Flying Saucer Review Article

I was perusing eBay and noted that they had a “Flying Saucer Review” September 1959 issue with a Daniel Fry article “The Work of the Saucer Groups”. I found a link to a scan of the PDF here, but you can also read an abridged version in the Understanding Newsletters too (here). Of interest was the short bio they included which read:

“Daniel W. Fry was born in 1908. During World War II he was employed by the California Institute of Technology to test the double base propellent missile which was being developed for the use of the armed forces. From 1949 to 1955 he was employed by the Aerojet General Corporation, the world’s largest manufacturers of rocket engines. During this period an event occurred which demonstrated to Mr. Fry the limitations of the rocket concept. He was taken for a ride in a remote-controlled spaceship from White Sans, New Mexico, to New York and back, in 30 minutes, representing a speed of some 8,000 mph. During this trip he was given some highly interesting information by the space people who were in a Mother Ship high above him. This incident is describe in Mr. Fry’s book, The White Sands Incident. He has written two other books, Allan’s Message to Earth and Steps to the Stars. Mr. Fry is now superintendent of Research at the Crescent Engineering and Research Co., at El Monte, California. He is also Editor of the magazine, Understanding.”

Confirming details available in the biography!

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