Thirtieth Anniversary of Daniel Fry’s Death – New Section with 500 Hours Free Audio

Fry died in 1992 which was thirty years ago and as a celebration of his passing, I have released a new audio section. The new section contains recordings of Understanding meetings done over a twenty year period from 1956 to 1976 from the Inglewood Unit #15 Understanding Unit. I put in considerable hours over the 2022 year working on the new section and had meant to publish them on December 20th 2022, the exact date of his death, but (sigh) I forgot. I back dated this news post from today, March 20th, 2023.

The recordings are massive, some 8GB in size and although I have lots of bandwidth on the site, there is a good chance those recordings will burn through all of it, until then, they are free.


The old “Audio” page was also severely out of date as all the links had gone dead over the past twenty years and lots of the content is now better quality and free on the new Understanding Audio page. The last two recordings, the Ohio Exopolitics and the three Long John Nebel recordings are still available at the bottom of new Audio page.

I took a screen shot of the old Audio page for history:



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