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VOLUME XIV                              DECEMBER, 1969                                   NUMBER 12

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


For many years large numbers of people have dreamed of, and worked toward the “One World” concept. A single social or political establishment toward which all of the peoples of the earth would look for guidance in their relationship to each other.

Because of the ego of the individual, and of his pride in his own political or social establishment (which is, after all, only the extension of the individual ego), the dream has remained a dream, and attempts to achieve it have had little result. During the past decade however, a factor has emerged in world affairs which promises to bring about a degree of unity such as has never before been achieved. This condition might be described as “The Unity of Emergency.”

When political or social change takes place slowly it is known as evolution. If the change is rapid it becomes revolution. If the rate of change escapes from the control of the existing establishment it becomes an `emergency.’

On December 16, 1950, President Harry S. Truman officially proclaimed that a state of emergency existed in the United States. Since that time no one has bothered either to rescind that proclamation or to declare it terminated. The United States of America have therefore

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

been functioning for the past 19 years in a continual and official state of emergency.

During the past decade, most of the other nations of the world have, for one reason or another, joined this rapidly growing state of emergency. It is now the largest and most confused state that the world has ever known. Its state symbol is Tantalus rampant on a field of quandary, and its state colors are black and blue.

Long established principles of law, ethics and morals are being discarded and, in many cases, being replaced by untried and controversial theories. Whether these changes are the result of evolution, revolution or just plain emergency, remains to be seen, but the rate of change is so great that the events of the new decade which begins next month, cannot be dependably predicted from any conditions of the past. We can therefore only hope and trust that as the present state of emergency gradually evolves into a state of normalcy, the threads of mutual perplexity which first drew the various nations together, may become permanent bonds of mutual understanding.

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This is a story about a story, written by a writer about a writer. The hero of this story was born fifty years ago in an ordinary small town. The only out-of-the-ordinary thing about the youngster was the fact that, at a very tender age, he began to display such an overactive imagination that his parents, brothers, sisters, and playmates began to treat him as if he were a little-well, uh-a little different! As a matter of fact, he was so different that he was left alone almost completely except for the only two friends and listeners he had-his grandmother and his dog. He would tell them his outlandish stories about interesting things that never happened to him. The dog would sleep, Granny would listen. Then she would always say, “My boy, some day you will have understanding, and you will write.” He tried to tell others what Granny said, but they would only frown and say, “Why can’t you be like the other kids?”

As he grew into manhood things only seemed to get worse-more stories, more criticism, more loneliness. He tried anything to get attention. He became a prizefighter, singer, engineer, chef, baker,

DECEMBER, 1969                    3

merchant seaman. He ran; he traveled the Near East, the Far East, Europe, Africa. He drank everything and anything that was too thin to chew. He tried narcotics, everything, but the loneliness still dogged him. Finally he landed on skid row, a helpless, hopeless alcoholic. At this point of absolute desperation, he turned to God. Be even became a minister. He began to write and some things he wrote were published. Things were looking up. He began to find new, sincere, friends.

He heard about an organization called Understanding, Inc. He attended some of the lectures, met Dr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Fry. It seemed too good to be true. Every time he heard the word Understanding, his Granny’s words would come back to haunt him, “Some day you will have understanding, and you will write.”

But as always he stumbled along, mistaking effort for effect. He worked zealously as a minister, bringing God to a Godless world, working too hard, and beginning to feel that gnawing loneliness coming back. Just a few years ago, on a Christmas Day, he received one of the greatest gifts that he had ever had from a very small child, not yet three years old. It was a real lesson in understanding, a lesson he needed desperately, and just at exactly the right time.

He was working with a group of youngsters this Christmas Day. After the teachings were given, it was time to dismiss the class. As he led them in the Lord’s Prayer, he noticed that the smallest child, only a visitor less than three years old, with not more than fifteen words in her vocabulary, was praying diligently. Her eyes were closed, her fat little hands clasped tightly together, and she was mumbling words, half words, grunts and mumbles, as if she really knew what it was all about.

He thought, “Gee, here is another poor mixed-up kid like I was.” So, with all of his priestly dignity, he decided to help this poor misguided child. He thought, “I’ll get her into a psychological double bind. I’ll paint her right into a corner.”

So he said, with a saccharine sweetness that was intended to bring her up short. “Kathy, honey, you will have to pray a little louder. I can’t hear you.”

