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VOL. IV                                         DECEMBER, 1959                                   NO. 12


WHEN President Eisenhower returns to this country from his flying tour of 11 foreign nations, he will, in the brief span of 18 days, have covered more ground and visited more national capitols than any other president has visited during his entire tenure of office. He will have had more opportunity for intimate personal discussion of national and international problems among the nations visited, than has ever been available to any man in a similar length of time.

It is unfortunate that the time devoted to this trip could not have been extended in order to give him the opportunity of speaking with a few of the common people in each of the countries. Such a program might have increased considerably the total area of understanding achieved. Nevertheless, it is to be hoped that the president will make good use of the knowledge and understanding which he is acquiring.

During the past year there have been many signs of thaw in the cold war. Each opportunity to melt more ice should be carefully examined and vigorously prosecuted.

The race for armaments has become a stalemate. Each side possesses the means to bring total destruction upon the other within a matter of hours and each side is well aware of this simple fact. The only remaining approach to the solution of international problems and disagreements, requires first, a mutual understanding of these problems and disagreements; and second, mutual compromise.

The recent visit to this country of Mr. Khruschev; the present world tour of President Eisenhower, and his scheduled visit to the Soviet Union, make it apparent that the first step, that of mutual understanding, is now well underway.

A new era of international relationship is dawning. During the Christmas season now at hand and throughout the coming year, let us devote our prayers, our hopes and our active assistance to the fruition of a plan of mutual compromise which will protect the freedom and dignity of the individual, give real meaning to the phrase “Peace on Earth to Men of Good Will,” and perhaps lift the curse of war from this planet forever.



Cleve Twitchell, Reporting


Redmond, Ore., Sept. 25 (UPI)-Authorities today were checking into reports of an unidentified flying object sighted over this Central Oregon city early Thursday by a policeman and an employee of the Federal Aviation Agency.

Robert Dickerson of Redmond city police said he first saw the strange object during night patrol at the east city limits. He said it came to within 200 feet of the ground and moved from side to side.

He called Redmond airport and notified LaVerne Wertz, a flight service specialist with the FAA, who then also sighted the object with binoculars. It was described as round and flat, like a mushroom.

Both men said the object glowed in hues of pale green, bright yellow and crimson and at times shot long blue bursts of flame. It hovered over the area for at least one hour, they said.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


(First-hand report from Mrs. Lorraine Fee, member of Medford Understanding Unit No. 24).

A hunting party camped east of Crater Lake in what is known as the “pot hole” area was preparing to start out before daybreak, 3 a.m., when they observed a strange glow shining amongst the trees on a mountain side. It was cigar shaped and seemed to move up and down, hover and then change its position.

Suddenly a glowing object swept down over their pickup, then shot straight up and returned to the space craft in the trees. (This must have been a recording disc, which has been mentioned.) The men were astonished and somewhat frightened, so they got out of that area in a hurry.

As they arrived around the other side of the mountain the object had followed them, appearing in different places above them, changing color in the light emanating from it.

Upon arriving at Chemult, Ore., some time before 8 a. m., they stopped at a cafe for breakfast. They were still observing the strange object until suddenly, it shot straight up with a flash of light and terrific speed, vanishing from view.

This was the morning of Oct. 7, 1959.

They found in talking to others that many people had seen this object in that general locality since Sept. 24 when it had also been seen at Redmond, Ore., by a policeman on night duty. (See story elsewhere in this issue.)

Something similar in appearance was seen two nights in a row on the east end of Medford in August. One couple who were riding on the east foothills road were so frightened that they could not give an accurate account of what they did see. However, several neighbors in the east part of town gave a very clear account of what was seen, and when contacted by us wanted to know more about what they had seen.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


(First-hand report from Lois Barton of Eugene Understanding Unit No. 26, concerning the Sept. 25 Redmond sightings.)

