Hart to Heart

Enid now has an Understanding chapter, which probably will replace the ill-fated Unitarian group that expired when some of its “free-thinkers” couldn’t accept the free thinking of other members.  Anyhow, the new group is composed primarily of the ex-Unitarians, who attended a lecture given in Enid May 7 by Dr. Daniel Fry, who is making a nation-wide tour organizing Understanding Units.  Dr. Fry, accompanied to Enid by Charles Rhoades, president of the Oklahoma City Understanding Unit, spoke on how we are losing the “cold war” by several policies, such as not helping feed the non-Communists starving under Communist domination and by “imitating Russia” with our resumption of nuclear bomb tests.  He pointed out that our “fears” indicate we’re hypnotized by the Russian rattles — but that isn’t where the fangs are;  that when we know we live where there are rattlesnakes, we should learn about rattlesnakes.

In a question and answer period, he detailed the “White Sands Incident”, during which he was given a fast ride (30 minutes) to New York and back in a space craft, proving to him that such things do exist, whether we’re willing to believe it or not…

President of the Enid Understanding Unit is Dr. H. A. Sturdevant, while Delbert Hern was elected vice president and Mrs. Naomi Kindle, secretary-treasurer… If we weren’t already a week late with this issue, we would write much more about this meeting and Dr. Fry’s speech, but it’s getting late, and besides, the grass needs mowing.

Article in the Aberree, Volume 9, Issue 3, Page 19, June 1962.