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VOLUME XIV                              FEBRUARY, 1969                                     NUMBER 2

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


The long expected and often delayed report of the University of Colorado U.F.O. “Study” ‘ was finally made public this week.. Well not quite public, but a considerable number of excerpts from it have appeared in press releases. Examination of these excerpts and the accompanying comment leaves little doubt that the nature and content of the entire report are exactly as predicted from the very beginning of the study, by those who have had long experience in such ‘study projects.’

The report seems to consist entirely of a 1,500 page rehash of the same old worn-out gobblegook of ego dictated sophistry and scientific myopia that has insulted the intelligence and strained the patience of the long suffering public for the last fourteen years. In those portions of the report which have been made public, the writer has been unable to discover a single new statement of fact, new theory or even a new speculation concerning any part of the U.F.O. subject! Paragraph after paragraph has obviously been copied verbatim from an assortment of scientific and quasi-scientific articles and theories, most of which have been moldering in the writer’s own files for more than a decade! One cannot help but

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

wonder where these “men of science” have been all these years.

Lack of space forbids any exhaustive analysis of the report here, but the following is typical: Washington (UPI), 9 January 1969 –“Man cannot expect to be visited by space ships from other solar systems in the next 10,000 years, and probably not even then.” (According to a. scientific study made public today.) The 1,500 page report hedged however by saying that, “Its conclusion, based on present evidence is not a prediction for the future!!!”

In other words-“It will be at least 10,000 years before man can expect a visit from space, but if a space ship should land on the White House lawn at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning, ALL BETS ARE OFF!! (Really now, Jaffsie, for the half-million bucks that the public shelled out for this report, don’t you think that they are entitled to something a little more profound than that?)

“Human beings now know enough to destroy all life on earth,” it said, and they may lack the intelligence to work out social controls to keep themselves from doing so.” (With this statement we must perforce, agree since it is a direct quote from a lecture which we have personally delivered from more than 400 different podiums, and on nearly a. thousand radio and t.v. programs during the past 14 years; yet it is used by this report as an argument against the probability of extra-terrestrial visitation, whereas most investigators use it as a possible explanation for the apparent interest of E.Ts in our current situation.) But let us read, “Careful consideration of the record, as it is available to us, leads us to conclude that further extensive study of UFOs cannot be justified in the expectation that science will be advanced thereby.” (This statement might be more convincing if there had ever been a genuine study of UFOs, and if the writer did not remember so well the day in 1932 when Dr. Robert Millikan, director of the Norman Bridge Lab. of physics at Cal Tech., Nobel Prize winner, and author of many text books on physics, repeatedly made the same kind of statements concerning the release and use of nuclear energy.) E.g., “From the very beginning of his habitation of this planet, man has derived all of his useful energy, directly or indirectly from the sun. After examining all of the possibilities of obtaining nuclear energy, it is my carefully considered opinion that if this civilization should last for another 50,000 years, at the end of that time man will still

FEBRUARY, 1969                      3

be deriving all of his useful energy directly or indirectly from the sun! If all of the possibilities of nuclear energy could be gathered together in one place, we might be able to. keep the whistle on the corner peanut stand going for a long time to come, but that is all!!” (This writer’s first conscious thought on seeing the newspaper headlines on Hiroshima were, “What a whale of a peanut whistle it turned out to be!”) It is an unfortunate fact that the farther a man progresses in the scientific dogma of our current culture, the blinder he becomes to any possibility for which the mathematical formula has not yet been written.

-Daniel W. Fry, Ph. D.

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Copyright 1968

French-speaking people have felt like second class citizens in Canada for many years, and with partial justification, have blamed English speaking Canadians. This spring I unsuspectingly sampled their reaction.

In Montreal’s new international airport I asked a passerby for directions to the washroom in English. The hostility was like a slap in the face! The ugly look, slow sneer, and deliberately turned back, left me shaken. I felt foolish, slighted, and frustrated. This nameless back denied me any opportunity to apologize, or repeat my question in my limited French, and was an unwarranted injustice.

I was not consulted when my parents raised me in English speaking Canada, where I studied English and Parisian French. (Both little used by French Canadians) Could I be blamed or blame my parents and teachers? Montreal is a bilingual city in a supposedly bilingual country, where I could have expected the same reaction. had I spoken French to an English speaking Canadian

My anger vent was opened, and I searched back through memory for a comparable incident to add to my anger. I remembered 1942 and `The Dime.’ With memory came the old hurt and anger, but it also brought empathy and the beginning of understanding which I should like to share.

