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VOLUME XX                               OCTOBER 1975                                        NUMBER 8

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.

SOCIETY (Part Four) Money

In virtually all modern societies, money is one of the prime essentials of life. Everyone must manage, in one way or another, to acquire a certain minimum amount of it if he is to maintain what is considered, at the time, to be a ‘decent standard of living.’ Anyone who is totally without money and is unable to obtain it, is thought of as a ‘failure and a burden on society.’

If complete understanding is to be achieved in the study of any complex subject, one must begin, as nearly as possible, at the beginning. Let us therefore imagine a small tropical island where the waters teem with edible fish, the jungle is full of game, and all sorts of fruit and vegetables grow freely without cultivation. In short, that all of the basic requirements of life are present for the taking. If we assume that the entire population does not exceed a dozen persons, and that no outsiders ever visit the isle, it is unlikely that any medium of exchange would exist there. While it is probable that one member of the group would be more agile than the others in gathering fruit, another might become more adept at catching fish, while a third might be more successful at hurting, and that each of these individuals would therefore find himself with a surplus of the particular commodity in which he specialized, it would be relatively simple to make a direct exchange of goods or services. There would be no need to create an artificial medium for such exchanges. The process

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

of direct exchange of goods and services is known as the ‘Barter System,’ and is still in use in some very primitive societies. Such a system can operate quite successfully so long as there are only a few people involved and their needs are relatively few and simple. As a community grows in size and population, however, and as the total

number of goods and services increased, the system would become difficult and inefficient. The hunter would find that he had less and less time for hunting because it would require more of his time to locate those who wished to trade for his meat. All of the rest of the specialists would, of course, face the same problem. Eventually centers of trade would be established. Specific locations where all of those who had a surplus of any commodity could congregate so that exchanges could be made more readily. This market place would solve a part of the problem of exchange, but there would still be difficulties. The hunter would discover that the individual who desired his meat often did not possess the commodity for which he wished to trade, and that those who did have it had no particular need, at the moment, for his meat. In order to dispose of his surplus and, at the same time fill his own needs, a complicated and roundabout series of trades would have to be undertaken. It would soon be realized that there was a need in the community for a medium of exchange. A single symbol of value which could represent a fish, a cut of meat, a basket of fruit or an afternoon’s work on a building project. Sooner or later, a money system of some sort would be evolved, which would solve some of the community’s problems, and bring with it a host of others.

The object or material which is chosen as a medium of exchange must be something that is acceptable to everyone. If the fisherman is to exchange his fish for mere symbols of value, he must be sure that the hunter and the fruit gatherer will accept these same symbols in exchange for their product. Suppose that we consider the use of seashells as money in our island community, as they have been in many other primitive communities. We can readily see that a particular kind of shell would have to be chosen. One which was not too plentifully found along the beaches, otherwise the fisherman, instead of trading his fish for the shells, would find it simpler to walk along the beach and collect as many as he wished without fishing at all. When we have chosen a particular variety of shell for use as money, its value in trade will automatically be determined by its scarcity. If the fisherman, while diligently combing the beach could find an average of one fish per hour, then two shells would be equal in value to one fish, since they represent the same amount of human effort.

OCTOBER 1975                         3

The value of the shells in terms of all other goods or services would be in ratio to the effort involved. This ratio would hold true until the total value of the shells in use was equal to the total value of all the goods and services available. Since the shells have no inherent value, and are simply symbols of the goods and services which they represent, if, for any reason, more shells are introduced, the value of each will automatically decline, and the shell seeker will find that he can get more shells by going fishing. Thus, if we adopt, as a medium of exchange, an object which has no intrinsic value, and yet requires a certain amount of human effort to obtain, we will have a money system which is inherently stable since it is controlled entirely by law of supply and demand; a natural law that requires no human agreement or legislation, nor can its workings be long affected by them.

We have attempted here to point out the simplicity of the ideal basis for the establishment of a stable medium of exchange. Of course the seashell, while it has been used as money by many primitive peoples, is far from ideal physically since it is rather fragile, it does not stack well and is usually rather bulky in proportion to its value. The latter drawback was also present in the metal coinage system which we will discuss in our next issue.


(This material is extracted from the April 1975 issue of M A I N (#20) with the special permission of MARK-AGE, 327 N.E. 20 Terrace, Miami, Fl. 33137. The message was given by Yolanda of Mark-Age on MAM tape #73A March 3, 1975. For the full message do write for tape or MAIN.)

Various individuals experience different sensations as a result of their meditations. To familiarize ourselves with the various aspects we offer the following:

HEAT. Probably the most common feeling in the physical body is the sensation of heat, a burning sensation over the body even though the room may be chilly. There usually are no after-effects.

