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VOLUME XII                                MARCH, 1967                                            NUMBER 3

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


The political and quasi-political battles and maneuvers which are going on in Red China today, are so utterly devoid of any semblance of logic or reason, that the entire political situation has taken on the semblance of a comic opera, written by an idiot and directed by a madman. As a matter of fact, this description would constitute a rather precise appraisal of the actual situation.

It has been fairly obvious, for several years that the megalomania of Mao has grown beyond all bounds of reason, and he seems to have little or no contact with reality. Each of the constantly growing list of failures of Red Chinese national policy which have come about during the past few years could readily have been predicted by any reasonably intelligent observer who had followed closely, the strange path of incredible folly taken by Mao’s degenerating mentality.

One of the greatest of the hazards which are intrinsic in the control of a nation by an absolute dictator, is the fact that the political stability of the nation can be no greater than the mental stability of the dictator.

The series of steps by which Red China deliberately estranged itself from all of its potential allies and from most of the rest of the

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

world, can be adequately explained only in terms of a suicidal complex, or of an ego so tremendous as to be beyond the grasp of any rational mind.

The year 1967 may well go down in history as the year which signaled the end of the age old culture of China. Whatever may emerge from the present cauldron of chaos, whether it be better or worse, will certainly be different from anything that China hag known before!

The passing of Mao from the political arena may also signal the end of the original brand of “communism” which invariably manifested itself as an absolute, arrogant and militant dictatorship. Other governments will, of course, continue to use the term ‘communism,’ but, like the Chinese culture, they too will never be the same. The follies and foibles of the original brand of communism have become far too obvious to the people of the world, including most of the members of the communist world.

The leaders of the Soviet Union are now engaged in an almost desperate effort to amend the concepts of Communism so as to render them a little more acceptable to their own people as well as to the rest of the world.

This year may well see the end of the Viet Nam conflict simply because Red China may not be in a position to continue to furnish the necessary supplies to North Viet Nam, and the Soviet Union certainly does not want a North Viet Nam victory which would serve to restore the military prestige of Red China in all of Asia.

Many interesting changes are coming about which may cause the year 1967 to be long remembered.

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There is a blueprint of the Universe which includes in its scope the harmonious, continuous and developing existence of all things. All things includes the most elemental particles of matter as well as all animate and inanimate forms which can be structured of this matter. It includes the laws which regulate the process of combining and dissolving these structures. It includes the electro-magnetic fields of force which energizes all matter.

The only aggregate structure, apparently, which is capable of

MARCH, 1987                             3

discerning even a portion of the Universal blueprint is man. As the highest developed, most complex structure yet known man has the capability of conceptualizing that which he cannot directly discern. This has led him to his discovery of the vast and complicated workings of the Universe which surrounds him. This ability seems to be unique in man and its comparatively recent development on earth must be noted.

As man’s capacity for objective perception grows his understanding of the Universal blueprint grows, and the unity of all things in the Universe becomes more apparent. Man is in the unique position of being object and subject. Man studies the Universe. He also studies himself. Because he is a thinking creature, with mental capacities which exceed his physical ones, he is aware that visual phenomena is not always dependable. He thus chooses to question the validity of himself together with the other phenomena of the world in a continuing effort to discover truth. This is a ticklish and complex feat. Because he doubts the fairness of his subjective analysis he looks to things outside of his control which are constant and self-existing, to serve as guides. Once he sought this reassurance in an anthropomorphic God-figure, but he has learned this is a storehouse for wish-thinking and self-delusion. Today he is seeking natural Universal laws.

Through science man is finding those laws which are consistent in their operation and presumably functioned before man’s existence and presumably will continue to function with or without his presence on earth. Following in this direction, through his sciences and his machines, man is now able to discover and correlate an increasing number of these laws into a cohesive blueprint which reveals a type of reason and order comprehensible to man.

At this present stage man is eager to find these laws which will stabilize his doubts of his own perceptions. At the same time the new discoveries seem to make obsolete many long cherished ideas by which man lived and on which he based his relationship to self, to fellow man and to the Universe. He hesitates to relinquish old traditions even when they are no longer workable. However he is beginning to see that since the Universe is apparently a perfectly integrated, self-sustaining unity, and all the creatures and objects in that Universe must conform to this total harmony then so must

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

his own life; actions and comprehensions. For the most part man does not seem afraid of the challenge offered by these new revelations.