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Somebody stole my dime!!! Maybe they lost, misplaced, or discounted it, but I remember it was stolen. Granted a dime isn’t much today, but to a ten year old boy in 1942 it represented hours of home labor, and days of `being good.’

A magazine ad offered to make me “A plane Spotter.” I can still see the vivid picture of that tall, flat-roofed building, with the commandingly erect figure, complete with armband, gigantic binoculars, and the brilliant white helmet emblazoned with authoritative crest, “Air Warden.” Here was both a ready-made idol, and the promise “This Man Could Be You! Send only one dime for the latest spotter’s manual complete with three-way, color views, of all the newest aircraft `In Flight.’ “

To understand this offer’s appeal, you must remember the early war panic on the west coast. Pearl Harbor had been bombed, Vancouver Island shelled, landings were reported imminent, and the whole Nisei population up-rooted and deported east. As children we sang patriotic songs, learned air-raid drills, and filled an inexhaustible supply of bags from an indepletable pile of sand. Today’s children would play with glee in such a pile, but I remember it as being damp and grey, and somehow serious. We grew to loathe the sight of sand, the feeling of it in shoes and clothes, and the taste of it in lunches.

The magazine offered an alternative well worth the price. Two weeks of doing dishes, cutting lawns, and `being good’ earned my deliverance from the sand, only to realize I had to have a stamp. “‘Could my letter wait another week?” “Could I `be good’ for another week?” Another round of deals was made, indentures detailed, and my dime was mailed.

Wait! Such a short word for such a long time. Have you ever been disappointed every day for three months? I rushed home every day for three months to nothing. Every day was going to be THE day, then empty nothing, until the final crushing blow “It’s not coming.” It doesn’t matter who said it. Realization smothers hope. No crested helmet. No vision expanding binoculars. No inner worth from knowing you’re needed and important. Considered for ever to the thoughtless labor of the sand-pile, unrecognized and unrewarded.

The adult explanation that I’d sent an American magazine a

FEBRUARY, 1969                      5

Canadian dime which was not negotiable, was unacceptable. I knew! Some nameless, faceless somebody, across that unseen border stole my dime. I desperately wanted to confront the one who did it; who crushed my hopes, who callously consigned me to the sand pile, labeled me a second class citizen on my own continent, robbed me of the opportunity to study and become important, kept me from wearing the helmet, holding the binoculars, accepting responsibility, and being needed.

I struck out blindly in my anger and frustration. “Don’t trust; Americans” I told my friends, “They look like us but don’t be fooled.”

“Bar foreign magazines that promise worlds I can not have.” “Build a border I can see, or have no border at all.”

I looked for Americans wherever I could find them, and searched each face with anger, hostility, and hurt. “Could this be he? Or was that the one who stole my dime? Or is this the one?”

This spring I saw that look on the face of my hostile passerby. Could it have been a mirror image I was watching? Could he have looked at me and wondered, “Is this the one?”

I think I understand.

-R. G. Condie

——— ♦ ———


During the Winter Quarter of 1967-68 a course was offered on UFOs at the Davis Campus of the University of California. The course was conducted by Dr. P. S. Moller, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and Dr. Dennis Livingstone, a political scientist, and was attended by 30 students. The course was entitled. “Flying Saucers: The Social and Technological Implications.” The only prerequisite for admission to the class was “an open mind to all phenomena.” The requirement was considered a difficult one as “the barrier of superstition has closed off effective evaluation of the subject.”

Dr. P. S. Moller, reporting for “The American Engineer” (May,. 1968) noted that a prime reason scientists discount the existence of flying saucers is because they have set limits to the boundaries

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

of knowledge as concerns the physics of matter at speed approaching the speed of light. Travel through the universe thus is considered impossible “because our physics states that we can travel only at speeds no more than the speed of light.”

Although the UFO course touched upon the sociological and religious implications inherent in the UFO as a reality, the emphasis was upon the scientific and technological possibilities.’

Dr. Moller’s approach to the course was based upon a correlation of our presently rapidly increasing data on propulsion systems and data revealed from UFO sightings reports. To avoid a negative attitude, the questions of Dr. Moller were first posed on scientific grounds, and later revealed to be relevant to UFOs.

