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VOLUME II                                   JUNE, 1967                                                NUMBER 6

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


UNDERSTANDING is one of the most important and necessary elements in any successful and happy life, and in the successful development of any race. With understanding man becomes the master of his environment. Without it he inevitable becomes its helpless; slave.

Understanding is not only necessary to happiness and success, it is frequently essential to human survival.

If an aboriginal native from the depths of the jungle, who knew nothing of civilization or its works, were suddenly transported to the main street of a large city and set down in the middle of a busy intersection, he would he in great and immediate danger, and it is probable that he would be killed or seriously injured within a minute or two of his arrival, simply because he did not understand the nature of the people and the devices around him. The streetcar hurtling toward him with its hell clanging loudly would be, to him, a terrible ravening monster intent upon his destruction. If he were a very brave man and stood his ground against the charge of the monster, he would almost certainly be killed. If he were not so brave and fled down the tracks away from the `charge’ it is probable that

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

the streetcar would still overtake him and run him clown before the motorman could get the car stopped.

The aboriginal would have no way of knowing that the car was confined to the tracks and that it had been designed and created for the sole purpose of serving man. If by chance the native’s flight took him off the tracks the hundreds of death dealing autos speeding down the street on either side of the tracks would be equally threatening and equally deadly monsters. He could not flee to the sidewalks because they would be thronged with hundreds of strange people. To the aboriginal all strangers may be, and usually are, deadly enemies, and so there would be no direction in which he could flee. Between the autos and the streetcars he would probably die very quickly and on his tombstone would be engraved this simple epitaph: “He died needlessly because he didn’t understand.”

In our own present day culture with its vaunted `civilization’ and highly technical environment, we still have the same sort of danger which arises solely from our own lack of true understanding.

Our science is constantly making discoveries and creating devices which should he the servants of man but which, because of man’s lack of understanding, constantly threaten to destroy him. Knowledge without understanding is like an auto without steering wheel or brakes.

The random development of any social system without a sincere and constant search for understanding, will eventually create problems which seem to have no solution, and which may well result in the destruction of that system.

If the genus homo upon the planet. earth is to become a successful and enduring species it must first find a way to keep the level of understanding in some reasonable proportion to the level of knowledge.

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Most adults throughout the world do not realize the power of a child’s thoughts. The child, himself, does not. know- his own power. Usually, what a child has to say is cast aside as being of the imagination and discussed no further.

JUNE, 1967                                 3

But a child’s imagination is an example of the original meaning of the word-imagination–which is the actual forming of images. As an elementary grade teacher I have listened to many children tell of the images that appear before them. Sometimes the image appears as the child looks out of the schoolroom windows, and is called “day-dreaming.” Sometimes, while reading a book, the images form on the page, and like real characters in the story, move, dance, and talk as in real life. Sometime, at home and in bed, when half-awake and half asleep, images form and appear as in real life. As one child said, “I can see anything I think about.”

What effect do such pictures have upon the child ? They may help explain why a child screams in the night, though when the mother comes to see what the trouble is, she cannot see what the child sees in the room. Yet the child is able to see something there.

Read books of the Far East and you will find that the mystics of that area can also create, just by their thoughts, a person, .a house, a landscape, as if it were actually- there.  Most of the time the mystics do this by conscious effort. But it also happens unconsciously, and the person involved does not realize that he is bringing to “life” any such forms. The “phantom,” as it is called by the mystics, has the appearance of the real thing.  If it were a person, then it would tall: and move as though endowed with the qualities of an actual person.

It takes the mystics of the Far East many years of practice before they can create the “phantom,” yet, the child-somehow-can do it naturally. Sometimes this bewilders him, while at other times it is of help and comfort to him.

Thoughts dwelling upon a person or situation seen to help create the imaged person or situation. Here are several examples, taken from my notebook of stories, told me by the children over many years.

This is the story of Linda, who missed her grandmother very lunch. The grandmother had died a. year before. One day Linda came home from school, went to her bedroom, and here she kept thinking of her grandmother and the good times the two of them used to have. Suddenly Linda heard footsteps on the stairs, and there in the doorway stood the grandmother. Linda watched the figure

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

move across the room to sit down in a chair next to hers. As the two talked together of the past, Linda put her hand on granny’s aria and was surprised to see her hand go right though the arm, touching the arm of the chair instead. At that instant the grandmother disappeared.

