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VOLUME XII                                MAY, 1967                                                  NUMBER 5

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


In Anglo-American judicial procedures, and in the legal codes of most other races and countries we find the principle that no man can be guilty of crime except, by intent or by negligence. In all prosecutions for crime it must be shown that the accused either intended to violate the law, or that he simply didn’t care. (In actual practice however, it is usually assumed that the commission of any illegal act is prima facie evidence of intent or negligence, and so the burden of proof is placed upon the defendant).

A plea of insanity, if accepted by the court, is a defense against any accusation of crime since it argues that the defendant, because of his mental condition could not have been guilty of either intent or negligence. Therefore, the only question which is considered by the court in an insanity plea is whether or not the defendant was able in his own mind, to understand the difference between right and wrong.

The origin of this principle goes directly back to the book of Genesis in the Holy Bible where it is stated that Adam and Eve tasted of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They then become aware, for the first time, of the existence of good

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

and evil, and so, from that time on, became personally responsible for their own acts.

So far as is known, Adam and Eve are the only humans on this planet who have tasted of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, and no one today seems able to determine exactly what these terms mean, or where one ends and the other begins.

In general, everyone thinks of `good’ as that which contributes to his comfort, safety or welfare, and `evil’ as anything which threatens them.

Your editor recently attended a Service Club banquet at which a very tasty and well prepared chicken dinner was served. One of the speakers expressed at length the “goodness” of the occasion, the “goodness” of the fellowship, and the “goodness” of the chicken dinner. The thought suddenly occurred to me that if the chickens who had become the dinner had been able to express their opinions, we might have found a considerable disagreement with our speaker as to the goodness of chicken dinners in general, and this one in particular!

Of course, everyone has, to a greater or lesser degree, an inner voice known as conscience which occasionally whispers soft remonstrances in our ears, but we have become so expert in the application of the tranquilizer known as sophistry that, our callous ears are seldom offended by any inner objections to the pursuit of our own desires.

If our present civilization is to become successful, or if indeed it is to continue at all, we must soon begin to establish some standards of good and evil, or at least of right and wrong, which can be accepted by everyone.

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Roland L. Fisher, Ph. D., is a physiological chemistry professor at Ohio State University. He has spent some 20 years delving with a microscope and psychedelic drugs into both the psyche and physique of man. In an interview with Conwell Carlson of the Kansas City Star (March 12, 1967) Dr. Fisher discussed some of the findings of his research.

MAY, 1967                                   3

To the seekers of final answers about the exact nature of man, his spirit and his body, Dr. Fisher reports that, chemistry helps but questions still remain. Man is more than a reflection of his chemical endowments, marvelous as they are.

Roland Fisher was born in Budapest, 50 years ago, studied in Switzerland, and came to the United States fifteen years ago. He already has reported 130 times to other scientists on his own experiments but anticipates much more will come from further probing into the nature of man’s ease and disease.

Licensed to study experimentally LSD and other “way out” chemicals, as well as tranquilizers, Dr. Fisher has found that these “mood drugs” have distinct effects upon the body. Stimulators raise the body temperature, increase metabolism, cause rapid heart beat, dilate the pupil of the eye, raise nervous conduction and increase the sugar content of the cell. The effect of tranquilizers is the reverse.

“LSD and the phantasticas, hallucinogens, dream arousers, as they are called,” he says, “stimulate visual memory, but do not add to the natural imagery already stored in our minds from life and experiences. The phantasticas accentuate the already existing personality. Visionaries become more visionary, bores become more boring, depending upon their limited sensitivity to begin with. The barbarian who takes LSD gets reflections of his simplicity, sometimes nothing-ness.”

“The young people, the kids, who take it for kicks, may like as not get no kicks, since they have fewer memories stored up, or dream impressions from experience. They are curious, yes, but repeated illicit use of hallucinogens for them only can be aggravating, even dangerous.”

Dr. Fisher’s experiments have shown that “LSD is a caricature of what we are and have inside, our psychic wealth or poverty. It reveals what we are and no more.”

Under LSD influence time is overestimated, handwriting speeds up, and “a hundred years would not suffice to describe the fullness of experience contained in a single minute,” Dr. Fisher quotes from one of his patients. In contrast, the users of tranquilizers slow their handwriting, underestimate time “which appears to pass by like magic.” He has found that without a wristwatch LSD patients

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

arrive early for an appointment, while users of tranquilizers are late.