You will note that the Sept. 25 story coincides with George Hunt Williamson’s speaking engagement in Eugene. He told me that they saw a fireball as they drove into town that evening.

I have a friend here who has had psychic communication through an ouija board for about four years with a “spirit” from Mars who calls himself Mr. X. He, Mr. X, told her that this disc which was seen at Redmond would be visible the following Wednesday night low on our Eastern horizon. Without knowing anything about that prediction, or Mr. X for that matter, five members of a prayer group to which I belong were returning to their homes at 9:30 p.m. the following Wednesday, Sept. 30, when they sighted a strange moving amber colored light. They stopped the car and watched it for about 20 minutes. It seemed to be moving both horizontally and vertically. and at one time it turned a bright blue for a few seconds. This story was broadcast from a taped interview at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 4 on a local news broadcast.

We were told that this disc would be visible again about Oct. 15, but overcast prevented anyone we know of seeing it. My husband’s helpers in a mining district high in the Cascades about sixty miles from Eugene spotted a bright “star” at 11 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 30.


Our psychic friend was told that this was the same disc and that it would be visible on Nov. 6 about 9:30 a.m., but again fog intervened. She understands that the disc is from Mars-the mother ship being 7-1/2 miles long and 4 miles through. The disc is called the Lonesome One because it spends much time far from the mother ship. It is sup-posed to carry two crew members and “patrols” the Cascades (Pacific Mountain ranges) from Canada to Mexico. Her information on the cigar shaped ship reported on Nov. 2 was that it is also from Mars and has a crew of 12. “They were there just to help people become more aware of them so that they will be able to land sometime without danger to themselves.”

For whatever these comments are worth, here is something of a record of the Eugene group’s experience recently with UFOs. We are deeply interested in things pertaining to the New Age.


(from Eugene, Ore., Register-Guard, March 30, 1959)

A fast-moving, bright white light attracted a Eugenean at 11:20 p.m. Sunday while he was working in the Southern Pacific Railroad Company’s glass tower in the Bethel area.

Merle Kniggs of 2689 Edison St., Eugene, explained that suddenly over the Coburg hills he noticed a bright, round white light moving rapidly out of the clouds. He thought at first it was a falling star, but changed his mind when the light stopped its descent at about 500 feet, then in four or five seconds had disappeared in the northwest sky



(from Eugene, Ore., Register-Guard, July 8, 1959)

A Eugene man who decided to brush up on his astronomy Thursday night says he observed two unidentified objects pass overhead during a 20-minute period.

M. W. Mumbach of 1538 E. 13th Ave. said he sighted the first object from his front yard at 11:40 p.m. It had a brightness about twice that of the star Vega and passed overhead from south to north in about one minute.

At 11 p.m. another object of the same brightness and speed traveling the same course, but in the opposite direction, was sighted, he said. Mumbach said he has no guess as to what the object may have been.



Because of the many requests of our readers, we are reprinting the following article, which appeared in our December issue just a year ago.

(The following copy is part of a radio script which was broadcast by Paul Harvey over the American Broadcasting System on Christmas evening 1950… This data and words of the stranger were furnished to the commentator by the Recording Secretary at Lake Success, on the occasion of this special session of the U. N. Political Committee, some time previous to its broadcast. Paul Harvey concluded this report with the words: “I have quoted the message precisely! Adding nothing!”)

There was a special session of the United Nations Political Committee summoned at Lake Success by its chairman. In the recess of the Security Council, many nations were represented by their chief delegates. Such was true in the case of the United States, where Mr. Austin sat for Mr. Dulles who was likewise present. The United Kingdom was represented by Jebb, sitting for Younger. Vishinsky sat for the Soviet. Such was the unusual nature of this suddenly summoned session, that the rows, six deep, around the perimeter of the Committee Room Twelve, were empty.

