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VOLUME XVII                             JULY, 1972                                                 NUMBER 6

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


FOR SEVERAL DECADES, the average citizen has heard considerable talk of the rapidly increasing role of mechanization and automation in `modern warfare.’ Fortunately for our civilization, no truly `modern’ war has been fought on this planet during the past few decades.

In the relatively primitive form of warfare which has been going on in Vietnam, for more years than we care to remember, the old classical motto of “Don’t fire till you can see the whites of their eyes,” has given way to the habit of pumping as many bullets and shells as possible, as rapidly as possible, in the general direction of the enemy’s assumed position. While this keeps the munitions makers busy and happy, it is certainly not the `Push Button’ warfare about which so much has been said and written, and which is, in fact, becoming more possible with each advance in technology. In such a war, no troops whatever would take the field, nor would any of the opponents ever see each other. Instead, a dozen trained technicians on each side would systematically wipe out each other’s cities by pressing appropriate buttons in the proper sequence.

It is not so often realized, however, that a relatively simple computer and servo mechanism could easily replace the dozen trained technician.,, and could do the entire job more rapidly and efficiently, when activated

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

by a single electronic impulse that would indicate which county or countries were to be destroyed. The question of who should initiate the impulse, and under what conditions, would, of course, be a separate problem, but that too could readily be handled by a computer.

Thus the long heralded `Battle of Armageddon’ may not be a war between men at all, but may simply be the ultimate destruction of mankind by the machines which be has created.

The tombstone of Earth’s civilization may someday read-Destroyed by an accidental short-circuit in a computer system!

——— ♦ ———


The first few introductory months of the ’70s decade came in as the proverbial lion. The rampage stemmed from anguished youth who felt oppressed by the continuing threat of war, and maddened by a bad environment that could create a possible threat to their health and the human injustices indecently living in American communities Spawning off the discrimination of race, color and creed.

Dissatisfied with the traditional system of solving problems by the methods established by their elders, groups assembled into dissenting bands, some being more militant than others, and tried to remedy these unhappy situations under their own terms, by force.

Out of this dissention grew bitter riots in the ghettos. Clashes between law enforcement and the youth population rose steadily on college campuses to take the number one spot in the headlines of all news media and a wall built between the point of understanding interrupted any fond relationship there might have been between parent and off-spring, giving way to the term generation gap.

But could it be that the era of violent dissention is coming to an end? There are still sadistic attempts to destroy the American civilization. Plots are uncovered almost daily for plans to destroy historical monuments, blow up public business and attempts to establish tyranny through overthrow, as in the Chicago example of young scientists planning to contaminate the city water, constantly posing threats to our nation. Although the rampage is still at a very high peak, the last few weeks of 1971 and the beginning of 1972 have brought about instances, which passed completely unnoticed, that could be a sign of a lamb-like trend trying to edge itself into a disheveled society.

JULY, 1972                                  3

College campuses appear to be more settled than they were two years ago. Collegiates are still actively involved in cleaning up the country, but disruption in the classroom and on the campus grounds have taken a decline. Berkeley- and Kent State riots will always be unforgotten moments, but the chance of repercussions has slackened.

The lyrics of young music have slowly simmered away from this media as a way of protest. Sounds of drug slang has been censored by recording companies and radio stations since the deaths of Jimmy Hendrix and Janis Joplin. But the switch in music didn’t bother the youth movement. They hardly noticed the dying groans of psychedelic music when Jesus Christ Superstar, a rock opera, first came into popularity in the latter part of 1971 and clapped their hands when it became a religious phenomena in 1972. Religious authorities like Evangelist Billy Graham said it would be the message youth was looking for and they were right. The two atheist authors of the opera intended to convey an anti-Christ message to their audience, but the general public of all ages interpreted it as a reason to get back to Christ. Groups and soloists once pushed in the background for their `too nice’ music are eagerly giving their side of the religious story by receiving air time on the radio. To the beat of a loud rock and roll band the sounds of Christ approval is slowly heading toward the top ten list.