The prime research interest of Dr. Fisher is in time and its role in life processes. “In our first 20 years of living,” he observes, “metabolism increases and time seems long. After that metabolism gradually slows until we die. In late and middle old age time seems to fly by. Probably that’s because we have hung so many things on our clothesline of experience, the time seems shorter.”

Mr. Carlson noted that Dr. Roland Fisher says grace before meals even in restaurants.

“Why should not man invoke blessing before he eats’?” commented Dr. Fisher. “One cannot live by chemistry alone. There are many things in the life spirit that we have not yet dreamed of, although religion and philosophy keep trying. The soul of man in time-space needs varied nourishment for health-such as music or saying grace.”

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(The closed circle of ecology to which the author refers applies only to the physical body of man. The knowledge which he accumulates and the spiritual advance which he achieves survive the small circle of physical ecology. D. W. F.)

Think of the tremendous amount of expendable supplies that would be required by astronauts on an eight month journey to Venus. The weight of such supplies for a crew of four would exceed the weight of the space craft. This factor alone would add great dimensions to the many obstacles with which we are currently faced.

In an attempt to solve this problem space scientists are engaging in a study of closed ecology. The purpose of this study is to duplicate the process of transformation which nature uses to keep earth inhabitants supplied with the necessities of life. In reality nature is the greatest miser of all times. It never throws anything away. We are drinking the same water over and over again. The water that goes down our sewer pipes eventually becomes rain and fills our reservoirs. The water that prehistoric animals drank and waded in contains the same elements as the water we drink today. The food

MAY, 1967                                   5

we eat and the air we breathe is produced the same way. The inter-relationship between animals and plants represents a continual cycle of transformation. The plants need carbon dioxide for growth, which is obtained from exhaled breath of animals. Then the plants are consumed by the animals, thus the process of continuity is maintained.

The ability of man to become aware of this magnificent process substantiates the supposition that man was created to act as a coworker with the Divine Intelligence which is responsible for the process. By the use of theoretical and empirical methods man is gradually becoming aware of the functional process at work in the universe. Because of this awareness man has been able to duplicate and imitate the laws of nature and produce many varied and wonderful physical symbols of this Divine Intelligence.

However with the increase in awareness of this Divine Intelligence also comes an increase in recognition of the fallibility of man. Many men have spent lifetimes observing and studying the functional processes at work in our universe. At the climax of their observation the best they can do is state how things happen, but the cause remains clutched in the depths of Infinity.

Man with all his knowledge must concede that he consists of the same basic elements as everything else in the universe. He is merely part of nature’s process of transformation. Even though he has obtained the unique position of co-worker with and observer of Infinity, he cannot escape the circle.

-Cecil M. Wright

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(This is the fourth and concluding installment  f an article by Dr. Daniel W. Fry which first appeared in “Source Unlimited.” The previous installment of this analogy posed two questions, common to UFO inquiries: Why haven’t the craft landed to establish trade relations with us? and, Why haven’t an intellectually superior peoples conquered us?)

The logic of the villagers is perfectly sound from their own viewpoint. They are simply assuming that we would do the same things

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

that they would if they were in the plane. The only error in their logic lies in their failure to realize that we no longer wear bones in our noses and if we should want any of those luscious grub worms for lunch, we have only to visit the exotic food section of the local super market where they are found in four ounce cans, both plain and chocolate covered.

As to the super weapons, we do of course, have them and we could, if we choose, easily conquer the primitive tribe. There is however, no earthly reason why we should do so since we do not need and could not use any of their possessions or products. They could not contribute anything to us and so they would become just one more nation to which we would have to ship Foreign Aid every month.

The aboriginal village is not in the least danger of invasion by us, nor is it likely to become a center of commerce.

If any members of our race should visit the village they would probably go only as missionaries in the service of humanity, and to offer such portions of our culture as might be useful to the villagers and which might be accepted by them.

If the missionaries wished to avoid being cooked in the village stewpots, or becoming burnt offerings to the village gods, they would have to proceed very slowly and very carefully.

If an advanced race upon another planet decided to send missionaries to the planet Earth, they would be well advised to proceed in the same way. In fact the perusal of the front page of any metropolitan newspaper should be enough to cause them to give up the whole project as a hopeless undertaking, and to leave for home at once.

