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VOLUME XII                                FEBRUARY, 1967                                     NUMBER 2

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


In December of last year the United Nations Subcommittee on Outer Space completed a treaty to ban war and the implements of war from outer space. The treaty in its final form is the result of almost ten years of proposals, discussion, objections, argument and compromise among many of the member nations, but principally between the United States and the Soviet Union.

While it is true, as many persons have pointed out, that the treaty is only a piece of paper whose value is no greater than the sincerity and the motivation of those who sign it, the very fact that such a treaty could be completed and accepted by the two chief protagonists of the Cold War is of considerable significance.

The growing antagonism between Red China and the Soviet Union is, of course, creating an increasing pressure upon the latter to seek new allies, or at least to establish better relations with the Free World. The general situation between the U. S. and the Soviet Union is, therefore, one which is conducive of compromise in any case where a clear cut victory cannot be attained.

Presumably, Red China will refuse to sign the treaty even though it has not yet achieved any space potential, but this refusal will

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

simply serve to increase the degree of isolation which China’s Red leaders have already imposed upon her, and will have little, if any, significance otherwise.

Of course the treaty does not guarantee the territorial integrity of the Moon, Mars, Venus or any other planetary body and does not guarantee the freedom of any inhabitants thereof, but the treaty is still a good start in an important direction,

Now that we have labored long and successfully to assure peace in space, perhaps we might begin to consider seriously the problem of peace on Earth!

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Are the perils of radiation being exaggerated? There are a number of scientists who would have us believe this is definitely so; but there are others, who have taken the trouble to conduct all manner of exhaustive tests, who are of the opinion that the human race is threatened with extinction if the radio-active fallout continues in its present strength.

Dr. W. Russell, a U. S. geneticist, has been experimenting with mice since 1953. He recently announced that after moderate doses of radiation they “not only suffered a pronounced shortening of life, but the lives of their offspring had been shortened too, which was quite unexpected.”

Dr. Russell estimated that a human being would lose about twenty-one days of life for each neutron unit of dosage to which he was exposed. This would also apply to their unborn children.

The matter, however, does not rest there. The children’s lives would not only be shortened, but a large percentage would be born with some major handicap, such as a mental defect, or a physical malformation. Dr. Warren Weaver, chairman of the Committee on Genetic Effects of Atomic Radiation, recently made this announcement.

He said that some six thousand defective babies would be born to the present generation as a result of atomic weapon tests. Physical malformation in children is already on the increase. In recent years there has been a spate of Siamese twins. In Cheltenham, England, an excessive number of tiny babies and stillborn

FEBRUARY, 1967                      3

children are being produced. The tiny babies’ trend was first noticed in 1950.

The number has steadily increased each year. This prompted Sir Ernest Rock Carling, consultant to the Home Office and Ministries of Supply and Health to issue the following warning

“All potential parents ought to take the utmost care to avoid the accumulation of the smallest dose of radiation lest their children pay the penalty. The radiation sins of the father are visited on the children to many generations hence.”

Soon afterwards it was discovered that the town of Bath was similarly effected, the still birth rate having increased alarmingly. On being quizzed by the newspapers, a Government spokesman was forced to admit that experiments with mice had shown that still-births were among the effects they had noticed as a result of dosages of radiation. Another strange effect of radiation has been noticed by Professor R. Turpin of the University of Paris. He recently made it known that radiation reduces the ratio of boy to girl babies.

There has also been an increase in the birth of freak animals. Siamese twin pigs have been born in Platteville, USA; a two-headed tortoise was found among a lot of five hundred purchased from a Louisiana farm by Mr. Timothy McCarthy, who runs a pet shop in New Jersey, while a little mongrel spaniel called “Pinky” recently gave birth to a green puppy in Denver, Colorado.

Eggs containing three yolks are becoming quite common. One poultry farmer told newspaper reporters that in addition to three yolk eggs, he was finding some with no yolks at all, others had another egg inside, complete with shell. He was also getting large numbers of bad eggs straight from the nest, and even some with baby eggs attached to the outside, like Siamese twins.

In America and Australia cattle breeders are becoming increasingly concerned by the alarming increase in dwarf cattle. In some cases, mature bulls weighed less than 70-lbs, and were not more than three foot tall.

