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VOL. III                                          JANUARY. 1958                                        NO. 1



IN THE LAST FEW WEEKS, the front pages of the newspapers of the United States have teemed with articles and statements by prominent individuals and groups, all pointing out the necessity of a great speed-up in scientific `education’ and research. In ninety-five percent of these articles the ultimate objective envisioned is the development of more rapid and efficient means of destruction. It is feared that the Soviet Union may have a bigger bomb, or a better means of delivery than we. Therefore, the only way in which we can assure our own safety is to concentrate every thought and every effort upon the development of still bigger bombs and still better methods of delivery. The complete fallacy and utter futility of this line of thought should he apparent to every normally intelligent human being. Its grim and inevitable consequences should be equally obvious.

The idea that a potential enemy can be frightened into becoming a friend, has proven to be tragically false, over and over again, as far back as the history of man can be traced, and yet we are now staking the entire future of our civilization upon our ability to do it this time.

Your editor is in complete agreement with the principle that the study and development of the physical sciences should be prosecuted with the greatest vigor and enthusiasm, but it should be pursued for its own sake, and for the numberless benefits which it can bring to humanity. Let us not delude ourselves with the belief that we can use the material science to cover up or to compensate for our derelictions and failures in the social science. The problems which threaten our civilization today are social and spiritual problems and cannot be solved by any resort to the physical science.

If the same degree of human effort and attention which has been expended upon the physical science in the last twenty years had been directed toward the development of the social and spiritual sciences, our present problems would never have arisen, and if we now begin to devote an equal amount of effort to all of the sciences, we will find that within a few years these problems will disappear.



By Marc A. Norman


“This may be difficult for you to understand, inasmuch as you have been taught that all nature responds to a higher law, and thus brooks no interference from individuals. This is indeed true insofar as motions and cycles are concerned, but natural forces have powers, which when released impinge upon all bodies within the system, and tend to change molecular polarity, and if this was not rectified to some degree would precipitate catastrophes far ahead of their normal expenditure.

“Thus we determine by special instruments the degree of differentiation, and rectify it by means of certain rays, which induce equilibrium.

“This then is our normal duty and occupation, and we are responsible to the `COUNCIL OF ORBITS,’ under whose jurisdiction we operate. In addition to this we have certain considerations relative to your planet, which co-relates to the aforementioned duties.

“When an atomic explosion occurs on your planet, the reverberations activate electronic particles in the ionisphere and planetsphere, which produce corresponding reactory disturbances in atmospheria generally, and from thence to etheria and affects all bodies in your orbital plane. Such experiments, being of extreme interest to us, we immediately investigate the area of disturbance. Noting then the severity of radionic fall out, we are forced to disintegrate these particles via another method, termed THERMO ACTIVE FIRE BALL RAYS. If this were not undertaken, the reaction as regards your earth and life upon it would be of serious consequence.

“Therefore, it is the aforementioned COUNCIL OF ORBITS which determines the extent of our interference, and if your authorities proceed beyond a point of considered safety, we shall have no recourse but to disintegrate all your nuclear components. This we have no wish to do, because we realize that such an act would be considered one of

aggression, and we have no desire to arouse enmity between ourselves and other peoples of the same system, for are we not all brothers, sons of the SUPREME? Also, we are cognizant that such experiments, whilst at the moment are being considered as weapons of war, will eventually be directed towards implements of Peace.

“We are not concerned as to your own international relationships, your warlike attitudes towards each other, for man learns through his own errors, and we realize that these conditions will also eventually be overcome, and a more harmonious relationship exist. But until this actually occurs we cannot permit investigation into realms beyond your capacity to understand, for if it be not possible for you to conduct yourselves in a brotherly manner amongst each other, and with nations on your own plane, how then do you expect to extend the hand of friendship towards us and other peoples of the Nether worlds? Therefore, de we seek to find those of understanding nature and of friendly spirit, who have, of old, experienced the interchange of ideas and principals between one world and another. The egotism of mere man of your planet SARAS, considering himself to be the only form of life existent in the Cosmos, is indeed amusing, if it were not so serious in its implications. But you will learn, unfortunately, as always, the hardest way.

