Site Optimization for 2024

Meh, what started as a small job to update the Google search box on the Writing page, turned into a six hour renovation including re-coding old unsupported plugins to work with the latest PHP 8.x version (create_function, damn you). The … Continued

Geolocated Tahahlita’s Photo and More!

Many thanks to Eric and Håkan for asking about Tahahlita’s photo, about which Håkan has novel and substantial research in his blog. I continued his great work by geolocating the photo and showing, how, where and why Tahahlita had taken … Continued

Tonopah Solar Business Card

Was organizing some Understanding Newsletters and came across another business card of Daniel for the “Solar Energy Products” company and posted it along with his other business cards. Cheers, Sean.

Downloads of DVDs fixed | Faster Loading

Was having problems with the large downloads (1GB+) through Woocommerce failing because the PHP process was being memory limited by the host. The download would stop after 500megs! I transcoded the mp4 files into smaller avi files that are now … Continued