Contactee – Was Daniel W Fry telling the Truth? eBook


“Better not touch the hull, pal, it’s hot”

Surprised by the voice, Daniel William Fry, who had been running his hand over the ultra-smooth surface of the alien craft, stumbled over backwards landing in the desert sand.  In front of him, the circular 30ft in diameter, 16ft high craft that rested lightly on the crushed bramble had no portals, landing gear or flying surfaces of any kind.  Daniel had just watched it settle silently before him and after walking around it, was running his hand over the smooth surface.

The date was July 4th, 1949 and Daniel had been installing and testing transducers used for various measurements of rocket motor tests at the White Sands Missile Proving grounds in New Mexico, U.S.A.  Having missed the last bus into Las Cruces for the July 4th festivities, he retired to his bunk to read a book on heat transfer, only to have the theory turn into reality when the air conditioner quit.  Daniel went for a walk down a desert path in the cool evening air and it was there that the craft landed before him.

The voice was that of Alan, pronounced “a-lawn”, who was remotely piloting the cargo craft and he offered Daniel a ride to New York and back in only 30 minutes.  During the ride and subsequent contacts, Alan answered Daniel’s many questions about the physics behind how the craft flew, the pre-history of earth and lessons for humanity.

This book contains three books in one, the first is a biography of Daniel’s life and starts with the chapter “The Making of an Orphan”.  The second part is, for the first time ever, Fry’s complete story in one place starting with the “First Contact” chapter.  The third section, starting with “Examining Daniel’s Story”, contains the results of years of research into Fry’s story and explores modern evidence, such as Dark Energy, to see if it supports Daniel Fry’s story.

The eBook comes in three different formats:

  • PDF – For reading on your computer or compatible devices – this version has slightly larger pictures.
  • MOBI – This format works on Kindle but the resolution of the pictures is small.
  • ePUB – This works on most other non-kindle devices

Once purchased, you are allowed to download the eBook of your choice up to five times.  There is no DRM, so please back your eBook up!

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