal law which knows no favorites, the supreme worth and dignity of
the individual. What many people interpret as a necessary competitive struggle
to survive, is nature’s way of forcing recognition of the supreme importance of
the individual, but also the
fact that each is only one of many, and every individual is supremely
important-no one more than another. Many individuals have been, and are still
being destroyed because of man’s failure to grasp this basic truth. Would the
individual survive and pros-per; would the individual attain full stature; he
must understand and recognize his proper relation to his fellows. He must learn
that there is nothing in life other than as one of many. Thus, in time we learn
to co-operate for the common purpose of developing the individual, complete and
full-statured, and utterly incapable of truly demonstrating his own worth and
dignity except in relation to and in co-operation with his fellow man. Nature
maintains the importance of the individual; but she also insists that this is
possible only by co-operative processes. Man’s progress depends on his ability
to understand and live according to this immutable law.

All things in creation derive
from a common source. One all inclusive basic principle, manifested in myriad
form, structure and function, presents a beautiful continuity and similarity of
process. Could we till in the complete record of evolution as inwardly
developed and outwardly expressed, we might expect to see an orderly
progression without significant break or interruption. Cause and effect, growth
and development are logical, inevitable sequences, and continuity is implicit
to them. Chaos is the alternative. Without continuity, nothing, nothing exists,
nothing transpires-an empty void without purpose.

Assured of purpose and
continuity, 1 seek fulfillment in the unrestricted growth and development of
that personality for which alone 1 am accountable.


Nature is dependable. Nature
will not deceive me. Would I give expression to those values which we hold to
be so important, 1 will strive to attain a way of life which does not violate nature.
By nature, I am equipped to fulfill my purpose which 1 conceive to be the
constant striving to attain an ever greater and more perfect expression of all
the potential capacities of life. This 1 strive to do consciously, for it is a
privilege to enjoy and a responsibility 1 may not shirk.

I am one of many and can exist
only in relation to the rest of creation. The sum of all human experience, the
story of man’s rise up out of the primordial ooze, the whole record of social
evolution, proclaim in language all who read may understand, “Co-operate
or perish.” The issue is clear. We may not avoid it.

Not only does nature
“adhere to principles of the highest ethics” she constantly presents
these principles to man in terms he can not fail to understand, and
demonstrates their value.


Types and forms of life do
disappear in the process of evolution; but life
continues to flourish in myriad forms. The capacity of life to
express itself in diversity of form, function and process is not to be
restricted by any man-made concept. The outward expression of innate
potentialities takes place as the need and opportunity arise. That nature shall
not be violated is the only conceivable restriction.

Strength, ability, power-force
used to the disadvantage of any, teaches those taken advantage of to circumvent
or eliminate those who thus misuse their capacities. The big, hairy, strong-armed
cave man who took the best cave for his home, the choicest part of the kill to
feast upon, and lorded it generally- over all his fellows, was impotent against
the weakling who thought to use a club. The wielder of the club couldn’t get
close enough to the man who learned to throw stones; the sling-shot was no
match for the bow-and-arrow; the arrow from the bow couldn’t pierce the armor
of the man with the coat of mail, but the armor of the knight couldn’t stop a
bullet. Secret atom bombs soon ceased to be a secret. The last stronghold of
the landed aristocracy and the minions of special privilege are crumbling to
dust. Political control maintained by economic power is fast becoming
ineffective through the destruction of monetary value by the productive
capacity of modern technology. The capacity to produce an abundance is writing
“finis” to our so-called free enterprise, price system economy of

The sages of all time have cried
out against the exploitation of man by man. For thousands of years man has
swarmed over the most favored areas of the earth like a plague of devastating
locusts, leaving the bare earth at the mercy of wind, flood, and drought. Once
happy hunting grounds and fertile valleys are now uninhabitable wastes as a
result of man’s failure to co-operate with natural law. The process of
evolution and man’s present state no longer tolerate the wasteful, immoral,
uncooperative activities of a competitive society.