The attempt to apply generalities to U.F.O. reports, result only in increased confusion since each report is a separate and distinct event which must be judged strictly upon its own merits, if any.

No study of U.F.O. phenomena will have any value or significance unless the student leaves his ego and his emotions in the cloakroom before entering the study hall and even then the only firm conclusion which the student can reach, is that no firm conclusion can possibly be valid in an area where the possibilities are as infinite as the universe itself.

-Dr. Daniel W. Fry


MAY, 1967                                   7


Beginning the night of March 22nd through March 24th, the front pages of the Grants Pass Courier featured articles on local UFO sightings. But on the night of the 24th all changed as a plastic bag with lighted birthday candles fell into the Drive-In theatre.

Whether or not all the sightings could be attributed to pranksters we cannot tell, but the damage was done. However, to the credit of the editor of the Daily Courier, Mr. H. L. Elliott, the following editorial appeared in the paper Monday, March 27th.

“The silly season-which used to come in late summer when nothing else was going on-seems to have descended on the Grants Pass area in March this year-and perhaps it’s simply because college students need their outlets for fun, just like anyone else.

“But the problem with silliness of the “flying saucer” sort is that it tends to make anyone who legitimately thinks there may be something to the saucer business look foolish, and it shouldn’t be that way.

“When the first report of an unidentified flying object came in last week, there was probably an equal number of skeptics and believers in the audience. Then, as the days rolled on and more and more persons saw “something” in the nighttime sky, the number of those who accepted the concept of aerial visitors grew, until at its peak, we’d guess, it numbered probably better than three-fourths of the populace.

“But then the silly season came to full fruition, and the students began lighting their candle-propelled plastic bars, thereby dropping within hours the percentage from the 75 per cent to the usual hardcore 25 or so, and even some of that group was left somewhat queasy by the experience.

“Where is this line taking us, you ask? Simply this:

“There are reliable arguments for the existence of some sort of flying phenomenon in sufficient quantity to overcome many doubters, if the silly set would just leave the matter alone. What the UFOs may be, where they’re from and why they would bother with us are questions left unanswered, but the preponderance of evidence that there is something stands unaltered.

“So what the balloon-launchers do, in addition to scaring some

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

and getting a few yuks for themselves, is to introduce extraneous data into the process of finding out the answers to the questions.

“But then, if we’re ever to find out what UFOs really are, we’ll probably do it anyway. Ridicule for years has tried to trip up the quest for information, and it seldom has done more than slow up the process.”

——— ♦ ———


From a subscriber friend, who personally knew Bishop Mazziniananda, comes this interesting news item which appeared in the Oakland Tribune (Calif.) about 1930. It was written by Homer Thomas.

Is one of Oakland’s residents a veritable star rover, earth’s Columbus of sidereal space, a voyager into the ether, the first man to set foot on the planet Mars?

You raise your eyebrows? Pray do not smile. In this day it is wise neither to sneer or to acclaim.

Bishop Sri Mazziniananda, oldest Buddhist priest in the world, graduate of Oxford and Asiatic and European universities with high honors, for years a student of occult science and a self-styled protégé of the reputed mystics of the Himalaya monasteries in Tibet, came forward today with the remarkable assertion that he has made four visits to the red planet which tonight and tomorrow will be closest to earth it will come in many decades.

Four visits to Mars stamp the Bishop as a star rover indeed, and if you wish to accept his word, without the proverbial grain of salt, you may learn of a Utopia.

The good bishop made his journeys to Mars, he says, under the guidance of a Martian, one Urides, who appeared beside the bishop in his study and with the command, “come,” took command of the sub-consciousness of the priest and carried him into space.

As Urides, the Martian, explained Mars to the bishop, so let Mars be explained to you.

Urides speaks:

“A genuine state of Utopian existence on our planet Mars is an actuality. All people here are equal in rank, station and possession

MAY, 1967                                   9

of the material fruits of our planet. I myself am overseer of one of the sections of one of the main canals that supply moisture from the north polar cap to an impounding reservoir near the city of Urid, from which I come and wherein we now are.

“From a physical standpoint you observe the people here are all human beings and differ but little from the people of earth. Our people work and have their recreation. Our people have invented labor saving machinery and pursue a multitude of industrial activities but with this difference-our economic system is such that the life of a Martian is not the struggle for existence that you have created on earth for here it is a pleasure to work.

