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VOLUME XII                                OCTOBER, 1967                                       NUMBER 10

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


IN THE Sept. issue of the Portland Oregonian there appeared an article headed “Sonic. Booms Often Puzzle Even the Air Force Experts.” The text of the article, however, makes it clear that so little is actually known about the nature and habits of the sonic boom that no one could honestly claim the title of `expert’ on the subject.

The principal purpose of the newspaper article was obviously to reassure the public that the constantly increasing series of nerve and window shattering explosions are actually normal and harmless products of earthmans’ advancing technology. The owner of the Grants Pass supermarket whose 12 by 14 foot plate glass window was shattered by one of these normal and harm-less sounds, hurling countless shards of needle-sharp glass among the customers inside, probably has a different opinion concerning the normal and harmless nature of sonic booms. But since he does not own or publish a newspaper, his ideas may never become known. )

The article states that on Friday, Sept. 8th at 12:30 P.M. “the dull double whumf of a sonic boom was Beard over Seattle.  In the next hour Capt. Steven Link, the information officer at McChord

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Air Force Base answered 169 phone calls. At least three times. that many tried to call, but the whole Juniper exchange was knocked out by the sudden flood of calls. By 1:00 P.M. Monday he had received 181 letters from Seattle area residents reporting that they had also heard the sound. The article implies, though it doesn’t quite say, that all of those residents who called, tried to call or, failing that, wrote letters, were concerned only with reassuring the Air Force that the cataclysmic trauma which they had experienced was, after all, only a normal and harmless sound, that. their shattered nerves would soon mend, that their shattered windows could easily be replaced and that. all of this was actually a small price to pay for the advance of the technology of flight!

Somehow your editor feels a lingering doubt that this implication actually represents the true facts, especially when the article ends with the admission that the Air Force has to date processed and appraised more than twelve thousand actual claims for damages clue to sonic booms, and has paid out more than 1.3 million dollars on these claims. A single sonic boom over Tuba City, Calif., broke more than .$17,500 worth of windows.

With the hundreds of upcoming supersonic passenger planes, it seems as though a little of the money now being paid out in damages could be used more effectively to develop the deep laminar flow air-foil wings which your editor has recommended for some years in order to reduce materially the force and intensity of Mach + air explosions.

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(This Essay won Honorable Mention in our recent Contest.)

After pondering over the article on the Essay Contest-How to Promote Understanding-I began to wonder just what exactly is Understanding. Then I thought, to understand others, you have to understand yourself first of all.

The dictionary defines “understanding” as the power by which one understands; in general, the sum of the material powers by which knowledge is acquired, retained and extended; the power of apprehending relations and making references from them.”

OCTOBER, 1967                        3

Each of us must probe deeply into the very depth of our being to see ourselves as we really are to understand ourselves.

I have felt resentment-deep resentment-that feels like it, hardens one into stone; words, that wound the very soul and leave scars that sometimes do not heal; jealousy, that leaves a feeling bitter cold. Are these the things your heart should feel in order to fully understand”

I feel that if we can develop within ourselves love, compassion, mercy and a great forbearance-if we can sincerely strive for these innermost. feelings, no matter what experiences we have to en-counter in life-no matter holy upsetting–distracting confusing– they seem at the tune-then will we have understanding. Having known these feelings within my own heart I also know that my friends and neighbors have felt them within their hearts.

As we learn to understand-so do we learn to forgive one another. We learn that to condemn others is in reality to condemn ourselves. As we learn to forgive-we learn to love. Then will we have acquired an understanding heart. We are not here to live within ourselves-with a wall around us. But, we are here to love and to render service to others, to our fellow beings, regardless of color, religion or nationality-. Doing so will bring the individual real happiness, and make a nation stable and great.

The Understanding Heart

by Marie Daerr

Grant me an understanding heart, I pray—

A heart that sees my fellowman as one

Who has my longings and my dreams, who looks,

Like me, with eager eyes upon the sun,

At dawn, and takes each moment as a gift

From God to use with zeal and gratitude;

Who seeks to learn and learning, to attain

True wisdom and contentment sweet and good.