“The reaction was always the same,” according to Dr. Moller, shock at the amount of correlation between the reported environmental effects surrounding the UFOs and our own technological knowledge of the effects of magnetic fields, plasma, etc. It was a very effective way of insuring objectivity on the subject and at the same time convincing the scientist to look further into the subject.” Dr. Moller has personally designed a propulsion system (the details of which were not given to the class) that is capable of producing many of the effects reported in UFO sighting experiences, i.e., temporary paralysis, prickling sensations, dimming (or loss) of car and house lights, inoperative magnetic compasses, etc. He noted that the people who have reported these effects “could not have known about the magnetic effects since very few scientists are aware of them.”

Relative to the shape of the UFOs, he had this to say:

“A propulsion system employing a large magnetic field could use it in conjunction with plasma (possibly ionized air). If such plasma were employed it would glow in the dark and change color with the degree of ionization (power level or speed) and the altitude of operation of the vehicle.” The correlation with sighting accounts is obvious.

Other correlations were also made with the conclusion given that “the technology available provides reasonable answers to most of the questions concerning the performance of these reported UFOs in our atmosphere.”

FEBRUARY, 1969                      7

Both instructors. and students were of the opinion that the course was valuable; for knowledge eliminates superstitious fears and absurd reactions to the unknown. Further correlative studies, by open-minded scientists, could possibly result in a useful Identified Object.

——— ♦ ———


(From a South American correspondent we have received a personal letter, dated October 5, 1968, with the following interesting account of a reported UFO experience in Argentina.)

“The report, about the teleportation to Mexico, which has been debunked in the `Primara Plana’ as being a hoax, turned out to be true!!! A lady I know is a friend of the cousins of the couple who were taken to Mexico. At my insistence she tried to get more details, but to no avail. The couple has turned cagey and shun society. What I. learned is this

“Two couples; both notaries, working together (I know their, names and addresses but can not disclose them to avoid them trouble) decided to spend a few days in Mar del Plata, the famous sea-side resort. One couple. left in the morning, the other was to follow later in the evening on account of business.

“The latter couple, when they were driving along the high road to Mar del Plata, suddenly came into an illuminated mist or cloud and lost consciousness. When they awoke they found themselves near Acapulco in Mexico. The paint on their car was burnt off in, a strange way. They went to the Consul in Mexico, who communicated with their friends here, for everyone was upset about their disappearance.

“They were returned to Buenos Aires by air, but strictly forbidden to talk about the experience. The wife suffered from shock and was taken to the clinic. The car was kept by the American CIA and they were given a new car.

“This is all my friend could find- out. It happened about two. months before the newspapers published the story, somewhat distorted. In the end something always leaks out, even if one tries to, keep it secret.”

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

The letter also bad this to say: “In Mendoza, another big town at the foot of the Andes, another very strange thing happened. But again no one knows what is the truth. But something must have occurred for the local authorities, not being able to outlaw the flying saucers themselves, will imprison anyone who spreads alarming rumors about flying saucers. That is rather drastic, isn’t it?”

-K. C.

Should you be interested in direct letter contact with friends in other lands we again remind you to write to our “Friendship by Mail” Chairman, Mrs. Dorothy Knowles, 12020 68th Ave. South, Seattle, Wash. 99178.

——— ♦ ———


(The following article is abstracted from the October 1968 issue of “World Goodwill Commentary.”)

Although in the United States and Great Britain the race problem is particularly acute, the problem itself is world wide. In the Middle East Greek faces Turk, the Arab the Jew; the blacks confront the whites in Africa as do the Christians, the Muslims. The twenty year differences between India and Pakistan remain unresolved, and the Malaysian Peninsula is insecure in its relations between communities of Malay, Indian and Chinese. So the story repeats itself elsewhere, also.

Peoples seek to erect barriers against racial unity everywhere contrary to the “direction of human evolutionary and spiritual development.”

The solution of the race problem, the article notes, would be simple “if it were just a question of reason and mental understanding,” for biologically ‘ `inferior and superior races cannot be justified.” There is an. universal acceptance today by science that “all peoples of the world appear to possess equal biological potentialities for attaining any level of civilization, and that differences in the achievements of different people must be attributed solely to their cultural history.”