“For this evening we feel that sufficient intelligence has been conveyed, enabling you to arrive at a decision as to future plans and operations.

“Before leaving this contact we beg leave to introduce the members of this craft’s crew. This is an interplanetary SPACE PATROL CRAFT. I, ANTRIM, can be likened to control officer. KILMAR functions as recording specialist; PONTOR has charge of ray instruments; CATO as operative engineer. These are terms that you can understand, but are not the ones that we use. For this period then, SELAS.


End of message of August 16th, 1954.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

For some moments after the conclusion of this message, we all sat back in silence, each endeavoring to realize what had happened. It must be understood that neither my wife nor I have had anything to do with spiritualism, and are definitely not interested in séances or spirit phenomena, therefore we were unprepared for what had occurred. The reason that my wife had a pad and pencil handy was because we were in the habit of taking notes at our sessions, and she would put down any special remark that had been made, or any interesting idea. The effect upon myself was inspiring. I felt completely refreshed and relaxed afterwards. The Voice had sounded just like another person talking to me, but inside my head, clear and distinct.

We then decided to read off the message and my wife proceeded to do so, whilst we listened. Our decision upon the conclusion of this reading was that we were either victims of a hoax, or that we had indeed received communication from some source beyond our plane of experience. As the hour was then late, we further decided to meet again on the same evening of the following week, and see if we could obtain a further contact, and if so we could then make it a regular session. With these agreements we said good night to our friends and left for home.



During the week that followed, it was decided that Friday evening would be a much better time than Monday, so arrangements were made for a meeting for Friday night. We had spoken to one or two friends, whom we know to be interested in metaphysics and related lines of thought, and had asked them if they would care to attend; revealing the purpose of the meeting, and explaining in part our adventure of the Monday evening of August 16th. Two couples agreed to be present, so on Friday the began to gather at our home, which incidentally was felt to be more ideally situated for contact than that of our friends, who lived in the middle of the city, whereas we lived on the North Shore, away from city noise and had a wonderful view of the inlet and skies.

By 9 P.M. all had arrived and we settled ourselves comfortably around the living room, and after a few commonplace remarks, lapsed into silence, whilst I attempted to `tune in,’ by relaxing and listening. After a short period. I again felt the sensation of ‘entering into deep silence,’ which can only be described as ‘a sort of tension around the head,’ as if something invisible were being placed over it.

In a few seconds I heard the following: “U.K. TWO-SEVEN calling.” This was repeated three times. Then, “`We are using the original code call for this evening so that you would recognize this particular vibration. After this it will not be necessary for us to use it.

“To you present we bid a pleasant good evening, and may the PEACE of the MOST HIGH be with you. We are most happy that you have decided to `meet’ with us, and trust that this is the beginning of a very harmonious relationship. The conditions affecting your earth plane at this time are of sufficient seriousness to warrant our continuous attempts to establish contact with groups and individuals whom we are desirous of eventually amalgamating into one organism, if possible. I am ANTRIM. You note that T speak in a plural sense. This is because I simply voice the intentions of my brothers, and it is our combined wish to effect these contact relationships.

“We realize that your minds are full of questions that you would ask of us, and it is our desire that you be enlightened on all phases of your inquiries in time. You must understand that the main consideration as regards our attempts to contact you, is not so much to answer questions relative to our plane of activity as it is to inform you as to the situation as it affects yourselves, and to offer suggestions for future conduct. However we wish to make these sessions interesting, so we will offer a variety of material, which may appeal to you in a general sense.”

“As we are able to `select’ your thoughts, we find one that offers contrast to curiosity, and this is, `Why is it that certain individuals are selected for such contacts, and receive direct communications from other sources, whilst others who appear to be more suited for such information are passed by?’ This is not actually so. Certain individuals, who can be termed disciples, are selected as `instruments’ because they are so positioned for the release of basic information and philosophy as ‘instruction’ to those who are attracted to them.

