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For April, 1969

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VOLUME XIV                              APRIL, 1969                                               NUMBER 4

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


During the past few days we have received many letters of inquiry concerning a newspaper article written by a Philip J. Lass, and titled “The Fly in the Saucer.” The most frequently asked question was why should an article which contained virtually nothing that had not been printed dozens of times before, be accepted for syndication newspapers? While it is true that the article consisted almost entirely of derogatory innuendo directed against a minority group, and while there are certain types of newspapers which do eagerly publish such material, even though there may not be the slightest proof of its veracity, still most of the material was so timeworn and threadbare as to make it seem obvious that only a considerable amount of pressure from some official source could persuade a newspaper syndicate to waste space upon it.

Since it was printed, however, it might serve the purpose of Understanding to make a brief analysis of its content.

To begin with, Kass declares himself to be an authority on UFO, a statement which is patently ridiculous since if there were any “authorities ” on UFO they would no longer be UFO. In the UFO field there are no “experts,” there are only relative degrees of ignorance. The completely superficial and self-righteous approach

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

of Mr. Kass makes it apparent that his state of ignorance is indeed most profound.

While the entire purpose of the article is plainly to impugn the sanity, the honesty or the veracity of those who see or encounter UFO, and while the author sneers at the credulity of those who follow the reports, he himself does not offer one iota of proof for any of the belittling and sometimes slanderous statements which comprise the bulk of the article.

Mr. Klass (alias Kass) honored your editor with a brief mention in his article, and in this portion of his work his ignorance is only exceeded by his determination to deceive his readers.

It should be explained that several years ago Mr. Klass came into disagreement with your editor concerning certain words and acts of a mutual acquaintance. Mr. Klass was heard to swear that he would “expose Dan Fry if it was the last thing he did!” His problem turned out to be that since Dan Fry’s life is an open book, with all of the privacy of a gold fish, and since his every word and deed are instantly known to dozens of others, if Mr. Klass is to expose anything he must first fabricate that which he exposes!

Accordingly, Klass began by referring to Dan Fry as a “UFO Prophet.” Since neither Dan Fry nor anyone else has credited him with the gift of prophecy this appellation was intended as a sneer to set the stage for what was to follow. Klass then mentioned Fry’s “privately printed book.” (A privately printed book is one for which the author pays the cost of publication.) Since the book to which he refers was printed by Best Books, Inc., entirely at its own cost, the implication is a false one, and Klass knew full well that it was false when he made it.

Klass continues, “the book also said that flying saucers subsequently had landed three times at his ranch in Oregon.” Since the book actually says no such thing, we would suggest that Klass at least read the book before he begins to discuss it.

Klass professes to be totally unable to locate St. Andrews University (Stonebridge Road, Tottenham, London N. 15, England.) This is a most remarkable situation, especially since his good friend and late mentor of NICAP published an article in the UFO Investigator in 1967, in which he admitted that he had written to the University and had received their “advertising brochure.”

APRIL, 1969                                3

Since the complete address and the phone number of the University are plainly printed on the prospectus, Klass inability to locate them indicates nothing less than complete illiteracy. Mr. Klass may, of course, belittle the status and the merits of the school as much as he pleases, since these are matters of his own opinion only, but when he attempts to create the impression that the place does not exist, he is guilty of deliberate and calculated deception. Klass states that Fry’s former employer told him that Fry was only a “toolmaker,” an interesting assertion in view of the fact, “tool making” is one of the few categories of employment in which Mr. Fry has never engaged. Of course, Klass was very vague as to the name of the employer, the concern involved or the date of the employment. (While struggling for a smattering of “higher education” during the depression years of the early ’34s, Dan Fry worked for a time as a dishwasher in a Pasadena cafe. It is a pity that Klass did not know of this since it would have looked so well in his article!)

The crowning achievement of Klass’ fevered imagination was, however, the bit about the “Interplanetary Radio Station” and the couple who were to “give their all” to build it. (As most of the members of Understanding, Inc., know, the organization has been working for some years toward the eventual ownership of an ordinary, garden variety of earthly broadcasting station, but we will leave the design and construction of interplanetary stations to the genius of Klass and his kind.)

Mention is made of the “wild and paranoid stories” told by UFO cultists. To this we can only observe that, when wilder and more paranoiac stories are created they will not be told by UFO buffs, but rather by Philip J. Klass (alias Kass) with his fertile imagination and his utter disregard for truth.

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And Karman, the saintly One, stood alone on top of the highest mountain. He looked longingly out over the endless valleys and deserts-and slowly his eyes grew used to the white brightness of the sun, after his long self confinement within the depths of the mountain-and he began to see even the distant ocean. But no matter

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

how hard Karman tried, he could not see man-for man was huddled inside his small houses, thinking, doing and speaking only small things.

