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VOLUME XII                                JULY, 1967                                                 NUMBER 7

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


Both the word Understanding and the purposes of the Understanding magazine embrace the entire area of human experience and development. Each individual however, tends in his own mind, to stress or emphasize certain aspects of that experience or development. Some feel that only spiritual understanding is important, while others believe that before any complete spiritual understanding can be achieved, there must be a firm groundwork of under-standing in the physical and social aspects of life.

Whenever any editorial reference is made in this magazine, to any existing political problem or situation, some readers will protest that Understanding should he, “above politics,” “economics,” etc., and that the magazine should direct its attention solely toward the spiritual values. These persons seem to be unaware that the great majority of the population of this planet still live under economic and political systems which are so primitive that virtually all of the time, effort and attention of the individual must be directed toward the great and continuous problem of simple physical survival. Every ability of the mind and of the body must be devoted to the task of obtaining the minimum amount of food and shelter which will permit the body to continue its functions. Such people have little time

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

for the study of spiritual values, or of political or economic systems, and so are easily swayed in their beliefs or their actions by any leader who will promise them a better way of life. This will be equally true whether or not the advocated system has any intrinsic merit.

If there is to be any general advance in the spiritual level of the races of the earth, an environment must first be created which will allow the individual to spend at least some of his time and effort in the pursuit of spiritual understanding.

It should therefore be obvious that those who have achieved the opportunity to study, and who have the ability to think, have a responsibility to employ at least a portion of that study and thought in a concerted effort to improve the existing political and economic system under which all of us live. While the study of many of the existing systems may prove to be unpleasant and depressing because of their obvious unfairness, that fact does not relieve the student of his responsibilities to his fellowman.

To ignore ignorance or evil is to assist in its perpetuation. Since the motto of this publication is “Examine all things,” we must include at least the major problems of economics and politics as they arise, but if the study is to have any value it must be made without prejudice and without emotion and must be made for the sole purpose of seeking means by which the existing situation may be truly improved.

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Theology, which was almost the main concern of medieval Europe, today effects people hardly at all. It is evident that most churches are not giving the people what they need, thus the cry that “God is dead” is echoed widely in most strata of religious life. If indeed the ancient and orthodox image of God is dead there can hardly have been a better thing for Christianity since the separation of Church and State! For in the West, viewed objectively, it is a terrible image, hardly better than Bael. For as Voltaire observed, “Man has made his God in his own image.” This is not to deny that many mystics, seers and saints have managed to reconcile this image with

JULY, 1967                                  3

that. of a benign Father and have led lives of holiness and great service to humanity.

But our present investigation of space, the world of the astronauts, and of space-science in general, to say nothing of interplanetary visitors, have enlarged our minds, extended our horizons and made us think deeply for ourselves, rattler than blindly accepting what we have been told. It is not a religious rebellion that is changing the image of God for millions, nor the cry of shallow thinking skeptics, but the revelation of the enormity of the universe as seen thru telescopes, photos from the satellites, and the work of the astronauts. This is forcing a change in thinking-a greater understanding of the cosmos and of man’s place in it.

We are a logical people here in the West, contrasted with the mystical Orient, and it is becoming evident that Earth and Earth’s humanity are really- very small potatoes in the universal picture. We are warned that we may blow ourselves to bits with our misuse of nuclear power, but it would seem that we would hardly be missed. True, the delicate balance by which the planets are held in their orbits in our solar system might also be destroyed, but there are billions of other solar systems much larger than ours

Science tells its that there are many, many planets and stars older than Earth. Judging by the advancement of civilization in the comparatively- small period of time between the cave man and modern man, we can sec an immense advance in civilization. So it is logical to believe that the inhabitants of these older planets would have evolved a way of life far superior to ours at present. As to the reality of these inhabitants of other worlds, it is being gradually realized that it is illogical to suppose that only this particular little ball of mud revolving about the sun should be the only one to have developed humanity.

