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Published by ‘Understanding’, a non-profit corporation





VOLUME XII                                AUGUST, 1967                                          NUMBER 8

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


Another important forward step has been taken toward one of the major goals of the Understanding Organization.

At the formal dedication ceremonies of Dr. Gilbert Halloway’s new community center in Deming, New Mexico, your editor and wife Tahahlita, made the acquaintance of a wonderful young lady Coya Knutson. Most of our readers will remember Coya as the dearly beloved, although sometimes controversial political figure who served in the Minnesota Legislature from 1950 to 1954, and in Congress from 1955 to 1959. She is now the congressional Liaison Officer for the office of Civil Defense in the Pentagon.

One of her most impressive projects is the new training and educational method known as “The Lattice System,” which sets up specific learning objectives, and reduces the elements to be learned to their simplest order. In other words, the basic approach of the system is toward simple understanding of the elementary principles which constitute the foundation from which the almost infinite complexities of present day environment and technology may be readily grasped by the student, because they are presented to him in a constantly expanding pattern of logic with continuity of Understanding.

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

This approach is of course, the same as that which has long been advocated by the Understanding Organization as the only successful method of approach to the solution of most of our present critical problems in the social and political fields.

During the dedication ceremonies in Deming, your editor had occasion to speak at some length on the proposal to determine and to document the area of mutual agreement in the social science.

Mrs. Knutson became quite interested and has very kindly offered her assistance in implementing the plan. Because of her intimate knowledge of congressional procedure and of the means by which such proposals may be brought to the attention of the world, her assistance should prove to be exceedingly valuable.

We welcome with heartfelt enthusiasm and gratitude, the sincere and energetic cooperation of our new member of the growing family of Understanding.

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The second prize in our recent contest on “How to Promote Understanding” was awarded to Mrs. Bonnie R. Miller who is serving with Vista at Fort Washakie, Wyoming. Here is her article:

Understanding can be promoted only through sensitive hearing and sensitive seeing, and this can be motivated only by love and compassion for humanity. It is a state of consciousness, and an awareness, that can be either a gift, or acquired as Shakespeare lead Hamlet’s father advise his son, “If you do not have a virtue, assume one.” Let us assume that we want understanding. Then, practice for its attainment.

Approach each person as an unique individual. meet hint without prejudice or preconception. Do not allow yourself to stereotype him, or you are defeated before you begin. Listen to him with listening ears for there is a hidden meaning behind every word that he speaks. The words he speaks are not usually the words he means. They are not the words, at least, that you would use to express the same idea. Behind the words he the real wish, the real desire, the real need. He desires the friend who can discern these; the one who swiftly detects his deep lying strengths or skills and who will commend them.

AUGUST, 1967                           3

Every man wants to be productive and adequate for that, is in

stilled in his humanity. He is in need of Understanding. He wants to be adequate, but inwardly, he knows that he is going about it unproductively. By your listening and by your seeing, and perhaps by your knowing, you can help him find what this thing is that gets in his way. When he can express his problem perfectly, the answer is his; for within every question or problem lies its answer. For how could the problem exist without its answer wrapped like a seed within it. It awaits discovery. You may shorten the time.

Remember: “Every man is like every other man.

Every man is like no other man.”

Find out what each man wants, desires, needs, and likes, for what he says he wants may not be what he really wants, and only your desire for understanding, and your sensitive hearing and seeing can decode it. You must be sincere above all things for men do not hear what you say; they read you from your psycho-motor tensions. You can destroy understanding by the slightest. expression of insincerity. These can be upon your face, in your eyes, a movement of the hands or shoulders; your whole body speaks a language that will betray you.

Focus your attention on each man’s needs and likes. You must see his problem without judging him, for in judging, you separate him from you. Know that every man wants to be respected. Every man wants to be respected “by the waitress.” Every man will rise to meet the respect that others show him. Observe with sensitive seeing and find something that you can respect in every man. As you begin to see one thing to respect in him, he will amaze you with more that you can respect You will open a door through which he can express himself as his Creator intended.