We have everything needed to
solve this silly problem. Natural re-sources, raw materials, tools, machinery,
equipment, technical skill and know how, trained personnel, cultural standards,
and what have ,you. Nothing but blind, stubborn fear of change (stupidity)
stands in the way.


I realize that any discussion of
the question of survival of individual personality after death will not prove
very fruitful. While a mass of data 4 has been accumulated, it is still too
meager to prove convincing to most people. I merely wish to state (as this is
strictly my personal philosophy) that acceptance-even on faith alone-of the
idea of survival of personality after death, gives me a sense of security and
peace of mind that, to me, fully justifies my point of view. It makes sense to

Even as ye have done it unto the least of these., ye have done it also
unto me.

Whether ye. will or no, that which ye deny in any man, ye deny also in
thyself .

Ye are thy brother’s keeper, whether ye will or no. Ye had better love
thy neighbor as thyself, or else No man is whole, if any man be not whole.


I have no fear for the future. I
vision a future for all mankind in-finitely more beautiful and desirable than
the picture of human society presented to us in our daily newspapers and by our
radio commentators, not to mention what we must see every time we pass through
any city. Useless duplication and wasted effort, extreme wealth, snow and ostentation,
rubbing elbows with abject poverty, squalor, disease and crime do not make a
pretty picture. These things are part and parcel of the way we live now, but have no place in my vision of
what the future can be, and
will be.



Jack and Jill
went up the hill

To fetch a
Flying Saucer!

They both
flew down to tell the town But met with scornful laughter.

Then up Jack
shot, from a vacant lot,

Super-sonic Caper

And went to
bed, at the fountainhead, Of Interstellar vapor!

by Everett A. Goodell







Burbank newspaper, Feb. 14, 1957.

Who “they” are, of
course, is the question that has intrigued scientists and laymen alike for the
last ten years.

“They” have been
sighted all over the world. Some observers have called them flying saucers,
others say they’re secret Russian aircraft, and pooh-poohers assert smirkingly
that they’re only weather phenomena.

Bob Wells doesn’t hold any
opinions.  All he knows is that “they” exist.

Receives Call

Wells, a Burbank policeman,
entered the realm of the initiated about 6:45 last night, five minutes after
the police desk received a call from Eugene Haskins, 23, a truck driver of 2332
N. Fairview.

Wells found Haskins peering up
into the night-time sky. Haskins’ next-door neighbors were lying flat on their
backs, their gazes, too, directed skyward.

After taking an unobtrusive
whiff of Haskins’ breath, Wells, feeling a little silly, also craned his neck
into the upper regions.

There They Were

At first he didn’t see anything.
But then-there “they” were!

“It was a stationary white
dot,” Wells recalled, “at about 40,000 feet. Then it started moving
northward at a terrific rate of speed, about 1,400 miles per hour, I’d

“As it moved, it changed
color-first red, then green, then back to white again.”

Wells goggled, but as he was
goggling.. .

“A second one appeared. It seemed
to come down from a great height. It headed south but otherwise was just the
same as the first one-white, red, green-always changing color.”

Finally both objects
disappeared. And Wells, frowning slightly, drove slowly back to the station,
stopping the car every now and then to gaze upward into the deep night-time


Other observers verified
policeman Bob Wells’ tale last night of an UFO-unidentified flying object. One
of them was Marjorie Stockton, of 3504 West Clark, who reported

“I looked into the sky
about 7 p.m. and saw an oval-shaped object at a very high altitude. Flashes of
light came from it. I watched it for 15 or 20 minutes before it disappeared in
a southwesterly direction.”




16.-(AP)-Retired Rear Adm. Delmer S. Fahrney, once head of the Navy’s guided
missiles program, said today reliable reports indicate that “there are
objects coming into our atmosphere at very high speeds.”

Fahrney told a news conference
that “no agency in this country or Russia is able to duplicate at this
time the speeds and accelerations which radars and observers indicate these
flying objects are able to achieve.”

Fahrney said he never has seen a
flying saucer but has talked with a number of scientists and engineers who
reported seeing strange flying objects.