Historically, as well, the evidence of racial superiority is not confined to any one group of peoples except for short time spans. Hugh

FEBRUARY, 1969                      9

Keenleyside, a former Director General of the U.N. Technical Assistance Administration, writes:

“Four thousand years ago the Mesopotamians and the Egyptians, both colored though in slightly different shades), might be excused, in view of their lack of scientific training in biology, for believing that they represented permanently `superior’ races. There was at that time no reason to feel that the barbarous Greeks, or the predecessors of the people who established the great Empire of Rome, would ever be able to match the cultural achievements of Memphis or Babylon…”

He continues his commentary with examples of the acclaim to superiority, at different times, of the Chinese, the Assyrians, the Hebrews, the Moors, and others.

Since reason and mental understanding are not the basis of the discrimination problem, the causes of racial prejudice are “essentially found in the emotional and irrational side of man’s nature.”

Fear is considered as the basis of all racial prejudice. “Particularly is this the case in times of economic difficulty and potential or actual unemployment, or where there are housing shortages, and in situations where education, welfare and social services are inadequate to meet the needs of the community. Men fear for their jobs and for their families, and this sense of insecurity is often aggravated by feelings of personal inadequacy combined with a repressed sense of guilt.”

This emotional frustration seeks a “scapegoat.” The real or imagined cultural differences create racial divisions and violence, while the basic causes of the unrest may be sidetracked or ignored completely.

Because the problem is serious, long-standing, and because bigotry is not easily eradicated, the efforts for the unity of all men must cover many lines. The following suggestions are considered as the most important.

1          We must constantly assert the great moral and spiritual truth that all men are brothers, of equal value, and that the destiny of humanity is to be united as one family….

2          A continuing and continues educational program must be conducted so that men of all races, classes and countries are left in no

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

doubt about the true facts of race-scientific, historical, cultural, religious and philosophical-and the fundamental reality that all races have an equal human and spiritual potential.

3          Strenuous efforts must be made to eliminate the economic and social conditions in which racial problems flourish….

4          Anti-discrimination legislation, covering all aspects of human rights, and backed by an efficient yet humane administration, must be established where it does not. yet exist….

5          Men must be led to a better understanding of the psychological mechanism of prejudice, and especially its irrational basis, so that they may guard against the growth of racial prejudice both within themselves and among others.

6          And finally goodwill to all must be the continuing and underlying keynote of all efforts to establish right relations between the many races and peoples who comprise the one humanity.

(For the full text, please write to: World Goodwill, 866 United Nations Plaza, New York, N. Y. 10017.)

——— ♦ ———

Stonehenge-A Power Station?

(New Zealand Star, Sept. 25, 1968)

LONDON, -A group of amateur archaeologists has come up with a startling answer to one of the world’s oldest and most puzzling mysteries – the origin and purpose of stone age monuments such as Stonehenge.

Evidence assembled over 17 years suggest that the stones form a gigantic power network.

Mr. John Williams, of Abergavenny, Monmothshire, thinks all such monuments in Britain may be aligned in a single geometrical pattern.

Mr. Williams, has compared the positions on ordnance survey maps of more than 3000 prehistoric stone circles and single standing stones.

FEBRUARY, 1969                      11

He says every one is aligned to neighbours up to 20 miles away at an angle of 23-1/2 degrees, or a multiple of that angle.

Over the years he has taken thousands of photographs of standing stones. A surprising number of photographs appeared spoilt, as if “fogged.”

“I thought nothing of it for years and put it down to bad camera-work,” Mr. Williams said. “But in 1959 a. friend and I photographed the same stone near Brecon together.

“Both pictures came out with a fogged band across them in the same place.

“Something in the stone was spoiling the pictures. A kind of ultra-violet light. Since then I’ve had many more examples of the same phenomenon.”

Mr. Williams continued: “Most, if not all, standing stones contain quartz, a crystal similar to that used with the cat’s whisker in early wireless receivers.”

Fort Found in Andes

(New Zealand Herald, Oct. 29, 1968)

Santiago, Chile-A group of climbers searching for a flying saucer base high in the Andes said yesterday they had found what could be a fortress of a previously unknown civilization.

The five-man team also claimed they had seen a flying saucer in the area. and showed reporters in Santiago a photograph of a flash of light crossing the night sky above the Andes.

The team was investigating an area of Chile near Talca, 150 miles south of Santiago, following reports of flying saucers, cars stopping and starting without explanation and out-of-season flowers suddenly blooming in a few hours.

They found nothing to corroborate these reports, but instead discovered, opposite an extinct volcano, two platforms about 700 yards square each made from 233 10-ton blocks of volcanic rock.

Regeneration Pill

(Northern Advocate, New Zealand )

London, NPZA.-A pill claimed to make old pets young again will soon be available in Britain.