Grant me the heart to know my fellowman

And love hire, too, so that l do not hear

The careless word he did not mean, or see

The thoughtless gesture, these will disappear

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Under the light of understanding love.

If I have love, all else will take its place

And I shall find life blessed with new found peace

And everyday touched warmly by His Grace.

If we can acquire this kind of understanding we will leave gained understanding of ourselves and of our fellowman.

– Hope E. Hiner

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Radiesthesia is the ability to detect hidden or unseen physical objects. The most widely known use of this ability is commonly known as “dowsing.”

Many folks think of the dowser as a slightly illiterate man who locates water wells using a forked stick as indicator. They picture him walking about holding the two forked ends of the stick until the free end begins to quiver and point down and to the water source. In this country people leave believed that the virtue lay in the instrument, that the stick had a life or virtues of its own which did the locating. Hence, many disputes have arisen in the past as to what kind of stick to use and how to “season” it.

More and more reputable industries are using good old-fashioned dowsers to help find natural resources for them than the public realizes. These people are not superstitious natives, but intelligent, hard-headed business, men with whom results count more than theory.

In the light of parapsychological investigation it is discovered that dowsing is but a part of that psi ability known as radiesthesia and that almost anything can be “dowsed” for-oil, iron, gold, lost graves, etc., using almost any kind of locator-bent coat-hanger, table-fork, extended finger, etc. The ability is then seen more clearly as a virtue of the person rather than the instrument.

It is also known that radiesthesia extends far beyond file simple practice of rhabdomancy. We have among us natural “finders” who have not been brain-washed of their inherent ability. We have finders of lost, objects, and human seismographs and disturbance

OCTOBER, 1967                        5

detectors. It is reasonably established that all human beings have this ability, but that in some it is more latent for various causes than in others.

With the development of recent experiments in psionics by government and industry, radiesthesia-along with other psi abilities-is about to come into its own through a planned campaign of “enlightenment” of the common man on that which he already knew but allowed to be suppressed. This is the fact that an ordinary human being is the best recording and detecting; device upon this earth, when and if he uses the full range of his God-given extra senses.

-Wayne S. Burg

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A recent TV Documentary-A Diary- of Red China-by Morey Safer, prompted these thoughts.

The documentary offered pictures and commentary on Mao Posters and the little Red Book-music and marching-chanting and singing-reading and repetition-a concentration of energies: physical, mental and emotional, directed toward the cause of world wide Communism.

Esoteric teachings remind us that by our thought, we create and recreate our personal worlds and that the greater our emotional desire force the greater our effectiveness in producing results. Consider then millions of Chinese who, many times a clay, singly and together in groups, both large and small, read and recite the identical Mao texts, many with considerable fervor.

As mentioned in the documentary, the distribution and daily use of the little Red book -“Commentaries by Mao Tse-tong”-exceeds that of religious bibles. The messages of Mao have become a living force not readily erased by military weapons. Ideas are still Changed by counter ideas, reinforced by a faith greater than, that of the former belief.

In Red China work hours are interspersed with study breaks wherein the workmen recite Mac’s commentaries. Formal education has come to a standstill and teachings for young and old are from the same little Red Rook. Demonstrations, often several a

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

day in the cities, are Red Book oriented. Work in the fields commences with a march to the site, accompanied by singing and chanting of these same tests.

According to Morey Safer, China is indeed a noisy country! The entire atmosphere seems charged with an emotional energy, focused on the slogan “Make Revolution,” in order that the Chinese Communist philosophy may become a world reality.

Productivity, reportedly, has increased, and work quotas are fulfilled in advance of deadlines, as the people are inspired and reinspired by the psychological impact of a constant reiteration of the ultimate goal of world liberation. Undoubtedly many merely “mouth” the words, yet there was the impression from the film that there is a contagious happiness as a result of group participation in the marches and singing-all based upon a small Red Book, dictated by Chairman Mao.