These things are not easy. Understanding is not easy. Negatives will rush in upon you. It is easy to be repulsed. It is easy to judge. It is easy to be bored. It is easy to get tired. It is easy to condemn. It is easy to stereotype people. It is easy to run away and give up, but then you fall by the wayside. Understanding requires constant effort, and constant remembrance of its great and mighty purpose its flying goal. When you achieve understanding its rewards are within it; great is the awareness, thereof?

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING


Science fiction has told of experiments to adapt earth man’s physiology and psychology for different and hostile environments of other worlds. Today, men of science report of experiments in “genetic manipulation” that will ultimately change man to conform to predetermined patterns.

Biochemists are researching with “genetic tinkering” the means whereby the chemical make-up of genes may be altered to create individuals with desired patterns of form, thought and behavior. Nobel Prize winner, Joseph Lederberg, has coined the term “Euphenics” for this study.

The process involves alterations in the genes, which are the building blocks that carry the blueprints for the development of every organism. Because the processes of natural evolution are slow and man envisions a more perfect. human he seeks through research to simplify the evolutionary process by the manipulation of the DNA factor. In the 1940s the DNA factor was pinpointed to be the nucleus of the cell, the storage center of life that directs growth, according to hereditary images. DNA call upon certain genes for specific tasks-to build heart muscle, brain cells, nerve fibres, etc. To alter the nature of these cells in accordance with prescribed ends is the purpose of the present research. Man will need to decide whether he prefers to continue his ancestral blueprints or create something entirely different! Experiments on simpler forms of life have already been successful to the extent that the color of the eyes of a. moth have been changed.

To the layman the task seems insurmountable – isolating and manipulating genes, with 150,000 genes in the nucleus of a single cell. Scientists, however, estimate that within ten years the researchers expect to understand enough of the complex atomic relationships within the cells to eliminate many birth defects. Estimates of more advanced genetic control vary from one generation to possibly a century.

As man seeks to restructure himself for the future what are some of his objectives? Among the first aims seem to be elimination of birth defects, extension of the life span, and immunization against disease. He postulates further a race of men free from radioactive

AUGUST, 1967                           5

fall-out, as well as bodies suited for space exploration. Researchers contemplate also behavioral changes necessitated by the rapidly changing human relationships created by the technological culture of the future. Chemical and surgical invasion of the seeds of life are to be directed toward the creation of healthier, happier, saner and more intelligent people.

These changes are fraught with hazards as well. Scientists agree that the coming “revolution of the unborn” will remake the face of the earth beyond anything the Industrial Revolution achieved, and that in many ways the changes will be more profound than created by the unleashing of atomic power. The alterations can be for good or evil, depending upon how well or ill we are prepared to deal with the possibilities in store.

As man begins to create man in his own image he must first achieve control of the process of “tinkering” so that the changes produced will effect only the desired mutations. Then, he must assure that the type of humans predetermined shall not be left to unprincipled individuals.

Who shall decide what type of humans are most desirable? How many shall be born? In what category -scientists, artists, philosophers, artisans? What is to prevent an ultimate race of “slaves” whose actions and thoughts are predetermined? Will one nation produce peace-loving individuals, another war-loving people? There are many considerations, social, economic, religious, etc., yet to be explored, relative to the short and long range futures of man himself.

To alter genes to compensate for physical and mental inadequacies may be most desirable, yet is it man’s prerogative to set patterns for attitudes and behavior? Fears have been expressed that control of genetic changes could fall into the hands of those motivated by “private profit and ignorance”; that demands will be made by racists and nationalists for particular better classes of humans. So it is that Sweden’s Arne Tiselius has proposed, with others, that an international code for researches be established now. Tampering with life brings to man an even greater responsibility than he now has with  atomic energy control. The scientists most deeply involved in genetic studies’ are concerned that. responsible

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

non-scientists may not face up to and formulate the rules for the profound changes now envisioned for human life in the future. The question of whether or not man has the right to remake man has many answers, depending upon individual philosophies of the nature and purpose of Life itself. From a theological standpoint we have an answer from Thomas S. Wassmer, S. J., philosopher of St. Peter’s college, Jersey City, N. J. Father Wassmer holds that as long as there is no mutilation, a positive intention of improving the organism and a reasonable certitude that improvement, not harm, will result, there can be no rational objection to the “genetic upgrading” of human beings, particularly if it means in-creased intellectual power.