The pill is also said to make racehorses and greyhounds stronger and faster, the Sunday Mirror reported from Hamburg.

Listless dogs with dull coats suddenly became lively and developed

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

a new sheen when given the pill, known as Animal KH3, during tests.

Cats looked better and became like kittens again.

“Animal KH3 has been found especially beneficial for older and arthritic horses and racing dogs,” said Mr. Schwartzhaupt. “The pill merely regenerates the animals by making blood vessels function better, taking aches from joints and freshening up the coats, making them young again.”

In January, 350 Bremen police near retirement age were guinea pigs in a five-month experiment with KH3 pills.

Some of the policemen now say they work harder, feel better, get less irritable, and that the pill helps their memory.


(Grants Pass Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., Dec. 28, 1968)

By William P. Oppel

DALLAS (UPI) -Scientists at the 135th meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science are taking more than a casual look at air and water pollution.

Scientists said Friday pollution is causing the earth to undergo a cooling of the atmosphere equal to one-eighth the difference in temperatures between the Ice Age and now. And, said the scientists, this temperature change has come within the last 25 years.

It has resulted in a migration of marine life that has left many cultures without a proper food supply.

Dr. Bostwick H. Ketchum, a member of the National Science foundation, said half the world’s population depends upon the animal proteins found in marine life. He contended man-made pollution has endangered this source of food.

“Without this protein, infant mortality rates climb, as does mental retardation,” Ketchum said.

Dr. Edward Goldberg, a member of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography in La Jolla, Calif., said increasing amounts of DDT and pesticides have been found in marine life.

Dr. George Woodwell of the Brookhaven National Laboratory says a sharp decrease in the number of scavenger birds has been attributed to the increasing use of DDT.

Murray Mitchell, of the Environmental Data Service in Silver Springs, Md., said air pollution is screening out the solar radiation of the sun, and thus cooling the atmosphere.

FEBRUARY, 1969                      13

“The change in the median temperature since World War II has been one half degree centigrade and the temperature difference between today and the Ice Age was four degrees centigrade,” Mitchell said.

——— ♦ ———


Right and Wrong: Ancient Dilemma

(Kansas City Star, K. C., Mo., July 30, 1968)

“With firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right…”

-Abraham Lincoln

The great moral and philosophical question faced by men through the ages has centered on the distinction between right and wrong. In courts of law, the issue of whether a criminal defendant can plead insanity has hinged traditionally on whether he could distinguish right from wrong. But it is not that simple, psychologists have been pointing out in recent years. Broader criteria are needed. Indeed, who can be sure he is distinguishing aright? Abraham Lincoln recognized the difficulty, in the quotation above from his second inaugural address. The phrase, “as God gives us to see the right,” acknowledged the fallibility of human beings in judging what was right, and what was wrong.

Right must prevail, in the end, if a society is to achieve the goals which our American Republic has set for itself. But self-righteousness, as Lincoln recognized in his characteristically humble and perceptive utterance, is not the key to true righteousness. The witch trials in old Salem of colonial Massachusetts were classic evidence of the destructiveness of the self-righteous.

The wrongs of the world are many, and they need righting. But violent self-righteousness is not the real answer in the Middle East, or in riot-torn American cities. The wreaking of vengeance for ancient wrongs will pull out the cornerstone of good will on which a better social order must rest.

Another President, John Quinsy Adams, called for forgiveness in terms that have special meaning today:

“In charity to all mankind, bearing no malice or, “ill-will to any human being, and even compassionating those who hold in bondage their fellow-men, not knowing what they do.”

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING


The blossoming of a soul is a process of repetition, each lifetime bringing forth more of the inner beauty, plus evidence of a higher spiritual quality, no matter what the physical level of manifestation may be. In the face of many a scrub-woman is reflected the countenance of an Angel, while Satan sneers from the visage of many an esteemed contemporary.

The cyclic decay of the vehicle of flesh is in no way connected with the Divine Spark, the inner BE-ing, for which the soul is the vehicle, except as it frees this Spark for a return to the home of its Father.

To worry and fret about mundane responsibilities; to cherish our material possessions, rather than to realize they are loans to us of a portion of God’s limitless bounty; to live, mainly, for the enjoyment of various sensual pleasures-all these are fetters to bind the soul; with its inner Spark., to the rock of Torment.