Those who feel the heat concentrated in their hands or feet are channels of energy, especially energies for healing. As you gain confidence and experience, direct that heat toward an object, or individual needing special balancing, healing or spiritual attention.

COLD. Chills are not as frequent as heat sensations, but the same type of reverse-temperature change can occur when a higher energy or a new level of experience is reached. Chills may also indicate a “contact” signal for conscious mental or vocal contact with another individual not visible on this plane of action.

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

MOVEMENT. Involuntary movements of the hands, feet, rocking of the body, shaking of the head are among the most embarrassing symptoms in the presence of others. The supreme results of these involuntary motions are demonstrated in universal sign language, understood in the higher planes. This can be translated by those who are in the I AM consciousness. Often the meditator does not know what is being relayed but another in the group receives the spiritual interpretation.

ENLARGEMENT. Perhaps the most important or evidential symptom of experiencing your light body or I AM self overshadowing your mortal self in meditation is when you feel various parts of your body grow larger, even to the point of being grotesquely so.

CHAKRA ACTIVATION. Another symptom of the higher Self activating its physical extension is acceleration, excitement, agitation of one of the seven spiritual centers of the body, related to the endocrine glands.

One of the most common occurrences in this area is the fast beating of the heart, almost to the point where you feel a heart attack is imminent. But when the I AM contact is completed all returns to normal.

THROAT ACTIVATION. One of the most common experiences in this area is the feeling of heat in the throat and mouth as a signal to speak or to sing. The tongue may move though you emit no sound. Or, the throat or thyroid chakra may vibrate and throb with the sensation of choking, coughing, or swallowing with difficulty.

SOUNDS. Perhaps the most enjoyable of meditation experiences is the hearing of cosmic sounds and music … sound of bells, chimes or cosmic notes . . . Another extension of this clairaudience is the ability to hear the voices of those on other planes giving specific messages or instructions.

UNKNOWN TONGUES. Some experience in meditation an un-controllable urge to speak in an unknown language. Some actually receive the burning fire in tongue, mouth, throat, and speak aloud a series of sounds and words. The person experiencing the higher energy does not always have the interpretation of it . . . yet another in the group may receive the verification in the form of understanding or interpreting what has been said.

CRYING. This is another involuntary and embarrassing expression. Sometimes this is a cleansing … causing the conscious or sub-conscious levels to receive chastisement or correction. But in other cases the tears flowing can be caused by contact with a higher form or a master of such elevation that the person is overwhelmed and

OCTOBER 1975                         5


SPACE BEAMS. This symptom is both recent and unique. A space beam is an electromagnetic force field coming from an actual craft which can materialize from the fourth dimensional frequency to a third dimension, visible vibration. The feeling is that of a skull cap on the top of the head, a football helmet over the entire head, or perhaps the feeling of metal clamps placed over both temples.

The beam may take computer readings of the individual’s brain waves or the meditator may receive thought waves from the beam.

ANSWERS. One of the highest purposes of meditation is to receive answers. A mark of a successful meditation period is to receive inspirationally the answer to any unsolved problem or the clue to a new project.

FALLING ASLEEP. Some of the most highly developed spiritual people fall asleep during meditations, even when sitting upright on uncomfortable chairs. . . . It may be a form of receiving which comes to consciousness for externalized action at another time, under other physical circumstances.

KNOWING. The highest experience of a spiritual person is true knowing. In meditation you may just know you are acting as a battery for another or as a healing agent for energies to be projected or as the balancing strength in the group for harmony of mind and action.

HAPPINESS. Finally, the purpose for meditating for every one of us is to feel better, to be happier, to be lifted and exalted to the state of exhilaration. It is at that moment when your I AM self over-shadows entirely your mortal being. You know, and you are, that I AM.


You have known for years, of course, that Columbus discovered the New World on October 12, 1492. Perhaps what you have not known is that there is a great New World which you can discover-the world within and around yourself.

Strangely and sadly enough, millions of people go through life without ever really discovering themselves. As a result they and the world are all the poorer. Resolve this day to do a Columbus. Discover the vast world of purpose, power, and potential that is within you.

If some one were to ask you your purpose in life, you might stutter and splutter for half an hour. Then you might vaguely say that your purpose is to help people or perpetuate the human race.

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Sure, your purpose is to help people. But do you know in just what way? According to the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, there are some 20,000 different vocations. All these are ways by which people serve or help each other.

Discover your purpose for being, and you will make the accomplishments of Columbus look like child’s play. Find your rightful place vocationally, and you will discover a world of happiness, personal satisfaction, and financial reward.