Then the tables were turned. She smiled knowingly and sweetly, and replied with all of the beauty of innocence that only a child has,. “I’m not talking to you.”

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

The other children were even embarrassed for him, but as children must do, they laughed, then he laughed and laughed until he cried, “What a gift! And a child shall lead them!”

Just recently our hero decided maybe if he moved to Merlin, Oregon, even though he doesn’t have understanding, that he might find out at least what understanding is. He still hears the still small voice saying “you will have understanding, and you will write.”

Then the other day the real miracle of miracles happened. By chance he met someone who gave him the greatest Christmas gift of all, the most beautiful gift of his entire life. She said, “I heard you can write. How about writing for the December issue “A Joyous Christmas Story” in about eight hundred words?” This is it. Thank God for Understanding. Thank you, friend, for giving this opportunity to a lonely man, who was lonely enough to discover all of the lonely words, and was till left with the obligation to give these lonely words a healthy social life.

“I love you all for what I am when I’m with you. Merry Christmas.”


P.S. If you don’t like the story, remember, I’m like little Kathy now, “I’m not talking to you!”

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(This interesting account, written by Lisette Balouny, appeared in the Riverside, Calif., Enterprise Press on August 30, 1969, datelined Cairo, Egypt.)

Anyone who calls on the pastor of Our Lady of Fatima church in suburban Heliopolis these days is likely to get a bite of manna, the “bread of heaven” which the Bible says nourished the Hebrews across the Sinai desert on their exodus from Egypt to the Promised Land.

The pastor, Rt. Rev. Ephrem Bede, has a steady supply of manna which he generously distributes to members of the parish and other friends and guests. Monsignor Bede is the local vicar for the parish of the Chaldean rite of the Catholic church.

Of Iraqi origin, Msgr. Bede gets an occasional box of manna from his family back in southern Iraq, a region known historically as Chaldea. This is the region reputed to be the birthplace of Abraham and original home of the Jews.

DECEMBER, 1969                    5

As received from Iraq, manna dough is off-white in color, he” the consistency of homemade fudge and tastes somewhat like marzipan. “My relatives in Iran often send me boxes of it,” he explains.

The monsignor sometimes carries manna along with him when invited to lunch in homes or at official gatherings where he offers a taste to other guests. He delights in telling about manna.

Msgr. Bede claims that an inexplicable natural phenomenon continually supplies some regions of Iraq with this biblical bread. He asserts that soft, snow-like flakes descend on the desert during droughts.

The monsignor says that manna flakes have fallen on regions of Iraq since the beginning of time. People who live nearby go to the desert in groups to gather it at dawn. Many have come to know, by tradition or family lore, how to conserve it.

Families bake it according to various recipes handed down from their ancestors.

“In Iraq,” the monsignor relates, “people regard the existence of manna in different ways. Some villagers believe it to be a gift from God, and they are all the more delighted in the early autumn and spring seasons when manna is known to come down.

“Middle class people usually take a more sophisticated attitude by, just acknowledging it as a natural fact. Religious people and the ecclesiastical group, on the other hand, jealously keep silent and refuse: to commit themselves.”

“Personally,” he told a visitor, “I do not believe that manna flakes are a miracle. Therefore, I seek to explain it to myself, and to others. who ask me about it, as the result of a chain of atmospheric reactions. But just how, or why, I cannot tell.

“Anyway,” he added with a grin, “I am not the only person to be baffled by this phenomenon. I went to Paris in the 1940’s as a student, and there I submitted a sample to a well-known laboratory for analysis..

“But after several experiments, and attempts at analysis, my chemist friend confessed himself just as puzzled as I was.”

The monsignor referred to the biblical significance of manna-the Lord taking care of His destitute people and the account of it in Exodus. According to him, manna is the name given to a variety of natural products. Many people suppose that the manna eaten by the Hebrews in the wilderness to have been an edible lichen, a plant growing on solid surfaces, which was blown from rocks and carried great distances.

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Others say it was a gummy saccharine secretion from a type of tree, like resin or syrup. Another category of manna is said to be found in a sweetish substance exuded from many forms of vegetable life.

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The letter and background report comes from Lars-Uno Berndardsson of Malung, Sweden, and the newspaper account is from the Hants-Bern Gazette (July 4, 1969), England. The story concerns John Searl (17 Stephens Close, Mortimer RG7-3TX, Berkshire, England) who seriously expects to offer trips to the moon in his “Levity Disc,” hopefully by August 1970.

