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VOLUME XXII                             JANUARYFEBRUARY, 1977                  NUMBER 1

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


EVER SINCE IT BECAME KNOWN, astronomically, that Mars was a planet quite similar to Earth in mass, rotational period, specific gravity and in general chemical composition, the possibility that it might harbor life has been recognized by science, and exploited by writers of both science and science fiction. When the Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli announced his observation of strange line-like markings on the surface of Mars, he called them “canali” which is simply the Italian word for channels, and which can refer equally to natural or artificial formations. In the translation of his report to the English language, however, the word canali became canals, which clearly implies artificial creation, and therefore technological beings. When the American astronomer Percival Lowell published his opinion that the lines indicated the presence of intelligent life on the planet, a controversy arose which is still in full swing. Evidence and opinions, both pro and con, have flowed through the pages of astronomical history, to be accepted by some and rejected by others.

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

NASA’s Mars Mission Probes were proposed, designed and launched for the purpose of settling the question, one way or another, yet, although they have functioned with amazing precision, they have only increased the controversy rather than resolving ft. The basic problem behind this controversy is simply that no one has yet invented a simple but satisfactory definition of “life,” nor has anyone come up with a precise set of conditions under which it can exist, or the manifestations that would prove it existed.

This mission, as the reader no doubt knows, consists of several automated laboratory devices which were . landed on the surface of Mars to scoop up samples of the soil, and to subject them to a series of tests in order to determine whether any living microorganisms existed there. It was assumed that, since microorganisms are, by far, the most plentiful forms of life on Earth, the chances of finding them would be greater than for larger and more complex forms. When the probes were being launched, and long before they had reached their destination, the project scientists de-scribed publicly, the nature of the tests to be conducted and the results that they would consider to be convincing proof that life did indeed exist on Mars. All of these results were obtained during the tests, and to a much higher degree than was expected, yet the project scientists are still in a quandry. The problem is that although all tests showed positive evidence of living organisms, no evidence could be found to indicate that there were any dead ones.

In an exclusive interview with reporters for the National Enquirer, Dr. Gerald Soffen, chief scientist for the Mars mission, said, “I expected any signs of life on Mars to show up very slowly in our detection equipment-but I was wrong. The positive results in the life searching equipment simply vomited out all at once. We were all shocked. We had never expected that.

But there’s something very strange going on up there-

JANUARY – FEBRUARY            3

something we don’t fully understand. We’re totally baffled by the absence of any remains of once living microscopic life. The majority of the 70 plus Viking scientists believe the test results represent evidence of life on Mars, but so far, no one has been able to explain why the Martian organisms don’t leave organic waste when they die, something all Earth life does.

Bewildered pace scientists listed three fantastic possibilities: One–the organisms are minute cannibals which quickly devour their dead relatives; Two colonies of organisms living in shell like homes which hide the remains of their dead; Three – totally alien life forms whose bodies simply dissolve into thin air when they die .

None of these three possibilities seem particularly fantastic to your editor, but it occurred to him that there was one other explanation that was not listed, and which perhaps the NASA scientists had overlooked, although it seems to be the most logical of all. It is just possible that the reason why no dead organisms are to be found in the soil of Mars is simply that on Mars the organisms do not die. Medical science on Earth knows no concrete reason why life forms here should deteriorate with age until final dissolution, known as death, occurs. For untold centuries, Earth-man has sought to discover the secret of eternal life. It may be that in the extremely rugged and severe environment of Mars, the organisms have found it.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 



THE TWO PRINCIPAL BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT, known as the legislative and the executive departments, were at odds with each other because they had been elected by different political parties, and there was little cooperation between them. Since neither side knew exactly what to do, they compromised by

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

doing nothing. Both sides continued to insist that there was nothing seriously wrong with the economy of the country, and that better times and true prosperity were just around the corner. Then they all simply sat back to see what would happen next.