Even Black Panther Bobby Seale has proved a new trend is taking place by insisting that non-violent tactics be used by his followers who have been said to be militant. Once jailed for his beliefs, he is directly projecting those same beliefs into activities which will help the American Blacks to have a chance to help themselves by giving them a human renewal program that included free food, clothing, and brand new shoes made specifically for his people in a free shoe factory. Mr. Seale even intends to make plans for job training opportunities to be available in the Black communities, plus help sponsor a program that will educate the Black people about cycle-cell anemia.

These few reasons for predicting calming tendencies in attitudes and methods among the American people could be explained by the few changes that have taken place in our country that have long been sought for after by the youth movement. For example, the Nixon attempt to end the war in Viet Nam, the attempt to assure friendly ties with the Chinese government, the passing of the Twenty-Sixth Amendment to the Constitution to allow eighteen year olds to vote,.

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

and legislation to prevent discrimination in businesses, organizations and closed societies.

There could be the possibility that the slight change in mood within our country could be through the development of better youth programs, like Rent-A-Kid, Summer Action Program, Youth Power, Neighborhood Youth Corps and the now more tailored Job Corps which has improved its techniques since it was first started seven years ago. Involvement in these Manpower, Inc. organizations might be satisfying the individual purpose of each young individual, for the main purpose of these programs all are channeled toward giving youth a better chance to improve themselves and the environment in which they live.

Maybe the milder trend could be coming from the fact that all people from the different age groups are searching together for inner peace among themselves and understanding among their neighbors, as this isn’t just a goal of the youth movement now. Adults have infiltered the hippie generation by agreeing with their beliefs and copying their dress and lifestyle in moderation.

Miss Joy Hawkins

——— ♦ ———


A frog hopped by

Oh my !

You sigh

A frog hopped by.

A frog hopped by. Well, why not? Before me he was here. The creek is his home. I have just come.

As he hopped by, no word was spoken, not even a croak. So that might mean I can stay. I only intend to watch him. I won’t touch. Is it from frogs one gets warts, or is it from toads? Since the age I was when I knew, too many years have slipped. I forgot. How can one forget some-thing that important? I’m wondering about that.

I’ll watch the frog hop by and I won’t touch him, just in case he might become frightened if I moved. I wouldn’t like something strange in my house, much less to have it move to touch me.

No, if something strange wants to visit in my house, welcome. Just look, study for a long time, but please don’t touch. You will frighten me. I won’t feel safe in my house anymore.

JULY, 1972                                  5

My house is built out of wood up from the ground with a roof over it and windows in the walls. That’s because I’m not adapted to live without protection from the elements.

But the frog. Ah! That’s something else again. His home is the world. The sky is his roof. His windows are only eyes, his own, Sure, I’m bigger. God said I have dominion over all the earth and animals in it. But he never said I could touch. He wanted me to discover all that is by myself for myself.

With this freedom, I could go berserk, wild, but I think: “If he trusted one of his creations with so much, this dominion, he must know what he is doing. But will I know what I am doing?”

If I touch the frog, I will feel him. But to satisfy myself, I will destroy the frog’s self. So I will try to be one with the frog. I will experience the frog. I will he the frog.

With my God given dominion I will discover the frog and I are one. He doesn’t have the faculty of discrimination.

He might touch me, but he is too afraid. I will not touch him because I have dominion.

Now I understand something. Yes, I believe God knew what he was doing. He has faith in the goodness of his creations. I will work within his loving Grace. I will become one with him and the frog. He is everywhere. I am everywhere. The frog is everywhere. We are all one.

Carol Reif

——— ♦ ———



“Four Confined to Wheelchair Walk from Healing Session,” is a typical headline in any city paper following the personal appearance of Kathryn Kuhlman, a petite, untrained messenger of the Gospel who several years ago found herself hailed as a miracle healer. In a recent meeting Miss Kuhlman, also known as a TV and radio evangelist, was quoted as saying, “The thrill of mirage services was over many years ago” and that she often prays for the Lord to take away the responsibility she feels 24 hours a day to announce, “Someone here has just been healed of asthma, and someone in the top balcony of bursitis.”

A Catholic nun who was healed of a spinal ailment which had troubled her since 1942, “under the power of the Holy Spirit” fell backwards to the platform floor and was helped to her feet by ushers. She was quoted

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

as saying, “I was hoping that would not happen to me, but praise the Lord.” This being knocked prostrate to the floor is a common occurrence among those receiving the healing grace of the Holy Spirit.

