i                                                     Officers and Directors of Understanding, Inc.

Dr. Daniel W. Fry                        Founder and President Emeritus

Dr. Lloyd G. Sellman                   President

Barbara L. Yates                         Executive Vice President

Jeffery Perry                                First Vice President

Tahahlita Wiese                          Second Vice President

Clarence R. Gahlbeck                Treasurer

Rev. Rita Sellman                       Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary

Membership Chairman              Rev. Marie Jean Cullen

Board of Directors

Dr. Lloyd G. Sellman                   President

Dr. Daniel W. Fry                        Alamogordo, N.Mex.

Hetty Miller                                   Phoenix, AZ

John W. Boushka                        New York City

Dr. Robert Reid                           Coleharbor, ND

Rev. Ben T. Cullen                      Spring Valley, CA

Rev. Audrey Gibson                    Deming, N.Mex.

Wilma E. Thompson                   Tonopah, AZ

Tahahlita B. Wiese                     Merlin, OR

Associate Directors

Gerry Bringle                               Bagdad, AZ

Virginia Perry            Woodland Hills, CA

International Honorary Directors

Per Axel Atterbom    Sweden

Herbert D. Clark        Canada

Edith Nicolaisen        Sweden Legal Compliance

“Understanding,” began with nine members in El Monte, California in 1954. It was incorporated as a non-profit organization in March of 1955 in California. It is presently licensed and recognized as a non-profit corporation in Oregon and Arizona.

The purposes and goals of the organization are too lengthy to reproduce fully. They have been condensed for this purpose. The full content of them is to be found in the Articles of Incorporation. The By-laws of the organization delimit the activities, administrative responsibilities and guide lines for organization of individual units.

Philosophy and Objectives         ii


Understanding, Incorporated

The basic philosophy of Understanding, Inc. is best expressed in the belief that there are more areas of agreement between all men than of disagreement and that finding those areas will bring about under-standing, cooperation and peace to all inhabitants of this planet.


1. To chart the areas of mutual agreement in the social science of today as postulates of behavior for man toward his fellow-man.

2. To chart in like manner the areas of worldwide agreement in the spiritual sciences by means of which rapid advance in the understanding of the true goal of life and in the practice of right relation-ships to the Creator of all men.

3. To engage in scientific and other research, study, analysis and investigation of any and all things which contribute toward the establishment of truth and the advancement of all mankind.

4. To acquire and hold such property, funds and facilities and to engage in any lawful business activity incidental to or necessary or desirable for, the accomplishment of the purposes set forth above.

5. To solicit the association, cooperation and assistance of individuals, organizations or corporate entities having similar aims and purposes.

6. To authorize, subject to the supervision of the directors of the corporation, units which shall function to carry out its purposes.

7. To operate exclusively for scientific, charitable, religious, literary or educational purposes.

iii                                                   UNDERSTANDING


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Associate editor ……..  florence D. Fry




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by ‘Understanding’, a non-profit organization

Contributions are U.S. Income Tax Deductible.

Address all correspondence to: Understanding, Inc.


Tel. 602-386-3832




Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


Your editor has followed, with considerable interest; the general controversy and the individual comments which resulted from the announcement by President Carter, of the official dumping of Taiwan, and the formal recognition of Communist China. Among many national political figures, there was shock, dismay and even outrage. Senator Barry Goldwater, for example, said, “President Carter’s brief nationally televised announcement of plans for recognition of Communist China may go down in history as `Ten minutes that lives in infamy’.” New Hampshire’s Governor Meldrim Thomson ordered the state flags lowered to half-staff in mourning for the death of the nation’s honor.

Among the leaders of finance and industry however, there was a general acceptance, tacit or expressed approval, and even some muted praise. A perfect demonstration of the old adage that, “Business ignore-Politics when profits are at stake.” Those who saw only

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

the profits to be gained in trade with Red China, placed great emphasis upon the size, the huge population and the worldwide importance of the country, and the illogic of refusing for so long to recognize a defacto government, simply because it had come into power by military force, sponsored by a foreign power. Many glowing references were made to the great commercial advantages of unlimited trade with so vast a nation. Just imagine four hundred million more people suddenly learning to drink Coca-Cola!

It was pointed out that Taiwan would soon become accustomed to ‘going it alone’ and trade with that nation would not suffer materially. It might even improve because they would now have to buy many things for their own defense, which we had previously been furnishing them without charge. Red China had made no promise of Taiwan’s integrity, it simply was in no position, militarily, to launch an attack at the moment.