Ever wonder why you may be bored stiff half the time? Even with all the radio and TV programs, records, books, movies and magazines, millions of people are completely fed up with life. Once they discover how to use their time rather than abuse or misuse it, their boredom vanishes.

Radio, TV, movies, and other amusements have their proper place, but they are not intended as a steady diet for anyone. If you are spending your leisure purely as a spectator, it is really time you discovered the wonderful world of creative ability within yourself.

Embark from the banks of boredom and a barren existence. Discover the joy to be had in whittling wood, sculpturing soap, making models, baking biscuits, painting portraits, improvising on the piano, or tooling leather.

Discover the thrills to be had in learning new skills. Take up typing, tennis, or tatting. Go in for photography, fishing, or fencing. Learn a foreign language, if communication is your forte.

If you are living on the isle of idleness or loneliness, join a hobby club, a Golden Age group, a service organization, or some kind of society where people work, play, and create together. Then you will discover a new world of fun, friends, fascination, and good feeling.

Evacuate your valley of despondency, despair, and depression. Discover the new land of living, learning, and uplift that can be yours through creative endeavor.

What a wonderful thing is imagination! It’s the mental pearl of great price! Through it the composer discovers mountains of musical magnificence. Through it the inventor, the artist, the author, the architect, the sculptor-all discover new worlds of wealth and beauty.

Take an hour or so some time and browse through your local library. Go from floor to floor, shelf to shelf. You will discover a gold mine of information. Visit a museum and discover the beauty in great works of art. Attend a lecture-demonstration at a planetarium, and discover for yourself the mathematical exactness of the movements of the sun, moon, and stars. Discover the exhilaration and inspiration of a concert, of a great symphony orchestra or an

OCTOBER 1975                         7

opera performance.

Spiritually speaking, there is a great New World which you may not have discovered. For example, have you discovered the joy in giving and sharing? Have you discovered the wonderful feeling that stems from forgiving?

Have you discovered the inner peace which can be yours as you abandon bias, bigotry, and petty bickering? Have you discovered the greatness of soul that comes from loving your neighbor as yourself?

Whether you are nine, nineteen, or ninety makes no difference. You are never too young nor too old to discover the vast world with-in you-and around you. Let this be the October 12, 1492 in your life. Let today mark the beginning of your age of discovery-the discovery of your creative ability, your spiritual beauty, and your ocean of opportunity.



James Peterson, 26, “an exceptionally fine teacher according to his principal,” has found that certain children are aware of colors and imagery invisible to others. According to the report in the San Francisco, California Examiner-Chronicle of May 4, 1975, Mr. Peter-son has investigated some 150 students, mostly about 7 years old, and of these 15 have exhibited extra-sensory abilities.

Bea Pixa writes the story of James Peterson, who has been a student of Meher Baba since 1968 and thus acquainted with the visible auras of which the children spoke. He professes no extra-sensory abilities personally but feels strongly that parents and others should not discount what children tell of seeing. Ridicule has created emotional problems for such children. However, he does not feel inclined to encourage the children in this area as a teacher, preferring to be an observer and investigator only.

James Peterson first became aware of the unusual manifestations when he served as a camp counselor in Pennsylvania, some years ago. (He now works in Walnut Creek, California.) “Small boys started telling me they saw colors and lights when they were in the woods. They also spoke of colors around trees, and around my body. I collected tape recordings and wanted to pursue this further to see if it was widespread and whether they would grow out of it.”

Children who have such experiences recall having them from their earliest years, Peterson discovered. Generally the manifestations disappear by the time the child is nine years old. The internationally,

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

celebrated child psychologist, Jean Piaget, spoke of the child’s subjective ego which begins to develop at age 7 and becomes very strong at age 9. Peterson feels this may account for the phenomena’s departure. “When kids become occupied with their social life, the ability atrophies,” he observes.

The children Peterson has studied include black and white ghetto children from the Pennsylvania camp, and white upper middle class

M from Walnut Creek. The ability seems to occur equally in boys and girls from both economic backgrounds, and “the ability seems to be under no control of the kids. Some see auras all the time, others only     o on rare occasions.” He has also noted that the children who have the

unusual experiences often have poor memories and are easily distracted.

There is a widespread agreement among the children as to the colors they see, such as red during periods of anger. They also report seeing similar colors on the body, as white or yellow emanating from fingers, and orange around the head. They also report reddish colors around tree trunks. “To me,” says Peterson, “what this signifies is that there are invisible radiations they can see which are not normal-ly visible to the human eye.”

