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VOLUME XXI                              MAY 1976                                                   NUMBER 4

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


It has been said that, Wherever man is found upon this earth, some form of social system will also be found to exist, and if a social sys-tem is to continue in existence it must incorporate some form of government. It has also been said that every government ever instituted among men can be placed in one of three broad classes. Only one of these has a valid basis for its existence. It is known as ‘Government by Mutual Consent.’ A government in which the just powers exercised by those who govern are derived entirely from the consent and wish of the governed. Unfortunately no such ideal form of government has ever been successfully established in any part of the world, although it is one for which many sincere and dedicated groups have worked and planned.

The government of the United States of America was intended by its founding fathers, to be a government by mutual consent, and the principle is clearly stated in its constitution. For a time, when the size and wealth of the nation were relatively small, the system of government did approach fairly closely to the ideal. Its very success however was its undoing. As the size and the wealth of the nation increased the government became more and more detached from the people whom it governed until it has now become a profession which functions primarily for its own benefit, having little contact with and,

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

except at election time, little concern far the welfare of the public. Aside from the ideal form of government by mutual consent, which has never been fully achieved, there are two other basic forms which might be described as, ‘Government by Force,’ and ‘Government by Mass Deception, or by Mass Hypnotism.’ In the history of the world, government by force came first, and for a long time it was the only form of government known. The strong ruled because they were strong, and so could enforce their wishes and decisions regard-less of their merits or their justice. Might was right, and the wishes or the needs of the weak were largely ignored even though the weak often formed the majority of the population. In many parts of the world, this form of government still persists, although it constantly becomes more unstable and transient. With the increase of knowledge and communication throughout the world, the weak, when they are in the majority, have a limit of tolerance and when this is reached they tend to combine, in one way or another, and to overthrow the system. As a result of the increasing resistance to government by force the third form of government has evolved, that of mass deception and/or mass hypnotism. If the weak, no matter how great their majority, can be led to believe that they are in control of their own destiny they will tolerate almost any kind of action by their leaders.

The definition of strength has, of course, also changed during this period. Mere physical strength or the ability to do battle with one’s fellow man now has little significance in government. The ‘strong’ are those who have large financial resources, control of the economy or ready access to the public media. Usually these three factors go together since the individual who possesses any one of the three usually can, if he chooses, acquire the other two. Wealth and political power are like matter or mass in that both possess gravity. The larger the amount of matter present in a single spot, the more strongly it attracts other matter to it, and the greater the amount of wealth or political power present in a single source, the more rapidly it will accumulate still more wealth and power. As the control’ of any nation’s wealth becomes concentrated in fewer hands, the political domination also increases, but in a country which has an outwardly democratic form of government, this political domination cannot be maintained for any great length of time unless the fact of its existence can be concealed from the majority of the population. The simplest and surest way to accomplish this is, of course, to gain substantial control of as large a segment as possible of the public communications media, and especially those sources from which news is first gathered for dissemination throughout the country. This control of

MAY 1976                                    3

news sources is now virtually complete in the U. S. While there are thousands of relatively independent newspapers, radio and television stations which broadcast news of the world and of the functions of our, and other governments, virtually all of the news they broadcast is obtained from the same few sources which, in turn, are dominated by a relatively few co-operating individuals through the huge corporations they control. Thus the public, although confident that it is in control of its own destiny, can easily be led to believe, to act or to vote exactly as has been planned, far in advance by the controlling group. The vaunted freedom of the press has little meaning if that press has only one source of information. and that source is controlled.

One of the most critical problems faced by heads of governments today is seldom mentioned in political speeches. When it is, it is de-scribed as the ‘credibility gap.’ During the past few years heads of government have been caught in so many outright lies that hardly anyone today is prepared to accept at face value, any statement made by them. Since one of our past presidents admitted, openly and publicly that he felt his high position entitled him to lie to the public whenever he deemed it expedient to do so, and another past president stated frankly that he felt that his position as a ‘Sovereign’ entitled him to violate the law whenever he chose to do so, the credibility gap has widened almost to infinity resulting in a still greater breakdown of communication between government and the people.

