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VOLUME XII                                DECEMBER, 1967                                   NUMBER 12

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


(An Adventure in Understanding)

A new concept in public information service was inaugurated last month under the sponsorship of a number of advanced thought groups. and under the personal direction of Angela Kilsby, the lady who has, for the past two years, directed the annual Space Craft Convention in Berkeley, Calif.

Since the attendance at the Berkeley Convention has, for several years, been limited only by the capacity of the auditorium, Mrs. Kilsby felt that the inspiring and informative message of the many speakers should also be heard in as many other places as possible, and thus the concept of the traveling convention was born! Individual lecturers set up speaking tours which coyer wide areas of the country, why not a whole group of speakers? There are, of course. a thousand problems which must be solved and at least a few obstacles which must be overcome in order to convert such an idea into a successful reality. but Mrs. Kilsby, driven by the fire and guided by the light of pure inspiration, rolled up her sleeves, took a deep breath, and plunged into the midst of the problems.

As soon as the project was announced publicly, a number or New Age and advanced thought groups offered their assistance. The

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

final result of all of the work and planning was a remarkably successful and very satisfactory mobile convention which met in Berkeley, Calif., Sacramento, Calif., Dunsmuir, Calif., Grants Pass, Roseburg and Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington.

There is not enough room in any editorial to even begin to give credit to all of the organizations and individuals who deserve such credit for their outstanding contributions to the success of this new adventure in understanding, but more will be heard, both in this magazine and in others concerning the success of this new venture and the plans for similar and even greater breakthroughs in the future.

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WHY ARE YOUNG PEOPLE rebellious? Before we seek an answer to this question, we might reflect that young people have always been rebellious. It is part of their growing up; one of the symptoms of adolescence. Every individual matures faster biologically than he matures mentally and emotionally. No longer the child, but not yet the man, there is a subconscious, if not overt, protest against the still necessary dependency upon and authority of parents, and at the same time, a dread of the self-responsibility that looms ahead.

If there has been proper training of the child, the boy will evolve into the man, the girl into the woman, with a minimum of emotional turmoil. For those well prepared by decent, law-abiding, responsible, sensible parents, the rebellion of youth is but manifestation of a normal tension of life. Such young people are not likely to become a serious problem to parents or society.

“Train up a child in the way- be shall go and when he is old he shall not depart from it.” (Proverb 22:6) If this ancient precept needs scientific verification, it can be found in the works of many psychologists. Alfred Adler, in particular, stressed the fact that the environment in the first few years of a child’s life form his tendencies of personality.

Environment, let us note, is not just the neighborhood, or the living quarters, as the welfare statists would have us believe. Environment

DECEMBER, 1967                    3

also includes the kind of training and guidance the child receives from his parents. Some very fine people have risen out of slum areas. Providing a family with a clean home in a better neighborhood will not guarantee that the children will become better citizens.

The parents are the child’s first teachers; instruction and training begins in infancy. If a child has little training, or the wrong kind of training, he is ill prepared for rational adjustment to the world be grows into. When he reaches the age of rebellion, his behavior will show what kind of preparation be has for adulthood.

The gradual break-up of close family life has been one factor in creating the modern problem child. Far worse is the “new morality” which is actually an immorality condoned by iconoclasts and heretics. Older generations did not always live up to the high Christian traditions and ideals they believed in, but having them as guide gave people a goal to aim for, gave the individual reason for self-improvement and, indeed, helped give meaning to life.

With a lowering of morals and standards of conduct, many parents fail to provide their children the example of integrity- and individual responsibility that is so important to the growing child.

As an example of unfortunate early training, there is a branch of child psychology that taught permissiveness. Parents must not frustrate the child lest he develop an inferior complex, or feel un-loved when he does not get his own way. Impersonal observations of such children show they generally become bad-tempered, impudent, willful, mischievous, and often destructive. Fortunately this theory in child psychology has been refuted, but the damage clone to children whose parents experimented with this method of child rearing is hard to estimate.