Hydra-headed flowers have been reported from many parts of the world. A six headed tulip was recently on display at Arbroath, Scotland. Another, with three heads was found at Wick.

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Barley seeds obtained from stock subjected to atomic radiation during an explosion at Bikini Atoll have produced strange plants. Increasing amounts of dangerous radioactive materials have been found in milk in the United States since nuclear weapon tests started.

These are but a few of the facts that have been made public, but they suffice to show that if we avoid blowing ourselves to Kingdom Come, we could be headed for something infinitely worse-a world peopled with freaks and cretins.

-Alan Bonham, Australia

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(Because of repeated requests for this article, which first appeared in “Source Unlimited,” no longer available, it will be published serially, in four parts, in Understanding.)

A simple attempt to shed a little of the light of impartial reason and unbiased logic upon a subject which is seldom approached with either.

Almost everything written on the subject of unidentified flying objects is written by a member of one of two rather distinct groups of individuals. One group consists of enthusiastic believers who, in their enthusiasm, are inclined to accept virtually all reported data at its face value. The opposing group is composed principally of authoritative and somewhat superior skeptics who look down their noses at a world in which nothing is actually as it seems.

Each writer writes his book or article from his own viewpoint, and primarily for the purpose of justifying his own position and belief. A considerable amount of obvious bias is therefore to be expected, and is always found in such a work.

If it were possible to obtain a completely unbiased and unemotional consideration of the subject, with the application of dispassionate logic to the many questions which arise there from, the result might be of considerable value in reducing the degree of public confusion brought about by the continued and usually acrimonious debate between the exponents of the two extremes.

The positions of the opposing groups are essentially as follows the first group believes and attempts to demonstrate that there is

FEBRUARY, 1967                      5

ample evidence to warrant public acceptance of the postulate that the earth is being observed and/or visited, from time to time, by intelligent beings who are not indigenous to this planet.

If this assumption be true, then obviously the scientific progress and probably the general progress of such a race would be considerably beyond the level we have achieved. Their culture could therefore make very valuable contributions to ours and so we should make every effort to establish continuing contact, with such beings, for the sake of our own welfare and development, if for no other reason.

Members of the second group usually insist that all of this is nonsense; that there is no genuine evidence that any intelligent being has ever visited the earth from any other place; that even if such beings exist, which is very unlikely, they are certain to be much too far from the earth to have any interest in either observing or visiting this planet. This group also contends that all reports of U.F.O. observations can, by proper manipulations, editing, and judicious excision of the reported data, be adequately explained in terms of earth phenomena.

In any controversy where diametrically opposed views contend with each other, the truth will usually be found to be about, mid-way between the two extremes.

It is not the purpose of this article to argue either side of the controversy, but to examine as impartially as possible some of the many questions which arise there from.

Whenever an unfamiliar object is observed in our skies and when the nature and performance of the object cannot readily be correlated to the nature and performance of any known earthly object, the possibility will be expressed by some that it might be a space ship bringing visitors from some other planet. The very suggestion will arouse within the egos of many persons, an almost desperate necessity to deny and refute any such possibility.

Most of us have been born and reared in the smug and comforting belief that the earthman is the supreme product of the universe as well as the principal reason for its creation. The mere existence of any superior race would invalidate this belief and would place us at least one step below them upon the ladder of evolution. This is a step which the egos of many persons would never allow their reason to take, no matter how compelling the evidence. There are

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

others who are able to accept the possibility of the existence of superior races but who console their egos with the assurance that these races must necessarily be so far away that there could never be any likelihood of a meeting between them.

A considerable percentage of modern scientists fall into this category. Most of our present day astronomers accept the overwhelming statistical probability with perfect equanimity so long as that life remains in its own backyard and at least a few light-years away. If, however, any evidence arises which seems to indicate that some of this intelligence may be observing us, however briefly, from our own stratosphere, then the situation changes at once and the evidence must be explained away at any cost to logic and reason.

There is a great deal of truth in the old saying that the human ego is the greatest single barrier to human understanding!

Since our own astronauts have begun to penetrate the fringes of space however, a change is gradually coming about in the thinking of many people. It has become obvious that the coming generations will be going out into space in a constantly expanding area of exploration and discovery. If earthman can do this, it becomes possible to give some consideration to the suggestion that other races may already have done so.

Consequently, there is now an ever growing group of people who are able to accept the statistical probability that earthman are not unique in the universe and that they may be far from being the supreme example of intelligent life.