Oral Roberts, world renown healing evangelist, and president of an ultra-modern University and Learning Resources Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, built through the power of the Spirit’s flow, called her merely, as I’m sure he feels himself to be, “a servant of God filled with the love of Jesus.”

Miss Kuhlman says she has no idea why some are healed and most are not. She knows it is not a lack of faith, which is commonly blamed. It is impossible to believe that either God or his Son Jesus would play favorites or have “pets” among their creation.

As a psychological deterrent to healing there may be listed such factors as: pre-conceived ideas of what is possible or impossible of healing, feelings of unworthiness, subconscious desires to assume the sufferings of Christ, and the common feeling of depression and worry. It would appear also that there must be some other unrecognized some-thing in action.

From what we are able to ascertain from recorded instances in the Bible and personal observation, the Holy Spirit descends as a blinding flash of light, bolt of lighting, or invisible electrical charge, sometimes felt by both the healer and the healed. Recognizing that electricity fills all space in some form, usually being used and directed through insulated wiring, and witnessing its positive effect in electrical shock treatment for various forms of mental illness, radiation in treating cancer, infra-red and ultra-violet light speeding up the healing process in the cure of various ailments since the beginning of medical literature, I am led to believe we have an open field for medical research in a new area.

Static electricity is all around us and any healing element or factor in its natural state is more in harmony with the laws of life and health than those produced by science. There is no question that Love is a powerful healing force and that thoughts are dynamic “embryonic things.”

Do we need to go but one step further in our thinking to believe that an Evangelist filled with the Love of ‘Mankind and the light of the Holy Spirit can let flow through him, or her, that charge that could alight first here and then there, spontaneously and as uncontrolled as bolts

JULY, 1972                                  7

of lightning in a summer storm? That something that can spark the human battery of natural healing forces, restoring the human organism to wholeness channeled through a human agent, may forever be un-fathomable; but with modern electronics now scientifically demonstrating the effect of both thought and the various hues and colors of lights on living organisms, is it sacrilegious to ask, “Is Spirit Light and is Light Life?”

– Ruby Dunn

——— ♦ ———


Karma is the same as destiny or predestined fate or the law of Inevitability

KARMA is a Sanskrit word, and its literal translation is “action.” And, as every action has an effect, so the real meaning is the Law of Cause and Effect.

We take an example: drop a pebble into a pond and it sends out vibrations in ever-widening circles, until the last one reaches the extreme edge; they rebound and return along the bottom to the starting place. Our thoughts, feelings, words and actions have the same effect. They come back to us just as the waves do to the little pebble. Loving word and actions return to us in blessing-good karma-and vice versa.

Karmic debts are paid off more rapidly now in our time than in the past because we are moving into a New Era, the Age of Aquarius. The karmic effect is at the present time often merely a matter of hours, days or months, where until now it has been a matter of years or even lives. The Law of Karma is the foundation of all world religions and was well known from the earliest times. There are many quotations in the Bible. Par example:

St. Luke VI, Verses 36-:38: “lie ye therefore merciful as your Father also is merciful. Judge not, and Ye shall not be judged. Condemn not, and Ye shall not be condemned. Forgive and Ye shall be forgiven; give and it shall be given unto you. For with the same measure that Ye mete, withal it shall be measured to you again.”

Galatian VI, Verse 7: “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

In the Talmud is said: “Life and Death are on the tip of your tongue.” All this is Karma;  there is no punishing Father in Heaved. God, the

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Great Spirit, is love and light. Each individual carries his own heaven or hell with him every moment, for these are but the results of our thinking, feeling, speaking or acting. We ourselves are the creators of our destiny.

Everyone is endowed with the free will of choice to use the creative energy of the Universal Source constructively, then peace and joy, health, harmony, opulence and all good things are his reward. But if one chooses otherwise and uses the electrifying power which flows through our being, destructively, then misery and destruction, pains and sorrows return to him. Karma is a self-executing law; it is exact, eternal and works with precision, not always immediately but ultimately. What we think, we become; it all depends how we use the divine energy-this dynamic life-force-positively or negatively.

