APRIL 1977

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VOLUME XXII                             APRIL 1977                                                NUMBER 3


Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


THE VIOLENT TAKEOVER of three buildings in Washington, D. C., by armed terrorists, operating under the shallow pretense of religion; and the forcible detention, for three days, of the 134 persons who happened to be in the building at the time, marked a new high in the growing chain of terrorist activities in the United States. It also marked a new low in what we wistfully and nostalgically describe as “law and order. “

It is true that when the lives of many innocent persons are threatened by criminals or terrorists, the first duty of the representatives of the law is probably to act for the protection of the innocent. Unfortunately, it is equally true that, in every case where the law negotiates or bargains with the criminal or the terrorists, especially when the details of the bargaining are broadcast in the public media, there will be hundreds of other potential criminals who have not yet committed crimes of that sort who will be encouraged by the publicity to go and do likewise.

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Although both the criminal and the terrorists plan and conduct their activities with complete disregard for the law, and for all human rights except their own.  There is a basic difference in the motivation of the two groups. The ordinary criminal commits his crimes entirely for his own gain, either in money, In power, or to obtain something which he could not acquire in any honest manner. He usually makes a strong effort to conceal the crime, or at least his own participation in it. He is successful in his profession only to the extent that his activities remain unknown to the police and to the public. The potential criminal is deterred from crime only by the fear of being apprehended and punished. The terrorist, on the other hand, commits his criminal acts primarily for the purpose of calling public attention to some social condition or situation which he feels to be unjust and intolerable, but which can be overcome only by public knowledge and action. Consequently, he feels that the criminal acts themselves, and his participation in them, must be publicized as widely as possible. He has no fear of apprehension, since his apprehension is usually a necessary step to the publicity he seeks, and he is fanatical to the point where he has little fear of punishment.

The representatives of the news media who report on the growing number of terrorist attacks in the United States, are torn between their duty to report the news as fully as possible, and the knowledge that this is exactly what the terrorist wants most, and is the most encouraged by. Likewise, the representatives of the law who conduct negotiations with criminals and terrorists, are torn the need to protect the lives of innocent ho stages and the knowledge that in bargaining with criminals, especially while the crime is still going on, they are themselves breaking the law and violating their oaths of office.  They also

APRIL 1977                                 3

know that far every case where the law bargains with criminals a dozen other groups or individuals will be encouraged to commit similar crimes and so the problem will continue to escalate until some means can be found to apprehend the criminals and the terrorists before they can take hostages. Both the F.B.I. and the C.I.A. have employed extensive surveillance of suspected criminals and terrorists, and have had some success in apprehending them while their crimes were still in the planning stage. Unfortunately, their methods require the close surveillance of many persons who are completely innocent of any wrong-doing, so that these methods are also in violation of the law and can not be used openly. The only official excuse in these cases is that the end justifies the means, and while there maybe some validity in this excuse, the process tends to lower respect for the law in all branches of society. It seems that the solution to the problem of the terrorists in this country lies not  catch-as-catch-can law enforcement, but in finding means to create greater respect for the law itself.


I dreamed that death had caught up with me

and the heavenly gates swung wide!

With kindly grace an angel came

and ushered me inside.

And there, to my astonishment,

stood folks I’d known on earth;

Some I had judged and labeled

of none or little worth.

Indignant words rose to my lips,

but never were set free;

For every face showed stunned surprise …

No one expected me!

Author Unknown

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING


Aleta Lister

“What are people for?”

“People are here to find out what they are for.”

That exchange started off the day between Little Rex, waiting to be served his pancakes, and me, his visiting aunt who was acting as cook to allow his mother a longer night’s rest.

Such an early question might have unsettled me more than it did had it not been for the one he asked the day before at breakfast, which was:

“Why are there mosquitoes, flies, and snakes?” (He had waked up covered with the red welts of mosquito bites which we had just been treating.)

“Because God made them all as a part of nature.” Head-shaking follows. “No, Jesus would never have made mosquitoes, snakes and flies to bother me.” (Four-year olds exposed to Sunday School evidently relate more easily to Jesus than to God. Another Rex-question had been, when I referred to God, “Do you mean real God or people dressed up like God?”)