(To be continued)

-Dr. Daniel W. Fry

——— ♦ ———


The following material is from a script written by Onni Heinola of the Finnish Interplanetist Society of Helsinki, Finland.

Our planet has its own message to bring to other inhabited worlds. This message will be prepared at the end of this century, by which time we, too, will be able to visit other planets in our solar system and other worlds in Outer-Space. At the time we take our message to our sister planets we may learn to know their messages as well. All inhabited planets have their own special messages, although the

FEBRUARY, 1967                      7

laws of the Great Life are the same for all of them-the laws operating throughout the Universe.

Our planet, in structure the hardest in our solar system, is the school of painful struggles. It is also said that our planet is the dumping ground of our solar system, and that here have been sent the human beings who failed to make the grade elsewhere. They would have disturbed the spiritual progress of their fellow beings, so, they had to be sent here as to an educational establishment where they could unfold from their disobedience.

For, the Great Life, at the proper time, gives everyone the same pay, the same spiritual Illumination, even if some get it earner and others later. This is what the Teacher from Nazareth meant with his parable about the Kingdom of Heaven being as a vineyard and the vine dresser employing workers, some of whom came to work at the first hour in the morning, some at the last hour, and they were all given the same pay-the same spiritual illumination. If we understand the purpose of the Great Life in this way we do not need to fight against evil, neither destroy it because the disobedient and wicked will eventually calm down and share in the Illumination of the Great Life. We should only go on building peace, developing and attending to the good things, and the evil will die of neglect.

We must become deeply involved in studying ourselves. We shall discover, then, how the greatest evil lives in our being, in the instinct for self-preservation. This instinct causes us to commit the greatest cruelties-for which we later feel the pain and suffering caused by our conscience. The Teacher from Nazareth showed us by His life how the urge of self-preservation may be overcome, by permitting one’s own body to be killed rather than protecting it. Further, He showed us that neither should one protect oneself by one’s psychic abilities, but should offer one’s life for one’s friends, so that they in their turn will be able to die for the truth, silently blessing and forgiving.

This Initiation of Sacrifice is the highest Illumination that man can experience on our planet. ‘then his inner forces open up to him, by which he is able to change the vibrational frequency of his physical body. It is then the atomic nuclei break Lip, as it, were, released from their dependence upon the laws of Earth. In this way man becomes the ruler of his own miniature world-but he refrains

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

from his own happiness or share in Heaven until everyone else has reached the same state.”

The script then details the seven laws of life that lead to spiritual illumination, and concludes:

The Illumination of our planet Earth is dependent upon the spiritual illumination of its inhabitants. The more individuals achieving this state, the sooner we shall be joining the company of our bright-sister-planets. We have now reached the Age when the special message of our planet will be opened for all to know. The message, put into words by the Apostle Paul as “Death is conquered and victory achieved,” contains in our days the knowledge that death is actually a change into another condition, while yet in this life.

——— ♦ ———


Perhaps you have read books on astronomy. If so, you undoubtedly have encountered the astronomer’s classic description of the planet Mercury: “An inhospitable little world, hot enough on the sun side to melt lead, bitterly cold (near absolute zero) on the other.”

The reasons for this statement are found, of course, in the beliefs that Mercury is a barren world, without air and without rotation. One side perpetually faces a blazing sun from four to ten times (depending upon the planet’s position in its orbit) its size seen from earth, while the other side is constantly exposed to the darkness and cold of interplanetary space. A certain amount of temperature variation is supposed to occur in the “twilight zones,” areas created on each side of the globe because of a “wobble” caused by the planet’s varying speed as it circles the sun. It has been assumed that any possible form of life, or possible future manned bases, would have to be in these zones.

A few recent findings, unless they also prove to be in error, may completely upset the grim picture of this little world. Modern astronomers have always been convinced that Mercury is too small and too hot (on the sun side) to retain any atmosphere, but some years ago a French astronomer was able to detect a very thin mantle of gas of a density about one-thousandth of our own. This was more

FEBRUARY, 1987                      9

or less accepted by other astronomers but was considered too thin to have any real effect on Mercury as a barren world. We assume that some of them went back to their slide rules in an effort to account for it, since it was not too long after this that new figures were given for Mercury’s density-an increase from 3.8 to 5.6, and perhaps more. This would make the tiny planet as dense as (or denser) than earth. Since the air surrounding a solid body in space is bound to that body by gravitational attraction an increase in density would increase the gravity, making it more difficult for the air to escape into space.