Both sides knew that if the economy improved by itself, they could claim the credit, while if it go worse, each side could blame the other. The congress did pass a few bills ostensibly designed to stimulate the economy, knowing full well that the President would instantly veto them as unnecessary and much too expensive. Consequently, the net result of all of the activity of both branches of government was zero.

Unemployment went up rapidly as more and more factories curtailed production, and business slowed correspondingly. Nevertheless, prices continued to rise, although unemployment substantially reduced purchasing power. Manufacturers, fearing a deep depression, cut production even more, so that even at the elevated prices, demand still exceeded supply. The result was that many items which had once been available to almost everyone, now could be purchased only by those in the upper income brackets.

Many political leaders, ignoring their own tremendous expenditures, blamed the constantly rising rate of inflation upon those citizens who were still employed, and took steps to limit their income. At the same time, taxes of all kinds were raised substantially at every opportunity, and without any consideration of the citizen’s ability to pay them.

In one session of congress, a continuous period of over six hours was spent in discussing ways and means by which the manufacturer and the merchant could be prevented from raising their prices, and the citizen could be dissuaded or prevented from demanding wage increases. They set a figure of 6% as the maximum increase prices or wages that could be tolerated without serious danger to the economy. Then, in the

JANUARY – FEBRUARY            5

last few minutes of the session, they casually voted themselves a 30% increase in salary -and- a similar increase in their expense allowance.’ The utter hypocrisy and cynicism of these and similar acts, made it obvious to the citizens of the country that the hallowed democracy bequeathed to them by- their forefathers had now become: something very different from that which had originally been intended. It was forcefully brought to the attention of the ordinary citizen that he was now living :in a dog-eat-dog society in which his elected representatives, who had made such extravagant promises  while seeking election, were actually concerned only with their own welfare and cared little or nothing for his. It was plain that public officials no longer considered themselves to be the servants of the public which they were intended to be , but were, in fact; the most ruthless competitors for every advantage -and benefit which could be wrung from any position in government.

The confidence which  the public had previously felt in their elected officials dropped to an all time low. . Skepticism and cynicism were the order of the day, and the danger arose that a complete breakdown might develop in both the economic and the political structures” of the country.

There was, however, one recourse left to the citizen . The democratic process of choosing leaders by `ballot was still in force and, at the end of each four year period, the public-had an opportunity to change leadership if they chose to do so_

(To be continued)

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

It may be that you can’t fool all of the people all of the ‘time, but some of those highway signs come pretty close.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Some people will believe anything it it is whispered to them.

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING


It will, no doubt, be of considerable interest to the many friends of the late Dr. Wallace Carey Halsey to know that his mortal remains have been found, amid the wreckage of his plane, missing since March 27, 1963. On that date, he and the pilot, Harry Cleveland Ross of Seal Beach, California, took off in stormy weather from the Logan Cache Airport, in Northern Utah. Their destination was Meadowlark Airport, which Ross managed, 30 miles south of Los Angeles.

The following account is taken, essentially verbatim, from the associated Press Wire Service, under a November 3rd, 1976, dateline: “…The light plane, a Piper Trepacer, was refueled at Milford, Utah, but never made it to the next refueling stop at Las Vegas. The wreckage with the skeletal remains of the two men was found by deer hunter Larry Tan-son of St. George, Utah, Saturday, October 30, at the 9,000 foot level of a mountain in the Grass Valley area, 25 miles north of St. George.

“Sheriff Evan Whitehead said it was in a rough setting, covered by undergrowth, a person 50 feet away could not have seen it. Ross, 48, was identified from his wallet, and Ross’ daughter told Whitehead the other passenger was Halsey, 43.

“Mrs. (Tarna L.) Halsey, of Smithfield, Utah, who has five children, said she is trying to contact her husband’s relatives, many of whom she has lost track of, and is trying to decide where to bury the remains.”