Then there was the story of eight year old Marsha, a country girl who was left home alone one afternoon. She was told by her mother not to let into the house the old man who lived up the road. As Marsha sat reading, she kept thinking over and over about the old man. Her fears grew and grew. Suddenly there was a noise at the door, and Marsha thinking it was the dog, opened the door. There stood the old man, his blue eyes staring down at her. Marsha became paralyzed with fright, but not knowing what else to do, said, “Won’t. you come in?” The old man said, “No,” turned around and started walking away. He had gone about 10 feet when suddenly the fear left Marsha’s body and at that instant, the old man seemed to come apart and disappear as if into the air.

Another child, Joanne, was very religious. Her thoughts kept going to the things she learned in Sunday School. One morning at breakfast she looked up to a picture of Jesus on the wall. There she saw lights starting to spin around and the next thing she knew there was Jesus, as if in real life, standing in front of her. The two of them started to talk. As Jesus spoke, Joanne felt waves of great joy and peace go through her whole body. The mother, in the next room, heard Joanne talking to someone and asked her with whom was she talking. When the girl answered “Jesus” the mother became angry and shouted “Eat your breakfast… and stop imagining things!” At that moment Jesus disappeared.

These are but a few of the “phantom” people created by the thoughts of a child. These people seem to be quite similar to the persons created by the mystics of the Far East. If it is true that a child can do this … what is the power behind this ability? Perhaps some day scientists will turn their attention away from the physical forces of the world to study what may he another and more powerful force, possibly within ease reach…… in the thoughts of a child!

– Samuel Silverstein

JUNE, 1967                                 5


When is a person legally dead? Should the doctor, by any and every means at his disposal, prolong the life of a loved one, especially an aged parent? Should a person be permitted to die in as dignified a manner as possible.

These questions have recently been discussed in the press and on the air without being -satisfactorily resolved. For a good many years we (the writers) have given this subject much serious thought and in discussing it with friends, have found many who were of the same opinion: that the patient should have something to say in the matter.

If he had a choice he would almost certainly say that he would prefer to die with dignity. In a coma, with a tube in his nose, another in his mouth, a blood transfusion being administered in one arm, an intravenous feeding in the other, his body looking like a much-used pin-cushion from all the shots received regularly, where is the dignity in such a condition?

Everyone knows that a will made by a sane person at the time he is in possession of all his faculties, is recognized as a legal document and honored by any court. Why couldn’t this same person, while still hale and hearty in both mind and body, express his legal wish as to what he would like done for him-or to him-when at death’s door?

Just as a letter requesting that certain heirs receive certain personal possessions is almost always followed to the letter, why couldn’t the husband or wife, the children, and the doctor respect the desire (expressed years earlier) of the patient when he is in no condition to make a decision of any sort?

Some medical research experts believe that more time and money should be spent on health care for the young instead of concentrating on the elderly. With this we agree. We are retired-not yet under Medicare-but could be classed with the elderly. If a group of responsible persons coulee weigh each individual case and judge whether the value of that person to society- as a whole was great enough to warrant trying to save his life, that would be fine. If, however, a person has not given of his best, made his contribution to society, by the time he is 65 or 70 years of age, it isn’t likely that he ever will. (It’s true that there have been some famous exceptions

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

to this, but they are rare). Unless he does contribute in some way to the betterment of the world, his reason for being here is no longer valid and, as some ministers have intimated, to artificially prolong a dying man’s life could be construed as obstructing the will of God.

We speak of the “breath of life” but merely being able to breathe doesn’t prove that there is life in a body. The brain is not the seat of the soul and just because the brain no longer shows any sign of electrical activity doesn’t mean that the soul is dead. The mind is the “think-center” of the body and the soul contains the record of every thought. Those who believe that the soul came from God in the first place also believe that it will return to God when this earthly body has no further use of it. Therefore, an inert body that is being kept alive by artificial means, one that is mentally and morally inactive, is already dead to this world and the soul, to all intents and purposes, has fled and returned to its Creator.