“Mars is much further advanced as a world in its evolutionary career and the spiritual unfoldment of its inhabitants is proportionately advanced.

“This planet has a population of 13,160,000,000 people though it has only 212,000,000 square miles as against 51,000,000,000 on earth. Our planet is covered with canals, many hundred of them, and the main ones are observed by your people with the earth telescopes.

“Economy is a science with us; nothing is wasted. Seven thousand years ago the necessity of building canals to conserve our failing water supply was begun. Nevertheless the canals are constantly being kept in repair and new. ones are under construction.

“Our canals, as your scientists have seen, follow straight lines. We cut through mountains when necessary.”

Now let the bishop tell what he saw:

“The City of Urid,” the bishop says, “is the center of the Martan activities, and there is a great auditorium where public questions are settled by the combined wisdom of the population.

“Martians do not need language for communication: thought alone serves the purpose.

“There is no religion but that of brotherly love. Illness has been banished; the intellect is the ruler of the red planet.”

The bishop made his pilgrimage to Mars, he says, in the months of September and October, 1922. Each time the mysterious stranger from the far-away planet came when the bishop was writing. While in the seeming trance caused when the bishop was taken to Mars,

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

the observations of Urides and the bishop were written down. Return to earth was like awakening from sleep,

Bishop Sri Mazziniananda, head of the Church of Universal Truth, died in Oakland on December 8th, 1931, at the age of 106. His personal physician, who was away at the time, felt that the Bishop had not died but was merely away on another soul journey, but he was embalmed before the doctor’s return.

——— ♦ ———

world report

Rats from Space

(Sydney, Australia, Sunday Telegraph, Jan. 15, 1967)

Could those strange “creatures” people say they see coming out of flying saucers be extra-terrestrial rats?

Or perhaps robots in the shape of bewinged, beclawed, one-eyed, two-legged nearly human beings.

Following reports that people have observed what they de scribed as “humanoids” emerging from ghastly spaceships in various parts of the world, we had a call from Dr. Miran Lindtner. He is president of the Unidentified Flying Object Investigation Centre, N.S.W. group.

He is also veterinary research scientist with the Department of Agriculture.

Dr. Lindtner said the oft-mentioned “humanoids” could well be experimental animals sent from other civilizations-just as earth’s space authorities have used animals in research.

“Why shouldn’t other beings, the same as humans, be sending their own trained animals or robots on advance missions to gather data about Earth?”

Naturally, he added, the superior beings would follow later.

Civilization too Complex

(San Jose, Calif., Mercury, March 6, 1967)

SAN FRANCISCO (AP)-Men’s brains, essentially unchanged in the last 10,000 years, are better suited for seeking food, shelter,

MAY, 1967                                   11

safety and comfort than for understanding modern complexities, says an educational leader.

Edward Joseph Shoben, Jr., director of the Commission on Academic Affairs warned last night that man is “face to face with the alarming yet, credible hypothesis that, like the heavy armor of the dinosaur, the human nervous system has reached the end of its adaptive usefulness.”

He urged sweeping changes in our educational system, saying “we have erred in concentrating as heavily as we have on the production of intellectual elites.”

Shoben, who is editor of “The Educational Record,” said, “We have ample room and crucial need for elites of the mind.” which he described as the cutting edge of the “sword of intelligence.” He added, “But we must also keep the entire blade of that, sword well tempered by a more extended, more humane, and more diverse education experience than has ever before been made available. Otherwise, our society sunders, and we admit that men have become anachronisms in a synthetic world of their own brains’ creation.”

In a society so complex that elites must manage it, Shoben said, the only acceptable alternative to eventual resentment and rebellion is a citizenry sufficiently educated to participate meaningfully in the making of crucial decisions.

New Egyptian God

(Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., March 27, 1967)

WARSAW, Poland (AP)-The Polish press agency reports that two Warsaw Egyptologists have discovered a previously unknown Egyptian god.

Existence of the god, called Haraus or Araus, was found by Dr. Anna Swiderek and Zbigniew Borkowski while examining a series of papyrus scrolls at Warsaw University.