And Karman looked onward to where Heaven and Earth met in unison, and he saw the mushroom cloud of hate and despair … and Karman shielded his soul and cried. It was not a loud crying, not the crying where tears flow freely-no-this was the cry from within, which is only noticeable by the sadness of the face and those ‘tears which barely moisten the eyes.

WHY ARE YE CRYING?” asked a voice.

And Karman knew this could not be the voice of God-for God had died with the incarnation of his spirit into the body of Jesus Christ….

And Karman stood silent-listening and hoping for more enlightenment-and he searched deep into his subconscious mind-and he let his thoughts again glide out and once more search for the voice. But all he could hear was the sound of silence which was all around him. And Karman felt a strong desire to descend to join man.

He climbed slowly downwards, walking through a lonely silent forest, till he reached a small town. As he moved through the empty streets, he wondered and a new feeling of fear began to build up within him. “Was man no longer? Had the destruction which I saw in my meditation already taken place, during my time of isolation and loneliness?”

Finally he reached the middle of the town-which was a huge market place-and here Karman found the populace assembled. He rejoiced within himself. He spread his bands wide in a gesture of love and he spoke:

“I love ye oh man-I shall teach ye the joys of life and love but I must warn ye, hurry to learn, for hate and despair hangs like a giant cloud over your lives.” But the populace looked at Karman with faces that were distorted by hate. In their eyes he saw only the desire to kill and destroy. And Karman saw their lips moving, but he could hear nothing but the rustling of the wind.

“I GAVE YE A GIFT WHILE YE WAS UP ON THE MOUNTAIN,” spoke the voice, which Karman had heard once before. “ALL YE SHALL HEAR FROM NOW ON, ARE THE WORDS

APRIL, 1969                                5


“Brethren!” spoke Karman, “can ye not. hear me—-can ye not love?” But the sound of silence engulfed Karman and it grew like a cancer. An unnamable fear took hold of the old One. “Have I been gone too long-have I waited too long within the pure loneliness of the mountain and the deep solitude of my inner self? Over the silence he could feel the thunder or war, hate and destruction-and he saw the yellow and green of jealousy and segregation. And Karman looked at mankind before him-man, who was to be his brother and shame and fear shook him like a reed in the storm. He turned and walked away from the market place, where man was lower than the animals, Slowly Karman returned to the mountain and the quiet peace of his own choosing. He knew he had nothing more in common with mankind-and he dreamed of death and reincarnation.

As the sun sank slowly into the distant ocean, coloring the mountain top and the clouds, which Karman could almost touch, scarlet as blood-he heard for the third time the voice:


“I am lonely! … Silence-this cold silence pains my soul. I do not like thy gift! Ah! I know, man no longer feels true love, he has forgotten how to speak truth, and he has no longer the kindness of understanding.”


Once more Karman descended from the mountain, and was filled with voices of love and kindness. He understood and knew the joyous song of the birds-the trusting welcome of the gentle deers. And Karman stopped and he raised his head high. The soft cooling rain which had begun to fall, cleansed his face and soul.

And Karman knew that in this life-time, he would never again hear the voices of man, for all they speak are the words of falsehood and hate. But he rejoiced within himself, for he realized that these creatures around him-these creatures of forest and field-are of HIM as is man-but that they had not yet learned how to hate. So he remained in the forest-still hoping — but no longer needing to hear the voices of mankind.

-Elfriede Nemetz Johnson

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING


In March 1962 the Understanding Magazine published an article on the Temple of Understanding. Since then we have acquired many new readers unfamiliar with the aims of this non-profit corporation, organized for educational purposes. To them we offer the following article, written by Mrs. Ethel M. Stevens of Turlock, California. For those interested in the progress of the Temple of Understanding we include some of the undertakings of the sponsors, who have not been idle during the period of underwriting the costs of the building.

Mrs. Stevens writes

“A seed was planted and nurtured and now a beautiful Temple of Understanding is to be built. This building place of twenty acres is located on the Potomac River. It is a place of beauty and quiet for study and meditation. Yet it is close enough to Washington, D. C., to permit easy access for student and visitor alike from all over the world. This land has never been built upon and consists of a great forest of ancient trees. The view downstream across the broad Potomac River is of historic Alexandria, Virginia. The view upstream includes both the Washington Monument and the nation’s Capital. A new highway from the Capital will mean easy access to the Temple of Understanding for the people of Washington, the faculties and students of its schools and colleges. Also the dignitaries and personnel of the embassies, the visiting students from all over the world.

This beautiful sight was dedicated last October. Dignitaries from all over the world attended this event.

Many of the sponsors of this wonderful undertaking read like Who’s Who of the world, many are humble people working for understanding.