Again, there are well-meaning parents who, with the excuse that they wish to spare their children the hardships they suffered to achieve material prosperity, over-indulge their children and give them little, if any, responsibility that is so necessary for the building of stable, strong characters.

Many parents expect the teachers to supply the discipline they failed to provide, yet often protest when the school does take any punitive measures, because it points up their own inefficiency.

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Our modern elementary and high school systems leave offered little challenge to the mental energies of the young. The progressive system, innovated by Professor John Dewey, turned education away from the emphasis upon reading, writing, and arithmetic, considered the fundamentals of all learning, to an emphasis upon “social adjustment.” Children are to he taught “life adjustment.,” yet juvenile delinquency increases, sufficient proof, surely, of the fallacies of its theories. University instructors find that many freshman cannot spell, read or write well, know little grammer. They have not been educated.

It is only in the past. few years that this trend in falling educational standards has been reversed, a response to demands of conscientious parents who discovered that the schools were not providing the education their children needed.

Much of the rebellion of youth is against the regimentation for which the modern educational system was training them. They are struggling, though they know it not, for individualism, but they mistake defiance of the law, and of the morals that a healthy society demands, for the self-expression they crave. They have not been able to find themselves, because they have received no preparation, either in the home or in the schools, for such self-discovery.

With no standards, or with false standards, many young people have no goals, no ideals, nothing to give them an incentive to find whatever is good in themselves and in the world. They are bored with their lives, and there is nothing as deadly as boredom to tempt young people to try things that will in the end be harmful to themselves and to society.

The teen-age juvenile criminal learns early that he is breaking the law but he does not care, because he has not received the moral training that would make him care.

Only in rare cases can we blame the young person for his irresponsible or anti-social conduct. In most daces we are justified in blaming the parents, or those who had the responsibility of his upbringing; an inadequate educational system; the laxity- of public morals, and lowering of ethical standards, for the derelictions of today’s youth.

History teaches that a decay in morals accompanies the welfare

5                                                    DECEMBER, 1967

state. The juvenile delinquent is one of its first products. The wanton destructiveness and lawlessness of rebellious youth warns us that the foundations of our freedom, which can be protected only by individual self-responsibility, are crumbling.

It is a warning, and a challenge, to each of us.

-Lois H. Sargent

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Editor, Paddy Sherman, of “The Province” (Vancouver, B. C.), reports in his September 2nd issue of the dilemmas facing the Arctic Eskimos, who are now making the transition from the Ice Age to the Nuclear Age.

All over the Arctic, he reports, Eskimos are flying south for the winter. Fifty chartered aircraft are flying children south to school-flying them from one century to another.

“What lies ahead for these children whose race is making a transition unparalleled for speed and complexity anywhere in the world'”

While less than ten years ago Eskimos were starving to death under their traditional way of life, today 90% of the children are in school. There are but a few nomads left.

A 21 year old Eskimo flies a Cessna-180 on floats or skis, instead of driving a dog team; another young Eskimo has a college degree and plans to become a doctor; a few earn from $7,000 to $14,000 a year. These, however, are the exceptions.

“Behind them are the surge of young Eskimo; being educated. Behind them, in turn, a whole generation, baffled, disturbed and lost, with no education.”

Children by the hundreds are being taken to centers for schooling, some only six years of age. They will remain for ten months of the year. Many knew no English originally vet soon lose fluency in their native language with upsetting results to the parents and the village. A compromise is being son it that will result in a satisfactory interaction between cultures, and thus erase the fears of the elders that their way of life will be lost completely.

There is a further dilemma with the prospects of increasing numbers of Eskimo university graduates. “Can you take your

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

degree back to the family village of 250, where the chief work is stone carving, or seal hunting? Are there sufficient, outlets in bigger centers? Is the answer to educate Canada’s 12,500 Eskimos to the same standards as the rest of Canada, and simply let them vanish into Southern Canada?