It might be noted that the plane and its two occupants were thus found 13 years and seven months after their apparently mysterious disappearance. A detailed account of the known facts surrounding the incident, and the efforts to solve the mystery of the unknown, is graphically related in the monograph The Incredible Search For Dr. Halsey, by Michael X. Barton, published by Futura Press in 1965, but which is now out of print. It was my privilege to be associated with Michael in a number of search trips, which he initiated, over a period of some years, but these efforts to find the lost were not destined to be successful.

Dr. Halsey will be remembered by those of us who knew him or heard him speak, as an eloquent platform speaker,

JANUARY- FEBRUARY             7

who appeared before many new age conventions in the 50s and early 60s, and who held talks and classes at his home in the Los Angeles area. He was a close student of scripture, which he interpreted with cosmic and prophetic insight. He is remembered as brilliant, ebullient, dynamic, perceptive, and persuasive; a friendly, magnetic personality. Dr. Halsey was a cousin of Admiral William F. “Bull” Halsey, and served in Naval communications under his command in WWII

Dr. Halsey’s views and teachings, as given in his writings and lectures, were compiled by Michael X. Barton in the large monograph Cosmic End Time Secrets, published by Futura Press, 1965. This work is also out of print.

John Blaylock


Two veteran jet captains reacted in shock and disbelief as a flashing red ball – like nothing they’d ever seen before – shot past their planes with incredible swiftness.

The pilots’ startled comments came in a cracking three-way conversation with an air traffic controller watching the encounter on radar in a control tower below – and all three men have agreed that the strange pulsating ball was a UFO.

As traffic controller Jim Stevens put it: “There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that this was a real unidentified flying object.”

The fantastic incident – also witnessed by several other airline personnel – took place as the two pilots were pre-paring to land at San Antonio International Airport in Texas.

The sighting occurred last October 23, but UFO experts didn’t learn of it until Robert Gribble, head of Phenomena Research in Seattle, Wash., published a preliminary report in the latest newsletter of his organization.

Traffic controller Stevens said he first became aware of the UFO’s presence about 2:30 a.m. when the San Antonio Dept. of Public Safety phoned to say the department had been flooded with calls about an unusual object in the sky near the airport.

“I scanned the sky, but couldn’t see a thing,” Stevens said. ‘Then, just as I was shrugging my shoulders and dismissing the reports as figments of people’s imagination, there it was – an eerie, brilliant ball of light.

“A shiver went up my spine as it dawned on me that I

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

was probably looking at an object that had come from outer space. I was glued to my seat. I lust couldn’t move.

“It would light up and then switch off at irregular intervals as it moved slowly along. Suddenly, it stopped a mile west of the airport at about 1,000 feet. Then it began to climb gradually to the northwest.

“That movement completely ruled out the possibility of the object being a balloon because the wind that night was blowing eight or nine knots from the northwest. No balloon will travel against the prevailing-wind.

“I glanced at our radar screen – it had suddenly begun picking up the object. Four times, at four-second intervals, the radar recorded a blip exactly in the position of the object.

“About this time, two 727 jets came into the area, one Eastern and the other Braniff International,” said Stevens. “I radioed to the Eastern pilot and he answered, ‘I see it. It’s huge. 1 don’t know what the hell it is.’ Then the Braniff pilot came on the radio and said he was going to take a look at it.”

Piloting the Eastern jet was Jerry Noyes, 42, of Jack-sonville, Fla., an 18 year veteran airline captain. “It was a clear night,” Noyes told the ENQUIRER. “My crew and I

first spotted the object at 3,500 feet, approximately 1,500 feet off our left wing. It was a bright red ball of light flashing on and off erratically.

“As we passed the object, it suddenly shot up 2,000 feet at an incredible speed. We were amazed. Its vertical speed was much, much faster than that of any airplane.

“By this time the object was between our airplane and the Braniff jet, which was at a higher altitude. The object then dived vertically to about 3,000 feet below us, at the same incredible speed. Then we lost track of it as we prepared to land.