The metaphysician may well inquire “What of the Soul?” If only physical and mental perfection is achieved without a corresponding expansion of soul awareness is the blueprint adequate? If, spiritually, each individual is unique and enters life to fulfill certain soul expanding experiences what will be the effect of genetically controlled conformity?

The questions to answer are many to assure that genetic blue-prints do not erase our intrinsic humanness. The time to determine these answers is before the fact, not afterwards!

——— ♦ ———


From a small brochure by Mei-Ling Suzuki, of Hawaii, we offer these thoughts on Meditation.

Meditation is the “open sesame”-the key-to freeing the spirit from the “prison house of the flesh” to unite with the One-Father of All. Being one with the Father, Spirit “lifts” and spiritualizes all dense matter, including our human consciousness. . .

Regardless of the intensity of impulses corning from the material-sensorial-intellectual worlds, we learn to let them alone. We do not indulge in dialoging with any of them, even for a split second. We release and let all these sensations, intellectual reasonings, emotion-al feelings, impulses, thoughts, etc., roll off like water rolling off our back. Doing this often enough will “cut” the lines of communication. Soon these earthly “calls” will cease and peace shall reign again.

AUGUST, 1967                           7

To separate the human “I” from the spiritual “I” it is suggested that we quietly

Feel God’s Presence pervading and enveloping us completely;

Feel God’s Power recharging and redirecting us with full measure of love, joy, peace and understanding;

Feel God’s Wisdom lighting our consciousness and being a light unto our path, giving us new understanding, patience and compassion for others;

Feel God’s Infinity … the largeness and allness of God flowing into every atom of our being, flooding our whole being with healing limit… a light more powerful, penetrating and radiant than the X-ray light radiation.

Then, quietly feel the attributes of God:

Feel the Love of God-so pure and all-embracing;

Feel the Joy and Laughter of God-so uplifting;

Feel the Wisdom and Understanding of God-so comforting;

Feel the Allness and Oneness of God-enveloping us completely with well-being and happiness. .. lifting us to newer and greater heights of creativity and deeper understanding, compassion for all;

Feel… Peace, Peace, Peace! Rest in this Tranquility… Always.

——— ♦ ———


On an August afternoon in 1887, two children walked, hand-in-hand, from a cave in a cliffside near the Spanish village of Banjos and into a field where farm workers were reaping. It was nearly 80 years ago, but there are people alive who knew those who remembered the day.

There has. been exaggeration undoubtedly, distortion, too, but the basic facts seem to be indisputable: The children who walked fearfully front the cave spoke a strange and incoherent language, their clothes were made of a substance never seen before. And their skins were green!

It is a bizarre story containing no logic, no explanation. Yet psychic researchers pinpoint it as perhaps the most valuable evidence they have of the existence of a fourth dimension-a world existing side by side with ours, a twilight world from which the children lead in some may escaped.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

The theory is that they had fallen into a space vortex-like a man who falls through a hole in the ice and cannot rediscover the point of entry-had entered our third dimensional place from a fourth, and could not get back.

Ridiculous l Possibly, but of all the theories put forward to account for the appearance of the green children, it is the only one which bears even a second glance.

Soon after the phenomenon, a priest came from Barcelona to investigate.  He saw the children, questioned witnesses. Later he wrote: ” I was so overwhelmed by the weight of so many competent witnesses that I have been compelled to accept it as a matter I am unable to comprehend and unravel by the powers of intellect.”

The reapers were resting after lunch when the strange pair appeared in the entrance of a hillside cave. .. Unbelieving the workers hurried toward them. Frightened, the pair began to run. The excited men chased after them. The strange beings, babbling unintelligibly, were seized and borne to the village. They were taken to the house of Ricardo Da Calno, magistrate and the village’s chief landowner. . .

Da Calno took the hand of the girl and rubbed it. The color stayed fast. It was undoubtedly- part of the pigment of the skin. Food was placed in front of them, but they did not eat. They handled bread and fruit with a mixture of suspicion and wonder but would not put it near their months.

The magistrate noted their features though regular, were slightly Negroid, the eyes almond shaped and deep set.

The children stayed in the house five days. They ate nothing and grew noticeably- weaker. No food could be found which would tempt them. Then one day, said a report, “beans cut or torns from stalks were brought into the house and they fell on them with great avidity . .. and from then on would touch no other food.”

