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VOLUME XII                                APRIL, 1967                                               NUMBER 4

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


Are those Russian made long range missiles back in Cuba? Or have they really never been away?

On March 8th of this year, the press wire services carried a somewhat significant article of which the following is a portion.

WASHINGTON, March 8 (CTPS)-Five Russian missile experts, two of whom have the rank of general, arrived in Cuba last November, Senate investigators were informed today.

The new arrivals took charge of a battery of long range ballistic missiles (capable of sending nuclear warheads 800 to 1500 miles) which are row poised on the island and aimed at American targets, according to testimony given the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee.

Aldo Rosado, a farmer Cuban lawyer who now heads a Miami organization supporting the Cuban underground, gave the subcommittee lengthy and detailed evidence based upon regular reports smuggled out of Cuba by his information sources.

“The State and Defense Departments today disputed the eyewitness testimony of a former high official in the Cuban government that ballistic missiles are back in Cuba. They similarly scoffed at. the testimony of a former foreign service officer, who gave the sub-

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

committee reports from more than 60 Cuban refugees who saw the huge weapons before they left Cuba!”

Your editor’s recent sojourn in Miami (New Cuba.) brought about a constantly growing conviction that the intelligence systems of both the State and the Defense Departments have slipped back into the smug state of cataleptic complacency from which they were suddenly but briefly awakened during the summer of 1962. Most of our readers will remember how loudly and repeatedly these same departments scoffed at similar reports of long range missiles in Cuba, and the suddenness with which the scoffing was interrupted, in mid sentence, by the display of undeniable photographic evidence.

The Defense Dept. now insists that its periodic reconnaissance flights have observed no evidence of large missile imports. The clear implication that the tasks of importing missile components and assembling them in Cuba would be beyond the ability of the Russian Technology, is an insult which the latter does not deserve.

The Defense Dept. position also ignores the simple fact that while its reconnaissance flights in 1962 disclosed beyond question that there were long range missiles in Cuba, not one iota of hard evidence has ever been released to the American public which would indicate that any of these long range missiles were ever removed from Cuba.

A few canvas covered packages, cylindrical in shape and about the size of a missile, were seen upon the decks of outgoing vessels, and in our haste to reduce the level of tension between the U. S. and the Soviet Union we accepted the totally untested and unverified statement that these carefully covered bundles were the long range missiles on their way home!

There is a well known Proverb which points out that, while the school of experience is the most costly of all schools, yet it is the only one in which fools will learn. It occasionally appears, however, that there are men whose ego prevents them from learning even through the most costly and repeated experience.

Are you corresponding with someone in another country? The experience can be most satisfying.

Names and addresses are available through Merlin.

APRIL, 1967                                3


I have always had considerable curiosity about things-a natural desire to understand the reasons why. So when certain metaphysical perplexities arose, I did not try to evade them or put them on a shelf out of mental reach. This was especially true of prayer.

“Why,” I wondered, “must one always ask the Father for that which is needed? Surely He knows both need and solution without being importuned. Why must one follow a formula?”

I did not require immediate solutions, nor did I get them. For some years, off and on, as I read and studied, my perplexities returned. Of course I found many answers, and there seemed general agreement on most points. The purpose of prayer was not to tell God, but to make very clear to the person the purpose of his prayer. Since one may reject, if desired, he must himself initiate communication. Through expression, in thought or words, harmony is established, between God and individual. Prayer is not necessarily to ask something; it may be to give thanks or show love.

I could agree with almost everything I read about the topic, yet there remained those things that were not clear to me. What was meant by the writer who mentioned that when we pray the Inner God is reaching to the Universal God? Was that a figure of speech? And another writer stated that it seemed God did not act directly but through others. These matters were over my head. So, too, was I bothered by another thing, the declaration that most prayers were answered in one way or another, but some apparently were not answered, at least in ways that we could understand.

Why? I was back to my questioning again. Why did one person earnestly pray for help in an emergency, or for health, for self or for another, and be ignored?

One day I set up my photographic equipment to make a difficult copy job. I was using lights colored balanced to my specific film. Finally I added one more light to get a particular effect; when I turned the switch on,  the whole works went out. My knowledge of electricity has always been precisely zero. I called an electrician. I had blown a fuse. “Why? ” I demanded.