Anyway, it was assumed that if such a thin atmosphere did exist: it consisted solely of some of the heavier gases. But in the late fifties and early sixties a Russian astronomer made exhaustive studies of the planet during a transit of the sun. His work eventually convinced him that Mercury did, indeed, have an atmosphere, one he computed to be equivalent in density to ours thirty-five miles above the earth: Since this conformed fairly well to the earlier findings it caused no particular surprise. The startling fact, about his finding was not that an atmosphere existed—but that it consisted, at least in the higher regions, of hydrogen, the one gas Mercury could not possibly retain!

The solution to the mystery was amazingly simple: Mercury’s hydrogen atmosphere was constantly being replenished by hydrogen molecules escaping from the sun!

We can certainly assume that underneath this hydrogen mantle other, heavier, gases must exist. The extent of this air envelope we probably will not definitely know until we can study the planet from outer space.

The second finding which may upset our present concepts of Mercury is that an English astronomer claims to have succeeded in taking a temperature of the dark side of the planet. Far from the absolute zero postulated for it, he claims a reading in the neighborhood of seventy degrees Fahrenheit. Obviously, if this reading is at all correct, the “thin” atmosphere is dense enough to carry to the dark side all the heat that is necessary to sustain life as we know it.

If the recent findings only stopped right here, it would be easily possible to imagine Mercury as a planet which just might support

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

some form of life-at least on the night side and in the twilight zones-a total area of around eighteen million square miles. However, very recent radio – telescope work seems to indicate that the planet’s rotation on its axis is not, after all, the same as its year. Mercury’s year consists of eighty-eight days; the new rotation figure is given as 59 days. This would give the planet approximately one and one-half days in its year! Unfortunately, it also means that, with the possible exception of the polar regions, all parts, of its surface would at some time be exposed to a blazing sun showering it with heat from four to ten times greater than that received by our own world. We therefore are forced to assume that any possible life forms would have to exist in the polar regions, be migratory, or able to withstand heat to the extent of six or seven hundred degrees Fahrenheit. It is possible that, when more is known about the new rotation period, areas of the planet may be found where the temperatures are less extreme.

In any event, it would seem that these new discoveries, if accurate, will increase the probability of some form of life on Mercury.

-Bill Crawford

——— ♦ ———

world report

Radiation Affecting Intelligence

(Jersey Journal, Jersey City, N. J., November 2, 1966)


UNITED NATIONS-Radiation may adversely affect the intelligence and height of persons in future generations, according to a new study of the genetic effects of natural and man-made radiation.

“There is evidence that complexly inherited characteristics, such as stature and intelligence, may be affected by induced gene mutations and that. the effects would probably be adverse,” according to the report.

The finding is among the conclusions of the latest study of the

FEBRUARY, 1967                      11

United Nations scientific committee on the effects of atomic radiation.

The report affirms earlier findings of the committee that any dosage of radiation poses genetic hazards.

But the report is reassuring on one score. It has confirmed the accuracy of earlier estimates of natural radiation. And it has found no significant increase, and perhaps even a decrease, in the level of man-made radiation, most of it from nuclear weapons tests.

The study was conducted before the effects of the summer nuclear explosions by France in the South Pacific or the most recent test by Communist China, could be measured, but these are not expected to contribute significantly to the residual contamination in the stratosphere.

The report contains new and more precise findings as to the genetic hazards of all forms of radiation, including an analysis of the comparative risks of radiation treatments and new evidence on the interrelationship of the prime factor to exposure.

Future Life and Technology

(United Press International, December 26, 1966)

ST. LOUIS (UPI)-A space expert says there is hope for planetary life.

The planet he is talking about is Earth and the life is human. Dr. C. Stark Draper, head of the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, disagrees with predictions that man will blow himself and the whole planet to smithereens.

“There is hope for the future of life on our planet,” Draper said in an interview here, “but it depends upon the continued advances of technology.

Draper also disagrees with predictions that the human race will run out of food.

“The earth is like a huge space ship with a given supply of resources to sustain life,” Draper said. As president of the International Academy of Astronautics, Draper knows something about space ships.