Fortunately for the welfare of the nation, government by mass deception has a relatively short life expectancy, and is subject to sudden reversals of trend. The five physical senses, together with the conscious reasoning processes, can easily be fooled and might be kept under subjection almost indefinitely. The sixth sense, however, is the monitor for the superconscious, which deals only with fact rather than with emotions or persuasion, and it can rarely be fooled for long. The public is rapidly learning to listen to its own inner voice instead of the constant blasts of blatant propaganda issued by those who would acquire power solely for their own use. There is a rising `tide of resentment against the current process of government by deception, and while that tide may not yet be great enough to sweep away those who practice it in the coming election, it will almost certainly do so in the next.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

A miracle is an occurrence witnessed by mortal sense that is impossible to believe by mortal mind.  -NOORZHAN

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING



Oh, Lord give me the courage and the strength to correct those evils which can be corrected. Give me the patience and the humility to bear those evils which cannot be corrected. And above all, Oh, Lord, give me the intelligence to recognize the difference. – Author Unknown

This serenity prayer is a great favorite with everyone. It suggests so much to the exploring mind. What are the things I can and should change? What are the ones I can’t change? How can I tell them apart?

First of all, we can never change people; they must always change themselves. How often are fond dreams dashed to heartbreak when people marry thinking they will change their partners more to their liking. Even in the raising of our children, growth changes have to take place from within the child outward, and in no way can we force them to be as we would like them to be. We can guide them, care for them, listen to them, set them a living example but no way can we force them to fit our preconceived notion of what they ought to be. Such attempts only end in great tragedy. Also by understanding this truth, we can free ourselves from a sense of guilt that they didn’t do what we wanted them to do. Of course they didn’t! They are individuals with their own ideas about what they want out of life and how to get it. Only they can work out their life problems. Not we.

I am reminded of an incident in my own experience. A friend came to me one Saturday morning and poured out all of her troubles-and they were a multitude. I listened sympathetically but was occupied with my own affairs the rest of the day. That evening my husband and I went to visit some friends for a few rounds of pinochele. Our host put the percolator on the kitchen range and it perked merrily while we finished our game. Then our host poured each of us a mugful of coffee that was black as the ace of spades. And when it was finished, nothing would do but that he refill it. Finally at about 2:00 AM we went home to bed. But thanks to our friend’s black coffee I started to think of my friend’s troubles and to worry about them and wonder what I would do in her place. Finally in desperation I, turned it over to God with the prayer, “Dear God You know the answers to her problems I don’t, so I’m just turning it all over to You.” And at last I went to sleep.

If we can’t change other people, what can we change? Well, often-times we can change situations. We can walk into a room that is dirty and make it clean. We can walk into a tense situation and somehow get everyone to laughing. We can see a job to be done that requires our own particular set of talents to set it right. One person is capable

MAY 1976                                    5

as a carpenter, another can paint, still another can cook and someone else can raise garden produce. All of these talents put together create

a wonderful place to be. However the pooling of talents should be a voluntary thing so that all can participate with joy. The glue that brings all of this together is love, genuine, warm, accepting, giving and forgiving love. This is the foundation necessary to all group activities.

Lastly we must have the wisdom to recognize the difference between what we can and cannot change. The ability to see rightly that this is a situation which needs our loving work to make it better, and that is a person working out his own life patterns, making his own mistakes and there is only so much we can do for them. We will do well if we get our own lives straightened out.

However we should remember that we can do just about anything we put our attention to doing. So when we put our mind to our own affairs, we become a helpful, worthwhile person because only when our own lives are in order can we be of help to others. So we can give our lives a long hard look and decide what we want to keep and what we want to change. We can look for the bottlenecks and when we find them-put our efforts and attention to smashing them so that we can start operating more smoothly, helpfully and happily in the prosperous way God wants us all to live. So be it!