However, this intellectual knowledge of the vastness of the universe presupposes a Divine Architect. The perfect order of creation, from the  precision of the starry movements to the equally precise rhythms of flowers in growth, death and reproduction indicates an Intellect behind these movements. But the very vastness of this cosmic scheme is too abstract for the human heart, which demands something to love and to worship, and he loved by, in return. Intellect alone is not enough. So there is emerging in greater clarity

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

the image of the Christ, “The Word made flesh and dwelling among us,” a man like unto us Who has achieved the goal of Spirituality. He said, in the newer depth reading, rather than the literal interpretation of the ancient Scriptures, “Be ye perfect, even as your Heavenly Father is perfect,” a command that obviously cannot be achieved in the few years between the cradle and the grave. So, as understanding grows and the mind is broken loose from its inherited strictures, the idea of rebirth is emerging. And with it a new understanding of the real meaning of “eternal life.” For what exists now, and will in the future, must have existed also in the past. “A stick cannot have but one end.” This idea of rebirth is difficult for church-conditioned minds to accept, yet it is the only logical explanation for the apparent injustices of life. So, as an accompaniment to the scientific knowledge of our time, there is emerging a new vista of evolution in the religious field, a new and purposeful goal to be attained, a new and beautiful image of God.

The great Pierre de Chardin, scientist and seer, in his “Hymn to the Universe,” presages this new image, especially in his chapter “Christ in Matter,” wherein he offers a devotion which melts the

“stoney heart” of mankind into compassion and true respect for his fellow man. It is a noble vision of life’s meaning. One feels that Chardin is in the vanguard of others who, affected by the stupendous majesty of creation as science reveals it, may help to bring about the long hoped for marriage of Science and Religion.

– Raquel de S. Marshall

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The judges have read with interest and appreciation the many scripts received for the Essay Contest How to Promote Understanding To each writer we express our gratitude for his participation in the contest, and for his personal concepts of understanding. Many of these essays will be offered in future issues of Understanding magazine.

It is with pleasure that. we announce the winners. To Mrs. Emma Johnson (1384 Ramon Drive, Santa Clara, Calif. 95051) goes the First Prize of Ten Dollars.

JULY, 1967                                  5

To Mrs. Bonnie Miller (Vista Volunteer, Box 153, Fort Washakie, Wyoming 82514) is awarded the Second Prize of Five Dollars. Honorable Mention is given to Lois H. Sargent (Springfield, Mo.), Hope Miner (Grants Pass, Ore.), Caroline Nuckles (Mira Loma, Calif.), and Vincent Argoudezzi (Norristown, Pa.)

This is the Prize Winning Essay by Mrs. Emma Johnson.

How to Promote Understanding

“UNDERSTANDING”: What a vast area that one word encompasses-a field as wide as the meaning of the word.

One meaning of Understanding is knowledge and the wisdom to use this knowledge. To obtain this we should, with love, an earnest desire, and an open mind investigate, examine and study many and various subjects.

In order to have understanding of the people of this country and those of every other country in the world, we need to study their different religions, their differing views and opinions, their mores, philosophies, plus anything we can find pertaining to them as a people and a nation. As we learn more and more about these people and the subjects, we cannot help but feel tolerance and compassion for them. These are also in the definition of the word Understanding.

Then we find we begin to have a desire to be of service and to share with others. What better way to promote understanding than to meet with a few friends and neighbors for study and discussion. It is amazing how a group of this land will attract more and more people who are also seeking truth and understanding. We may also promote understanding by corresponding with people of other countries.

We can study the past to discover why many of the conflicts occurred. Perhaps in this way we may be instrumental in preventing future ones. We can study new subjects and find what the future holds. With understanding all things are possible.

We can study metaphysics through the numerous books, magazine articles, lectures and other sources. Then we can continue on to study economics, political systems, and so on and on. The field of study is as limitless as understanding.

We will find that as we increase our understanding of others, we

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

have achieved a better understanding of self. This of course leads into a closer study of self. The rewards are great in this area alone.

As we strive for and gain a better understanding of the people of this earth and those not of this earth, of things seen and unseen, we find many of our old opinions and prejudices begin to melt away, and to be replaced by a constant song of gratitude in our hearts for the many blessings granted us as we live on this beautiful plane of existence. We are very blessed; let’s all use these blessings to the very- best of our abilities, for – UNDERSTANDING can mean lasting peace on earth.