No photographers were allowed on the floor as the delegates filed in. Certain members of the Recording Secretariat were seated in the glassed-in Translation Loft, which is accessible only by a stair in the outside hall. The doors were closed between nine and twelve minutes after seven. No one could have entered the floor of Committee Room Twelve before the doors were closed, without showing his credentials, or being otherwise identified. None could have entered after the doors were closed without being seen by the guards in the hall outside. They said they saw no one. Yet the meeting had barely been called to order, first in English, and then in French, when a tall man rose to his feet from one of the chairs behind the chairman. A hush came over the oval table, and Sir Benegal Rau, presiding, thinking at first all eyes were on him, was nudged by a chair secretary. He then turned to follow their stare to the face of the stranger who stood behind him. His first inclination was to signal a guard. This was a closed session of the

Committee! It had been plainly summoned as such. Instead, Mr. Rau addressed the man:

“You, sir! Would you please identify your delegation affiliation?” The lean man was draped in the attire of the East, not uncommon at Lake Success. Sandals, bearded, (the beard well groomed). His lips, parted to speak, and the last of the hubbub on the floor was suddenly stilled. With soft compelling voice that seemed, though without benefit of microphone, somehow to fill the whole room, he said:

“I have many things to say and to judge of you. I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundations of the world, and ye shall know the truth!”

So still had the room suddenly become, that one could hear the asthmatic breathing of a fat aide, completely across the windowless chamber.

“Why are you, sir?” Mr. Rau demanded. He had meant to say who are you, but was momentarily flustered. The stranger answered “There is an evil, which I have seen under the sun, and it is common ‘ among men. With their tongues they have used deceit. The poison of asps is under their lips. And the way of Peace they have not known.” A ruffle went through the room. The delegate from Belgium beckoned and being recognized, requested: “Let this man speak; he is here, let him speak!” “May I question the witness?” interrupted Vishinsky, but his wit went unheeded from the floor. He fidgeted. Mr. Rau, testing the stranger, spoke: “Represented here is a great nation which keeps itself apart from the rest of us. I fear they will move shortly to silence you, too.”

But the calm, poised man replied: “Everyone that doeth evil, hateth the Light. They make clean the outside of the cup, and of the platter, but within they are full of extortion and excess. The axe is laid unto the root of such trees!”

Mr. Vishinsky, stern and unsmiling, now spoke; but it was a long moment before the translation came: “The Soviet Delegation will not listen to the ravings of this warmonger. This interruption is no doubt some carefully planned and poorly executed plot to depict the Soviet as the aggressor in a war in which we have no part! Is it any wonder communism in Korea opposes these imperialists?”… He snapped his spectacles from his nose, and with them, indicated in the direction of the United States Delegation.


The stranger spoke more sharply now: “Foolish and unlearned questions, avoid, knowing that they do gender strife. If a man strive for masteries, then he is not crowned, except he strive lawfully. The days shall come upon thee. . . ” and he looked squarely at Vishinsky. . “. that thine enemies shall cast a trench about thee, and compass thee round, and keep thee in on every side, and shall utterly destroy thee !”

“But,” interrupted the chairman, “you have not touched on the purpose for which this meeting was called. What about Korea? Where have we erred there?”

Came the answer: “If the good men of the house had known :n what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up. But while men slept, his enemy came, and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.”

Mr. Jebb for the United Kingdom offered: “I think what we all fear most is that any of us may be next.” And the visitor, still standing, replied: “When a strong man, armed, keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace.”

Mr. Austin was waving the small flag which marked his place, and request for recognition was granted. “In the United States, we are hosts to enemies within our own house. Agents they are of another government, who plead mercy, saying they are loyal to our own government as well.”

The man of gentle grace had raised his hand, as if to hasten the question. “No man can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Every kingdom divided against itself, is brought to desolation!”

“But,” said Mr. Austin, “they use our own laws, our own courts, our own freedom to outwit us! The question came back to him: “How can one enter into a strong man’s house and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man?”