“You overloaded your capacity,” he said, and gave me a brief technical description that sailed right by me. “What are ohms?” I asked. “And this thing you call `resistance’ is”

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

He laughed. “The details would mean mighty little to you, since you haven’t learned the principles of electricity.”

I ventured out on another limb. “Well, what is electricity?” He shook his head and departed. But he left behind more than another fuse. For before he went out the door he paused a moment. “Nobody knows just what electricity is,” he said. “But if it is handled properly, it works.”

Electricity works, if it is handled properly! I must know my individual photographic requirements, then make sure that my little studio was properly wired to handle them.

Prayer works. I had overlooked that. In all the years I had been questioning, prayer itself had always worked for me. Except, that is, for a few times-when I had not know that for which I sought!

The thought startled me. I recalled something I had recently reread in the Bible, and looked it up.

For we know in part, and we prophesy in part; but when that which is perfect is come, that which is in part shall be done away.

Prayer is a personal, individual communion. We may only pray, and understand prayer, in accordance with our spiritual development.

When I was a child, I spike as a child, I felt as a child, I thought as a child.

But now I was beginning to understand. I had become enmeshed in detail questioning not at all pertinent. Each of us must find his own comprehension of spiritual matters. And as we are promised, the answer is always there to those who seek. I finally understood what the old high school teacher had meant. Sometimes there seems no answer whatever to a question-yet, we may understand it completely, when we have reached that stage of growth.

Prayer works. Prayer always works. Even should the wish, the apparent need, be denied, prayer works. For though there be no answer, that in itself is the reply we need, though we may not know why. We still know only in part-as we continue to grow toward completeness.

-B. Coursin Black

APRIL, 1967                                5


Long before Franklin Roosevelt opened the door to social welfare with his New Deal programs, American poetess Ella Wheeler Wilcox wrote this inspiring poem:

I gave a beggar of my little store

Of well-earned gold. He spent the shining ore

And came again, and yet again, still cold

And hungry as before.

I gave a drought, and through that thought of mine

He found himself, the man, supreme, divine!

Fed, clothed, and crowned with blessings manifold

And now he begs no more.

What a neat illustration of the difference between the welfare state and free enterprise!

We, the tax-payers, give of our “well-earned gold,” which support the government’s welfare programs. And the result? The give-away practices have made beggars of a majority of those who have received the so-called benefits.

Does anyone still believe that these programs-relief, anti-poverty, etc. (there are so many I am not sure I could list them all) do anything but breed more poverty? In many cities there are three generations in families on relief; welfare has become a way of life for them. Can their lot be improved by giving them more!A recent newspaper story dated November 20, 1966, mentions a group of social workers calling for “guaranteed pay for the poor.” Pay for What? For being poor, we presume.

Does anyone still believe that these programs are advanced for any other than political purposes? Our social welfare politicians are not concerned with the souls of men-only with their stomachs and their votes.

Oh, yes, I know there are some persons who do need help to climb out of a lowly station in life. But those individuals who want out will accept help only temporarily, and with reluctance, determined to rise to the place where they can stand on their own feet. They have too much self-respect to become permanent welfare beggars. Long before the government began to offer aid, such persons found a

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

helping hand along the way, and they always will, for Americans have always encouraged ambition and industry.

Can this constant nourishing of beggary by government be halted? Some of it can through legislation; the waste can be stopped; many unnecessary bureaus discontinued; no new ones planned. The habit of the socialistic; government to inaugurate new programs similar to the old ones which have obviously failed, must be wearisome to the astute observer of the political scene.

Do they help people through training or education? Only a few will respond as, for example, programs for drop-outs have proved; you cannot force training or education upon those who find living on social welfare an agreeable way to avoid solving their problems.

Helping the poor is not a new problem for civilized society. In fact, it is a very old one. No matter what is done to encourage and help the poor, whether by private charities or by government, there are always some laggards.

But many can be redeemed from a life of beggary by arousing in them hope, and consciousness of their spiritual heritage as children of God.

How, then, to awaken the spark of individualism in a man and urge him to “find himself” and realize that he does have potentials for earning blessings which can mean infinitely more to him than the meager and shallow living he can obtain as a beggar on social welfare?

This is the challenge of today.

We can teach the meaning of freedom to all those who will listen not only to the poor, but to those who, through unrealistic, impractical idealism, have embraced the social gospel.