“When we get cities that are too big we get atmospheric pollution, we get water pollution from human wastes and industrial wastes and so we have on earth the same problem they have in the space ships

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

except the space ship is more concentrated and the space ship forces you to solve the problem,” he said.

“We will have to generate a system that takes human wastes and processes them to produce food in a continuous cycle of collecting, purifying, processing, and reusing.”

Draper said that in working towards this “compromise with our environment,” countries aspiring to significant roles of leadership must work towards a balance in technology, economic power and military strength that matches their rivals.

If the U. S. and the Soviet Union have practically equal capabilities, mutual respect will develop favorable to peaceful discussions, instead of the threat of mutual destruction, he said.

Hearing Damage

(Grants Pass Courier, December 29, 1966)

PHOENIX, Ariz. (AP)-If today’s teenagers need hearing aids when they’re 25, they have only themselves to blame, says Robert A. Larabell.

Their rock ‘n’ roll music is too loud and it’s damaging their ears, the acoustics engineer said Wednesday.

In decibels, Larabell said it ranks right up there with riveting, drop forging and automobile assembling. And workers in those industries are required to wear noise guards.

The quality of rock ‘n’ roll music draws no complaint from Larabell, president of an acoustics company. He objects only to its volume, particularly when it’s amplified through batteries of loudspeakers in nightclubs with rows of listeners crowded in close.

Using standard industrial metering equipment, Larabell has measured the noise output of a number of rock ‘n’ roll bands.

Larabell said the Air Force and others have worked up exposure charts that show how much sound over what period of time may be damaging.

He said he measured a volume of 90 to 95 decibels 20 feet from a teen-age band. “By Air Force charts, this much sound over an exposure of 15 minutes definitely can be harmful.”

Oregon UFO Report

(Grants Pass Courier, Grants Pass, Oregon, December 27, 1966)

MONROE, Ore.(AP) — A report of an unidentified flying object,

FEBRUARY, 1967                      13

with an engine blast nearly strong enough to knock a man to the ground, was made to the Benton County sheriff’s office.

However, investigation by deputies Christmas morning turned up nothing.

Clyde C. Brooks, Monroe, said he and his w, if e were driving along a road 2½ miles south of Monroe about 3 a. m. Sunday. He said they stopped, and while he was out of the ear there was a sudden noise of an engine and a blast that threw him against his car. An object emitting a large, reddish-orange flame took off into the sky and joined two other similar objects, he said.

Brooks said he drove home, got his two children and returned to the scene, but that they saw nothing, after that.

Saucer In Brazil

(Albany Greater Oregon, Friday, Nov. 4, 1966)

James Pfeiffer, a respected aviation industry executive, saw and photographed an UFO while he was in Brazil. “It was spheroid shaped,” he reported, “roughly 70 feet in diameter, very smooth in construction.” It hovered at about 1,500 feet above the lagoon-side restaurant where he sat, then sped away at 200 mph and abruptly changed direction. “It didn’t skid or bank, but made a flat, 90 degree right turn.” Settling down in the woods across the water, he went on, it emitted a high, then low-pitched whining sound-“noisy enough to bring the restaurant employees out to watch.” The Air Force agreed that. Pfeiffer had seen “something.”

It was particularly interested in the shadow on the left side of the UFO, which suggested that it was three-dimensional.

——— ♦ ———


Shortly before Christmas the Frys returned to Merlin from the most extensive and best attended lecture tour which they have yet undertaken:

From San Francisco, Berkeley, San Jose and Los Angeles on the West Coast, to Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D. C. on the East Coast, with many other stops between.

The tour had two principal purposes. First, to investigate thoroughly the great upsurge of public interest in the U.F.O. which

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

has developed within the last six months, and secondly to introduce to the public, the new enlarged edition of the White Sands Incident. The conclusions which were reached, as a result of the tour, include the following.

First, the general level of public interest in the U.F.O. subject has risen at least 300% during the past year. This increase in interest is due partly to the sudden reversal in attitude by most of the editors of national magazines and newspapers; partly to the recent admission of serious interest by many men of recognized position in the scientific world; and partly to the fact that most of the “professional scoffers,” who get their ego satisfaction from sneering at new patterns of thought, have become unpopular and the professional explainers have exhausted the possibilities of earthly explanation.