Let’s get back to the beginning of the story which reads like a fairy tale.

Mrs. Judith Hollister and a friend of long standing were discussing the problems of the world-what could they do individually to bring the people and religions of the world together in peace and brotherhood? Then Mrs. Hollister’s friend exclaimed, “You know, Judith, I have such a wonderful idea.”

APRIL, 1969                                7

She went on to explain her idea of bringing all the religions together in one building. She pointed out that although we have developed internationally in the field of science, education, economics, we seem to be far behind spiritually. They felt it was time to find out and understand what was going on in other people’s minds.

Mrs. Hollister consulted her renown architect friend, Douglas Lathrop, and revealed to him the plan they originally designed a round building whose center of glass would be faceted, as a diamond and radiating like rays of the sun. Six wings will represent the six major religions of the world.

Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, who had been consulted, told her, “It is the basic point of what we are seeking at the United Nations.” She emphasized this project should be international.

Six weeks later Mrs. Hollister and her young son were on their way round the world visiting the leaders of the world’s religions and Heads of State. They all agreed that all great religions in the world have their own merit. It may be said that their ultimate aim is the same, loving-kindness.

This beautiful wooded land awaits response from the people of every land with their offerings to complete and carry on this truly wonderful undertaking that, will say to the world in clear and unmistakable terms that all men are spiritually related to one another, regardless of race, color or creed. All are involved with and committed to one another in a profound and sacred .relationship.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

The physical structure of a Temple of Understanding needs human dedication and support, individually and collectively, so the sponsors have been promoting this support in various ways. An in-depths survey to measure the interest and opinions of leaders in religion, education, government, business and grant-making foundations indicated substantial endorsement and enthusiasm for the project.

An Inter-religious Conference was held in Washington in Jan. 1968, attended by representatives of the major religions. The papers of the conference have been published by the World Academy of Art and Science.

A Spiritual Summit Conference, under the sponsorship of the Temple of Understanding, was held in Calcutta, India, in October

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

1968. “One thing that emerged clearly and impressively during the conference was how much we had in common. Our differences in religious belief, ethnic background and cultural tradition were not ignored. On the contrary, we found ourselves taking a lively interest in these very differences, seeking to understand them in all their variety and wealth, and unfold the beauty that each of them possesses. So the conference became a shared experience of deep meaning. We found something far greater than barren tolerance, a transcendent mutuality of spirit which took many forms . . .” So reads the conference summary.

Libraries of both films and books are now being assembled for the Temple of Understanding.

There is more to the story. You may write to: 1826 R. St. N.W., Washington, D. C. 20009 for literature.

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(Understanding, Inc. receives regularly the Portuguese edition of the Sociedade Brasileira de Estudos Sobre Discos Voadores (SBEDV) Bulletin. Recently we were favored with an English translation from Bulletin 55/59, which follows.)

VERY recently we met Dr. Jeronemo Morais of the hospital of the “Barra,” and since his report and intelligent. comments seemed to us important, we took the resolution to publish it…

Dr. Jeronemo told us that on April 29th, 1967, approximately at noon, he was called for urgent aid in a ease of “sudden ailment.” When he arrived with the ambulance at. the. spot called “Largo da Barra” a man of approximately 60 years of age told him that he had had lunch in the near restaurante and when leaving, at the roadside, he suddenly lost consciousness, but already was feeling perfectly fine. The persons who had called the hospital informed the doctor that the man had indeed collapsed suddenly but after a minute or so, he regained consciousness, stood up and told them he felt perfectly well … At this moment, the hospital called back the doctor, to hurry to a person with the same sort of accident at the “Pone da Barra” (the bridge). In just a few moments Dr. Jeronemo arrived there, but the person, a fisherman of approximately

APRIL, 1969                                9

40 years of age, was already feeling well, after having had a fast spell of loss of consciousness. A new call came through for the doctor, to come fast to the “Barra dos Pescadores,” but on his arrival the persons who had phoned him informed him that the victim of a sudden ailment had collapsed on the roadside, and then after a minute or so had regained consciousness, only to tell them he was feeling fine, that lie had been on a walk only and wouldn’t wait for the doctor… A new call came through from the “Restinga da Barra,” but there also the victim, a man, had regained consciousness after a sudden collapse, and he went away to his residence. A 5th call took the doctor to a mother … walking along the road, holding the hand of her 3 year old child, who collapsed suddenly, but also regained consciousness fast. This child the doctor took with him to the hospital for further tests.

