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VOLUME XIII                               JANUARY, 1968                                        NUMBER 1

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


Every passing era of human experience brims forth its own special words or words or expressions which come into popular use because they reflect some feeling or attitude of the public toward the nature of the times.

In today’s world of doubt, suspicion and dissent the phrase “Credibility Gap” is coming into over increasing use to indicate the ratio between that which is said (usually by public officials), and that which can reasonably be believed. The fact that, during the last. two decades, this gap has steadily widened is considered by most people as an indication of a constantly lessening respect for the truth on the part of public officials. It is more probable, however, that the increasing gap actually results from a growing habit of critical analysis upon the heart of the public.

The credibility gap in scientific progress, on the other hand, results from the inability of most humans (even scientists) to extrapolate the curve of scientific achievement even a short distance into the future.

During the past century this gap has remained fairly constant at ten to twenty years. By this we mean that any scientific or technological achievement which is still as much as 10 to 20 years in the

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

future will be discounted as absurd and impossible by almost everyone, but especially by scientists!

The inability of some of the world’s most respected scientists to penetrate the veil of the future by as much as 20 years has been constantly demonstrated by their own public utterances upon the subject of future scientific achievement. P. E. Cleator, who was the founder of the British Interplanetary Society in an era when the very word “Interplanetary” invited ridicule from most of the country’s scientists, has made an extensive collection of these public utterances by men of well recognized position in the field of science. To print them all would require more space than is available in this magazine, but two or three selected at random might serve to illustrate the point.


Introduction to astronautics contained in an address given by Dr. Dionysius Lardner to the British Association in 1838:

Men might as well project a voyage to the. Moon as attempt to employ steam navigation across the stormy North Atlantic.


From a learned discourse on the impossibilities of interplanetary travel, given by Professor F. R. Moulton in his Consider the Heavens (The University of Chicago Press, 1935)

It must be stated that there is not the slightest possibility of such, a journey. There is not in sight any source of energy that would be a fair start toward that which could be necessary to get us beyond the gravitative control of the earth. There is no theory that would guide us through. interplanetary space to another world even if we could control our departure, from the earth; there is no means of carrying the large, amount of oxygen, water, and food that would be necessary for such a long journey; and there is no known way; of easing our ether ship down on the surface of another world, if we got there.


Elegant and immortal utterance by Dr. Richard van der Riet Woolley, F.R.S., the new Astronomer Royal, when asked for his views on space travel, after alighting at London Airport, January 3, 1956:

It’s utter bilge…

JANUARY, 1968                         3


As a medical doctor I was very interested in the accounts of psychic surgery of which I had heard. So, in January of 1967 my wife and I were in the Philippines expressly to seek out Dr. Antonio Agpaoa. Circumstances, however, led us to a woman, Thelma, instead.

We were led to a house with an open front to the street in which there were benches in the large front waiting room. The healing was carried out in a smaller back room. Thelma, the healer, was a youngish woman who seemed in no way extraordinary, except for a rather exuberant pleasantness. There was a teenaged girl assistant, and several barefoot neighborhood children in the room, also.

The first surgery we observed was on a young man. He removed his shirt and reclined on his right side on a bench. Thelma washed, her hands and dried them. Cotton soaked in alcohol was used to clean the man’s side. Then looking intently at the man’s left flank, she manipulated her fingers over this area and blood began to run down his back. Next I remember Thelma and her assistant wiping away the blood with cotton swabs, then seeing a threadlike line of blood along a flank incision. The line of blood was wiped away, the man sat up. stretched, put on his shirt and left. Thelma later informed us the surgery removed a renal abseess.

The next patient was a middle-aged woman who lay on her right side, only after being reassured that I was a doctor. Handwashing and skin preparation were as before, only the woman’s left cheek was the operative area. Thelma actually pushed, cotton into the skin of the cheek, which was then removed with clots of blood on it. She rubbed the skin over this area tightly, and no scar was to be seen.

The last two patients of the morning were non-operative. The first was a very wasted and cyanotic girl, perhaps 4 years of age, with obvious congenital heart disease. Thelma rubbed her hands over the chest over the heart, using alcohol on her bands. The child was awake and alert during this procedure. The last girl was younger, on the table only for a moment. Thelma felt deeply into her abdomen, almost making her fingertips meet through the skin, which was intact as far as I could see.

