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VOLUME XIII                               FEBRUARY, 1968                                     NUMBER 2

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


During the last few weeks several articles which have appeared in national publications have pointed out the “obvious” fact that, “no genuine condition of peace is possible in our present state of civilization,” and that we must therefore look forward to a continuing and probably increasing decree of strife in almost all phases of our relationship with our fellowman.

While these article, contain much that is unquestionably true, they do not take into consideration the entire picture of human relationship. The same oversight may he found in almost all articles which predict dire conditions in the future.

The agricultural `expert’ who predicts that we will all die of starvation in a generation or two, justifies his prediction by comparing our present rate of food production with the extremely rapid rate of population growth. If this simple ratio is projected into the future, it. does produce a grim picture, but it is a picture from which a number of important factors have been omitted, some of which are as follows: First, the entire history of mankind shows a constantly increasing ability to produce food. Every successive generation has been able to produce more food per capita. than the previous one. Second, less than 2% of the total land surface of the earth is now being used to produce food. With a few relatively

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

simple advances in agricultural technology, and a few major irrigation projects, at least 60% of the land surface could be used, and could produce ample food for at least twenty times the present world population. Third, the usually overlooked fact that about two-thirds of the surface of this planet is covered by water to an average depth of more than two miles. This totals up to well over two hundred million cubic miles of water, all of which teems with food and potential food of many varieties, both animal and vegetable.

Where hunger exists on earth, it is not as a result of inability to produce food, but because of poor distribution. This, in turn, results from the lack of incentive, communication and understanding.

When we consider the requirements for a condition of genuine peace in our present state of civilization, we find that the prime factors are exactly the same, incentive, communication and understanding.

Since the survival of our civilization depends upon its ability to achieve a condition of peace, the will to survive must furnish the incentive. The communication can be achieved if we make a sufficient effort and, if we do, understanding will inevitably follow.

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The late Eleanor Roosevelt had a favorite prayer. Part of it, according to Joseph Lash’s Eleanor Roosevelt: A Friend’s Memoir, is “Open our eyes to simple beauty all around us and our hearts to the loveliness men hide from us because we do not try enough to understand them.”

Understanding requires the expenditure of effort. The return from this expenditure is so worthwhile, however, that we should scarcely begrudge the strain it cost us in the first place.

As Airs. Roosevelt’s prayer states, there are hidden wellsprings in every man. These are kept from the view of those who do not understand him. For example, everyone has heard the familiar phrase, “Under his gruff exterior, there beats a heart of gold.” If you do not search out this “heart of gold,” certainly you will never discover its existence.

FEBRUARY, 1968                      3

Every man is a secret, complicated puzzle. To really know him, we must try to understand him wholly and entirely.

Thus means that face values do not always count for what they seem. Does a man appear cruel or ignorant. Do not condemn him too quickly. His appearances may have valid reasons behind them. Then again, there may be no reason merely because the man is neither cruel nor ignorant.

All this adds up to an important rule: never pasts judgment upon the unknown. Neither criticize nor praise until you understand, fully and entirely, that being upon which you are making judgment.

If you cannot judge a man you do not understand, the nest question is, “How many people do you understand?”

For most of us, the answer is, “very few.” Remember, understanding requires effort. And many of us can not or do not want to expend this effort.

However, for those men who are willing to work at it, the attempt to understand his fellow humans can have the threefold result of being beneficial, satisfying and surprising.

Beneficial results occur because the man who cares enough to study his fellows will become a better man himself. In the process of trying to understand others, he will gain a clearer understanding of himself.

Satisfying result, accrue because the man who understands the motives and beliefs of others will unlock the key to getting along with his fellows-not an easy feat in today’s troubled world.

And third, there are the surprising results. Work at understanding your fellows and you will discover that beneath the various exterior, most of us are the same! We all have basic needs and emotions. But, the similarities go even further. When you get to know them well, most men are likeable-likeable chiefly because they are understood.