The ambulance, as always, entered the hospital door backwards, and Dr. Jeronemo, sitting in front, had so a good look over the Atlantic Ocean, which is right in front of the hospital. At an angle of 70 degrees above the horizon and 30 degrees to the right he saw in the sky an elongated, glittering, as of aluminum, metallic object, at a standstill or very slow moving, which he presumed to be a helicopter… after about five minutes he once more stepped outside to accompany the “helicopter” but to his great surprise, there was nothing to be seen anymore. The horizon, the ocean in front, was a big one, and backwards, the engine would have had to clear the 800-meter high Gavea Mountain to leave the scene.

Since the M.D.s on that specific hospital staff are already Flying Saucer minded (as are many doctors throughout Brazil, Dr. Jeronemo himself thinks that. he has seen already Saucers 15 times, five times at day time) and since the five cases of “sudden ailments” (!) in about half an hour seemed rather peculiar all the same, a lively conversation started among the doctors at their lunch table.

We don’t know the exact opinions of Dr. Jeronemo and his colleagues, but the hypothesis could be risen that the vehicle was a extra terrestrial and that it was telemetering the accidents, and also the help that the community was giving by the ambulance and the doctor. If we give way to that, hypothesis we may be allowed to

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

put forward the idea that even the “intelligent discussions” of the people (M.D.s) involved had been telemetered as well.

(From a subscriber in South America we have received these translated news items.)

La Razon, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Dec. 1968.

LIMA, Peru-Mr. Carlos Paz Garcia, President of the IPRI (Instituto Peruano de Relaciones Interplanetaries) announces that a detecting network for UFOs will be set up in Peru. He added that the plans for the detectors have already been received, and that. the function of these modern apparatus is twofold. First, they catch the radiations of the UFOs and instantly take photographs of the flying objects. Mr. Garcia added further that they work with special electronic transistors, and that they are already in use in Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, etc. and that Argentina would like Peru to join in a chain of international observers.

La Razon, February 3, 1969.

LIMA, Peru–Hundreds of people, among them two reporters and a police officer, watched a UFO for over an hour while it hovered in front of the beach at Ancon, near Lima, causing great excitement.

——— ♦ ———

Contrary Man

Medford (Ore.) Mail Tribune, Feb. 4, 1969 By Robert Musel

LONDON- (UPI) -Man is a contrary creature. He is spending. billions to get to the moon and beyond, cheerfully, preparing to face dangers far more severe than those he evidently regards as too difficult when they concern his own planet.

Some millions of years after he came into this world he has occupied or brought under control only, 3 per cent of his domain.

Recently science commentator Peter Fairley considered the argument raised against expansion-that certain areas are too dry or two high or too cold or too wet or too wild.

APRIL, 1989                                11

Against the hazards of even so minor a space venture as establishing a base on the moon these obstacles appear ridiculously small. For example (says Fairley) one-fifth of the worlds land mass is supposed to be too dry to support human life. Yet scientists are talking about colonizing the moon which is not only drier than any place on earth but hasn’t even got an atmosphere to breathe.

Interesting Statistics

San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle, Feb. 16, 1969

WASHINGTON-(UPI)-The National Earthquake Information Center reported yesterday that 20 quakes killed 12,401 persons in 13 foreign countries last year.

But the United States, for the third successive year, lost no lives to earthquakes despite 257 “important earth tremors” in 21 states, Puerto Rico; and the Virgin Islands.

The Center, an agency of the Commerce Department, said the last fatal U.S. shock was the 1965 Puget Sound earthquake in which seven died.

For the world, 1968 quakes were the most costly in lives since 1960 when 20,257 were killed.

The Biggest

Grants Pass (Ore.) Daily Courier, Feb. 24, 1969 By Robert Musel

LONDON (UPI)-Britain is building the largest and most sensitive radio telescope in the world.

A radio hiss which other radio telescopes have detected for the past four years is believed by some scientists to be an echo of the “big bang” the theoretical explosion of a gigantic atom that formed the universe.

When he gave a guided tour of his new telescope site Sir Martin Ryle of the Radio Astronomy Unit of the Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge said he was interested in “quasars” powerful radio sources in space.

“We are now at a stage,” he said, “when we seem to have gone back in time to a period before radio galaxies were born.” However the Science Research Council estimates the new telescope will be able to examine radio signals which have been traveling through space for eight billion years-very close to the time some scientists assign for the birth of the universe.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

The new telescope consists of eight 42-foot diameter dish aerials strung out in a straight line three miles long.

The new telescope is the equivalent of a Jodrell Bank dish three miles across. It will be a million times more sensitive than an ordinary television aerial.

Protein Food for Children

New York, Dec. 11 (Reuters) -Nutrition experts from Britain, the United States, Lebanon, and Jordan have developed a diet supplement which has dramatically restored the health of children whose diets lack protein.

The team, which conducted its research at. the American university in Beirut, manufactured the substance from boiled wheat and chick pea with vitamins, minerals, and skim milk.