If this is not the answer the question becomes: How much money should the federal government spend on creating a new environment-and what sort of environment should it be?

Suggestions have been made to promote and develop various interests of the North. So far the growth of education has outstripped the economy of the Northwest. One bright spot is Inuvek, the largest Arctic settlement which is serving as an experiment in Arctic planning. Here many educated Eskimos have been absorbed into government service. This. however, in no ways fills the total need for placement after education.

Many may be hurt until the problem is resolved: How best to bridge in one generation the gap between nomad and a man filled with modern education. Paddy Sherman even suggests that “per-haps the race itself will not survive much longer.”

——— ♦ ———


Christmas in Columbia is a tantalizing blend of Latin guitar rhythms, fervent religious ceremonies, happy colorfully dressed crowds thronging the streets in a fiesta mood, and ancient carols that sound just as beautiful on a tropical evening as they do on a wintry one.

For nine days prior to Christmas Eve, the cities and towns of Columbia are alive with fiestas and vibrant street dances. There is the unmistakable feeling of Christmas in the air even though the nights are warm. Of course, there isn’t any carpet of snow on the streets-in Columbia you’ll find a carpet of coffee.

Everywhere there is the invigorating scent of coffee-coffee ripened in the sun, and fresh coffee brewing in a myriad of cafes and restaurants throughout the land.

A Columbian Christmas would not be complete without the traditional holiday foods, such as natilla, a sweet corn pudding served

DECEMBER, 1967                    7

with a superb sauce, and bunelos, crusty little round calves that have the tang of salt that go so well with a demitasse of Columbian coffee. Columbian children, like youngsters everywhere, eagerly await the arrival of Papa Noel who, despite the tropical climate, wouldn’t think of changing from his full regalia of fur-trimmed red suit, mittens, and shine boots.

“What aguinaldos (gifts) will you receive.”‘ each Columbian asks the other. A purely Columbian touch is the traditional friendly apuesta (wager) made on what your friends will receive.

(Sierra Star, Oakhurst, Calif. Dec. 23, 1965)


The hot and cold wars on this planet, the violence, the enmities, the starvation. could all be eliminated by the united action of all retired people.

When I tell you the answer, do not be disappointed by its simplicity. It is the only solution!

Massed prayers by millions can alter the course of this world. But man has been mortally stubborn in his refusal to turn to the one source of all power. The complex demands of this world have lessened the interest in prayer. Man feels secure in all his comforts. Not so with George Washington and his starving troops at Valley Forge. They prayed. The valiant Pilgrims, by reliance on prayer, held out after losing half of their people by death the very first year.

If all the retired people would pray fifteen minutes a day for Peace-it would come. The heart must be open for the spiritual contact. A dead electric globe will not work no matter how much Power is available. God and his powers are ever present but the outlets for the release of these transfiguring growers are too clouded with materiality to be effective. God’s life streams roust practice daily attunement, putting aside all personal views, to let the power that can produce peace flow in complete faith.

Jesus said “When two or more of ye gather in my name, I am there.” I once joined a band of prayerists who agreed each night to pray for the protection of a list of soldiers sent to battle. No once on the list was killed! A few were hurt. They recovered. Massed prayer does work!

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

One of the best times to pray is just before falling asleep. Some ancient volumes tell us that our nights are not lost in unconscious-ness but that while we sleep our minds, hearts and physical bodies are refreshed and our spirits serve the divine plan, though no band of memory is permitted.

fake your prayers for the good of all men-link yourself with people in other lands, with their leaders, their problems, asking for solutions for inharmonies everywhere. Do not let unanswered prayers of your own for personal riches or health deter you. The Bible reminds us that we often pray amiss. What we want personally may not always be to our best interest. We are sent here for certain specific experiences.

But war, crime, violence, immorality and enmity among peoples are human conditions we are taught to transmute back into holy light, from their present misuses, by sincere prayer. Join me each day. Let us demonstrate a real blessing of retirement, the opportunity of time for prayerful effort, perhaps, thus saving the whole world.