The familiar is easier to like than the unknown. Make a man familiar to you by understanding him and generally, you will find that he has many saving graces.

If nations and individuals, alike, subscribed to Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt’s prayer by opening their hearts “to the loveliness men hide from us because we do not try enough to understand them,” our world would enjoy a happier and more peaceful existence.

-Audrey Appel Corn

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING


Reports, over a period of weeks, in the Ithaca (N.Y.) Journal indicate a prolonged period some seven weeks at this writing of UFO sightings in the area of Newfield, Tompkins County, N. Y.

Late in October some 45 observers and investigators met at the home of Mrs. Beatrice Waris of Newfield and for four hours reported on local sightings of the past two years. The meeting was moderated by Allen Hynek who has been chief consultant for the Air Force Blue Book, UFO investigations project, for about 20 years.

Compiling data for the study were William Donovan of White Plains, New York, President of AIR (Aerial Investigation and Research, Inc.) and Bruce M. Newbrook of the AIR staff. Another investigator, S. James Orr, of Newfield, said he began to contact official agencies and investigative groups after having seen UFOs for several nights. Among those called and represented at the Waris meeting were representatives of the Condon Commission of the University of Colorado.

Sighting reports included erratic flying patterns high in the sky, as well as low hovering lights over nearby hills. “Large stationary red lights, flashing green and white lights, lights in a triangular arrangement, and others in a rim surrounding a circular craft of some kind are a few of the sightings described. Single and group sightings as well as fast `passes’ or prolonged hovering have been reported. All of them were silent; most have been after dart..”

Of the reports Allen Hynek commented “Fantastic.” Reports that animals were distressed during the time of the sightings Hynek held to be significant, for “Animals don’t hallucinate as humans do. “

The Ithaca Journal of December 7, 1967 reported that William Donovan of AIR suggested that the four clearings, on a line, in a reforestation project southwest of Newfield, could be proof of the presence of UFOs. These clearings of uprooted and broken conifer trees occurred during the past two years. The fallen trees are roughly parallel, and the clearings spread out for a mile or two, are relatively circular. The tops have been broken out of some of the trees, still upright, on the perimeters. The trees are 20-25 years

FEBRUARY, 1968                      5

old, and where broken off the break is 4 to 8 inches from the ground. As the trees lie parallel to one another the pattern does not resemble the usual twisted appearance resulting from tornado activity.

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Barlow of nearby Danby have seen many erratically moving lights in this area for the past two years. An investigation of the site was made by a group of Conservation personnel front Cornell university (Ithaca). The conclusion reached was that the damage evident could be attributed to a severe storm, but .the pattern of four sites, lying in almost a straight line is somewhat unusual.”

The December 16th issue of the Ithaca Journal contained an article entitled “Woman Says Car Stopped by UFO.” The young woman, who prefers to withhold her name, reported to S. James Oar of Newfield that her car, in which she and her five year old son were riding on the evening of December 12th, “was operated and stopped” by a flying object. She said, further, that she received a message (later confirmed) from voices apparently within the craft. The woman told Orr she had never had an extrasensory perception experience and had had nothing but a slight interest in Unidentified Flying Objects prior to her experience. She has suffered a severe headache and been nervous since the incident, although her son who “did not act like himself” the balance of that evening appears normal now.

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According to a news item in the Grants Pass (Ore.) Courier of December 14th, 1967, Tom Gaddis, author of Birdman of Alcatraz, is directing the nation’s first prison university. This is a pilot program called “Upward Bound Oregon Prison Project.” Classes began in July.

“The prison system is a failure,” says Gaddis. “They are 110 year-old institutionalized sub-cultures. Each generation trains the next to keep its distance from the convict, to call them only by their last names. They stress punishment, not reform.”

Tom Oaddis believes that “Upward Bound” can bring convicts back to society, since most prisoners are intelligent people, wrongly

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

oriented. A college education at the hands of trained, educated, innovating people can give convicts an opportunity to change their lives by changing their outlooks.