“I had been in contact with the Braniff pilot — I don’t know his name – and he told me over the radio, ‘Oh, my God — look at the speed of that thing!’ As far as I am concerned the object was a UFO. And I know my crew felt the same way,” said Noyes. Said his co-pilot. C.A. Nickerson, 35, of Atlanta: “It was the speed that amazed us, the incredible vertical speed: I’m still baffled.”

Chester Blanchard, the sergeant in charge of airport security that night, said: “I saw it myself. It came down to

JANUARY – FEBRUARY           9

ward earth and hovered at about 2,000 feet, then shot off toward the northwest. I was riveted to the ground by shock.” San Antonio police officer Wayne Davis, 44, talked with both Noyes and the Braniff pilot – who refused to give Davis his name – after the incident.

“You expect pilots to know most things that fly around the sky at night, but they had no idea about this one,” said Davis. “They both swore it was a UFO.”

Air controller Stevens related for The ENQUIRER what happened after the busy pilots lost sight of the UFO:

“The red light started flashing on and off very quickly. It looked as if it were going to crash into the ground. But suddenly, the light stopped. Then . . . nothing. The area was

in darkness again. The object had vanished. The whole thing is totally baffling. I’d never seen a UFO before, but I’m convinced I’ve seen one now.”


From the Enquirer.


May it be granted me to find the time to survive in this life. I’d like to live to be a hundred. But each part of me seems to be a full-time job. Continually I must rob Peter to pay Paul.

Take my frame, Lord, which is subject to warps and cracks. If I don’t get in my daily dozen, my weekly yoga and my conditioning swim, I may fall out of it one of these days, and I’d never make one hundred unframed.

Take my mind, which had a head start but which may as well be stashed away in moth balls if I don’t read continually. I try, but the shelf of a wrought-iron bookstand has just collapsed under the weight of what I haven’t yet scanned.

Then there’s this body of mine, always demanding equal time. Just knowing what not to feed it takes hours of negative research. How else would I know to avoid as more carcinogenic Red Dye No. 2 or its replacement? And chewing under 22 times or under tension leaves me with an irritable colon syndrome.

Next come my friendships. Man the social animal must keep his fences mended, and we could all list what does not love a fence.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Now comes the atomic substructure to all the above tiny little dollars and cents, without tidy piles of which man does not live at all. That’s my job for eight hours a day.

We’re leading up to things of the spirit. The source is pure, but if I don’t work at it the pipes get rusty. I’d never make it back with my pipes rusted out.

All this explains why I’m continually having to rob Peter  blind to pay Paul while I juggle “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he” up against “You are what you eat,” alongside “The material universe exists only in the mind.” That keeps my schedule contorted. Help me to live to a hundred, Lord, when each day takes 120% of my time.


Peter and “Goodie,” Jocis, loyal members of Under-standing for several years past, visited the International Cultural Center last summer. Peter has written about his conclusions concerning the potential for an educational center here. His intriguing title, “A choice – To Be or Not To Be.” His article begins: “I am sure many of us within the New Thought movement have felt the insatiable craving of Spirit to creatively express; to become productive, prosperous, self-asserted and respected individuals; to use the insight, wisdom and knowledge gained from exposure to Understanding, Inc., Science of Mind, Silva Mind Control, Third Force (Humanistic) psychology, Metaphysics, Eastern Philosophy and modern physical science toward the expression and use of the laws of our universe for the benefit of our lives and those of others also.

There are those of us long enough in the movement who have tired of running from Understanding to Guru Goshoh Golly-Gee to Swami Snatchabanna searching for a path to peace; those who desire to taste the fruits of our newly acquired knowledge; those who recognize the deadly consequence of perpetuating the same old limited ideas and forms.