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Live each day to the fullest. Get the most from each hour, each day, and each age of your life. Then you can look forward with confidence, and back without regrets. Be yourself-but be your best self. Dare to be different and to follow your own star … Enjoy what is beautiful. Love with all your heart and soul. Believe that those you love, love you. Forget what you have done for your friends, and re-member what they have done for you. Disregard what the world owes you, and concentrate on what you owe the world. When you are faced with a decision, make that decision as wisely as possible-then forget it. The moment of absolute certainty never arrives.

And above all, remember that God helps those who help them-selves. Act as if everything depended upon you, and pray as if every-thing depended upon God.


6                                                    UNDERSTANDING



Of all the various sources of energy available to man, the oldest, the most enduring and the most widely available is the energy that comes to us from the sun. In terms of quantity, it is far greater than all of our other sources combined. Each and every day the sun sends to earth energy equal to about one quadrillion, five hundred trillion kilowatt hours. This amount is equal to five hundred thousand kilo-watt hours for each human being now on earth. It is also a quantity of energy greater than that available in all the known reserves of coal and oil in the world put together. Not only does this inconceivably great amount of energy reach the earth every day, but it has done so every day for at least two billion years in the past and, barring un-foreseeable events, will continue to do so for at least three billion years in the future.

Until a few years ago, when nuclear energy made its debut on earth, all of the useful energy that man had ever used had come, directly or indirectly from the sun. The sailing ships which, for thou-sands of years, carried men and their cargos to all parts of the world, were propelled entirely by wind energy, which is simply one of the many by-products of solar energy. In the Netherlands, and in many other parts of the world, corn and wheat were ground into flour, and water was pumped by the same means, centuries before man learned to make use of coal and oil (known as Fossil Fuels) as a source of energy. The fossil fuels are themselves simply accumulations of solar energy, stored in the earth by the organic processes that took place during one part of its evolution. Although the process of accumulation and storage went on for tens of thousands of years, the total amount of energy so stored was probably somewhat less than that which reaches the earth, directly from the sun every day.

From an historical standpoint, it is only recently that man adopted the fossil fuels as his principal energy source, and he knows very well that in spite of any amount of exploration and conservation, they will soon be gone. Yet during his brief period of use, man has become so accustomed to, and so completely dependent upon them that it is difficult for him to envision any possibility of existence without them. The habit of dependency has grown so strong that man actually seeks, consciously or unconsciously, to find excuses to avoid or to delay the development of the natural and perpetual energy sources, even though he knows that eventually he must, and the longer he delays, the more difficult and traumatic the change will be.

The sun is a huge nuclear energy plant, a million times greater in

MAY 1976                                    7

volume than the entire earth, and it sends us more energy in a day than the entire population of the earth could use in many years. Yet, instead of simply collecting and using this inexhaustible bounty of nuclear energy so freely offered to us, there are some who insist that we must create many tiny nuclear energy sources here on earth to compete with the God-given one that has been serving us since the creation of the planet. All of the nuclear energy plants we could possibly build on earth could not produce one thousandth of the energy we receive from the sun, and when this simple fact begins at last to penetrate the minds of men, we will be on the road to true energy independence.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


(The Vancouver Sun, March 6, 1976)

Is there life on other planets or are we alone in the universe? Simon Fraser University, in co-operation with the Vancouver Museums and Planetarium Association, is sponsoring a five-week, non-credit course which will explore the possibilities of life existing else-where in the universe.

The first four lectures, starting at 8 p.m. on Thursday, will be given in Maritime Museum, 1905 Ogden, and the last will be held at the H. R. MacMillan Planetarium 1100 Chestnut.

Fee for the course is $15 per person or $25 a couple. For further information call 291-4565.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Would you like to know a great secret for complete independence? Here it is: You can never be punished or hurt by a self defect which you see before another sees it; to be clearly conscious of a fault in yourself completely disarms others, making them powerless to harm you. Additionally, this self insight begins to rub away the defect itself.