One student-prisoner has said, “We come to feel we can create part of our culture rather than just stand outside looking at it.” According to Randall Crawford, anthropologist and assistant director of “Upward Bound,” prison custodians feel that education doesn’t change a man. However, he feels “While this may he true, we say it can motivate a prisoner to know the world around him instead of just his little group of friends who see the world basically as he does.”

Mr. Crawford notes that a certain percentage can never be reconciled with society through hooks. Their salvation comes through personal contact with trained counselors who will demonstrate constant faith in the man.

“Upward Bound” seeks to form a “reference group” of professors to whom the prisoner can turn with his problems and even job applications during their first years after release.

Judging from the comments of many Upward Bound prisoners and the prison parole staff, the psychological burden of being imprisoned is far less than that experienced by the sudden injection back into an alien society. The world does not seem real to the convict and his dreams of the outside do not materialize, forcing a terrific personal adjustment. “His bills may pile up, he gets scared and thinks back to how he got money the last time he needed it, maybe by knocking over a gas station.”

To break this cycle, “Upward Bound” staff officials try to get their 50 convicts now enrolled in the program to take a realistic look at their educational, financial and occupational assets. The parole board must be convinced that the man has a. goal in life and the means to achieve it.

The work of “Upward Bound” extends beyond the prison walls. “Upward Bound” finds part-time work for the college bound parolee, not because he needs it but because the public is suspicious of an unemployed ex-con,” said Randall Crawford.

The success of this pilot program will be meaningful to both prisoners and society as a whole.

FEBRUARY, 1968                      7


Unless education aims al elevating the motives of man, we can find no basic answer to the divisions and troubles of our time. We seek citizens and statesmen whose guiding principle is not WHO is right, but What is right. We seek an education that gives wisdom as well as knowledge.

-John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Because Dr. Howard John Zitko held that modern education fell short of training the whole plan for a meaningful life in our rapidly changing world, he, twenty years ago, instigated pleasures to create a World University which would offer wisdom along with knowledge. Dr. Zitko is presently Chairman of the Board of Directors of the World University, located at Tucson, Arizona a private, non-profit endeavor supported by memberships and donations.

The ultimate plan calls for 12 regional universities throughout the world with a curriculum designed to include studies which will foster man’s ability to understand himself –the understanding that embraces a basic knowledge of human thought and relationships. Because millions of dollars are still needed for the physical facilities of such a university, the present program is limited to lectures, film presentations, panel discussions,  correspondence courses, and international seminars.

In a brochure entitled: You are Cordially Invited to Join a Great Human Adventure, the aims and purposes of the World University are given, and include the following:

To prepare the peoples of the world for the planetary age of intercultural cooperation and international citizenship; to inspire Men and women of good will to place their humanity above their nationality; to elevate their faith above their creeds. and to reconcile the many diverse cultural and ideological expressions into a synthesis of understanding, capable of laying foundations ultimately for a world order under world law:

To channel human enemies into a major assault on the principal enemies of mail: poverty, hunger,  ignorance and war, through the application of “the fantastic knowledge of modern science “for humanitarian use by educated people with moral insight and spiritual wisdom:

To discover man, leis origins, his experiences, his skills, his aspirations,

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

and his problems by the presentation to the student of the complete range of man’s extant learning, wide suggestions of areas of research to advance his comprehension of what lies beyond: and:

To uncover and expose nature’s secrets, on all planes of life reached by the human mind, and on all levels of consciousness touched by the human soul.

Michael Zweig in his text, The Idea of a World University, states “In such Institutions (as the World University) the common problems of world societies and cultures can be dealt with in an atmosphere of mutual concern, and the conflicts between ideologies and national goals can be considered dispassionately and objectively. The world’s intellectual (and spiritual) resources could thus be placed at the disposal of all societies and nations.”

For additional information please write to: The World University, Box 4800-h, University Station, Tucson, Ariz. 85717.

——— ♦ ———


There is within each of us a spirit, deny it though we may, that ever seeks its affinity with that of which it is but a part. It has been a long, long search, but the end has come into sight, at last. The thought, veered early in the wrong direction, has been long maturing, and has not, even now, reached its fullest expression.

