In July of 1977, the Uni-Com Guide published an article about Daniel Fry and it is reprinted below:

A Personal Glimpse



UNI-COM Guide 1977 Cover Shot
UNI-COM Guide 1977 Cover Shot

Who is this erudite genius who can lecture as a qualified
expert (whatever that is, as he’d be the first to say) on UFO’s, and field the
most technical questions with top scientists in the areas of psychics, astronomy,
geology, rocketry, etc., etc., etc., and leave them satisfied with direct and
technically correct answers?

He is engineer, scientist, author and lecturer. Listed in
Who’s Who in the West, the National Social Directory, the Blue Book, Who’s Who
in Finance and Industry. Elected to Wisdom Hall of Fame and Writer’s Directory.
Member of Smithsonian Institute and a founding member of the National
Historical Society. Ad­viser to presidents. Minister, pub­lisher, and….. the
list goes on.

Dr. Daniel W. Fry is his name, but known to millions as
just Dan Fry. That short sentence tells more about the man than all the
write-ups that have been done about him. For in in spite of the well-deserved
world, wide recognition, he is above all a very nice and unassuming person. A
gentle man. A loyal friend.

One of the most treasured experiences that my family and I
have had is having Dan, and his equally gifted wife Florence, as good friends
for a number of years.

Ten years ago my husband and I attended the annual
Understanding Convention, then held in Oregon and sponsored by the Frys. By a
strange quirk of circumstances my husband unexpectedly became the MC that year
and for several more following. Although that was our first meeting, we’ve
enjoyed our now-and-then friendship with the Frys. With their extraordinary
schedule the only kind of friendships they can enjoy now are the
“hi-there-bye-there” kind. Now we see them – now we don’t for they’re
off to some corner of the planet giving forth of the sorely needed knowledge this
human race is starving for, and for which Dan is so uniquely qualified.

But during those treasured times when we’ve been able to
share some hours with these special people, we’ve been treated to a feast so
rare that it seems a shame not to share some of the delicacies of the banquet.
And that makes this article a whit different from those many others that tell
only of the obvious and surface things that are revealed only as Dr. Fry
allows. For instance, he’s well known for his contributions to the fields of
physics, rocketry and space travel, but only close friends find out about his

contributions made to a tiny Mexican town in their
hopeless efforts to build their own church. His help was so great, and their
gratitude so profound, that special prayers of thanks are still offered to
“Dr. Dan” at the alter he helped to build.

Another little known fact about Dan is his penchant for
poetry. He can recite stanza after stanza from classics to Ogden Nash, with
nary a missed word or broken cadence. But then, he has total recall. Sometimes
it gets a little unnerving. Once on a long hot drive from one lecture date to
another, Dan and a friend – a fellow lecturer – were trying to take the boredom
out of the trip by

challenging each other by reciting from memory the longest
poems they knew. (Dan can and will deliver THE RAVEN at the drop of anyone’s
hat.) The friend began to recite and Dan immediately began reciting with him,
all the time wondering to himself where he’d heard the poem before. It took Dan
a little memory searching to come up with the answer. When he was in fourth
grade in a little one room schoolhouse, the children on one side of the room
were told to write a theme paper. On the other side, each child was to recite
one line of a poem, then sit down an let the next child recite his line. Dan
was on the theme writing side, and wasn’t even aware that his mind was taking
in the poetry lesson! Forty years later, more or less, it came pouring forth as
though it had been learned yesterday!

Another marvelous quality about our friend Dan is his
sense of humor. It’s not seen too much from the lecture platform, as his
delivery approach tends toward the toned­down, no-nonsense attitude, only
lightly sprinkled with humorous quips. But he can sit for hours after a lecture
over a sandwich and coffee and swap stories and jokes till he’s wrung the other
folks’ repertory dry. It’s always fun to be at these get-to­gethers, for Dan is
something else, too. He’s always a gentleman, in the most traditional sense,
and his stories never offend anyone.