All of these explanations, arguments and excuses were reasonably valid, and they satisfied, or at least pacified, a large proportion of the U.S. population. There were, however, several important aspects of the situation which seem to have been carefully neglected. Many assurances were made that the Soviet Union would not be too greatly annoyed by the U.S. recognition of Red China, even though the two countries have been natural enemies for generations. These assurances were not actually true of course, the Soviet Government was, in fact, considerably annoyed by the U.S. recognition of China, especially during a critical stage of the SALT talks. This annoyance however, was more than offset by its great satisfaction with the U.S. dumping of Taiwan, which was a plain and inescapable notice to all of the smaller countries of the world, that the U.S. could no longer be depended upon to keep any of its commitments to any nation if it became unprofitable to do so. No one was greatly surprised at the U.S. recognition of China. It was known that the U.S. would have been willing to have done so years ago. The problem was that China refused to recognize the U.S. until it had


dumped Taiwan, a thing which the U.S. swore it would never do. Now that it has meekly surrendered to the Chinese demands, in order to gain some questionable trade advantages, all of the smaller nations that have been looking to the U.S. for moral, political and, if necessary, military support must realize that they are also on their own, and while they may continue to receive some financial aid from the U.S., they must look else-where for their political or military support.

We have heard a great deal of what Taiwan, China and the Soviet Union think of our dumping of Taiwan, but have heard very little of what the rest of the world thinks. In the long run, it is world opinion that will be most important.


Juliana Lewis

When Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died at thirty-five years of age, he left for the world over six hundred and twenty-seven masterpieces, yet the only one to follow him to his pauper’s grave was his little mongrel dog who faithfully sloshed through miles of mud and snow to pay his last respects – a strange fact, considering the many honors bestowed upon Mozart during his lifetime.

Born in Salzburg, Austria, in 1756, and the son of a violinist who was also his teacher, Mozart was soon on his way toward a musical career. At three years of age, he was taught to play the harpsichord; at four, he made his first public appearance; at six, he was on a concert tour which began in Vienna – where he greatly impressed Maria Theresa and her small daughter Marie Antoinette – and ended in England where he was well received by the queen and was recipient of many medals and honors.

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

However, in spite of these triumphs and gala performances, family expenses consistently exceeded profits, so it was decided that the Mozart’s should try their luck in Holland. There Mozart wrote his first oratorio, but the Prince Archbishop of Salzburg heard of it and requested their return for its performance in his own opera house. So pleased was he with the results that Mozart was made the honorary Kappellmeister of his orchestra. This was a great honor for one so young but, as there was no pay connected, the father once again had to take him on concert tour, this time to Italy. In Rome, Gregorio Allegri’s nine-part Miserere was being sung, a score which had been kept secret and never published, but after the performance Mozart wrote the entire piece down from memory. This act of genius was sufficiently impressive to the Pope to have his young Austrian visitor knighted. In Bologna, the Philharmonic Academy further honored him with the bestowal of an honorary degree at the age of fourteen, in spite of their ruling that no one under twenty years of age could receive this honor.

Upon receiving a commission for a serenade to be sung at the Archduke Ferdinand’s wedding, Mozart returned to Salzburg but found it greatly changed. The

kind old Price Archbishop had died, and his successor frowned upon both Mozart and music. When Mozart requested a leave of absence in order to go on another tour, the Prince brusquely replied that he did not approve of his servants’ going out on “begging expeditions”. Mozart responded to this insult by resigning his commission as honorary Kappellmeister, which angered the Prince to the extent that thereafter he did everything in his power to make life unpleasant for Mozart.

Mozart’s father was forced to stay in Salzburg as a hostage, but he and his mother were allowed to go to Paris. There they soon found, however, that a young man of twenty-one in long pants had not the same popular appeal as a boy of six in velvet pinafores. Times were difficult and made more so by his mother’s death in an uncomfortable boarding house. But all the while, in hotels and on the road, he worked. He composed and played and rehearsed eighteen hours a day.


He went to Vienna to try his hand at free-lancing, and at first luck was with him. At the request of the Emperor he composed an opera in German which was very successful. He married Constanze Weber, and even though well behind in their bills they were a well-liked couple. The King of Prussia offered him the job of conductor of the royal orchestra at a tremendous salary, and this seemed to be his great opportunity to free him-self from his many financial worries, but when the Emperor in Vienna heard of it, he said, “My dear Mozart, surely you are not thinking of leaving me!” And so touched was Mozart by the Emperor’s kind and gracious manner that he felt obliged to decline the offer and stay in Vienna for harder work at lesser pay.

A small suburban theater director named Schikaneder hired him, and Mozart began to compose for him at a terrific rate of speed, soon completing THE MAGIC FLUTE. Then another order came from the court, this time for an opera to be given in Prague for the coronation of Leopold II as King of Bohemia. And Prague loved this new opera just as it had loved THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO, THE BARBER OF SEVILLE and DON JUAN.

Then came Mozart’s final year. An ambitious noble-man, Count Walsegg, an amateur musician of little talent, wanted to impress his friends with his ability. He sent word to Mozart that he would pay him well for a requiem which he would then pass off as his own composition. Mozart was very tired and constantly in a fever, but he completed the requiem and had it ready for delivery on December 4, 1791. The next day, he died.

On the day of his burial it rained so hard that the friends who would have accompanied him to the cemetery were forced to turn back at the city gate, for people attending a pauper’s funeral were not provided with carriages. Thus it was that his little dog was the only one to see that he should not be alone on his last earthly journey.