While but all unreasoning and impressionable child, from somewhere was gathered a concept of God (the expression of the universal spirit) taking it home for further elucidation, the nebulous version was crushed by unbelieving parents. So thorough and final was their denial and rejection that no further thoughts of God mingled themselves with the days or nights of my childhood years. Other people’s church attendance was considered but their learned veneration was of a deity whose existence was comparable to the fairy and folk tales of simple, unknowing people. Secure in a home founded on Christian morality which was conceived as expedient, not divine, and surrounded by love, no need for God manifested itself during those years.

In time, with schooling, the expanded horizons-the infinity of the cosmos and the eternity of time-brought new questions from

FEBRUARY, 1968                      9

the spirit within. However, in a period of skepticism, agnosticism and even overt agnosticism, early rejections of the concept of Infinite Being were reinforced by intellectual arguments, then prevalent, whereby life and all its mysteries were reduced to material and mechanical formulae.

More years passed during which time the pressures of daily tasks left but little tinge for reflective thought. But in the subconscious a spirit was ever working for its release and the old question of man’s relation to a larger whole assumed its importance anew. Books were reread, both in science and religion. No satisfactory answers were fouled because religious text, attempted to answer reason with reason, which somehow is not the proper approach. An attempt to reassess values by discussions with friends and clergy left the intellectual facade of my unbelief intact. However, the subconscious was eagerly absorbing all new concepts and discoveries and weaving them into new patterns of thought in which the denial of Universal Being became a matter of doubt in itself.

The emergence into consciousness of a total awareness of the mystery and wonder, the complexity and intricacy of life’s many facets; the realization that truth, love and beauty have a subjective, universal existence apart from their objective relationships in the material world; the rending of books, not necessarily concerned with religion, but working their magic together somehow all these and more served in time to slowly and surely undermine the position of denial held long and tenaciously. Deny it though you will, the spirit within forces its Own recognition to each in his own time.

Once aware that reason and faith do not travel the same roads to God, the approach changed, and I experimented with faith, and the desires of the heart. wondering meanwhile why refutations were based on reason and logic rather than upon tile inexplicable in man, his moral sense, his ideals, his aspirations that lead him to transcend himself in spite of sacrifice and hardships, and his personal experiences that touch with God.

What platter now the inconsistencies and irrelevancies of the “revealed word” whey they are acknowledged to be but man’s inadequate, groping and imperfect expression of an emotion and an affinity too suffusing and all possessive to ever be adequately expressed in words. It matters not that contact with God cannot be

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

made through institutionalized religion because l have found a new awareness and understanding which does not fit these prescribed patterns of belief.

It was a revealing and encouraging experience to sense that life is not futile, and that each single finite expression of Infinite Being has value in the total scheme of things. Since the beginning the urge and development of life has ever been onward and upward, to more complex and more conscious forms. Man, too, is ever impelled to outreach himself, by inexplicable and obdurate forces within, to heights and experiences, the limits of which we cannot even surmise, since, as it has been so beautifully expressed, “We are but children in the morning of time.”

The life process seems dedicated to come higher end in the unforeseen future. Perhaps what so often is glibly termed “coincidence” is in reality God, directing us toward His chosen goals. Perhaps each of us contributes our infinitely small bit to the whole picture, the scope of which is known only to the Creator.

There are still many unanswered questions, the same as have piqued mankind since first he began questioning life and its significance, but somehow the unavailability of the answers is not too important. It is enough for now to feel that life has direction and an ultimate purpose, and that mankind’s miseries and wretchedness, all its hopes and aspirations, are somehow part of an infinite and eternal plan. In an affinity with a larger whole, the spirit within has found a peace-or has it?

Are there still other doorways to open, other concepts to explore? Is the search really over?