These individuals are ‘inspired’ to teach, and so they become ministers of your gospel, evangelists, reformers, and become active in all branches of your social and educational fields. As individuals, they are not conscious of WHY they desire to follow such paths. They only KNOW that an inner impulse directs them and urges them on. To such as these the BROTHERS, sometimes termed ‘THE GREAT ONES,’ inspire by thought impression, according to the circumstances attendant to each individual. Many of these do not recognize any outer impressions, but do admit to inspirations. Thus they deny any other avenue of information other than that of a GOD. They also ridicule any reference to ELDER BROTHERS, SPIRITUAL FORCES, and other worlds. However these persons do a wonderful service in the field selected, and are therefore prompted by those acting in higher realms of experience, without them having any knowledge of such contact. In short, they simply ‘think that they think!’ Then there are those who, by reason of study and investigation into the higher fields of endeavour, operative throughout many life cycles, have gained a deeper understanding of Cosmic Law and its operation. It is in those we are especially interested, and it is our duty and privilege to attempt direct communication. Thus have we been operating for many earth cycles. A different method becomes necessary for such individual contacts. And so it is that this instrument now speaking is one, who in ages past walked the WAY, and subsequent birth cycles led him into divers experiences now promoting a rebirth of consciousness. Others present are also in various stages of understanding, and will eventually become channels for the release of basic instruction.

“Even with ourselves a similar experience is undergone, and we have communications with yet higher sources, so one may say, spiritual and scientific information is given through a form of relay system. The difference is, that we have complete understanding of the principles involved, whilst but few on your plane really comprehend the full import of the source utilized.”

To be continued




13. It has been stated many times by the A.T.I.C. and other ‘Official’ investigative groups that all but a very small percentage of the re-ported sightings of UFO have been ‘explained.’ Exactly what does that statement mean?

Ans. The statement that all but a small percentage of the reported sightings have been ‘explained’ simply means that the ‘investigators’ have managed to connect the reports (in their own minds) with certain earthly objects with which they are familiar. We must remember that in no case have these investigators ever furnished the public with evidence that their ‘explanations’ were correct. In a great number of cases the ‘explanations’ have proved to be far more fantastic and incredible than the observed data which they purport to explain. For example: A report comes in that a UFO was sighted over a small town in California. The Air Intelligence investigators first institute inquiries to determine if a weather balloon had been released anywhere in the vicinity. If it appears that a weather balloon had been released anywhere within fifty miles of the spot and within eight hours of the time of the reported observation. the object is automatically explained as a weather balloon. The fact that a dozen reliable persons observed the object and all agreed that it was long and narrow in shape, brightly lighted at the nose, trailing a long plume of orange flame from the stern, and traveling at 240 miles per hour upwind., is not considered to have any significance. A weather balloon has been released somewhere in the area, therefore any object seen in the air must be a weather balloon and any observed data which does not agree with this conclusion is simply ignored.

For a long time now, a group of men who presumably have never seen a UFO have been sitting in the Pentagon telling people all over the country who have seen them, exactly what it really was that they saw, and compiling voluminous statistics concerning their own unsupported conclusions. It is quite natural, therefore, that by a sufficiently great stretch of the imagination the investigators should be able to come up with explanations for most of the reports, which are satisfactory to themselves. It would be interesting to learn just how many of these `official explanations’ have been accepted by the individuals who made the observations.

If the Air Force Intelligence group would conduct their investigations in the manner in which any other scientific research or investigation is normally conducted, their conclusions would be required to meet at least two tests of acceptability. First, the explanations would have to cover all of the observed data and second, it should be satisfactory to the observer who made the report. If, however, we were to apply these two tests to the alleged explanations of the A.T.I.C., we would find that few, if any, of the UFO reports have ever been truly explained.



Dr. George Hunt Williamson gave a series of lectures on “The Lost World and the UFOs,” in Southern California. They were sponsored by Understanding. On Friday, January 3rd. 1058, he appeared at the Rosemead Women’s Club, 4125 N. Rosemead Blvd., Rosemead. The following report appeared in the Sunday, January 5th, edition of San GabrielValley Tribune:”


GLENDORA — Sheriff’s deputies at several sub-stations reported switchboards swamped Friday night with calls from persons who         reported seeing the lights.