Mr. J. R. R. Searl, 37, is an electronics and electrical engineer, who without a formal education has been unhindered by conventional ideas about electricity in his experimentation with flying craft. His experiments began in 1949 when he noticed “that there was a small e.m.f. (electro motive force) produced by the spinning metal parts of electrical motors and generators.” By 1952 he had built a generator which produced the electrical power his theory anticipated.

“But the next thing was quite sensational. The generator lifted up and rose to the height of about 50 feet. It hovered there, still speeding up and surrounding itself with a pink halo. Finally the whole generator accelerated at a fantastic rate and shot off,” supposedly into space.

From this first generator Mr. Searl has developed his “levity disc-shaped like two saucers with their rims together. He and his associates, with anonymous financial backing, have made some 10 or more small craft, some of which have been similarly lost; some 12 feet in diameter, and two which are 30 feet in diameter. A form of control has also been developed.

It is the claim of Mr. Searl that his craft need carry no fuel, creating energy from the medium in which it rides. Further, he claims, it is capable of speeds greater than light. The reports offer details of the scientific basis for the craft and its operational generator (without revealing the secret of the craft’s operations) which “conflict in concept with accepted theories.” Sufficient, however, for this report are the following facts.

DECEMBER, 1969                    7

“His levity disc bears a lot of similarities to the `flying saucers’ … It will have a force field surrounding it; be capable of attaining fantastic speed; and will appear to glow (because of its charge) to observers.”

During the past 20 years Mr. Searl and his associates have spent over one million pounds to build 38 craft, some of which are operating now. They are radio controlled and will go to any height. The only apparent hazard noted to date “is that if the craft hovers for too long low near the ground the soil becomes burnt due to the electric currents in it which build up heat. Also, the nervous systems of animals are interfered with by ionizing discharge if they get too near.”

In January 1968 the Manned Flight Division of Lunic Enterprises was formed to design and develop an eight seater disc shaped craft to carry four crew and four observers to the Moon. It is to be 104-1/2 feet in diameter, and be called the “Swallow.” For this purpose about one million pounds are required “without freeing vital information and threatening the security of the invention” so individual shareholders are solicited.

Mr. Searl offers the hope of inexpensive space travel for the future, and quick daily trips to the moon. The disc should travel from earth to moon in 2 seconds, but because of leaving the earth’s atmosphere and entering the atmosphere of the moon, the trip probably will take 50 minutes!

If you are interested in further information you may write to Mr. John Searl at the address given above.

——— ♦ ———


Imagine, if you will, a deep, velvety soft void, endless in depth and scope; imagine a dark so deep, it actually has pathos as it moves and evolves around it’s own existence; imagine it, if you can, and when you have you have seen Eternity. Now imagine, if you will, a light so strong, so bright, it’s hitherto unseen image must shatter the shield-the strongest weapon of substance ever devised by an intelligent being-and there you have.. . God.

Imagine now, the two of these coming together … God, in His glorious light … Eternity, in depths of darkness.. . and you have the Eon

a                                                    UNDERSTANDING

splitting phenomenon called Birth-the beginning of something new. God is all knowledge. Eternity is all void. When a Union of the two occurs, dramatic, marvelous things begin to happen. Out of the Darkness of Eternity evolves living, breathing emotion; emotion that is pure and simple in its basic philosophy, and capable of growth. This is intelligence, or the beginning of learning.

How we come into being, physically, is a reflected image of what happens Spiritually, when a Human Soul is given life. God, the creator, enters the womb of darkness called Eternity, and the enveloping embryo becomes Life in Spirit form … the counterpart of man’s physical self.

Without his spiritual self intact, no man can hope for anything more than an animal existence. Without the Spirit man intact, it is impossible to feel any of the positive emotions: sympathy, brotherhood or sisterhood, or love in any of its forms. Without the Spirit man intact, it is only possible to feel negative pain, in all it’s ugly forms, which are a natural result of total natural living-living without the operation of the spiritual self.

