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This ebook exists because Fry never published his entire story in one book.  For example, he wrote how new galaxies were formed in “Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding” and included details about lending books to Alawn in the 1973 “To Men of Earth”, neither of which was included in any other book.  This combined edition contains everything in one handy place with little changed except for a few spelling mistakes and minor grammatical improvements [Read the end notes for more details].  I have combined passages that only Daniel Fry wrote from four of his books, the 1992 edition of the “White Sands Incident”, “Steps to the Stars” (1965), “Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding” (1960) and “They rode in Space Ships” (1957).  Where there was a distinct difference between his books, I usually choose the earlier and more complete version to get closer to the source which means there are dated words such as “areoplane” or “astronautics” and Daniel’s own, sometimes repetitive, wording and quaint grammar.

I have also added chapter headings for important sections to make them easier to find.

The eBook comes in three different formats:

  • PDF – For reading on your computer or compatible devices – this version has slightly larger pictures.
  • MOBI – This format works on Kindle but the resolution of the pictures is small.
  • ePUB – This works on most other non-kindle devices

Once purchased, you are allowed to download the eBook of your choice up to five times.  There is no DRM, so please back your eBook up!


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For the first time ever, all of Daniel Fry’s story in one easy place to read it!



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