Once upon a time, when the world was torn by the agony of the Great War, a city by the name of Washington, believed that the power of prayer would end the war. Therefore, it blew sirens, it rang the church bells, to call the people to silent prayer at noon, and the men who directed the sinews of war-men who sat up late into the night because there was never time enough to do all that they had to do to help their Allies in the bloody battlefields across the

FEBRUARY, 1968                      11

sea-these men stopped at noon for two minutes to pray, believing in prayer, believing in the power of united thought.

And the men and women of the city stopped with them; that busy, hurried city became quiet, silent, filled with Peace.

There are those who cannot forget the beauty and power of that united thought for Peace.

These believe that men need not wait for the bloody agony to use that power which is the divine spirit in every soul. Therefore, do they remind us that you and I, Beloved, wherever we are, whatever we do, may join, as then, in a silent daily- noon thought for that united spirit of mankind which knows no divisions of nation or faith, but is free, and full of the joy of fellowship.

Many are there who have heard the message, and all around the world they are creating by the power of their thought that unity which we all in our souls desire.

When the noon hour strikes in successive countries and the world turns toward the sun, our united thought becomes an ever-flowing river of music, harmonizing the souls of men.

O, Almighty Spirit, fill our hearts with eternal love and peace!

(Washington, D.C., December 9, 1926)

——— ♦ ———

Fossilized Forms of Life

(The Naturopath, March, 1967)

BOSTON, Mass. In 1866, a 644-pound projectile hurtled like thunderbolt from Jove upon Knyahina, Hungary. (By chance no one was killed.) Until 1930 this was the largest meteor or meteorite anywhere of which the date of the fall was known definitely.

A larger meteorite fell near Paragould, Ark., February 17, 1930, but the mineral mass at Knyahina has been given a more important significance than this or other meteorites found in the U.S.A. The

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

best seller, “Flying Saucers-Serious Business,” by Frank Edwards, has a reminder:

“A German geologist, Dr. Otto Hahn, detected microscopically in a section of the meteorite seen to fall in Hungary in 1866, delicate figures that resembled fossilized forms of early Earth creatures. Hahn photographed 16 family groups of crinoids, tiny things having `arms,’ which existed in the sludge of primordial seas.

“For corroboration, Hahn had a noted zoologist, Dr. R. F. Weinland, go over his (Hahn’s) researches. Weinland’s findings confirmed that all these objects detected by Hahn had lived somewhere in space.

“Since then,” Edwards stresses in his book, “many things have happened on Earth, and around Earth, which have pointed to the likelihood of life, other than human beings, not of terrestrial origin.

28 Million Years Old `Missing’ Link

(San Jose Mercury, Nov. 16, 1967)

NEW HAVEN, County – (UPI)-Discovery of a new link in the evolution of man was announced Wednesday by a Yale University professor who led an expedition to Egypt which unearthed the skull an ape who died 28 million years ago.

Prof. Elwyn L. Simons. a professor of geology, said the skull is to ten million years older than any previously uncovered and represents  a “major connecting link” in the evolution of primates. The skull, which is incomplete, was “better preserved than any fossils relating to maw that are older than 300,000 years,” Prof. Simons said.

Simons described the skull as “a major stage in the documentation of the forerunners of man.” The animal, found 60 miles south-west of Cairo in the Fayum Desert, was originally “about the size of an organ grinder’s monkey,” the professor said.

The skull was unearthed by Grant E. Meyer, a research associate of the Peabody Museum. Encased in rock, the skull was flown back to Yale for examination.

When the rock was chipped away, the skull was found to be “unusually complete,” missing only parts of the top and bottom and four teeth.

FEBRUARY, 1968                      13

Researchers studied the ground in which the skull was found to arrive at the estimated age of 28 million years.

Simons said that while the animal had been fairly primitive “it already possessed most of the distinct features of higher primates.”

Protein Plant

The Otago Daily Times, (New Zealand), Sept. 30, 1967.