The first morning’s exchange with the littlest philosopher seeking ultimate answers told me it was time to research the exact contributions of insects and snakes in order to fix their place more securely in my own mind and in the chain of nature. The second prod from the autocrat of the breakfast table set me to doing some thinking on my own. Rex’s look as he cocked his head to one side and grinned at me, soft brown eyes rounded and the mischief never quite out of them, plainly said, “I’m not quite sure to what extent you’re putting me on, but today you get by with an A – for effort. There’ll be tomorrow . . .”

Against that tomorrow, here’s the agenda drawn up in advance. If we haven’t stopped recently to think what people are for, let us all ask and see what we can offer.

Granted that we may take it for granted that our purpose in being here is to find out what the purpose is. We arrive unmade, to make ourselves the only creatures put on earth to

APRIL 1977                                 5

find out what we are for, so we are here to make the most of the quest and of ourselves.

The problem is, how do we set out to make “you and me”, for better or for worse? What shall I tell you, Rex? We need all the guidelines we can get to help ourselves and each other in this world we never made, where, contrary to your firm expectations, we’ll be under attack by more troublesome things than flies, snakes, and mosquitoes.

Well, Rex, here are some of my reminders as to how to set out:

1. Blow out the candle of anything artificial on which you are dependent, knowing that the sun will still rise if not shine every day.

2. Walk tall, but remember when you see those who are stooping not to criticize another until you have walked a mile in his moccasins.

3. Remember that somebody else’s happiness may break the backbone of your personal happiness, and yet don’t forget a kind of happiness beyond the personal.

4. Remember that the unbearable does happen to people and they bear it.

5. Never despair, but when you do despair, work on in despair.

6. Remember and believe at the same time that man is not what he is but what he does, and yet that man is not to be judged by what he is or does so much as by what he hopes for and aspires toward.

7. Remember that unless you are bringing out the best of yourself and other people, you are not out there hustling.

8. Look with your heart, because it is only with the heart that one can see aright: the real prison house is the world of sight, and what is essential, like hope and faith, is invisible to the naked eye but visible to your bared heart.

9. Let go of a deed once it is performed without any chin; to its fruits which by now belong to the stream and flow of life as they float down the same wide river to which you consign with detachment anything you have eve, been, ever learned, and ever owned.

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

10. Be quiet enough  to listen for The plan and humble enough to follow it and wise enough then to know that it wasn’t “you who did the doing”.

That’s a long list for you, Rex, to end up saying, “Forget it!” But maybe you will understand some day. If your little boy who thinks the long thoughts will stay to father the man – both are inside you – maybe you can manage not to lose the wonder- now ranging beyond control in you but to deal with the, torrents of terror that may rage beyond control tomorrow – along with the waves of mosquitoes! It may be that those are big “maybes” . . .

But it is your trip, Rex, and I would not want to try to lay mine on you. Not even Thetis, the sea goddess, could spare her son from the authentic nightmares of the world. She tried hard enough to prepare him to escape world-wounds. When he was only a baby, the gods of the sea told her how she could make her son invulnerable. “Invulnerable” means cannot be wounded, remember? She did so, holding him by one heel. But in the end Achilles was killed by a poisoned arrow shot into the heel that had not been dipped into the river Styx. So we each of us end up with the cord, or tendon, at the back of each of our heels to remind us of this story of long ago.

You see, modern science has not been able to save us – it has only added another Achilles heel or weak spot to make it a pair when myth had saddled us with only one! Technology has multiplied our weaknesses along with our strengths, and the way will still be full of doubt, pathos and ordinary cares and woes.

But Rex, what was that other story besides Achilles that you like to hear about from your little Golden Book Encyclopedia, the one you want to have read to you over and over? That was the one about the purple and gold eagle-like bird that rises out of ashes to build again, man’s symbol of the phoenix. – It’s a risky and rewarding trip, little Rex, with all of us trying to get’ home by the route that works best — to achieve maturity by the most appropriate means at hand. But from the way you throw back your head and run now, with that golden brown bowl of hair not quite shading the saucered look of those gently roguish and inquiring eyes, you will be ready for the long distances.

APRIL 1977                                 7


(by Hugh and Carol Barnes)

SMILE! It increases your ‘Face Value.’