In 1906, the city of Vienna celebrated Mozart’s birthday with an elaborate display of ceremonial music and oratory. In the evening, the whole town was illuminated.

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

City aldermen appropriated ten thousand crowns for this purpose, a sum which divided by half probably would have been sufficient to keep Mozart alive for another ten years. But in spite of his poverty, Mozart must have had feelings of great personal satisfaction with his life, for he must have known that what he was giving to the world was not only for his time and his place but for all times and all places.

Poet’s corner


Meta Pfeiffer

She never wrote a poem,

Preferring active toil,

Sharing with her neighbors

Products of the soil.

Living with a happiness

That deep communion brings,

She found an ever-spreading strength

Among the growing things.

And when ’twas time for knitting,

She took a straight-backed chair.

She never wrote a poem;

She was one, sitting there.



by Janet Gonter

Funny how some little thing

Some sight or scent or song we sing

Can send so many years a spinning

Back when our life was just beginning.

Bayberry candles burning low

Quiet walks in new-fallen snow

The crackling fire in our first fireplace

The embers reflected in your young face.

Those were good times, the memories grand

Perhaps made warmer by the years we’ve spanned

Yet I wouldn’t go back, knowing what I know

Secure in a love that continues to grow.

Happy New Year Dear.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING


By D. E. Buckman

“History is a poem,” a Moslem poet once wrote, “In which the words are different,” so I quote-“But the rhythm is ever the same. “

Have you ever been in a strange place and yet had the feeling that you had been there before. Well, perhaps you were there before – at a different time, or perhaps in spirit, not bodily.

The human subconscious mind shows that although it is associated with the human body, it is not dependent upon it – that under physical impairment or stress it can function separately. Under altered states of aware-ness (hypnosis) the subconscious mind spontaneously may leave the body. The question is – if it can function while temporarily separated from the body, can it not then function permanently without the body, that is, after death? Could the subconscious mind then, per-haps, be the soul?

Instances of clinical body death when the subconscious mind did not die seems to prove this theory. In these cases the subconscious mind survived clinical death and maintained full activity without the enveloping body and the conscious (outer brain) portion of the then defunct brain.

At birth we are endowed with the modified clay we call a body. This piece of intricate mechanism consists of living flesh and like all living things it runs the gamut, gradually wears out, and ultimately goes to a handful of chemicals, which we call death.

The journey through life is the most important and adventurous one we will ever take – yet many of us try to ignore the fact that this journey will end. We fear the loss of personal identity – that “I” will cease to be “me”, and so we do not make any real preparation to prepare for this traumatic event. Like ostriches we stick our heads in the sands of escapism without considering the true relationship of the all-important “I” or “me” to the physical body.


The conscious mind is a part of the physical body, while the subconscious mind seems to be more spiritual, and as such is not subject to physical damage. Mentally retarded children have been known to burst out with unexpected abilities under altered awareness, manifesting the contents of undamaged, and theoretically undamageable, subconscious mind.

Consider child prodigies and the abilities that exist in these children without prior teaching – in-stances of the pupil racing ahead of the teacher – actually knowing more than the teacher. Where did such knowledge come from? One theory is that of multiple former lives. Mathematical geniuses capable of super-ability at tender ages, and musical artists and composers who are mature in their capabilities even while they are immature in their bodies. Mozart was one such prodigy. He composed and played wondrous music at the age of five. Such ability cannot be explained by heredity or environment – it was there at birth.

We know that even the tiniest part of material energy does not disappear without a trace – it is trans-formed and continues to exist in another form. It seems illogical then that the Creator of such a pattern with insignificant particles of matter would not apply it to the most magnificent of all His creations – the soul.

The soul is master over the mind – and the mind over the body. Shakespeare said, “To thine own self be true and it will follow, as night follows day, thou cans’t be false to no one.” Two-facedness is the beginning of the path that leads to a split personality, or schizophrenia.

It has been suggested that educators teach the fourth “R”, Responsibility, along with the other three. Responsibility was once taught in the home, by the parents. It is now left up to the teachers, but the parents must become involved in teaching moral values to their children, responsibility as citizens – to obey laws. Society has placed too high a value on individual rights and freedoms. What children need to know is that with these rights comes responsibilities, and with freedom comes accountability.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Society has too often excused criminal behavior as coming from a bad environment, or a terrible child-hood. This need not be true – we can choose our own course in life – we can rise above our beginning. We can bury the garbage of past mistakes, if we wish, and make a fresh start. Life is a struggle – birth is the beginning of long years of trials, tribulations, and painful learning. We should rejoice at what we call Death – it is the release from our struggles, the beginning of freedom, joy, rapturous beauty both of sight and sound, and an ever upward going on, provided of course we have earned these things by living a good life.

While we believe that those who depart from this life are going to a better place it is human for us to feel an overwhelming sadness at our loss. We here must await “God’s moment” which man calls “years”. Death leads to ressurection – not ressurection of matter but ressurection from matter. The ressurection of matter will come on Judgment Day.