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

We returned the next morning. Most impressive were the cataract operations, of which we witnessed two, one eye only, in two elderly women. The first patient had a tooth removed first, and then Thelma washed her eye with water (no alcohol for eye operations). Her index finger was inserted into the orbit about one-half a finger’s length. The finger moved rather rapidly, and blood ran down n the woman’s cheek. This was the only patient who evidenced any pain, at least she moaned and moved her legs during the operations which lasted only a few seconds. The next cataract operation followed immediately, but there was no evidence of pain.

The abdominal operation we observed was on a young woman. The abdomen was washed with alcohol, the concentrated stare followed, and Thelma’s fingertips rapidly worked at the navel with a to and fro motion, until almost immediately blood began to splatter about, the sound of which I can only compare to the squishing of washing being done on an old-fashioned washing board. Her fingers did not penetrate deep into the abdomen, but stayed near the surface. I did not directly see any internal organs during this operation of perhaps thirty seconds. She removed her panels, wiped away the blood, and the abdomen appeared as before the surgery. Thelma later explained that she had operated upon an ovary.

The last major operation we witnessed was on a thin middle-aged male, whom she stated was an excellent patient., implying a possible active role on the patient’s part or at least concentration or cooperation. This surgery I witnessed very carefully and at close range. Large pieces of flat cotton alcohol were allowed to rest on his left upper chest, axilla and neck for a minute or so. Her incision was made as usual, this time at the left antero-lateral aspect of the neck, about two inches in length. The motions of the fingers were not as vigorous as they had been for the abdominal operation. After the manipulations had ceased the same “length” continued to bleed, but there was less blood each time the operative site was wiped with cotton. Finally only a fine double scar, following the course of a skill crease, could be seen. This was surrounded by a circular blanched elevated area of skin about two inches in diameter, like a large hive. Although I didn’t actually see it being removed, there was a one inch segment of blood vessel with clots inside lying on a piece of cotton, on the operating bench beside the patient who,

JANUARY, 1968                         5

incidentally, abruptly got up and left. Thelma said this blood vessel section was removed during the procedure.

We spent sound time that afternoon discussing matters with Thelma. She said her ability was “The Holy Spirit” working through her, and that she was not always aware of what exactly was being done in these operations. She did seem to be able to recall at least the organs involved. Meditations, concentration and projection were the three steps which she said were necessary to perform psychic surgery. farther, she thought, that her incisions were made by enlarging slain pores, or going through pre-existing spaces, but of this she was admittedly uncertain.

Her surgical skills followed a personal cure by a faith healer, ten years ago, after medical doctors had declared her doomed. She was studying medicine at the time. She prefers to treat disorders which are not accessible to routine medical ease, or are pronounced incurable. There are no charges for her services, but patients bring gifts, according to their means.

Thelma mentioned that congenital disorders were difficult, if not impossible, to treat because they are God given, and she approaches them with some hesitance. The little child with the congenital heart condition was treated externally for this reason, I presume.

I have been as factual as possible, attempting to record my observations only. My impressions were recorded in detail directly after these experiences. The photographs which we took did verify what we had seen, in fact, revealed more.

——— ♦ ———


I have some suggestions to make which I think will help in gaining public acceptance of the UFO and the reality of any personal experiences in connection with them and the reality of the ability to use meta-physical truths in a constructive way.

If the elements which are disturbing the general population were removed from these subject, the whole area would soon be open to discussion with the average person and scientific research and careful study could commence. At the present time any person even

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

expressing interest in these fields may be immediately in a serious personal crisis; with himself, with his family and with his friends. Such a situation could ruin a reputable scientist and negate any other work he might be doing and has no doubt prevented many men from investigating such a potentially fascinating area for original research.

My first suggestion has to do with the words you use to tell about any unusual experience. If you use words which are offensive or not understood in their true meaning by the person you are talking to, he is not able to communicate with you. If you wish to give unusual information which might startle a person, you must use words which are completely acceptable to him in every way “UFO” seems to be safe but not “flying saucers.” And the words “space-anything,” “magic,” “occult,” “séance,” “Higher Self, “Holy,” “Divine,” “witch,” etc., will startle and offend most people. The unusual experience or subject matter is all of the shock a person can stand without naturally rejecting the whole matter from his consciousness.

