Fixed Check Out Page

After a few updates of the Woocmmerce plugin, the “Proceed To Checkout” button was messed up, as were a few others.  All fixed now. Sean.

Added another Long John Nebel taping

Randy pointed out in the Paracast forums that there was another Long John recording on Youtube and I have edited it, removed the noise and amplified it.  The two hour plus recording is on the audio page. I capture these … Continued

Moved to New Server including Curvity dot org

The old server was overloaded and resulted in constant 404 and 500 errors, which should now be alleviated.  The site is also running faster with load times as low as 1 second!   Fantastic. Sean.

Fixed the Download Links

With updates, they seem to have stopped working when buying the eBooks.  All should work now, sorry for the hassle. Sean.

Håkan Blomqvist reviews Contactee

Håkan Blomqvist who is associated with the wonderful Swedish AFU archive has written a frank and long review of my book, Contactee – Was Daniel W. Fry Telling the Truth.  As is the case with most things fringe, anytime someone … Continued