Because some economic gains and improvements have already come to pass, the dedication of millions is founded upon tangibles rather than mere promises of abstract ideologies. What sacrifices may still be necessary, presumably, are acceptable as visible progress implements the total purpose.

As the vibrational power of millions is everywhere, constantly present, we would do well to consider its effectiveness upon our world, in the light of known spiritual laws. The slogan-Make Revolution-becomes a frightening thing when reinforced by the zealous, dedicated emotional energies of so many millions!

The Opposition- What counter weapon does it have of like power

——— ♦ ———

A Reminder

All Officers and Members of Understanding, Inc., are invited to attend our Annual Meeting which will be held at 1:30 P.M., Oct. 14, at Giant Rock Airport, Yucca Valley, Calif.

In addition to your needed participation at the meeting you will enjoy meeting with old friends and hearing the lecturers at George Van Tassel’s Annual Spacecraft Convention, held that weekend.

OCTOBER, 1967                        7


The September issue of Understanding magazine offered the “Preamble to the Area of Mutual Agreement.” Here, then, is the First Step towards the determination and documentation of the area of mutual agreement in the social sciences

A proposal to create or to enlist an international organization for the purpose of sponsoring a world wide congress, composed of representatives from every major and (insofar as possible) every minor nation, race, ideology and philosophy. In short, there should be representation of every group of people whose individuals have any thought patterns which are common to the group.

The delegates from each nation, race or ethnic group should be chosen only by the group which they are to represent, and to be persons who are held by their constituents in a degree of esteem which will permit the group to accept the findings of the delegates.

The purpose of this congress, when convened, will be simply to determine through mutual discussion, and to document through the minutes of the meeting, all of those principles, postulates, rules or methods of procedure which are found to be generally accepted as valid principles by all of the representatives.

No attempt will be made by any individual or group to influence the thinking or to mold the opinion of any other individual or group, since the purpose of the congress is not to determine what the people of the world should think, but only to discover that they do think.

Any suggestion or postulate which, after brief discussion, is found to be unacceptable by any delegate, will immediately be dropped from consideration and the next postulate or suggestion will be taken up for discussion. If, however, the majority of delegates find the item to be acceptable, and it is discussed because of the vote of a minority, a note will be made describing the discarded principle, the group or groups which found it to be unacceptable, and the reasons given, if any. (These notes may prove to be helpful to any subsequent congress which may be convened for the purpose of enlarging, updating or amending the original document. In any event, they will certainly aid in the understanding of the thought patterns of the various groups.)

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

A number of sample postulates will be prepared in advance of the first formal meeting but after these have been considered, each delegate, in turn, shall have the right and the duty to propose additional postulates, principles, rules or methods of procedure for consideration by the congress. Each suggestion shall have a direct bearing upon the relationship of man to his fellowman and/or upon the means by which that relationship may be made more successful, more productive and more enduring. They shall be simply stated and readily understandable by all delegates. Each suggestion shall be individually considered and either accepted or rejected by the vote of the delegates. Those postulates which are accepted shall be recorded and documented as recognized portions of the area of mutual agreement in the social science.

When the congress has completed its deliberations, when all principles, postulates, rules and methods of procedure which can be conceived by the delegates have been considered and voted upon, the resulting document shall be translated into all of the principal languages of the earth, and made available to all people as the foundation document of the Social Science.


The preliminary study which has led to this proposal has indicated that the probable minimum of delegates required for a successful and acceptable congress will be of the order of one thousand; the time required for successful completion of the primary document will be about one year, and the overall cost of the congress will be of the order of ten million.

The organization which sponsors this proposal should, however, conduct additional studies for the purpose of formulating more specific figures as to numbers, time and cost. The studies should also include the most desirable location for the convention, the logistics of travel and maintenance of the delegates, linguistic problems, etc.

Before any final action is taken to implement the proposal, the plan should be publicized throughout the world, through the agency of radio, television, newspapers, etc. It should be discussed in the United Nations Assembly and in other international forums. Such wide publicity should be neither difficult nor costly to obtain. There are many people in key positions in the communications systems

OCTOBER, 1967                        9

of the world who are aware of the critical position of this civilization, and who are eager to do whatever may be done to ease the tension or to find solutions to the problems.