——— ♦ ———


A tiny seed lay in the patch of dirt on the isle wondering:

“What on earth am I doing here? Little as I am, I must have a purpose. I wish I knew. Who am I and what am I to do?”

As the little seed wondered, along came a fox, his coat as red and brown as autumn leaves. Sniffing at the seed, the fox asked him who he was. And the seed said he did not know.

“Well, you look like just a speck of dirt to me,” said the fox, and he walked away.

As the seed .lay musing on the comment of the fox, a bird came gliding to a landing beside him, chirping:

“Is it true? Some birds say that out of a tiny thing like you a giant tree may grow.”

“Nonsense,” ,aid the little seed. “how can a big thing come out of a little thing” How would it all fit insider”

“Maybe it ;just happens.” “flow?”

“As I hear,” said the bird, “you go underground and give up all you have size, shape and even what you think you are and wish to be. “

But the tiny seed said, “I could never give up the little I have for what I may never get.”

“I only tell you what other birds tell me,” said the bird. “Why don’t you just rest and wait and see what happens ? Would you be afraid of the dark and the silence beneath the earth?”

JULY, 1967                                  7

“Wouldn’t yell?” asked the seed.

“I suppose so. But my life is on the wing, high in the heavens. Anyway, how can you become yourself unless you happen to be and be to happen,”‘

“I don’t know what you mean,” said the seed. “But I do know you don’t go down to go up. Still, I do sense something tugging me down into the earth.”

“It’s your life,” said the bird, as he spread his wings and flew away.

Afraid to go underground, the seed nearly lost the precious thing within that all beings have but no being knows. Until one day, too dried up and weak to resist the spirit of the seed within, he found himself beneath the earth.

Alone and afraid, dried up and shrunken, the little seed lay still in the dark of the dirt. But soon he felt himself quicken and swell. Long roots burst forth out of his being. And as years passed, the little shrunken seed, that seemed dead and buried and lost to all life, became bigger and bigger with life more abundant.

Now a giant tree, the seed saw a red speck far below him. It was the fox that had called him a speck of dirt.

-Ed Eaglo

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(Appropriate for the month of July is this evaluation of Freedom by nineteen year old Elizabeth Leta Komm, of Yucaipa, California.)

Freedom-a short, simple, common word in America today. But. what is its true meaning! Before we answer this, perhaps it might be well to find what freedom has meant to past civilizations.

In the old Norse language, the original word was Frithr, meaning love and peace; the Gothic was Frijon, to love; and in the Sanskrit language Private meant dear or beloved which indicated that freedom was the opposite of slavery.

Love, peace and being free from slavery are all suggested by our word freedom, and yet it has deeper meanings for me.

In a land of free people there is a feeling of warmth and sincerity brought. about by freedom of friendship. This is a very important

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

right to me. Much of my life is spent with my friends, and the privilege of choosing them myself is precious. For instance, if I wish to converse with a Jew there is no Hitler to condemn me. If I make friends with a Negro or an Indian there is no one who can chastise or punish me. When choosing my friends, I don’t have to worry about being condemned if they do something wrong solely on the basis of my relationship with them.

To enhance my private life, there is the freedom of reading what I wish. We have many newspapers and magazines from which to choose, and from them we can assimilate the true facts about what is going on in our world. Through radio and television we hear both sides of a question or issue and we are able to make our own decisions.

Freedom also means religion, to worship or not to worship when, where. and why we please.

It means education. I am given the opportunity to choose any school and any curriculum I want so long is I am able, no matter what my capabilities or limitations. Of course there are examinations to he passed, but I am not dictated to as to whether I go into higher learning, quit and do manual labor, or go to trade school.

One of the basic ideas of Freedom is freedom from oppression. My federal government, through the military organization, protects me from foreign tyranny. The state and city governments, through police forces, protect me from crime. The courts of justice make certain my right to be tried before being punished for misdemeanors.