Why is it so hard to understand, to accept, this idea of our being two, in nature? For many of us, it is fear of tie Unknown, that draws us within ourselves, to cling fiercely to our tiny, little store of knowledge, which, by the way, came to us from that “dreaded unknown.” There we nestle comfortably, with our “KNOWN,” and only occasionally come out, quite by accident, or, as a result of sheer boredom, to accept a new bit of Truth, upon which we pounce, after having accepted it, to chew and masticate for who knows how long, before we come out again.

And then there are those, whose total fear is so great, they never come out at all, but rather, spend their entire lives resting comfortably, safely, on what someone else thinks or feels. Those people, truly the most spiritually poverty stricken of all, will never really feel or experience anything they were meant to experience, or come into their rightful inheritance as the Sons and Daughters of God,

It is a sad thing to picture, Humanity, as seen in this light. Human roan, created and endowed with a power, staggering to the imagination-and all Human man has managed quite successfully to do, is to run and hide from it all. . . the potential, rightful inheritance. What a

DECEMBER, 1969                    9

waste! Hopefully, the day will come, when the windows of darkness. will be opened; the light of knowledge of God will come flooding in; then we will know, truly know, what it means,. : : to Live.

-Catherine L: Avila

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This question will haunt most of us for the next few weeks. We will think in terms of toasters arid jackets, toys and perfume We know that most of these things aren’t really needed but when Christmas comes you’ve got to give something to those around you . . . ‘

For the past few .weeks I have been asking people what they want for Christmas and have come up with some amazing replies . . .  A boy has told me he wanted a chance to talk and play with his Dad, but his Dad is always too busy. A husband has told me that he wanted to see a smile on his wife’s face and to hear her laugh again.

A business man told me that more than anything else he would like a word of encouragement from a man with whom he works. This individual always sees what is wrong … but he never seems able to see good things.. . A churchman told me that more than anything else he wanted a word of cooperation from a man who has pledged never to support him. . . Both men are working for the Lord and certainly a word of cooperation would not be out of place.

A young man trying to get started in life has said that he wants a job. He doesn’t want people bringing baskets to his home. Still another has told me that he would like a word from his son pledging that he would seek to straighten up his life. Interestingly enough all of these gifts can be given. Some of there will take time, but surely they will not take more time than we spend in our efforts to find a suitable but needless gift.

I am delighted at the spirit of giving that prompts so much that goes on at Christmas, but as we begin this Christmas season I want to rededicate myself to looking for the more important needs in the lives of those around me and then seeking to give gifts that will meet those needs. On this basis the spirit of Christmas might impregnate our materialistic society and bring love, joy and hope to those around us.

– From Presbyterian Outlook by Thomas A. Fry, Jr.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING


In Merlin, Oregon, on November first and second a group of Understanding, Inc., members met for the Annual Meeting and Election of Officers, as well as for a Workshop session to promote the expansion of Understanding Membership and activities. Detailed reports of the proceedings are being sent out to all Units as well as National and International members.

Of prime interest to all friends of Understanding is the announcement by Mrs. Wilma Thompson of Merlin that she is donating to Understanding, Inc., a 7-1/2 acre parcel of land which includes the present building site of the International Cultural Center of Understanding. Plans for the future development of this Understanding acreage envision a library, radio station, print shop and other buildings as integral parts of the Understanding Center complex. Land around the Center complex will be available for home sites of Understanding members and friends.


Appeals were authorized for donations for both a Building Fund, for the purchase by Understanding, Inc., of the ICCU building which has been privately financed; and for a Furniture and Equipment Fund,

DECEMBER, 1969                    11

for the needed contents for the auditorium guest speaker apartment, and kitchen facilities which are designed to serve not only coffee but banquets on special occasions. (See Bulletin Board for particulars.)


A federal non-profit tax exempt status was granted Understanding, Inc., in June 1969, beginning with our fiscal year Oct. 1968. Discussions were held relative to granting requests by Understanding, Inc., from foundations for research programs, as well as relative to regulations and policies of Understanding, Inc., for grants made by them in the future, in keeping with the purposes stated in the Amended Articles of Incorporation.

Action was taken on a letter from Bishop Imeh Emmanuel of Nigeria, who, with three associates, hoped to arrive in the United States in January, 1970. Since a guarantee by Understanding, Inc., was requested by the American Embassy relative to certain expenses for a period of 2 to 4 months in the United States for the group, it was decided to write Bishop Emmanuel asking for a postponement of the visit to coincide with the Formal Dedication Ceremonies in June at the International Cultural Center of Understanding. This would also allow time to contact our Units to arrange lecture schedules in various areas.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

An offer by Dr. Arthur Peters of a prepared study program was. referred to the Board of, Directors for analysis, with a later consideration and vote upon it by the individual Units.