Universal law, however, seems so impersonal and inhuman. If man is part of the Universal plan, what part does his deeply personal, emotional, imaginative sensitivities play in the overall plan? Following a concept of unity, one might say that man could not possess these major traits and capabilities if they did not spring from a Universal need or do not have a proper place in the Universal scheme. Thus all of man’s humanity has to have a vital place in the scope of the seemingly impersonal functioning of the Universe.

The ultimate purpose of man’s ability to be aware of the total function of the Universe has not yet been discovered by man, but that it has purpose may suffice for now. Even this much knowledge gives the brush to those major modern philosophies which deal with the hopelessness of man’s existence and his inability to know of his own reality. Man is not an accident in a well-regulated Universe, but its prime achievement so far.

-F. M. Werner

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(In Part One Dr. Daniel W. Fry presented some of the viewpoints, relative to UFOs, of the two opposing groups the believers and the skeptics. “UFO Logic” was originally published in “Source Unlimited.”)

When reports are made of objects in the sky which are difficult to explain in earthly terms, these people instead of ignoring the report as being too ridiculous for serious consideration, or striving desperately to create earthly explanation for the reports, simply begin to ask questions of themselves and of others who may have interest in the subject. The questions almost invariably follow the same pattern and are asked in much the same way by all. Most of these questions are incapable of being answered in any simple or direct way, because the question itself represents an oversimplification of the problem which creates it. For example, the first question is usually asked in the following manner:

“If some of these unidentified objects are actually machines,

MARCH, 1967                             5

created and guided by intelligent beings not of this earth; from hence do they come?”

The manner in which the question is phrased makes it obvious that the questioner is thinking in terms of a single possible source. Whereas the general consensus of scientific opinion today is that there are probably at least a few thousands, if not tens or hundreds of thousands of planets in our galaxy alone, which may well support intelligent beings, and that many of these races may have achieved a level of scientific development beyond all possibility of our comprehension. There are many evidences of the almost universal acceptance of this postulate by men of science. One of the most explicit was a news item carried by the Associated Press on September 13th, 1964. It originated in Pasadena, California, and reads as follows

“Creatures as intelligent as man may inhabit, thousands of planets in our Milky Way galaxy” a high ranking scientist said Saturday. “Conditions favorable to life may be far more plentiful than generally thought possible.”

Harrison Brown, California Institute of Technology Geochemist said, after a study financed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration

“Estimating that there may be hundreds of millions of planets in the Milky Way, and that many of them are likely to be bathed in life giving light from their suns,” Brown said, “One might conclude that man is not alone in this galaxy. Searching for evidence of such intelligent life forms may indeed prove to be profitable and exciting. “

Note that the foregoing report is not simply the opinion of one scientist, it the result of a rather extensive study of the question and a survey of the opinion of the scientists of the world.

Thus we see that our reluctant and grudging acceptance of a single possible source of extra-terrestrial life must be expanded to embrace a galaxy which may teem with life and intelligence in every direction. It is obvious that the question, from whence do they come?, could be answered only for specific cases and then only if specific information had been obtained from the travelers themselves.

The second question is a multiple one, dealing with the logistics of space travel.

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

“How can they cross the almost inconceivable distances between the stars when such a journey would require a number of years even at the velocity of light? What would they eat and how could they breathe during this extended period in space? How can they survive the extreme accelerations which their ships have been reported to undergo? “

These and dozens of others questions of the same sort, all relate to the fact that the space travelers, if such indeed they be, must certainly have acquired many abilities which we are unable to duplicate, and in some cases, even to understand.

The answer to these questions is simply that the possession of extraordinary abilities would be normal and predictable in any race which had progressed beyond our state of development, just as our own scientific abilities are enlarged and extended with each passing year.

It is a generally, accepted astronomical fact that our sun is a relatively young star even in our own galaxy and that its planets including our little earth ‘Johnny-come latelys’ among astronomical bodies. It would seem therefore to be a statistical certainty that many if not most of the inhabited planets in this galaxy contain races which have had much longer periods of development than we and so should be expected to possess many powers and abilities which we have not yet achieved or perhaps even imagined.