Pursuing his point, Mr. Austin went on: “These among us say they intend to only alter our government by peaceful means. . .to better our economic system.. .to…”

Less patient now, the visitor interrupted: “They that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick!”

The uninvited speaker turned toward Mr. Austin and Mr. Dulles. . . “There is none righteous among you, not one. I know thy words; that thou art neither hot nor cold. Because thou sayeth : “I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing,’ and thou knowest not that thou are wretched. Beware, lest ye also, being led away with the error of the wicked, fall from your own steadfastness!”

Procedure was forgotten now! The representative from France spoke out: “This same enemy is within my country! He demonstrates against our Parliament, antagonizing our courts…”

“Scatter thou the people that delight in war,” the man replied. “Put them in mind to be subject to Principalities and Powers; to obey Magistrates; to be ready to every good work; to be not brawlers, but gentle, showing all meekness unto all men.”

Mr. Rau rose from his chair, and turning said: “We came here to place the blame for our unrest, and you have given each of us a share. What is it then, that we should do? Abandon our efforts to seek peace?” To this he answered: “Let things be done decently and in order. Be sober and diligent. Depart from evil and do good. Execute ye judgment and righteousness, and deliver the spoiled out of the hand of the oppressor. It is impossible but that offenses will come, but woe unto him through whom they come! Seek peace, pursue it. And increase your faith. FAITH hath subdued Kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, and stopped the mouths of lions!”

“You make all this seem so infinitely simple,” said Mr. Rau. “Many righteous men,” replied the stranger, “have desired to hear these things which ye hear, and have not heard them.”

“It is not customary,” Mr. Rau smiled, “for us to hear Wisdom from outside our own chambers!”

His guest, unsmiling, warned: “Be then not forgetful to entertain strangers for thereby some have entertained angels unawares!”

Sir Benegal Rau turned to the assemblage. “There is no further purpose in this meeting. This has answered all our questions. And to you, sir, we thank you… If you would only write these things which you have spoken, if you would put such Wisdom in a book for all to see. .. “

It was at that moment that the visitor’s eyes flashed sudden anger: “It IS in a book! Your Holy Bible… !” Then the anger faded, and the eyes were calm again, and somehow sad. . . and he walked to the door, which was opened for him… and no one on the outside saw him leave.




WASHINGTON, Dec. 1, (UPI)–Scientists yesterday reported evidence of water vapor in the atmosphere of Venus, raising the possibility that some sort of life may exist on the bright planet.

The discovery, a scientific first, was made with instruments carried 15 miles into the stratosphere over the weekend by Navy balloonist Malcolm Ross and Dr. Charles B. Moore, a meteorologist of Cambridge, Mass.

It could upset previous belief that Venus was a dead world.

The instruments were designed by Dr. John Strong, professor of experimental physics at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.

Strong told reporters at a news conference here that “The experiment, in our opinion, indicated there is water vapor on Venus. How much there is will take some time to determine.” Strong refused to give newsmen his personal estimate as to whether the findings indicate the possibility of life on Venus. Asked if he felt the possibility was ruled out, he said emphatically, “No.”

Strong went on to say that the evidence brought back from the stratosphere was the first direct scientific evidence of water on the planet.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


LONDON, Sept. 5, (AP)-Airline pilots, coast guard groups and ordinary stargazers tonight reported seeing a mysterious light in the sky over southern England.

Capt. Herbert Bailey, pilot of a British European Airways Flight from Paris to London, said he saw “a very vivid green line followed by an equally brilliant red flash which cut horizontally over the sky.”

“It was not moving too fast but at one time the light filled a third of my cockpit window,” he added. “I should say it was about 20,000 feet from the ground. After a few minutes it gradually broke into sections which shot off at a tangent.”



Newly Appointed California Coordinator


Assisted in the formation of The Canadian Unit



John W. Root, writer and teacher of philosophy from Inglewood, Calif., has been appointed to the office of Understanding Coordinator for the state of California.