Suggestions for the successful implementation of the proposal should be solicited from all parts of the world, by the agency which is chosen to coordinate the preliminary phases. There should be constant emphasis upon the simple fact that this proposal is not an attempt to change the thinking of anyone in any way, but that it is only a mutual attempt to discover and to chart the areas in which everyone’s thinking is the same.

During the past few decades there has been so much stress placed upon the points of disagreement among the various nations and races that the illusion has been created that all is disagreement, and that ‘common grounds,’ if any exist at all, must be so small as to be insignificant. Actually the opposite is true. Any person who has traveled widely throughout the world, meeting and becoming acquainted with people of all nations and races, inevitably becomes aware of the great similarity in the thought patterns, the aspirations, the needs, the hopes and fears of all of the peoples of the earth. It soon becomes obvious that the area of mutual agreement is actually so much greater than the points of disagreement that if the former were known and documented the latter would shrink into insignificance by comparison.

This proposal would, by its very implementation, tend to bring all types and classes of people closer together because, for the first time in history, they would all be engaged in a mutual enterprise, which would open new avenues of understanding, but which would not pose any threat to their present thought patterns or to their present way of life.

Respectfully submitted by

Daniel W. Fry

29 July, 1967

(Exchange Publications –  We would appreciate any publicity you may give this significant Proposal.)

——— ♦ ———

Faith is knowing there is an ocean because you have seen a brook.

(William :A. Ward in Think)

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

`Saucer’ Encounter in Winnipeg

(Daily Times, Winnipeg, Canada, May 24, 1967)

WINNIPEG (CP)– Mechanic Steve Michelak has told of an encounter with a strange object which he said came out or the sky with a red flare and rainbow-like reflections and burned a hole in his shirt with a radiating heat.

The encounter took place Saturday, he said in an interview, just north  of Falcon Lake in Whiteshell Provincial Park, 75 miles east of Winnipeg.

Voices that were definitely human came from the thing, he said, but he couldn’t understand them because of the sound of the craft. “I spoke English, Russian, German, Italian and Polish but the door closed, heat came from a pattern or holes in the side, it started to move in an anti-clockwise direction and took off.”

Mr. Michelak, 53, was treated for chest burns Saturday night at Misericordia Hospital here but said he told the doctor he had been. burned by an airplane exhaust because he thought he would he laughed at.

“But it wasn’t a mirage,” he said. “I’m too sober a man for illusions.”

Air. Michelak said he was taking a noontime look at some land when he saw two objects coming from a south-southwesterly direction. One cruised above the ground and the other – about 35 feet long, eight feet high-landed.

“It seemed to be making a sort of whistling noise, like it was sucking in air or something. Air seemed to be coming in or going out somehow.”

Mystery Object Over Victoria

(From Victoria Daily Colonist, Victoria, B. C., March 26, 1967)

A mysterious object showing five green lights hovered for more than 30 minutes in southwest Victoria skies Friday evening before it swept out of sight to the west.

OCTOBER, 1967                        11

The lighted object was watched through binoculars by Victoria artist and art critic AI Mrs. Ina Uhthoff, and neighboring residents in the Constance Street area of Esquimalt.

Mrs. Uhthoff said she was listening to an American radio commentator about 8:50 p.m. who reported the unidentified flying object over Seattle, and she decided to look out her window fronting the Straits of Juan de Fuca.

“I could hardly believe my eyes because there it was, hanging in space,” she said and claimed there were five green lights in a row above a strong red light.

Neighbors, who asked their names be withheld, told how many watched the strange phenomenon in the evening skies through powerful binoculars from various viewpoints along the Esquimalt shoreline.

None could explain what it was, but they all agreed it was not a collection of stars they saw.