 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

If a baby chick were not inclined to peck through the shell which surrounded him at birth, he would live and die never knowing that a fraction of an inch away was a world beyond his rationale.

Such is the nature of Man’s existence on the physical plane in relation to the greater awareness of God’s universe.

-J. E. Howery

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

MAY 1976                                    9

Poet’s corner

Have You Ever Been To Buckeye?

(Lyrics by Tiel)

Say, have you ever been to Buckeye?

Now there’s a town you oughta see!

I’ll show you how to get there –

You just follow me.

First you go to Phoenix, get onto Eighty-Ten

You go straight on bout twenty miles,

You take a left, and then,

You turn onto the gravel road,

(I think it’s still on Ten.)

Step on the gas, but not too hard,

‘Cause you might miss the sign,

That points the way to Buckeye,

Just five miles down the line.

Don’t look to right, nor to the left,

Don’t look up in the sky,

You might just miss the blinking light,

That shows you’re in Buckeye!

Buckeye has a homey feel,

As you drive up the street,

And when you see the neon sign,

“Trucker’s Paradise – Eat – “

Stop a spell and have yourself,

A whoppen chili treat!

The folks are nice and cheerful there,

The air is fresh and clear,

There are pretty purple mountains,

And the stars look mighty near.

Bet you’ll want to stay in Buckeye,

For all eternity,

Who wants to go to Heaven?

Heck, Buckeye’s where to be!

(Editor’s note – Buckeye is the nearest town to Tonopah and the Cultural Center.)

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Summer in Arizona is not a time for hard work but for being lazy. And laziness leads to no good production. So the Frys will take to the open road in May, June and July. Home for August to be avail-able for visitors, then back on the road in September until time for the annual fall convention, October 22nd to 24th.  The May itinerary is in this issue on page 8. Hopefully those near the cities where Dr. Fry will be speaking will read and plan to be present.

June will take the Frys far from the southwest into Massachusetts. The trip will begin the last day of May. Stops are planned in Tulsa, Indianapolis and Buffalo for a visit to Unit #37. From there into New York City where we expect to see John Boushka who flew out here to see us this winter and from there to Northboro, Mass. where John Hawkins is setting up lectures. The route back to the desert will be via Baltimore; Washington, D.C.; Asheville, N.C. (and Louisberg where Tiel and Ralph Faulkner live), and from there into Kansas where members Bob and Ceil Burke live.

There may be other stops on the East Coast in New Jersey. Depends on how many good friends there can find speaking engagements. (Readers, please communicate with Florence Fry re this opportunity.)

Tonopah will be the destination after Kansas and Texas have been visited. And then a getting ready time for the big Christ Light Com-munity convention in Deming, New Mexico from July 2-12th, with Drs. Gilbert and June Holloway. Preparation for the September trip will begin following that. And that journey will begin somewhat be-fore the first day of September and include stops in Denver, Omaha, Chicago, Detroit, Lansing, Michigan and Grand Rapids and Three Rivers also in Michigan. Then to beautiful MuNe Dowk Retreat center at Keil, Wisconsin with Carl and Maxine Stoelting, old friends. The week-end there will be one of rest and work combined. There may be other stops in the Midwest also on this trip. There are good friends in Ohio and Indiana to see also.

From the absence this itinerary calls for, don’t be surprised if your books and letters get somewhat delayed in answer!!! We’ll try to catch up in-between trips with such matters.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

The Creator made us with two ends-one on which to sit, the other with which to think. Our success depends upon which end we use the most. Heads we win, tails we lose.


MAY 1976                                    11



(The Mail Tribune, Medford, Oregon, January 27, 1976)

CLOVIS, N.M. (UPI)- One investigator thinks there’s validity to the re-cent reports of unidentified flying objects over eastern New Mexico. But two other investigators say the sightings are merely the result of natural phenomena viewed through overactive imaginations.