In this newly created post, Mr. Root will work to co-ordinate the activities in California, traveling about the state as much as possible to meet people first hand, forming new units and offering his services to any of the existing units that request assistance.

He will maintain close contact with the membership and organizational department at the Pasadena headquarters office, which will supply him with necessary forms and names of interested persons in various areas of the state where no units yet exist.

All persons in California who are interested in forming a unit, being a member of a unit or even merely acquainted with someone interested in Understanding are urged to write or phone Mr. Root at Understanding Headquarters, Box 22, Station C, Pasadena, Calif., SY 2-7386.

A member of Inglewood Understanding Unit No. 15, Mr. Root has for the past three months filled the post of Understanding magazine Circulation Manager. He currently resides at 1225 South Fir Avenue in Inglewood.

Born on a farm in Southern Iowa, he married Nellie Andrew, a Nebraska girl. They have four sons and a daughter. Mr. Root is a widely known author and philosopher whose experience has embraced a number of professions including employment in Material Procurement at Douglas Aircraft.


The following books may be purchased from UNDERSTANDING Headquarters, P. 0. Box 22, Station C, Pasadena, California. We pay postage. California residents are asked to include 4 % state sales tax.

YOUTH: OPEN THE DOOR! — by Eloise Mellor ……………………….. $3.95

This is a handbook for New Age youth of all ages. Filled with positive suggestions and devoid of negative thoughts, it is neither above or below anyone. Written especially for the youth of today, this book will appeal to those who are seeking the essence of all religions, the wisdom of the ages, all rolled into one simple package.


THE NIGHT HAS A THOUSAND SAUCERS-by Calvin Girvin (Paper, $2.00)…………………………….$3.00

Simply and humbly written, Mr. Girvin has related incidents in his life that are both amazing and inspirational A deeply absorbing book, it enlarges the consciousness of the reader.

OVER THE THRESHOLD-by Dana Howard ……………………………………. $3.00

Written through Diane, a Being from Venus, this book gives instructions on preparing ourselves for the New Age. How we may find answers to the problems that are arising today is described in this fascinating book.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Dear Sirs:

I watched with interest an interview on the Tom Duggan Show a few weeks ago, when a lady from your organization (Hope Troxell, ed.) gave a testimony about her experiences concerning people from other worlds.

What prompted me to write was a very interesting documentary by the U. S., Air Force yesterday afternoon on the subject of UFOs. I’m sure your organization is familiar with the important sightings of UFOs in the last 15 years. This primarily was what the film was about. But what was most significant was the fact that the Air Force admitted that the Unknowns, i.e. unexplainable, were not from this world.

With me this subject is too vast a thing to be satisfied with belief. Frankly, I believe there is much truth in the sightings the Air Force marked as Unknowns-and I may be conservative. But it is not enough to believe. Belief can lead to all kinds of incorrect conclusions. But a correct understanding will lead to truth.

If there is any information you can give me that will further under-standing, I would be grateful.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Dan U’ren




By Fra Prudentia

Did you ever wonder what might happen if some day, perhaps when you are feeling all snug and secure, wholly at peace with the world, the spell of complacency is rudely shattered by a loud portentous whir, and blinding blast that dominates the heavens-leaving you shocked, breathless, petrified with fear!

Now, at long last, you realize that the fantastic reports you’ve read about space ships suddenly become frightfully real, as one actually shoots majestically above the horizon-and then, hovering prodigiously in mid-air with commanding presence, it tries to establish communication with the people of earth.

After successfully descending on a light beam (whose velocity is 186,300 miles per second) and then smoothly gliding downward on our uncertain missile routes, the intrepid conquerors of the boundless heavenly regions will certainly want to know before landing if they are going to be met by friend or foe. And the clay may not be far off when we shall have to make our position clear.

What preparations have we made for such an emergency?-for the establishment of intelligent communication when needed, apart from the conventional methods now in general use around the globe? The facts are not being advertised, for fear of alarming the public, but thinking men in high places know full well that in dealing with victorious navigators of outer space we face a wholly new and unprecedented situation.