These people want to retain their freedom of choice and action – you can be sure of that.

But unless we are all free, and willing to meet the challenges that freedom brings with it, there is no complete freedom in the land.

-Lois H. Sargent

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APRIL, 1967                                7



(In Part II, Dr. Daniel W. Fry answered some of the most frequently asked questions concerning UFOs. “‘UFO Logic” was originally published in “Source Unlimited.”)

Instead of attempting to answer all of these questions separately, we can create a simple analogy to illustrate the position in which the visitor would find himself. The analogy is easy to understand and should enable every reader to answer all of the above questions without further explanation.

We will begin by recalling the fact that there are upon this planet at least two areas, one in South America and one in central Australia, where there are still races of human beings who have not yet achieved the bow and arrow. These tribes are actually still living in the stone age and, from the standpoint of scientific development, are from fifteen to twenty thousand years behind us, even though they live in areas which are only a few hours by air from our centers of civilization.

We know a little about, these tribes because a few of our explorers and missionaries have penetrated briefly into the periphery of their domain and the reports which they have written have been made available to anyone who is interested. The most primitive races, on the other hand, have no written language, no means of rapid or mass communication and no means of perpetuating information. Consequently, as a race, they know nothing whatever about us, and would be unable to understand, even if they were told.

We do, however, have jet aircraft which can and do fly over the areas in which these people live and must occasionally be seen by them.

Let us picture a tribal village nestling in a jungle which is bordered on one side by a large rolling plain or pampa.

We will imagine that one of the village hunters has wounded an antelope and has then pursued his wounded quarry for several miles on the rolling plain. While he is there alone, a multi-engine jet aircraft roars overhead at a fairly low level. After a few minutes, when the hunter’s knees begin to work again, he will go racing back to the village with the totally incredible story of his experience.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

“Friends-when I was out there on the pampa today, a tremendous bird flew overhead. A bird like nobody oversaw before. Why it must have had a wingspread of nearly a hundred feet! Its wings and all of the huge body gleamed in the sunlight as though they were made of silver! The wings were held rigidly outstretched at all times! As it, flew, it made a thunderous roar that seemed to shake the ground as it passed overhead, and a long stream of black smoke was coming from its tail!!!”

At about this point in his story his friends would shake their heads sadly and his best pal would say softly, “Look, Joe, why don’t you go back to your but and sleep it off? We knew that fermented juice would get to you sooner or later, but you are insulting our intelligence. We know all about the birds in this area. We have watched and hunted them for years. The biggest bird is the condor and it has a wingspread of eight or nine feet, but, no bird ever had a wingspread of one hundred foot! Birds have many different colors in their plumage but no bird was ever all silver in color. All birds, even when they are soaring, move their wings occasionally, for directional control. Different birds make different kinds of noises but no bird ever made a continuous roar that shook the ground; even the lion can’t do that! Everything you have said is contrary to the things we know to be true and yet you have to make your story even more ridiculous by saying that smoke was coming from the bird’s tail! Go back to your but until you have regained some semblance of sanity and then we’ll talk about things.”

The result would be that no serious consideration whatever would be given to the hunter’s story. It would be dismissed as pure fantasy. Suppose, however, that a few days later another hunter should come breathlessly into the village saying, “Well, boys, it looks like I’ve joined the crackpot crew because I think I just saw one of those big birds too!”

If these sightings occurred often enough, eventually it would come to be accepted that perhaps there really was something strange flying overhead and for the first time there would be public speculation as to what it might be.

At this point one of the more thoughtful natives might venture to suggest that instead of being a bird, it might be a machine. This would be a difficult idea even to express. The tribe has no word for

APRIL, 1967                                9

machine in their language because they have no machines. They have not even achieved the bow and arrow! Nevertheless, the thinker might be able to express the idea that somewhere in the world there might be a race of human beings like ourselves who have developed so far beyond us that they can actually build things in which they can fly! It would be a tremendous idea and very hard to grasp. His friends would scratch their heads and mutter, “I don’t know, Joe, it’s a real far out, idea; you’re talking about people making things to fly in and we can’t even make a bow and arrow. Even if what you say were true, it wouldn’t be a logical explanation for the things have been seen in the sky.