The UFO reports began last Wednesday night and numerous reports were received for four successive nights. By the weekend, when UFO observers from across the nation had converged on the area, cloud cover temporarily halted the sightings.

But the clouds began clearing Monday night and the reports of UFOs began anew.

At least two UFO sightings were reportedly called into the police station Monday night, but police refused to confirm the reports or give details about them.

“I have orders from our chief to make no more statements at all (about the alleged UFOs),” said a dispatcher.

One investigator who came to Clovis to check on the reports said Monday he believed the alleged UFOs were scout ships from outer space.

James Eppes of Valley Center, Calif., a member of the UFO Education Center, said he was convinced of the validity of the sightings by two persons who told him they saw a scout craft board a mother ship.

“The gentleman saw something skim over very fast at tree-top level, fairly large, about two blocks ahead of him,” Eppes said. “It accelerated fast and rose rapidly to about the height of the Hotel Clovis.”

But two other investigators- Dr. John L. Warren of Los Alamos and Tommy Blann of Waco, Tex.-said they weren’t convinced. Blann, director of the Texas UFO Study Group, said he believed the sightings were caused by natural phenomena.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 



The U.S. Air Force intends to keep the “top secret” lid on its massive UFO study, Project Blue Book, for possibly 50 more years,

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

The ENQUIRER has learned.

Although the official Air Force unidentified flying object investigation reports are being placed in the National Archives, the public will be permitted to see only a censored version.

Seven Air Force Reserve officers are now at work deleting any in-formation that could identify witnesses to UFO sightings, including any conclusions about the credibility of the witnesses, and data concerning Air Force investigative techniques.

“If they cut out all this information, those files are worthless,” said Jack Acuff, president of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena. Other UFO research organization spokesmen agreed.

Blue Book files contain official Air Force reports on 12,618 sightings and subsequent investigations dating from 1947 through 1969, when the Air Force disbanded the project. Still unexplained are 701 mysterious sightings.

Capt. Gary Hawksworth, Air Force information officer at the Pentagon, told The ENQUIRER: “Nobody will be allowed to see the original material.” Francis Heppner, a National Archives official, said “such restrictions must be honored by the Archives for a period of up to 50 years if the donor agency so orders it.”

Other UFO researchers and investigators were angry and upset over the decision to withhold the official documents from the public. “The Air Force is destroying the research value of the Blue Book files,” said Jim Lorenzen, spokesman for the Aerial Phenomena Re-search Organization.

Prof. J. Allen Hynek, director of Dearborn Observatory at North-western University, and former scientific consultant on UFOs to the Air Force, said he agreed with the decision to protect the privacy of witnesses.

“However, it would seem to me that they would be tampering with history if they withhold the facts from researchers,” Hynek added.

(The Enquirer, Jan. 6, 1976 – Keith Davidson)

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

An old mountaineer from West Virginia was celebrated for his wisdom. “Uncle Zed,” a young man asked, “how did you get so wise?”

“Weren’t hard,” said the old man. “I’ve got good judgment. Good judgment come from experience. And experience – – well, that comes from having judgment. “

MAY 1976                                    13


The members of Understanding Inc. have just inherited property valued at nearly a quarter of a million dollars!

The inheritance is located near Phoenix, Arizona, land of sunshine and solar energy! There are fifty-five acres of fertile desert, pure air, (as pure as it is anywhere today!) an unlimited supply of good water from two deep wells and the peace and quiet that comes with absence of traffic on city streets. The property belongs to all the members of Understanding Inc. of which there are some two hundred paying annual dues. There are hundreds more who are on the inactive list for although they are not keeping up their annual dues, their interest in the welfare of Understanding is as great as ever. And there are over six hundred subscribers to the magazine!