-C. T. Hubbard

——— ♦ ———


ONE LITTLE RED CANDLE – this, and a silent prayer for World Peace, at a given time on Christmas Day, are all that it takes for you to become a member of the now millions-strong International Christmas Candle Club.

This ceremony had its humble beginning about ten years ago when a woman in Canada decided to link herself thus with her family and friends in England on Christmas Day. Over the years friends on both sides of the Atlantic were asked to join in the ceremony. Now the idea has expanded to cover many parts of the world, creating “The, International Christmas Candle Club.” To the original candle lighting ceremony has been added a simple prayer for World Peace, thus creating a tremendous power for Peace as hearts, the world over, are joined together at the same time – 8 P.M. (20 hours) in England.

DECEMBER. 1967                    9

The Editor of “Topside,” Quebec, Canada, from whom we learned of this Christmas Prayer gift to all the world, lists the following time correspondences



9 P.M.


6 A.M.


9 P.M.


6 A.M.


10 P.M.

  North Territory

5:30 A.M.


10 P.M.

  W. Australia

4 A.M.


9 P. M.


9 A.M.


5 A.M.


2 P.M.

New Zealand

9 P.M.


9 A.M.


9 P.M.


4 P.M.


4 A.M.


South Africa

10 P.M.


4:30 P.M.


9 P.M.


4:00 P.M.

United States


12 Noon


3 P.M.


9 P.M.


12 Noon


9 P.M.


10 A.M.


10 P.M.

——— ♦ ———


(From “For the Good of All” by Nellie M. Davis, in “Sunrise,” ‘November, 1966)

Self-consciousness, which came with mind, threw the spotlight on the personal self; spiritual consciousness. which comes with intuition, throws the spotlight on mankind as unity. The stress is on brotherhood, on sharing, on compassion and accord. It involves our becoming, not with the background theme “for myself,” but with the perceptive leitmotif “for the good of all.” In this subtle change-over of consciousness from the physical-human to the human-spiritual. We are becoming stronger as individuals, yet we feel a compelling urge to be in harmony with others. The desire for closer fraternal bonds is surging through hearts all over the world and will not be denied. For it is inherent in the inner qualities beginning to stir in us. However, in trying to attain so desirable and fruitful a goal, we must exercise great care to safeguard the individual, for growth is an area we alone control and no one else.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

If we can manage to bring about- “unity in diversity” without losing sight of the dignity and importance of the simple human being, we shall discover we have in the making a spiritually-oriented civilization that offers not only the hope of survival but the surety of enlightened progress.

Mingling Generations

(From the Kansas City Star, Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 8, 1967)

In an era that is brash and brittle in many of its manifestations, Americans are rushing to see the traditional paintings of Andrew Wyeth with an excitement, they have shown about none of the avant garde.

As some critics have said, these crowds may be hungering for a simpler and more livable past. In summoning up this past, Wyeth is not alone. This week Walter Lippmann, in an article in Newsweek, issues his own appeal for parents of the sort who will plant trees for their children to sit under. And a professor of psychology, Uric Bronfenbrenner, writes in Saturday Review of the need to bring the generations together in daily work and play.

On the surface, it may seem surprising that a nostalgic concern for old-time patterns is expressed by Professor Bronfenbrenner, who is identified as one of the “founding fathers” of a successful innovation in American education, Head Start. But the professor points out that the Head Start program encourages parents to participate in the Head Start experience of their children. He suggests  that in this way, a similar program might be useful in middle and upper class neighborhoods, as it is proving of value to the disadvantaged. And he proposes other activities to join the generations in meaningful service, such as care of the very young and the very old by the more active age groups.

Wyeth and Lippmann and Bronfenbrenner all seem to be saying that a true understanding of life cannot be found in the massed age groupings and the mechanical efficiency and technical perfection on which we have been concentrating. It is found only in the mingling of all kinds and conditions of people, and in continuing contact of the young and the old and all the ages between.