Known as laubina, the supplement was developed especially for feeding infants and young children in India, Pakistan, the middle east, North Africa, and North and South America.

Headed by Dr. James W. Cowan, associate professor of nutrition at the American university, the team began its work on laubina in 1961.

Laubina, a fine powder, can be put in liquid, mixed into a paste, or sprinkled on foods.

“Laubina is better than any native cereal because it has a higher amount of protein and better protein balance,” Cowan said. “`Three and one-half cents per day would furnish a child’s total protein requirement and one-half his calories,” he added.

A major concern of laubina’s developers has been the psychological aspects of introducing a new kind of food into tradition bound countries of the middle east and Latin America. They hope that its distribution can be combined with a widespread education campaign on the value of a good diet.

Mother-Son Telepathy

News Free Press, Chattanooga, Tenn., Jan. 11, 1969 — Robert Musel

LONDON (UPI)-The boy was mentally retarded but the specialist noticed that his intelligence picked up remarkably when his mother was in the room.

When asked to identify the letters of the alphabet he would make guesses. But these guesses, when his mother was present, were too accurate to be explained by pure chance.

APRIL, 1969                                13

The doctor drew the conclusion that it was possible the boy was in telepathic communication with his mother and was “working through her.”

He brought the case to the attention of scientists at Cambridge University and in a report published in the December issue of the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, researcher R. A. Peters wrote

“My provisional conclusion is, therefore, that this is a case of true telepathy.”

The verdict is remarkable. Scientists have long been divided on the existence of telepathy, largely because proof acceptable to the scientific mind is rarely forthcoming.

The boy was 17 when the tests were conducted. He was a spastic, in addition to other handicaps, but he won the admiration of his doctors by fighting against his conditions.

Fletcher said he failed to detect any of the known voice codes used by magicians.

Humans in New Zealand 2,000 Years Ago

(The Otego Daily Tinges, Dunedin, N. Z., Jan. 10, 1969)

HAMILTON (PA).-Evidence that humans lived in New Zealand 2,000 years ago has been found in Hawkes Bay. This date is about 700 years earlier than that previously given for the earliest habitation of New Zealand.

A Hastings archaeologist, Mr. T. R. Price, has found primitive artifacts, burnt, bones of extinct birds and the remains of open hearth fires below ash deposited by the Taupo eruption in 135 A.D.

The president of the Waikato Archaeological Society, Mr. R. D. Pick, said people would have to stop thinking about S00 A.D. as the beginning of settlement in New Zealand and start thinking in terms of several thousand years.

——— ♦ ———

Immortality is no more fabulous than birth; that out of dust and dirt can rise an organism of a billion muscles, nerves and bones, to talk and walk and think and then dry up and bury itself back into a hole of dirt and dust. Who can fathom the whereto and wherefore of life immortal? –Dagobert D. Runes in “Treasury of Thought”

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Poet’s corner

A Prayer from One Dead

Tho I am dead, grieve not for me with tears,

Think not of death with. sorrowing and fears,

I am so near that every tear you shed,

Touches and tortures me,

Tho you think me dead.

But when you laugh and sing in glad delight

My soul is lifted up into the light.

Laugh and be glad for all that life is giving,

And I tho dead

Will share your joy of living.

-Tahahlita Fry

APRIL, 1969                                15


WHILE the main objective of the 10 day flight of Apollo 9 is to test, in earth orbit, the Lunar Module which will land other astronauts on the moon, the program may pioneer new ways of discovering how earthlings reap larger yields of food and water from. their home planet. So reports Joseph L. Myler in a UPI release of February 21, 1969.

According to Mr. Myler, once the main objectives of the Apollo mission have been accomplished the crew will mount a multispectral camera” – four cameras with different color filters-to find out what can be deduced from high above of the earth’s crops, forests, mineral wealth, etc.

Although everything on earth emits electromagnetic radiation, peculiar to itself, much is not in the visible range, hence the need for these specially designed sensors.

It is anticipated that from the perspective of space it will be possible to discover the early signs of drought. or disease affecting grain fields, as one example. Envisaged is a time when Earth Resources satellites, traveling in near polar, orbits, will be able to supply information needed for the management of known resources and the discovery of new ones. It has been estimated that such information could produce “spectacularly profitable results measured in billions of dollars annually.”

NASA is now committed to a $46 million project to launch an Earth Resources Technology satellite in late 1971 or early 1972. The satellite, or satellites, will be equipped to see such things as vast new mineral beds in previously inaccessible parts of the world; monitor crop, forest. and water resources; and locate fertile regions of the oceans rich in food fish.