The sighting occurred at 7:38 p.m. Friday while Brooks was

at the intersection of Crand and Gladstone avenues. It was first believed the light may have been the death glow of Russia’s Sputnik I which was expected to take its final dive Thursday.

No Explanation

No explanation has been found for a later sighting described as a “shaking experience” by a correspondent for the Baldwin Park Bulletin, a sister publication of the Daily Tribune.

Mrs. Jeri Hager, of 4850 N. Stewart Ave., Baldwin Park, reported seeing a “mystery” light in the Friday night sky over the 4100 block of Rosemead Ave.

Directly Overhead

Mrs. Hager said she saw the light directly overhead at 10:25 p.m., as she left the Rosemead Women’s Club building with Mr. and Mrs. Donald Atkins, of Baldwin Park. About 100 other persons were in the group.

The correspondent described the light as vivid red and pulsating as it hovered over the location for about two minutes at an unknown height.

Ascended Slowly

The light, appearing slightly less than the diameter of a dime, then ascended slowly and began to blink irregularly. The light continued its upward course for about three more minutes before blinking out, according to Mrs. Hager.

A call reporting a similar sighting was received by the Temple City sheriff’s sub-station about 10:20 p.m.

Tuesday, January 7th, “Ric” Williamson lectured in Pomona at the Townsend Hall. Following is a report from “Progress Bulletin” of Pomona, Wednesday, January 8th.


Two Drifting `Red Lights’ Seen in Sky

Two mysterious red lights, seen about 2,000 feet over Pomona late last night by several persons, remained a mystery today with no one able to decide what they might have been.

The police department switchboard received several calls concerning the lights and a police lieutenant saw them.

The strange lights also were seen by a communications specialist at Ontario International Airport who sent a commercial plane to investigate.

The objects also were seen here by about 150 members of The Understanding Club, a group which gathers to discuss just such un-explained flying phenomenon. Members were adjourning from a meeting at Townsend Hall when they spotted the lights.


The lights were seen between 10:30 and 11 p.m. Lt. Steve Tallion said that it looked to him like two lights, both bright red discs. They were drifting slowly from the south to the northwest, he said, They finally seemed to fade out.

Tallion said that he called the objects to the attention of his wife and a neighbor. Both also saw them.

At International Airport, communications specialist Frank Lamb, of 1008 W. D St., Ontario, said that he first received a call inquiring about the lights at 10:30. He said that he could not see anything in the sky then.

A few minutes later he received another call and when he looked to the northwest he saw what looked to him like a white light with red in it or with a red light circling it.

Lamb requested a passing commercial DC-3 to investigate, but the pilot radioed back that the light disappeared before he could get near it. Lamb said that the phenomena appeared not to be moving and seemed to be at about 2,000 feet altitude.

When asked what he thought the objects might be, Lamb said that he would rather not comment on the subject.

No reports of strange lights were received from any other Southland cities last night.

Wednesday, January 8th., Dr. Williamson spoke at the Church of Truth in Pasadena. Pasadena papers of Thursday, January 9th, report “Two Mysterious Lights Over Pasadena on Wednesday Evening.” No official explanation has been given for this sighting.

Friday, January 10th. Williamson lectured at the Scout Hall in Ventura. The Ventura County Free Press of Saturday, January 11, reports


Mysterious red lights were hovering over Ventura last night, bringing a rash of telephone calls to law enforcement agencies.

The lights were seen at about the same time that an Unidentified 10

Flying Objects club meeting was breaking up in Ventura. And to at least one person, this was no coincidence.

Mrs Harvey Roger, 41 Teloma Drive, Ventura, said she is sure the flying saucers did not arrive at that time by accident.

About a month ago, Mrs Rogers said she saw the gray, cigar-shaped mother ship of a group of saucers hovering over Ojai, but was unable to spot it last night.

Light Described

After hanging motionless at great height seaward off the city of Ventura last night, first one and then the other took off at great speed in the direction of Santa Barbara, Mrs. Rogers said.

The UFO meeting, held at the Girl Scout house, was attended by an overflow crowd of more than 200, Mrs. Rogers said. Those present heard Dr. George H. Williamson, flying saucer authority, speak on the topic, “The Lost World and the UFOs.”