The third series of questions deal with the actions which should be expected of newly arrived space visitors. The questions usually begin as follows:

“If any of these observed objects are actually space crafts created and guided by extra-terrestrial beings, why do they not make their presence known in some unquestionable manner? For example-why don’t they land on the White House lawn, step out, of the space craft and say, `Here we are, you lucky earth people, we have come to take over your backward planet and straighten out the terrible mess you’ve made of things.’ “

Other people will ask, “Why don’t they land at the Pentagon and seek to establish trade agreements so that commerce might be established between the two races ?”

Still others will point out that if the visitors have acquired scientific knowledge and abilities that are considerably beyond our own,

MARCH, 1967                             7

they would, in all probability also possess superior weapons which we could not hope to resist. There would be no need for them to trade with us, since they could easily take whatever they might need or want.

(To be continued)

-Dr. Daniel W. Fry

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(In the article entitled “Forthcoming Cataclysms,” published in our January issue, an unintentional printing error omitted a full page of the script, thus altering its intent. At the request of the writer, Col. Harry F. May, we offer the material again-in its entirety.)

Is the earth heading for a drastic changing of face, a tremendous deluge or a searing purge in the near future? This is being asked everywhere and discussed in so many circles today that an article giving you a look at the past, whether or not a pattern is developing at present and what the consensus of the predictors are saying about the future might be a help at this time to answer most of these questions.

To start out with, we must first realize that this planet of ours is alive and is likely to do many things which normally happen to almost any other entity. Anyone with as many headaches as there are in the world today is likely to have an upset stomach and consequently burp occasionally. Normal aging nearly always causes the skin to wrinkle a little, and when you are put on the wrong diet for a while, such as with hydrogen bombs instead of aspirin tablets, then you are apt to have some boils on the skin as well as an occasional hiccup.

In the past recorded history a large percentage of both the death toll and property damage from earthquakes has been caused by the public panicking, uncontrolled fires or a lack of useful supplies of the right kind, or a combination of these. In an average year we may expect one great earthquake, ten major earthquakes, 100 destructive shocks, 1,000 damaging shakes, 10,000 strong jolts with very little or no damage and then at least 100,000 gently rocking and swaying chandelier type ones which cover a large area.

During a ten year survey, it showed that 495 out of 500 which were

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

recorded in the U. S., were in the state of California and of course we also have here the famous San Andreas fault to blame most of these on. A look at a stream bed in the Carrizo Plain area west of Bakersfield shows a horizontal displacement along this fault line of some 500 feet over the past several thousand years.

There is nothing happening at present that is not caused by man that is anymore outstanding than an average year in the past history. However this does not, mean that the present trend is not a forerunner to a much greater and horrible disaster to come in the future.

Many of the present day prophets indicate that this last year was the starting of a gradual build up of activity toward a climax now estimated to come about in March of 1969. Ten years ago, they had it set for 1962 and then 1963 and kept moving it forward as the date came and went with no sign of the action taking place.

Since the geological data available to anyone who wishes it shows almost all of the slippage of the San Andreas fault is in the horizontal direction then it is safe to go along with the latest predictions that the only water the west coast of California will be under will be the tidal waves caused by extreme activity. A sixty foot tidal wave hitting the coast at a speed of 400 miles per hour might wash a few windows for the public some distance inland from our present beaches.

We must realize at this point that earthquakes and changing facial features of the earth’s crust are absolutely necessary in our current cycle of evolution. What a desolate swampy place this would be without the beautiful mountains, trees and rivers which we are now blessed with.

One of the most recent prophecies shows that sun spots and other storm activity on the sun would be the first indication. This would be followed by a lot of volcanic eruption along the west coast of North or Central America and then for us to watch out in the following three months after that, as earthquakes usually follow the volcanoes.

It would be nice to believe that such a holocaust as the one now predicted would remove all evil and negative beings from this planet and take them to some other place for further training, take all of the new age people aloft in flying saucers until all the turmoil was

MARCH, 1967                             9

over and then recolonize the new and freshly washed continents like one big Garden of Eden.