WELLINGTON, N. Z. – (PA) – New Zealand could become the first country in the world to produce edible protein in a factory. Mass production of the powdered protein obtained from trees, mass and fish could solve most of the world’s hunger problems. This was revealed by a former Wairoa man, Mr. C. G. Scrimgeour, now of Sidney. Mr. Scrimgeour is in New Zealand for about a month and will have talks with the chairman of New Zealand Sea Products Limited, Nelson, Sir Peter Phipps, with Sir James Wattie, of Wattie’s Canneries Limited and possibly with Government officials.

Mr. Scrimgeour is the linkman between a group of Sydney scientists who are studying protein and those who might be interested in buying or selling edible protein.

Mr. Scrimgeour said Sydney scientists had found that the reclamation of waste material by converting it into protein would mean about $200 million a year to New Zealand.

“If we could produce edible protein on a big enough scale, we could solve the hunger problems of Africa, India and Southeast Asia,” he said.

Protein was the commonest thing in the vegetable world, Mr. Scrimgeour said.

New Zealand produced more grass an acre than any other country in the World, so it had tremendous potential. More than 70 percent of all the trees cut down here were waste, as was 70 per cent of all the fish caught. Edible protein could be produced from that. The dairy industry was also throwing out protein, in the form of whey.

“It is clear that if we can convert a high productivity to the

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

finished product of protein, there are almost undreamed-of possibilities for the primary producer,” he said.

“Sydney scientists, as well as scientists in many other countries, are transposing the natural elements in grass by a much quicker method, using chemicals and bacteria, into protein.

“Once the new techniques are perfected, the farmer will not have to rely on the cow,” he said.

“He will not have to milk it, or grow beef, except for local markets.

Mr. Scrimgeour said although several countries were producing and investigating edible protein in powder form, this was the first time consideration had been given to producing it in commercial quantities.

Officer Reports On UFO

By Milan Wall, The Lincoln (Nebr.) Star, Dec. 6, 1967

ASHLAND, Ohio – “2:30 a.m. — saw UFO at Hwy. 6 and 63 south sitting on Hwy. Believe it or not.”

That entry in the “Officer’s Daily Activity Report” was all Ashland police officer Herbert Schirmer said about the early Sunday morning incident until Ashland police chief William Wlaschin questioned Schirmer about the report Monday.

“I was coming down a hill to Highway 63,” stated Schirmer, “when I thought I saw a truck as I glanced to the road.”

Schirmer then related that lie stopped within about 40 feet of a football-shaped object that was hovering about eight feet above the ground between two traffic signs on Highway 63 south of Ashland.

When I first came upon it, the lights were still,” Schirmer said. “Rut then I flashed my brights at it and the red light inside the object started going on and off.”

The Ashland officer described the craft as having a surface like polished aluminum that reflected his cruiser’s headlights.  He estimated the UFO’s width to be about 20 feet and said it appeared to be about 10 to 14 feet high.

Schirmer said the object made a humming noise, rose about 50 feet into the air, emitting a huge red-orange beam of light and then disappeared, making a “noise like a pulsating siren.”

FEBRUARY, 1968                      15

There was no smell, smoke or exhaust,” noted Schirmer. The Ashland officer also said the craft appeared to have a “cat walk” running around it, above which were what appeared to be portholes. He said the flashing red lights seemed to come from inside the object.

He explained that a half-hour had elapsed from the time he first noted the object until he returned to Ashland nearly a mile away. “I don’t know where that half-hour went,” he added.

Chief Wlaschin said he had reported the incident to authorities at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, but so far had heard nothing from them.

Report to Civil Air Patrol

Medford (Ore.) Mail Tribune, Dec. 24, 1967

ASHLAND – combining wit, mastery of his topic, and a friendly style of delivery, L.D. (Pat) Code, Pacific Regional director of aerospace education for the Air Force and the Civil Air Patrol, captivated a capacity audience of CAP cadets, senior officers, parents and local dignitaries here last week.

Cody swiftly took his audience on a history tour of flight from the days of mythology, citing Daedalus and Icarus, as an example of the idea that “there is often truth contained in tales of this nature.”