But the fasting, it seems, had done serious harm to the boy. In spite of the beans, he grew weaker and finally died a month after being found. The girl, however, grew stronger and became a servant in Da Calno’s house. Her green color faded somewhat and she became less of a curiosity in the village.

After a few months she had picked up a certain amount of Spanish

AUGUST, 1967                           9

and was able to give Da Calno some sort of explanation of her arrival.

But, if anything, it only deepened the mystery. She said she came from a land where no sun rises and where it was always twilight, saying: “Yet there is a land of light to be seen not far from us, but cut off by a stream of great width.”

How lead they arrived on earth? All she could say was: : “There was a great noise. We were caught up in the spirit and found ourselves in harvest field.” That was all she said, and probably all she knew.

She lived another five years before she, too, died and was buried beside her brother.

A strange tale. Is it a garbled folk myth from the past, a hoax, a tall story gullibly passed from one generation to the next?

The documents are still in existence. The sworn statements of witnesses who testified to having spoken to, and touched, the beings who came hand-in-hand from a hole in the ground… .

-John Macklin in “Grit,” December 1966

——— ♦ ———


Written six centuries before the birth of Christ is Ezekiel’s account of four “flying saucers.” Ezekiel describes his sighting of 2600 years ago, as follows: “The appearance of the wheels (in the sky) and their work was like unto the colour of beryl; and they four had one likeness: and their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel.”

He saw living creatures with the “wheels.” Each had a “terrible crystal” stretched over his head, (obviously the space-man’s helmet). “Under the firmament were the wings straight, the one to-ward the other: every one had two, which covered on this side and every one had two-which covered on that side, their bodies.”

“And when they went, I heard the sound of their wings, like the noise of great waters. They turned not when they went.”

“The spirit of the living creature was in the wheels. When they went, they went in four directions.”

As they landed and the creatures stepped out Ezekiel fell upon his knees in fear and adoration before them. They must have realized

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

that it. was useless to contact Earth men tit that time-useless because earthlings did not understand who they were and from whence they came.

Now that we have a different outlook about the universe and have begun to venture beyond the confines of our planet it is reasonable to expect visits designed to promote understanding. Beings of super-intelligence from another planet could perhaps converse with us with more hope of success. Yet it could be much like an Earthman trying to explain square root to his dog. The animal might be a very intelligent dog, but naturally- lacking in mathematical concepts.

What would we have to offer? First and foremost-understanding. Man is unique, having developed on planet Earth, he is not quite the same as people elsewhere in our galaxy. We could contribute our companionship, and Earth man’s perspective, as well as the willingness to co-operate with our visitors from either worlds.

– Cyril C. Trubey

——— ♦ ———

world report

The Year 2000 A.D.

(Daily Courier, Grants Pass. Ore., June 22, 1967)

STANFORD, Calif. (UPI)  – The average man will be living to 100 by the year 2,000 and he will be able to “buy- any mood, from euphoria to mystic contemplation,” an industry expert predicts.

Theodore Gordon, of Douglas Space Systems Center, said biologists predict that men will have longer lives because there will be millions of artificial hearts, livers and other organs available. “Millions of these units will be installed before the end of the century,” Gordon reported at a Stanford University conference. The life expectancy in the U.S. is now 70.2 years.

Gordon’s picture of the world ahead included the frightful as well as the delightful. Samples:

AUGUST, 1967                           11

-“Psychological, chemical and physical techniques will give man the ability to control behavior of other men without force.”

– “We may find drugs that destroy the will to resist (by 1977), invite forgetfulness, provoke artificial courage.”

– “potentially inheritable defects could be detected and corrected (by 2,000).”

– “The pharmaceutical equivalent. of the liquor store in which chemicals can be obtained to buy any mood, from euphoria to mystic contemplation.

– “Pleasure centers” in man’s brain can be triggered by electrical impulses-man may be wired to be happy.”

Concludes Gordon: “It will not be an easy problem to save out of this … a world which preserves freedom and individuality.”

U Thant and UFOs

According to a report by Drew Pearson, appearing in the Los Angeles, Calif. Times of June 27, 1967, U Thant, in the very middle of the Near East crisis, took time to arrange for one of the top advocates of UFOs to speak before the Outer Space Affairs Committee of the United Nations.