An object or objects were also reported over the northwestern U. S. shortly before the time they were witnessed at Esquimalt. About the same time a saucer-shaped object was reported over Grant’s Pass, Ore. It had window-like indentations around the rim, said Oregon residents who saw the strange object in the sky.

Twenty Four Hour Time

(Mercury, San Jose, Calif., July 30, 1967, by Frank Macomber)

Your wristwatch and the kitchen clock might be out of date five years from now.

Austin T. Graves, Gruen Watch Company president predicts that within five years the United states will go on 24-hour time and do away with the present 12-hour system. Much of the world is already on the 24 hour time. So are the U.S. military services and the maritime service. At. noon its 1200 and at midnight its 2400.

The Gruen Company is already producing a 24 hour watch and will soon market it. “It makes more sense that a timepiece corresponds to our 24-hour day,” Graves insists.

“The world is becoming much more `universal’ oriented. A metric system probably will be worldwide before too long. And there is a resurgence of interest in a world monetary system… Everything from road patterns to language indicates a definite international

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

trend toward `oneness,’ at least in things non-political and non-ideological.”

Fossils in Australia

(Kansas City Star, Kansas City, Mo., Aug. 9, 1967)

Melbourne, Australia-Archaeologists have pushed the date of the introduction of men into Australia back 6,000 years-to at least 31,000 years ago.

Previously discovered signs of early human occupancy dated back 25,000 years. The new dates are based on radiocarbon examination of stone implements and animal hones found this year at Keilor, an outer suburb of Melbourne.

According to the Archaeological Society of Victoria, bones found at the Keilor site include those of a giant marsupial lion, the giant kangaroo, giant wombat and Tasmanian tiger. The kangaroo stood 10 feet tall and the wombat was as large as an elephant.

Archaeologists have been working on the Keilor site since the discovery of a human skull there in the 1940s.

——— ♦ ———


(From L.A. Times-San Jose Mercury-March 6, 1967)

The earth of the future may be a half-drowned one with its remaining land masses filled with lush, burgeoning green plants but with only a few forms of animal life.

That is what the future may well be like unless man stops burning the fossil fuels-coal, oil, gas and gasoline, according to a University of California air pollution specialist. E. A. Schuck, of the University’s air pollution research center at Riverside, said that instead of creating a future of scientifically advanced human civilizations man may render himself extinct, not by waging nuclear war as most people fear, but by neglecting nuclear power.

If man wants to go on living on the earth he is going to have to stop burning the fossil fuel, and do so almost completely and almost at once, Schuck said. Nuclear reactors must be substituted for the coal, oil and gas furnaces that keep factories and power plants operating today. Most importantly, the internal combustion engine, the basis of the automotive civilization of present-day North America and Europe, must be abolished.

OCTOBER, 1967                        13

When it comes to the air we have to breathe, we who live on the earth are not much better off than astronauts in a space vehicle,” he said. “There is only so much oxygen aboard the space ship. The earth is a kind of space ship, and the air we have aboard is not inexhaustible.”

Schuck explained that within a few hundred years man will have put back into the atmosphere the poisonous gas it took nature billions of years to remove.

That gas is carbon dioxide.

Millions of years ago, before animals even appeared on earth, the atmosphere was much richer in carbon dioxide. We know this be-cause the plants grew much more lushly then than now, as indicated by the enormous coal and oil deposits found in the earth, and they need carbon dioxide and thrive on it.”

Schuck said the plants and oceans gradually brought about an atmospheric balance of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen in which animals as well as plants could flourish, and life on earth continued to evolve. Then man began to burn fuel. For hundreds of thousands of decades his burning did little to change the atmospheric balance nature had achieved, but about 150 years ago, with the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, man began burning fossil fuels in huge quantities. Man is thus well on the way to making the world uninhabitable.

“We know we are exceeding the ability of the plants and oceans to absorb carbon dioxide and break it down,” Schuck said.

There is a way out.

“The available power source is nuclear energy, but people are afraid of it. This is ironical, because it will be their savior. What they really have to fear is that their immediate descendants won’t have enough air to breathe.”