He added there are signs that “an
intelligence” directs such objects “because of the way they

“They are not entirely
actuated by automatic equipment,” he said. “The way they change
position in formations and override each other would indicate that their motion
is directed.”

An Air Force spokesman said that
service is still investigating all reports but has found absolutely no concrete
evidence that there are flying saucers. He said that a majority of the reports
are found upon checking to have same logical explanation, but that a percentage
remain unexplained.

Fahrney told reporters he has no
information or preconceived ideas as to whether the unidentified flying objects
are from outer space, but believes they involve “a tremendous amount of
technology of which we have no knowledge,” and that their development must
have taken a long period of time.



Reported from Champaign, Ill.

Two separate sightings of
“unidentified flying objects” were reported, one by a truck driver
north of Litchfield Thursday night and another by a city resident Friday night.

Ronald Martin, a driver for the
Dominic Ross Trucking Co. of Benton Harbor, Mich., first sighted three objects
resembling flying saucers on Route 66 just north of Litchfield at 8:50 p.m.
Thursday night while

en route to Springfield. Martin
said one was much larger than the other two, thesmaller
ones staying on either side of the larger one. He estimated the objects to be
approximately 300 to 400 feet in the air.

Martin’s story was told to state
police at the Lake Springfield head-quarters shortly afterward and corroborated
by a hitch-hiker riding in the truck with him. Martin said that when he slowed
down to get a better look  the three objects dipped and vanished. The tops
shone like a reflection of a flashlight directed into a mirror. Martin insisted
the objects were definitely some type of aircraft.

A second sighting occurred at 9 p.m. Friday by Russell Harris, of 1800 Bergman Ave., who was driving east on North Grand
Ave. with his wife, sister and mother.

He said he saw two objects over
the northern section of the city, low in the sky and traveling north. They
appeared to be round in shape, generally silvery in color and with an orange
tail, Harris said.

Harris further stated the
objects looked and acted as if they were under perfect control, several times
diving low and then leveling off across the horizon.


I saw a glittering white light
in the sky over Los Angeles at 8:15 in the evening, daylight saving time,
August 12, but as I have read no description of it anywhere, I can only give my
personal report on the object, whatever it was. While walking south on Olive
Street, approaching Pico, I saw the light about fifteen degrees above the
horizon, glittering about as big as a street light seen from three or four
blocks distant. I assumed it was a plane approaching in the early dusk, and
kept it in view while I crossed Pico going east. I wanted to see it from an
alley where 1 could stand against a wall unbothered by passersby when it should
come overhead. I took up position in the alley, watching the light as it
glittered, for there were only one-story buildings across the street. To my
surprise, the object hadn’t moved or comb closer, but was stationary, and
further-more it began to grow dim and small. While I watched, it grew a dim
pink, then slowly went out, and there remained nothing at all in the evening sky
to be seen except the half moon to the right, and a few low clouds. It must
have been miles away. No glittering was observed during the pink stage, which
lasted from five to ten seconds. I had the phenomenon in view for a minute and
a half. There was no sound.

-Bill Rawlinson



Contributed to “Understanding” by Bill Rawlinson


To the baffling question, why
have not the space people landed and established relations with Earth folks, I
believe that a sad and humiliating answer is furnished by passages in the
reports of Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) who was enabled to see, talk and
visit with spirits for over twenty-five years. Besides his dear friends and
relatives and great characters from past history, Swedenborg also talked with
spirits from other planets in the solar system and from planets many
light-years away. The discouraging passages tell how spirits from other worlds
regard our planet as “a stagnant pit,” a wicked place where the worst
men dwell, so wicked indeed that in my opinion it was the planet on which Jesus
chose to be born as a human
being, that He might save men everywhere from the dark forces which had
accumulated for ages.