The light of eternal hope dispells the dark night of fear, as it beckons to that land of eternal day. Death has no sting – no black horror of oblivion.




Reported by John Latta in the STAR.

“THE U.S. Air Force has confirmed it chased – but failed to catch – a group of Unidentified Flying Objects in an incident eerily similar to dramatic scenes in the hit movie Close Encounters Of The Third Kind.

“THE STAR has obtained official tapes and documents showing that a USAF jet was left far behind, and below, as it pursued the objects at high speed over Edwards Air Force Base in California.


“Between seven and twelve UFOs were sighted through binoculars, on radar screens and from a jet fighter on a clear October night in 1965.

“As they moved past the Edwards tower and other air defense checkpoints, they were flashing red, green and white lights.

“Shortly after 1:30 a.m., the Edwards tower operator spotted the objects and he and the Los Angeles Air Defense Sector controller began recording height and speed. Then an F-106 jet fighter was scrambled from Edwards as the tower maintained visual contact. “Here is the Edwards-LAADS dialogue:

“LAADS – Aircraft has contact 120 degrees at 18,000 feet.

“Edwards – That’s it! Aircraft converging on object.

“LAADS – There is no radar contact.

“Edwards – Object looks like it is rising. Interceptor has gone past and is too low.

“LAADS – Aircraft is climbing to 40,000 feet. “But even at that height the fighter was ‘still low,’ according to the Edwards tower, which was tracking the LAADS-dispatched UFO chaser.

“Investigating the incident was Capt. John D. Balent, technical evaluation officer deputy for foreign  technology, who wrote in his report:

” ‘The ground observers claim definitely to have seen flashing lights for which they could offer or find no explanation. Everyone concerned at both LAADS and Edwards seems convinced that something unusual occurred.’

“As part of his report, Capt. Balent included ‘radar scope photographs which indicated unidentified contacts were held.’

“The incident lasted nearly five hours. Capt. Balent said: ‘No one in the Air Defense Sector (LAADS) could provide a plausible explanation.’

“The tower recording from Edwards made several attempts to define the ‘UFOs.’ It noted they ‘appeared to have small red lights like aircraft obstruction lights.’

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

“The recording continues to underscore how close the incident was to scenes in Close Encounters Of The Third Kind:

“LARDS – Base operations tell me they can see about three more now in a line to the north, going from the south, over Boron and to the north of Boron.

“Edwards – I’ve got a bunch of visuals here too. “LARDS – He’s gonna come west to east over me now.

“Edwards – I still have a contact out there. “LARDS – Oh, you do, visual?

“Edwards – Yes.

“LARDS – Alright, I have the upper limit right now.

‘ `Edwards – Yeah, he thinks he’s got a contact, 12 o’clock, 16,000 ft.

“LARDS – That’s it. Are the blips merging? “Edwards – Yeah, he’s closing. Do you have any heights on these over to the east?

“LARDS – Negative, unable to get ’em on height finder. We’re trying to mark ’em now where the interceptor passes under them, or in the vicinity of ’em, and we’re on.

“Edwards – He’s way low, way low.

“LARDS – Way low? He’s only at 40,000 feet!”


It has been said millions of times by billions of people but the meaning never goes stale, “Happy New Year!, Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, We wish you the Best for the New Year!, Love and Blessings,” all these and many more have inundated the ether waves every year since you can remember . But the message never grows old. It always brings a lift to the shoulders, a lightness in the heart and a smile to the lips and eyes.


So from the headquarters of Understanding, Inc. and the Editor’s desk, we send you, dear readers, this message once again. It is our sincere hope that your Christmas was all that your heart could desire in terms of friends, family, health and abundance. You are thought of many times throughout the year collectively and individually. Many of you have been subscribers for a decade or more. Your loyalty and love is deeply appreciated. It is our wish that this year of 1979 be one of great awakening, awareness and response to the events that are prophesied for this time in a positive and meaningful way.

No child enters this Earth dwelling without the mother’s travail. The birth of a new era in Christ consciousness cannot come without our labor to bring it about. So face this coming time with courage and determination not to let the anti-Christ forces succeed no matter what the personal cost to you. The young man from Galilee had a few things to say about this age. (Review Matthew chapters 24 and 25.) But He set the example for us to follow when adversity befell. And Lo! The miracle occurred. The seeming death was but the beginning of immortality for Him and for us too.

So, if it is the cross for you this year, instead of the crown, accept it and sing praises that you are one of those helping in the birth of a thousand years of peace and cooperation among all men. And if that seems hard to do, remember that joining forces with the anti-Christ will lead to greater misery for you and for all mankind than has ever been your lot before.

Our wish for you is greater joy than you have ever known before; for health and abundance; and finally that you shall experience the ecstasy of the soul which is your birthright.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING


From Science News


“At least eight countries are already harvesting krill, a tiny shrimp-like animal that may become a major human protein source. The crustacean is a staple in the diet of whales, seals, penguins, squid and fish, so unregulated krilling could destroy the balance of Antarctic sea life. But little information is available on the krill life-cycle to help regulators set reasonable limits.