One youngster he studied saw and drew dots on hands which Peterson felt corresponded roughly with acupuncture points. Another child drew bands of color around people which resembled the energy fields claimed by acupuncturists. Another child, on a field trip to the county jail, empty at the time, later sketched angry bolts of color using black, red and blue crayons, which she said represented “things” flying around the cells.

Mr. Peterson has classified the phenomena as clairvoyance, “or clear seeing,” and has concluded that they are a “part of a child’s state at a certain time in their life.” When he finds such a youngster he tries to be a person to whom they can talk, for it means much to the child and his self concept to have some one understand his           , experiences.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

The Greatest Task

If men of earth gained zest and skill

to reach the moon in outer space,

why can they not acquire the will

to build a finer human race?


OCTOBER 1975                         9

Youth page


Brady Preheim, of our Portland Unit #84, is our youngest Under-standing member-only 11 years old. But, he has already joined the Friendship-by-Mail Program and is in correspondence with Jens Holm of Boras, Sweden.

Brady is interested in all space related subjects, including UFOs; in science generally and computers as well. He has some ESP ability-he is a very sensitive, human young man.

At his school the class was asked to make a choice from eight pictures and to write a poem on the subject of his choice. Brady chose the picture of an elderly woman and a small child. He shares his thoughts with us.


The help of love so nice and bright.

Friendship so lovely and light, but precious.

Old and young join together,

With love and compassion for each other.

Colors reds, and blues so gay and happy.

Gray, and black, awful and untrue.

Old and young join together,

To form one beautiful people

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Our eleven-year-old Jens Holm of Sweden has answered our letter, in which we asked him if he had any UFO sightings to report from Sweden. He writes:

The closest I have been to an UFO is that my mother, Gull-Britt Holm, and a friend of hers, May Segren, had an UFO sighting in 1962, in Kristianstad, in south Sweden.

This happened one year before I was born. My mother told me that it happened about 8 AM local time, while she and her friend were out with their dogs. Mother had a Dachshound and May a German Shepherd. All of a sudden

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

the dogs raised their shag and stopped.

They saw a yellow light about 130 feet long and it looked like a big cheese, seven feet high. It flew by about 50 feet high. It disappeared behind a big building, and mother and her friend ran to look for the object but when they arrived at the back of the building, the object was gone.

The day after mother read in the newspaper that in a town, a few Swedish miles away, an UFO had been seen.

Jens promises to get more UFO happenings to share with us.


U Thant, former Secretary General of the UN, has said, “We need to develop a second allegiance . . . First of all to our own state, and secondly we need to have allegiance to the international community, represented by this great organization (Planetary Citizen Registry).”

An effort is being made, world-wide, to have individuals register as “planetary citizens” because they are aware of “an obligation to create a world order in which man neither has to kill or be killed.”

The concerns of all joined in this international community are proclaimed in a HUMAN MANIFESTO which reads:

Human life on our planet is in jeopardy.

It is in jeopardy from war that could pulverize the human habitat. It is in jeopardy from preparations for war that destroy or diminish the prospects of decent existence.

It is in jeopardy because of the denial of human rights.

It is In jeopardy because the air is being fouled and the waters and soil are being poisoned.

If these dangers are to be removed and if human development is to be assured, we the peoples of this planet must accept obligations to each other and to the generations of human beings to come.

We have the obligation to safeguard the delicate balances of the natural environment and to develop the world’s resources for the human good.

We have the obligation to free our world of war by creating an enduring basis for world wide peace.

We have the obligation to place the human interest above the national interest, and human sovereignty above national sovereignty.’ We have the obligation to make human rights the primary concern of society. We have the obligation to create a world order in which man neither has to kill or be killed.

In order to carry out these obligations, we the people of this world assert our primary allegiance to each other in the family of man. We declare our individual citizenship in the world community and our support for a United Nations cap. able of governing our planet in the common human interest.

This world belongs to the people who inhabit it. We have the right to change

OCTOBER 1975                         11

it, shape it, nurture it.

Life in the universe is unimaginably rare. It must be protected, respected, cherished.

We pledge our energies and resources of spirit to the preservation of the human habitat and to the infinite possibilities of human betterment in our time. Registration is free, a small charge is made for the quarterly news-letter.

(We suggest that you write for literature if the concept of Planetary Citizenship is of interest to you. The address: Planetary Citizen Registry, 63 Sparks St., Ottowa, Canada K1P 5A6)

ufo international


(From Australian UFO Bulletin, Victorian UFO Research Society, Feb. 1975, as quoted in Xenolog, SATCU #97)

A report of a sighting of a UFO which made headlines in Sept. 1974 is now regarded as one of the best sightings made in Tasmania. The UFO, which was watched for one hour and 43 minutes by Roger Brooks, a senior English Master at St. Mary’s District School, and Gary Bensemann, a student at the Northern Division of the Tasmanian College of Advanced Education, “darted about the night sky, hovered like a helicopter, and flashed coloured lights.”