Why, then, should the body be kept alive through intensive medical treatment. lf the medical profession is dedicated to the preservation of life and alleviation of suffering, why not release the body from its suffering? We know that bodies do suffer; e.g., the cancer patient whose brain has been drugged for weeks and who recognizes no one, will still cry out in pain.

We do not condone mercy killings but we do believe, very strongly, that if a person desires to leave this world in a dignified manner-sans tubes protruding from every body opening-his wish should be honored by his family, his doctor even his lawyer. By the “will method” mentioned above, the doctor and everyone else concerned would be absolved of any and all responsibility.

Furthermore, we believe that God would not hold that person morally accountable for, if the soul has already left the body, there is no “person” there just a lump of clay!

– Gertrude Olmsted and Alta Rudd

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The noted UFO author and lecturer Dr. Frank E. Stranges has moved from Venice to 7970 Woodman Avenue, Van Nuys, California 91402. His new hook is announced elsewhere in this issue.

JUNE, 1967                                 7


From Mrs. Edith Nicolaisen of Parthenon, Halsingborg, Sweden, has come a translation of a Swedish newspaper account, entitled: The Saucers were There. We’re Convinced. The article appeared in Vasterbattens Kurir, March 9th, 1967.

“Our whole family is certain that it was flying saucers we saw. This statement was made by the Erik Soderstroms of Lavasen, Vilhelmina. On Saturday night they saw two saucers-like objects ‘parked’ in the air about 100 meters from their property, and approximately 20 to 30 meters up in the sky. Those who saw the objects were Erik and Elsa Soderstrom and their children, Lenny, 18; Tommy, 14, and Marianne, 16.

“It couldn’t have been clouds nor the Northern Lights nor a mirage, as it’s been speculated. True, it was the middle of the night. but it was a clear night and not very dark…

“It was Tommy who first noticed the mysterious objects in the sky. He and his brother Lenny were coming from Vilhelmina in their car, and they’d just come onto the property when, they observed both of the ships. The boys rail into the house and wakened their parents and sister, Alarianne. A younger sister slept through the miracle.

“One of the saucers was gigantic between 30 to 40 meters in diameter, and about 5 meters thick. The smaller one was half as thick and only 20 meters in diameter, stated Soderstrom.

“We put on the headlights of one of our cars and focused them on the larger object. We were certain they were going to land on Vojam. After a while we shut off the lights. Then the larger saucer began to move upward. It moved from 20 to 60 meters … After that the ships remained still for a quarter of an hour. We were able to observe them carefully.

“The objects looked like large grey- masses, pointed on either side and thick in the middle, continued Erik Soderstrom.

“Vas there any noise when the ships disappeared”

“Yes, when the little saucer disappeared there was a. whistling sound. At the same time there was a red glare which lit up the `old cottage’ which stands on the grounds. Something like smoke or

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

exhaust was emitted from the larger ship,” says Mrs. Elsa Sodertrom.

Since the Soderstroms have no neighbors nearby there is no one who can confirm the incident … Be that as it may, everyone in the Soderstrom family is convinced. They have seen flying saucers!”

——— ♦ ———


In honor of the 20th Anniversary of the Kenneth Arnold Sighting at Aft. Rainer of nine “flying saucers” on June 24th, 1947, a World Wide Watch has been called by UFO Space Age Groups of the Pacific Northwest, including British Columbia, Canada, for the week June 21 to 28, 1967.

The purpose of this Watch “is to emphasize in the consciousness of the people throughout the world that all have the capability to see these objects.” Already five million Americans have seen UFOs, according to the Gallup Poll report in the Reader’s Digest.

Groups in Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Eatonville, Olympia, Portland, and elsewhere, are working together in an effort to contact interested individuals, groups, government officials and agencies, nationally and internationally, to enlist the widest possible support for this World Wide Watch.

Space Age Groups of the Northwest have asked the President. of the United States to dedicate June 21 to 28 as “Watch for Flying Saucers Week.” Research groups, clubs and other organizations are being asked to cooperate by establishing “watches” and “watch teams” in their own areas. Everyone is invited to join in this effort, individually and collectively, to establish, particularly in areas of famous sightings, “key” watch points. Perhaps a pattern of behavior will be evident from the compilation of the reports.