On Sunday an animated Workshop session was held, resulting in the appointment of many individuals to implement the many suggestions offered to expand interest in Understanding Membership and toward the raising of funds by the Units for Understanding, Inc., to cover operational expenses, as well as for the Building and Equipment fund for the I.C.C.U. Publicity suggestions encouraged the exploration of all avenues of free publicity-newspapers (i.e., Letters to Editors and articles on the purposes of Understanding along with brochure documents), radio, television, posting of notices in public places, and registration with the local Chamber of Commerce. It was noted that a telephone contact was essential in all publicity ventures.

Both business and Workshop meetings evidenced the enthusiasm of all participants and reflected the promise of President Daniel W. Fry’s message of a breakthrough in the growth of the International organization of Understanding, Inc.

——— ♦ ———

world report

Space Savior in Starship?

Miami Herald, June 21, 1969

MOSCOW -, (UPI) -Christ was a cosmonaut, according to, a Soviet philologist.

The government newspaper Izvestia Friday published excerpts from articles by Philologist, V. Zaitsev.  A phiologist is a scholar who specializes in classical antiquity.

Zaitsev said that the Star of Bethlehem was really a spaceship and Jesus Christ was a visitor from another planet.

“In other words, the descent of God to earth is really a cosmic occurrence,” Zaitsev said.

He suggested that it be considered “a historical event, and that we replace the word God with a new term: Cosmonaut Jesus Christ:”

DECEMBER, 1969                    13

He said that the Biblical description of the Star of Bethlehem signifying the birth of Christ was historically correct.

“The moving star which stopped over Bethlehem where Christ was :supposed to be born was a spaceship,” he said.

Zaitsev also cited passages from the Bible in which Christ told his disciples that he had descended from Heaven. His tolerance of the common man and hostility to officialdom during an “age of serfdom” indicated that he was ignorant of earthly ways, the philologist said.

“Christ was a newcomer from space, a representative from a higher civilization,” he said.

Izvestia, however, was skeptical. Commenting on Zaitsev’s articles, the newspaper said it would be understandable for Western philologists to advance such a theory. “But it’s hard to understand how a Soviet philologist can agree with them,” it said.

Spirits Delay Demolition

Parkersburg (W. Va.) News, Sept. 29, 1969

VENTOR, England (UPI) -Demolition workers have refused to work alone at the abandoned Royal National Hospital because “the building’s ghosts have come back to haunt us.”

They insist they have seen strange apparitions in white coats gliding through the empty wards and corridors. They say each sighting has been accompanied by the smell of ether.

“The ghosts of patients who died under the knife have come back to haunt us,” one of the men said.

Stephen Kevern told his foreman he had seen “grey white images” on six occasions.

“They were standing watching me or gliding through the operating theater,” Kevern said.

Clifford Bodenham, the foreman said he had assured workers they can work in pairs when inside the building. Bodenham also claims to have seen ghosts.

“I’ve had 17 years’ experience of demolition work and I’ve never come across anything like this before,” Bodenham said.

Sweden Reports

(From Inter Galactical Federation Bulletin of Stockholm, Sweden, September 20, 1969)

The night between the 30th and 31st of August a young man was driving home. Near RAO (a radio telescope and satellite tracking

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

station) he observed a ball shaped light almost above. He stopped and signaled with his car lights. The UFO answered him. When he headed for home again the UFO followed him at a few hundred meters altitude. When home his parents and his brother also saw it as it hovered high up in the air. For an hour they watched the UFO hovering, tilting and moving back and forth. At moments it leveled down to about 500 meters. They could then see that it was metallic. Its brightness was about twice the full moon. As the UFO went off they could hear strong whistling sounds.

“By a friend in England,” reports President of IGF, Sten Lindgren, “we have been informed that the Brothers have been operating for some time near RAO. This information we received before we knew about the above event.”

The World Today

Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., Oct. 29, 1969

WINDSOR, England (UPI)-Elephants at Windsor’s Safari Park, agitated by the noise of passing airplanes, have been fitted with earmuffs, park officials said today.