Mr. Ken Bennetto, officer of the Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre, has been checking out the report. The possibilities of the UFO being an aircraft, planet, or even a temperature inversion, have been ruled out.

Brooks and Bensemann were walking a dog on Scamander Beach when they saw an unusual pale yellow light with green and pink lights below it. The UFO was about 1600 feet (viewed against St. Patrick’s Head, which is 1600 feet high and half a mile from the coast). The two observers telephoned Hobart Airport but learned nothing. They then contacted Mr. Bennetto who gave instructions how to take sightings and to plot the course.

Through the “rectangular” sighting device, made of sticks, they watched the UFO hover, move at slow and medium speeds, and at times very rapidly. Jupiter was clearly visible at the time and aided the men in making their calculations.

The UFO was described as being four to five times brighter than Jupiter. It was “an object mainly composed of lights: the brightest one, pale yellow, was shaped like a dome; beneath that green, pink, and an occasional white and pale blue light moved from left to right

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

around what appeared to be a disc like a plate upturned. This lower part did not appear solid but rather was an area of light.

It was 10:20 P.M. when the men made their first sighting. The UFO had been following a diverse path in a northerly direction, but 15 minutes later it started to move south. The men followed it by car for 8-9 miles. The night was clear at first, half an hour later clouds began to dim the stars but the UFO maintained its brightness. About 10:50 the UFO picked up speed along its southerly course and an hour and a half later was so far away it “looked like a star.”

The men continued their watch until the UFO was lost to sight through a cloud at 11:50. It reappeared briefly again at 12:02 A.M. It was quite distant then and eventually disappeared.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


(Vancouver Sun, April 10, 1975)

HUDSON BAY, Sask. (CP)- An unidentified flying object has been seen near a farm west of this west-central Saskatchewan community. A member of the Hudson Bay RCMP detachment described the UFO as being round with bright lights.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

What Others Are Saying


(South Middlesex Sunday News, July 13, 1975, Framingham, MA 01701)


The Centre for UFO Studies-the world’s only scientific body studying the UFO mystery is going public, you might say.

The Centre, headed by Dr. J. Allen Hynek, astronomy professor at Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, came into existence some two years ago and has been busily investigating UFO cases since then. However, Dr. Hynek says that the Centre “has developed more rapidly than originally scheduled” and has gained a recognition both from the public and the scientific community which is causing it to dramatically expand its scope and activities.

The Centre for UFO Studies (address: Post Office Box 11, North-field, Illinois) exists because, as Dr. Hynek puts it, “the unexplained content of many UFO reports from many credible witnesses in many parts of the world defines a problem and presents a significant mystery. Any phenomenon which has occupied the thought of so many people for so many years is surely a subject worthy of scientific

OCTOBER 1975                         13


How vast is the UFO mystery?

Well, here are some items from ufologist Hynek’s latest report. ITEM: There are approximately 600 cases catalogued by the Centre of “physical traces”-burned areas, broken tree branches, indentations in the soil, chemical changes in the soil, etc.-associated with UFO sightings. In one such case, a 40-foot “burned ring” was found in a soybean field in Iowa after a farmer and two other witnesses re-ported seeing a UFO hover over the spot. Vegetation in the burned area was “desiccated,” in Dr. Hynek’s words, “as though by some sort of death-ray effect.”

ITEM: In the fall of 1973 alone, 41 documented cases occurred in the United States in which “humanoids” (human-like creatures) were reported associated with UFOs. The Centre has prepared a scientific study of these cases titled, “1973-Year of the Humanoids.”

ITEM: The Centre for UFO Studies is now investigating numerous cases in which UFOs have affected people, machinery and the surrounding environment. There is lab analysis of “plants, trees and soil which appear to have been affected by the presence of the reported UFO; with the reported effect on cars, radios, television receivers and electrical systems; and with medical studies of witnesses who have been reportedly blinded, paralyzed and subject to headaches, nausea, etc.”

ITEM: The Centre, besides having the active co-operation of police forces across the United States, including the FBI, recently received an expression of interest in such co-operation from the Civil Defense Preparedness Agency, Department of Defense. Never before has the investigation of UFOs received such impressive official sanction and support.