“It is obvious that if these things were machines and there were people in them, the people would look down and they would see our village. They would, of course, immediately land their machines in the middle of the village and leap out shouting, ‘take me to your witch and to your chief! We want to establish commercial relations so that we can enter into trade with your people! We want to get some of those lovely bones which your people wear in their noses, some of that copper you wear around your neck and some of those luscious grub worms your people have for lunch!

“None of the big birds has ever landed in the village so it is illogical to suggest that there might be intelligent beings within them.” Here another of the thinkers among the villagers would interrupt to point out that any race of human beings which could build machines in which they could fly, would certainly possess weapons far more sophisticated and deadly than the spears and stone knives of the village hunters.

“Why should they trade with us?” he would ask. “They would simply land, conquer us, make us slaves, and take anything they wanted. But they haven’t done this either so you are right, it is illogical to suppose that there might be intelligent beings within the big birds.”

-Dr. Daniel W. Fry

(To be Continued)

——— ♦ ———

Everyone has played the fairy wish game. Maybe we never stop playing it. If I could be granted a magic wish, it would be for understanding because there is so very much I don’t.

-Donald Curtis

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

world report

Aztec Plant Book

(Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, Calif., Jan 30, 1967)

SAN FRANCISCO (Harry Nelsin)-A treatise on plants, which lay unused on a dusty shelf in the Vatican library for 400 years, may be the basis for future cures of arthritis, cancer or mental illness.

Written by an Aztec physician only 31 years after the conquest of Mexico by Cortes, the book is a list of 251 native plants used by Ancient Mexicans to cure their sick and to work magical powers. According to Dr. Efren C. del Pozo, a pharmacologist at the National University of Mexico, the identity of many of the plants used by the Aztecs is unknown today in spite of their extensive use before the Spanish conquest.

Although the Aztec book contains beautiful color drawings of many of the plants, botanists are having difficulty identifying them because only the native names are listed. The profusion of plants in Mexico is making it difficult for modern scientists to be sure they have the same ones described in the book.

Dr. del Pozo told a conference on drugs used by native peoples that the book was written by Martin de la Cruz in 1552. Dr. del Pozo said the Aztecs had a well-developed science of treatment with plants. They had special gardens for medicinal plants and had a system for testing their effects on patients.

But today a handful of botanists, anthropologists and drug experts are pushing hard to rediscover the identity of these plants and others that don’t affect the brain-in hopes their chemistry will serve as spring-boards for new drugs.

“Living Things” in Space

(Portland Journal, Portland Ore., Feb. 2S, 1967)

WINTER PARK, Fla. (AP)-The director of the Cape Kennedy Space Center predicts that man will meet “Other living things” in outer space.

“This prospect cannot be dismissed as metaphysical speculation,” said Dr. Kurt H. Debus in an address at Rollins College.

APRIL, 1967                                11

“It’s much more a mathematical certainty than were the early theories expounded by scientists and philosophers whose observations and discoveries made possible many of our activities today.”

Contacting Other Planets

(Philadelphia Bulletin, Philadelphia, Pa., December 10, 1966. Karl Abraham of The Bulletin Staff)

A scheme for telling a civilization somewhere among the stars about the people on earth was unveiled here by Dr: Harrison S. Brown, of California Institute of Technology. He spoke at a joint meeting of the Franklin Institute and Philadelphia Section of the American Chemical Society.

What he proposed as a form for the message to be beamed space-ward had very much the appearance of a crossword puzzle, in which the black squares formed the patterns that conveyed the information. The message which could be transmitted as a long series of dots & dashes would consist of 1651 such impulses, repeated many times. Presumably an intelligent civilization would question the number of impulses, finally determine that the “0” represented an empty or white space, and the “I” a filled or back space. Filling in the squares the first section would indicate a pictorial meaning-a representation of a star-burst, our sun, with squares of varying sizes lined up beside it to represent the number and relative sizes of our planets, telling that we are in a planetary system.

Next to the pictorial view of the solar system, one column of numbers would reveal the distances of each planet from the sun, another column the masses of the planets. Then would come basic chemical information by the use of the binary system to indicate the numbers of elements. The remainder of the giant square would give chemical formulae of the earth’s crust, basic amino acids common to the proteins of most life forms, and other compounds.

In total, this message would give an alien scientist a fairly good picture of nature on earth as men know it. It would also provide a basic dictionary with which a return message might be composed.