Besides the intellectual talk what potential have we as individual members and our organization as whole? Let us bring three objectives into focus and see how they can foster the aims of Understanding, Inc.; bring prosperity in its complete connatation to our headquarters and all its members;

JANUARY-FEBRUARY              11

remembering always the pragmatic and scientific facts these three objectives rest upon.

1. The inception of an educational Center: for adults and children. The adult section already has its commencement. For children, the embarkation of a primary school, cultivating step by step, till it befits the highest institution in the land; a magnificent spiritual and intellectual proving ground, acting as a prodding incentive, calling, upon the full depths of one’s inherent abilities.

2. Development of our Headquarters (property and buildings) – into an outstanding, prosperous precedent; a beautifully landscaped recreational habitat, an educational, meditative and spiritual environment, as well as a place for the “doers”: the researchers, reporters, investigators, writers (with the inclusion of radio, TV, newspaper) … there is no end when individual endeavor is creative and forward moving (the eternal craving of the Spirit to express and grow into new and more creative form), based on facts constructively and joyously achieved.

3. The installation of a Research Center:

a)         promoting the growth of the educational system, substantiating all teaching with scientific facts..

b)         confirming the certainty that any idea “worth its salt” is self expanding, propitious, and of primary importance, self supporting. Thereby be-

coming the financial sustenance of our whole organization – thru the results of its innovations. The feasibility for the effective achievement of the three stated goals, as well as their alignment to the purposes of Understanding Inc. cannot be given in a detailed and comprehensive manner in this short article.

If interest and enthusiasm is generated toward acceptance of movement to action in the afore mentioned manner, then exchange of detailed scientific facts and “modus operandi” can be brought forward in future articles, and/or to the writer and headquarters.”

A very fine, thought-provoking article, Peter. Thank you for sharing it with us and our readers. We hope that many will respond to it in the affirmative with a letter of encouragement and ideas to be incorporated as well.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

poet’s corner


Lord, I’m loathe to think how our world would be Without Music.

Thank you for the music of birds and brooks and seas.

Thank you for lullabies and serenade:

Bless you for songs of love And hymns  of praise.

I’m grateful for soothing melodies

Which tell our hearts in joy and grief

Words deep and moving which outward

Could not be said.

Lord, thank you for the unison that music brings.

Around the world hearts join in a familiar tune.

People everywhere love the sound.

Where there is music there are no bounds

And songs to sing.

— Tiel Faulkner

JANUARY – FEBRUARY            13


According to the dictionary, a tied is “a ballad or song employed to denote an art-form originated by Franz Schubert”, hut’ actually it is not exactly a song. Neither was it exclusively originated by Franz Schubert.

Songs came into being almost as many years ago as did the ancient beating of drums. Troubadours, the minnesingers, and the Meistersinger all used their voices to give expression to musical emotion. Simple melodies were sung, too, by almost every educated man and woman of the Renaissance period. But not until the end of the 18th century when Johann Adam Hiller and Peter Schultz began using folk songs for their miniature operas did the Lied become a form: of musical expression. Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven prompted its use, as later did Robert Schumann, Felix Mendelssohn and Franz Schubert. But they found that, just as good instrumental music was impossible without good instruments, so was a good ‘Lied without a fitting instrument to accompany it.  The lute was too complicated, the strains of the violin too thin, and the harpsichord lacked sufficient volume. But the problem was solved by a timely new invention — the piano.

The piano, like _its predecessors the clavichord and the clavicembalo; depended upon a keyboard for sound, but un-like them, the tone was produced by the striking of padded hammers against a tightly stretched metal string. The strings of the clavichord and the clavicembalo were plucked in the same way a guitar is plucked and the volume of sound they produced could not be varied, but it could in this new instrument. That is why Bartolommeo Cristofori, the Italian Who invented it in 7,709, named it the “gravicembalocol piano e forte”, the clavicembalo that could play both loudly and softly. However,. as that name was too complicated for every-day use, it later was shortened to pianoforte (soft and loud), and then to simply piano.