The need to discover additional resources to satisfy the earth’s growing populations is urgent, according to Dr. William T. Pecora of the U. S. Geological survey. “If our ability to find and efficiently utilize resources does not accelerate, and accelerate rapidly,” Pecora said, the industrial civilization we now enjoy will crumble within a few decades.”

Man’s space explorations, thus, could provide the means for his survival until he discovers answers to his eternal questions: Who Am I?, From Whence Have I Come? and Whither Do I Go?

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

book reviews

African Genesis by Robert Ardrey. 95c. (Dell Paperback)

Interested in the origins and nature of man? Read Robert Ardrey’s African Genesis, a fascinating, provocative, scientific and philosophic study of man!

The author majored in natural sciences at the University of Chicago but became a successful playwright. and screen writer until circumstances in 1955 turned him to anthropology and the study of man’s animal origins in Africa. The book presents not only Robert Ardrey’s findings but the evidence of thirty years of study by such scientists as Dr. and Mrs. Leakey, Broom, Dart. and Oakley.

Proposed is the unorthodox theory that “homo sapiens developed from carnivorous, predatory killer apes and that man’s age-old affinity for war and weapons is the natural result of this inherited animal instinct.” It is not sex but territorial dominion that motivates animal, and thus man, and provides the crucial survival quality for both. Raymond A. Dart, an anatomist, put forward the simple thesis that man had emerged from the anthropoid background for one reason only: because he was a killer. Survival often depended upon a rock, a stick, or a heavy bone.

Proposed and explored from many aspects by Robert Ardrey are these questions:

“‘Is man innocent? Were we in truth created in the image of God? Are we unique, separate and distinct creatures from animal kind? Did our bodies evolve from the animal world, but not our souls? Is man sovereign? Are babies born good? Is human fault

APRIL, 1969                                17

to be explained successfully in terms of environment? Is man innately noble?”

Though the questions posed require in-depth study, the book reads easily, is filled with interesting stories of the animal and bird kingdoms, substantiating the thesis that weapons and warfare are part of man’s animal heritage. Chapter content is as interesting as the titles are provocative-One Tiger to a Hill; Who Pecks Whom; Love’s Antique Hand; A Roomful of Bones; Cain’s Children. A bibliography and index are provided as aids to the real study of the book’s 364 pages.

African Genesis! Read it for pleasure! Study it as one hypothesis of man’s origin and nature!

——— ♦ ———


There is magic in acceptance that is realistic and includes a hopeful and trusting attitude. This can help to bring about a better understanding among people.

First, one must begin with and take a good look at oneself, listen to the inner voice of conscience, listen to others, evaluate what is good and respond to what the truth demands.

More often than not, human beings are too busy to be still to listen. But when one does, there is growth within the self. One begins to realize his limitations, faults, and virtues. He learns what he must accept, what be can try to change and bow he can make the best use of his abilities.

In understanding oneself, one can understand others better. He begins to realize everyone has an individual personality; is a product of his environment, his culture; has his own way of approach and response to people and situations. Then be is slower to judge others and knows that people are subject to human failure. He accepts another for what be is and can do; instead of what he should be and do.

This acceptance, plus hoping and trusting for the best to come out, works magic; because people feel better about themselves, feel a sense of freedom, and therefore do better.

-Norma R. La Brecsue

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING


The Violent Animal: Man

Kansas City (Mo.) Star, Dec. 12,1968

Behavioral scientists are devoting urgent study to the question of why man, alone among all creatures in the animal kingdom, displays tendencies toward the wanton destruction of his own species.

One school of thought holds that this malignant characteristic is learned by each new generation, from history and from the example of its elders. Another suggests that the trait is instinctive and is shared (although in lesser degree) with the lower primates and certain other “territorial” beasts. Most researchers believe it to be some combination of the two.

Whatever its origins, man’s inclination to pointless violence is believed by nearly all the behaviorists to be aggravated by conditions of crowding, impersonality, frustration, disorientation and defeat that mark the lives of millions in this increasingly urban age. One hope of these scientific observers is that ways may be found to redirect this accumulated aggressiveness away from the ultimate catastrophe of war into such constructive activities as the assault on social and cultural problems.

This would, in mankind’s case, be the psychological counterpart of knitting to relieve tension or splitting firewood to work off a rage. It is an interesting theory-offering a glint of hope for what sometimes seems a hopeless day. But can it be applied soon enough? Our books are fat with the accounts of hideous wars. The next is only the touch of a button away, and if it comes, there will be no one to rake through the ashes for a lesson.

——— ♦ ———

Lecture Publicity

We invite all Units to announce their forthcoming lectures in the Understanding Magazine that subscribers in your area may be advised of your activities.