When we study our present day learning in the field of physics, we find that, throughout the universe there are as many negatives as there are positives in everything from the atom to the celestial bodies themselves. It is hard to believe then that we could conceive of a place with only positive beings. I’m sure that this might disrupt the Universal balance of our entire system.

However for the benefit of all, I have formulated a plan. To continue living each day as we are now, but get prepared just in case something big does start, to happen.

-Col. Harry F. May

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In the noisy confusion of everyday living, with vexations that tempt the serenity of men, how blessed, soothing, and comforting are these beautiful words!

Man’s mind is of the Divine Mind and it is, indeed, the master weaver both of the inner garment of character and the outer cloak of circumstances. The words “create in me a clean mind and a pure heart, my Lord” are the purifiers and “Peace, be Still and know that I am God” are the receivers for His Spirit of Love to enter. Anxiety? Worry?  Doubt? They have no place with faith. “Ask and ye shall receive… ” These vexations vanish when we believe we receive, for the moment you are “tuned in” and the receiver set on the proper frequency, His Great Peace purifies the very soul! You will feel it surge through your very being! It is love, it is fire, it is truth and life! It is the Great Power of Creation that knows only good, love, and peace. This Dynamic Force reveals that you, yes you are an eternal creation in the plan of life itself!

There exists a great struggle among men this day. This battle is of time itself. It is the crying out of souls to be free from strife, worry, hate, envy, and all dark imaginings. It is nation against nation, father against son, man against man, and most pitiful, man against, himself. Oh, if only all would “let go and let God” how all the darkness of Satan himself would flee before the fire of God’s Truth!

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

And the answer is quite simple: “know thyself!” Get your own house in order first. Truly, give Him your life and your will, and it will astound you how rapidly darkness and despair will depart and the progress of the soul will hasten!

“What shall I do? I know; I shall arise and go to my Father!” Pour out your heart and your soul to your King. Release the tension within you; relax. He is your very Life; He is your very soul; He is and you are! Claim these pearls of Great Price! They are yours! The treasures are there for the taking! But one stipulation; you must believe. It matters not if you believe as the next man or of a certain religious faith. However you interpret Him to be, believe! Your strength is in thy God! And when you hear Him, you will know! And when “the still small voice speaks” you will then truly understand that even amid all aridity, disenchantment, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Yes, Peace, Be Still and Know that I am God, for He is, indeed, within you! Express this inner self and LIVE!!

-Rex Born

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Many of our readers are acquainted with the metaphysical concept of a “seed atom” which contains the whole record of a soul’s experiences, and with the messages from our “brothers in space” which tell of small crystals which contain records of events for thousands of years. Now our research scientists seek to accomplish similar recordings of data by. a system termed “Optoelectronics. “

The Electronics Review of November 14, 1966 offers an article entitled “Storage on a Chip,” which reads as follows:

“To be sure, books have their place. But to libraries, Government agencies and virtually anybody who deals with massive amounts of printed data, the place that books take up is just too much. The Army has decided to do something about it: it’s awarded a $191,000 contract to a small Bristol, Conn. company that has developed a technique for storing many holograph images on a slice of potassium bromide no bigger or thicker than a 35-millimeter piece of film.

“‘If the experimental program is a success, the crystals may

MARCH, 1967                             11

compete strongly with microfilm gear, which is widely used in many data-storage systems.

“The contact calls for the company, Carson Laboratories, to deliver by next June a system that can store 1,020 pages of detailed drawings and engineering tables on a single crystal, and on command search for and display the information, in sharp detail, and reproduce hard copies of any of the pictures. What, in fact, the Army is looking for is to replace a massive library with a helium-neon laser, a handful of thin potassium bromide crystals, a small real-time, random access mechanism for hunting out the desired pages and a conventional dry photographic system.”

The experiment is concerned with a concept of the “Bragg angle of holography in which an image carrying laser beam is fired at a potassium bromide crystal” which stores the image on an infinitesimally thin layer of the crystal. The angle at which the laser hits the surface of the four-millimeter thick crystal determines at what layer in its structure the picture is stored. This image can be reconstructed, upon demand, with hardly a detail lost.