Northwest Sightings

In Salem, Oregon on March 16th, three youths think they captured Polaroid photographs of a saucer-shaped object. The two photographs are being forwarded to the headquarters of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) in Washington for analysis.

Ron Forest., 15, was in the backyard of the Thomas Ronald Baker home, 1593 32nd St. N. E. when he saw the object. He alerted the

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Baker’s sons, Kenneth and Ronald, and Ronald ran for the camera and took the pictures about 3:30 P.M.

In Quincy, Washington, on March 22nd, an unidentified flying object was sighted. It vanished temporarily when a jet aircraft approached, then reappeared, the Grant County sheriff’s office reported.

The UFO was first sighted by Bill Webber, who operates a citizens band radio. He notified other residents, who also reported the sighting, along with members of the Quincy Police Department.

Weber said the object which appeared to be at an altitude of about 7000 feet hovered for about 20 to 30 minutes, and disappeared about 8:55 P.M.

No Monkeys in Our Past

(By Bob Ligon, Staff Writer, San Jose, Calif., Mercury, 2/23/67)

APTOS-Dr. Louis S. B. Leakey, world-renowned anthropologist, says the textbooks are wrong in saying that man is a direct descendant of the monkey.

Man, because of his reasoning powers, will be around long after the monkey is gone, “providing he puts that reasoning to constructive channels.”

Dr. Leakey spoke under the auspices of Cabrillo College.

There is evidence, said Dr. Leakey, that man’s earliest ancestor dates back 20 million years, about a million years before the monkey.

He presented slides showing skull and other fossils of creatures that in no way resemble the fossils of monkeys.

The fossils were dug up by Dr. Leakey and his colleagues at the Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania, Africa. The gorge is said to be the richest fossil find in the world.

Dr. Leakey’s discovery of Zinjanthropus, a member of a new group called “near men,” sparked a controversy back in 1959. This discovery indicated that man was much older than the textbooks of that day said he was. He has proved his point because new methods in testing the age of fossils bear out his contentions.

In commenting on evolution, he said that man’s descendants branched off the “tree of evolution” many years before the monkey made its appearance.

He said early man developed a “precision grasp,” which enabled his hands to create art and music, but above all, said Dr. Leakey,

MAY, 1967                                   13

man has developed as a “psycho-social” being, with the abilities of reasoning and thinking of religion. He said man has made rapid progress since that time.

Saucers May Aid Beliefs

(From Adelaide Advertiser, Adelaide, Australia, Jan. 17, 1967)

Flying saucers could bring the earth a higher dimension of its religious beliefs, according to an American doctor of divinity and metaphysics.

He is Dr. Joseph Hansell, who last night. addressed a meeting of the Flying Saucer Research Society in Adelaide.

Dr. Hansell is on a private tour of Australia with his wife. “Flying saucers may bring us a philosophy that we have never been acquainted with,” he said.

Dr. Hansell said that he and his wife had seen flying saucers on three occasions around their home district of New Mexico.

At the first sighting, about 12 years ago, they saw “humanoid” beings entering and leaving a “spheriod” craft suspended over the desert in a radiant light.

Dr. Hansell’s religious teachings are based on the principle that Christ, Buddha, Krishna (founder of the Hindu faith) and other prophets were sent to teach different aspects of one great religion leading directly to the one God.

——— ♦ ———


Dr. Samuel Johnson, at a party, remarked to a friend, “I do not like that man over there.”

Surprised, his friend said, “Why Samuel, I didn’t think you even knew him.”

Dr. Johnson smiled and said, “I don’t know him. That is why I do not like him.”

Few of us could so frankly confess such ignorance. Yet, often, at first sight, we jump to the conclusion that a person has certain character traits that alienate us from him or her-that we have nothing in common.

As it is an indisputable fact that those people who dislike the most people are in turn disliked by the most people, we should investigate the bases for such dislikes.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

We dislike people because:

We do not know them.

They criticize us and wound our egos.

They air their importance and thus cause us to feel inferior.

They have our own weaknesses, whether or not such personal faults are consciously realized.

Their opinions and beliefs differ from those ingrained in us.

They fail to measure up to our high expectations of them.

They do not fit, into our preconceived compartments for them.

This list is a partial yardstick by which we may analyze our personal “dislikes” and endeavor to grow in tolerance and understanding until, like Nixon Waterman, we can say:

If I knew you and you knew me,

If both of us could clearly see,

And with an inner sight divine,

The meaning of your heart. and mine,

I am sure we would differ lees

And clasp our hands in friendliness.