Others who saw the objects thought they might have been weather balloons or helicopters. The sheriff’s office called the Oxnard air force base, but authorities there indicated no jets were “scrambled.” Point Mugu said they could not have been their weather balloons.

The red lights were seen and reported in Oxnard as well as in Ven-tura. Some persons claimed to have seen more than two lights.

Saturday, January 11th, Williamson lectured at the Recreation Hall in Vista, Calif. The Vista Press for Monday, January 12th, reports—


Telescope Shows `Flying Saucers’

The ranks of true believers in flying saucers were swelled consider-ably over the weekend as the result of the appearance of an unidentified flying object in the Vista skies. Nearly a hundred members of the Teeners Club viewed the brightly lighted object as it hovered directly overhead of the Recreation Center, where the club was holding a dance, between 10 and 11 p.m. Saturday night.

In addition, many Vistans in widely scattered areas have reported seeing the strange object. Fortunately, one of them had the presence of mind to focus his 40-power telescope on the object and was able to give a complete description of what transpired.

Retired Contractor

He is P. K. Rothermel, of 835 Crescent Dr., a retired general con-tractor specializing in steam heat and trailer building.

To the Teeners, the object appeared only as a bright light, three or four times brighter than a star, but Rothermel, with his telescope, was able to give a more complete description.

Rothermel said that it hovered straight overhead for some time. then moved south toward San Diego. He estimated that it was from eight to ten miles high.

Lighted Objects

Then, after reaching a halfway spot toward the southern horizon, the object again stopped, Rothermel said, and he could see that the light was in the central portion of a cigar-shaped object.

Soon after it stopped smaller objects, also lighted, sprang from one end of the craft, he said, and circled the “mother ship.” He watched them for some ten minutes until a cloud came up to obscure his view.

The unidentified flying object also was seen by members of the Vista Understanding Unit, a group of spacecraft believers who were also meeting at the time in Recreation Center.

Five Other Meetings

Dr. George Hunt Williamson, an anthropologist and “saucer” authority who was the guest speaker, said that it had happened at the last five meetings of such groups he had addressed in the past five weeks in the Los Angeles area.

Vista residents who spot such unidentified flying objects once again were reminded by Mrs. Mitchell, of the Ground Observer Corps, to immediately telephone her at PA 4-5656.

“Air Force planes are standing by day and night to take to the air to investigate such phenomena,” she said. “Let us know immediately when a `saucer’ is spotted and they will immediately investigate it.” Unfortunately no one called her Saturday.



Message received by Bill Hamilton on January 23, 1958, at 8:45 P.M from his Mentor, Exemana.


“Upon the wake of time there is a race of people to inherit the earth as she implies. The people of bygone ages left their sons and daughters of Time to inherit that which they left upon the wake of Time. They have gone forth and developed even greater civilizations upon the earth. They have endured and they have collapsed, yet all retain itself as itself. They have changed. They have builded upon the bounty of Time. They are the children of every great civilization. They have builded upon the mounds of time. They have added to the stonework of the coliseum. They have builded great fortunes from the civilizations they have inherited. They increase their bounty with the gifts and wisdom of civilization, but they have also built the civilizations. They have set their mark upon where the capstone is placed. They have built to the top that which is theirs. They are the masters of wisdom, for wisdom they express. Child of knowledge they have known and seen, yet it is their birthright to foresee the coming and going of great civilizations. They have built and they have destroyed, but it was the child who built, the adult who destroyed. Yet with their knowledge drained and their wisdom foresought, they have become drained and depleted. They agree less with what they are. They have built, and they have destroyed, and upon the ashes they build again. But they are the inheritors. They build until no more can they destroy that which they have built. So it is.”





The youth of today needs encouragement in positive pursuits. Since the launching of Russia’s first Sputnik, teen-age Rocket clubs have sprung up all over the U.S. It has not only become a very popular hobby but a dangerous one as well, when not supervised by someone expert in the knowledge of highly explosive rocket fuels.