Astronomers, scientists, space research engineers are being invited to serve on the National and International Advisory Boards, both to advise and to study the results of the Watch. Understanding President, Dr. Daniel W. Fry, has agreed to serve with both the National Advisory Council and the World Wide Coordinator Council.

The National Council will assist in the study of the results of the

JUNE, 1967                                 9

World Wide Watch which result will then be reported to all. Outstanding features will be released as they occur.

Sighting reports are to be forwarded to World Wide Watch, Mt. Rainier Headquarters, P.O. Box 867, Eatonville, Wash., 98328. If you are willing to participate in and cooperate with this endeavor, please write to the Eatonville address for the recommended report forms.

This World Wide Watch will be followed by a World Wide Convention to be held in the Rainier Room, Seattle Center (World’s Fair Site) on July 22 and 23, to report on the findings of the Watch.

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From Pondicherry, India, comes “Equals One,” an amazing little magazine, published by the World Union.

In format it is 7 by 7-1/2, contains approximately 60 pages. Each issue features a particular color on its cover, and contains pages of script in that color-blue, purple, green, red. The use of varying print sizes and color on a pane add to the magazine’s unique eye appeal as do the simple symbolic illustrations, reminiscent of finger paintings. “Equals One” is an attractive and gay presentation of wisdom literature.

The publication is issued quarterly, with each issue devoted to a particular theme. Subjects have included such theses as “Immortality Equals One,” “.New Alan, A Child of Oneness,” and “Evolution Equals One.” Article titles are interesting also, including such subjects as “Miniminds,” “What the Old Computer Had to Say About Happiness,” “Advice to a Young Computer,” “Bubbles of Eternity,” `’Solid Space,” and “The Monkey Fable.”

Its purpose might be given as the endeavor to replace (through poetic scripts, subtle satire and verse) the divisions created by mind with “the relationship of everything with everything.” It seeks to promote that New Alan which “is a child of cosmic consciousness, a creation and an achievement of the whole cosmos.”

Sources of the scripts offered, many very brief but soul expanding-or challenging, are both ancient and modern. Writings are offered

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

from Solomon, Sri Aurobindo, Aldous Huxley, Medhananda, and many lesser names.

“Equals One” can do much to fill your hunger for cosmic wisdom and understanding.

Single copies are One Dollar, the yearly subscription $3.50. Orders may be sent to: World Goodwill, 866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 566-7. New York, N.Y. 10017.

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world report

Russian UFO Report

(San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco, Calif., April 19,1967)

MOSCOW-(AP)-A Soviet scientist says there may really be such things as flying saucers from outer space.

Soviet radar screens have detected unidentified flying objects (UFOs) for 20 years, he says.

But Soviet scientists are still puzzled about what such UFOs really are.

The scientist, identified as F. Zigel, was writing in the current issue of the Illustrated Soviet Youth Magazine CMENA.

He offered five possible explanations for UFOs, including visitors from outer space, calling this alternative “extremely speculative.” “But,” he added, “as the UFO problem has not been solved, different explanations, including extremes, are possible.

In the 1950s the Soviet. press scoffed at American reports of flying Reports of flying saucers sighted in the Soviet Union, in the Caucscus and in Central Asia, also were ridiculed.

Then, for several years the Soviet press remained silent on the whole question. The CMENA article showed the UFO issue is being reopened.

In his magazine article, Zigel said the “Angel Echo,” a UFO detected by radar, is constantly observed by scientists at the Central Aerological observatory near Moscow.

JUNE, 1967                                 11

similar observations. he said, have been made in the U.S.A., Australia, India and Japan.

He listed five possible explanations:

Nonsense or invention. He said there was some untruth here, citing reports of people who claimed to have ridden in flying saucers and others who threw hats in the air and then photographed “saucers.” But he rejected this alternative as killing the question rather than solving it.

An optical illusion related to the distribution of light in the earth’s atmosphere, such as a rainbow. The UFO, he said, is more complicated that that.