There are, quite naturally, many barriers between us and space men. No common ground of understanding exists. We speak a diverse language. We represent an elementary culture. We live in a house divided against itself. We honor a contradictory set of ethical values, and cherish dubious social, political and communal conventions. All of which, when summed up, may list us quite low in the universal analyst’s anthropogenetic scale.

To further complicate matters in our cosmological contacts, we still respond largely to crude underlying animalistic impulses in a disordered world, and our thinking is conditioned accordingly on a low egocentric is level; while our astral contemporaries with whom contact is inevitable, have most  likely reached an intellectual peak that far transcends our comparatively lowly state, thereby widening the gap between us.

How can we be sure of this? Easily enough, once we recognize that had we understood the principles of astrodynamics and achieved the level of intellectual eminence demonstrated by the heroic captains of the sky routes, the possibilities are that we should have visited them in outer space-long before their triumphant arrival on our landing fields!

The conclusion is quite unavoidable, therefore, that the dauntless victors of the space lanes who win their way through uncharted inter-stellar regions to our shores are not only superior intellectual beings, but most likely have long ago, in correlation with their advanced cosmic concepts, been freed from the grosser forms of civilization which are still the commonplace mode of existence to earthlings.

Although dedicated leaders among us labor incessantly to elevate the thinking of the masses, the world as a whole rests rather smugly in well worn ruts of traditional thought. It should be remembered, therefore, that the glaring weaknesses that prevail in the economic-political-ethical aspects of our limited way of life will hardly be met with respect or sympathetic regard by super-beings to whom our shortcomings can have little or no meaning, the significance of which was long Ago forgotten.

This is especially true if those first to reach our shores have them-selves attained a lofty standard of integrity, character and virtue that might look with opprobrium on a state of condoning, for instance, fratricidal wars and happily supporting this incredible paradox that retards normal evolutionary progress.

Granted then that these visitors to our world may have reached a level of understanding beyond our comprehension, and are therefore capable of maintaining their impregnable position, it must be equally certain that they know full well how to deal both effectively and with finality should challengers with warlike tendencies have little more to offer byway of “welcome” than a boastful show of force. (Those who have watched Hollywood’s version of earthlings blasting saucers from the skies may eventually be in for some rather shocking surprises!) Picture then these fearless intellects of positive demeanor (no longer tolerant of those who still uphold the law of the jungle) as they hover triumphantly over a world whose foremost leaders not only subscribe to the inhumane principles of periodic slaughter, long condemned by the prophets and sages of all ages, but whose political prestige, authority and power in a sustained military economy are often furthered by perpetuating this negative scourge.

What reception, we may well ask, awaits the harbingers of the heavenly universe at the hand of a reception committee flanked on all sides by hydrogen bombs and atomic missiles? Will our scientists be able to bridge the gap, and find a way to surmount this threatening obstacle-thereby establishing peaceful communication on some yet unknown common meeting ground? If so, how will this be accomplished? Will the simple mechanical exchange of dots and dashes, signs and symbols, prove adequate? Will our cryptographers be able to decipher their codes, and can we expect the space-auditors to interpret our high frequency impulses as friendly signals, even though they register little more than enigmatical bleeps and bloops at the other end’.’

In this tense moment of apprehension heading toward a bedlam of confusion, it is easy to detect possibilities of the gravest danger. For, it is quite conceivable that a veritable hot-bed of mutual suspicion might readily result, with ominous portents awaiting explosive eruption at any moment. In this extremely delicate situation, one wrong move could trigger a cataclysmic conflict too horrible and too bloody to imagine. Never, never must we allow this to happen! It must be avoided by all the means within our power! But how shall we escape such grim prospects?

How war in the heavens may be averted, and the advance move which London has already witnessed in this respect, will be revealed in the next article of this series.