One privilege that is rarely connected with the word freedom is that of family life. Have you ever tried to imagine Christmas alone, with no family, no traditions, no Christmas Eve worship together? Many families in other countries have experienced separation. But I am lucky. Because of my freedom no one can forcibly separate me from my family.

Another freedom that may sound rather unimportant at first is the freedom of marriage. The person whom I marry is one with whom I will spend the rest of my life. Instead of my parents or someone else choosing my marital partner, I have this right and privilege.

The most important freedom, however, is that of speech. Without this, our other freedoms wouldn’t even be important, for if Democracy

JULY, 1967                                  9

is infringed upon we have the right to voice our disapproval. There are many more basic freedoms, but these are the first ones of which I think.

With freedom there comes responsibility. Every generation must realize that freedom is worth sacrifice, battle, and possible death. Freedom is now our responsibility.

– Elizabeth Leta Komm (19 years old

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Since the 18th of last April, Understanding Inc. has bad its own radio program on the air. It is a half hour program broadcast every Tuesday and Friday evening from 7:00 to 7:30 p.m. At present only one, station carries the program, this is station KAGI in Grants Pass. Oregon (930 on the dial.) We are, however, planning to put the program on three additional stations which will cover the area from Portland, Ore., to San Francisco, and possibly Fresno. Calif.

If we can arouse sufficient interest and response among our members and other listeners we will put the program on a nation-wide chain. This, however, is up to you.

While Understanding’s own radio station is not yet on the air, Understanding’s radio program is, and the time has come to push that program in every possible way.

We need your ideas, your program material, your letters and postcards to indicate interest in the expansion of the program, and we need some financial support. We have not sought a commercial sponsor because this might seriously limit the nature of the pro-gram, and we have not used any of the money which has been sent in for the construction of our own station because we feel that that money should be used only for the specific purpose for which it was sent.

The entire cost of the seventeen programs which we have put on to date, has been paid by your editor from his owls funds, but. those funds are rapidly becoming depleted.

lf you are interested in becoming the sponsors of a nationwide broadcast, drop us a card to let us know that we have your moral, spiritual, and, if possible your financial support.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

world report

Friendly [ ? ] Earthlings

(Christian Science Monitor, Jan. 24, 1967)

Unidentified flying objects continue to make their appearance. We don’t know what they are (if anything). To some, the whole idea is highly amusing. Others are true believers. We try hard to keep an open mind.

We think it proper that physical scientists are now seriously investigating a considerable number of as-yet-unexplained sightings. They are not excluding the possibility that certain of these unexplained aerial phenomena could turn out to be craft manipulated by intelligent beings from outer space.

Should this outside possibility prove in the end to be the case, the intelligent beings who come to us in this fashion could prove to be either hostile or friendly. Their inclination could depend upon their assessment of us.

Their furtive behavior, if that is what it is, could mean that they are looking us over carefully to determine whether or not it is safe to contact a race which shows many signs of hostility and aggression, even toward others of its own kind. It is understandable that they may have grave doubts about stepping down and shaking hands (or rubbing noses) with a race which exhibits a tendency to mass hysteria when startled by the sudden appearance of the unknown.

In the light of all of this, a friend suggests that it is high time we broadcast our intention to receive them hospitably. (Our science fiction television programs may have already convinced them that the opposite is true.)

Assuming that they are monitoring our radio communications, he suggests we assure them of a peaceful reception and encourage them to make themselves formally known to us. Beyond this, he advocates the formation of groups in each community to foster a climate of welcome. They might call themselves COSMOS (Circle of Sympathizers to Meet Others from Space), SALUTE (Society to Accord Love Universal to Everyone), or HELLO (Humans Expressing Love in League with Others).

JULY, 1967                                  11

This could, just possibly, have fascinating and far-reaching consequences. If it turns out there isn’t anybody there, we may feel a bit silly, but we won’t have lost a thing. Admittedly, it’s way out, but then so’s space.

The Mayor’s Field

(Extracted from a translation of the French news report given in “Feuille D’Avis de Lausanne, May 12, 1967.)