If at first you don’t succeed, try hard to hide your astonishment.

Prejudice is a disease characterized by hardening of the categories.

Lord, give me this day my daily opinion, and forgive me the one I had yesterday!

The pessimist complains because the rose bush has thorns. The optimist rejoices because the rose bush has roses.

Don’t be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated. It is difficult to cross a chasm in two small jumps I Plenty of people are willing to give God the credit, but few willingly part with cash.

Life’s heaviest burden is to have nothing to carry.

Poet’s corner


For those who have now reached

A gallant four score years

We sing no doleful songs-

But gaily give three cheers!

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Activities and joys
May still, thank God, abound—

Dichotomy and lassitude
Are rarely found.

We join in Browning’s joy
As debonair as he,

As we echo his brave words:
“The best is yet to be!”

We watch our children’s children
As they grow tall and thrive-

Oh eighty is a fine age
it’s great to be alive!

So with this brighter note
I praise the riper years,

But warn that overlong
Survival may bring tears.

But far less likely is it.
For us easily to weep,

Than, as experience shows me,
To simply– fall asleep!

–Louise Kidder Sparrow


The most sought-after status symbol continues to be that of executive, any kind of executive. Everybody wants to be one, but not everyone can be one, because there has to be somebody to empty the waste baskets.

(Carl Riblet Jr.)

APRIL 1977                                 9


By Juliana Lewis

A common impression of Patrick, the religious leader who Christianized Ireland, is that he was an Irish Roman Catholic saint who was born on the seventeenth of March and who drove all the frogs and snakes out of Ireland.

According to Charles Francis Potter, scholar and author of The Story of Religion, the inaccuracies in this statement are the facts that Patrick was not Irish, that he was not a saint, that his name was not originally Patrick, that he was not born on the seventeenth of March, and that he did not drive the frogs and snakes out of Ireland.

In attempting to clear up these points, Potter goes on to tell us that Patrick was born in Bannavem Tabernae, a small town on the coast of England, and it was not until the age of sixteen, when he was whisked from his home by the chieftain of a barbaric Irish tribe and sold as a slave, that he first made his appearance in Ireland.

He was of an unusually saint-like character, but it was not until centuries after his death that he was canonized.

Although his real name was Succat, he had another name, Cathrigge, which was Latinized as “Patricius”, and it was from this name that the later popular “Patrick” was derived.

He was not born on the seventeenth of March, but died on that date. (It seems to have been an early Christian custom to celebrate the date of a good man’s death rather than that of his birth because it was believed that the time of his entry into the world of bliss was more to be celebrated than his advent into ” the vale of tears.)

He did not drive reptiles from the island, but did expel a superstitious religion which held to the belief that evil spirits reside in frogs and snakes (Druidism).

Whether or not he was a Roman Catholic is a point that is still under debate. However, an, unprejudiced study of his own writings, where no mention is made of Rome or the Pope, would lead one to believe that Patrick belongs ‘neither to Roman Catholicism nor to Protestantism, but to the whole Christian church.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

book reviews

Stranger Sit at My Table, by Thomas Land, publishers, The Alpha-Bellers Press, 107 Highgate Rd., London, NW5., is a book of poems. The poems paint clear and vivid pictures of a humanity in a state of lethargy. They are not happy poems but cast a veil of doubt about the value of life. In fact, the book carries a red-ink warning on the back page, “Warning, in the Public Interest: Life is Dangerous! Avoid it!”

A good book to read if you’re too high and happy, it will bring you down to sordid reality in a hurry.

In contrast to the above poetry the book Beloved of My Heart, by Eleanor Di Giulio, published by the Vantage Press, 120 W. 31st 5t., New York, is a book of inspiration and faith. It will lift the oppressed and weary, inspire the defeated and discouraged to know there is love, caring, warmth and joy for the Seeker. Many of the poems explain rituals and symbols of religion. The book is a worthy edition to the collection of inspirational reading.

And from the Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids Michigan is a book entitled “Armageddon.” A book of prophecy and one destined to make you think deeply about your personal approach to spiritual growth and commitment to spiritual, ideals for our planet. Biblical references-are plentiful from both the prophet Daniel and the book of Revelations.