Ona L. Hunter

——— ♦ ———

Poet’s corner

A Story for Gardeners

Where he had been through the working day

Genesis III-8 does not say.

MAY, 1967                                   15

Perhaps in the endlessness of space

He had been creating another race

With more of his fire and less of his clay.

We were only told: at the long day’s end

In the quiet hour when friend meets friend,

As had been his wont since Eden began

He came in, calling, “Where are you, Man?”

Silence, until a weak voice prayed

“I’m under here, Lord, but I’m afraid.

I’ve eaten from your forbidden tree.

This woman you gave me tempted me.”

God was very angry, just at first.

(In fact, the Old Testament says he cursed.)

But soon he said: “It was my mistake:

You’d nothing to do but reach and take–

An easy mark for an active snake!

“Since the mischief’s done, don’t snivel and shirk.

Get out and do some constructive work:

Channel the waters and plant the soil.

If you’re made in my image, you’ll have to toil

You can’t be Godlike with nothing to do.

Did I take it easy creating you?

Dig in the dirt and shape the stone.

Get out of my garden and make your own.

And I would suggest you’ll find it best

To get control of that fruit-tree pest.

Then, when your garden is brave and fair,

In the cool of the evening, I’ll meet you there.”

-Antoinette Smith

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

book reviews

Transcendent Moments

(Laura Clint. May be ordered from Merlin Publishing Co., P.O. Box 105, Merlin, Ore. 97532. All proceeds donated to “Voice of Understanding.” $3.50).

In every life there are at least a few Transcendent Moments. In this book the author shares with you some of her highest moments, of spiritual awareness.

Dr. Wm. Leroy Stidger, Department of Homiletics, Boston University School of Theology for twenty years, wrote to Laura Clint:

“Everything you write makes me think of Emily Dickinson. It is dainty, simple, beautiful, exquisite. . . I do not believe that you. yourself have any idea how important your poems are.”

Another minister, after reading and rereading the poems, wrote “These are the loveliest and most delicate poems I have ever read.”

Of Poems the author writes:


Are Traceries

Spilled from the Crucible

After the Alchemist has wrought

His Art!

and of her work:

When thoughts present themselves to me

I quickly try to dress

Them in the pure simplicity

Of single-mindedness

If I can keep them spotless pure

MAY, 1967                                   17

Of self-esteeming blight,

Then, only then, may I secure

The Master Copyright!

If your spirit is moved by the beauty of inspired verse, Transcendent Moments will bring you pleasure upon pleasure.

——— ♦ ———


(An excerpt from the Sacramento Bee, published in “Scott’s Valley Report” on January 21, 1967).

The rebellion of youth which to some adults is alarming in its intensity should be judged in the light of history. Dissatisfaction with an imperfect world and revolt against the status quo are not the exclusive properties of the present generation.

The young always have inclined to be exuberant, to be discontent, to be seeking identity and meaning, to overemphasize, to create clamor for the sake of attention. The youth of today are not the first to rebel nor the first to feel the need for greater dialogue with and understanding from adults…

But it is not true the present youth have reason, cause or justification for blaming excesses on a belief that they are worse off than any generation of youth could ever have been.

It is sometimes said the young must seek solace in many exotic ways, by trips into mind-expanding orbits where the excitement of colors and feelings temporarily obscures the cares of an indifferent world not of their creation. It has been a complaint of some that they have inherited a life without love, a punch-card existence devoid of spiritual or philosophic challenge.


The world today is a much greater place than it was when the present adult generation received its legacy when young. There have been so many advances so rapidly achieved and so grand in scope the minds of adults as well as those of the young are taxed to assimilate them. ..

Today’s youth also have been blessed-or burdened, depending upon whether one is an optimist or a pessimist–with unparalleled opportunities, the chief of which is to make of the future world

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

which will soon be theirs in adulthood a place of peace and brotherhood. They have the greatest challenge of all-the one of survival.

To these ends the young must direct their tremendous resources. They must not waste time in following sophomoric, transient cults which preach negation and rebellion without responsibility. They must not fall into the trap of adopting the very flaws of the adult world they profess to protest against.