According to Richard F. Weeks, project engineer for Carson Laboratories, “The speed of the unit will be limited by the indexing scheme for searching out the desired information.”

Wondrous, indeed, are man’s researches of today! It would almost seem that that which is offered one week as science fiction is the following week the basis of serious scientific study!

——— ♦ ———

world report

Educators and UFO Reality

(Medford Mail Tribune, Medford, Ore., January 22, 1967)

DES MOINES, Iowa (UPI) A university professor called on fellow educators Saturday to face the possibility that flying saucers are real and that they will have to be explaining them in the  classrooms.

Dr. D. H. Bragg, associate professor of education at Drake University, said his purpose is “to alert the teaching profession to

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

the fact that there is a strong possibility that the flying saucer controversy is about to enter the classroom as a social, scientific, and perhaps political and cultural problem of major implications in our world.”

Bragg said some experts have presented “what appears to be documentary and convincing evidence” that flying saucers are real and represent the work of intelligent beings from outer space.

If the Colorado study should support this theory, Bragg said, the possibilities for future space travel and contact with superior civilizations become no longer science fiction, but head-spinning realities.

“Some long strides may then be taken in explaining deep mysteries of the universe such as the origin of life and of the stars themselves, for a superior civilization presumably would have a recorded history of its past.”

“How shall the classroom teacher deal with such fantastic notions” Bragg said. “How should one deal with the possible emotional disturbances which might arise among certain young persons whose state of mental health and stability are not sufficient to cope with these disturbing realities, or their parents who will object to having their children listen to such wild tales, thus upsetting their religious faith because these facts are not compatible with their home and church training.

“These are questions that need urgent attention by every educational and socially responsible group in our society. We should not be caught without a plan of action, or ways to educate our youth to an orderly and intelligent interpretation of the facts, and thus open the way to further knowledge and exploration into the most exciting future the world has ever known.”

Astronaut’s Views

(Grants Pass Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., February l, 1967)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (AP)-Edward H. White II, one of the three Apollo 1 astronauts who was burned to death at Cape Kennedy Friday, gave his convictions about the universe and man in a letter to a Salt: Lake City woman in 1965.

Mrs. Kenneth B. Done, a religious instructor for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, asked Air Force Lt. Col. White

MARCH, 1967                             13

about his religious views shortly after he became the first American to walk in space.

He replied: “I believe that law and order exist in God’s creations and that God has surely given life to others outside our earth. “Out there could be places where life similar to our own, perhaps superior or perhaps inferior, may be a reality. We would be rather egotistical to believe ours is the only life among all those possible sources.

“‘I believe it is conceivable that there are other beings not of this world, who too are in the `boundless embrace of God.’ “

White told Mrs. Done he saw his mission as part of “the flame that will rekindle a fabulous new era of discoveries-a renaissance which could possibly reveal to us some of the mysteries and secrets of those other worlds.”

A Jean Dixon Prophecy

(San Francisco Sunday Examiner and Chronicle, January 1, 1967)

Jean’s brightest forecast concerns a cancer breakthrough of which she has this to say: “Great advances will be made in the field of cancer. Treatments will be perfected soon which will effect a cure and also get at the cause.

“The secret lies in correcting the vibrations of sick cells and bringing them into harmony with the whole. I see psychically that some European scientists began work on this theory of the cause and cure of cancer early in the century, but before achieving success their work was brought to an abrupt halt by World War 1.

“Perhaps they were killed in that war, but their theory will soon be brought to this country, where our own scientists will bring their work to fruition. “

We can at least hope this prediction will come to pass.

Sound to Explore Body

(Grants Pass Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., January 25, 1967)

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (AP)-Scientists are using sound to explore and chart the interior of the human body, a Navy doctor says. Capt. Thomas B. Lebher, chief of obstetrics and gynecology at San Diego’s Naval Hospital, said sound waves of high frequency are transmitted into the body and the reflections from organs, bones and tissues are collected by an apparatus that converts them to oscilloscope pictures called echograms.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Australian Sightings

The Mildura Sunraysia Daily of December 1, 1966 reports that “A mysterious green glowing object which two Merbein youths reported seeing in the sky on Tuesday night was seen also over Red Cliffs about the same time … The boys said it flared for about two seconds, seemed to explode, then vanished… At Red Cliffs, Mrs. Schmidt said this description tallied with what she and her husband saw.”