“Krill are now being maintained for the first time in aquaria at Palmer Station on the Antarctic Peninsula, Mary Alice McWhinnie of DePaul University reports to the National Science Foundation. During an extensive study, McWhinnie discovered many new aspects of krill life. For instance, they eat small animals and even other krill, in addition to aquatic plants. Thus they can probably continue growing year-round. They can live at any depth and seem to survive at least three years. The females spawn an average of 2,000 to 3,000 eggs and do not die after spawning, but instead shed their skins, continue feeding and revert to a “younger-maturity” stage.


“Proponents of legalization of the controversial cancer drug Laetrile have scored a major victory. Cancer patients certified ‘terminally ill’ by a licensed medical practitioner can now receive Laetrile injections under a ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit. “The court ruled last week that ‘safety’ and ‘effectiveness’ as defined in the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, and under which the U.S. Food and Drug Administration banned Laetrile, have no meaning when considered in the context of persons expected to die from cancer. The ruling came in a case appealed from Oklahoma in which a district court held that a FDA ban of

15 Laetrile violated a terminally ill cancer patient’s constitutional right to privacy. The appellate court asked: ‘What can “generally recognized” as “safe” and “effective” mean to such persons who are so fatally stricken with a disease for which there is no known cure? Under this record,’ it concluded, ‘Laetrile is as effective as anything else.’

“But is it? Some cancer scientists and clinicians are sure to argue that it is not, as X-rays, surgery and an ever-expanding arsenal of carefully tested drugs extend the lives of patients with many kinds of cancer and even cure some of these patients. Also, as there are documented cases of occasional spontaneous cancer re-missions, it may frequently be difficult for physicians to decide whether a patient is truly terminal or not. Yet it is up to individual physicians under the court ruling to define ‘terminally ill.’ Finally, there is the question of whether this ruling will weaken the FDA’s legal jurisdiction over the safety and effectiveness of other kinds of drugs.”



Dear Readers,

I would like to get personally acquainted with each one of you. My predecessor Dr. Daniel Fry, whom you all know, was the Founder and President for 23 years, and now is President Emeritus. Dr. Fry is still very active in Understanding, and we are very grateful for his help in all that we undertake. Since I was given the monumental task of the Presidency, my wife Rita and I were given the position of “Directive Principles” here at International Headquarters, and I feel that through this column we can become better known to each other. My wife, Rita, is a very excellent channel for both the Elder

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Brothers, and those Highly Intelligent Beings in the Spiritual Realms. Some of her channelings will be appearing in this magazine. We are told by the Mentors above to disseminate that material which we have already been given, and that there are many more “who should come into the fold,” and time is of the essence. As for myself I have been told to sit each morning and write down “that which comes to mind.” I may think they are my own thoughts, but this is the way to begin receiving as well as getting true guidance through that “Still Small Voice Within”. In addition to the above sources of Inspirational Enlightenment, I will be using the Writings of Baird T. Spalding and Walter Russel. This material keeps me on the Solid Rock Foundation of TRUTH. TRUTH THAT NEVER CHANGES.

The only changes will be my awakening awareness of a Great Expression of it. Vital Messages are given in Spalding’s and Walter Russel’s works that are for ALL AGES, and Especially for us TODAY.

I am happy to be in such a group of Seekers as are found in Understanding Inc. Remember Jesus and other Great Teachers said, “In all thy getting, get Under standing……. And also Solomon asked only for “an Understanding as well as Great Wisdom…”. Is there a better area of mutual agreement than, Agreeing that We Should Seek Understanding, and thereby Seek The Kingdom of GOD WITHIN????



Another View

From the active mind of Dr. Robert W. Reid comes the valuable information about health that is quite another view of the subject compared to the traditional medical philosophy. He has published a brochure, “Mineral Deficiencies, You and the Zodiac”, which many of you might find very interesting. There is so much information packed in the pages of the brochure it would be impossible to include even a small part of it in this magazine. Dr. Reid, who is a member of the Understanding, Inc. Board of Directors, has given us permission to use small sections of his work in each issue of the magazine.

We’re learning today as never before the importance of food in our health. We are what we eat, physically speaking and of course what we are physically has a great effect on what we are mentally and emotionally and spiritually. Substances which Dr. Reid believes affects our lives are called “cell salts”. There are several of them, 12 in fact. And they work in coordination with the signs of the zodiac which affect each of us individually, Dr. Reid says.

These cell salts are Potassium Phosphate, Sodium Sulphate, Potassium Chloride, Calcium Flouride, Magnesium Phosphate, Potassium Sulphate, Sodium Phospate, Calcium Sulphate, Silicon, Calcium Phosphate, Sodium Chloride and Iron Phosphate. All of these salts are components of our Earth. And it makes very good sense to believe that since we were created from the dust of the Earth, these salts may be essential to our well-being.