Pilots See Blue Light

New Zealand Herald, Sept. 24, 1969

WELLINGTON (Press Association)-An unidentified flying object was recently tracked by Wellington radar for about 100 miles.

During the course of its passage, two Straits Air Freight Express pilots passed within a couple of miles and reported that they had seen a fluorescent blue pulsating light.

Air Force authorities are awaiting reports from both pilots. The sighting occurred about 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 4.

Capt. R. Cullum and First Officer N. Faircloth both of Blenheim, saw the object.

Capt. Cullum said yesterday the speed was computed to be about 50 to 60 knots.

Ngatea’s Mystery Circle

The Auckland (New Zealand) Star, Sept. 8, 1969

Who, or what, caused the mystery circle at Ngatea-Martians, meteorites or hoaxers?

Today the answer was still shrouded in uncertainty after the discovery by Ngatea farmer Mr. Bert O’Neil.

DECEMBER, 1969                    15

He found a 60 ft. circle of bleached manuka, with three v-shaped marks nine feet apart pointing to its center.

The v-shaped marks appeared to have been made by something coming down on the ground and then being dragged.

Does Mr. O’Neil subscribe to the flying saucer theory? “Nobody likes to commit themselves. “It’s pretty hard to explain, that’s all,” he said.

The Auckland University Unidentified Flying Objects Research Group have inspected the spot. Their verdict: No hoax and it happened a week ago.

The university’s geology department head, Professor A. R. Lillie, said, “It’s a bit of a guess at this distance. It could be a meteorite, of course, but these mysterious things always remain mysteries.”

The Ngatea police have not been called in to solve the case, but the local constable did go and have a look.

Said his wife: “He is very skeptical. And I haven’t seen any little green or red men yet.”

——— ♦ ———

Poet’s corner

No Room

We cherish the Christmas story

Of the bright star overhead;

Of the sky alight with glory,

And the Christ Child’s manger bed.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

When heavenly choirs of angels

Sang of the wondrous birth,

Proclaiming the joyful tidings ‘

Of peace.. . good will on earth.

When shepherd’s followed the radiance

To kneel before Mary’s Son;

No room in the inn. . . ’twas a stable

That sheltered the Blessed One.

No room.. . no room … runs the story;

No room for the Christ Child then

And still no room for the Prince of Peace

In the struggling hearts of men.

When He comes again will we hail Him

And open our heart door wide,

Or show Him. the way to the stable,

Or worse … have Him stay outside?

There must be room for Him sometime!

O hasten that happy day,

When we greet the Lord on our threshold

And bid Him come in… to stay!

– Ruth E. Atwood

God’s Christmas Tree

God’s Christmas Tree is the tree of Life

And on it may be found

Most anything you may desire

If you but look around.

Not tinsel things of no account

But gifts of value rare

Love, Truth, and Understanding

Are gifts beyond compare.

And God is not here just one short day

But all the long year through

Creating things and giving them

To folks like me and you.

-Aleta Johnston

DECEMBER, 1969                    17


Witnesses details: Location, Dunedin, New Zealand. Mrs. (Anon.), hanging out clothes, Thursday, July 10th, 1969, 7:50 P.M. (dark), saw a bright silver sphere in the sky which impressed her as being about 12 feet across. The measurement was ascertained by a man who asked her to point out an object similar in size to what she had seer..

Distance away is not known but it would appear the object was fairly big, fairly close, because Apollo 11’s objective measures only 3/16th of an inch across at arm’s length.

There was no sound.

Sighting duration was about 6 seconds for the approximate two miles traveled from Tomahawk to St. Clair, on Dunedin’s foreshore. Mrs. (Anon.), having had no similar previous experience, was assailed by the customary “first sighting” timidity of those unread on UFOs, nor associated with an UFO society.

As a result the incident was not reported to any newspaper-yet the observer was anxious to ascertain if anyone else saw the object.

A thousand such people could have seen it and it would not get recorded! This still somewhat prevalent fear is now a scientific research deterrent.

This is just another sighting-or possible sighting-that would never have been heard about but for the chance (?) appearance of:

A Scribe of Apollo Verein (NZ1958)

Box 1290, Dunedin, N.Z.

“The Scribe,” F. N. Wardell, notes the need for “general education of the public in responding to sightings-to assist, asscess, and banish ignorant fear, a condition which plays havoc with our senses.”