The main functions of the Centre for UFO Studies remain:

1. To provide a clearing-house for UFO reports from police forces and other official agencies as well as the general public; and 2. To bring together a team of respected scientists from more than a dozen universities-astronomers, physicists, chemists, psychologists and sociologists who seriously seek to crack the mystery of what UFOs are and where they come from.

The Centre is financed largely by tax-deductible donations from individuals.

In his more than 25 years studying UFOs-most of them as official scientific consultant to the U.S. Air Force-Dr. Hynek says his attitude has shifted from initial disbelief and even mockery of the subject to the conviction of the UFO enigma as the key to a vast leap

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

forward in man’s understanding of the universe and himself. This is why he has dedicated himself to the pursuit of the UFO enigma. “When the long awaited solution to the UFO problem comes,” says this veteran ufologist, “I believe that it will be not merely the next small step in the march of science but a mighty and totally un-expected quantum jump.”

And who knows how suddenly, or unexpectedly, the solution may come?

Children’s Psychic Powers

(National Enquirer, July 6, 1975)

Hundreds of British “super kids” possess the same incredible powers as psychic Uri Geller, says a top scientist who studied a group of them under strict lab-oratory conditions.

Prof. John Taylor reveals that the astonishing children he’s investigated bend metal and plastic, “scrunch” paper clips into balls and make objects materialize-using only their minds.

“One boy has even exceeded Geller,” said Taylor, a professor of applied mathematics at Kings College, London, who concentrated on six exceptionally gifted children aged 7 to 17.

“This boy can turn paper clips into the shape of a dog without touching them. Another can bend metal sealed inside a plastic tube, and another made a bank note appear inside a sealed plastic cylinder.”

When Taylor wrote a book on the strange phenomena-which was published early this year-he said he knew of 46 British children with unusual powers similar to Geller’s. Today, he estimates the number is at least 10 times as many.

Prof. Taylor told about many otherwise average children who routinely bend rigid metal bars and cause spoons to fold and crumble -just by concentration. One of the most bizarre cases in the experiments involved an English 5-pound note that suddenly materialized inside a sealed container.

Dr. Anthony Smith, a metallurgy PhD from Cambridge prepared most metal specimens in Prof. Taylor’s experiments.

“I’m convinced the Geller effect exists among these children,” he told The ENQUIRER. “I personally watched from just inches

OCTOBER 1975                         15

away as a 12-year-old girl caused a nickel-plated metal spoon to snap in half while she was stroking it gently.”

Said David Greenwood, 36, a consulting engineer who was asked to insure that no fraud took place: “I’ve seen quite a number of children bending spoons-without touching them. From the scientific point of view, there’s no possibility of fraud.” –GranvilleToogood

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Midwest Sighting

(Belleville Telescope, Kan. July 10, 1975)

Early Saturday morning Mrs. Fredrick Boxberger and her aunt, Kathryn Black, of Russell, were nearly blinded by a bright flying object which almost hit their car near Larned at dawn. They had left at 4 AM, en route to a family wedding.

“Our eyes hurt and were blurry all day,” Mrs. Boxberger said, upon returning to Russell.

She described the object as dazzling bright, like shining aluminum. It was shaped like a funnel, and moved from west to east. It went over the car, so close the women thought it would hit them. They stopped the car. “It went straight up and was just gone.” Both women looked for lights, sounds or sight of an airplane but the sky was empty.

The object was described as being as big or larger than their car, like a funnel on its side. It moved at a great rate of speed and close to the ground.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Object Sighted

[Medford (Or.) Mail Tribune, July 22, 1975]

Did anybody see anything Sunday night?

The thing-spaceship, flying saucer, natural phenomenon, government agency experiment-rose over the mountains southeast of Phoenix at 8:45 p.m., according to Leland Kiddle, who lives about a mile from Phoenix (Oregon).

Kiddle says that at first he thought it was a planet, but it remained stationary.

He trained 15-power binoculars mounted on a tripod on it until after 1 a.m. Monday, when he went to bed. Mrs. Kiddle also watched from time to time.

They made the following observations: that it was unusually large, that it appeared silver when reflecting the moonlight, that at one time it apparently turned, that eventually the light went off, but a light on the ground moved erratically and appeared three times in three hours. The small light appeared to behave somewhat like a yo-yo on a string, he said.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

One thing it was not. A check was made with the weather bureau at the airport which says that weather balloons are only flown 4-6 a.m. and 4-6 p.m.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Fertilizer and Ozone Harm

(Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Or., June 24, 1975)

BOULDER, Colo. (AP)-Nitrogen fertilizers may ultimately cause more damage than aerosol sprays to the ozone layer which protects the earth from the sun’s most intense ultraviolet rays, a Harvard scientist says.