Yes, our world is sinful, but
how does this apply to the problem of the saucers, and what can we do about it?
We can skip the theology and note briefly that we of Earth must clean up our
lives and become tame enough to let the space people land and leave at their
convenience. Take Donald Keyhoe’s reasoning about what we’d do when and if we
go into space and approach another planet for the first time. Keyhoe showed
that the sensible series of cautious steps we would follow, to avoid accident,
capture, etc., would just about match what the flying saucers have been doing
on and around Earth. Take his reasoning further, and ask yourself what danger
you’d face if you were from a distant planet, possessed of a body quite unlike earthian
bodies, perhaps with green blood, and so on, and coming down to land here, say
on Russian or French or American soil. Say you had to clean your craft’s
mechanisms and renew the supply of a certain mineral. Isn’t it clear you’d be
an outlaw, an invader, an intruder Who had
no permission to land or. if landed, no permission to leave? Imagine the
trouble earthians have going from one country to another, with weeks of red
tape! You can see that, as a space visitor to earth, it would be like landing
in a jungle teeming with wild animals, some of Whom would destroy you. even if
others only sniffed and ran.

If lucky, you would light in a
sparsely inhabited area. Passing by problems of finding and securing what you
needed, to consider only the moral situation, we can note that your arrival
would attract sightseers, then the local officers, then national authorities with
power to seize you and your craft, or destroy you at the first show of
resistance. If this did not happen, greedy enterprisers might take you in hand
for show purposes, touring the country with the standard ballyhoo and high
prices. (Probably you don’t recall how when the Morro Castle burned and was
grounded a mile or two offshore from Atlantic City in 1934, with much loss of
life, the authorities who finally reached and boarded the gutted ship found a
man standing at the rail charging five dollars apiece to let anyone on. He was

This has all been covered in the
saucer books. Here we must note the problem it poses for you and for me. We
must make up our minds in advance that if and when space people land in our
back yard, we will keep hands off, and, instead, try with the simple ingenuity
of missionaries and traders, to establish open, friendly contact that allows
our good and their good to be realized. Yes, let’s face it: we must make up our
minds to be ready to defend the visitors from those greedy, power-loving,
suspicious persons who would capture or destroy the newcomers and ask questions
afterward. Only then, when we first clean up our intentions, will we be worthy
to receive the space people.

The average citizen of the
average country, alas, is not morally fit to face this first pioneering
contact. His mind is filled with war, his heart with atomic weapons, his purse
with warmongers’ lavish wages. If he can’t love and get along with nearly half
the other nations of Earth, how can he hope to meet peacefully and
constructively with total strangers, with mechanisms and perhaps weapons of
unknown power, from other planets and other stars? This is the challenge to us
who look up and who look for a new age. It is a challenge to be truly loyal to your
neighbors and your nation, by daring to assume an apparently alien frame of
mind in welcoming space visitors. You and I may never get within ten miles of
one, but the moral problem is with us now.


What lies behind us and what
lies before us are tiny matters com pared to what lies within us.



Author of Study of History

New York Times.

Question: Is co-existence possible?

Answer: Yes, on the evidence of
past experience. In the 17th century there were Protestants and Roman Catholics
who believed that existence would be impossible for them if the other party
were not eliminated: in the age of the Crusades, there were Muslims and
Christians who believed that the liquidation of the enemy religion was a
necessity if they them-selves were to survive. Yet centuries have passed: the
parties are still co-existing, and they have not, after all, found it
impossible to go on living side by side.

Co-existence will, though, be
uncomfortable and unsafe as long as both sides are simply putting up with it
out of sheer necessity. If we manage, as I believe we shall, to stave off World
War Three, we must make positive use of the time we buy.

We must try to understand one
another and to acquire some confidence in one another. Our long distance aim
ought to be to prepare the way for world wide co-operation in dealing with the
major problems that face the world today on both sides of the Iron Curtain.


The man who never alters his
opinions is like standing water, and breeds reptiles of the mind.



The sciences are not sectarian.
People do not persecute each other on account of disagreement in mathematics.


The basic need of the world is
spirituality. The issue between free People and Communism is not economic; …
the issue is the preservation of the freedom of man as a living soul.

-Gen. Douglas MacArthur




Your editor believes that the
following article taken from a local news paper will be of interest to all
young people and even perhaps some of the older folks too.