According to Dr. Reid’s chart, the cell salts for people whose birth dates are January and February are Calcium Phosphate and Sodium Chloride.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

While these salts may be purchased in tablet form, they may also be found in foods and herbs. Foods containing an abundance of Calcium Phosphate are straw berries, blueberries, almonds, coconuts, whole wheat, barley, rye, brown beans, lentils, milk, asparagus, cucumbers, spinach and sea fish. The herbs containing this cell salt are Comfrey root, slippery elm, winter-green, Yellow Cedar, shepherd’s purse, knot weed grass, horse tail, shave grass, fuinelory, thyme, thuga and mullen.

Foods containing Sodium Chloride are straw-berries, chestnuts, coconuts, figs, apples, lentils, carrots, lettuce, cabbage, spinach, cucumbers and asparagus. The herbs containing this cell salt are comfrey, marigold, bay-berry, mistletoe, walnut, snake root, southernwood (Old man), and valerian (lady slipper).

Dr. Reid makes some statements about sodium chloride that are not commonly known. He says that the commercial salt which most of us use is not the best for the body. (That’s an understatement of what he really says about it!) In his brochure he says, “Had I known of the life-giving and cleansing qualities of pure, un-adulterated, unheated, untreated natural mined salt, my situation (of poor health) would have been so very different. But like millions, I didn’t know. So, to make a long story short, I began using natural salt freely in my diet and consumed one fourth teaspoonful in a glass of water every morning and found the hardened arteries softening-that were giving me high blood pressure. The natural mined salt was actually dissolving and flushing out my system all foreign materials. What a discovery! “

Dr. Reid spent many years in research after he recovered from a long bout with arthritis and he is eager to share what he has learned about becoming healthy and staying that way. He will be happy to answer questions (accompanied by SASE) addressed to him at Spacearama, Coleharbor, N.D. 58531.



So many have called and written “Why? Why did you leave? So now it can be told that the reason for leaving was the invitation by Dr. Robert Waterman and Dr. H. Ronald Hulnick of Quimby Center to come to Alamogordo, New Mexico and become part of the faculty for the Quimby College which will open here September 1979. Dr. Fry will write science courses for the curriculum. The move was not made suddenly. The invitation was given last July. The decision was made shortly before the annual convention in September of last year.

Circumstances which seemed beyond the control of the Editor and President of Understanding prevented the foundation of a school at the International Cultural Headquarters of Understanding, Inc. And so the opportunity to share with young people of the future Earth’s rulers seemed wise to accept.

The present time is one of great change, some easy and pleasant, some difficult and traumatic. Those who are on the Path need to cooperate and draw closer to each other for support and strength through such changes. The Frys have chosen to cooperate and share with the members of Quimby Center and assist in the curriculum building of Quimby College.

Understanding, Inc. will continue to grow and develop under the guidance of our new president and his wife, Lloyd and Rita Sellman. The Frys will always be members and will always work for Understanding’s goals, particularly The Area of Mutual Agreement. Much of the knowledge gained in the work of Understanding’s organization will transfer to Quimby College. And because we know you will want to know more about this new college, we asked Dr. Waterman to write the following article.

20                                                                                       UNDERSTANDING


by Robert D. Waterman, EdD.

Quimby College is a new center of learning being established in Alamogordo, New Mexico, as a continuation of the Quimby work begun by Dr. Neva Dell Hunter. It is dedicated to promote the parenthood of God and the brother and sisterhood of human-kind through the best of what we know spiritually and scientifically. The possibility of the College has emerged from individuals coming together who share a common vision. Incorporated in this vision is the recognition that our view of the present and future challenges to our way of educating need careful evaluation. Alvin Toffler (Learning for Tomorrow, p. 23, 1974) states:

All education springs from some image of the future. If the image of the future held by a society is grossly inaccurate, its education system will betray its youth.

It is our viewpoint that the education needed is one that prepares students to meet challenges as whole individuals.

Historically the seed pattern for Quimby College was planted with the founding of the Quimby Meta-physical Library in Detroit, Michigan, in 1946. This was done by Dr. Hunter and a small group of associates who had become involved with her work in spiritual counseling, opening awareness to the inner-worlds, and understanding of reincarnation and karma. Dr. Hunter did many akashic counselings and developed aura balancing as a way for individuals to become more in tune with their greater selves.

Aura balancing is a modern rendition of the “Science of Christ” developed by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby.


Working with clients, Quimby explained how thoughts and feelings restrict the natural flow of health to the body causing “disease” or imbalance. He called this inner resource “Truth,” or the Christ, and its use, “Science.” After relating to an individual the patterns by which he was binding himself, Quimby would then work “silently” lifting and clarifying the energy involved with the blockage. He understood that this inward change brought about personal and community health. Therefore, the healing of individuals healed the nation. The College is very much rooted in the same resource that inspired Quimby and Dr. Hunter through the consciousness of Quimby.