Yesterday morning a telegram advised the newspaper that mysterious traces had been found in a field of clover at Marliens, near Dijon. It’s a little hamlet of about ten farm houses lost in the middle of an immense plateau. There are cultivated fields as far as flip eye can see. At 1 km. from the village a field of clover belongs to the mayor. At, the edge of this field, an area of about 30 meters was completely turned over. There were piles of dirt lifted, veins of violet mauve powder, perforations with a diameter of about 20 cm. laid out in a star, each ending in a kind of basis, each one terminated by other holes made deeper, about 8-10 cm., perfectly regular and smooth.

The imagination of the inhabitants of Gentils is working.. . The center presumably was the engine of a spacecraft. The holes disposed in a circumference of 5-6 m. were the support for the craft from which feet extended like legs. In leaving, the space craft bad lifted the dirt piles and scattered them in a circle of about. 15 m. Unfortunately no one saw the space craft. They only say the traces and even those were suggestive …

On Friday, May 5th, a worker adjacent to the mayor’s field noticed some mysterious marks. The police were called According to the chief, the earth was upset but they found no metal. Piles of dirt had been projected toward the east. These piles of dirt gave the impression they had been heated because they were all dried out–very bard and brittle. In the center, marks had been left by tire wheel and were hard as rock. It was necessary to use a hammer to examine them.

Examiners had the impression that it had been red hot. Everywhere the earth had been excavated; one found a grayish powder-like substance, such as found in the middle of a burning cigarette. The powder bad changed colors since Wednesday and was becoming

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

mauve. In the opinion of the farmers such powder had never before been found in the area …

The newspaper examiners conclude: In our opinion the marks that we examined on the Mayor’s field are intriguing by their nature and their layout. No one before Friday had seen anything like them in the area. Since then the theory of men coming from outer space, landing in the clover field, could pave made the earth upheaval… We find this theory not totally without foundation, but one has to accept it with the usual reserve, since there were no witnesses.

Way to Reduce Fallout

(Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., March 16, 1967)

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) -Two young Swedish scientists claimed today they have found a method to reduce much of the radioactive fallout from nuclear bombs.

Sten Andersson and Bo Holmberg of the Swedish Research Institute of the National Defense said they have found a practical way to reduce the condensation around the fireball in a nuclear explosion with the help of chemicals.

“The result is that the particles, instead of falling to the ground as radioactive fallout, follow the overheated air upward because of their small weight… ” the scientists said.

Sweden does not possess nuclear weapons, so the scientists had to experiment with fireball models to get the high temperatures needed for their research.

Sea Farms

(General Dynamics advertisement, Time Magazine, June 2, 1967)

For Sale: Choice 400 acre plot west of Bermuda, Lat. 32° 06′ N., Long. 64° 04′ W. 250 down. Ideal for algae farming, fish grazing. Includes all water rights to surface and bottom mineral rights.

A farm at the bottom of the ocean?

Before this century is over, man will undoubtedly be farming, mining and manufacturing under the sea. With the world population growing and our natural resources shrinking, we will have to exploit the oceans for necessary food supplies and raw materials.

But before it happens, we must learn how to live and work in the strange and hostile marine environment.

A new breed of fish-the research submarine-has already begun

JULY, 1967                                  13

the job of exploring and working in the depths of the ocean. General Dynamics has already built five of these research vessels and is currently building three more.

An Ideal Society

(Evening News, Buffalo, New York, April 8, 1967)

By Dr. Joyce Brothers

NEW YORK, April 8, (NANA)-Dr. Margaret Mead, at a recent symposium on “the emotional basis of illness” the famous anthropologist reminded New York doctors that an increase in patients with emotional problems is, in part, a result of the increased efficiency of modern medicine.

In grandpa’s day a baby had to be hardy to live through infancy and an adult had to be rugged to reach old age. A decrease in infant mortality and an increase in life expectancy, brought about by modern medicine, has changed the character of our population. No longer must people be physical towers of strength just to survive.

But, their lack of physical stamina leaves them psychologically vulnerable.

To make things even more difficult, our modern urban world grows ever less tolerant of unusual behavior. In primitive societies a man is allowed to fly into a rage, sink into a deep depression, or greet his neighbors by making faces. Everybody knows him and makes allowances.