Secondly, people from all walks of life and of many different patterns of thought now attend U.F.O. lectures.  This fact greatly increases the problems of the U.F.O. lecturer. Many of those who attend their first lecture do so in the belief that this is some new form of entertainment, and if the lecture is a serious one, the patron may be disappointed.

On the other hand, there are many persons who have developed a genuine interest but who feel that there are serious scientific objections to the objective reality of the U.F.O. Unless the lecturer can answer these objections in a scientific manner, the listener will leave the hall with the let-down feeling that the subject cannot be accepted on a scientific basis.

In the two or three hours which the lecturer can spend in the hall, he cannot begin to bring to the audience all of the things which his listeners feel that they should have, and so he can only strive to create a foundation of understanding upon which subsequent lecturers can build.

Thirdly, the subject of the U.F.O. has become socially respectable. Many persons who have, heretofore, kept their U.F.O. books and magazines hidden behind the bookshelves and at the bottom of their magazines stands now display them proudly on their living room tables. This fact is one of the most significant of all since it demonstrates the growing maturity of the public mind on the U.F.O. subject

-D. W. Fry

FEBRUARY, 1967                      15


Dear Dr. Fry:

Thank you sincerely for the copy of Understanding you sent me, as well as for the accompanying literature. Four organization is doing a supreme Good here on Earth and I feel its effect will be felt in all areas of our social existence.

As I read “Message to Mankind” certain insights came to me which resulted in an article which I submit for possible publication. I realize it is very general, but feel strongly impelled to send it anyway, even though each level cries to be defined more clearly. Please accept it as my gift to you.

Very truly yours,

Mrs. Betty Wasser

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


There are three levels of understanding within the individual, the physical, the mental and the spiritual. Each level has its own needs which seek fulfillment.

On the physical level the body’s needs and desires predominate. Mankind today is seeking to fulfill his total need through the fulfillment of only his bodily needs-hence our unparalleled prosperity and remarkable gains in the material sciences; hence, also, our haunting feeling of emptiness and meaninglessness in a world controlled by “things.”

Mental understanding encompasses the mind, its needs and desires. Mental understanding without the accompanying spiritual understanding lacks warmth and depth. It remains on the surface of one’s life and coldly analyzes it’s domain without the ability to penetrate or effect any lasting change within an individual.

Spiritual understanding encompasses and penetrates the physical and mental understanding whenever man is open and aware enough to allow it to happen. The spiritual sphere touches man through his awareness of Beauty, Truth and Goodness in all that is within and without him. It inspires the feeling of Love. The depth of man’s response to these qualities reveals his level of spiritual understanding. He then begins to see the beauty in others, and through seeking to understand that beauty he realizes God more deeply.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

That which is truly spiritual has a self-creating and a self-sustaining power. It’s touch penetrates cold materiality and mentality to bring to them the life of full dimensional realization. It creates after its kind in all that it touches and transforms all accordingly.

Man’s most challenging task today is the recognition of his spiritual desires. Material progress has advanced disproportionately because we have sought, primarily, physical comforts and satisfactions. Now we must step aside and, in detachment, view the results of this attitude. And then, as the need is felt, strongly commit ourselves to the quest for deeper mental and spiritual understanding which will imbue the physical with direction and meaning.

We must stimulate our spiritual desires if we are to progress in balance and in accord with a higher purpose. This, essentially, is the task of each individual-in his aloneness with God.

-Betty Wasser

——— ♦ ———


Buildings On The Moon?

(From an editorial in the “Oregonian,” Albany, Oregon, December 16, 1966)

Our “Ranger 7” took 4,320 pictures of the moon in the summer of 1964. Some of which had never been seen before. Our “Ranger 8” sent, back 7,000 pictures. They showed “Moon Domes” which Harvard University told about in its magazine “Sky and Telescope.” It reported that there were now some 200 of these domes. Some of the domes had been seen by astronomers in France and reported as far back as in 1930. In order for these domes to be seen from earth scientists say they would have to be 750 feet in diameter. The strange fact is that these domes moved from one place to another. Our “cover up” boys in the Pentagon said they were just big volcanoes. If the volcanoes on the moon move around from place to place they are a lot different than the ones we have on our earth. The scientists think that these domes may well be space bases being used by people from some other world. They also think that these bases prove that the moon is not as airless and lifeless as we have been led to believe.