Dr. James E. Mc Donald of the University of Arizona spoke before the U.N. outerspace committee, on June 7th. He believes that UFOs are extra-terrestrial spaceships on reconnaissance mission to explore the earth. Dr. Mc. Donald also addressed the American Society of Newspaper Editors and the Washington Meteorology- Society on the subject.

U Thant is reported to have confided to his friends that lie considers UFOs the most important problem facing the United Nations next to the war in Vietnam. (This statement was made, however, before the war in the Near East.)

Inner Space Probe

(Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., June 28, 1967)

By Kenneth Inouye

LOS ANGELES (UPI)-The sea floor of the Atlantic is increasing and somewhere on earth land is shrinking simultaneously. But where?

Also, was the crust of the earth-like the races of man-formed differently in different parts of the world?

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

These and other questions relating to the ground beneath our feet-inner space-are being investigated by scientists from 48 nations. They represent the International Upper Mantle Project, informally UMP.

From headquarters at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), the project is investigating the thick layer of earth called the mantle which starts just beneath the thin surface crust.

Dr. Leon Knopoff, project secretary from UCLA, says geophysicists are concentrating; studies to the upper part of the mantle which extends about 400 miles down from the surface, a depth at which earthquakes have been detected.

Knopoff says American, Russian and British scientists have revised since 1960 some earlier theories, only to complicate the picture of the earth by two major findings.

One is that the sea floor of the Atlantic has apparently been increasing in area during millions of years. Since the earth’s total surface is constant, scientists are trying to learn what area is contracting.

The second finding is that the mantle is laterally heterogeneous, meaning that the composition of earth differs not only up and down but also sideways. This led to the deduction that the processes by which the crust was formed may differ in different parts of the world.

When these theories are verified, Knopoff believes, scientists will have a better understanding of the mechanism of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tidal waves.

They also will learn how minerals are concentrated in certain regions of the crust, which may lead to discoveries of new pockets of mineral resources.

The mantle is 1,750 miles deep and the biggest layer of the globe by volume when measured against the 4,000 mile radius of earth. Beneath the thin crust and thick mantle at the center of earth are the outer and inner cores.

Peace Corps Volunteers

(Grit News Section, June 25, 1967)

The Peace Corps is opening the nation’s widest-ranging summer school, with campuses strung out from Hawaii to the Virgin Islands.

AUGUST, 1987                           13

Some 5,300 volunteers will take part in 82 training programs-most of them on college and university campuses in the United States.

Trainees will begin intensive preparation at 47 sites where they will receive language instruction along with technical and cultural studies.

The summer and autumn training programs will result in nearly 9,000 new volunteers overseas in 59 countries by the end of the year. The largest stateside program will include 225 students of Philippine education at. the University of Hawaii, which is in Honolulu.

The smallest class of five volunteers will be conducted at the University of California campus at San Diego. They will train as soil specialists for work on the African continent.

——— ♦ ———


In his booklet “Are These The Signs” Anthony Brooke writes: “Science today is showing that living cells have within them the elements of continuous life, and in psychic circles it is being repeatedly proclaimed that the atomic structure of our physical bodies is under constant bombardment by high frequency energies which are stimulating all cell life on this planet. We are being told through psychic intimation that this is resulting in the gradual replacement of our present physical bodies by bodies of lighter density, and that much of our mental confusion and physical discomfort at. this time is due to the varying degrees of resistance to this pressure of evolutionary change and transformation which we consciously or unconsciously manifest. It is contended in these circles that an immense cosmic operation is taking place, over which we virtually have no control whatever apart from a capacity to be in varying degrees responsive or resistant to it. Although scientifically minded individuals might tend to dispute this contention, the eminent scientist Sir Arthur Eddington rather neatly expressed this condition when he said on one occasion: `something unknown is doing we don’t know what.’

Dr. Albert Einstein was a little more articulate when he said: `anyone who pursues physics -far enough is eventually forced into metaphysics because if we examine  matter closely enough it disappears

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

and we find nothing but a frequency of vibration.’ It may well eventuate that this seemingly ever accelerating and all pervasive frequency of vibration will compel our attention in the months ahead, when great charges are to take place in the consciousness of man and in the shape of terrestrial affairs. The greatest challenge to all of us in these months will involve our ability to maintain an inward calm and positive attitude as these developments take place within and around us.”