As the national debate increases over the use of aerosol sprays containing fluorocarbons such as Freon, Michael McElroy is focusing on the $8-billion nitrogen fertilizer industry.

“Our abundance of food in the United States depends in large measure on our chemical industry,” he said in an interview Sunday, noting that nitrogen fertilizers greatly increase crop yield.

However, nitrogen fertilizers trigger a series of chemical changes which ultimately produce nitric oxide. That chemical eventually finds its way into the stratosphere containing the protective ozone layer.

An excess of nitric oxide reduces the ozone, and McElroy thinks it may do three times as much damage as aerosol sprays, based on present projections of production.

“Philosophically, we are trying to feed too many people. Nature could have the last laugh, as we eat and die, he said.

He is not predicting doom-but urging research.

If production of man-made nitric oxide continues to expand at projected levels it will exceed nature’s production, and McElroy estimates it eventually could reduce the ozone layer by 30 per cent, perhaps by the year 2000.

This compares with other scientists’ predictions of a 10 per cent reduction of ozone if the 1974 production level of aerosol sprays using fluorocarbons is stabilized.

Scientists aren’t sure what the ozone reduction would mean, but McElroy says it could disrupt plant life within the sea, food grains ashore and increase skin cancer among humans.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

New Cancer Treatment

(Grit News, Williamsport, Pa., April 20, 1975)

Researchers are experimenting with a new treatment for cancer that so far holds hope for victims of this dreaded disease. It is based on the principle that controlled heat destroys cancer cells but does

OCTOBER 1975                         17

not harm normal cells.

From Scotland comes a report of a hot-wax and hot-air treatment, given to 85 patients, many with terminal cancer. No cures were claimed but in some cases the malignancies “melted” away, and many did get relief from pain, and in some cases tumors stopped growing. One man was able to work for two years after the treatments.

It had already been known that high fever caused cancer regressions as well as making cancer cells more vulnerable to treatment by radiation. But it was difficult and dangerous to artificially produce a fever which would affect only cancer cells.

Now a method has been devised whereby this may be done. But there is one danger to the treatment-it may prove too effective, dissolving such large masses that the waste is too much for the kidneys.

Similar work is being done in the United States. Results are encouraging but as the treatment is new, many doctors are still skeptical.

Book reviews


(SETH SPEAKS-The Eternal Validity of the Soul, by Jane Roberts, 1972. Bantam Books, $1.95. 4B6 pp.)

Because of a lifetime together in Denmark, long ago, as Seth, Rupert and Joseph, Seth in 1963 came through to Jane Roberts-and her husband, Robert F. Butts, as they were experimenting with an Ouija Board. At that time neither had any psychic background, but since then, in some 600 sessions with Seth, they have produced over 6000 pages of typed manuscript. The first “teachings” were published as SETH MATERIAL. Then, between January 21, 1970 and August 11, 1971, in 80 sessions, Seth authored his own book-SETH SPEAKS The Eternal Validity of the Soul.

In the text, a bit confusing at the start, Seth always refers to Jane as Rupert (he) and to Robert as Joseph.

The introduction notes that: “Seth Speaks is all true, just as Seth dictated it . . . as suspenseful and fascinating as a novel; as provocative

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

as science fiction; as informative and inspirational as any best seller you will ever read.” With this your reviewer thoroughly agrees. Seth seeks to demonstrate to us that the human personality is multi-dimensional, and that it exists in many realities at once. Says Jane Roberts, “Seth may be leading us out of our usual limitations, into another realm that is ours by right-elemental whether we are in flesh or out of it. He may be the voice of our combined selves, saying ‘while you are conscious bodies, remember what it was like and will be like to be bodiless, to be freewheeling energy without a name but with a voice that does not need a tongue, with a creativity that does not need flesh. We are yourselves, turned inside out.”‘

The book is divided into two parts, 22 chapters in all. Each session is annotated with notes by Robert as to time, place, conditions of Jane’s trance, her speed and emotional tone of delivery as Seth, external environment, as well as pertinent material on subjects discussed, i.e., background of the Essenes.

Seth speaks of himself as an “energy personality essence,” no longer focused in physical form. He explains the nature of his present “being-ness”; those with whom he is associated; the several dimensions of reality in which he serves; past experiences and persons he has known, and of the meeting of the three of them in the past and now.

Other chapters deal with personality experiences at and after death; love and kinship between personalities and relationships in various reincarnations. There is a chapter of fascinating revelations as to how we create our physical realities, as individuals and as, groups; and another on dreams as entrances to other dimensions of consciousness.