A suggestion for anyone reporting UFOs to government officials. Again being very careful about the words you use, try to describe the “unidentified flying object” as an “I am not sure what it was, perhaps a weather balloon or a satellite or the planet Venus, etc.,” the whole line. In the interests of careful scientific research trying to be careful about physical details, but using no words which indicate anything extra-terrestrial. I think this technique might help to protect a person from any social ribbing or unbelief of his experiences and in addition, it also may toss the official ball right back where it came from.

The next suggestion has to do with psychic communication. If you have received any form of psychic communication, I suggest that you do not distribute any of it publicly unless you are willing to assume full personal responsibility for any effects, either negative or positive, upon the people who road it. And unless you know positively who sent the communication and can identify his physical appearance at the time he is sending,  you cannot ever state as a fact that you know where it came from or who sent it. All you can say is that you received a message and anything else that you know by your own personal experiencing of it. In any serious scientific

JANUARY, 1968                         7

investigation of psychic experiences, a matter-of-fact attitude is very important and any conclusions must be left to the scientists during the investigation. I do think that many of the conclusions Which have been reached by recipients are erroneous and can only impede and retard careful scientific work. Further, I do think that highly trained ability is required to send, but not to receive.

Because so much of metaphysics runs into psychological areas, I suggest that anyone who is doing any kind of psychological counseling make every effort to obtain professional standing in the ordinary way and to cease his practice until he has satisfied full ‘professional requirements. Not only will this provide more certified psychologists where they are desperately needed, but they will be psychologists who are interested and sympathetic and can actively assist meta-physical research in a constructive way. Then we will be working with our sincere and dedicated professional people instead of fighting them.

Much of the material I have read in connection with UFO, and related subjects has had indications of deep personal suffering, and tragedy because of the reactions of family and friends to the unusual experience. Perhaps more warm personal contact might help this situation, particularly in the case of any new person. Immediate contact by a second person to re-enforce the unusual experience with his own personal experience should be invaluable in preventing tragedy and in gaining the cooperation and active assistance of the family and friends of the person involved.

And so I stay, on all counts and from all reasons, let us go all the way and do everything we can to open up this area to scientific investigation and to discussion with the average person by removing any objectionable features and by assisting any consequenting scientific research in any way we can.

– Jane Ellen Allen

——— ♦ ———


Members of the, various “protest” groups are, numerous and vociferous, and their activities are, attended by much publicity. Little, however, is heard of the constructive efforts of those who

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

quietly dedicate their energies to create a better way of life to make protest unnecessary.

Here, then, we offer excerpts from letters received by Dr. Daniel W. Fry from one such responsible young man.

“Sir, my purpose in writing this letter is to introduce myself and tell how I have felt about. the international peace movement.

“I am Mr. Watana Keovimol, 23 years old, a student from Thailand, senior student in Economics and International Relations. Now I am attending Sacramento State College (Calif.). I have been studying in this country for about four years. Ever since I came to this country I felt my duty is not only to get an education from the school but to learn how to live in peace with all people.

“For the past three years in the U. S. I have been working hard for a better understanding of all people. I have been active in the student government, and organizations, both domestic and international. In Thailand I also was active when I was a young student… I was President of the international students, the founder of the organization which is willing to work for the better understanding of all people. I have tried to start some projects, some are already finished, and many more I want to see, hoping that they will be of some benefit for the goal of peace.

“I was lucky last two summers ago. I was sponsored by the civic organizations to make the Friendship Tour, making speeches throughout the U. S. A. and Canada. After that trip I was so glad that. I have learned many things which will help me work for ;a better understanding of all citizens. Especially last April of 1967 I have the opportunity to go to Wisconsin for the United Nations conference. I met many student leaders who care about a real peace movement as we want to see the real significant World Government. Then, this last summer I made some trips as I was elected for the office of the Secretary-General of the Collegiate Council for the United Nations. I have the programs and want to form the worldwide student movement for peace.