——— ♦ ———

bulletin board

Understanding On the Air

On April 18, 1967, Understanding’s first regularly scheduled radio program went on the air!

From the studios of KAGI in Grants Pass, Oregon, the program will be broadcast from 7:00 to 7:30 P.M. every Tuesday and Friday evening. It will be primarily a discussion type of program with audience participation, and many interesting and distinguished guests are being invited to share the program with us.

As the station has only a 5000 watt transmitter most of our readers may not be able to pick up the program at first, but if we receive enough support and enough requests from our membership or other interested persons, we will put the program on a national chain. So, have a try at picking up KAGI, then write us whether or not you succeed, stating your wishes as to program material as well.

The program is entitled: The Age of Reason, and the station is at 930 on your dial.

MAY, 1967                                   19

Volunteer Needed

Understanding, Inc., is in need of a volunteer worker to serve as Coordinator of our Friendship by Mail program.

Presently we are referring all requests for foreign correspondents to other organizations, but the work is an integral part of Understanding. Please write to P.O. Box 76, Merlin, Ore. 97532, if you can contribute your services. We do need someone!

UFO References

Gene Duplantier, editor, has published a Special 10th Anniversary edition of “Saucers, Space and Science” ($1.00).

In addition to some fine articles and pictures, the issue is particularly valuable for its “1967 List of World Wide UFO Clubs and Publications” and for its listing of “Magazines which contained flying saucer articles or related subjects during 1966, and where to get them.”

If you are interested in these references send your order to: 17 Shetland St., Willowdale, Ontario, Canada.

Dr. Fry to Lecture in Oakland

A lecture by Dr. Daniel W. Fry, President and Founder of Understanding, Inc., is being scheduled by Vivian Hultgren (329 Valley View Road, Pleasant Hill, Calif. 94523). The lecture will be given at the Oakland Auditorium, Oakland, Calif., on Saturday, May 20th at 8 P.M. Dr. Fry will discuss “Space Ships and Space Travel.”

Mental Telepathy Lecture

Unit 22 of Riverside, California announces that Dr. Stuart Fisher will speak on Sunday, May 14th, at the Izaak Walton Hall in Fairmount Park, Riverside. His topic will be “Mental Telepathy.”

Lecture Tour Planned

Timothy Green Beckley, editor of the Interplanetary News Service, is planning a national lecture tour. He is offering a 2 hour slide program entitled: Flying Saucers are Real.

Those interested in booking Mr. Beckley, or of receiving information of his lecture itinerary, should write: 3 Courtland Street, New Brunswick, N. J. 08901.

White Sands Incident

We regret to announce that the soft bound copies of the White Sands Incident and to Men of Earth are no longer available.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

However, the revised and enlarged hard bound edition, published last fall, contains additional material, including answers to some of the most frequently asked questions prompted by the shorter edition. ($3.95)

A Florida Lecture Tour

The recent trip to Florida by Dr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Fry was not really intended to be a lecture tour but, as in most of their journeys, that is what it turned out to be. It all began with three lectures at Dr. Gilbert Holloway’s New Age Church of Truth in Miami, etc. All of the lectures were well attended and enthusiastically received.

Perhaps the most significant and rewarding of the lectures was the one held in the “Gemini Room” of the Carriage House in Cocoa Beach. The small city of Cocoa Beach lies at the entrance to Cape Kennedy, and the Gemini Room was the General News briefing room for the Gemini Space shots.

Of the more than five hundred persons who attended this lecture, at least three hundred were engineers or scientists from the Cape. These men became so interested in the lecture and question period that they simply refused to leave, and the question and answer period lasted until two o’clock in the morning. Many new members were added to Understanding.

Radio and Television appearances were made at stations WLBW with Howard Schanzer; WKAJ with Bill Smith; WLJZ with Dave Webster; WQYT with Laurie and Eve; WJNZ with Alan Courtney; several interviews and a tape for future use at WEZY. Appearances were also made on Channels 6 and 9 in Orlando, Florida. A very busy, but in all respects a successful and rewarding trip.

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Curve of Development

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The Real Earth to be revealed
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Great Beings are watching Planet
Earth, visiting those ready
to receive Them in brotherly love.

Mankind cannot reach other planets
in his physical body. Missiles will
be consumed before reaching
their destinations on Solar Planets.

God’s Promise is that all shall receive
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Read His Message to the
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