In 1963 the Harvard University magazine reported seeing a cluster

FEBRUARY, 1967                      17

of red lights which had moved from one location to another.

These lights moved to different locations from October 29 to November 27. The Air Force said that these were only volcanoes. It does seem odd that on the moon volcanoes gallop from one place to some other location miles away.

Not yet explained is a picture of a large cross that, was photographed on the moon by Robert E. Curtis an astronomer of Alamogordo, N. M. Harvard University magazine published the pictures which showed the cross on the moon plainly. It had four arms.

Russian aircraft as well as our own have been paced by these flying saucers from outer space. We don’t know what they are or where they come from but they are the reason why both the U.S. and Russia are spending more than $20 billion each on a pretended race to the moon.

Message to Space

“Equals One,” published in Pondicherry, India, announces a competition: What Message Should We Send Into Space? Along with this announcement is this thought-provoking article.

“Some of our scientists are thinking of the technical problems of sending a message to other stars. But do we really have a message, one which would stand traveling for, let us say, a modest million years, and which after that time we would still consider our own and subscribe to? when you were still wearing that beautiful fur and that tail? Remember?

Perhaps those meteors are after all messages which we sent long ago in some stone age, with no love wasted, to our neighbors, and which are coming back now, disarmed and luminous, to remind us of the powers of transformation in this universe”

——— ♦ ———

Our Apologies

It has been called to our attention that our December listing of Officers elected at the Annual Meeting omitted the names of Col. Harry F. May and Mr. Paul Williams as New Vice-Presidents. May our apologies be accepted in the spirit of Understanding, such omissions are never intentional.

We note also that Officer Lists mailed to Units recently did not list Mrs. Tahahlita Fry as a National Director. Once again we say “We are Sorry.”

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

bulletin board

Annual Meeting Reports

Reports of the Understanding, Inc. Annual Meeting along with Officer and Unit Lists were mailed on January 3rd, from Merlin, to each Officer, Director and Unit. If your packet has not arrived, please advise us at Merlin.

Exchange Publications

We ask that all Exchange Publications sent to Understanding,. Inc. be addressed c/o Assistant Editor, P.O. Box 76, Merlin, Oregon, 97532. Thank you your cooperation.

Organizational Chairman

We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Emma Johnson, our Membership Chairman has accepted the additional responsibilities of Organizational Chairman. She will be pleased to hear from you at: 1384 Racoon Drive, Santa Clara, Calif. 95051.

UFO Magazine Articles

The “Saucers, Space and Science” magazine, No. 45, offers a listing of popular magazines featuring articles on UFOs during 1966. Write Editor Gene Duplantier, 17 Shetland St., Willowdale, Ontario, Canada for further information.

Saucer Sighting

President, Helen Mann, and Secretary, Irene Meade, of our Myrtle Creek, Oregon, Unit 74 write us of their UFO sighting at 10:45, Tuesday evening, December 27, 1966.

It seems that Mrs. Meade first observed the UFO, moving from

FEBRUARY, 1967                      19

NE to SW, and called Mrs. Mann. Mrs. Mann gives the following report: “It was East of my home, low over a small hill-a large red-orange and white object, which pulsated constantly. It stopped, and we expected it to land. I returned to the house for my camera and took two snapshots (still undeveloped) before the object started to slowly move away. Then whoosh! it disappeared behind a mountain! “

Members of Unit 74 have often seen UFOs and have held several group Sky Watch sessions with interesting results.

Author a Member of Understanding 22

Helena Elizabeth Ruhnau, member of Riverside, California Unit 22, has just had published Light On A Mountain, a book of inspired Truth for the New Age. A Book Review and additional details will be given in the March issue of Understanding.

News from Topeka, Kansas

While Unit, 66 of Topeka has sponsored many programs, its former President, Harry M. Fleenor has appeared personally on local radio and TV programs, and has sponsored others on similar programs; he has actively sponsored New Age speakers, including Anthony Brooke of London, on the “Let’s Talk” luncheon broadcasts; and has addressed high school science groups in the area.

With the resignation of President, Joe Bicking, Mr. Fleenor was once again put in change of Unit activities, with the cooperation of Vice-President Dolores Trapp. Mr. Fleenor and the Unit are ardent “boosters for Dean Fry’s tremendous contribution to the New Age.