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APRIL, 1969                                19

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Credits Due

Credit is due the following writers for material published in recent issues of Understanding Magazine:

Dorothy Low for “Flowering of the Soul,” February issue; B. Coursin Black for “Understanding,” March issue; Eleanor Me Glasham for “Flying Saucer Vision,” March issue; Juliana Lewis for “Law and Disorder,” March issue.

We offer our (and the Gremlins’) apologies for these oversights.

Buffalo Lecture Schedules

A change of lecture dates was necessary recently with the result that the Blockinger twins, Paul and Peter, presented their program for Buffalo Unit 37 in February. Their April date, the 14th, will now feature Mrs. Harry E. Pringle of the Baha’i Faith, who will talk on “God’s World Without End.” The lectures will be held at The Institute, 1260 Delaware Street, Buffalo, New York.

Mr. Norman Weiss, UFO Chairman for the Unit, will speak at the June meeting on “UFOs and the Bible, with Thoughts from George Van Tassel.” Mr. Weiss is, also scheduled to give short talks on UFOs (from his wealth of material) at all lectures not already concerned with flying saucers.

Upon the resignation of Vice-President Paul Swing, Mr. Daniel L. Harding has been chosen for the position. Congratulations!

In addition to monthly public lectures Unit 37 holds Saturday Discussion Meetings for members only.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Wish to be posted on Unit activities? Write Mrs. Marie Hale, President, at 5S Berwyn Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 14215.

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Once again we remind our members and subscribers that Commemorative and foreign stamps are needed to provide funds for milk for under-privileged children in other lands. Please leave one quarter inch of paper around the stamps.

The address is: Washington-Idaho Council of Churches, 200r Fifth Ave., Seattle, Wash.

Advance Notice

The first United States Conference of the Spiritual Unity of Nations (Sun), founded by Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Busby of Sussex, England, will be held in Cobo Hall, Detroit Michigan, September 26-29, 1969.

Speakers will include leaders and representatives of many New Age groups in this country. A team of internationally known spiritual lecturers from Great Britain have agreed to participate also.

The theme of the conference is “What we can do together.”

For details write: Mr. Donald J. Knight, Sun Conference Chairman, P.O. Box 5321, Detroit, Mich. 48211.

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The Fly in the Saucer

by Philip J. Klass (Authority on UFOs)


The idea that the earth has played host to hundreds or
thousands of spaceships from other worlds for 21 years or longer is an adult
fantasy that has gotten out of hand. It is a fantasy that has also been
nurtured by charlatans who have exploited the public’s curiosity for their own
enrichment or for personal publicity.

Some UFO sightings, of course, have been the result of
unusual but nevertheless explainable circumstances. A few sightings, reported
by responsible observers, have never been explained but the “least likely
explanation” for unusual lights and whirring objects in the sky, according
to the National Academy of Sciences, “is the hypothesis of
extraterrestrial visitations by intelligent beings?”.

Yet a space mythology has grown up about mysterious visitors
from outer space. When I first became interested in UFO’s, it seemed an
innocent enough fantasy—as harmless as reading science fiction. But as I have
watched the mushrooming of a flying saucer cult, my ideas have changed.

Charlatans have discovered a gold mine in exploiting the
hopes and fears of the believers. Writers have rung up fat royalties by
pandering to the widespread public interest in the subject. Until I personally
investigated a number of well known cases, I didn’t believe any author would
dare to write an article or book filled with inaccuracies and false-hoods which
add to the illusion that UFO’s must be alien spaceships.

Credulous readers

The credulous feed on paperback books with such title as The
Flying Saucer Menace: The Untold Story of the UFO Threat
, Flying Saucers
Are Hostile
, and The Startling Evidence of the Invasion From Outer Space.
And pulp magazines carry articles with bold headlines reading, “Are we
sitting ducks waiting for the saucer people to take over?” or “Will
the earth become the slave colony of another planet?”

My research has also brought me into contact with the
“UFO prophets” who, more appropriately, should be called the
“UFO profits.”

Woodrow Derenberger, onetime preacher and vacuum-cleaner
salesman from near Parkersburg, W. Va., claims that extraterrestrial visitors
drop by his home for dinner, or a cup of coffee. Sometimes they bring their
wives. Derenberger asserts he has twice flown to “their” native
planet which he says is three-and-a-half light years away (This would be
approximately 20,000 billion miles.) When I asked him how long his fantastic
trip had taken, he replied: “About an hour and a half”

My first encounter with a “UFO prophet” occurred
in the fall of 1966. I appeared on a local radio program opposite Dan Fry,
whose privately published book contended he had flown in a flying saucer from
New Mexico to New York and back. The book also said that flying saucers
subsequently had landed three times at his ranch in Oregon.