Developing this idea, he cited the fact that Daedalus, who contrived the feather and wax wings with which he and his son hoped to escape captivity, was a foremost architect, inventor, and scientist of his day, and that their storied flight was definitely a possibility. He also pointed out that the portion of the Aegean from which the body of Icarus (who had drowned after the sun melted the wax from the feathers on his wings) was recovered, to this day bears the name of the Icarian Sea.

The speaker also gave a brief lecture and slide presentation of the opportunities CAP cadets have in the field of aerospace, and closed with pictures of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) he has obtained over a period of years from many sources.

“I neither believe, nor disbelieve,” Cody stated. “I merely ask that you keep an open mind regarding these phenomena; that you check sighting sources carefully, as there are many- hoaxes; and that you keep on the alert for such manifestations.”

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING


The Seventh International Congress of UFO-Researchers was held in Mainz, Germany. from November 3rd, through the 6th, 1967. American and European speakers, as well as delegates from 24 countries, presented films, books, evidence, and historical data to substantiate the claim that UFOs are extra-terrestrial spacecraft. The Congress was sponsored by DUIST (Deutsche UFO/IFO Sundiengemeinschaft). Karl L. Veit, of Weishaden, served as Chairman. Also represented were the International UFO Observer Corps of London, NICAP of Washington, D. C., and ICUFON (International UFO Research and Analytic Network) of New York.

According to the report received from Chairman Karl Veit: The facts, results, personal sightings, photo-documents and slides, together with the films shown during this four day Congress, gave undeniable proof of the real existence of Flying Saucers, Mother-ships and Telemeter-discs that do not come from this earth, but from outer space. This proof deals with bygone periods of time, as well as with the last 20 years, since UFO sightings have been made on all continents, including Arctic and Antarctic regions, and have been registered and analyzed.

Accordingly: “These facts give the Congress Panel and responsible UFO researchers reason for establishing a European research so that all incoming work can be evaluated in this donated central UFO Research Building in the best possible way for German speaking countries and the European continent. The executive control and operation of this donation and organization are to be under the authority of the chairman and board of directors of DUIST.” Further: “In close cooperation with ICUFON, and with project Globe, the latter connected with the UNO, our mutual work in Outer Space Communication is to serve the scientific, ethic and cultural progress of mankind.

This Seventh International UFO Congress unanimously passed the following resolution: The question of the unidentified flying objects-UFOs-as identified vehicles from outer space, is a vital and overdue global problem, concerning the whole world, and all nations must unite in a peaceful and mutual cooperation to investigate and solve this problem for the came of common satisfaction and for the welfare of our civilization.

FEBRUARY, 1968                      17

This Resolution has been sent to 131 legal world governments, His Excellency, Secretary General U Thant of the United Nations, the UN General Assembly, the UNESCO, Ambassadors of the UN Missions and to UN Observators, His Excellency, Dr. Kurt Waldheim, ambassador of Austria to the UN, the Chairman of the Outer Space Affairs Committee, and distinguished representatives of the Press and Radio and Television stations.

For a personal cope of the detailed Resolution you may write to Karl L. Veit, DUIST, 62 Wiesbaden Schierstein, West Germany.

——— ♦ ———


(From Vol. 2. May, 1961, of “The Common Good” by Francis Marchant.)


Several generations ago, a pious old gentlemen formed the habit of spending a half hour each in day prayer and meditation. With the greatest regularity be followed this practice, asserting that it was the root cause of his success. However, whenever he sat clown to meditate in the morning, his cat would display a sudden interest. It rubbed its side against him, and purred with obvious pleasure. This proved rather disturbing to the old man, so he tied the cat to the bedstead before he sat down to collect. his thoughts. This became standard procedure. Having fastened the cat to the bedpost, he then applied himself to his devotion without fear of interruption.

The old man’s sons observed him very attentively. When he died, they imitated him with scrupulous care. Like him, they tied up the cat, and then sat down to pray and meditate for half an hour in the morning.