A new secret flying apparatus of one of the military powers on earth. “No one holds this view now,” he said.

An unknown phenomena of nature, just as radioactivity was unknown until the end of the last century.

Spaceships from an advanced civilization on another planet. Zigel said the speed of UFOs supports this theory. So does what he called “the fact” that no UFOs were ever reliably reported to have landed.

Sea Currents May Generate Power

(The Grit, Williamsport, Pa., April 16, 1967)

Scientists are designing a device that may put oceans to work generating electricity for coastal cities such as New York, Miami, or San Francisco.

The idea, experts explained, calls for selecting an area where ocean currents run at relatively high velocity. Then a funnel-shaped device would be erected on the ocean floor, with the large end of the funnel facing the current.

Since water currents passing through a funnel increase in speed as the water is compressed and forced through the smaller opening, the ocean funnel would speed up the water velocity enough to turn an underwater windmill device. This device, in turn, would operate a generator to make electricity.

“A surprisingly small number of these gadgets would power all the industries located in the Miami area,” said an engineer studying the proposal.

One firm experimenting with the concept reportedly is discussing it with two large metal-mining concerns that may use it to power equipment in future ocean mining operations.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

U Thant Concerned

(Buffalo Evening News, Buffalo, N.Y., April 19,1967)

by John A. Keel

UNITED NATIONS, N.Y., April 19 – U.N. Secretary General U Thant has been personally concerned with the recent rise in the number of reports of unidentified flying objects around the world, according to a reliable source within the world organization.

During 1966, Mr. Thant held a series of private conferences with leading American UFO authorities, including Dr. J. Allen Hynek, an astronomer with the Dearborn Observatory and long-time UFO consultant for the U. S. Air Force, John G. Fuller, author of two best-selling books on the “flying saucer” phenomenon, and Gordon Evans, an engineer and civilian UFO investigator. Full details of these discussions have not been revealed.

For the past several months, a small group within the U.N. has been quietly studying the thousands of reports of “flying saucers” from observers in almost every country.

A U.N. directive channels all UFO information to this group, the Outer Space Committee.

The committee was established to study the problems of international law in space. UFO chasing is just a sideline. All of the leading “flying saucer” magazines, newsletters, and other publications are subscribed to and reviewed by this committee.

Delegates from many nations-particularly those from Africa-are reportedly alarmed by the sharp increase in the reported appearances of unidentified circular flying objects over their towns and villages. Some of the delegates have privately complained that they believe the objects must be “spy craft” from the U.S. or the Soviet Union.

New Theory of Universe

(Alvin S. McCoy, Kansas City Times, April 22, 1967)

The conventional concept of an expanding universe with the galaxies flying apart from the explosion of a primordial atom billions of years ago postulates space as something through which matter is moving.

Dr. John A. Wheeler, Princeton university physicist, suggested an alternative hypothesis last night. It is possible, he proposed, that spree itself is everything – “a kind of building material, a dough,

JUNE, 1967                                 13

one that includes gravity, elementary particles and everything else.” Several said they had not heard the proposal before. Dr.Wheeler, one of the nation’s leading physicists, calls his theories of space  geometric dynamics.

Developing Max Planck’s quantum theory of energy in packets to explain electromagnetic forces, and Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity as the two great cornerstones of 20th century physics, Dr. Wheeler attempted to unify the theories further into a new concept of space.

“Is space only an arena through which matter moves,” he asked, “or is it everything? We’re still very far from the answer.”

Dr. Wheeler discussed the theory of the expanding universe, which is expected to start contracting some billions of years in the future to a state of gravitational collapse when “the computer will start smoking and mass is infinite, which we cannot conceive.” Supernovae, he said, reflect this force in a miniature laboratory.

He defined an electric charge as “simply a line of force trapped in the topology of space.”

Dr. Wheeler, with Niels Bohr, developed the classic theory of fission and led the team that developed the mathematical model for the hydrogen bomb.

——— ♦ ———

book reviews

Man’s Place in the Dybosphere

(Richard R. Landers, Prentice-hall, $5.95)

We offer this review of Man’s Place in the Dybosphere, which was written by John La Cerda for the Palm Reach Post Time!