If everyone would think and act more thoughtfully and carefully, and would live the commandment “Love God and love one another,” Paradise on Earth would be restored to us.

From SUNRISE by Antita in Tala &. Enrica (See Book Review)

——— ♦ ———


Canadian UFO Sightings

(From a new Exchange publication Cosmos-Express, P.O. Box 3, Jonquierre, P.Q., Canada, we offer this extract of Canadian sightings.)

St-Lin-Des-Laurentides: In the summer of 1971 a group of people reunited on St-Lin, 35 miles from Montreal, observed for many hours a flight of luminous objects traversing the sky and conducting aerial maneuvers defying the laws of gravity …

Rimouski: On July 21, 1971, a great part of Rimouski’s population was roused from its sleep: stationary luminous objects could be seen with the naked-eye in three directions … Descriptions from different witnesses tallied: “It revolved and was red like fire with green and blue rays flickering all around it.” Confirming reports of sightings came from persons in other areas in the vicinity-Baie-Comeau and Grandes-Bergeronnes.

Highway 54: Near the end of November, a couple from Montreal, driving to Chicoutinimi on Highway 54 North, noticed a luminous object stationed in the sky. They parked their car on the side of the road to better view the phenomena when, to their astonishment, a “little

JULY, 1972                                  9

metal-like disk exits from the principal object. It passed at a very low altitude above our heads” whence “a bizarre whistling sound” could be heard. While the metallic disk disappeared over the mountains the principal object remained stationary and visible until the couple resumed their trip.

On Wednesday, January 6th, Mr. G. Gendron (atty.), his wife and three children saw a mysterious round object over the Laurentian Park, flying towards Levis.

The following afternoon, Mr. Rene Guay and his wife observed the approach of a luminous object while driving in La Foy. The object stationed itself over their car and hovered there for some time before taking off. In a nearby grocery stare, seven persons simultaneously witnessed the same phenomena.

Another January sighting was reported by Jules Gobeil of R. R. St. Jean-Baptiste which was confirmed by Mr. & Mrs. M. Soucy of Bagotville, who saw a similar phenomena around the same hour,

From an Australian Newsletter

(U.F.O.I.C. Newsletter, P.O. Box E170, St. James, Sydney, 2000)

Mr. Paul Litchfield, Burwood, N.S.W., Australia, reports: “I would like to tell you about a sighting of two objects which I believe were UFOs. I was walking down Albert Street towards the Strathfield Station at about 6 P.M. on May 22, 1969, when I noticed a long cigar-shaped silver colored object on my left, about 1000 ft. high. The length was about the size of a 10c piece. The object was moving toward the station, but just before reaching the Station the object made a sharp turn and circle until it was going in the opposite direction. The object slopped above Parramatta Road . . . where it was joined by another object golden colored, disc-shaped and 1/3 the size of the silver cigar… The two objects remained stationary at the same height, appx. 1000 ft. for three minutes. Then both banked to the right and disappeared at a tremendous speed. . . “

——— ♦ ———


Faithfully sincerely, with conviction, enacts the role of a loyal citizen of his own country.

Honestly lives and supports Understanding ideals, wholeheartedly helping to build the constantly growing body of such ideals.

Is a willing and confidential listener to misunderstanding, public

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

and private, counsels and reasons together with those who so desire. Holds out the helping hand without being a do-gooder or imposing where not sought.

Writes a weekly letter to someone containing reference to mutual understanding; expresses himself to his political representatives. Writes at least one monthly letter to someone abroad, sustaining such correspondence as may follow.

Pays own reasonable expense rather than allow his Understanding inspiration to die on the table.

Eschews personal controversy within the Understanding framework. Does nothing under the Understanding “umbrella” which cannot be publicly examined.

Originates Understanding projects.

Serves without demanding service; asks nothing of headquarters which commonsense indicates he should do for himself. Compounds no clearly unnecessary correspondence.

Continues alert to “Understanding” opportunities.

Maintains contact with all elements of personal environment, offering service where sought.

Publicizes UNDERSTANDING, INC., and its inspiration.