Generations passed. The practice of morning meditation was transmitted from father to son. Everything that their pious old ancestor had clone was religiously imitated.

The hustle and bustle of modern life made it increasingly difficult to find time for meditation and prayer. Finally, the present-day representative of this family decided that a slight change was in order. He tied the cat to the bedpost, and went about his business — thus gaining an extra half hour, while complying with the traditional customs of his family.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

book reviews

Spirit Communication for the Millions

By Doris Heather Buckley, Sherbourne Press, $1.95

Where do we go when we die? Are we really dead or still alive with a different form or both? Can we see, think, hear and communicate with those about us in the same way?

Alan’s consciousness remains the same after death as it is before he passes over according to the author who tells of her unusual experiences in Psychic Rescue Work.

Psychic Rescue Work is the mental counterpart of Physical Rescue Work, serving those who no longer have a body, who are ‘dead.’ Through the medium-ship of Dan Buckley she was able to talk to, guide and direct many misplaced, confused and wandering entities (dead people) who have passed over, ignorant of the next cycle of life. They do not know that theme of them is still in full consciousness and continues to live, learn and have experience without a physical body as we know it..

Many touching, dramatic, humorous and sometimes heartbreaking experiences were recorded on tape as the communications with these people came through Mr. Buckley. Although these persons are invisible to us, they are visible to each other, and for some reason we are visible to them. Others who were not ‘dead’ but experimenting with psychic practices for which they were unprepared were helped to re-enter their bodies unharmed.

This book of experiences makes a reality of the continuity of life and consciousness from one phase of living to the next. New areas of speculation and contemplation are offered to readers who are unfamiliar with the subject.

FEBRUARY, 1968                      19

bulletin board

Successful Understandorama

From Mrs. Esther Ellsworth, Moderator for Unit. 71 of San Bernardino (Calif.) comes a glowing report of a most successful Understandorama, held December 5th in Alorongo Valley. “Really beyond my fondest hopes for acceptance,” says Mrs. Ellsworth, who was assisted in arrangements by Col. Arthur J. Burks.

The hall which accommodates 130 people was filled most of the day, and some 50 people enjoyed an evening supper at the hall, which meal was prepared by the members and friends of Unit 71.

Letters and phone calls have since been received complimenting the program and requesting similar gatherings in the future.

Busy Buffalo Unit

The December Christmas meeting of the Buffalo (N.Y.) Unit 37 was a happy occasion, attended by 65 members and guests. Toys and food donations were bountiful for the needy family sponsored by the Unit, and these were delivered by member Paul Weast.

Christmas carols by Chaplain Elizabeth Rappleye preceded the excellent buffet supper, prepared by the members. Norman Weiss and his accordion provided music for a Sing-Along, and a volunteer orchestra the music for dancing.

Two members-George Adams, Treasurer, and Cora Prantner, Secretary presented special awards for outstanding services to the Unit by President Marie A. Hale.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Mrs. Hale said, “We have a most active, interested and constantly growing group of members of which we are most proud. The coming year promises to be bigger and better still.”

Marianne Francis to Lecture

Unit 1 of Merlin, Ore., announces a lecture by Marianne Francis on February 7th at the Women’s Club Auditorium in Grants Pass, at 8 P.M. The lecture will feature recently received information by Marianne Francis, who is a channel for space beings.

The January Home Discussion Meeting of the Unit heard Mr. Harvey Campbell, of Merced. Calif., speak on “Flying Saucers-Scientific and Spiritual Viewpoints.”

Earthquake Information

The United States Department of Commerce issues a monthly “Earthquake Information Bulletin” which should be of interest to many of our readers. This bulletin provides current information about earthquakes and other seismological activities of interest both to seismologists and to non-specialists. It also provides information on major earthquakes, scientific meetings, new observatories, and new instrumentation.

For additional information write to: ESSA National Earthquake Information Center, Coast Geodetic Survey, Rockville, Md. 20852.

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The measure of a man is not the number of people who serve him, but the number of people he serve.

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