Patient. Oh, patient beyond patient. Frequently when Dan
has lectured on the subject of UFOs to a scientifically oriented audience, I
have seen him stay after its close to answer endless questions till 3 and 4 o’clock in the morning. Questions so technical that; most of us would be at a loss to
comprehend the language. But he patiently and quietly answers each one fully,
in the same scientific language. And then after maybe three hours sleep, he’d
be back on the road for the next night’s lecture.

Sometimes questions following lectures are not so kindly –
nor intel­ligently asked. Yet in all the years I’ve known him and attended his
lectures, never once have I seen him be less than courteous. Over the years Dan
has made more than 1,000 radio and TV appearances, and when he started, the
subject of UFOs brought more ridicule than interest. There were times during
the interviews when most speakers would simply throw up their hands in despair
over the hecklers and skeptics, but Dan just walked calmly on, carrying his
message of Mutual Understanding where ever he was invited. Even the late Joe Pyne,
celebrated needier of radio show guests, finally gave up trying to upset Dan.
Dr. Fry is unruffle-able.

Dr. and Mrs. Fry are currently on another lecture tour
giving unstint­ingly of themselves toward the growing awareness of how to live
with the changes coming about in the new age. They work together on some of
their tours, for Florence Durkee Fry is most impressively qualified in her own
right as a teacher, lecturer and author. She is a registered nurse who has
spent over thirty years teaching and lecturing on the relationship between the
disci­plines of psychology, physiology, chemistry and philosophy. Her teaching
brings out the concept that the human body is the Temple of God, and the
endocrine system is the gateway through which spiritual energy, growth and
development occurs. Mrs. Fry is a life member of the Association for Research
and Enlightenment, the movement begun by the late Edgar Cayce, noted psychic.

She is a kind and dedicated person, living her philosophy
daily, giving generously to all who are interested, the results of her years of
searching, finding and experiencing. Mrs. Fry has developed an in-depth course
of lessons that follow Dr. Fry’s lecture THE CURVE OF DEVELOP­MENT. Her course,
SC/ENT/F/CAS­PECTS OF MEDITATION, correlates the endocrine centers (chakras)
with phrases in The Lord’s Prayer, and is a how to step-by-step method of
reaching Christ Consciousness.

Attending any one of Dan Fry’s lectures is an experience
that will change your way of thinking for all time. His lecture topics are
extra­ordinary, with subjects ranging through philosophy, science, medi­tation,
religion and more. His list of lecture titles gives a slight indication of his
range of knowledge: The Area of Mutual Agreement – a practical approach to
civilization’s most urgent problem. Atlantean Fire Crystals – logical answers,
supported by factual evidence, about the Bermuda Triangle. Space Craft and Space
Travel – a simple and logical approach to the UFO subject. The Physical Aspects
of ESP- deals with

Dr. Fry’s series of electronic experiments, with
surprising results. Pyramidology – a presentation of the mystical and logical
aspects of the Cheops pyramid; its dimensions, its energy force and its
legends. The Curve of Development – a simple and easily followed Road Map, show­ing
the path which every human soul must travel from the first dawning of
consciousness to the final blending with Universal Being.

An impressive array of intellectual achievement by any
standards. A colossus of human ingenuity when accomplished by one who was
orphaned and totally on his own from age eleven. It has in it the ring of his
doctoral dissertation for St. Andrews College, London, Steps to the Stars, for
Dr Daniel Fry has indeed climbed to the very heights as humanitarian,
philosopher, and friend to all.

July 13 & 14 Dr. Fry will be lec­turing in Sacramento
at the Unity Church of the Oaks, 4553 North Ave. Wednesday’s topic will be
Space Craft and Space Travel.. Thursday it will be the Atlantean Fire Crystals.
See calendar for time and price.

Published in UNI-COM, 1977, pages 14 -15

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