Of the many dissertations offered, not all are new concepts, but some perspectives are entirely original interpretations of well-known situations, such as the drama of Christ and the Crucifixion. Seth speaks of blank or dark spaces of consciousness which man can fill with new symbols, and he speaks also of the “black holes” of space in the physical realm.

Among the other subjects considered are ghosts, root assumptions of civilizations, good and evil, coordinate points on earth with reference to the ease in the manifestation of thoughts and desire. So much is given that it is difficult to put down the book at any sitting. Yet, there is much to ponder, to return you to Seth Speaks again and again, for the book is really a text, not a science fiction novel. My own copy is filled with marginal notes for future reflections-yours will be likewise.

C. H.

OCTOBER 1975                         19

Bulletin board


The life blood of any organization, institution, center or agency is growth and development. It is as true for Understanding here at Tonopah as it is for our country as a whole. Growth and development are based on tangible resources the most common of which are people, books and money for this Center. The first two resources named have come easily to us. The latter, as usual, has been some-thing of a problem. This is true as a rule for any non-profit, voluntary organization. In an attempt to ease the financial struggle for these 55 acres of unlimited sunlight and pure air, new policies have been formulated for those who may wish to come here and share the beauty of the desert and join in the work of the Center.

They are: 1. Be or become a member of Understanding and sub-scribe to the magazine published by the organization.

2. Be financially able to donate sufficient sums to cover the cost of utilities and maintenance of the dwelling site.

3. Take an active part in the work of the Center.

4. Assume individual responsibility for keeping the premises clean where individual residence has been taken.

5. Keep pets and children from annoying others who reside on the property, especially keep dogs and other predatory pets out of the fenced-in area for garden.

6. Approach all problems (opportunities) of living relationships with an attitude of love and understanding.

7. Apply by letter, phone call or in person for full de-tails related to residence.

The above became effective the first of August this year.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING


A loving Librarian! There is an apartment adjacent to it and the work is light. There are about 7000 volumes waiting to be cataloged and kept track of. Salary is probably less than the union would approve of-but the labor is less than union labor too. Anyone interested, please write.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Everybody thinks of changing humanity and nobody thinks of changing himself.

-Leo Tolstoy


6c per word per insertion; 3 or more insertions same copy, 5c per word.

ASTROLOGY-Solar charts drawn and interpreted by Professional Astrologer. Planet Placement and Aspects explained. Careful, conscientious work. Send Birthdate information and $15.00 to: Wm. Bemis, P.O. Box 35, Versailles, III. 62378.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

PSYCHICS, COUNSELORS, METAPHYSICIANS. Establish your professionalism by joining International Metaphysical Festivals, Inc. The first organization for PROFESSIONALS in the field. General memberships available also. IMF, Inc., P.O. Box 15668, Honolulu, Hawaii 96815.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

“Your thought can have IMPACT, on yourself, your world. For in-formation, Write M.G.N.A. c/o Buaken, P. 0. Box 1523, Casper, Wy. 82601.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

PREPARE-MONTHLY OPPORTUNITY NEWSLETTER. For Living, Practical, Personal Solutions in Our Times. Money Back Guarantee. Sample Copy $1.00. Twelve Issues $11.50. Box 1889-U, Seattle, Washington 98111.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


U.F.O. MANUAL       $1.00 U.S., CANADA.          $1.25 Ovrss PPD.

Michael J. Campione,                      2202 New Albany, Cinnaminson, N.J. 08077

BOOKS                                        Once-in-a- Lifetime                                    BOOKS


NINE FACES OF CHRIST-Inspired book of a Messiah crucified 57 years B.C. Search for The Meaning Of Life in ancient and Sacred Mysteries. Explains deeper meanings of the Bible, Yoga, Metaphysics and Mysticism.

(290 pp.          $10.50)

SONG OF GOD-Poetic setting of 4,500 year-old Hindu Sacred Book Bhagavad Gita for Modern Americans. Mystic teachings of ancient Yogis. In free-verse, poetry and son-nets. For readers with Christian background.

(108 pp.          $4.00)

DIARY INTO THE UNKNOWN-ESP experiments of Great Western University. Transmental adventure from tamper-proof diaries. Subjective conclusions.

(170 pp.          $5.00)

PRICELESS INGREDIENT-Psychology of human control, man’s relationship to man. Guide to leadership, personality and spiritual development.

(50 pp.            $2.00)

TECHNIQUE OF EFFECTIVE PRAYER-Prayer technique and philosophy on which one dares risk life itself. Guide to man’s relationship to God.

(50 pp.            $2.00)




Enclosed is $20.00 for ALL FIVE BOOKS.

Name: _____________________________________

Address: ___________________________________