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

(December 11, 1966) because it is pertinent to our understanding of a future we may be underwriting already.

Will it be possible for man in the future to live forever?

Can a machine one day have a soul, a true soul?

You may not think so, but Richard R. Landers certainly does. And in this exciting, often frightening book, the executive of Thompson Ramo Waldridge takes you into the dybospheric era which he says is being programmed for the future.

He presents all this in full seriousness; no science fiction for him, no drift and dream …

Landers created the word “dybosphere.” It means the world of mechanized men and humanized machines. It marks the end of a man-dominated world (the biosphere) and the beginning of a machine-dominated world (the dybosphere). The word, he feels, serves as a cross-over to an era “where the manmachine and manmachine will be virtually identical.”

He predicts that in this era:

The blind will be able to see via electronic impulses to the brain from a camera device.

Scientists will speculate on the sociological behavior of dybological machines.

Mechanical and micro-electric devices will be available to replace every part, of the body, including the brain.

Already there are machines, he says, that can learn, think, see, hear, speak, grow and repair themselves. To this end the life sciences are joining with engineering and mathematics. They have produced, for instance, an electronic eye to “read” typewritten matter …

Not far off, Landers says, is a computer that will not only equal the human brain in complexity but in size as well. Current electronic marvels will shortly become obsolete, he feels. He is inclined to agree that in the fourth generation of computers-the third is just now being spawned-plasma gel will replace circuitry and laser-activated holograms will supply memory.

“There is no doubt that machines as a group will dominate man as a group and, eventually, individual machines will dominate individual

JUNE, 1967                                 15

men. By dominate I mean control, regulate, restrain, influence, persuade, direct, guide, prescribe by virtue of superiority in all aspects of tasks demanding a leader.”

History reveals the “impossible” has become the “possible.” We should ponder well where the computer programming should cease?

Who Will Program the Cosmic Computer?

(The following is offered by special permission of “The Futurist,” P. O. Box 19285, 20th St. Sta., Washington, D. C. 20036.)

In the past man had to adapt to the universe. Today he is moving to the stage of manipulating it-and himself. A few questions may be in order.

What kind of universe does man wish to live in?

Which worlds shall he permit in his universe?

What organisms shall he allow to co-exist with him?

And what shall he make of himself?

Shall he become monosexual, propagating artificially?

Taller? Shorter? Invisible?

What goals and values shall he select?

Shall he choose to be happy and allow no tragedy to exist?

Shall he seek to be meaningful?

What is meaningful? Collecting old coins?

Writing twenty books so good they are banned?

Painting one exquisite picture? Puttering about the barbecue pit?

Shall man choose to be wholly virtuous, never allowing himself to be even a wee bit naughty?

Or is a little sin needed to give life some savor?

Being happy, being meaningful, being virtuous, shall he seek to preserve himself through all time?

Shall he concern himself about those strangers, his distant descendants?

How shall he program the Cosmic Computer?

Reactions to the above questions are invited by the author-William C. Moore. They should be sent to the World Future Society, at the above given address.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Poet’s corner

Space Age Lullaby

Hush, my baby, little earthling

Cry no longer for the moon.

Someday you shall ride a star-beam-

Ride a shinning, magic star-beam,

Where the Pleiades are strewn.

Hush, my little, earth-bound darling.

Playmates wait for you afar,

Racing from the moon to Venus-

Hide and seek on shining Venus-

Playing tag from star to star.

Hush, dear, you shall have your rocket,

Standing outside the door.

Go and spend the day on Neptune.

Bring me back a piece of Neptune,

But be home by half-past four.

-Mary Pansy Rapp

JUNE, 1967                                 17

bulletin board

Southeastern Spacecraft Convention

The first Southeastern Spacecraft Convention will be held at Clayton, Georgia, July 15 and 16, 1967. Its purpose is to explore such questions as: What is your awareness regarding UFOs? Space People What do you believe concerning contactee stories? Newspaper reports? What experiences have you had? Workshops are planned for the exchange of information and the exploration of explanations concerning the enigma of the UFOs.