By Delos Smith, UP Science Editor


NEW YORK (UP)-We human beings
can be of good cheer, accord-ing to Dr.
Allan Sandage, astronomer and astrophysicist. Even if we don’t destroy
ourselves with our own “folly,” science makes “it appear quite
likely that human life is doomed by natural processes.”

The natural processes he
referred to are those of the sun. The way the science of astrophysics figures
it, the sun is now near or close to its middle age. That is, it has been going
for six billion years and has about six billion years to go.

Although it is not news to
astrophysicists, it will be news to many that science can calculate the time
remaining for life on earth with what seems to be unassailable logic. Dr. Sandage,
in a recent lecture to the trustees and staff of the Carnegie Institute, gave a
remarkably easy-to-understand account of this logic.

The sun, like all other stars we
know about, is converting hydrogen atoms into nuclei of helium and that is the
source of its radiant energy. Knowing its mass, you can calculate how many
hydrogen atoms it has and had to work with. Knowing its light intensities, you
can approximate the rate at which this converting is going on.

But these created helium atoms
are waste products which more and more threaten internal chemical stability of
the star. To compensate for these changes, the star increases the intensity of
its radiations.

All this is very slow and
gradual up to a certain point-the point where the star has consumed 12 per cent
of its hydrogen atoms. At this point, `the star can no longer compensate for
its increased helium content by small charges, but must drastically increase in
radius,” said Dr. Sandage.

“At this point, the star is
near the end of its life, because it swiftly increases in luminosity, consumes
its remaining fuel at a tremendous rate, and finally sinks into obscurity and
death as its fuel is depleted.” Fight now, astrophysics figures, the sun
has consumed six per cent 12

of its fuel. Six billion years
from now it will enter death throes that will last 500 million years. As it
increases in radius, the temperature of the earth’s surface will shoot up at a
frightful rate.

The expanding sun “will
drive the temperature first above the boiling point of water and then to the
melting point of lead. Life will have ceased, the oceans will have boiled away,
the conditions will be miserable,” he continued.

“But. let us not despair of
our plight,” he said. “Our sun is only one among millions in our
galaxy and our galaxy is but one among millions in the universe. Most
astronomers now believe that solar systems like our own are common. If this view
holds, then there may be other places much like our own where life exists. We
on this planet are lucky. The rate of aging of our sun is slow. We have another
six billion years to live.”

Dr. Sandage is a staff member of
the Mount Wilson and Palomar observatories of the California Institute of


At a dinner party a prominent
businessman asked Albert Einstein how pure scientific research helped business.
With a twinkle in his eye, Professor Einstein replied

“Who can tell? After all,
what would the suspender business amount to without the law of


“When an old rabbi was
asked why God made only two people, Adam and Eve, he replied: “So that
nobody can say `I came from better stock than you do.’ “

-Sermon Illustrations

 (Edited by Chas. L. Wallis)

Even if you are on the right track
you will get run over if you just ,It there.

-Sunshine Magazine





As on these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets of all
the, great religions, mankind has a deep spiritual unity with his wonderful
diversity, both from God.




The whole length and breadth of
the wide world is pervaded by the radiant thoughts of a mind all-embracing,
vast and boundless, in which dwells no hate nor ill-will.


There is but One God the Father,
of whom are all things, and we are in Him.


All things originate in and from


He is the Creator, He is the
disposer. He Himself is one, single, one only.

He is the First and the Last,
the Seen and the Hidden. .Judaism

The earth shall be full of the
knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.


O Lord Thou art One but many are Thy manifestations. Taoism

There is a Being wondrous and
complete. Before heaven and earth it was. How calm It is! how spiritual!


I attribute all things to the
wise Lord, the Good, Righteous, Holy Resplendent, Glorious. to Whom belong all
good things, the world, righteousness prevailing in the world, with Whose light
all brilliant objects and the luminous globes are covered.




Hurt not others by that which
pains thyself.


Thou shalt love thy neighbor as


What you do not like when done
to thyself, do not do to others.


This is the sum of duty; do
naught to others which if done to thee would cause thee pain.