The authors are John F. Wolvoord and John E. Wolvoord. They have much to say about the role of the Middle East in the coming time,

APRIL 1977                                 11


WASHINGTON (AP)-The medicinal value of win and grapes, long touted in the folklore of many countries, is getting a boast from science with the discovery that grapes kill viruses.

For centuries, people worldwide have praised the healing benefits of the grape. Roman soldiers use to pour wine into wounds and ancient Egyptian warriors mixed wine with the unfamiliar waters of countries they invaded.

Although it was known for many years that wine kills bacteria, Canadian scientists only recently discovered the antiviral properties.

In a report to the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology, researchers for the Canadian Department of Health and Welfare in Ottawa say grapes, grape juice, raisins and wines show antiviral activity in the test tube.

Microbiologists Dr. Jack Konowalchuk and Joan I. Speirs said grapes and grape juice were stronger viral killers than wines. And in every case, red wines were more potent against viruses than white wines.

The researchers said there was no way of knowing how these test tube results might apply to human health. But all the viruses in the experiments were those that affect humans, such as herpes simplex and polio virus, which cause herpes infections and polio.

“It is not the policy of the government to advocate drinking wine or anything else,” Konowalchuk said in an interview Thursday. “But judging from these results, I would say grape juice is a very beneficial drink.”

The researchers said the antibacterial properties of wine have been attributed to natural chemicals found in grapes, such as tannic acid and phenols.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Konowalchuk said he suspects the phenols may affect the viruses by binding to them and preventing them from infecting cells and multiplying.

The researchers found that the ability to inactivate viruses comes from grape skins and not the pulp. They also found that white wine, less effective than red, had lower phenol content and attributed this more to the process of making white wine from juice only.

Konowalchuk said his research is funded entirely by the Canadian government and has no connection with the grape or wine industries.



New York Sunday Examiner

Suffern, N.Y.: Shaped like two enormous upside-down soup bowls, the objects hovered in the sky just over a dip in the Ramapo mountain range.

The red-orange rays of the setting sun glinted from their silvery metallic bodies. One remained motionless above the horizon, while the other slipped gradually and silently from a vertical position into a horizontal one.

This account of a flying-saucer sighting was not the fantasy of a science fiction writer but the coolly recollected observations of 33-year-old Suffern lawyer, Warren Berbit.

Berbit, along with policemen, businessmen, school teachers, housewives and others, say they have seen strange objects recently in the skies over New York’s Rockland and Putnam counties.

Some think they have viewed unidentified flying objects sent to earth from another galaxy to observe the large power plants in the area.

Several UFO’s have been reported over Stony Point, just across the Hudson River from the Indian Point nuclear reactors. Others have been spotted over plants in Tomkins Cove and Haverstraw.

But some scientists say that most of the reported sightings of silvery objects at sunset or flashing colored lights in the night sky are probably of airplanes, helicopters, bright stars or planets.

APRIL 1977                                 13

It is possible that some of the sightings were of real UFO’s, said Dr. William Donn, head of the Atmospheric Science Program at the Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory in Rockland county and a professor of earth sciences at City College in New York City. “But I can only vouch for the things checked, and everything I investigated I identified as a bright star or a planet.”

Berbit, who has two engineering degrees and experience in aviation and who characterizes himself as “not too hysterical and fairly objective,” does not think it was two airplanes that he saw over the horizon as he was pulling off the Gov. Thomas E. Dewey Thruway in early September.

“I definitely looked at them, and I saw that it was not a natural phenomenon or anything I could explain,” he said.

Dan Cetrone in the neighboring Rockland county community of Tomkins Cove, who insists that he is “no kook,” says the objects “are obviously extraterrestrial and are preparing for an eventual contact here.”

Cetrone, publisher of The Rockland County Almanac, lives in a white house at the top of Buckberg Mountain Road. His terrace commands a view of the Hudson, and both he and his wife, :Barbara,. say they have observed several cylindrical flying objects with red, green and white flashing lights, which hover awhile, then turn sharply and disappear.

The UFO’s, Cetrone theorized, are probably drawn to the area by the nuclear plants. They are part of a cycle of UFO appearances that peaks every 61 months, he said.

Since the Air Force discontinued collecting information about UFO sightings in 1969, most residents make their reports to the local police.