Another contributor to the Quimby College educational vision was Ralph Waldo Emerson. Emerson fostered the use of an inner, mystical resource for education that carried the curriculum of the Soul, as a traveler, into the rehabilitation of the outer expression. He sought to bring spiritual fire into the thinking, planning and realization of the American main stream. In answer to Toffler’s concern today perhaps Emerson would offer his image of education using the same words as in a talk given for the Phi Beta Kappa Society at Cambridge, August 31, 1837. In “The American Scholar,” Emerson stated:

The scholar is that man who must take up into him-self the ability of all time, all the contributions of the past. all the hopes of the future. …The world is nothing the man is all; in yourself is the law of all nature … in yourself slumbers the whole of Reason; it is for you to know all; it is for your to dare all… This confidence in the unsearched might of man belongs, by all motives, by all prophecy, by all preparation, to the American Scholar… We will walk on our own feet; we will work with our own hands; we will speak our own minds. The study of letters shall be no longer a name for pity, for doubt, and for sensual indulgence. The dread of man and the love of man shall be a wall of defense and a wreath of joy around all. A nation of men will for the first time exist, because each believes himself inspired by the Divine Soul which also inspires all men.

22                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Emerson’s “scholar” belongs to each of us, teacher and student. Cooperation is what teaches and creates the understanding that relieves the fears which are the source of self betrayal.

The work of Dr. Rudolf Steiner has been helpful in exploring and developing educational curriculum, methods and techniques relevant to Quimby College. The Steiner movement (known as Steiner or Waldorf schools) has a working spiritual curriculum free of religious dogma, responsive to social need, adapted to the varying needs of different cultures, and practiced in classrooms for over 50 years. In Education As An Art, Steiner states:

The true aim of education … is … to awaken real powers of perception and judgment in relation to life and living … to develop free beings who, of themselves are able to give purpose and direction to their lives … to create what is latent in the human being out of the immediate practice of life, out of conditions that actually exist.

Two value concepts are pivotal to Steiner’s pedagogy.

(1) The child is considered inherently a spiritual being that progresses through developmental stages to maturity. Teaching through these stages is considered best when it is in rhythm with the developmental stage and sensitive to the individual needs of the child.

(2) Education should be holistic, for man is valued as spiritual as well as material, and functions best integrally applying both spiritual values and physical science to the solution of life’s challenges.

The fundamental impulse of the Quimby College course of study is based upon the ability of human potential to respond creatively to itself, to society, to nature and to creativity itself. As such the curriculum is formed around these designations: Human Potential, Society, Nature, and Creativity.

Human Potential focuses on those wisdoms and experiences which develop personal realization and the application of human spiritual dominion. These courses guide the student into the inner balance and synthesis


which leads to practical spiritual development as the right use of physical and spiritual energy.

Society includes all that man has built as history, culture, social forces, human destiny and the potential cooperation with the higher intelligence at work within human affairs. These courses prepare a student with the understanding of human destiny, social forces, and the skills in group action for healthy participation in a changing human community.

Nature deals with the sciences of the natural world from the atom to outer space, from organic gardening and solar energy to the planet as an organism. These courses prepare the student with the concepts and human enterprise to understand and cooperate with natural phenomena and the spiritual forces inherent in that action.

Creativity represents the basic course for the artistic and scientific student. Art and science originate in the impulse to explore, develop, express, master and transcend the cause and effect relationship of form and its creation-the constant striving to mediate the relationship between inspiration, cognition and tech-nology. These courses work to develop the student’s ability to explore our dimensional reality, and to apply creative consciousness to a helpful evolutionary use of the formulated world through aesthetic and functional invention.

We at Quimby College believe that the personal and social challenges at hand will require leaders that can respond as whole individuals. It is conceivable that to be citizens of this world may require being well integrated and secure in the joy, power, intelligence and love inherent within us. In the energy, ecological, social and economic confusion and scarcity, the survivors may be those who can life and do from the abundance and unity that we call the “God within”. This is the educational mission of Quimby College.

For further information write P.O. Box 1034, Alamogordo, NM 88310.

24                                                  UNDERSTANDING


by Russell J. Fornwalt

For every bodily ache or pain there is a psycho-logical component or equivalent. This is the basis for our modern psychosomatic medicine. The idea is that there is a close relationship between the mind (psyche) and the body (soma). Even the accident-prone individual (with his various and assorted fractures, cuts, and bruises) “falls” within the psychosomatic concept.

The practitioner, then, of psychosomatic medicine looks beyond the physical manifestation. He is, in essence, a “Meta-Physician “, one who treats on a level beyond (meta) the physical.

We can not, of course, here give the psychological derivation of every conceivable ache, pain, bruise, break, boil, or burn. So, we will take a look at several broad general categories.

Let us start with “sore feet” or perpetually tired feet. This condition is often found in people who literally and figuratively can not stand on their own two feet. Typical in this group is the man who suddenly develops sore feet while looking for a job or when out shopping with his wife.