This is the first official home Understanding Inc. has owned. It was deeded to the organization by Dr. Enid S. Smith who had purchased the land for a school. Since she was then past eighty, she realized the need for assistance in setting up a school. She sought and obtained exactly the right person to help her realize her dream in the person of Dr. Daniel W. Fry. That was years ago. It has taken all that time to move the headquarters of Understanding Inc. from Oregon to the new site; to begin the lengthy task of recognition as a non-profit corporation in Arizona; find help in putting together a curriculum which would attract students, and conducting a publicity program to let students know about it.

There is still much to be done to attract students! Development of the property requires money and elbow grease! There should be a swimming pool, a tennis court, a kitchen and dining room separate from the auditorium, a laundry and shower room, more trees (there are 42 now, fruit and nut, and there were more until they died from lack of attention!) and a general utility building for dances, dinners, movies, games and serious conferences.

This narration of facts is presented through the magazine in the hope that all subscribers will become members if they are not members now. It is written in the hope that more contributing member-ships ($10.00 annually) will come in; that more sustaining members ($25.00 annually) will wish to become inheritors of this beautiful new home by supporting it with both their money, time and talent.

If all the six hundred subscriber of the magazine were members the issue would be self supporting. It runs a monthly deficit of nearly $200.00 which the president and founder has paid for many years when there were not contributions to cover that deficit. Associate memberships of $2.00 is not a serious sacrifice these days of inflated

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

dollar values. But another 100 members would cover the deficit from the magazine subscribers alone. Fifty sustaining memberships would provide the fund to begin the swimming pool! Fifty contributing memberships would start the roller on a tennis court.

And if you’re going to realize your inheritance as a winter vacation site you’ll want a swimming pool and a tennis court and perhaps a lot of other things as well! This 55 acres of desert is yours! What are you going to do with it? It can only be the Center of Understanding if you make it that by your interest and participation in its development.

Opportunity unlimited is here for beings vitally interested in promoting education for the future civilization. Someone who loves work should find here a golden opportunity to make the prophesy in Isaiah come true-“and the desert shall bloom.” Mountains and sunsets on this property are unequalled anywhere in the United States. Warm winter weather make it a paradise for all.

So, let the members of Understanding understand what their inheritance is! Come and visit it. Contribute to its membership and its work. Use it for a vacation site. “Snow birds” who come here pay as fancy a price as landlords deem possible. This spot is yours for such a nominal sum that anyone can afford it. ($2.00 per night per person to members only, $3.50 to nonmembers.) No bedding is furnished, you bring and prepare your own food. And you enjoy the relaxed environment of the desert. Set your own pace, no one will bother you.

So, come and inherit your property now.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


More than two hundred years ago you won your freedom to worship God as you wished. And you have preserved that freedom all these many years.

Happy Birthday to you too for having fought for and won your right to have representation with your taxation. No more paying taxes and taxes which you have not personally had the power to determine. And there has been no need to fill Boston Harbor with tea as a mark of protest about taxation without representation!

God Bless America we sing and there is assassination of a president, attempts on candidates for the presidency, attempts to assassinate the first non-elected president and a branch of our government has been charged with plans to assassinate the heads of other govern-

MAY 1976                                    15

ments! An elected president has stated openly that as the head of this great country he has a perfect right to lie when he thinks he should.

There is more violence, fraud, graft and petty thievery, rape and murder in this beautiful land called the United States than ever the founding fathers could have dreamed in their wildest nightmares! Why?

A nation is only a lot of people; it is you and me. Where have you and I failed that such shameful actions have become part and parcel of our national history. Surely none of us deliberately planned to make such behavior a characteristic of American life.

It has come about very subtlety and insidiously. It has come about because we have been hungry for money; for fancy food; for powerful cars, for homes filled with luxury and for prestige and power over our neighbor. And because we have desired all these things we settled for the means to obtain them. We agreed to get them no matter what it did to the air and water and land of this nation. We agreed to it whether or not it was quite honest. Cheating a little here on our in-come tax, lying a little there about the price of things purchased. (Or sold to our customers!) Voting for this politician because he would get us special favors-no matter how he got them. Who could blame us for that?