“I have been informed about your movement for peace through Understanding, Sir. With this reason I am so very pleased to have this opportunity to write you and let you know, Sir, know that I am willing to devote myself to work for the great goal of peace. I have dreamed that maybe the time has come; then, we are beginning

JANUARY, 1968                         9

to see that this “torch” of world peace belongs to us now and that we must carry it to every part of the earth. We are now living in crucial, exciting times and we must use every second to our best advantage … We surely need to work harder in this generation for the great adventure of the world in the future. There are many, many- more people around the world who have such feelings of love and understanding, but we, as the group of action, must bring all of them together to join hand by hand and all of those hands shall reach the goal of peace…

“Sire, I want to work with you, to serve the world for peace. I believe that your organization is going to be a real organization which will help all citizens of the world to live together in peace through understanding. Please give me a chance to prove to you that I am willing to work for this goal. I am willing to go out and meet all people to bring them to join to work for the world community. I need your support, sir. All my dreams will come to reality when you will be kind to understand that this young man needs your support to drive harder for this goal of peace.”

If you can in any way support the peace aspirations of youth, please write to: Mr. Watana Keovimal, Secretary-General, Collegiate Council of the United Nations, Sacramento, Calif. 95819.

——— ♦ ———

More Males Believe in `Saucers’

(San Jose Mercury, San Jose, Calif., Nov. 9, 1967)

NEW ORLEANS (UPI)-A survey conducted by a Tulane University political science professor showed that More men than women believe in flying saucers from outer space..

The survey was conducted by Dr. David R. Deener as a part of his class in space law. Students at Tulane, other New Orleans colleges and high schools, and over 1,000 residences were also asked if the United States should spend the money to beat Russia in getting a man on the moon.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

The survey showed that male college undergraduates rank highest in believing in flying saucers and supporting the U.S. space race with Russia.

The most surprising fact produced by the survey, Deener said, was that over 90 per cent of Tulane engineering students believed in flying saucers and they were 100 per cent in support of the U.S. space program.

`Important as Wheel’

(San Jose Mercury, Nov. 9, 1967)

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (UPI) — An engineering concept rated as important a fundamental breakthrough as the wheel or the lever has been developed at Sandia. Laboratory here, a laboratory spokesman claims.

The mechanical engineering concept and the practical device developed from it — called “Rolamite”– involves controlled interaction between two or more rollers inserted inside the loops of a. flexible band twisted into an “S” shape between a rectangular frame, the spokesman said.

Sandia engineer Donald Wilkes claimed he developed the concept, which has potential uses ranging from household appliances to inertial spacecraft switches, according to the laboratory spokesman.

Wilkes has reportedly demonstrated 54 different separate functions for Rolamite.

Sandia engineers say the Rolamite appears to be a “brand-new” elementary mechanism, as simple and as important as the wheel, lever, crank, spring or hinge.

They Really Exist

(Medford (Ore.) Tribune, Nov. 19, 1967-By John F. Virtue)

SAO PAULO, Brazil (UPI)-No one can tell Flavio Pereira that there are no flying saucers and that the earth isn’t under reconnaissance by “intelligences” from other worlds.

Pereira coordinated a conference of the Brazilian Flying Saucer Association which has just ended here.

“We conclude,” he said, “that flying saucers exist, that they come from other worlds and have characteristics which the present level of our science cannot define,”

JANUARY, 1968                         11

He said studies made over a period of 20 years show that “the other worldly objects obey an intelligent control.”

Another believer at the conference, Dr. Olayo Fontes, a successful medical practitioner in Copacabana Beach, went further.

“At the present time,” he said, “the outer space vehicles are charting our drinking water plants and power plants. From 1947 to 1950 the saucers made geographic reconnaissance of the United States, chartering mountain ranges and river basins. From 1954 to 1959 South America was charted.”

Other than to say the flights have been “proved by photographs.” Fontes did not elaborate on the basis for such precise accounting of flying saucer activities. He did however offer a suggestion as to why none ever had been captured by saying, “If attacked, they defend themselves with paralyzing weapons.”

Press reports of the conference said it was understood that Brazilian military authorities participated secretly, but this was not confirmed by authorities.

Fontes, Pereira and others who attended the conference are not impressed by the lack of confirmation of flying saucer activity by scientific or military authorities in the United States or elsewhere. They answer this with the contention earth science simply hasn’t advanced enough to catch the “other world” beings at their work.

An Appeal

Grants Pass (Ore.) Courier, Nov. 29th, 1967

LONDON (UPI)-The Noise Abatement Society has launched an appeal for $36,000 to build a flying, saucer-like, antigravitational and silent aircraft.

Anybody Up There?

(The Sunday Oregonian, Nov., 19, 1967 – by Granville Wilson)

LONDON – There has been nothing to equal the excitement caused by the reported rash of flying objects in the sky over Britain since those cigar-shaped objects (zeppelins) came over from Germany during World War I.