The accident-prone individual will sprain his ankle on the way to an employment agency. Years ago some young men with a distaste for military service “acquired” a limp foot while on their way to the draft board.

People who can not stand responsibility often can not stand period. Their “psyche” or subconscious produces just the right foot ailment to help them avoid work, dish washing, the army, or some other responsibility.

Closely allied to foot troubles are backaches and pains. People overwhelmed with big problems, debts, and family or job responsibility are very apt to be flat on their backs. The backache can often be described as a defense for the purpose of evasion.


If you suffer constant or “convenient” back trouble, perhaps you are subconsciously rejecting the extra work or demands your boss or your wife is imposing upon you. You can not muster up enough courage to say, “No, I will not.” So, you let your aching back say it for you. Perhaps you are fearful of taking on new responsibility. Maybe you really do not want to get married and have children. Your poor aching back (made to order by your subconscious) delivers you from your dilemma. The nice part about back trouble is that it sounds so very legitimate. Not only do you get to avoid distasteful duties and obligations, but your best friends will even give you sympathy rather than censure you.

It has been noted by some authorities in the psycho-somatic field that excessive sympathy helps to exaggerate the somatic symptoms. Putting it another way: rewards for sickness only help to promote sickness. Now let us consider the physical condition known as chronic constipation. As you know, constipation is the inability to let go of useless (waste) matter. At the psychological level, it is an inability to let go of useless, outmoded, or childish ideas.

Generally speaking, constipation affects those who can not or will not let go of the past. They find it hard to be flexible. They are seldom, if ever, receptive to new ideas. They constantly harp about those allegedly “good old days”. Their mind channels are blocked and clogged up with all sorts of false notions, fixed ideas, foolish dogma, firm opinions, and phobias. They are those so-called “die-hards” in our political parties.

The way to prevent physical constipation is to keep your mind open, flexible, tolerant, and receptive. You do not have to wear your hair long, if you are a man. Just accept the fact that others have the right to do so. Too much resentment on your part can upset the chemistry in your body, even causing arthritis.

What about deafness? Some practitioners in this field claim that all cases of deafness are of psycho-somatic derivation. It is a broad sweeping statement, but it appears to have some validity.

26                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Let us say you have a nagging wife or a bossy mother-in-law. Her tongue is wagging all the time – at you. You are sick and tired of listening to her. You would like to tell her off, but then she would only nag and annoy you all the more.

So, you say to yourself, “Oh, if I were only deaf.” Your subconscious takes you up on your wish to be deaf. Sooner or later you no longer can hear what your wife or mother-in-law is saying. Yet, strangely enough, at other times you hear very well the whispers of others. This type of hearing condition is known as “selective deafness”.

What about pimples, blackheads, and severe acne? Several years ago a teenage boy came to my office. His face was covered with huge red pimples, many of which were open and bleeding.

The young man wanted to blame his unsightly skin condition on chocolate candy, fried foods, and ripe tomatoes. I asked him whether he really believed such nonsense.

“Just who is getting under your skin?” was the question I put to the young man.

After some probing, I learned that he bitterly hated his sister. She was older, better looking, socially popular, and favored by the parents. She taunted and teased her brother about his failure at school, his lanky and awkward appearance, and, of course, the ugly pimples. The young man finally admitted that his sister was a constant source of “irritation” to him. She was figuratively under her brother’s skin. I told him that the medical preparations and special soaps he was using would not really get to the root of the problem.

I urged the young man to try to ignore his sister’s taunts and teasing. I suggested that he treat her with love rather than hate. By the way, hate, like rage, is a burning emotion. Later, I also suggested to the girl that she lay off the nettling and the faultfinding. It took a long time, but eventually the pimples disappeared. Their psychosomatic roots were destroyed.


Hospitals, nursing homes, and mental institutions today are filled with all sorts of psychosomatic cases. Most patients or inmates would not be in such places at all, if they practiced healthy-mindedness.

And how is healthy-mindedness practiced? It is done primarily by constructive thinking. Look for the good in everybody and everything … even if you have to stretch matters a little. Stop complaining. Regardless of what the weather is, be grateful for it.

The best preventives of physical aches and pains are your healthy emotions and right thinking. Avoid envy, jealousy, anger, fear, vindictiveness, meanness, hostility, rage, dishonesty, excess in eating and drinking, evil desire, and greed. You will find that one or more of these destructive components is the psycho-somatic root for almost every physical ache, pain, or fracture.

Practice giving, forgiving, patience, tolerance, kindness and enthusiasm. Get rid of superstitions, false notions, and unfounded beliefs. Be charitable, loving, understanding and receptive to new ideas. Many people believe that good health or the prevention of disease starts with “shots”. And so do we. But the “shots” we feel are most potent are not of the medical or laboratory variety. They are the “shots” of positive and healthy emotions.

Give your enemy or competitor a “shot” of your love. Give your wife or husband a “shot” of under-standing. Give your child a “shot” of patience. The

It shots” you give others will prevent you from getting assorted aches and pains.



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