Here you can view different types of media that have been made by Daniel Fry or about him.  Below is a picture gallery and you can click along the left hand side for other pages on the following:

  • Videos – This has clips of various videos and footage that mentions Fry, everything from DVDs made available through DFDC to VHS to unavailable footage that exists but nobody has.
  • Audio – Audio recordings mostly of Fry talking at various events but also includes interviews of myself, the author!
  • Books – There are a lot of books that mention Fry, but very few that have detailed information and here is a list of the best of them.

Don’t forget the wikipedia entry which I also maintain and contains lots of unique information.


The pictures are split into roughly the sections below:

emarrow_right  Early years

emarrow_right  Early Understanding years

emarrow_right  Giant Rock years

emarrow_right  Merlin Years including radio station and house development

emarrow_right  Travel years including Sweden and Germany

emarrow_right  Tonopah Years including building the pyramid and marriage to Florence

emarrow_right  Death