The idea of a square array, rather than a serial of the kind used for telegrams, was first proposed by the astronomer Dr. Frank Drake.

Dr. Brown suggested he could beam a signal out to distances of light years and that within such a sphere around earth, there must

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

be several thousand planetary systems. Large radio telescopes could do this job at relatively small cost, compared to what is being spent to put men on the moon.

UFO in Alaska

(From Anchorage Daily News, Thursday, Feb. 16, 1967)

Since the recent advent of flashing red and green lights at Barrow, the residents are not sure if they should stop or go.

A number of residents have seen the flashing lights and, according to Billy Neakok, some of the people are frightened, others are astonished and some simply curious.

Neakok told the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner the unidentified flying object was first seen Sunday night and reappeared Monday night. One of the UFOs landed on the offshore ice and others hovered over various parts of town on different occasions, he added.

A member of the village council, San Talaak, described the strange object as bright orange on top and green on the bottom, changing from orange to yellow.

Some people said they saw three of the soaring traffic signals hovering over the theater simultaneously. Speculation connects the strange objects with a mysterious power failure in the village.

The electrical generators stopped operating for about an hour at approximately the same time the objects hovered over the theater. After a thorough check, the plant maintenance man reported nothing wrong with the generating machinery.

Neakok said the UFO that landed on the ice remained down for about 20 minutes but it was impossible to determine its shape because of the intensity of the light it omitted.

Talaak said he first watched the UFO about 6:50 p.m. Monday. He said it moved westward across the southern sky, remaining visible for about 15 minutes and flashing brilliantly.

It appeared again about 10 p.m., Talaak said, crossing the sky slowly then seeming to make a sudden descent straight down.

Ancient Discs

(From San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle, February 19th, 1967)

London Express Service

LONDON-Russian archaeologists are puzzling over a remarkable collection of stone discs, thousands of years old, found in the mountains bordering China and Tibet.

APRIL, 1967                                13

So hard is it to explain them in terms of earthly experience that the archaeologists do not rule out the possibility that the discs may have come from outer space.

A total of 716 discs, like Stone Age “gramophone records,” have been picked up in recent years by men exploring caves in the BayanKara-Ula mountain range, reports the Soviet Union’s new English language magazine, Sputnik.

Each disc has a central hole and irregular grooves spiraling out to the edge, but the report says (quite seriously) that the grooves are not sound tracks.

Chinese archaeologists estimate that the discs are about 12,000 years old but have made no headway at all in trying to explain their purpose or how they came to be in the caves.

The Russians, who have examined some of the discs in a Moscow laboratory claim to have made two important discoveries. One is that the discs contain traces of metal-particularly cobalt.

The second discovery, according to Vvacheslav Zaitsev, author of the Sputnik report, is that the discs when scraped free of rock particles “vibrate as if they carried an electric charge . . . “In some of the Bayan-Kara-Ula caves,” he writes, “archaeologists and speleologists have found 12,000-year-old skeletons. The remains belong to human beings with huge craniums and underdeveloped skeletons.”

——— ♦ ———


A small flyer is being distributed by M. G. N. A. (633 Steamboat Road, Greenwich, Conn. 06830) entitled: The United Nations, We Can Be Delegates Through Thought.

It reads: In these days, when the press and radio keep us constantly informed of world events, and television brings us graphically face to face with every crucial situation, we are all taking part to some degree in the affairs of the world.

According to our thinking and our attitudes we are automatically making either a positive and constructive or negative and destructive contribution. But we can do more than that … give our subjective support to that assembly of the countries of the world-the

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

United Nations – which is seeking not only to preserve the peaceful partnership of all races, but to establish a cooperation in all fields that will truly lead to a New Age.

In the United Nations building in New York Dag Hammarskjold built a Meditation Room.-a room of stillness-in which all who work at the United Nations and who visit it can find a place of silence in which to attune their thinking to the Reality behind the outer form, no matter what name may be given to that Reality or Purpose.

The way we can contribute is to visit the Meditation Room subjectively, on the wings of our thinking and imagination, and there make a daily act of invocation.

In this room is a central block, some call it an altar, of iron ore, and upon it streams a shaft of light from an unseen source. This symbolizes the light that we can invoke upon the affairs of the world …

This shaft of light may well be visualized as reaching into the minds of all those in the Council Chamber, all those seeking to guide the destiny of men and all who are in places of leadership throughout the world.

