Fixed the Download Links

With updates, they seem to have stopped working when buying the eBooks.  All should work now, sorry for the hassle. Sean.

Håkan Blomqvist reviews Contactee

Håkan Blomqvist who is associated with the wonderful Swedish AFU archive has written a frank and long review of my book, Contactee – Was Daniel W. Fry Telling the Truth.  As is the case with most things fringe, anytime someone … Continued

Site Now Encrypted

Cloudflare, the upstream reverse DNS CDN through which the DFDC site passes through now provides free SSL certificates for all sites, including this one! Awesome! It means your login and transactions on this site are protected. It required going through … Continued

Klass and Fly in the Saucer

Eric was asking about Philip Klass’s article, Fly In the Saucer, and a google search reminded me that Fry had written about it in Understanding, Volume 14, Number 4.  To give Fry’s reply context, I added Klass’s article to the … Continued

Top Content Keywords of DFDC

I have been doing a bunch of behind the scenes work on the site, including more server friendly settings for the caching plugin, better security and while cleaning out old URLs from Google’s search cache using the Google Webmaster Tools, … Continued

Contactee Book Pulled for Review

Scourge, one of the co-authors sent me a bunch of suggested improvements and I realized the book is a mess as it currently stands.  It will take me probably a month to fix all the problems and until that time, … Continued