And that religious freedom we ran away from Europe to get. What have we done to it-or with it in this more than two hundred years since it happened? There are more Americans in motor boats and cars today than it church pews on Sunday. But that of course is probably the fault of the minister-he isn’t saying the right things the right way. And it’s easier to worship God in the open air than in a church.

That wasn’t what our forefathers said. It wasn’t the reason they packed their bags and stole out into a little ship called the Mayflower and came to this great land. They did it because they wanted to live close to their Creator-God in prayer and worship, not just on Sunday but on everyday; thanking Him for food three times a day, beginning the day with Bible reading and prayer as a family; ending the day with praise and thanksgiving for safety and food and family strength to wrest a livelihood from the land. That is what our forefathers came to this land for.

Shades of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln to mention a few who have given their lives so that America could be the land of the free and the home of the brave. Can’t you hear their dreadful sighing in that invisible land where they watch to see what you and I have done with the country they struggled so

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

terribly to make a good clean place to live and worship God?

Happy Birthday America! With the technology we now have we can blow up every other land on this globe with our nuclear-powered weapons.

Instead of the flag-waving, the shooting of fancy fireworks and flag-decked platforms where speakers are even now telling you and I how great we are, shouldn’t we instead be on our knees asking for forgiveness that we have, through our laziness to become vitally involved with our government, let this anniversary be celebrated for our wickedness? Shouldn’t we at least, this 200th year as a nation, begin to bring about the union of church and state through becoming obedient children of our Creator, trying to understand one another, love one another?

That would be something to celebrate; the union of church and state within the heart of every man, woman and child in America. That is the only way a nation can ever be strong and free, honest and powerful at the same time. Every man agreeing to the rights of every other man, helping, not hurting others for the sake of selfish ends and comfort.

It isn’t too late. Today we can turn around and straighten the mess we’re in. Now that we can see plainly what we have done, we can stop it and start doing things the right way. There is always hope when there is understanding of what needs to be done.

Happy Birthday America!! We can make this country what our forefathers dreamed of its being. Let’s get started now. Let’s get back to God and His laws; we won’t need any others. Let’s cast the vote for the right people to help us do that. It won’t be easy or fast, but it can be done. And either we will do it or we will perish as an individual and as a nation. The choice is ours.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


There is no saint without a past. There is no sinner without a future. Religion is love and fellowship and not theological dogmas and creeds. When you have love and sympathy in your heart for your fellow-men you have the highest type of religion, no matter by what name you may call yourself. Rest assured that the emancipation of the world is through the nameless God of Love, and in the nameless Religion of Love.

Religion is a personal relationship between man and his Maker … do not interfere with it, do not organize it, neither try to reduce it into so many “statements.” Organization in whatsoever form is the death-knell of religion. Do not

MAY 1976                                    7

preach this; practice and teach it. Let no one dictate to you what you should and you should not believe and do in your spiritual life. The ultimate authority is the Authority of the Spirit within you, and not the authority of man, dead or alive.

The Unerring Witness is standing in the center of your being powerful, mighty, and supreme. His is the Court of Last Appeal.

In religion there is no compulsion. The path to spiritual unfold merit is not restriction and constraint, not by anathema and excommunication, but by constant progress from world to world, from star to star, from constellation to constellation, forever and without end!

The Light of Lights is in your heart.

Uncover it and let it shine.

For the Illumination of mankind.

-A Persian Rosary of Nineteen Pearls by Mizra Ahmed Sohrab

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 



[Medford (Oregon) Mail Tribune, March 19, 1976]

By James L. Overton

HOUSTON (UPI)- Space colonies and industrial generations of the future may mine iron-rich asteroids to ease ore shortages on earth and provide the materials to build orbiting research stations and factories.