In America no such leeway in behavior is allowed. Everyone is expected to be pleasant, even-tempered, alert, efficient, neat. and calm. Anyone who deviates from the noun is urged to get psychiatric help.

That’s because Americans feel that people can and should be changed. We won’t put up with annoying behavior from our neighbors or with unnecessary torment within ourselves. People who once retired to their couches to spend years nursing a debilitating depression now run to the psychiatrist’s couch, asking to be cured. Or they step over the bounds of acceptable conduct, expecting someone. else to take them to the doctor.

Unacceptable behavior is very often a cry for help, Dr. Mead said. She also believes that the increase in the number of people calling for help for emotional and mental troubles is a promising sign in

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

modern society. It means, she says, that people who once felt hope-less in the face of their problems now feel hopeful that something can be clone about them.

Peace Time Atomic Energy

(Medford Mall Tribune, Medford, Ore., January 15, 1967)

“The atom is here to stay. Are You?” Dr. Ralph T. Overman, chemist who is former chairman of the special training division at the Oak Ridge, Tenn., Institute of Nuclear Studies, asked members of the Rouge River Valley Knife and Fork Club Friday night. Speaking on “Which Way the Atom?” Dr. Overman explained in non-technical terms the principle of atomic fission and gave a brief history of its development to the construction of a reactor.

Stressing the peace time uses of atomic energy, Dr. Overman noted that more persons have been saved through the use of radiation than were killed by the bombs dropped in Japan.

He mentioned the uses of atomic energy in the fields of medicine, food preservation, agriculture, desalting water, rocketry, and in industry for such precision work as gauging and impregnating wood with plastics for stronger materials.

There are no good or bad atoms, the speaker explained, the problem is with man. It is man who decides whether atomic energy will be used to destroy or to aid mankind.

Dr. Overman is concerned about the homes where the young people, who will handle the atom in the future, are growing. They need the best of education he stressed. It is not the tools, but the attitudes of these young people in school which are important, he continued.

These are the people who are going to make the decisions. Religious commitments must be considered in their growth, Dr. Overman said, so they have knowledge of man’s relationship to God.

——— ♦ ———

Prayer Sheets Available

Dr. C. H. Yeang, Penang, Malaya, has again favored us with a shipment of “Pink Prayer Sheets” — the World Wide Divine Love Radiation leaflets. These are available for Units and individuals. Write to Merlin for the quantity desired.

JULY, 1967                                  15


1. Always remember that all circumstances are transient; your worries, your problems, apprehensions and adversities are essential but of passing significance. Find solace in the truth of the following bit of philosophy, “and this too shall pass away.”

2. Never permit yourself to stew and fret about things and situations that are none of your affair or over which you have no control and about which you cannot do anything anyway.

3. Avoid the tendency to allow yourself to fall into a dither of frenzied hurry and anxiety because of the culmination of responsibilities. Your proficiency diminishes at the same ratio that you lend yourself to excited haste and frustration.

4. Avoid the common tendency of fighting sham battles. So many people exhaust themselves in the battles of imagination. So many people indulge in the neuroticism of “over-readiness.”

5. Do not live in retrospect, nor in premonition, nor in the regret of what might have been. No human was ever born who did not make mistakes.

6. Never lend yourself to hate, envy or hypercriticism. They represent the “dry rot” of personal happiness.

7. Constantly be aware of the fact. that agnosticism, cynicism, fatalism, and pessimism are the malignancies of the mind.

8. Shun the conventionalism of the New England concept of “old age.” Retain the spirit of romance and adventure. Live courageously and always meet the challenge of new things and quests.

9. Always retain your faith in people. Do not look for perfection in them but rather for individual grains of virtue and capacity. Regardless of what people may or may not do to you the potential of their “goodness” ordinarily far surpasses their misgivings.

10. Recognize that your problems are fundamentally the same as everyone else’s, no matter what your particular job may be. Do not criticize your part in the play, study it, understand it, and then play it, sick or well, rich or poor, with faith, with courage and with proper grace.