Realize that you are living in a temporary residence, as you busy. yourself with the construction of your permanent, spiritual edifice; pray that you will be given assistance in choosing a firm foundation and selecting strong supporting timbers; have faith that your final Temple will be an expression of your joyful Thanksgiving, erected to commemorate your recognition of your status as a child of The Most-loving Father.

BE FREE-adore thy Father; join hands with thy Brothers, the Ones who have been Christed; allow the spirit of good, God, to permeate thy BEing-then shalt thy cup runneth over.

——— ♦ ———


When in prayer always be positive. Prayer is like waves that go forth and make contact. In your -prayer you make contact with the LIVING wires of the SPIRIT of the LIVING GOD. As your words and prayers go forth they gain momentum and force. Jesus said to ask what-so-ever we will and it shall be done. We have inherited his power and strength and faith. Think on this and as you do there will be a mighty change in your life. Your life will go forth; with the mighty power of the LIVING GOD.. One with Christ. As you pray in the secret of your heart, thou shalt see the reward and answer to your prayer.

FEBRUARY, 1969                      16

Our prayers and meditation are like a. fountain of water overflowing and spreading forth. Whoever and what-ever it touches is bound to feel the effects.

Picture in your mind a beautiful fountain or a spring of water. So is your prayer and meditation.

Positive prayer fortifies the fort within thee. It surmounts and surpasses all mountains and obstacles. Positive prayer is a fortifier of all needs. Positive prayer can take authority in all things and helps banish all negativity.

-Cora Prantner, Unit 37

——— ♦ ———

book reviews

The Search For the Girl With the Blue Eyes – Adventure into Re-incarnation by Jess Stearn, $4.95. (Doubleday & Co., New York.)

This fantastic venture led the author, Jess Stearn, into writing a book with a refreshing, common-sense approach to the much discussed subject of reincarnation.

For those readers who wish to pursue their own venture into this subject, without having to wade through reams of spiritualistic semantics, this book is highly recommended.

The very fact that re-incarnation can be involved with ordinary everyday people who experience love, laughter, pain and sorrow, and ultimately death, is reassuring to the many people who have been snubbed by those who proclaim to have been Queen Nefertiti, Jesus, Mary, or any number of past notables.

This sensitive, yet deeply moving, book indicates the importance

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

of delving into a past life, however mundane a sophisticated metaphysician might think it is.

Excitement begins early in the pages of the book, at the moment the author was asked by his editors to investigate the story of Joanna Mae Iver’s past life. Mr. Stearn produces an unforgettable narrative describing a forgotten life through the incredible revelations of a young girl with penetrating blue eyes that seem to look back on centuries.

-Ernest L. Wyatt

The Silent Language by Edward T. Hall, Premier Paperback, 60c.

“A leading anthropologist reveals how people talk to each other without the use of words.” Or, we could say how we talk with so much more than just words, and even more than with the classic example of the hands. There is a non-verbal, silent language among all peoples which prescribes “our handling of time, our spiritual relationships, our attitudes toward work, play and learning” as well as our feelings.

According to Dr. Hall most of our difficulties in “understanding” others are rooted in our lack of “understanding” of ourselves and the culture that has affected us so strongly.

With an outline of a theory of the development. of culture and how it comes into being, we are shown how much “out” of awareness there is in our communications. Dr. Hall links this information to the idea. that. culture often hides more than it reveals, and hides it most from its own participants, though they may need it most.

Numerous examples are given wherein diplomatic negotiations are hindered by a lack of understanding of the cultural patterns of communications, with actions and reactions among the participants: for example, the American way of being forthright and direct versus a more time consuming finesse of another peoples. We could well note that this can be of immeasurable value to all of us who want to live a more rewarding life. Observations are given that reveal how little even the well-traveled and observant of us have missed in our communications one with the other.

Dr. Hall and his associates have developed a basic “triad” for the evaluation of any given culture, involving formal, informal

FEBRUARY, 1969                      17

and technical learning, and the awareness that goes with each of them, their relations to change and resistance to change, etc, The system is interesting and its development thorough, but it is too extensive to cover in this review.

Even TV and our space age considerations are covered in a later chapter. In fact, the language of space, as such, is a fitting climax to a book that is not only interesting to read but which can serve also as basis for study.

-Florence Bohnert

——— ♦ ———

Poet’s corner


Upon Life’s realization of who we are

And what our goal shall be

We start with that small love and good

That is truly within our hearts and seek

How we can share it with others

Who are seeking the same understanding.