——— ♦ ———

world report

Mundane and Exotic Tasks For Laser

By Gobind Behari Lal. San Francisco Examiner, April 7, 1972

New laser devices with tremendously penetrating rays may some-day be used for such mundane chores as opening a can of beans in your kitchen.

Or for such exotic enterprises as contacting creatures from other planets.

These are but two possibilities outlined recently by a panel of distinguished scientists, including the two Californians who co-invented the laser.

Prof. Charles H. Townes of the University of California and Prof. Arthur L. Schawlow of Stanford University, physicists who pioneered

JULY, 1972                                  11

the development of the laser, were both interested in future use of laser devices in the home.

“There appears every reason to expect that laser techniques will permeate much of our science and technology, and, in time, even get into the home,” said Townes. 1964 Nobel Prize winner for physics.

Schawlow pointed out some of the uses visible light laser beams may be put to: “An efficient visible light laser would find all sorts of everyday uses, like cutting metal (can openers), communications, photography and perhaps even typewriter erasers.”

Prof. Raymond E. Kidder, of UC”s Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, .said he is optimistic about applying lasers to “production of useful power from thermonuclear fusion.”

Prof. Boris P. Stoicheff of the University of Toronto, Canada, pointed •out the possibilities of contacting beings from other planets through laser communications.

“It would be one of the greatest discoveries to find another population in the universe,” he said, “a contact that probably can happen through the use of lasers.”

These were among a host of laser uses foreseen at a panel discussion of the topic held several months ago at the University of Esfahan, Iran.

Religion Better Than Methadone

Mail Tribune. Medford, Ore., April 26, 1972

WASHINGTON (UPI)-Religion may be better than methadone for getting some addicts off heroin, the government’s top drug abuse official, Dr. Jerome H. Jaffe, said Tuesday.

Jaffe, 38, directs the Special Action Office for Drug Abuse Prevention, which was created last year to coordinate federal drug strategies. “We have seen some remarkable changes in addicts with a varied number of religious approaches,” he said in an interview. “I don’t mean just one particular religion. There is Teen Challenge, Addicts For Jesus, Black Muslims, and Zen Buddhism. People find another cause. It’s sort of a change through a new commitment to something. That has certainly changed a number of people.

“Now how long that will persist, I don’t know. Nobody predicts how long a particular changed behavior will persist.”

Jaffe also made it clear that he prefers drug treatment programs using methadone.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING


The staff at Sandia Laboratories in Albuquerque comprises solid, pragmatic scientists and engineers whose work consists largely of developing military and peaceful nuclear devices for the Atomic Energy Commission. That makes even more surprising the contents of a newly released Sandia publication with a formidable title: “Intriguing Accident patterns Plotted Against a Background of Natural Environment Features.” Compiled by a group of Sandia scientists, the 44-page report cautiously suggests what astrologers, mystics and charlatans have long been claiming: accident rates-and presumably other manifestations of human behavior-are influenced by phases of the moon, solar cycles and other natural phenomena.

Sunset Peak. Scandia scientists arrived at their remarkable findings by assembling the records of thousands of accidents in the laboratories for periods of up to 20 years and analyzing them with the aid of a computer. The researchers found “the possibility of a heightened accident susceptibility for people during the moon phase similar to that in which they were born, and for the lunar phase which is 180˚ away from that in which they were born.” Equally significant, these accidents tend to peak in cycles of the new moon in apogee, the point at which the moon is farthest from the earth.

Turning their attention to the sun, the scientists plotted injuries against a phenomenon associated with the sun’s rotation: the 27-day cycle of disturbances in the earth’s magnetic field. Again a pattern emerged. Furthermore, there was a noticeable correlation between accidents and sunspot activity, which peaks on an average of every 11 years.

Additional evidence came from a study of magnetic-field readings in the Albuquerque area.

Admitting that their findings were preliminary and somewhat skimpy evidence, the researchers cautiously suggested that “natural environment influences in conjunction and interacting with and on the individual create errors, misjudgments, pressures and situations leading to accidents.”