-From the lectures of Dr. Jos. J. Janse

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Louis Cassel, in an article published in the April 13th issue of the Medford Mail Tribune (Medford, Oregon) reports on the conclusions of the noted French philosopher, Claude Tresmontant, who holds that “The discoveries of modern science have made it easier to prove the existence of God than it used to be.”

In an interview Professor Tresmontant said that philosophy since the time of Aristotle has tended to conceive of the universe as “eternal and imperishable,” an essentially static entity, existing in its own right.

Because of modern science, however, “we have more knowledge about the universe, its history and development… now we know for certain that the universe grows and evolves.”

Moreover, it is evolving in a direction that is very difficult to explain without recourse to the hypothesis that there is a creative will and intelligence behind it.

Those who find no place for God in their philosophy, Professor Tresmontant said, must be prepared to affirm that mindless, inanimate matter “has been able to organize itself, to become animated, and to endow itself with consciousness and thought. If matter is to be looked at in this way, it has to be credited with very great resources. For matter to have been able, on its own, to invent biological evolution, which has constantly tended throughout the ages toward the creation of ever more complex and differentiated organisms, endowed with bigger brains and an ever greater degree of consciousness, I maintain that it. must be gifted with great wisdom and incomparable genius.”

In fact, if the material universe is to be regarded as the only reality,  “matter must be credited with all the attributes that theologians specify as belonging to God,” including supreme intelligence, creative power and eternal, autonomous existence.

“But cannot the emergence of life and the evolution of species be attributed purely to the operation of the laws of chance, operating over a very long period of time?” the interviewer asked.

“It may be theoretically possible,” Prof. Tresmontant said, but r. mathematically, it is so “extremely improbable” that “only very few scientists now seriously think” that pure chance can be “put

JULY, 1967                                  17

forward as an explanation of the emergence of even the simplest living organism…”

Even if by a Treat act of faith you accept the theory that the first large molecule was created by a chance collision of the right atoms under the right circumstances you have by no means arrived at an intellectually tenable explanation of the evolution of life and conscious thought …

If you go on attributing to chance results that in fact are radically contradictory to the laws of probability, you may find that you are in effect spelling chance with a capital letter, and using it as a synonym for God.

Professor Tresmontant concluded that the concept of God is not an outworn survival of primitivism, nor a wish projection to which the weak and frightened cling for comfort, but an “eminently reasonable” interpretation of the facts which modern science has established about the history and evolution of the universe.

——— ♦ ———

book reviews

ESP and Your Super-Conscious

(Dr. Gilbert Holloway, Best Books, Inc. $4.50. Order from Merlin Publishing Company, P. O. Box 105, Merlin, Ore. 97533.)

Dr. Gilbert N. Holloway has not only described in clear terms the various types of extra-sensory perceptions exercised by certain people, but demonstrates them himself. When he appears on TV or radio programs with his E.S.P. demonstration, listener response breaks all previous records.

In this book, Dr. Holloway tells how to foster the latent faculties within yourself to learn the “art-science of deeper knowing.”  He

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

is sure the use of E.S.P. will grow to become well established in the future and “our children’s children will be far more developed along these lines than most of us are in the present generation. They will be encouraged by many advanced thinkers to believe in the results of E.S.P. and… encouraged to express these faculties or gifts.”

The chapter on UFOs tells how Norma Lee Browning, a reporter for the Chicago Tribune, spent three months in the Soviet Union in the Fall of 1964. She was allowed freedom to visit universities, talk with scientists, and ask questions. To her surprise, she found that Russian scientists were seriously investigating telepathy as a means of long-distance space communication. Since this form of communication is the only one not, affected by distance, it is ideal for immediate space contacts across tens of thousands of miles.

“It will he interesting to see how the Russians come along with their efforts to develop telepathy and other E.S.P. powers in their cosmonauts on the basis of the materialist Marxist-Leninist philosophy,” says Dr. Holloway. “Their anti-spiritual teaching gives them no dependable protection, so they are completely open to destructive negative influences.”

Dr. Holloway also asks the question, “Why Not An ESP Corps’!” There are about 200 reliable or well-developed sensitives in this country. A way could be found for these people to devote a certain of their time and talent to all the people and to the cause of freedom and righteousness everywhere. They could serve in the fields of national defense, scientific research, medical advances, crime detection and prevention, for example.