The Cairns Post, Queensland of December 8, 1966 reports that: “A number of residents in West Cairns, in the Earlville-Balaclava: ”road area claimed to have seen a strange light. Their description tallied with that given by a woman from Edge Hill … the object had an incandescent hue. It moved upwards very slowly and was clearly visible… The Department of Civil Aviation, Cairns, had no explanation for the light and said it was probably `imagination.’ “

The Sydney Daily Mirror of December 14, 1966 reports that “Three young shooters believe they sighted a flying saucer near Bathurst last weekend. For two hours they watched a large bright light moving in the eastern sky. .. the light. was much. brighter than a star and at least 10 times in size. We watched it backwards and forwards and up and down for two hours … at dawn it had disappeared.”

——— ♦ ———


On January 12th, 1967, Durward B. Fairfield, one of the Founding Members of Understanding, Inc., came to the end of his earthly life, at the age of 89.

Mr. Fairfield was personally known to many through his frequent lecture tours, and known to others through his international correspondence. One such “pen pal” wrote us: “Your little magazine came my way as a gift from Mr. Durward B. Fairfield whom I was never privileged to meet. Over a period of months he wrote letters that were inspiring and entertaining to our whole family, and the wisdom and wit in his letters will continue to be of interest to our children as they grow up.”

“In his memory I dedicate:

MARCH, 1967                             16

Assurance At Twilight

I know that some day,

In some way,

Again I will be young.

No-not just `young in heart,’

Or, `old in body-young in mind’ —

But truly young! —

So that, when songs are sung,

I live in them, and them in me.

The wisdom I have gained will still be mine;

To make another youth the sweeter,

Love more blissful, heart more warm,

Dancing feet the fleeter.

Death may be night: but later

Life awakens; stirs; goes on! —

Calmly I bear the dusk–

For I believe in Dawn.

(Name withheld by request)

——— ♦ ———


The Understanding magazine is sponsoring a new essay contest! The subject of the essays is to be “How to Promote Understanding.” The area chosen for discussion may be any type or phase of Understanding, but the means by which Understanding is to be promoted must be specific and attainable.

Essays may be from 400 to 1,000 words in length, and all entries must be postmarked before May 15, 1967.

The judges will be Executive Vice-President Col. Arthur J. Burks, and the editors of the Understanding Magazine.

A First Prize of $10.00 in cash, and a Second Prize of $5.00 will be awarded to the authors of the winning essays. Each essay which is printed in the magazine will entitle its author to a year’s free subscription.

So take up your pens, friends of Understanding, and let your ideas flow onto the paper.

Winners will be announced in the July issue.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Greetings in the Light of our Father:

Look to the resurrection of all living beings. I would be so happy if humanity would remove the image of me from off the cross. I live in the Father’s Light-and on Earth to demonstrate the everlasting Spirit of His Being. Like those who taught before me, man made an idol of his teachers. The seed so planted is manifested by the harvest now in the reaping; for the first law is that-“None shall be before Him”. … Look not upon the failure of others-only recognize no failure within; yourself. Though your task today is multiplied and multi-formed, each complex problem of every moment is your individual challenge to uphold the right. Try not to solve the problems of the world. Localize your effort, to bring one, even yourself up. -Mankind upon the Earth has set a pattern for a repetition of errors-leading you once again to the destruction of another civilization. -Interest not yourselves in ego bent to pleasure, nor stumble in flocks that dwell in ignorance of chaos in the making. Rather bend to set the way for multitudes to follow. -Be reborn in light through efforts spent in love:

I bless you for gathering in the light of desire, to understand His Love.


Reprinted from “Proceedings”-George Van Tassel

——— ♦ ———


The December issue of Understanding presented a plan for family support of needy children in other lands-“Our Christmas Gift.” For those for whom this particular plan may be too costly, approximately $180 a year, a member has suggested participation in the Angel Wing Ranch and Orphanage program of El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico.