Plant the seed of love and life,

With all the good things we know,

Into the minds of those in our midst.

They will reap that glorious harvest

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Of spiritual love that was never known

In their world of understanding.

We accept the things around us

As if they were manna from Heaven.

But we must give a little, and a little more,

So that the blessings will flow to those in need,

To lift their spiritual being to the

High level of consciousness and understanding.

Harry F. Woodward (Pres. Unit 7)


All May Be One

Jesus prayed

that all may be one,

like his coat

woven without seam

from top throughout,

but men of the cloth

divided remain,

parted at the cross.

-Ed Eaglo

——— ♦ ———

bulletin board

Anthony Brooke to Lecture

Plans are now being made for a series of lectures in the Pacific Northwest, March 1-12, by Anthony Brooke of Lancashire, England. Anthony Brooke is a member of many groups concerned with

FEBRUARY, 1969                      19

unity, peace and education for world citizenship. He works to link these groups for greater effectiveness. He is the writer of several New Age booklets, including “The Time is Now” and Are These the Signs?”

Tentatively lectures are scheduled for Paradise, Calif.; Grants Pass, Myrtle Creek, Eugene and Klammath Falls, Ore. Contact your local Unit for time, place and lecture title. This is your opportunity to hear a well-known spiritual lecturer.

Inter Galactical Federation of Sweden

A December 20th report from the Inter Galactical Federation of Stockholm, Sweden, reads: “Together with Heinz Bohme we appeared on the Swedish television. It was the 7th of December and on one of the main programs this evening, when about 4 million people were watching.

“We knew beforehand that operative units from the Brothers would ‘Back-up’ the program. A lot of ships (UFOs) were observed just before, during and after the program.

“On the 9th of December at 06:30 a V-Formation of ships followed by a leader-ship were observed in the southern part of Stockholm.”

Book Received

Thanks are due the Philosophical Library (15 East 40th St., N. Y. 10016) for a copy of THE ART OF PHILOSOPHIZING AND OTHER ESSAYS by Bertrand Russell. The essays were written before Bertrand Russell became involved in the issues of nuclear warfare and communism, and are concerned with the “art of reckoning” in the fields of mathematics, logic and philosophy. The book sells for $3.95.

Request from Australia

From Australia we have received the following letter. “I have been commissioned to write a book of true ghost stories from all over the world, and would appreciate hearing from any of your readers who have experienced hauntings, etc., giving full details of same.”

If you have a ghost experience to share you may write to: Michael Hervey, 5 Dick St., Heneley, N. S. W., Australia.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Inglewood Lecture

On Saturday, February 2nd, 1969, at 8 P.M., the Inglewood Unit 15 will present Michael Barton, well-known researcher, author, and lecturer on flying saucers, who will speak on the topic: “My Contact with the People on the Planet Atonen.

The lecture will be given at the Business and Professional Women’s Clubhouse, 820 Java St., Inglewood, Calif. (One block east of La Brea Ave., and one-half block north of Java St.)

On November 23rd Unit 15 celebrated their Tenth Anniversary. On that occasion Dr. Daniel W. Fry presented his film, History of Flight to an attentive audience. Pictures were taken and refreshments served.

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In the next seven years man’s scientific knowledge will be doubled. The last time it took fifteen years, the time before a hundred, and the time befog that 10,000. If we try to anticipate what the world will be like seven years from now we are in much the same situation as a man of the 13th century anticipating the 19th. Looking so far ahead would be pure science fiction.

From “Equals One”

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A Welsch preacher once told it: He was out walking one day, he said, and on the opposite hill he became aware of a monstrous figure; as he approached he saw it was a man, and when he came up close, he found it was his brother.

(quoted from Religious Digest, Ceylon)

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WORLD PEACE requires ESPERANTO, Text, record, etc. loaned FREE, Esperanto Library, Dept USI. Middleton, Wis. 53562. FREE-Metaphysical, Occult and UFO Book List. U-69-10. Dorothy Low, Box 211, Oxford, Mass. 01540.

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An imaginative flight to the Moon, Mars and Venus by eight spiritually trained Astronauts.

Price: $2.50

Order from:

Peter Boudreau

P.O. Box 22,24

E. Santa Cruz, Calif. 95060


by Dr. Daniel W. Fry

Steps to the Stars (4th printing)

Curve of Development

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White Sands Incident and

To Men of Earth

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Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding

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