“Metaphysics is a great support to ESP theory and development because of its emphasis upon the primacy of consciousness, and the spiritual nature of reality,” says Dr. Holloway. Prophesy, powers of your consciousness, finding your true mission in life, clairaudience, clairvoyance, auras, healing, the mystery of death, memory, psychic pitfalls, personal counseling are all discussed in this book. It is a valuable reference work for your library, but do not forget to re-read it often.

-Margaret Little

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JULY, 1967                                  19

bulletin board

For Our Libraries

Through the generosity of ‘Mrs. Angela Kilsby of Unit 11 of San Francisco, both the Buffalo and Merlin Understanding Libraries have available all the published works of our Executive Vice-President, Col. Arthur J. Burks. Included in the books received are such titles as Open Wide the Portals, This is Your Story, Our Lives Behind Sleep, Human Structural Dynamics, and The Light Body.

Northwest UFO Space Convention

The Sixth Annual Northwest UFO Space Convention will be held in the Rainier Room, Seattle Center (former Fair Site), July 22nd. and 23rd., with speakers, exhibits and visitors from many areas.

The Convention will feature news and results of the World Wide Watch of the week June 21 through 28.

On Monday, July 24th, there will be a Caravan Tour to Mt. Rainier, 60 miles away.

Unit 76, Klamath Falls, Oregon

We welcome with pleasure the newest Unit of the Understanding family – Unit 76 of Klamath Falls, Oregon.

The following officers are listed on the Charter application: President, Dema McBee (2962 Greensprings Dr., Klamath Falls, Ore.) ; Vice-President, Harry Plotner; Secretary, Hazel Walton, and Treasurer, Alice Galloway.

New Officers for Unit 65

Unit 65 of Sunnyvale, Calif., announces the election of new officers. Congratulations are in order for President, Maxine Carlson

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

(2023 Bell Ave., San Carlos, Calif. 94070) ; Secretary Dawn V. Grace, and Treasurer, Emma Johnson.

Dr. Fry to Lecture in Southern California

Dr. Daniel W. Fry, Founder and National President of Under-standing, will give three lectures in Southern California in July. Dates, places, time, and topics are here given. Please contact the sponsor for additional details.

Friday, July 21, 1967, at 8 P.M., Santa Ana Recreation Center Clubhouse, 1104 W. 8th St., Santa Ana. Topic: The Curve of Development.” Sponsor: Understanding Unit No. 7. Dorothy L. Harper, Secy.” (714) 535-575.

Saturday, July 22nd, 1967, at 8 P. M., Business and Professional Women’s Clubhouse, 820 Java St., Inglewood. Topic: Spaceships Past, Present and Future. Understanding Unit 15. Lee A. Yates, Program Chairman, AX 3-4743.

Sunday, July- 23rd, 1967, at 3 P. M., The Women’s University Club, 540 S. Catalina St., Los Angeles. Topic: The Curve of Development. Sponsor: The Sunday Afternoon Forum. Florence Verrico, Program Chairman, HO 9-5212.

Conventions Scheduled

The Church of Ageless Wisdom will hold its 5th Annual Conference, near Valley Forge, July 20-23. Write to 124 S. 13th St., Philadelphia, Pa., 19107, for brochure of details.

The City of Light, Inc. will sponsor a New Age Fair Convention at Pleasanton, California September 1st through September 3rd. Dr. Daniel W. Fry is on the panel of guest speakers. Write to 3485 Moraga Blvd., Lafayette, Calif., 94549, for additional information.

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NOW FOR THE FIRST TIME under one cover: “The Cosmic Laws.” A textbook in easy to understand form for advanced students and teachers of Truth. Remit $5 to Rev. Ruth Usnick, Box 1156, So. Shore Sta., Alameda, Calif.


by Dr. Daniel W. Fry

Steps to the Stars (4th printing)

Curve of Development

Both softbound          $1.50 each


White Sands Incident and

To Men of Earth

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Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding

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