——— ♦ ———


The entire pantomime on human rights lasted less than 30 seconds. No one deliberated; no one smiled in condescension; no one refused in embarrassment. The matter-of-factness and spontaneity of the characters demonstrated equality.

The chocolate-brown bus driver assisted the white blind man into the crowded bus. As he swayed uncertainly in the aisle, a negro matron seated him in her place. Almost simultaneously, a blonde youth leaped

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

out of his seat, reaching for a strap. Without a trace of hesitancy, the. lady accepted the empty seat, arranging her packages once more on her lap.

This wordless drama spoke volumes in a language understood by all on board. Without equivocation, it said: “You are my brother. You are my sister. God is our God. This is our land, our city, our bus. We do not carry banners, or go on marches: in life and practice, we demonstrate.”

Contributed: Ruth Peterman

(Credit to The Lutheran Standard 3/10/64)

——— ♦ ———

bulletin board

Donations Needed

Now that the actual structure of the International Cultural Center of Understanding is a reality, donations are needed for the purchase of the building by Understanding, Inc., from those who privately constructed the Center for the good of all. We appeal to all members of Understanding, Inc. (and subscribers as well) to give generously to the Building Fund that the proposed mortgage may the sooner be eliminated.

Donations are also needed for, furniture and equipment. Already the sign and drapes have been donated by dedicated members. Donations to the Equipment Fund may be made in cash, trading stamp books, or gifts of specific items (send for list of what is needed.)

DECEMBER, 1969                    19

Units are encouraged to conduct sales-rummage, cake, book, candy, etc to acquire funds for the Building or its contents.

Members of Understanding in the Merlin area have already donated generously of their time, particularly in painting the building, and will be called upon for other services as well before the structure is completed as it should be. If you cannot help in person, surely you will wish to make some contribution to this project which heralds a decided advance in the goal of Understanding, Inc., to make “understanding” a household word the world over. Thank you for your participation!

Officers for 1970

Congratulations to the officers of Understanding, Inc., chosen at the Annual Meeting, November first, in Merlin, Oregon.

President, Dr. Daniel W. Fry; Executive Vice-President, Col. Arthur J. Burks; Vice-Presidents, Mr. T. Yale Hurt, Dr. Olin Byerly, and Mr. Francis Kipp; Honorary International Directors, Mrs. Edith Nicolaisen, Sweden, Mr. Anthony Brooke, England, and Bishop Imeh Emmanuel, Nigeria; National Directors, Dr. Daniel W. Fry, Mrs. Angela Kilsby, Mrs. Esther Ellsworth, Mrs. Tahahlita Fry, Dr. Eugene E. Whitworth, Col. Harry F. May, Mr. Edward O’Connor, Watana Keovimol, and Mrs. Dema McBee.

Other officers chosen for the year are: Recording Secretary, Mrs. Florence Bohnert; Treasurer, Mrs. Kerttu Campbell; corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Wilma Thompson; Subscription Department Chairman, Mrs. Edna Basmajian; Membership and Organizational Chairman, Mrs. Emma Johnson; Friendship by Mail Chairman, Mrs. Dorothy Knowles; and Geographic Files Chairman, Mrs. Esther Ellsworth.

With the International Cultural Center of Understanding a reality, your cooperation with your chosen officers can make 1970 a banner year for the expansion of our goal of “promoting a better understanding between all peoples of earth, and of those not of earth.”

Formal Dedication in June, 1970

The three day formal opening ceremonies for the International Cultural Center of Understanding in Merlin, Ore., are planned for June, 1970. Invitations are being sent to international dignitaries

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

now and the dates for the ceremonies will be announced in our Jan. issue.

Plan to attend this significant and interesting event!

Tax Exemption Reminder

In accordance with our recently granted Federal Tax Exempt status all donations made to Understanding, Inc., during 1969 are exempt on your personal income tax returns, Only donations made before December 31st of this year qualify for this exemption.

If you have misplaced your donation receipt we shall be happy to provide you with a duplicate if you will write to our Merlin address.

Christmas Gift Subscriptions

There still is time to order the Understanding Magazine for your family and friends at the Special Christmas Gift Rate of $2.00 a year. To insure delivery of the December issue, with gift card enclosed, please mail your orders directly to: Understanding, Inc., P.O. Box 22, Sta. C, Pasadena, Calif. 91104. Thank you!

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