Editor’s Note: The textbook “THE POSITIVE WAY TO PRACTICAL RESULTS” by Fra Prudentia is being made available to our readers as an aid in following this series of articles. We think you will find its approach to be truly unique, and its enlightening contents to be well worth the modest price of $2.50. Send direct for your copy to: IMPERIAL FOUNDATION, Dept. U7, 540 South Plymouth Court, Chicago 5, Ill.

All Rights Reserved.




Throngs are wending homeward way,

One more striving day is done,

What the purpose of this game?

Bits of tarnished silver won.

Puppets dance to sad refrain,

Conditioned by a hapless creed,

Tortured brains in Mammon’s Hell,

Muscles strain throughout the years.

Oh world deluded, endless strife,

Cries of hunger, anger, pain,

Anguished sighs of weary souls,

Echo down the halls of time.

Death, the all-consuming waits,

To claim you each within his fold,

What meaning life of stress prolonged?

Where ends the Quest for freedom’s dawn?

How distant still the Inner Goal,

Attaining which all passions pale,

When will man know that It is All?

Abode of inmost silent rest.

Like strangers in a land forlorn,

The Real eludes your eager grasp,

But here, within, It ever lies,

In tranquil glory, perfect rest.

In That resplendent steady bliss,

Constant streams of purest joy,

Drown the thirst for Maya’s toys,

To which we cling with anxious care.

Dive deep in That, oh blessed thou,

Eternal Treasure still unclaimed,

Inmost Essence of us all,

Divine Existence, ever One.

-Guy C. Hudson





by Dan Fry

HERE are a few predictions for the coming year.

We are well aware of the hazards of prophecy, and usually avoid indulging in it. However, since it appears that the year 1960 will go down in history as one of the key years in the development of human. civilization; this seems to be an ideal time to present a few extrapolations.

No claim is made that all of these predictions must necessarily come to pass, but it may be interesting to determine how closely the future may be predicted from a study of the past and present factors.

1. The current struggle for the ‘balance of power’ between management and labor will create new peaks of tension during the first three months of 1960. As a result, new legislation will be enacted which will further increase the present strongly paternalistic trend of government.

2. More potential candidates for the White House will be considered and discussed in 1960 than in any other year of this century, and the final results of the election will surprise almost everyone.

3. Creeping inflation will continue at about its present rate until the month of August, when some new concepts of economic stabilization will be introduced.

4. A more or less permanent solution of the Berlin problem will be achieved by the end of September.

5. India will come into the ‘Free World’ sphere of influence.

6. U. S. relations with the Soviet Union will improve during 1960 but relations with Communist China will probably deteriorate.

(Note: predictions 3, 4, 5, & 6 are based upon the assumption of the safe return of President Eisenhower from his Moscow visit. If any event should prevent this, an entirely different set of circumstances will arise.

7. Direct conversion of temperature differential into electric energy will begin to emerge into public view.

8. Two important advances will be achieved toward the creation of `anti-particles’ or ‘contraterrene matter.’

9. A rocket from the earth will leave the solar system during the year.

10. An earthman will go into space in an earth vehicle and will return to tell about it.  Two others, unfortunately, will not.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


PARIS, Dec. 17 (Reuters). The earth’s rotation has been slowing down for the last five months and each day has been longer by one-thousandth of a second, Prof. Andre Danjon, director of the Paris Observatory, told the French Academy of Science in a scientific report published today.

This slowdown meant a difference of one second every two years, Danjon explained in his report. He said he discovered this fact through two atomic clocks which varied by less than one second in 100 years.

The phenomenon was recorded between July 15 and Aug. 1 and was still continuing. Danjon said he was unable to explain it at present but hopes further research would provide the reason.

“We shall know after studying all geophysical and celestial phenomena which occurred in the last five months,” he said. “There is a possibility that this may be connected with solar eruptions.” Editor’s Note: For several years your editor has been complaining that the day was simply too short to accomplish everything which should be done. It seems that someone upstairs must have heard his plea and is in the process of making them longer.