A group in Clyde, Ohio, headed by a 16-year-old boy, has been getting written advice from Dr. Wernher von Braun, the Army’s top rocket expert. The teeners have made 30 launchings in back yards and athletic fields and hope next to send up a three-stage rocket. A group in Glendale, Calif., has launched rockets that soared 10 miles, and has successfully recovered the “passengers”-mice-by parachute.

But the National Fire Protection Association has asked for a ban on amateur rocket programs until safe launching sites and qualified supervisors can be provided.

An official of the American Rocket Society said the chemicals used by amateurs-such as powdered zinc and sulphur-are explosively hazardous, and should be handled by experts. Laws in most states, he said, ban their use without official approval.

We would like to see the youth of America and elsewhere encouraged in their scientific endeavors, even if only on an amateur scale. Ways and means should be made whereby they can have a constructive outlet for their ever-growing imaginations.

Teen-age delinquency gets all the frontpage publicity; so why not publicize the positive efforts of our youth and encourage them to make a real study of their hobby and become expert in their chosen field?

Many of those classed as delinquents, if they had the proper super-vision at home and at school, their unschooled energies would be marshaled in a positive direction, and taught to create-not to destroy.

We need to salvage our youth, the most precious raw material we have on hand, and give them strength and encouragement in themselves and in humanity, if we would have noble and intelligent citizens of the future.

-From New Day



Fifth Annual Spacecraft Convention at, Giant Rock, May 29-June 1. 1958.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 



Clifton, Colo.


Commenting on Prof. Todeschini’s theory of creation (November 1957 issue) I wish to offer a different theory which I think is nearer the truth. All scientists agree that there is a very rarified substance called ether. All material substance is soluble in ether, just as sugar and salt are soluble in water. All space is filled with this solution, but it varies greatly in density. When the Creator was ready to create our solar system he sent his high raised angel surveyors to find a place with sufficient density for the job. They started a huge vortex which created the sun.

An example of a small vortex may be seen in the little whirlwinds started by the unequal heating of the surface. This little vortex throws leaves and other material toward its center. They sometimes travel quite a distance before the vortex is broken. The planets, including our earth, were created in the same way and set in the vortex of the sun. It is the sun’s vortex that holds them in their orbits. Gravity as it has been understood doesn’t exist. There is no attraction between the earth and sun or between the earth and moon.

Here is another fallacy that almost everyone believes; that we get all our light and heat from the sun. Heat would have to travel through millions of miles of absolute zero temperature to reach the earth. It would all be dissipated before it could reach Mercury. Our heat and light are generated by the vortex that created the earth. The same is true of all the other planets.

We have had visitors from Venus and Mars. They have a civilization much in advance of ours.

Yours truly,


 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Compton, Calif.

Dear Mr. Fry:

Even though I am not competent to express myself regarding political and economic questions, I would feel myself indifferent to your constructive efforts should I not reply to your call for help.

As the importance of understanding is so necessary in every walk of life, I was thinking that perhaps a little sketch which I translated from the Swedish with the aid of an American friend would serve the purpose of understanding how other people live. It tells of a life up in the Arctic Circle where people live close to nature; it is a very unusual story and, I think. beautiful. It would serve to awaken that slumbering something within all of us that the materialistic “shell” of the West is trying to choke.

Should you think the story acceptable, let me know and I shall make a copy at once and send ,you.

Perhaps you know that the northernmost tip of Scandinavia is supposed to have remained above water ever since the time of Lemuria, which perhaps accounts for the mysticism existing among the people living there.




OPEN LETTER Daniel W. Fry to N.I.C.A.P.

The following letter was written to the National Investigating Committee for Aerial Phenomena by your Editor, in reply to a request for answers to a list of questions issued by N.I.C.A.P. and directed to those who have reported contact with extraterrestrials. In order that his position be understood by all concerned, Mr. Fry requested that his letter be printed in its entirety in the Nicap publication. Some five months have passed and the Editors of Nicap have been unable to find room in their publication for the letter. Therefore, in order that it become available to the public, it is being printed here.



Washington, D. C.


I am writing this letter in the hope that it may clarify my position in regard to the “policy on contact claims” announced in the July issue of your publication.