Every gardener who has tried to maintain a uniform row of any kind of plants in his garden knows the difficulty of forcing life into

DECEMBER, 1967                    11

a pattern, even the pliant and simple life of the plant world. How much more unwise it is to behave as if human beings should or could be molded in mass patterns.

Past experience has something valid to say here. It is that full and meaningful life can be lived only in the context of a whole picture of humanity.

——— ♦ ———

Study of Nothing

(San Jose Mercury, San Jose, Calif., Aug. 31, 1967)

PARK CITY, Utah (UPI)-In a cavern 2,000 feet beneath Treasure Mountain east of Salt Lake City, University of l-tap scientists have completed a lab-oratory. And for what purpose? To study “nothing.”

More than $850,000 and a priceless amount of scientific thinking have gone into the “nothing trap” to study neutrinos-evasive subatomic particles with amazing penetrating power.

“Neutrinos are the nearest thing to nothing that we know of. They are ghostly, elusive and can pass through vast quantities of material, even the whole earth,” said Dr. Jack W. Keuffel, a physics  professor who heads the project.

“Our research may give man new clues to interesting and remote objects in deep space, in fact, at. the very fringes of the universe.” The fact that neutrinos pass intact through the earth is the basis for the laboratory’s location in a limestone gray subterranean chamber at. the end of a three-mile tunnel.

The laboratory now is in its initial operating stage and Keuffel hopes publishable results would be obtained by this summer. Scientists will not only be studying the neutrino. They also will be proving its existence-something not yet to be done. Neutrinos, which travel at the speed of light, primarily come from cosmic radiation. Some originate in outer space: others are created

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

in the upper atmosphere when a cosmic ray proton strikes an oxygen or nitrogen atom.

The rock and earth of the mountain will shield the neutrino chamber from the over-abundance of ordinary cosmic ray particles and permit the study of only those from outer space.

University of Toronto Study

(From Telegram, Toronto, Canada)

A special division within the Institute for Aerospace Studies at the University of Toronto has been established to study unidentified flying objects.  At an institute seminar members will decide the size of their operation and review UFO data.

“The subject has suffered from people simply taking sides one way or the other about flying saucers,” said Institute Director Dr. Gordon Patterson.

“We aren’t interested in beliefs-we’re interested in scientific observation.”

Dr. Patterson said in the past the United States Air Force has explained UFOs as hoaxes, hallucinations or misinterpretation. The Institute has been collecting data for more than three years and is convinced about three percent of UFO sightings can’t be explained in this way, Dr. Patterson said.

“People should realize there have been literally thousands of sightings in recent. years,” he said. “More than 84 countries have reported them and that’s just too many to laugh off.”

Dr. Patterson was involved with the recent sighting over Blackhawk, North Dakota, when a UFO picked up by radar outdistanced a pursuing F86 fighter jet and temporarily knocked out the radio communication system in Blackhawk.

“It was seen by national guardsmen who are trained observers,” said Dr. Patterson, “and picked up again oil radar 200 miles north of Blackhawk. There was no explanation.”

Learn from the Rats

(From Grants Pass Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., Sept. 2S, 1967)

WASHINGTON (UPI)-Man knows well enough how disastrous a population explosion can be.  Now man is rushing toward a population explosion of his own

DECEMBER, 1967                    13

kind. Its consequences could be far more catastrophic than that of other species.

Is he prepared to prevent this catastrophe or to mitigate it when it comes to pass? The answer, biologists say, is no.

Last month the news reports carried unhappy stories of a recent population explosion and the wreckage it made of human lives innocently affected by it.

The explosion in this ease was in the population of field mice inhabiting the fertile fields of Yugoslavia.

The mice suddenly embarked on a frantic migration which carried them through the rich farm lands of Bosnia. By the millions they ate their way through fields of wheat, beans, onions, potatoes.

This made a news story, but it wasn’t really news. Similar disasters have happened often in history. Historians are convinced the legend of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, celebrated in verse by Robert Browning, was more than just a legend.