Two officers of Understanding, Inc., Col. Arthur J. Burks and Mr. Carey Carpenter are working out the detailed program for two clay meeting. Additional information may be had by writing to: Mr. and Mrs. Paul Larimore, 184 Midway Rd., Decatur, Ga. 30030.

San Bernardino Unit 71

Mrs. Marcella Fortune, President of Unit 71, has been forced by illness to give up her presidency of the San Bernardino, Calif., Unit. She has appointed Esther Ellsworth, long tune loyal server of Understanding, as Acting President until such time as the Unit shall elect new officers.

Mrs. Fortune has asked us to convey her gratitude and appreciation to the many loving friends who have done so much for her during her long illness.

Ufological Encyclopedia

An encyclopedia as a source of information on UFO organizations,

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

writers, researchers, etc., is being compiled by John J. Robinson. If you wish to be listed please send pertinent data to 336 Palisade Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 07307.

New Officers for Topeka Unit

The report of activities of unit 66 of Topeka, Kansas, tells of four well attended public lectures during the year, the individual activities of its members, and the election of new officers, April 3rd.

Congratulations are in order for President Max McCord (1912 Colorado, Topeka Kans. 66607) ; Vice-President and Treasurer, Dolores Trapp, and Secretary, Dr. Max Wickers.

Buffalo Rental Library

We remind our membership of the Understanding Book Rental Library which is sponsored by our Buffalo Unit 37. If you do not have a book list for ordering books by mail, please write for one to: Mr. James Czerwinski, 68 Moeller St., Buffalo, N.Y. 14211

With the increased interest in the UFO phenomena, as well as in New Age Philosophies, it is well to be grounded in these subjects to be ready to answer questions from newly interested friends.

Recent Lectures

On April 21st Unit 74 of Myrtle Creek, Ore., sponsored Marianne Francis in a lecture entitled: Men of Space and Prophecies of Earth.

On April 28th Unit 11 of San Francisco, Calif., sponsored Riley H. Crabb in a lecture entitled: Aquarian Age Healers.

On April 22nd Unit 15 of Inglewood, Calif., sponsored Michael N. Barton in a lecture entitled: The Flying Saucer Breakthrough of 1967.

On April 23rd Unit 71 of San Bernardino, Calif., sponsored Carey Carpenter, a Vice-President of Understanding, in a lecture entitled: Human Problems of the New Age.

Coming Lectures

Unit 22 of Riverside, Calif., will sponsor Hamid Bey on June 11th, 2:30 P.M. at the Izaak Walton Ball, Fairmount Park, Riverside, Calif. Hamid Bey will talk on “A Look Through the Windows of Tomorrow.”

Unit 71 of San Bernardino plans to schedule Dr. Eugene Drake

JUNE, 1967                                 19

for its June Public Lecture. Final details not yet arranged as to time and place. Please write to Mrs. Esther Ellsworth, P.O. Box 626, Morongo Valley, Calif. 92256, for information.

Yucaipa Valley Unit 61

President James Brockway of the Yucaipa Valley (Calif.) Unit 61 reports that monthly meetings recently have featured lectures by Col. Arthur J. Burks and Dr. Fred Andrews. Kelvin Rowe is the next scheduled speaker.

If you live in the area and would like to attend the meetings please contact the Brockways at 1398 Beryl Avenue, Mentone, Calif.

Maywood, New Jersey, Unit 59

Congratulations are in order for the newly elected officers of the Bergen County Unit 59, in Maywood, N. J. President: Mr. Paul Sauvin (500 McBride Ave., West Paterson, N. J. 07425) ; Vice-President, Mrs. Ruth Feinberg; Secretary Treasurer, Mrs. Edna Tatsch, and Publicity Chairman, Mrs. Marguerite Siscoe.

UFO Legislation

(Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., April 14, 1967)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (UPI)-A bill outlawing the release of any object into the night sky that might be mistaken for an unidentified flying object (UFO) was introduced in the Tennessee House of Representatives Thursday.

“I don’t think the people should add to the confusion,” explained Rep. Ellis Gill, sponsor of the measure.

Reports of UFO’s which really aren’t. UFO’s “could make people panic,” Gill said and proposed a fine of $50 for violators.


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