The Sandia findings may well inject new vitality into the old theory of biorhythm, which flatly contends that the times at which physical prowess, sensuality and braininess reach maximums and minimums can be pinpointed throughout life. Although there has been no rational explanation

JULY, 1972                                  13

so far for the claims of biorhythmicists, variations of the concept have been put to practical use in at least two countries. The Swiss have devised a pocket calculator that when individually set will show the owner’s “off” days.

In Japan, the Ohmi Railway Co. has stored in a computer the bio-rhythms of each of its 500 bus drivers. At the beginning of each shift, drivers scheduled to have “bad” days are given a card reminding them to be extra careful. In their first biorhythmic year, 1969, Ohmi’s drivers achieved a 50% drop in accidents, a downward trend that continued last year.

Tenth Planet

Mail Tribune, Medford, Ore., April 28, 1972

LIVERMORE, Calif. (UPI)-A scientist at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory suggested today the existence of a “Planet X” three times as massive as Saturn and nearly six billion miles from earth.

The planet, far beyond Pluto, which is currently the outermost of the nine known planets of the solar system, was predicted on sophisticated mathematical computations of the movements of Halley’s Comet.

Joseph L. Brady, a Lawrence mathematician and an authority on the comet, reported the calculations in the Journal of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.

Lawrence officials said the existence of a 10th planet has been predicted before, but Brady is the first to predict its orbit, mass and position.

Brady said the planet was about 65 times as far from the sun as Earth, which is about 93 million miles from the sun. From earth “Planet X” would be located in the constellation Cassiopeia on the border of the Milky Way.

The size and location of “Planet X” were proposed to account for mysterious deviations in the orbit of Halley’s Comet. But the calculations subsequently were found to account for deviations in the orbits of two other reappearing comets, Olbers and Pons-Brooks, Brady said.

No contradiction between the proposed planet and the known orbits of comets and other planets has been found.

The prediction of unseen planets is not new. The location of Neptune was predicted in 1946 on the basis of deviations in the orbit. of Uranus. Deviations in Neptune’s orbit led to a prediction of Pluto’s location in 1915, though the planet was not found until much later.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Fish Dependent Upon Pollution

Science Digest, May, 1972

Fish, in New Jersey, which had adapted to thermal pollution died’ when it was removed, according to that State’s Department of Environment Protection.

The Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station uses water from Barnegat Bay to cool the generating plant’s steam and then dumps it, 15 to 20 degrees warmer, into Oyster Creek. The fish, mostly menhaden,. would have migrated south to warmer water if the heated water was. not being dumped. Instead, they stayed in the artificially warmed water, and when the plant shut down for a day for repairs, thousands of fish were found dead on the beaches.

Scientists have been trying to solve the thermal pollution problem by using the heat for wintertime agriculture or raising tropical fish in northern waters. But, an entire crop might be lost if the heat supply were cut off, as happened unintentionally in this case.

Why Your Spirit Came to Earth

The Charleston Gazette, Charleston, W. Va., Jan. 28, 1972

Michael Boyce is an unusual astrologer.

He doesn’t tell you whether you’re going to have a good or a bad day, whether you’re going to make money or find new friends.

He tells you why your spirit came to earth.

The astrology which he teaches, he said, was passed down from the “Tibetan Master,” who ranks with Jesus and Buddha as a teacher of love and wisdom.

Boyce said he deals “with that part of the nature which is permanent.” The body, he continued, isn’t permanent. It merely is a vehicle which the spirit utilizes as a man would use an airplane to travel from America to Europe.

The body also is a tool, Boyce explained. It is the physical means by which the spirit accomplishes its mission.

Most people need help in discerning their mission, Boyce said. He differentiates between the brain and the mind. The brain, he said, is a physical organ and doesn’t know the mission the person must fulfill.

However, the mind knows. The mind isn’t physical. It isn’t confined, he said, to the same limitations as the brain.

Working together, Boyce and a subject are able to eventually discern

JULY, 1972                                  15

the purpose the spirit had in taking a body here on earth. When it’s not on earth, he said, the spirit resides in other planes of existence.

He compared the different planes of existence to the different forms that water takes: liquid, ice and vapor.

Boyce said while he’s here he will deliver a message to the people of West Virginia. “The truth is.” he said, “that people are spiritual beings. The soul has a plan for its vehicle.”

What Was It?

Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., May 6, 1972

Two persons reported a green light in the sky over Grants Pass about 10:45 Friday night. The event was described to state police by Jeff Schulze of Vancouver, Wash., as a “large green light in the sky that exploded in a large flash.”

Mrs. Ron Dunsing, 2800 Elk Lane, told Sheriff’s deputies her son had also seen the large flash in the sky.

The Suicide Kick

The Cincinnati Enquirer, April 4, 1972

The director of the Los Angeles Suicide Prevention Center says the present generation is more interested in death “as an experience, some-thing you can pass through,” than any other generation he has known. Sam Heilig, speaking in Detroit, tells the annual convention of the American Association of Suicidology there is a dramatic increase in suicides among the young, and particularly among young women. He attributes the situation to changing life styles and curiosity.

——— ♦ ———


In praying to God and in meditating on Him the devotee goes after God but in one’s serving purely, God runs after the devotee. If a devotee runs after God to catch Him, while God runs away, then such a devotee cannot see and experience God but if God chases the devotee, even if the devotee runs from Him, the issue is never in doubt. God overtakes him and such is the mystery of service which is purely sublime and divine, sincere and unpretentious. God does not reside in churches, mantras or in books but He is experienced in loving service to all.

– Dr. R. S. Mishra

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

book reviews


(Antita in Tala and Enrica, Vantage Press, $4.50)

SUNRISE is the story of Eternal Love and Life in the form of a five part play. It is an account of the reincarnations of several people whose lives intertwined during four depicted lifetimes-1970, 1945, 1875 and 9000 B.C.

The authors, Antita in Tala and Enrica, are a mother-daughter team who share many mutual interests, including Metaphysics. Their book, SUNRISE, explains the LAW OF REINCARNATION and the Cosmic LAW OF KARMA (See article Nemisis), by means of a love story which spans lifetimes in California, Hawaii, Italy and Atlantis. Its purpose serves as an “introduction to these Cosmic Laws as well as a springboard to deeper God-Awareness and a greater conscious unfolding of the reader’s own divinity.”

References are made to the dedicated souls of Planet Venus who came to Earth to assist mankind in his spiritual evolvement; attunement to Akashic Records; Astral World memory realizations of the soul; Biblical references to reincarnation; subconscious mind memories, and much more.

Each lifetime is an interesting story in itself, with the inter-relationships carried through lifetime after lifetime until the initial karmic indebtedness has been resolved. Rev. Noel Street, who wrote the foreword, says “… the writers have shown in a practical way that nothing is accidental and that we are indeed the fulfillers of our own destiny under the Law of Karma.”

For those who wish to pursue the subjects of reincarnation and karma a brief “recommended reading” list is included.

JULY, 1972                                  17

Enjoy some pleasant hours of reading while absorbing eternal truths to raise the level of your spiritual awareness and consciousness. Proceeds from the sale of SUNRISE are to be used for the realization of a Health, Yoga and Meditation Center.

——— ♦ ———


Dear Friends in Understanding:

Recently I had an inspiring experience and since certain parts dealt with the work in which you are interested, I wanted to share it with you. I attended the Inaugural Program of the Academy of Parapsychology and Medicine. It was sponsored by the Lockheed Management Association, which in itself is sort of a minor miracle, when you consider that the same engineers who worked on designing equipment for our moon travel, are also concerned with the workings of parapsychology.

The most startling presentation I heard was made by Dr. Henry Puharich, Ph. D., formerly senior research scientist at N.R. University Medical Center. and President of Intelectron Corp., author of two books -Sacred Mushroom and Beyond Telepathy-holder of 52 U.S. and foreign patents, and possessor of the kindest voice I have ever heard on a lecture stage. His topic concerned the movies he had taken while a member of a team of U. S. physicians who observed the medical skills of Arigo, a Brazilian with paranormal healing abilities. Arigo was a compassionate, but illiterate, Brazilian laborer who worked at a full time job and healed only as a side-line. There would always be 200 to 300 people waiting in line to see him.