Some, but not all, of the 30 sightings could have been accounted for by the fact that the United States Air Force has been engaged in mid-air refueling operations over Britain. A U.S.A.F. spokesman agrees that when they were engaged in night operations over

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Scotland the planes could not have been seen by people who spotted things in the sky over southern England.

Even the experts at the Royal Observatory, Hurstmonceux, admit to receiving good evidence that ” there is something flying around up there.” The evidence came from one of the observatory’s listed observers at Hastings, on the English Channel coast. At five o’clock in the morning he saw a bright light with a muzzy center burning in the sky. It was to the left of Venus and much brighter.

The object was below cloud cover. The observatory, which is concerned only with astronomical objects, passed the information to the Ministry of Defense.

At four o’clock in the morning two policemen in a patrol car saw a large, bright object, in the shape of a “star-shaped cross,” hover-ing at times at tree-top level before accelerating away at tremendous speed. They chased it for an hour, but they could not catch it, although they got to within 400 yards of it at one point. Once, they thought it had landed and they searched a field. Then they saw it above them again.

One of the men in the patrol car, Police Constable Roger Willey, aged 29, said: “I got the impression it was some sort of flying object observing what was going on, and when it saw our headlights it came down to have a look at us. It was a lot larger than a conventional aircraft. There was no noise we could hear.”

Constable Willey’s statement was confirmed by his observer in the patrol car, Police Constable Clifford Waycott, aged 33. He added that when they returned to Okeliampton police station the light was still visible. They called out two of the night duty men and they saw it, too, before it disappeared.

Since the sighting over Devon, objects have been reported in the sky from Ireland to the English coast of East. Anglia. The reports come from policemen, businessmen, housewives, engineers, 25 Royal Marines, and students.

Chiton’s Life

(San Jose Mercury, Nov. 8, 1967 — from L. A. Times)

A primitive sea creature called the chiton may show science how life could have developed on other planets in an entirely different way from the way it developed on earth.

JANUARY, 1968                         13

The chiton is living proof that earth animals are able to perform some of the “mineral” processes that were carried out by geological forces before life appeared. Without the use of high temperatures and high pressures that are needed deep in the earth to do the same thing, the tiny little chiton produces four different mineral, including two compounds of iron.

“Scientists concerned with life outside the earth may be interested in the mineralization processes of the chiton, especially those scientist’s concerned with the different iron oxide minerals,” said Dr. Heinz Lowenstain, professor of paleoecology at Cal Tech. “It is possible that life somewhere else may be based on the iron atom instead of the carbonation as it is on earth,” he said.

Chitons range in size from the microscopic to more than 9 inches in length. They have been on earth for about 500 million years, and individual chitons are thought to live 20 years or longer.

Pill to Beat Heat and Cold Studied

(San Jose Mercury, Nov. 9, 1967-from Washington Post)

WASHINGTON-The chemical way of warming the body when it’s cool and cooling it down when it’s hot is within reach of researchers at Purdue University.

The hope is that in a hot humid place like Vietnam, a soldier might be able to take a pill and tolerate combat more easily. The same trooper taking a different pill in the Antarctic would suffer no discomfort from the cold.

The cooling method is the more promising of the two, say researchers, since it offers the hope of substituting a cooling chemical for anesthetics in surgery. “The cooling approach is also essential if we’re ever going to send men to Mars,” suggests Purdue’s Dr. Robert Myers. In this respect, we might cool the astronauts down into a sleep that’s quite similar to what bears go through when they hibernate.”

The chemical cooling and warming technique has not yet been tried on humans, but so promising has it looked in experiments with rhesus monkeys, say physiologists at Purdue’s Laboratory of Neuropsychology, that trials with people could be as close as one year away.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Cadet Photographs Object

(From Miami Herald, Nov. 17, 1967)

DELAND, Fla. (AP)-A teenage military school cadet says he saw a flying saucer and has a photograph to back him up, no matter how much his schoolmates may scoff.

Mike Briggs, 14, a cadet at Florida Military School here and the son of Mr. and Mrs. William E. Briggs of Jacksonville, said he saw and photographed the object from a dormitory window Oct. 17th.

George Fawcett of Deland, member of the National Investigation Committee of Aerial Phenomena, learned of the incident and said he has sent Brigg’s film to the committee for analysis.