But Cristofori’s invention had a hundred year up-hill climb before its mechanics and tones were perfected. An instrument maker of Augsburg named Stein made the first improvements on it. Then Herr Silbermann, a manufacturer of Berlin, initiated still more improvements, and his works later found their way to London where a Mr. Broadwood be-

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

gan to build a similar but harder-toned English version of :them.

Shortly afterward, Erard of Paris combined the best features of both the hard-tone English and the lighter-tone German makes. In 1823 Mr. Chickering began building them

in America, as did Steinway in 1853, and from then on they have been followed by dozens of other manufacturers. Today a single good musician can achieve all the tonal effects of a full-fledged orchestra on this one instrument – one reason why, from its original employment as accompaniment for the Lied in Europe, the piano has become almost as universally popular as the toothbrush.


I have seen some amazing evidence of early Man. This evidence consisted of a number of boulders excavated from Tertiary gravel beds that are 30 million years old. These boulders are carved with figures of people, people who look like modern man! These figures are etched 1/4 inch into the surface of the rocks. A prominent figure on one of the boulders looks like a HELMETED SPACEMAN!

Ray Tippets, a man trained in the sciences of meteorology and philology, is the discoverer of these amazing carved rocks. One scientist who examined these strange rocks declared the figures were etched by glaciers. Ray remarked: “They must have been awfully intelligent glaciers”. These figures are depicted with clothing and all the features of human faces.

According to recent discoveries in the Olduvai Gorge, the famous Dr. Leaky’s son has pushed the age of man back to 3 million years. No scientist has dared to suggest that civilized men have walked the Earth during the Tertiary who knew the art, of weaving clothes. It is hard to argue with these rocks. They are only stone and will not argue back.

According to Robert Charroux, prehistoric men did not live in caves. There are only a few instances of troglodyte dwellings. Further, he claims prehistoric men dressed as we do: hats, jackets, trousers, shoes. He says this is proven by drawings engraved on stone tablets from the prehistoric

JANUARY – FEBRUARY           15

library of Lussac-lea-Chateaux. With Tippets’ boulders we now have further evidence that what Charroux says is true.

Little known but disturbing finds have been made all over the globe. One of them that defies conventional explanations is Dr. Gurlt’s cube. Dr. Gurlt found this artifact in 1965 in a coal mine dating in the tertiary. The cube measures two and a half inches by one and four-fifths inches and weighs twenty-eight ounces. An incision runs around the middle of it. It was found to be composed of hard carbon-and-nickel steel. It suggests a tertiary civilization who possessed a machine technology) This cube is not unlike a magnetically permeable crystalline metal similar to what we use in computer cores.

Who was this mysterious tertiary civilization who left us a legacy in rock? Ray Tippets doesn’t know. He is simply presenting some rock solid evidence that early, civilized men Inhabited our Earth. Of course, none of this fits into the conventional anthropological picture. We will have to soon face the fact that the history of man will need to be changed.

Professor Johannes Hurzeler found a jawbone in a lump of coal and claims it is the remains of the world’s oldest man, a man of the Tertiary Period. This was the jawbone of a child who resembled a modem child.

The evidence for Tertiary Man grows. The answer to our question, “How old is Man?” keeps changing. I would not be surprised to find one day that he is as old as the stars.

-William F. Hamilton


Jan. 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th, Church services at 11AM

Jan. 14th, Unit #86 meeting and Program

Jan. 15th, Board of Directors semi annual meeting

Discussion of Responsibilities and Functions of the Board of Directors.

Adoption of policies for residence at the International Cultural Center headquarters by the Board.

Feb. 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th, Church Services at 11 AM

Feb. 11th, Unit #86 meeting followed by program.