As shown by the movies, Arigo could handle this many people because he worked at top speed. He didn’t have to worry about diagnosis. He didn’t have to worry about antiseptics, anyone’s old pocket knife would do, and when it was bloody he simply wiped it on his sweaty shirt. He didn’t have to worry about anesthesia-we saw pictures of a patient sitting, at ease and comfortable while Arigo was jabbing a pocket knife into his eye and scraping the cornea. Other similar surgeries indicated the patients were comfortable and without pain. In contrast, however, they did show signs of discomfort later when Arigo’s assistant cleaned the wound and put in a drain dressing. It was found that these drain

13                                                  UNDERSTANDING

dressings are needed, otherwise the Arigo-treated wounds healed too quickly.

Arigo also had the ability to write faster than anyone I have ever seen. On screen, we watched him write out a page of medicinal and therapeutic prescriptions in about 7 seconds. It was done so fast that his handwriting was virtually illegible except to his assistant, who had been trained to read it and type it up for the patient.

Dr. Puharich explained that there were three things Arigo could not do. He could not heal himself (he died recently at age 43) nor any of his blood relatives. He could not heal people at a distance, nor could he heal if a regeneration of tissues was involved.

Dr. Puharich said the team had witnessed many more complicated operations than shown in the films, but he was unable to show them-He also mentioned that Arigo has had some trouble with the Brazilian Medical Assn.

There were 3 types of people Arigo refused to heal:

1. Spies of the medical association;

2. Those with minor problems, like boils; and

3. Occasionally, one “whose time had come,” though he healed many with “unhealable” ailments, i.e. cancer.

Unfortunately I could not stay for all the sessions, but I was happy to learn that transcripts of all the lectures could be had for One Dollar each….

Mrs. Rose Crasser

(The full text of all lectures-The Varieties of Healing Experience-was reviewed in the May-June issue of Understanding Magazine. This letter was somehow mislaid, having been received some months ago.)

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God works by evolution, not by revolution. God is love, not hate. God does not wantonly destroy that which is good just to eliminate that which is of error. The purpose of evolution is to keep that which is good and to add to it, while eliminating that which is not desirable.


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Piety toward God is meaningless unless it encourages compassion toward one’s fellow man.

Rabbi Jacoh J. Weinstein

JULY, 1972                                  19

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Peace Pilgrim Still Walking

Peace Pilgrim, who has already walked over 25,000 miles in the interest of Peace, is on her 5th pilgrimage now. Early in 1973 she plans her 6th pilgrimage which will cover 48 states and take five years. The middle of 1973 will be spent in Oregon, Washington and Nevada.

Peace speaks to individuals, groups, organizations, to strangers on the street and friends everywhere. If you would like to have her visit you or your group, you may write her: Peace Pilgrim, Cologne, N.J. 08213. To be included on her 1973 itinerary, she must hear from you by the end of August 1972.

Tapes By Dr. Daniel W. Fry

In answer to the queries received relative to tapes by Dr. Daniel W. Fry, we offer the following information:

Atlantean Fire Crystals and The Physical Basis of ESP

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Operation Mail Call

Mrs. Ardella Dow. a 53 year old paraplegic, who lives in a convalescent home, recently founded “Operation Mail Call” to get mail to our servicemen overseas.

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Currently, 4000 servicemen, formerly remembered only during the holidays, are receiving mail because of Mrs. Dow’s dedication. But, she is in need of more correspondents in Oregon, Washington, Montana,. Utah, New Mexico, West Va., Washington, D.C., Delaware and South Carolina.

However, no matter where you live, if you are interested in writing-to our servicemen, please write to:

Operation Mail Call

502 Hill St., Coventry, R.I. 02816.

Do enclose stamped, addressed envelope for reply, please.

Aquarian Age Conference

Psychic Adventures is the theme of an Aquarian Age Seminar to be held at Peaceful Meadows, Boulder, Colorado, July 26-:30, 1972.

Full details from: The Aquarian Age Conference, P.O. Box 11664, Phoenix, Ariz. 85017.


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by Antita in Tala & Enrica

refers to the rising Sun of the Aquarius dispensation.

This fascinating story of Eternal Love and Life is an excellent introduction to the Cosmic Laws of Karma and Reincarnation, as well as a springboard to deeper conscious unfolding of the reader’s own divinity.

The story recounts several incarnations and gives deep insight into life beyond death.

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