The Angel Wing Ranch project is sponsored by Reverends Edward and Oletha M. Bartholic. In El Paso, Texas, since November 1965, the Bartholics have operated the Angel Wing Ranch for unfortunate children of Mexico, 12 of whom they have actually legally adopted. Plans call for 30 more as funds are available. Across the border, in Juarez, Mexico; the Bartholics are operating an orphanage

MARCH, 1967                             17

for 50 Mexican children with many more seeking admission.

This is a cause to which you may contribute as much or as little as your pocketbook permits that the Bartholics may continue their ministry of bringing security and happiness to at least some of the unfortunate children just across the border.

For details of participation please write to Angel Wing Ranch, P.O. Box 17366, Ysleta Station, El Paso, Texas. Ask, also, for a copy of their monthly publication: Divine Health of the New Day.

——— ♦ ———

book reviews

Light On a Mountain

(Helena Elizabeth Ruhnau, P.O. Box 4042, Riverside, Calif. 92504. $5.30, including postage and handling. Calif. residents 20 cents tax.)

Light On a Mountain was dictated to Helena Elizabeth Ruhnau by the Spirit of God. Not one word is her own. She was commissioned to bring forth this book at this time of great urgency, for mankind finds himself at the brink of world destruction, unless he can reverse violence to bring peace and harmony to planet Earth.

The text considers such questions as: “What will happen to the unregenerated soul? Why are there so many races, cultures, beliefs … concentrated on one planet? Where did you come from and where are you going from here? How are the Elder Brothers guiding and assisting mankind?”

If you are doubtful as to the outcome of mankind’s destiny you are invited to read and understand the Truths so long obscured by misrepresentation of the priestcraft of ages past. Knowledge of

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

your individual responsibility to the Divine Plan, soon to come into fruition, can avert personal disaster, if heeded.

Part Two of the text presents 36 Precepts which have been taught to all mankind on all Solar Planets in all Solar Systems throughout the Cosmos. Commentaries on these 36 Precepts, or teachings, are also given as they apply to our planet.

Part Three offers the Messages, Promises and warning of the Spirit of God. Mysteries long pondered and fought over, are explained and made clear.

No one can read this book without feeling a deeper understanding, respect and love for all his fellow human beings, whether here or on other planes of living.

Transcendent Moments

Dear friends and members of Understanding. A pleasant surprise awaits you in a most lovely book called, Transcendent Moments, by Laura Clent Doble. After meeting, and having the pleasure of spending a few days with the author in her Venice, Florida, home, I can see why she would write such a wonderful book, she lives the true life of unselfish love and understanding, toward all people she comes in contact with. I shall always treasure her friendship.

-Tahahlita Fry

——— ♦ ———

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Curve of Development-In Swedish

From Mrs. Edith Nicolaisen of Parthenon (Halsingborg 6, Sweden) we have just received several copies of Dr. Daniel W. Fry’s

MARCH, 1967                             19

Curve of Development in Swedish. The translation was done by Ivan Troeng and the foreword written by Rune Larsson. Our Swedish friends may write to Parthenon for Utvecklingens Kurva.

Adventures In Time and Space

Mrs. Jessica Madigan, well known California lecturer, researcher, and author on reincarnation, prophecy and dream analysis, will address Unit 15 on the topic: Adventures In Time and Space, on Saturday, March 25th, 8 P. M. in the Business and Professional Women’s Clubhouse, 820 Java Street, Inglewood, California. (One block E. of La Brea, & ½ block N. of Arbor Vitae St.)

Mrs. Madigan’s lecture will be based on the voluminous records of the late Edgar Cayce, America’s outstanding clairvoyant.

Riverside Lectures

President Caroline Nuckles of Unit 22 of Riverside, California announces the forthcoming lectures for March and April.

On March 12, Dr. Framrose Bode, Ph. D., a Parsi Zoroasterian High Priest, a learned scholar, lecturer, teacher and Orientalist, from Bombay India will speak at 2:30 P. M. at the Izaak Walton Hall, in Fairmont Park, Riverside.

On April 9th the Unit will sponsor Bishop Adrian Spruitt, Archdiocese of the Church of Antioch-Malagar Rite.

Admission by donation and all are invited.

