P.O.Box #206
Merlin, Ore, 97532


The Annual Meeting of Understanding, Inc. was called to order at
1:40 P.M., by President Daniel W. Fry, at the International Cultural
Center of Understanding, in Merlin, Oregon.

Roll Call indicated 25 persons present, with 5 Units and 6 Officers represented by Proxy.

The Minutes of the 1970 Meeting were read and approved.
The Treasurer’s Report (attached) was read and approved.

Reports were given on Membership, Subscriptions, Friendship
by Mail, as well as from three Units: #7 of Orange, Calif. #37 of
Buffalo, New York; and #71 of San bernardino, Calif. Dr. Olin Byerly
made a personal report for #26 of Bugene, Oregon.

Under Old Business Dr. Fry reported receipt of a substantial
donation to Understanding, Inc., to be used for the expansion of the
organization. He mentioned his plan to visit inactive Units sometime
in the near future to re-awaken their interest and activity. “Also,
it is now possible to issue a Special, enlarged edition of Understand ing Magazine, for newsstand distribution, once or twice during the
coming year. Suggested printing to be 50,000 copies. A list of
sources for such widespread distribution is already available.

Under New Business, a beautiful award was presented to Mrs. Edna
Basmajian, in absentia, by Mrs. Tahahlita Fry, for “Eleven years service to Mankind” as Circulation Manager for the Understanding Magazine. The presentation was warmly applauded.

Dr. Daniel W. Fry noted the possibility that the Great Western University would establish a branch at Merlin.

It was also reported by Dr, Fry that consultations were now in
progress with Attorney William A. Mansfield to establish the legal
basis for the transfer of Understanding, Inc. operations to Oregon
from California, where we are now chartered.

Wayne S, Aho suggested that a greater use be made of the grounds
of the International Cultural Center of Understanding, providing campsites for overnight stays, summer cottages, as well as permanent residences,

Minutes 1971 -2-

A report was given by Dr. Fry on his personal correspondence
and the replies received, relative to the mailing of the PROPOSAL
The Area of Mutual Agreement. Mentioned was the fact that although
many hundreds of Proposals had been mailed, many with cover letter,
the replies were few. However, since Dr. Fry visited Europe last year,
the Proposal has been printed in several European languages for distribution.

A resolution was adopted that: The Understanding members present, and those represented by Proxy, go on record as being opposed to
the Amchitka nuclear test because of its possible harmful effects.

The need for wider publicity of Understanding activities was
stressed by President, Dr. Fry. Forms will be available from Headquarters to simplify Unit reports to newspapers, radio and TV channels. He also asked for Unit support in the nature of frequent reports to Merlin of Unit activities, which data he can then use on his personal radio and TV appearances.

To better acquaint the residents of the local area with the
goals and activities of Understanding Units it was proposed that
Units sponsor an occasional Open House. Social affairs, to which
local residents be invited, also should be encouraged. Mr. Francis
Kipp was appointed Publicity Chairman.

The President’s Message (copy attached) was read. This was followed by a discussion of topics to be considered at the Sunday Morning Workshop.

The meeting adjourned at 5:45 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

(lies. Clara Bonner
Recording Secretary)


(Annual Meeting, Understanding, Inc. Morlin, Oregon, October 23, 1971)

The principal purpose of this yearly meeting is to examine the record of the activities and the accomplishments of the past year, and in the light of that examination, to chart the course of the organization in the year to come,

We are now in our 16th year. During all of that time, we have directed our efforts almost entirely toward the search for simple understanding, especially in those areas in which it is vital to the welfare, the progress and perhaps even the existence of mankind. No dogma had been propounded nor has any member been required, or even been urged to accept any particular way of life, or any principle of living.

Although our 16 year program of search and analysis has yielded
some tangible and demonstrable results, we have never urged those results upon anyone, nor have we attempted to lead our fellowmen in any
specific direction. If, however, any organization devoted to the welfare and progress of humanity is to have a valid reason for its existence it must at some point begin to make use of whatever knowledge and experience it may have acquired during the years of search and study. Analysis must lead to synthesis, and the product made available, not only to the membership, but to all of mankind. The organization, which has been basically introvert must now become extrovert. The various news and communication media which, in the past, have largely been ignored, and in some cases, even shunned by the various units of the organization, must now be courted and won so that others may become aware of the organization, its nature and its work.

Our own publication must be substantially enlarged, both in its
content and in its circulation. The membership must be increased substantially, and a larger number found who are willing to become involved in the business of world understanding. These objectives will not be easily reached, but reach them we must if Understanding is to justify
its existence and fulfill its purpose.

Our entire world society is rapidly approaching a crisis of confidence, becoming more and more unsure of its ultimate goals, and more
doubtful of the means through which they should be approached. The rate
of change in basic concepts is accelerating in every direction. If complete chaos is to be avoided new leadership must appear. If we do not
choose to lead, we can at least offer some counsel and guidance to
those who do.

We must come down from our ivory tower of impersonal observation,
and become a functioning part of society. Whether we wish it or not,
the events of the coming year will determine whether our organization
has any right to use the title UNDERSTANDING.

Daniel W. Fry, Ph. D.