Fry lectures under the title of “Dr.” because of
an honorary Ph.D. which he says was bestowed upon him by “St. Andrews
College of London.” When I checked with the Library of Congress, they
could find no college by that name listed in any of their directories. And when
I tried to place a telephone call to the institution, the chief information
operator in London said she could not find a telephone listed under that name.

Fry, according to his book, is “recognized by many as
the best informed scientist in the world on the subject of space and space
travel.” But when I checked with the National Aeronautics and Space
Administration, I couldn’t find anyone there who had heard of him. His former
employer told me that he was neither a graduate scientist nor an engineer, He
had been a toolmaker, “and a darned good one.”

Most of the “UFO prophets” hit the lecture
circuit, and Fry is no exception. While he was lecturing in Florida, a
well-to-do retired couple became so enthralled with his story that they decided
to sell all of their property to provide Fry with funds to build an
inter-planetary radio station in Oregon. This was supposed to bring the wisdom
of the “space people” to millions on earth.

The cult of space travel was started by George Adamski, a
hamburger chef who wrote a book on space travel in 1949, and listed it as
fiction. It did not sell. A year later, his adventures were professionally
rewritten and republished, this time with the claim that they were true, and
Adamski was on his way to a measure of fame and fortune. Like many others in
his trade, he liked to call himself “Professor.”

On occasion, the UFO hoaxes have led to real tragedy. In
1947, a Chicago publisher concocted a yarn with two men in Tacoma, Wash., who
agreed to pose as “harbor patrolmen.” They reported that six
spacecraft had hovered over their patrol boat, and that one of the craft had
disintegrated over an island. They claimed to have pieces of the wreckage. The
Air Force sent a team of investigators to interview the “witnesses.”
On the way back to their base in California, two of the investigators were
killed when their plane crashed.

As with most hoaxes, the news of the unmasking seldom gets
as much publicity as the initial claim. There are, how-ever, some stories of
contact with space people that are so patently absurd that those who wish to
believe them perhaps should be allowed the privilege. One favorite is the
adventure of Antonio Villas-Boas, a Brazilian farmer. He claimed to have been
captured by little men from an egg-shaped spaceship, taken aboard, and stripped
for medical examination. During an ordeal that lasted four hours, he said, he
was seduced twice by a spacegirl.

Those photos

A number of other UFO hoaxes have been perpetrated by
photographers of varying degrees of skill. Researchers for the University of
Colorado, working under an Air Force contract to investigate UFO reports spent
a considerable amount of time and money exposing how these photos were faked.
They range from hand-thrown models to double exposures to pictures of camera
lens caps, carefully suspended from wires. The expert analysis of these photos
did not come, however, until after the pictures had been sold to gullible

After 21 years of UFO reports, without a single piece of
substantial evidence to support the extraterrestrial theory, public interest
periodically sags. This has prompted some of the UFO cultists to devise still
wilder and more paranoid stones. For example, there are the alleged “Men
in Black” who supposedly try to intimidate UFO witnesses into silence.

The first reports suggested that the Men in Black were Air
Force officers. The USAF has long been the victim of the false charge that it
is trying to “suppress the truth about UFO’s.” Others suggested that
the Men in Black were agents of the Central Intelligence Agency.

More recent accounts contend that the Men in Black have
warned persons: “Say nothing about what you saw for the good of your
family, your country and your planet!” The idea that the Men m Black are
really extraterrestrial visitors, themselves, disguised to look like
“earthlings “became popular soon after a major television show was
launched two years ago, based on a similar science-fiction theme.

I have interviewed many persons who have made UFO sighting
reports, a few of whom have taken seemingly credible UFO pictures. Not a single
one of these persons had ever encountered any attempt to silence them—by Men in
Black, or any government agency.

How certain am I that “legitimate UFO’s,” which cannot
be explained away as a hoax or misidentification, aren’t really spaceships from
another world? We used to say in my home state of Iowa: “Talk is cheap;
put your money where your mouth is.” I am prepared to risk my lifetime’s
savings to express my conviction on UFO’s.

I have a standing offer to pay $10,000 to anyone who can
produce the first incontrovertible evidence that even one UFO is an
extraterrestrial spaceship. For example, I would pay off if a single crashed
spacecraft, or major piece of one, were found whose construction showed it to
be of extraterrestrial design in the opinion of the National Academy of
Sciences. Any other evidence sufficient to convince the academy would make the
believer $10,000 richer. All he has to do is agree to express his conviction by
paying me $250 per year for each year until such evidence becomes available—but
for no more than 20 years. This limits his maximum risk to $5000. I have made
this offer to authors who have earned large sums writing UFO books, and to
officials of UFO organizations who say the evidence for alien visitors is
overwhelming. I have made the offer on national radio and TV, but have yet to
find a single “believer” who is willing to put his money where his mouth

PARADE • MARCH 16, 1969