Fawcett said Briggs described the object as silver colored but not shiny. He said it appeared to be about five feet high and 14 ft. long.

——— ♦ ———

book reviews

Unidentified Flying Objects

(Dr. James E. McDonald. Pittsburgh Subcommittee NICAP, Folio, $1.00)

The full title of this folio is “Unidentified Flying Objects Greatest Scientific Problem of Our Times.” It has been compiled and published by the Pittsburgh Subcommittee of NICAP at the request of Dr. McDonald. Copies may be had from P.O. Box 701, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15230 at One Dollar each.

The text offers a short biographical sketch of Dr. James McDonald, who is presently associated with the University of Arizona, then follows with reprints of talks given various groups by Dr. McDonald, as well as his letter to UN Secretary General, U Taut. Dr. McDonald has personally visited dozens of scientific, military

JANUARY, 1968                         16

and other professional groups to urge upon them the necessity of a scientific look at the UFO data, to test the validity of the hypothesis that UFOs could be from other planets.

Among subjects considered are: The Conspiracy hypothesis, that the government is directly withholding information. Pros and cons for this belief are given, including the premise that U.S. Air Force investigations have been inadequate. The fallacies and inaccuracies of Dr. Donald Menzel’s interpretation of UFO data are thoroughly covered. Mention is made of the difficulties of a scientific approach to a phenomena which cannot be laboratory controlled more than can earthquakes or tornadoes, and of man’s discomfort with the unknown which predisposes him to adopt an attitude “to ignore the phenomena.”

Dr. McDonald covers in detail his studies and interpretations of the Blue Book Project, the, Robertson Report and the CIA, the Air Force Regulation 200-2, the nature of UFO evidence, the need for a Congressional Investigation, the University of Colorado Program and much more.

Because the problem is of global concern Dr. McDonald holds that the investigations and research should be transferred from the Air Force “to some strong science-oriented agency.”

Given also are 18 detailed sighting reports with Blue Book interpretations of what was seen as well as alternative explanations possible.

All told, you will find this report by a scientist both interesting and informative.

Lets Face the Facts About Flying Saucers

(Gabriel Green, & Warren Smith, Popular Library Paperback 60c)

Gabriel Green, President of the Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America, together with Warren Smith, veteran journalist, offer a series of documented accounts of UFO sightings and experiences the world over.

Subjects covered are saucer reports from the ancient past, from medieval times, as well as the present. Chapter titles include the following: The Saucer that Came to a Picnic: Friendly Little Men; Flying Saucers Over Russia; Things that Fell from Sky. Are They Flying Ants?

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Poet’s corner


What hue of dust became the base

From which He formed the first of man?

The breathing pigment from red clay

Or flowing silt with saffron pall

The whitened sand from constant ray

The ebon diamond from the wall?

No word of this but briefly spanned

“Till vital line and curve disband

Once more to shifting powder stilled

The word and promise yet unfilled.

What mention of the favored race

In all the glory of the Plan?

– Edward Monahan

Spiritual Extensions

How few believe that there are other worlds than this,

No other states of man or planes of bliss.

Content are they to live within their own five senses,

Quite unaware of spiritual extensions.

JANUARY, 1968                         17

Expanded consciousness. we must attain it,

A dawning perception, with no encrusted limits

That which reaches out beyond our self-serve station

Encompassing the universe of all creation.

The frontiers of the mind are newly mapped,

 The frontiers of the soul are scarcely tapped,

Who dares to leap beyond the status quo,-

The secrets of the universe are his to know.


——— ♦ ———


(“What Do I Count” is taken from the Christopher News Notes of June, 1967)

“What Do I Count” is the question many people are asking. The following illustration may help you to provide part. of the answer: A plain bar of iron is worth $5.00.

The same piece of iron made into horseshoes would sell for $10.50. If made into needle it would be worth $5,000.

And if it is turned into balance springs for watches it would have a total value of around $50,000.

The genius and workmanship of man bring value out of the most ordinary substances.

But what of man himself? His importance far exceeds that of all the bars of iron in the world-and even of the world itself. In his ability to know and his capacity to love. He is a reflection of the very Creator. “You have made him a little less than the angels, and crowned him with glory and honor.” (Psalms 8:6)

Man is capable of truly breathtaking accomplishments for the benefit of everyone on earth. But first he must know his own value and the equal basic worth of every other human being. This is the first. and indispensable foundation for love of others.