Schuck said the threat of a nuclear power plant’s spilling some of its radioactive fuel is practically nil. But the threat of burning fossil fuels is real and immediate.

“The danger from carbon dioxide is not a matter of a mathematical chance,” Schuck said. “It’s a dead certainty.”

(Note: Either Mr. Schuck or the newspaper from which this article was reprinted is in error. Carbon dioxide is not poisonous. It presents no danger to man’s breathing except insofar as it replaces

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

oxygen. It does present another danger, however. Carbon dioxide in our atmosphere acts as a” trap to hold the sun’s heat. A greater concentration of it in the upper atmosphere would result in a rising temperature for the entire planet-and thus eventually make earth too hot for life to exist. The results are the. same, but certainly the process is different.)


(This letter by a 15 year old Australian youth was printed in “Life Australia,” May 1, 1967.)


There have been far too too many unexplained and intriguing sightings for the subject of flying saucers to be lightly dismissed. If they were Russian or American, or indeed any other country’s invention, why is the world still spending millions on jet planes and space rockets when these have been superseded by- the flying saucers, which can travel at supersonic speeds, do hairpin turns at high speeds far greater than the fastest known rocket or plane? They have even been seen traveling to the moon. There has been a. great deal of evidence that they have been visiting our planet for centuries.

Except for the Mantell case and a few other isolated instances these flying saucers have shown themselves as friendly despite the fact that they have been shot at. and harassed by air forces and ground defenses all over the world. Although seen on the ground several times, we probably have not been honored by a contact with them because they are afraid of violence and by fear on our part, as we are all afraid of the unknown.

It would be worth our while as a race to open our minds to the possibility of interplanetary visitors.

– Malcolm Whittle, Age 15

——— ♦ ———


From Mr. Norman Weiss of our Buffalo Unit 37 we have this personal report of an UFO sighting. Mr. Weiss is a dedicated Understanding and UFO lecturer, with an extensive file of “saucer”

OCTOBER, 1967                        15

slides. Mr. and Mrs. Weiss are often on the road to personally interview- those who have had a sighting.

Mr. Weiss writes: “Perhaps you would be interested in one of my eleven close sightings of a UFO. Both Irene and I are involved. “On August 16, 1966, we were parked with our 20-foot Layton Trailer on Fennick Island, off the coast of Delaware. We were practically on the shore of the Atlantic and had almost I80 degree visibility. A very strange thing happened.

” We were both wide awake at 2:20 A.M. and Irene looked out of her window to the S.W. and said: ‘What is that?’ It was a very, bright light, many miles away and near the horizon. Also, it, was twice as large as. Jupiter. It was moving — so, —  not a star! It was, too bright to he the landing lights of a plane, and so you say excitedly, -‘It’s a Saucer!!

“I jumped into my slippers and got out the trailer door and stood in great expectation. I hoped this was to be the personal contact for which I have been lecturing-a climax in my search for Truth. I asked Irene to get a flashlight to give a signal, for, in the few seconds involved the ship had come at us, only a few feet over the ocean, at tremendous speed, and already loomed up large, about 70 feet in length and 30 feet in height.

“I can best describe it as a brilliant orange, looking like the top halt of the full moon. Only one spot, at the very top center, had a dark area like a notch. Everyone has at some time or other looked into a furnace of red hot coals. Imagine, if you will, these coals as large as 9 inch chunks-surrounded by the shimmer of heat waves-then you have the picture.

“Then it happened! The trailer door was slammed hard — probably wind-with a sound like a 22 rifle shot. The ship now was only 400 feet away and 10 feet over the ocean surface. It stopped immediately-the sharp noise had triggered off mechanisms. The light disappeared and for 3 seconds a telltale glow- showed on the far edge, and for a second or so the glow shot up and faded. I followed the slight upward motion and was amazed to see it already high in the sky (15,000? feet) and it again looked like the large bright stars. It crossed the sky from zenith to N.E. horizon in 15 seconds!

“And so I hope my personal contact is still to come.”