Book of Adamski

From Saucerian Publications, Clarksburg, W. Va. Understanding, Inc. has received a complimentary copy of Gray Barker’s Book of Adamski. This is a 78 page, 8×11 folio, well illustrated, text on one of the most controversial of UFO contactees. Price $3.95

Books By Mail

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Brockway, members of Yucaipa Unit 61, have recently purchased Trudy Allen’s Book Store and offer our readers a source for New Age Texts-UFO and Metaphysical. Please write to them at P. 0. Box 928, Mentone, Calif. 92359.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Memberships in Understanding

Understanding, Inc. is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth so that they may live in harmony and be better prepared psychologically and sociologically for the space age.

Several types of membership are available to those who wish to support our endeavors either with dollars or with time and service, or both.

The Associate Membership is Two Dollars per year; the Contributing Membership, Ten Dollars per year, including the Understanding magazine; Sustaining Membership, Twenty-Five Dollars per year, including subscription; and Life Membership, Five Hundred Dollars, including subscription to Understanding magazine.

Welcome to the Understanding family!


P.O. Box 76, Merlin, Oregon 97532.

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6c per word per insertion; 3 or more insertions same copy, 5c per word.

World Understanding and Peace requires an Interlanguage. UNESCO has approved of Esperanto to be that language. A text pronunciation record, a two language dictionary and two test wheels loaned FREE for 60 days. Your only cost 5 cents to return the kit to the Esperanto Library, Dept. USI, Middleton, Wis. 53562.

TECHNOCRACY is the only North American social movement which has become widespread on this continent. It has no affiliation with any other organization. Technocracy invites you to become informed about North America’s social problem and to prepare for the next most probable state of society on this continent. Subscription to Technocracy’s magazines, $4.00 per year. THE NORTHWEST TECHNOCRAT, 5509 University Way N. E., Seattle, Washington 98105.

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Read how modern techniques of science, electronics, physics, communication, and engineering work when applied to a religion.


Price $2.00

• The Anatomy of the Human Spirit

• The Five Categories of Life

• The Communication Formula

• Basic Assumptions of Abilitism




Price $1.00

Both by Dr. H. Charles Berner


1862 Placentia Ave.,

Costa Mesa, California 92627


(a proven method)            Price $3.00 Knowledge for Planetary Contacts. How to use the Pendulum. (can check for truth of UFO’s)


(tested and works)            Price $3.00 Harmony for Saucer attunement. Preparation for Saucer Contacts.


(astounding true information) $5 Contacted from other Planets.

A woman rescued from a Saucer. Contacts made with Venusians.

All three books for $9.00

Worth many times more!

Send to author:


8674 Falmouth Aye.

Playa Del Rey, Calif. 90291


by Dr. Daniel W. Fry

Steps to the Stars (4th printing)

Curve of Development

Both softbound                 $1.50 each


White Sands Incident and

To Men of Earth

Softbound, $2.00

Hardbound – New Edition — $3.95

Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding

Softbound, $2.00

Hardbound, $3.00

Merlin Publishing Company

P.O. Box 105

Merlin, Oregon 97532


Being the Science of Man by H. W. Percival is an outstanding contribution to this age as it explains mysteries about YOU and the UNIVERSE found nowhere else, and it can prepare you for the new thought and action required NOW. You can control your destiny. You can start on The Path. You can comprehend your unseen self, death, re-existence, elemental beings, Consciousness, administration of physical, mental, psychic, poetic destiny, and hundreds of other subjects dealt with in this unique, masterly work of an illumined author. 5th printing. Selling in many countries.

Price $10.

The Word Foundation, Inc.

Dept. U, 33 W. 42nd St.,

N. Y., N. Y. 10036

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Eckankar, the ancient science of Soul Travel, is the Illuminated Way to God. Those who see and talk with God travel this ancient, secret path. Learn out-of-the-body projection by your own volition, beyond all lower planes into God’s realm.

It increases spiritual awareness and insight into the spiritual worlds.

Services: Bilocation-Illuminated Way Discourses (1st Series) ; Eckankar Secret Way Discourses (2nd Series); The Illuminated Way Monthly Letter; Books and Taped Lectures, Spiritual Consultation and full Akashic Life Readings.


P.O. Box 13052-XX

San Diego, California 92113, USA

Please send information on Eckankar-Secret Science of Soul Travel.

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