Field mice, among the most prolific of creatures, now and then find themselves confronted with a situation, when they have eaten everything available in their native precincts, which demands that they do one of two things: migrate or die.

So, driven by a compulsion bordering on mania, they migrate. Some close cousins of the field mouse, the lemmings of Scandinavia, do the same thing from time to time.

According to Dr. John R. Olive, executive director of the American Institute of Biological Sciences, what happened amongst the field mice of Yugoslavia, “is a sobering thought. for homo sapiens” which also is on the verge of a population explosion.

Dr. Harold G. Cassidy of Yale University said recently, “there is no doubt at all that we are exploiting the earth the way a parasite does its host.”

So mankind, too, some day may be faced with the choice: migrate or die.

“But if our host earth is killed,” Cassidy said, “we have nowhere else to go.”

-Joseph T . Myler

Trooper Runs from UFO

(From Tampa Tribune, Tampa, Florida Oct. 27. 1967)

OCALA, Fla. (UPI)-a giant white object that “glowed like a

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

thousand candles” was spotted in the sky near here yesterday morning by a Florida Highway Patrol trooper.

“I was afraid people would think I was crazy,” Trooper B. J. Fetch told UPI. “so I drove into the little town of Belleview and pointed it. out to some other men who saw it too.

“It never got close enough to really frighten me,” Fetch added, “but I do think it actually followed me.”

Fetch said he spotted the big blob in the pre-dawn sky at about 5:15 a.m. EDT as be made his rounds.

“It would hover and move about quickly and it seemed to be about 500 feet from the ground. But I can’t describe the shape of it. It was just a giant, glowing blob,” said Fetch.

Georgians Report Rash of UFOs

(From Tampa Tribune, Tampa, Fla., Oct. 23, 1967)

NEWNAN, Ga. (UPI)-Police reported a rash of unidentified flying object reports early yesterday, including a dark blue ball that a police officer said chased him and then hovered over this small central Georgia town until daybreak.

The sightings were the latest in a series of UFO reports that began early Friday in east Georgia and spread into central portions of the state yesterday.

Highway Patrolman Jerry Goldin at the mountaintop Manchester State Patrol station said he was the first to spot yesterday’s UFOs, one ice blue and about a mile high and the other one a yellow rectangle-shaped object with a red side about 100 yards above the trees.

Before the night was over, highway patrolmen and policemen from 11 different towns had seen similar objects. Reports came from such scattered middle Georgia locations as Milledgeville, Greenville, Newnan, Talbotton, Fayetteville and Taylor County.

Newnan Patrolman Dale Spradlin said he chased a ball of light about eight inches in diameter for about eight miles down a road just outside Newnan.

“It was a good distance in front of us, pulling away, so we turned around to come back to town,” said Spradlin who was on patrol with Officer Gerald Mascon. The object was traveling above tree-top level.

“The object turned on us and followed,” he said. “It was gaining on us and was going about 75 miles per hour.”

DECEMBER, 1967                    15

$230,000 Award

(San Jose Mercury,  San Jose, Cal., Oct. 21, 1967)

PHOENIX, Ariz. (UPI)-A $230,000 estate left by an obscure Arizona miner to someone who could prove or research the existence of the human soul was awarded Friday to a neurological institute after one of its members said the word soul meant nothing to him.

Judge Robert L. Myers said he made the decision to give the money to the Phoenix-based Barrow Neurological Institute after “receiving divine guidance.”

The ruling ended 13 weeks of bearings, from June to August, in which 139 appeared before Judge Myers to lay claim to the estate of miner James Kidd.

Kidd, who disappeared in 1949, left a handwritten will stating “sell all of my property and have this balance money go in a research or come scientific proof of a soul of the human body which leaves at death.”

Myers said the hardest decision he had to make, and one upon which he sought Divine guidance, was whether the will’s intent was a theological or a scientific question. He finally decided that the bequest was not a theological question.