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

book reviews

Flying Saucer Occupants

(Carol and Jim Lorenzen (APRO), Signet paperback, 75c)

The Lorenzens, Carol and Jim, have done an excellent, piece of work in writing this fine book of over 200 pages. They have brought into sharp focus the controversial subject of the Flying Saucer occupants.

Much fun and ridicule has been made of the “little green men” by radio and TV personnel and other debunkers. But, to those who dare read it, this book is a face to face approach to the truth that there are several types of Beings visiting Mother Earth.

The text covers reports from the many countries where Saucer people have been seen; technological aspects, censorship situations; psychological implication: and an evaluation of the data. Also offered is a table of sightings and occupants. A fine set of reference books are listed, which should be must reading for all in the saucer field.

Since by now there have been so many occupants seen, the authors have been able to form definite conclusions as to the size and appearance of the visitors.

No one should miss reading this fascinating and instructive hook. Much research and documentation of facts, I feel, was done to pro-duce the book. It is a real addition to the Saucer Movement, whose adherents attempt to solve the many facets of this great puzzle.

 -Norm Weis, Unit 37

OCTOBER, 1967                        17


From E. Hallgren, of Everett, Wash., has come a letter, much too long to give in its entirety, relative to the Book Review. Man’s Place in the Dybosphere by Richard Landers – and the article- Who Will Program the Cosmic Computers? These appeared in the June issue of Understanding and dealt with such concepts as man-machine and machineman : and man’s manipulation of the universe and himself.

As counter concepts Mr. Hallgren offers the following

May we not ask: Who has the temerity, disregard of restraints, imposed by prudence and sound morals, to venture upon a program, which only the Cods of the Universe are authorized to dictate, manage and control?

Man has always been confronted with the necessity of finding a solution to the many problems which inevitably present themselves throughout man’s mortal sojourn upon this earth. Cod, our Father in heaven, has caused a fragment, a part of Himself to dwell within the minds of man as a Thought Adjuster. This has been true, concerning all normal and moral individuals in every age . . .

A most detailed and comprehensive revelation from God, we now find in the contents of the Urantia Book. Herewith are some excerpts which deal with conditions and problems of our time

“During the psychologically unsettled times of the twentieth century, amid the economic upheavals, the moral cross-currents, and the sociologic rip tides of the cyclonic transitions of a scientific era, thousands upon thousands of men and women have become humanly dislocated; they are anxious, restless, fearful, uncertain, and unsettled; as never before in the world’s history they need the consolation and stabilization of sound religion. In the face of unprecedented scientific achievement and mechanical development there is spiritual stagnation and philosophic chaos.” (P. 1090)

If the universe were merely a mechanism and mind unapart from matter, we would never have two differing interpretations of any observed phenomenon. The concepts of truth, beauty and goodness are not inherent in either physics or chemistry. A machine cannot know, much less know truth, hunger for righteousness, and cherish goodness. Science may be physical, but the mind of the truth-discerning scientist is at once supermaterial. Matter knows not truth,

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

neither can it love mercy nor delight in spiritual realities.” (p 2077) “The inconsistency of the modern mechanist is: If this were merely a material universe and man only a machine, such a man would be wholly unable to recognize himself as such a machine, and likewise would such a machine-man be wholly unconscious of the fact of the existence of such a material universe. The materialistic dismay and despair of a mechanistic science has failed to recognize the fact of the spirit-indwelt mind of the scientist whose very supermaterial insight formulates these mistaken and self-contradictory Concepts of a materialistic universe.” (P. 2078)

“The very claim of materialism implies a supermaterial consciousness of the mind which presumes to assert such dogmas. A mechanism might deteriorate, but it could never progress. Machines do not think, create, dream, aspire, idealize, hunger for truth, thirst for righteousness. They do not motivate their lives with the passion to serve other machines and to choose as their goal of eternal progression the sublime task of finding God and striving to be like Him. Machines are never intellectual, emotional, aesthetic, moral or spiritual.” (P. 2079)

Mr. Hallren concludes his letter thus: May you read with an unbiased mind and thereby profit!