(From a Newsletter of the World Union International Centre, Pondicherry, India, which group is sponsoring its Second International World Council in August, in Pondicherry.)

“If we want to have an internationally-oriented education for our children now, we have to prepare a truly planetary education for the future. Our future teachers will need to be conscious that mankind is on a spaceship, as it were, a planet, and is one with the whole of planetary life. Becoming conscious that we are responsible for all this life, and for each animal species in whatever country it may be, has to be the foundation of that education.

“In this spaceship everything is common, from the atmosphere we breathe, to the food and water which we have to apportion to every living being. We must be conscious also that any drop of poison-vital or mental, as well as physical-will poison not only our enemy on this journey, but our beloved and the children of our ,children.

“There must be a complete reversal of the notion that we, a superior race or a people with a divine mission, have to fight against the whole world to defend something distinctive. It is only a dynamic feeling of oneness, an awareness of physical, vital and mental identity with everything that breathes, that will be strong enough to overcome the natural animal aggressiveness which is a part of our inheritance . . . . “

——— ♦ ———


On the evening of March 25th, 1067, at 8:05 P. At my husband, eight year old granddaughter and I had our first UFO sighting. As we turned west onto highway 199 from Chants Pass we immediately noticed a rather slowly moving, brightly lighted object a little north

AUGUST, 1967                           15

of the road. It was headed west and seemed to be about 3000 feet up. Due to considerable ground lighting and oncoming traffic lights it was difficult to determine size, but it. appeared to be abort as long as a medium sized transport plane. It turned briefly on age twice and we could see that it was circular.

Mr. De Armand watched constantly and thought the lights (or some of them) showed a pulsing effect with reddish glow alternating with the white (or slightly yellowish) light.

Several times the light blacked out completely for a few seconds, then showed brightly again.

It then made what appeared to be about a five mile circle twice, then proceeded west again.

At about 7 miles west of town it entered a cloud, reappearing shortly at the far edge.

I stopped the car on top of the Jerome Prairie Hill so that we could watch. The lighted object continued on to what appeared to be the vicinity of Union Mountain, stopped and hovered. At 8:50 we had to leave but the object was still hovering, stationary in the same spot.

-Mary De Armond

——— ♦ ———

book reviews

The Advent of the Cosmic Viewpoint

(Bryant Reeve, Amherst Press, 295 pages)

Because this book, The Adrent of the Cosmic Viewpoint, is cherished by me I should like to have you share it with me. The book is worthwhile for its bibliography alone, a comprehensive list of

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

books called Mind Stretcher-a survey of the whole field of modern metaphysics, with publishers, prices and evaluations.

This book is an outgrowth of a previous one, The Flying Saucer Pilgrimage, by Bryant and Helen Reeve. Since 1954 Mr. and Mrs. Reeve have devoted themselves to travel and investigations, the current outcome of which is this book, which attempts to put together, into an integrated, coherent whole, all the fragmented knowledge of the New Age.

Interesting chapter titles include: The Cosmic Viewpoint; Great Flying Saucer Saga; The Fragmentation of Truth; Burning Bushes; Great Dynamics of the New Age; and Life Discerned as Consciousness.

The New Age, the Aquarian, is upon its. Our traditional cosmic isolation is ending. Outer Space communication is at work. We know that Outer Space is inhabited, that all is consciousness, formed or unformed; we recognize that we are being integrated into Cosmic Consciousness, the start has been made.

The chapter on “Burning Bushes” points out to those who have advanced into the New Age that there is a “burning bush” some experience, any experience, which somehow stimulates an individual to seek a higher understanding of life and keeps him seeking until he finds some answers. Some of these “bushes” are odd indeed–a pack of cards, a bar of music, an answered or unanswered prayer, an apparition, a word of kindness, a slap in the face.. .

In the chapter on “Life Discerned as Consciousness” ‘Mr. Reeve states: “There is really only one great consciousness. The one, in order to experience itself, individualizes itself. The process of apparent separation from the source of life, then the integration back into the source, creates the fantastic cosmic dramas and panoramas of Life’s evolutionary experience… To remember … it is consciousness that evolves, not the Life Spark.”

