Timothy Good, author of Alien Base, had this to say about Daniel’s movies

I have always been dubious about the authenticity of Fry’s 16mm films of UFOs (copies of which are in my possession), particularly an object he said he saw in Oregon in May 1964which to me looks like a couple of lampshades or similarly shaped devices fixed together and suspended with fine twine.  He went into some detail as to the circumstances of the filming, and claimed that some frames show the limb of a cloud coming in front of the saucer.  I remain unconvinced; the movement of the craft gives every indication of being a suspended fake.  Perhaps I am wrong.  But does this prove that Fry was lying about all his previous experiences?  I think not.  Most probably, he thought that a few fabricated movie films of ‘saucers’ would bolster his unprovable claims.”  Alien Base, Timothy Good, 1998, pg 77

I contacted Timothy Good and got a copy of the film and managed to dig up an original of Daniel’s “Saucers Unlimited” 16mm film which also contained footage of Daniel’s 1964 Oregon UFO.  Both are now available on a single DVD, for sale on the Multimedia page.

After studying the footage closely, it is clear the UFO(s) are fake.

The first few seconds of the first clip on the “Saucer Unlimited” film seems to show the string holding the craft up. However, it is nearly impossible to tell if the string is not vertical lines resulting from noise, being interpreted as a string.  The footage has too much noise that look like lines as the screenshot shows:

Those two vertical lines look the same and the film is filled with them…

But it turns out the string is incidental because the most revealing feature of the film is that the craft’s motion looks exactly like a hanging spinning model.  Here look for yourself:

The first thing to note is that the second clip is slowed down.  If you watch both clips side by side, compare the speed at which the noise, those black dots and streaks, appear on the screen.  It is clear this second clip has been slowed down.

The second clip also makes something else apparent about both clips – each UFO clip is a film of a film.  If you look at the top right of the second clip as it plays, you can see a bent corner and then the second camera is moved down slightly to hide the top right corner of film being filmed (which revels the bottom).  Below, I have put two screenshots next to each other, the first is before the camera is moved down and the second after.  Notice the top right corner, clearly visible in the left side “before” shot and missing in the right side “after” shot.  The bottom is now curved in the “after” shot.


Here is what Daniel did – he played the first film through a projector and slowed the film down, then using likely the same camera, he filmed the first film a second time…  By slowing it down to half speed, he was trying to make it look like the model was moving but without the tell-tale side to side and wobble motion it had hanging there…

Another thing in later shots is that it is pretty clear how the models are held up:

Retaped UFO showing support

  • See the white bar in the top right? It is not noise or a cloud.

Which explains why the Oregon model is so close to the camera and filmed in the top half.  If the camera was any farther back, the stick holding it up would be visible in the top corner of the film, as it is above.   At least in the fake Adamski UFO films, he has them moving back and forth…

Conclusion: Having seen the original films, it is pretty clear they were faked.