The police handle the information with varying degrees of seriousness. One of the most conscientious UFO investigators is officer Bill Patrick, a young man with thick red hair and a full mustache who is a member of the Stony Point Police Department.

Of the nine UFO sightings in Stony Point attested to by police officers, Patrick said. he had been on the scene of five. Each object, he said, “first appeared to be a star, but when I looked through a telescope, I could see red or green lights rotating.” They were observed by seven other Stony Point police officers, he added, who “all described exactly the same things.,”

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING


The April convention is an important one you should not miss.  J.A. “AI” Wright, project manager for the Space Shuttle, Rockwell International is the principal speaker. Through the efforts of L. D. “Pat” Cody, Mr. Wright was located and agreed to come. (Thanks, again and again, Pat!) Having both of these fine men is something special for the people of this area who might never have a chance to meet and talk with the men who are in the “know,” on the progress of aerospace development.

We have given both of them television and news media coverage. And we’re expecting a large attendance. So a word to the wise about reservations. The last brochures that went out had a fly page advising prospective attendees to confirm reservations immediately. That advice is repeated here. Do it now! There is a nuclear plant in process of construction nine miles from here and the work force numbers 1800! Many are staying in Buckeye motels at $25.00 per night! And reserving rooms by the week.

There is plenty of space on the desert floor here and if you haven’t tried sleeping bags this ought to be the moment of opportunity! Room space at our Center is now taken.

Wickenburg is 35 miles from here and there are motels there – but a 35 mile drive on gravel road is a bit much. Gila Bend is 50 miles, has many motels and good road. Of course there is Phoenix also 50 miles.

We didn’t learn about the motel situation until the convention was announced and then it was too late to chose another location with more sleeping space inside.

Another speaker we hope will be here is of course our well-known and much loved George Van Tassel. He has promised to be here and possibly to have a guest from New Zealand with him! If he arrives, he will be speaking Sunday morning.

We are making every effort possible to have food available also on the premises. There are however, two cafes in Tonopah and a good store at Wintersberg. So you won’t go hungry we’re sure.


A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush-especially if you are not a good shot.

APRIL 1977                                 15

Sticks and Stones . . .


By Russell J. Fornwalt

Every year thousands of people are murdered. Hundreds take their own lives. Untold numbers are slain on the battlefields. Others are killed as airports and buildings are wantonly bombed. There are abortions – legal and illegal.

Millions of others, however, are “killed” not with weapons but with words. They are shin by slanderers. They die as a result of defamation or undue humiliation.

One kind of killer on the loose today is the character assassin. From time to time you read about him in the newspapers. He appears before legislative committees, often with immunity, and makes unfounded charges against men and women who then find it difficult to defend themselves.

The character assassin does not shoot bullets into his victims’ bodies. His weapons are chiefly insinuation and innuendo. Often he is joined in his infamy by radio and television commentators who find great sport in attacking or ruining people’s reputations.

The smear artist is another deadly killer in our society. He is especially active during political campaigns and elections. Like the character assassin, he slays with slander or fabricated scandal. Candidates for public office can lose thousands of votes because of the effective work of smear artists.

Commenting on slander, Shakespeare wrote: “Whose edge is sharper than the sward, whose tongue out venoms all the worms of the Nile . . .”

The smear artist’s technique is to kill the integrity of a candidate or public official in your mind. He does this by taking some half truth or minor incident, like a youthful indiscretion, and blowing it up way out of proportion. He may kill by quoting his victim out of context. Even fake or “doctored” photographs have been used to destroy a man’s chances for high office.

Very few people really have murder in their heart. In fact, very few would even think of buying or using a dangerous weapon such as a knife or a gun. But one man can murder another man in many different ways.

The witness on the stand who testifies falsely may kill a

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

defendant’s chances for freedom. He may kill a plaintiff’s chances for a fair settlement: in a civil suit in one large city recently a judge accepted a bribe for allegedly fixing a case. In the minds of many men and women that judge killed the integrity of the courts.