Of “bodies” he writes: “One of the most amazing things about our Earth civilization to the space people is the fact that most of us do not seem to realize the simple cosmic truth that we are not bodies …. “

From the chapter entitled “T.I.Q.” I offer this thought: “A new type of man is emerging, and his normalcy will not be the same as before. Hence the need for a better measuring stick for these

AUGUST. 1967                           17

growing psychic and cosmic abilities which are being manifested . . . we suggest the term T.I.Q., Tune-in-Quotient . . . a measure of the ability to tune awareness into different levels of consciousness… “

Finally, I would share with you this concept: “The Cosmic Viewpoint states that the supreme gift of life includes with it a Cosmic Eraser, which can instantly erase any karmic pattern etched on soul-consciousness. This highest vibrating energy in the universe is called Divine love or Cosmic Love … “

-Iris B. Buaken

——— ♦ ———

bulletin board

The Wonder Healer

With only a few days notice some 100 friends and members of the Merlin Unit 1 gathered together on May 9th, at the home of the Coleman E. Campbells, to meet with Dr. Antonio Agpaoa.

“Dr. Tony,” the Psychic Surgeon of the Philippines, is a quiet-spoken, humble young man, who credits his “wondrous healing” to the Holy Spirit which has worked through him since he was four years old.

Dr. Tony told us a little of his life and something of his work. Questions from the audience were answered through his personal friend and legal advisor, Bernardo Ronquilo. During the coffee

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

hour friends visited more personally with both Dr. Tony and Bernardo.

It was a rare privilege and pleasure to associate with one who has “Let Go, and Let God.”

Friendship By Mail

One of the most pleasant ways to promote Understanding is through personal letters to peoples in other lands, living under other cultures. Understanding, Inc. is happy to once again announce that it is ready to provide names and addresses for such correspondence.

Please write to Airs. William H. Knowles, 12020-68th Ave. South, Seattle, Wash. 98178.

Many the world over are eager to hear from you!

In Memoriam

Friends have made donations to Understanding, Inc. in memory of our friend and dedicated server, ‘Marcella Fortune, who made her transition on Sunday, June 25th.

Marcella served as National Treasurer as well as President of the San Bernadino Unit 71, even during her months of acute personal suffering. May she know peace and joy in the spirit now that her earthly tasks have been completed. We shall miss her in many ways.

The Malayan Theosophist

Dr. C. H. Yeang of Penang, Malaysia, recently sent to Understanding, Inc. fifty copies of the March 1967 Malayan Theosophist publication. A copy has been forwarded to each National and International Officer of Understanding, as well as to each Unit President. Thank you Dr. Yeang!

Unit 37 Reports

The Annual banquet and election of officers for Unit 37, Buffalo, New York, was held on June 10th at their regular meeting hall, 222 Doat Street. Officers for the ensuing year are: President, Mrs. Marie A. Hale (58 Berwyn, Buffalo, N. Y. 14215) ; Vice-President, Air. James Czerwinski; Treasurer, Air. George Adams; Secretary, Mrs. Cora Prantner; and Chaplain, Miss Elizabeth Rappleye.

Paul R. Weast is a National Vice-President of Understanding, Inc., and Mr. James Czerwinski is National Librarian.

AUGUST, 1967                           19

Mr. Czerwinski, who has clone an outstanding work of cataloguing and organizing the very comprehensive library, invites members and Units to make a greater use of the materials offered. For Information write to him at 68 Moeller St., Buffalo, 14211.

According to Secretary Cora Prantner, the Unit is making great strides in promoting a greater understanding among people. In November it sponsored a lecture by Dr. Daniel Fry at Kleinhams Music Hall to an audience of nearly 2,000. Those scientifically minded thoroughly enjoyed it, others were intrigued, while some were derisive. All were exposed to what someday must be accepted by all.

Regular meetings are not confined to UFOs entirely. Many and varied subjects are discussed and invited speakers are from many fields: Christian Theology, Scientology, Concept Therapy, Theosophy, Astrology, Edgar Cayce’s writings, Psychic Surgery, Trance lectures, Science and Culture in Modern Poland, illustrated talks and tapes. These offerings have given members much food for thought and expression.