Colonel Arthur J. Burks on Tour

As we go to press our Executive Vice-President, Col. Arthur J. Burks, is making plans for his West Coast Tour-California and Oregon. As no schedule of lecture dates and places is available we suggest that you contact: Mrs. Esther Ellsworth, P. 0. Box 626, Morongo Valley, Calif., 92256, or Mrs. Angela Kilsby, 1265 Monterey Blvd., San Francisco, Calif., 94127 for details.

Those Japanese Letters

Ruth Burks, of Paradise, Pa., 17562, has taken on the job of finding correspondents for hundreds of Japanese young people who wish to know more about the young people of the United States. Years ago JoBesse M. McElveen Waldeck started a service she called AROUND THE WORLD FRIENDS, sending brief notices to foreign newspapers that people of other lands write the “Friends” for American correspondents. Answers came, literally, by the truck-load,

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

more than JoBesse had hands, or could hire hands, to even open, much less answer. Untold thousands went unopened to New York incinerators-fifteen years ago. Letters still arrive from Japan, running into the hundreds every year. JoBesse has turned them over to Ruth Burks, who classifies them according to sex, age and requests for correspondents, and mails them out. A roundabout way indeed to carry out one of Dr. Daniel Fry’s dreams: “if people would spend a few cents, airmail, writing to people of other lands, they’d spend less money for armaments.” Ruth Burks agreeing, seeks diligently for U. S. correspondents, teen-agers usually, for eager young Japanese. The latter write, fortunately, in English. No American, so far, has answered in Japanese. Write Ruth for mail from an “opposite number” in Japan, and find the interest and excitement that others before you have found.

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6c per word per insertion; 3 or more insertions same copy, 5c per word.

World Understanding and Peace requires an Interlanguage. UNESCO has. approved of Esperanto to be that language. A text pronunciation record, a two language dictionary and two test wheels loaned FREE for 60 days. Your only cost 5 cents to return the kit to the Esperanto Library, Dept. USI, Middleton, Wis. 53562.

TECHNOCRACY is the only North American social movement which has become widespread on .this continent. It has no affiliation with any other organization. Technocracy invites you to become informed about North America’s social problem and to prepare for the next most probable state of society on this continent. Subscription to Technocracy’s magazines, $4.00 per year. THE NORTHWEST TECHNOCRAT, 5509 University Way N. E., Seattle, Washington 98105.

PAUL TWITCHELL, world’s leading authority on Eckankar, the ancient science of Soul Travel, plans a European summer lecture tour.

His itinerary includes London, June 23-July 6; Edinburgh, July 7-11; Amsterdam, July 12-13, Berlin, July 14-July 20; Berne, (Switzerland) July 21-23 and Paris, July 24-Aug 5.

Any organization or group interested in engaging him for lectures please write him at P.O. Box 13052, San Diego, Calif. USA 92113.

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Read how modern techniques of science, electronics, physics, communication, and engineering work when applied to a religion.


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by Dr. Daniel W. Fry

Steps to the Stars (4th printing)

Curve of Development

Both softbound                 $1.50 each


White Sands Incident and

To Men of Earth

Softbound, $2.00

Hardbound – New Edition — $3.95

Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding

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The Real Earth to be revealed
when the earthquakes
accomplish their work.

Great Beings are watching Planet
Earth, visiting those ready
to receive Them in brotherly love.

Mankind cannot reach other planets
in his physical body. Missiles will
be consumed before reaching
their destinations on Solar Planets.

God’s Promise is that all shall receive
His Message before the consummation.
Read His Message to the
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Eckankar, the ancient science of Soul Travel, is the Illuminated Way to God. Those who see and talk with God travel this ancient, secret path. Learn out-of-the-body projection by your own volition, beyond all lower planes into God’s realm.

It increases spiritual awareness and insight into the spiritual worlds.

Services: Bilocation-Illuminated Way Discourses (1st Series) ; Eckankar Secret Way Discourses (2nd Series); The Illuminated Way Monthly Letter; Books and Taped Lectures, Spiritual Consultation and full Akashic Life Readings.


P.O. Box 13052-XX

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Please send information on Eckankar-Secret Science of Soul Travel.

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