Feb. 12th, Desert Dinner and Theater

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING


From our good friends in Wiesbaden, Germany, Karl and Annie Veit, comes a beautiful book-length report of the UFO Congress there in 1975. It is published by Ventia-Verlag, Post Office 1301 85, D-62, Wiesbaden, Germany. If you read Ger-man, by all means send for this neat volume. The printing is excellent and the pictures are lovely too. And from the size of the book, there was a great deal of interest in the UFO phenomenon and the attendance was both large and enthusiastic.


Vinson Brown has written a naturegaph of, the native Americans, the Indians. The book is a penetrating view of how the white man has treated his brown brothers, with tragic results to each. The book is comprehensive in scope, dealing with’ both deeds of brutality to spiritual experiences at-an ecstatic level.

The author has lived close to our native Americans and the depth of his knowledge has been translated into easy reading for those who would-seek now to understand our brown brothers and appreciate them for the wisdom they can share with us.

The book, is a paper back by the Naturegraph Publishers, Happy Camp, Ca. 96039.

JANUARY-FEBRUARY              17

Bulletin board


Man is going to live in space and very soon. Less than two decades hence  American citizens will be orbiting this Earth ‘ and b beaming down energy from the crystals they will be growing. Sound fantastic? Not at all. Two very respected authors of science have this year written in two of the nations most profoundly respected publications, The National Geographic and The Smithsonian (July and September issues respectively) of life in space. Isaac Asimov’s article in the Geographic was illustrated with beautiful pictures of the or-biting space capsule with all of the life-support forms we have here on earth, pictured.

The April convention, 22nd to the 24th will concentrate on the practical aspects of life in space; transportation sys-tem, to and from Earth for the occasional visits necessary for reunion with relatives, new supplies of material not yet being produced on board the smaller Earth-satellite-space home; and health measures related to life outside the Earth’s atmospheric envelope.

L.D. (“Baron Pat von Cody”) Cody, Director of Aero-space education has confirmed his presence with us. He will speak on “Our Aerospace Heritage,” So plan to be here, whether or not you get a brochure. It is a sad but. definite fact that the United States Postal Service is not to be depended on any longer for efficient delivery of mail. We will mail brochures with complete details of the convention by February 1st in the hope that you may receive them some-time before April 22nd! We have had dozens and dozens of

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

calls and letters from friends and members who missed the last convention (which was a real goody!!) because the brochures came a couple weeks to a month after the convention date. So keep this magazine handy and mark the date on your calendar now. The March issue will carry the completed program and hopefully it will get to subscribers before the convention is over!!


Peter and Eileen Caddy, Founders of Findhorn, visited in Phoenix as the guests and speakers for the Esoteric Speakers Platform organization. And Daniel and Florence Fry drove all night from Medford, Ore., back to Phoenix to see and hear them. Reason was that Daniel Fry was the first visitor Findhorn ever had. And Peter Caddy announced to the audience that Daniel had been sent by the Space People to check out the location for what has become the most famous of New Age Communities.

In a work-shop session in the afternoon, there was discussion about what makes a new-age community tick. And the first thing that came out strong was somewhat surprising. Said Eileen Caddy, “You have to be utterly ruthless in the selection of people for such a center.” No free-loaders! No parasites! No one ignoring rules and policies. Abide by the policies laid down by the leaders or get out.

The results of such a policy was abundantly clear from the colored movies the Caddy’s showed of their community. Flowers, radiantly beautiful, vegetables, trees and shrubs in the same condition. Someone noted the absence of pets. Said Peter quietly. There are no dogs at Findhorn and only one cat. (There are some 200 residents there now!) So No pets is also a part of the policy at Findhom. (Tonopah could use such a policy! There are currently 15 cats, and 4 dogs on the premises!)

People do not just arrive at Findhorn. They write for an appointment and if they are applying for a stay, there are numerous forms to be sent in advance of their arrival and a guarantee that they are able to make a $100.00 contribution per month to the community.

JANUARY-FEBRUARY              19

But again, the result of such a policy is more than evident. There is now a college hall and dormitory space, recently purchased by the group and many, many campers and trailers for visitors and permanent residents.