Mrs. Prantner also reports that Mr. Paul Weast and Air. Norman Weiss do much to promote knowledge in the UFO field through their outstanding lecture work, near and far.

Unit 1- Merlin, Oregon

At the June 7th meeting of the Merlin Unit 1 of Understanding, Inc., it was decided to send a copy of Dr. Daniel W. Fry’s White Sands Incident to each college and university in the State of Ore. The members also voted to make a donation of $25 to Understanding, Inc., and to use $1.00 for the improvement of the Merlin Understanding Library. A committee was chosen to select New Age books for the library, within the limits of the present library funds, as soon as the new shelving was installed.

The newly elected officers are: President, Dr. Daniel W. Fry; Executive President, Mrs. Margaret Elmer; Vice-President and Program Chairman, Mrs. Amy Bateman, and Secretary-Treasurer, Miss Hope C. Hiner.

International UFO Convention at Weisbaden-Mainz

From Karl Veit, noted German LIFO researcher, and editor of “UFO-Nachrichten,” has come an invitation for Dr. Daniel W. Fry

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

to participate in the 7th International Convention of UFO FO Researchers. The meetings will be held from November 3rd to 6th, 1967, at Weisbaden-Mainz (Federal Republic of Germany.)

The topic of the Convention is given as: Twenty Years World UFO/IFO Research (a scientific requirement of the 20th century), under the mottoes:

International Understanding

World-Wide and Universal Peace

Interplanetary Friendship.

Additional details may be had by writing to Karl Veit, 6200 Wiesbaden-Schierstein, Postface 17, 185, West Germany.

Books Received

We acknowledge with appreciation and thanks the following gift books received for the Understanding Library at Merlin.

From  Saucerian Publications (Clarksburg, West Va.)

Spacecraft News       $1.00

Book of Saucer News by Jim Moseley       $5.00

Book of Space Ships by The God of a Planet. Near Earth          $3.95

From The Philosophical Library, Inc. (15 E. 40th St., N.Y., N.Y.)

Prochronism-Anachronisms by Joslin Deeks      $4.00

From an Anonymous Friend

Going Up by Hal Wilcox       $2.00

Zemkla by Hal Wilcox          $3.00

Gateway to Superconsciousness by Hal Wilcox  $2.00

From Herbert Kirsten (P.O. Box 2046, Rockville, Md. 20852)

I Shall Be Free by Herbert Kirsten $1.25

——— ♦ ———


6c per word per insertion; 3 or more insertions same copy, 5c per word.

PEACE REQUIRES ESPERANTO, Test, record loaned Free, Esperanto Library Dept. US[, Middleton, Wis. 53562.

NOW FOR THE FIRST TIME under one cover: “The Cosmic Laws.” A textbook in easy to understand form for advanced students and teachers of Truth. Remit $5 to Rev. Ruth Usnick, Box 1156, So. Shore Sta., Alameda, Calif.


by Dr. Daniel W. Fry

Steps to the Stars (4th printing)

Curve of Development

Both softbound          $1.50 each


White Sands Incident and

To Men of Earth

Hardbound-New Edition-$3.95

Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding

Softbound, $2.00

Hardbound, $3.00

Please add 20c for postage

Merlin Publishing Company

P. O. Box 105

Merlin, Oregon 97532



including the fabulous

Villa Set No. 3



many from extraterrestrial sources



complete with taped narration


information free


P. O. Box 552



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Laura Clint ……….. $3.50

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All Proceeds donated to “Voice of Understanding.”


R. C. Allen …. $4.95


Cleve Twitchell …. Special $1.50


Dr. Gilbert Holloway …… $4.50

Merlin Publishing Company

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Memberships in Understanding

Understanding, Inc is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth so that they may live in harmony and be better prepared psychologically and sociologically for the space age.

Several types of membership are available to those who wish to support our endeavors either with dollars or with time and service, or both.

The Associate Membership is Two Dollars per year; the Contributing Membership, Ten Dollars per year, including the Understanding magazine; Sustaining Membership, Twenty-Five Dollars per year, including subscription; and Life Membership, Five Hundred Dollars, including subscription to Understanding magazine.

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