In the first place, allow me to point out that I make no “claims,’ nor have I ever made any. The word ‘claim’ implies the desire or intent upon the part of the claimant to acquire something as the result of the claim. There has never been any desire or intent upon my part to acquire anything as a result of the report which I made concerning the event which occurred at the White Sands Proving Ground. I published the report only because I felt that there might be a few people, in this country and abroad, who could benefit by the information contained therein. I believed that if there was any value in the report, that value would be recognized by discerning minds, and once recognized, it would stand upon its own feet without need for substantiation. That my belief was correct, has been demonstrated by the thousands of letters which I have received from all parts of the world, written by those who have been able to discern the value, and, in many- cases, to make practical use thereof.

At the present time, my report, which is called “The White Sands Incident” and its sequel “To Men of Earth” have been translated from the English, and are being printed in German, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek and Icelandic and are being set up for printing in Braille. In thus making available the information which I received, I have discharged the duty which was placed upon me as a result of the contact. I do not have, nor have I ever had, the slightest desire to force upon any individual or group, the realization of these beings. Those who can profit by the information are able to discern the reality without being forced, while those who are unable to discern the reality would be unable to make use of the information, and would probably be harmed rather than benefited by being forced to face the reality.

My attitude toward the U.S. Air Force investigation is as follows:

Several years ago the Air Force group which was charged with the investigation of the UFO reports, made the official statement that “In their opinion the UFO did not represent a danger to the people of the U.S.” With this statement, I fully agree; and, inasmuch as the sole duty and entire purpose of the Air Force is to protect the people of the U.S. against the possibility of danger from the air, when the investigating group had made this statement they had completed their duty, and their responsibility was ended. From that moment on, they had no further right to expend public funds in the investigation of a subject which could be better assigned to The State Department, or some other agency more competent in this type of inquiry. I would never knowingly be a party to any attempt to convince the leaders of any branch of the armed services of the reality of the craft or of the existence of their operators. I cannot conceive of any agency more likely to toss a monkey wrench into the machinery of interplanetary relations.

In composing my report of the incident at White Sands, I took great care to present it in such a manner that it would immediately be dismissed as nonsense by the `military’ type of mind, and yet would present all the vital information in such a. manner that its value could readily be understood by the type of mind capable of making use of it.

The Air Force has frequently stated that it does not believe that these objects exist. If this statement actually represents their opinion  then I believe that this is a very fortunate situation, and one which should be allowed to continue as long as possible, or at least until we have had time to become better acquainted with our visitors.

I cannot see how any particular-purpose could be served by attempting to establish an opinion in the minds of the Investigating Board of N.I.C.A.P., particularly in view of the repeated statement that the aforesaid members already have opinions. It was also stated that their opinions would not influence the final decision. To this I can only reply that if this condition can actually be achieved, then it will be the first time in the history of mankind that such a feat has been accomplished. No juryman is ever allowed to serve upon a jury if he admits that he has already formed an opinion concerning the case.

It has always been, and will continue to be. my policy to answer to the best of my ability, any sincere question concerning the event at White Sands or anything which has come about as a result, providing that I know the answer and providing that I feel the answer may be of some benefit to him who asks. I have spoken in public many times upon the subject of the UFO and their significance, but I have never yet sought an audience. Every talk which I have ever given has been in response to the urgent request of some other person or group. I am employed as the Superintendent of Research for the Crescent Engineering and Research Co. of El Monte, a job which requires from nine to ten hours per day of my time. During the past several years I have spent a very considerable portion of the salary which I receive from this position, and all of my spare time, in the effort to be of service to my fellow man. I am perfectly content to leave the decision concerning the factuality of the White Sands Incident to the judgment of history, which, after all, has proven to be a better judge than any individual or group can ever hope to be.

As a founding member of N.I.C.A.P., I respectfully request that this statement be published, verbatim, and in its entirety, in the next issue of the UFO Investigator. In this way, my position will become known at once, both to the Investigating Board, and to the readers of our publication. With best wishes for the continued sucess of N.I.C.A.P.