He ruled that the research could best be clone “in the combined fields of medical science, psychiatry and psychology and can best be performed and carried on by the Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix.”

The institute is located at St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital.

Myers said the court will oversee the spending of the estate funds. One of the institute’s psychologists, Dr. Arthur S. Schwartz, testified that as a scientist the word soul meant “nothing” to him. He also said he did not believe the mind survived the death of the body.

UFO Suspected

(San Francisco Examiner, Oct. 9, 1967)

ALAMOSA (Colo.)-(AP)-An autopsy on a horse, believed by its owner to have been killed by inhabitants of a Flying Saucer, revealed last night its abdominal, brain and spinal cavities were empty.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

A Denver specialist who wished to remain anonymous said the absence of organs in the abdominal cavity is unexplainable.

“This horse was definitely not killed by lightning,” the pathologist said.

That was the official conclusion of Alamosa County authorities. The Appaloosa’s owners said they believe the home was killed by occupants of a flying saucer. Several others in the San Luis Valley, where as many as eight sightings of unidentified flying objects have been reported in one evening recently, have said they agree.

The controversy over the 3 year old gelding began Sept. 7 when the horse did not return to the Harry King ranch.

Two days later, King went looking for the horse and found him dead about a quarter of a mile from the ranch house.

All flesh had been stripped from the horse’s neck and head. King called the owners of the horse, Mr. and Mrs. Berle Lewis. They said they found areas where the brush had been squashed to within 10 inches of the ground. What appeared to them to be 15 circular exhaust marks were found 100 yards from the horse. Another area was punched with six identical holes, each two inches wide and four inches deep, they said.

Mrs. Lewis said she found an object on her second visit to the site. It was covered with horse hair and she said when she tried to wipe the hair off her hand turned red and began to burn.

The burning persisted until she washed her hands, she said

——— ♦ ———

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DECEMBER. 1967                    17

Poet’s corner

The Work of Christmas

When the song of the angels is stilled.

When the star in the sky is gone,

When the kings and princes are home,

When the shepherds are back with their flock,

The work of Christmas begins
To find the lost,
To heal the broken,
To feed the hungry,
To release the prisoner,
To rebuild the nations,
To bring peace among brothers,
To make music in the heart

-Isaphene Nicklaus #49

This Ye Do Unto Me

“As ye do unto these,” our Master said.

“Give rest to the weary or share your bread-“

“But I’m crowded now, clear Lord, you see
And there really isn’t much bread for me.”

“As you-stop by the lonely, pausing awhile,
To strike through their cold with a warming smile-“

“But I haven’t the time, clear Lord, you see
My every minute is full as can be.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

“As you comfort the sad with sympathy- quick-
As you put out your hand to the lame and the sick”

But oh, clear Lord, they disturb me so-
I’m awfully sensitive, Lord, you know!

I’m sure. dear Lord, if you walked here
I’d share every loaf, every load, every tear!”

When He spoke again, his sweet voice bled-
“How little you’ve heard of what I’ve said!”

– Frances W. Butts

——— ♦ ———

bulletin board

New Officers for Understanding, Inc.

Congratulations to the new Officers of Understanding, Inc., elected at the October 14th Annual Meeting, held at Giant Rock. Yucca Valley, California.

Elected were: President, Dr. Daniel W. Fry; Executive Vice-President, Col. Arthur J. Burks ; additional Vice-Presidents, Mr. T. Yale Hurt and Dr. Olin Byerly; as well as:

Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Jean Hurt; Recording Secretary, Esther Ellsworth : Treasurer, Kerttu Campbell.

International Directors, Mr. Anthony- Brooke of England, and Bishop Imeh Emmanuel of Nigeria were re-elected for another year. The new National Directors are: Dr. Daniel W. Fry, Mrs. Angela Kilsby, Col. Harry F. May, Mrs. Tahahlita. Fry, Mrs. Esther Ellsworth, Mr. C. R. Gahlbeck, Mr. R. C. Thompson, Mrs. Dorothy Harper, and Mr. Paul R. Weast.