At first glance the rate of slowdown appears to be very insignificant, but if we calculate the rate of loss of kinetic energy which this slowdown represents, we find that the earth is losing kinetic energy at the rate of about 2,296,000,000,000,000 (two quadrillion, two hundred ninety six trillion) foot lbs. per second. Something is exerting quite a lot of force on our little planet.



Dr. John Hopkins, Ph.D., president of Williams College in Berkeley, Calif., will journey to Southern California on two separate weekends during January for several lectures. The distinguished speaker, who is Northern National Vice President of Understanding, is well-known for his versatility and vastness of knowledge of the Flying Saucer field.

Each of his talks during January is expected to be different from the others, so that persons will have the opportunity to attend more than one of his lectures without hearing the same talk twice.

The tentative schedule, with a few arrangements still pending, is as follows:

Thursday, January 14: “Exploration Research Into Interplanetary Understanding” at 8 p.m., either at Odd Fellows Hall, 175 N. Los Robles Ave., or at YWCA, 78 N. Marengo Ave., both in Pasadena, Calif. Those planning to attend this lecture may confirm the location by calling SY 2-7386.

Friday, January 15: lecture at 8 p.m. in the Sons of Norway Hall, 14312 Friar St., Van Nuys. This will be an introduction to flying saucers type of lecture proceeding the formation of a new unit in Van Nuys. Anyone interested in membership in a Van Nuys Unit of Understanding is invited to correspond with Understanding Headquarters, Box 22, Station C, Pasadena, Calif.

Saturday, January 16: “Who Is a Contactee?” at 8 p.m., 517 Stewart St., El Monte.

Saturday, January 30: “Flying Saucers and What They Mean to You” (tentative) at 8 p.m., Darby Park Auditorium, 3400 Arbor Vitae. Inglewood.

Sunday, January 31: “Flying Saucers” at 2 p.m., Science of Mind Church, 1164 N. Lake Ave., Pasadena.

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a call at dawn, by kelvin rowe (paper, $2.50)… $3.50

many shall be called, by marke Norman….. 2.00

Up rainbow hill, by dana howard………… 4.50

council of seven lights, by george van tassel…………. 3.50

kearney incident, by reinhold schmidt……… 1.25

ABOARD A FLYING SAUCER, by Truman Bethurum ……………  3.00

night has 1000 saucers, by calvin c. girvin (paper, $2.00)….. 3.00

ufo confidential, by g. h. williamson….. 3.00

cosmic attainment, by hope troxell…. 1.00

transvaal episode, by anchor ……  1.00

wisdom of the universe, by hope troxell… 3.25

STEPS TO THE STARS, by Daniel Fry (paper, $1.50) ………….. 2.50

flying saucer pilgrimage, by h. and b. reeve ………  3.50

TO MEN OF EARTH, by Daniel Fry …….  1.00

the coming golden age, by dr. f. w. summer ………..  3.50

SECRET OF THE SAUCERS, by Orfeo Angelucci ……… 3.00

they shall be gathered together, be john mccoy …………..  1.95

THE VENUSIANS, by Lee Crandell …………. .2.00

UNITY IN THE SPIRIT, by Comtesse de Pierrefeu ………  2.50

UNIVERSE AND DR. EINSTEIN, by Lincoln Barnett … 3.50

soarings of the eagle, by john mccoy……… 1.25

WHITE SANDS INCIDENT, by Daniel Fry …..  1.50

TWO NIGHTS TO REMEMBER, by Carl Anderson ……….  1.50


GOLDEN LIGHT …………..  .25

SAUCERS ……  (six issues) 2.00

LITTLE LISTENING POST …………. (six issues) 3.00

UNDERSTANDING………….. (twelve issues) 2.50

These books may be purchased from Understanding. We pay all postage. Residents of California please add 4% Sales Tax.