I remain

Daniel W. Fry

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Time may pass away, History be swallowed up in eternity, nations crumble, the world itself vanish into the flame from which it came. But if there be anything which will endure the conflagration, which marks the boundary of duration, it is understanding. If any man have a hope, Understanding is the substance of that hope. If there be immortality, understanding renders its achievement possible. Under-standing is eternal, incapable of destruction or change. Therefore, these masters of understanding will never cease to be, but as nine and forty flames will gather as a blazing aureole about the Sovereign Fire which burns forever.

Submitted by,

Olive Hennings



The month of January was one of activity for all Units of Under, standing. Each Unit held one or more public lectures on Spacecraft or allied subjects. The National organization sponsored Dr. George Hunt Williamson and Mr. John McCoy in a public meeting at the Embassy Convention Hall in Los Angeles on January 5th.

The several Units of Understanding in Southern California, namely, Long Beach, El Monte, Orange County, Pomona, San Fernando and Vista had either Dr. Williamson or John McCoy, or both, as speakers for their January meetings. They lectured too in Pasadena, Ventura and Hollywood.

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Unit No. 1, El Monte, held an interesting and well attended meeting on January 24th with Col. Ron Ormond, who is a well known Motion Picture Producer and Director. He showed a very fine motion picture on “Flying Saucers” and lectured about his recent trip to the Far East and showed color slides taken in Thailand.

Unit No. 2 of San Mateo, held the first meeting in their new hall on Jan. 24th. A tape recording of George Van Tassel of Giant Rock was played. Their speaker for February will be Dana Howard.

Unit No. 4, of Vista, will have L. Gordon Plummer as their speaker on February 8th, on the subject, “Man’s Endless Search for Truth.” he is a counselor for the San Diego school system.

Unit No. 5, Pomona, had Mr. Kelvin Rowe of San Jacinto on Jan. 25th. He told of his experiences with spacecraft and their operators. Unit No. 6, San Fernando, held their January meeting in the Sons of Norway Hall at Van Nuys with J. l. Norkin, author of “Saucer Dairy,” as their speaker.

Knit No. 8, Long Beach, will have Hope Troxell, author of “Wisdom of the Universe” as their speaker on February 7th.

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Anyone wishing the address of the Unit of Understanding in your area, please write Jane Ruby, c/o of Understanding, Rm. 35, 101 S. Lexington, El Monte, California.

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The first building of the Desert project is completed, at least the exterior. We wish to thank friends and members for their help in the building, also those who are furnishing the cabins, and include our thanks to those who have been so generous but prefer to remain anonymous. We shall start a larger building as soon as financing permits.




ABOARD A FLYING SAUCER, b Truman Bethurum ……………  $3.00

WISDOM of the universe, by hope troxell… 3.25

OTHER TONGUES, OTHER FLESH, by Williamson ………..  4.00

STEPS TO THE STARS, by Daniel Fry (paper, $1.50) ………….. 2.50

I RODE A FLYING SAUCER, by George Van Tassel ……………  1.00

flying saucer pilgrimage, by h. and B. Reeve… $3.50

INSIDE THE SPACE SHIPS, by George Adamski ………….  3.50

TO MEN OF EARTH, by Daniel Fry …….  1.00

INTO THIS WORLD AND OUT AGAIN, by George Van Tassel ……..  1.50

WORLD WITHIN, by Gina Cerminara …………  4.00

the coming golden age, by dr. f. w. summer ………  $3.50

SAUCER DIARY, by Israel Norkin ……  3.00

SECRET OF THE SAUCERS, by Orfeo Angelucci ……… 3.00

ARMY OF LIGHT, by Florence Donovan ………..  1.50

THE VENUSIANS, by Lee Crandell …………. .2.00

UNIVERSE AND DR. EINSTEIN, by Lincoln Barnett … 2.75

VISITORS FROM SPACE, by Eugene Drake ……  1.00

WHITE SANDS INCIDENT, by Daniel Fry …..  1.50

TWO NIGHTS TO REMEMBER, by Carl Anderson ……….  1.50


GOLDEN LIGHT …………..  .25

SAUCERS ……  (six issues) 3.00


LITTLE LISTENING POST …………. (six issues) 2.00

UNDERSTANDING………….. (twelve issues) 2.50

These books may be purchased from Understanding. We pay all postage. Residents of California please add 4% Sales Tax.