No one of you is a believer
until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.


A man should wander about
treating all creatures as he himself would be treated.


What thou thyself hatest do to
no man.


As thou deemest thyself so deem
others. Then shalt thou become a partner in heaven.


Rejoice at the success of
others. And sympathize with their reverses, even as though you were in their


That nature only is good when it
shall not do unto another whatever is not good for its own self.

Compiled from “The Treasure House of the Great Religions” by
Robert E. Hume, M.A. & Ph.D. with the permission of Chas. Scribner’s Son.
not all the religions exert their influence together for the peace of the

–Submitted by Elsa de Pierrefeu



Interest is steadily growing in
the Fourth Annual Spacecraft Convention to be held at Giant Rock, California,
on May 11 and 12, 1957. We are already receiving requests for directions and
available accommodations and will beglad to help in
any way possible.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

We have received the announcement of a new publication
“Inter-Galaxy News” published by Robert Short, 5132 Lincoln Ave., Los
Angeles, California. It will be published bi-monthly. The subscription price
is $1.50 a year. Naturally it will contain spacecraft news, pictures, and
sightings and in addition will have articles on health, science and
meta-physical subjects. For more information contact Robert Short at the above

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Dan Fry, the Editor of
Understanding, will speak for the Vista Unit of Understanding on
Saturday, March 9th at 8 P.M. in the Vista Recreation Center, Vista, California.
He will also make a “flying lecture trip” in the Pacific Coast area
on the week end of March 14-17. Dan will speak in San Mateo and Berkeley on the
14th and 15th under the sponsorship of the San Mateo and Oakland Units of

He will make a Sunday afternoon
appearance in Seattle, Washington, for the Spacecraft group there under the
leadership of Robert Gribble. For exact time and place of the Bay area talks,
contact Della Lee Larson, 3246 Sylvan Ave., Oakland, or Celia Barnes, 566
Sylvan Ave., San Mateo, Calif. For the Seattle lecture contact Aerial
Phenomena Research Group, 5108 Findlay St., Seattle, Washington.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


We are preparing to produce a
weekly television program, devoted lo the
discussion and study of the unsolved mysteries of nature and the universe about
us. The printed form which you find enclosed with this issue is for the
signatures of those interested in having such a program produced. Note that it
cost nothing to sign, nor does it obligate the signer in any way. It is merely
a statement of interest in the subject. Prospective sponsors like to have an
idea of how many people will watch their program and this is one way of
determining the potential audience. If you ire interested please sign. and ask
your friends to do the same, and then mail the forms back



Truman Bethurum …………. $3.00

PLAN FOR PEACE, by GRenville Clark ………… 75

ARMY OF LIGHT, by Florence
Donovan…….. 1.50

I RODE A FLY-NG SAUCER, by George Van Tassel ….  1.00

AMERICA KNOW THY DESTINY. by Frank Spira …………. . 2.59

UNITY IN THE SPIRIT byComtesse de Pierrefeu ………………. .

INSIDE THE SPACE SHIPS, by George Adamski ………. . 3.50

INTO THIS WORLD AND OUT AGAIN. by George VaN Tassel        1.50

MANY MANSIONS, by Gina Cerminara ………..

PEACE, by Florence Donovan …………………. .50

FLYING OBJECTS, by Capt. Ruppelt   4.50

Angelucci …………….. . 3.00

STEPS TO THE STARS, by Daniel Fry (paper hound) …..  1.50

VENUSIANS, by Lee Crandall ………….  2.00

TO MEN OF EARTH, by Daniel Fry . ……………….  1.00


VISITORS FROM SPACE, by Eugene Drake………………. 1.00

INCIDENT, by Daniel Fry…………

WISDOM IN PRACTICE, by Vera Stanley Alder ……….  2.75


GOLDEN LIGHT…………………. Donation

SAUCERS …………………..  (four
issues) $1.00


issues) 2.00

UNDERSTANDING ……………….  (twelve
issues) 2.50

These books may be purchased
from Understanding. We pay all postage. Residents
California please add 4% Sales Tax.