Powerful indeed is the atomic bomb. But bias and bigotry can be even more deadly. Those weapons may kill a person’s chances for adequate housing or a decent job. To deprive a man of employment because of his race, religion, color or culture may kill his initiative, industry and enthusiasm. To refuse a home to a family for reason of race or religion may kill their community spirit or even their loyalty to their country, In a sense, scorners and scoffers are killers. They slay ideas, hopes, aspirations and dreams with the weapons of ridicule, pessimism and cynicism. Columbus had to contend with the scorners and the scoffers as did Robert Fulton, Louis Pasteur, Martin Luther King, Jr., Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, and Christ.

What and how do people kill? The answer is in many things and in many ways. A teacher unwittingly caused a small boy to be truant from school. She ridiculed the child’s physical deformity before the class. In effect, she killed the child emotionally. It was only after years of expensive psychiatric treatment that the boy was able to return to the classroom and then with trepidation.

Visit any orphanage, state hospital or mental health clinic, and you will see dozens of children who have been killed emotionally by their rejecting or unloving parents. Fortunately most of these boys and girls can be rehabilitated through “talk” and “play” therapy combined with love, understanding, patience, warmth and acceptance.

By making fun of a child’s occupational choice of a parent or teacher can easily kill a career. By making derisive or derogatory remarks about building model airplanes or collecting stamps, adults may kill a child’s interests in worthwhile activities for a lifetime, along with making the boy or girl hostile and resentful for years.

Another vicious killer is the office gossip. The helpless victim may lose face among his fellow employees. He may lose his friends, his chances for advancement and even his job. Office or neighborhood gossip may eventually and completely

APRIL 1977                                 17

kill his chances for earning a living, getting married or buying a home.

“Thou shalt not kill.” What, then, does this commandment really mean? It forbids murder, suicide and the wanton destruction of physical life. But it has a much deeper meaning. In its fullest sense, it forbids the killing of a person’s ideas, ideals, interests, initiative, goals, ambition and his confidence in himself.

“Thou shalt not kill” another person’s reputation, character, integrity or rightful claim to fame.

“Thou shalt not kill” another person’s chances for a job, a promotion, an education, an opportunity to run for public office or a house in which to live.

“The Sixth Commandment tells us not to kill with bullets, bombs or bayonets. But it also implies that we are not to kill with bias or bigotry. We are not to kill with guns; neither are we to kill with gossip and rumor. We are not to strike others down with sticks and stones; neither are we to slay with slander. In short, we are not to end anyone’s life with either weapons or words.

“Keep your tongue from evil, and your lips from speaking deceit.”

Pslam 34.13

A Rumor

A rumor is a twisted telegraph

Which often cuts a story’s truth In half,

It clings to every passer-by, in its play,

Who does not try to tear himself away.

And grapes of wrath begin to blossom out,

And then a different story starts to sprout-

And when the vine is withered, you will find,

The tangled maze of rot it leaves behind.

Discount a half of what you see or hear,

For things are not always as they appear.

Tales are often improvised or made.

A heart within a deck is not a spade.

A rumor plucks soar grapes from every vine,

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

bulletin board

Many of you have written and some have called about the late delivery of your magazines. We apologize for our own part in this but decline to take all the blame.

Bulk mailing is not popular with the postal department. And first class mailing is not possible at our present subscription price. The bulk mail is bundled according to zip code number and sent to a central area for re-distribution. Bundles may lie around for a week before they are even opened for such re-distribution. Hence magazines (not just ours, all such matter) awaits the pleasure of whatever clerk is assigned to bulk mail on any given day. The bundles of course are labeled as to what zip code and what state they are addressed for but sometimes there may be several states in one bundle. (Bundles can be no less than 10!) Larger the bundle, the more apt it is to get where it’s supposed to for a common zip code can include as many as thirty copies of the magazine.

Cost of bulk mailing is 2 cents per copy. And that brings up another point. PLEASE notify us a full month in advance of any change in address. It costs us 25 cents for every copy that is not delivered because of wrong address. And Understanding can’t afford that! So we’re going to delete the “Return postage guaranteed,” stamp we’ve been using. Beginning with the June issue of the magazine, no return postage will be paid and if you have moved and not notified us, you may lose out on several issues of the magazine. So – please help unto serve you!

APRIL 1977                                 19


Developments at the Understanding, Inc. headquarters  included some that should be of interest to members and subscribers.