A moment or two spent in this room subjectively visualizing, invoking and working creatively with this light needs but a small expenditure of time and energy, yet, done in company with our fellows all over the world, it can have an almost irresistible power for good …

In every land they are praying for peace that we may live in right relationship with our fellow men, that the world’s leaders may bring us into a new era. Such world-wide invocation cannot be without effect.

The full text of this small leaflet may be purchased from M. G. N. A. at the cost. of One Dollar for 100 copies.

——— ♦ ———


As New Agers our concern for the future is directed principally to possible relationships with extra-terrestrial life, with the expansion of our cosmic consciousness awareness, and with directed spiritual evolution. However, as children of earth, subject to the constant,

APRIL, 1967                                15

and now swiftly changing conditions of our environment we also should understand the impact of new patterns of living which are demanding major adjustments in our lives-psychological as well as social, economic, philosophic; etc.

A new publication-The Futurist, a Newsletter for Tomorrow’s World-offers an exciting variety of articles which explore the probabilities of future trends as well as alternative choices for long range plans, by which mankind may become a director of coming events, new human inter-relationships and values.

“The Futurist” is the bi-monthly journal of the World Future Society: An Association for the Study of Alternative Futures.

In August of 1966 a group of future minded people (educators, scientists, sociologists, industrialists, technicians, etc.) organized as a nonprofit educational and scientific society to provide a clearing house for all kinds of ideas and information relative to the future, without advocating any particular point of view. The aims of the society are:

1 To contribute to a reasoned awareness of the future;

2 To advance responsible and serious investigation of the future;

3 To promote the development and improvement of methodologies for the study of the future;

4 To increase public understanding of future-oriented activities and studies; and

5 To facilitate communication and cooperation among organizations and individuals interested in studying or planning for the future.

The articles in the 16 page illustrated publication are brief and varied but point the way to major considerations. Projections are offered on such subjects as: increased urbanization, particularly in under-developed countries; new educational demands; automation and leisure needs; machines to out-think man; new types of beings through genetic manipulation; world control of oceanic resources; and work from home with computers. Mention is made of submarine hotels, plastic domed cities with environmental control, near light speed, and other equally fascinating possibilities. A description of many books, already available, is also offered which promise interesting reading indeed!

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

If you are vitally interested in the rapidly changing world in which you live, write to

World Future Society

P.O. Box 19285

20th Street Station

Washington, D. C. 20036

Membership, including subscription, is Five Dollars annually.

——— ♦ ———

book reviews

Treasury of Thought

(Dagobert D. Runes, Philosophical Library, 15 East 40th St., New York, N. Y. 10016. $6.00)

This volume is truly a Treasury of Thought, and is well described on its book jacket. “With its easy to read structure of brief entries in alphabetical order, it is a treasure-house of observations on life and death, civilization and savagery, the universe and Beyond-the Great Topics which have challenged man’s thought, whether in passionate public debate or in the lonely stillness of his nights, ever since he first raised his eyes to the stars. At the same time, this is a `personal treasury’ of the intimate thoughts of an outstanding philosopher on these Great Topics.”

Dr. Dagobert D. Runes is the author of over thirty books in the field of philosophy and social history. The late Albert Einstein said that his “. . . expressed opinions are closely akin to those I hold . . . ” and Dagobert has been saluted by Albert Schweitzer in these words “We both travel on the same path to bring to mankind a deeply ethical, deeply spiritual consciousness.”

APRIL, 1967                                17

These are a few quotations from the book.

Absence: Increases fondness- and ends in forgetfulness.

Actions: Speak loud but sometimes a whisper is more welcome.

Books: You may never find a friend, but you can always find a book. And books as your friends, you will not go through life a lonely man.

I and Thee: The greatest struggles are within you, not without; in nations, too, the most crucial battles were fought not against an outside enemy.

Truth: All men can savor truth, but it has to be served differently from one to another.

The book contains much of truth, wisdom and beauty. The treasure awaits you.

-Hope E. Hiner.

——— ♦ ———

bulletin board

Understanding Essay Contest

Have you mailed in your essay on “How to Promote Understanding” The deadline is May 15, 1967. Winners will be announced in the July issue.