DECEMBER, 1967                    19

Mrs. Emina Johnson continues to serve as Membership Chair-

man, and Mrs. Dorthy Knowles is in charge of our “Friendship by Mail” program, and Mrs. Esther Ellsworth of our Geographic files. We thank all who faithfully served during the past year. May the new officers and directors find the coming year’s responsibilities rewarding and personally satisfying.

UFO Magazines from Finland

We are pleased to announce that our Exchange of Publications now includes the “Vimana,” issued quarterly by the Finnish Interplanetist Society of Helsinki.

The format of “Vimana” is much like that of our own Under-standing magazine, but includes photographs. While basically the text is in Finnish, there is an English summary of the significant articles in English. Our Finnish readers may wish to write P.O. Box 10101, Helsinki 10, Finland, for additional information.

New Unit in Chicago

Congratulations to the newest member of the Understanding family!

Through the efforts of our Executive Vice-President, Col. A. J. Barks, and Rev. Ann Marro, a new unit was charted in Chicago, Ill. As we go to press, Dr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Fry are en route to Chicago where our President will personally present the Under-standing charter to Unit 77. Dr. Fry is also scheduled to lecture, under the sponsorship of Unit 77, Nov. 9th through Nov. 12th.

This initial, ambitious program promises much for the growth of Understanding in another metropolitan area.

Tenth Anniversary

Congratulations and good wishes are also due the membership of Unit 7, Orange, Calif. The unit marked its tenth anniversary on the very day of our Annual Meeting, having been charted on Oct. 14th, 1957.

The recently elected President is Mr. Harry- C. Woodward (12462 Merrill St., Garden Grove, Calif. 92640). Mrs. Dorothy Harper will serve as Secretary-Treasurer.

Unit 9 of Santa Cruz

The new officers of Unit 9 of Santa Cruz, Calif., are: President, Mr. Karl Schaaf (206 (Glen Arbor Rd., Ben Lomond Calif. 95005) ; Vice-President, Lucyle Miller, Recording Secretary, Ruby Strong;

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Corresponding Secretary, Mr. Walter J. Gordon; and Treasurer, Helen Anderson.

On November 2nd, Mr. W. J. Gordon reported on “What I Saw and heard and learned at the Giant Rock and Oakland Flying Saucer Conventions.”

Reports to Units

New Officer Lists and reports of the Annual Understanding Meeting will be sent to all Units and Officers a soon as possible, but with officers working in many localities it take. time to compile all the data. We count on your Understanding.

The Frys on Tour

Beginnning with the October Annual Meeting and Giant Rock Spacecraft Convention, at which Dr. Daniel W. Fry was a speaker, the Frys have been on an extended lecture tour.

As one of the lecturers with the Understanding Breakthrough Conventions, sponsored by Mrs. Angela Kilsby of Unit 11 of San Francisco, Calif., Dr. Fry participated in the Annual Berkeley Spacecraft Convention, as well as the Conventions held in Sacramento, Calif., Grants Pass and Roseburg, Ore., and Seattle, Wash.

From Seattle the Frys drove to Chicago, ILL., for four days of lectures under the sponsorship of Rev. Ann Marro and our new Understanding Unit in Chicago, #77. After Chicago they will continue East to Washington, D. C., and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with lectures everywhere. Return to Merlin is scheduled for “some time in December.”


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Memberships in Understanding

Understanding, Inc is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth so that they may live in harmony and be better prepared psychologically and sociologically for the space age.

Several types of membership are available to those who wish to support our endeavors either with dollars or with time and service, or both.

The Associate Membership is Two Dollars per year; the Contributing Membership, Ten Dollars per year, including the Understanding magazine; Sustaining Membership, Twenty-Five Dollars per year, including subscription; and Life Membership, Five Hundred Dollars, including subscription to Understanding magazine.

Welcome to the Understanding family!


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