Visitors. For the March meeting of the Management Committee Jeffrey Perry and his friend Richard Miller from Los Angeles arrived and spent several days with us. Jeffrey is the youngest Board Member and Unit Leader of #84. He is also active. and of help to Clarence and Betty Gahlbeck of Unit 15.


There are new arrivals at the Center. Ed Mehling and Austin Chapin and his family, wife Vicki and sons Scotty and Austin Jr. They occupy the Library apartment and have shown real interest and enthusiasm for becoming part of the Understanding Family. We welcome them with the same amount of enthusiasm. Both young men have found work in the neighborhood and have assumed responsibility for watering trees, planting garden and doing repair work that so much needs doing. They promise to be of great help in preparing for the April convention.


Another bit of news that should interest readers is that Peter Jocis and his family will be moving soon to Tonopah. Meho and Christa Grabicanin, Peter’s Mother and Father-in law have purchased land near here and expect to begin solar energy production of a product in the near future. (The product is a secret for awhile yet!) Peter has been a member of Understanding, Inc. for several years and is a dedicated worker for Understanding’s goals. “Goodie” his wife is a teacher and both have finished a 4-year course in the church of Religious Science in Chicago. They will become involved in setting up Understanding’s school for children of the New Age, whatever the student’s age, pre-school or senior citizen.


20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

And finally, another bright young couple, Daniel and Sadie Skultety of Des Moines, la. are moving here April 15th. Daniel will take a load of the administrative duties from Daniel Fry and leave him free to concentrate on solar energy and other forms of energy for the rest of us to enjoy. Daniel Skultety is a graduate of Drake College, Des Moines with a major in Business Administration and a minor in law. He has had his own business in Iowa for several years in a tax and bookkeeping business. Sadie is a talented musician, singer and dancer. We welcome them and the Jocis family with great joy.


6¢ per word per insertion;

3 or more insertions same copy, 5¢ per word.

Power from the human mind- pyramids – crystals – shapes – vibrations – thought. “Suppressed Incredible Inventions” covers over 200 startling concepts, principles & machines. $7.95 or 20c list. Fry’s, 879-U Park, Perris, Ca. 92370.


TRANSLATIONS – Danish – German – French – Norwegian – Swedish – P. A. ATTERBOM, Box 206, S-434 01 Kungsbacka, Sweden.


“NEW – INFINITIUM.” How we came here — where we go from here a re-appraisal of the Christian Bible. “God”. – the sons of God (Eternal) through dreams and visions of a senior citizen – mind expanding expounding our mal-adjusted societies. Our -money, monster. The trinity of the eternal-mankind and U.F.O.’s $2.50 – 114 pages by Pierre C. Boudreau, 8200 Glenn Haven Rd., Soquel, Calif. 95073.


“WHY WAS I BORN?” The question that so many of us have pondered. Life is a constant bewilderment to some, even those with good educational backgrounds. LEARN, from people that are 2500 years ahead of us in time, about life then live. THE ANSWER TO LIFE IS KNOWLEDGE Become OBJECTIVE! Read THE REASON FOR LIFE — AND NOW – VISIT VENUS — John Langdon Watts. Dixie Venus Books — P.O. Box Venus 275 – Port Orange, Fla. 32019.


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NINE FACES OF CHRIST-Inspired book of a Messiah crucified 57 years B.C. Search for The Meaning of Life in ancient and Sacred Mysteries. Explains deeper meanings of the Bible, Yoga, Metaphysics and Mysticism.

(290 pp. $10.50)

SONG OF GOD-Poetic setting of 4,500 year-old Hindu Sacred Book Bhagavad Oita for Modern Americans. Mystic teachings of ancient Yogis. In free-verse, poetry and sonnets. For readers with Christian background.

(108 pp. $4.00)

DIARY INTO THE UNKNOWN-ESP experiments of Great Western University. Transmental adventure from tamper-proof diaries. Subjective conclusions.

(170 pp. $5.00)

PRICELESS INGREDIENT – Psychology of human control, man’s relationship to man. Guide to leadership, personality and spiritual development.

(50 pp. $2.00)

TECHNIQUE OF EFFECTIVE PRAYER – Prayer technique and philosophy on which one dares risk life itself. Guide to man’s relationship to God.

(50 pp. $2.00)




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