Essays may be from 400-1000 words in length on any type or phase of understanding, but the means suggested must be specific and attainable.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

First prize will be $10 in cash, the second, $5.00 in cash; any other essays published in the Understanding magazine will receive a one year free subscription.

Judges will be Col. A. J. Burks, Executive Vice President of Understanding, and the editors of Understanding magazine.

Books Received

Recent gifts of Books to Understanding, Inc. include:

Meaning for Man, by Rollin Chambliss ($4.50) and

Baruch Spinoza : Letters to Friend and Foe, by Dagobert D. Runes ($3.75), courtesy of The Philosophical Library, Inc., 352 Park Avenue South, New York, N. Y. 10010.

We Met the Space People: The Story of the Mitchell Sisters, by Helen and Betty Mitchell ($1.00), courtesy of Saucerian Books, Box 2228, Clarksburg, W. Va. 26301.

The Solidarity of Humankind, by K. Ramachandra, (a pamphlet on a Donation basis) courtesy of Machandra Publications, Loxwood, Upper Carlisle Road, Eastbourne, Sussex, England.

Introduction To Eckaukar, by Paul Twitchell ($2.00), courtesy of Paul Twitchell, P.O. Box 5325, Las Vegas, Nev. 59102.

Flying Saucers: Hoax or Reality, by L. Jerome Stanton (paperback, 50c), courtesy of a member.

Flying Saucer Intelligence Speak by Ted Owens (Mimeo pamphlet 50c), courtesy of Timothy Green Beckley, 3 Courtland Street, New Brunswick, N. J. 08901.

Myrtle Creek Reports

One of our newer Units, Myrtle Creek, Oregon, #76, reports that its membership continues to grow, numbering 29 already. With the resignation of Miss Mary Root, Mrs. Mernie Goodger was recently elected Vice-President of the Unit.

The Unit will sponsor a lecture by Col. A. J. Burks on April 7th.

International Unit 75

By popular request, Col. Arthur J. Burks will again lecture at the Wilkie Memorial Building, New York City, on Sunday, April 16th. His topic will be “UFOs.” This is a sequel to Col. Burks’ lecture of January 10th, “The Human Star Body.” The lecture is sponsored by the New York City International Unit of Understanding, #75.

APRIL, 1967                                19

Flying Saucer Convention

A Congress of Scientific: Ufologists will be held at the hotel Commodore in New York City from June 22nd through June 25th, 1967. There will be four sessions of 2½ hours each, open to the public. Many famous personalities in the UFO field will speak.

For further details write to: Saucer News, Dept. C, P.O. Box 163, Fort Lee, N. 1. 07024.

Calvin Girvin Lecture Tour

Calvin C. Girvin, author of The Night Has a Thousand Saucers, is planning a lecture trip to the East Coast for May and June. If your Unit is interested in a lecture by Mr. Girvin please contact him before April 15th, at 6711 Yucca St., Hollywood, Calif. 90025.

Units Report on Lectures

Unit 7 of Orange, Calif., reports that on January 13th the Unit sponsored Mark and Yolanda of Mark Age; on February 18th, Dr. Frank E. Stranges ; and on March 18th, Mr. Riley Crabb, who spoke on “Spacecraft From Beyond the Sun.”

Unit 11 of San Francisco, Calif., on February 24th presented Col. A. J. Burks in a talk- “UFOs of Tomorrow.” The Unit plans to sponsor Riley Crabb in April.

Unit 1 of Merlin, Oregon, which usually holds Home Discussion Group sessions, will on April 5th sponsor a lecture by Cola A. J. Burks, at the Redwood Hotel in Grants Pass.

Riverside, California Lectures

Bishop H. Adrian Spruitt, Archbishop of the Antioch-Malabar Church, oldest church in Christiandom, will speak on “What About the Essenes?” on April 9th, 2:30 P. M. at the Izaak Walton Hall in Fairmount Park, Riverside. The lecture is sponsored by Unit 22.

Mark-Age Sightings Report

Mark-Age Inform-Nations has published a supplement to their booklet-“Visitors from Other Planets. The supplement I is entitled “Many New Spacecraft Sightings from Mars and Venus.” The reports and pictures confirm predictions made by Mark and Yolanda on their recent cross country lecture tour.

Write to 327 N. E. 20 Terrace, Miami, Fla. 33137 for your copy. Please mention Understanding.

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