That’s the view of Dr. Thomas McCord of Cambridge, Mass., who said here that it was possible to mine, melt and reshape an asteroid the size of 17 football fields and send it to earth for a 20-year supply of pig iron worth $5 trillion.

McCord said an asteroid one kilometer in diameter and rich in nickel iron also would provide a 2,000-year supply of nickel. the metallic element preventing corrosion in iron products.

“We could bring the one kilometer-size asteroid back for about the same energy it takes now to refine the same amount of iron ore on earth,” McCord said. “There already is a shortage of high grade ores on the earth and it will get worse.”

Asteroids are small planets-known to be rich in mineral deposits-ranging in diameters up to 500 miles. They orbit in the solar system. McCord and researcher Michael Gaffey of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology proposed to the Seventh Lunar Science Conference that feasibility studies be started for making such a project a reality.

“The idea is to bring an asteroid back to the vicinity of the earth, mine it and use the material on the surface of the earth or to build

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colonies and research bases around the moon,” McCord said.

“A series of nuclear explosions slightly above the surface will get the asteroid out of its orbit,” he said. “Then all you have to do is melt it with solar energy or a solar furnace.”

McCord said that while the mass was hot it could be changed from its spherical shape into a vehicular form that could be directed to earth. It would be guided by changing the center of mass, making the shape something like a styrofoam coffee cup.

“It isn’t an airplane with wings, but something like the Apollo spacecraft-something to which you can give lift. It is relatively simple to steer an object like that into the Pacific Ocean.

“Of course, if it hit New York City it would be a mess.”

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(Medford Mail Tribune, March 18, 1976)

HOUSTON (UPI) — A lunar geologist says new evidence from moon rocks indicate the pockmarked satellite once may have been part of the earth and was blasted into space by an impact or collision.

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African Sea Creature

[Medford (OR.) Mail Tribune, May 22, 1975]

NAIROBI, KENYA (UPI) — A fish with arms. legs and fingers has set fisher-folk agog in the Kilwa area of southern Tanzania.

Biologists are puzzled over how to classify the creature.

The Tanzanian press reported a week ago that a fisherman, Mohamed Sefu, brought his net in and landed this fish-like creature of a type never previously seen in the area.

Reports reaching Dares Salaam, the Tanzanian capital, said it had two legs with ten toes on each and two arms with five fingers on each. The arms protruded from its chest, where there was also one eye. On its right side there was another eye which glowed brightly at night.

It also had a small horn, like that of a cow, one ear, and a hump. A large, toothless mouth and a beard under its chin completed the description.

The reports did not give the creature’s measurement, or any idea of its size.

When landed it was alive, and stayed alive for some time. Tanzanian officials said it would be preserved and put on display in the national museum.

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Activities at the Cultural Center of Understanding Inc. will begin a gradual decline with the coming of hot weather. be last church service for the summer will be the last Sunday in My. Services will resume in October, the first Sunday.

Visitors wishing to stop at the Center and experience the pyramid, talk with Dr. Fry or relax for a weekend, should make reservations well in advance of their proposed stop. The summer itinerary for the Frys appears in this issue for your convenience.

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Dr. Holloway was in Phoenix in March and visited the Understanding Center. Plans were made then for a week with him in Albuquerque and for the annual summer convention in Deming. People from all over the country will be there for the sharing of Christian fellowship and greater growth in spiritual understanding. May spiritual healings have occurred at this convention in times past.

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Dear Dr. Fry:

It is a great pleasure to correspond with you gain. I am mailing you this letter in order to let you know about my forthcoming lecture trip to the States.

I would very much like to see if your group could set up a lecture in your area or in any other Unit.

I have prepared a complete program about the UFO situation in South America and the ESP activity in Argentina.

The fee for each lecture is $170 (including air transportation inside the States); both lectures for the same group is 300 and the UFO course is $10 per student. For complete information about the lecture program, see sheet enclosed.

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I think this is all for now, hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

– Guillermo Aldunati

CasiIla Postal 467

Rosario 2.000, Argentina

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