From both the moving picture film and the talk by the Caddy’s you quickly learn that much more than the average amount of time is spent in prayer and meditation for the growth of the movement. It is the basis of all that is there. The depth of love and wisdom is sensed almost immediately upon meeting these two wonderful people.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

The six-year-old son of an accountant for a large company was used to hearing large sums of money mentioned at the dinner table. Not to be outdone, he came racing into the house one Saturday and announced to his father that he had just sold the family dog for $10, 000.

“Sold the dog!” exclaimed the father, “What are you talking about? Where’s the money?”

“Oh, I didn’t get any money,” replied the boy, “It was a trade . I got two $ 5,000 cats for him!”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Life is what happened to you while you were making other plans.


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THE NEW ATLANTEAN — JOURNAL UFO News and Views on a World-Wide Scope. Independent reporting on The Unknown, The Unexplained, The Unexplored. $5.00 per year (Quarterly). 4280 68 Ave. No., Pinellas Park, F L 33565.

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U.F.O.. “Coverup” scandal.  From Pres. Harry Truman thru Gerald Ford, Advisors, Cabinet Members. 28 years Presidential “silence.” Exposed, refuted in “U.F.O. MANUAL” $1.00 U.S., $1.25 Cda. ppd. GUARANTEE. Michael J. Campione, 2202 New Albany, Cinnaminson, J. J. 08077.

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TRANSLATIONS – Danish – German – French – Norwegian – Swedish – P.A. ATTERBOM, Box 206, S-434 01 Kungsbacka, Sweden.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

“NEW – INFINITIUM.” How we came here — where we go from here a reappraisal of the Christian Bible. “God” – the sons of God (Eternal) through dreams and visions of a senior citizen – mind expanding expounding our mat-adjusted Societies. Our money monster. The trinity of the eternal mankind and U.F.O.’s $2.50 – 114 pages by Pierre C. Boudreau, 8200 Glenn Haven Rd., Sequel, Calif. 95073.

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“WHY WAS I BORN?” The question that so many of us -have pondered. Life is a constant bewilderment to some, even those with good educational backgrounds. LEARN, from people that are 2500 years ahead of us in time, about life then live. THE ANSWER TO LIFE IS KNOWLEDGE Become OBJECTIVE! Read 7711: REASON FOR LIFE — AND NOW – VISIT VENUS – John Langdon Watts. Dixie Venus Books – P.O. Box Venus 275 – Port Orange, Fla. 32019.

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DELVAL U.F.O., INC. A Non Profit Organization “Dedicated to the EnLIGHTenment of Mankind” has memberships available. A $.13 stamp, along with your name & address, will supply details and includes a free copy of its current newsletter – DELVAL U.F.O. INC. – P.O. Box 325, Riverside, N.J. 0875.


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Understanding, Inc.

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NINE FACES OF CHRIST-Inspired book of a Messiah crucified 57 years B.C. Search for The Meaning of Life in ancient and Sacred Mysteries. Explains deeper meanings of the Bible, Yoga, Metaphysics and Mysticism.

(290 pp. $10.50)

SONG OF GOD-Poetic setting of 4,500 year-old Hindu Sacred Book Bhagavad Oita for Modern Americans. Mystic teachings of ancient Yogis. In free-verse, poetry and sonnets. For readers with Christian background.

(108 pp. $4.00)

DIARY INTO THE UNKNOWN-ESP experiments of Great Western University. Transmental adventure from tamper-proof diaries. Subjective conclusions.

(170 pp. $5.00)

PRICELESS INGREDIENT – Psychology of human control, man’s relationship to man. Guide to leadership, personality and spiritual development.

(50 pp. $2.00)

TECHNIQUE OF EFFECTIVE PRAYER – Prayer technique and philosophy on which one dares risk life itself. Guide to man’s relationship to God.

(50 pp. $2.00)




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