What is too likely to happen when this appreciation fades vas referred to by editor James Reston when he wrote

“If there has been a decline of decency in the modern world and a revolt a against law and fair dealing, it is precisely because of the decline in the belief in each man as something precious.”

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

bulletin board

Letter From Nigeria

Understanding headquarters has received a letter from Bishop Imeb Emmanuel, one of its International Directors, and President of the Nigerian Understanding Unit. It reads, in part, as follows

“The present war in Nigeria has made things very hard not only to people in Biafra but to people in Nigeria as well. The poor become poorer in the two States and, in fact, the people are but a little better than forest beasts. For this reason we have set up certain projects to help the two states, and among the projects is an Orphanage. The Orphans have educational and spiritual training while we have evening lessons for adults. We therefore appeal to you, dear co-workers in Understanding, Inc., to help not by money, though we do not refuse money, but by sending these badly needed items-used clothing, used typewriters, 5 inch tape reels and New Age books, or any other materials which can help the people of this land.

“Your help is highly appreciated and we do hope that you, dear ones, will not rest until World Peace becomes a reality.”

In addition to sponsoring the Orphanage the group participates in other activities such as stamp collecting, photography, sky watching and international correspondence.

The new officers are: President Bishop Imeh Emmanuel (8 Cemetery St., Apapa, Logos, Nigeria) ; Secretary, Lucky Ogbeide: and Treasurer, Johnson Idato.

JANUARY, 1968                         19

January Plans for July

From Charles W. Thomas, Ambassador of Goodwill, of Mount Shasta, California, comes an announcement of a ten day conclave to be held at Mt. Shasta the first ten days of July, 1968.

The convention will investigate UFOs, Universal understanding, Spiritual Development, inter-planetary Communication, and other facets of New Age Consciousness. For details write to Mr. Thomas, P.O. Box 507, Mt. Shasta, Calif. 96067.

Friendship by Mail

Mrs. Dorothy Knowles writes that she has received a long list of names from Ceylon, Philippines, Japan, India, Rumania, Korea and Africa of young people interested in corresponding with Americans.

Why not start the New Year by writing to Mrs. Knowles, 12020 68th Ave., South Seattle, Wash. 99178, for a name of a new friend in another country and thus contribute to Dr. Fry’s ideal of developing understanding through personal correspondence.

Unit Reports

Unit 74 of Myrtle Creek, Oregon, sponsored, in Roseburg, the Understanding Breakthrough Convention on November 1st. This Space Convention, brought to Roseburg by Angela, Kilsby of San Francisco, was the first. such Convention in the area and was attended by a full house-standing room only. People came not only from the local area to hear the very interesting panel of speakers, but from Coos Bay, Medford, Eugene and Klamath Falls as well.

Unit 7 of Orange, Calif., wishes to announce that its monthly meetings are held on the Second Saturday of the month at the home of Dorothy Harper, 736 N. Cambridge St., Orange. These meetings are for business, study and discussion and are separate from the public lectures, which are scheduled to meet speaker’s schedules.

Unit 71 of San Bernardino, Calif., under the direction of Mrs. Esther Ellsworth, held a one day Understandorama on December 5th at the Golden Agers Hall in Morongo Valley. Lectures were designed to interpret the motto of Understanding: Examine All Things, Cling to that Which is Good.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Unit 23 of Riverside, Calif., reports a very successful year. According to President Caroline Nuckles the weekly classes have been most versatile and the group has grown from sharing “beautiful gleams of Truth.” The list of excellent speakers for the well attended public lectures is long and the subject areas covered varied. thus offering the public much of value.

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“The whole creation was designed as a test for man. By our conduct in this world we disclose whether we want the Lord or His gifts. God will tell you that you should desire Him above all else, because he wants your love to be freely given, without “prompting.” That is the whole secret in the game of this universe. He who. created us yearns for our love. He wants us to give it spontaneously, without His asking. Our love is the one thing God does not possess, unless we choose to bestow it. So, you see, even the Lord has something to attain: our love and we shall never be happy until we give it. So long as we are wayward children, pygmies crawling on this ball of earth and crying for His gifts while we ignore Him, the Giver, we fall into many pits of misery.”

Paramahausa Yogananda,  “How You Can Talk With God,” p. 11

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