——— ♦ ———

bulletin board

An Adventure in Understanding Flying Saucers

With Mrs. Angela Kilsby as Coordinator a series of Conventions are to be held under the joint auspices of Understanding, Inc., Borderland Research Associates, Source Unlimited, Wisdom Pool,

OCTOBER, 1967                        19

Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America, Inc., and The Fellowship of Universal Guidance.

The Conventions are entitled: “An Adventure in Understanding Flying Saucers,” and will feature as speakers Dr. Daniel W. Pry, Neva Del Hunter, Jack Schwarz, Mark Probert, Wayne Guthrie, Gina Cerminara, Riley H. Crabb, Charles C. Hayes, D. C., Dr. Fred W. Andrews, Sid Padrick, Fred Kimball, Cola Arthur J. Burks, Gayne Myers, Paul H. Wherrit, D.O., and Dr. Greg F. Budnick (with colored films of Philippine Psychic Surgery). Music will be by Dr. John Hopkins, Basso-Tenor.

The Convention dates for your area are:

Hotel Claremont, Berkeley, Calif. (11th Annual Northern Calif. Spacecraft Convention), October 21 and 22.

Sacramento Inn, Sacramento, Calif., October 25 and 26. Oak-Lo Motel, Dunsmuir, Calif., October 28 and .?9. Roseburg, Oregon, October 31 and November 1.

As far as possible the conventions will feature the same panel of speakers.

For additional details call: San Francisco 334-1158; Sacramento 916-443-1047; Dunsmuir Chamber of Commerce (by special permission) ; and Roseburg, Oregon 503-863-3213.

Post Office Box 206

The new Post Office in Berlin is now completed and in operation. We request that all correspondence addressed to Understanding, Inc., use the new box number: P.O. Box 206, Merlin, Ore. 97532. The staff of the post office will appreciate your cooperation.

Understanding Members Lecture

The Fifth Annual Denver UFO Convention was held at Parker, Colorado, on August 12th and 13th. The Convention was sponsored by the Denver UFO Club which seeks “to give the frightened observer a haven away from the ignorant, cruel and often vicious attacks” of the public. The Club seeks to give him information which will bring about a better understanding of what happened as well as a tolerance for his skeptical neighbors.

Several of our Understanding members were represented as lecturers at this meeting-Arthur Alto, Little Rock, Calif.; Harry M. Fleenor, Topeka, Kansas; and Reverend Violet Gilbert, Santa Barbara, Calif. Congratulations I

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Calvin Girvin Lectures

On September 22nd Calvin Girvin, author of The Night Has a Thousand Saucers, spoke to the San Francisco Unit 11 of Understanding, Inc. His subject was “The First UFO Contactee.”

On September 23, Mr. Girvin addressed the Sacramento, Calif., Unit 16 of Understanding on the same subject.

Merlin Understanding Library

By mid-October it is expected that the Understanding Library, sponsored by Unit 1 of Merlin, will be open to the public once more. With funds and services donated by the membership of the Unit, as well as the generosity of R. C. Thompson, of Florida, who gave generously of money and time, the Merlin Library is now enlarged to stock almost 4000 volumes. The room has been painted and rearranged for beauty, comfort and efficiency.

All members, friends and neighbors are invited to use the Library.

San Bernardino Unit

Mrs. Esther Ellsworth, President of the San Bernardino Unit 71 reports that Riley Crabb spoke for the Unit in August, and Rev. Floyd Gates of Joshua Tree in September.

The October meeting on the 29th will feature a lecture by Dr. Evarts Loomis of Hemet, founder of the Friendly Hills Fellowship at Meadowlark, Hemet. The lecture title is: Age of Miracles.

All Unit 71. lectures are now held at. the Unity Center of San Bernardino, 6767 Del Rosa Ave., San Bernardino, Calif. Meeting time is 3 P.M.

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Curve of Development

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Understanding, Inc is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth so that they may live in harmony and be better prepared psychologically and sociologically for the space age.

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