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Published monthly by ‘Understanding,’ a non-profit organization



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VOLUME XII                                JANUARY, 1967                                        NUMBER 1

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


“It is more important at this time for your race to learn what it does think, than merely to speculate upon what it should think!” These words, uttered by Alan more than ten years ago, are becoming increasingly significant as our vaunted `civilization’ seemingly becomes more and more uncertain of its ultimate goals and more doubtful of the means by which they should be approached.

The Social Science is still being conducted as an art rather than as a science, because the foundation of mutual agreement which is necessary to the existence and development of any sciences, has never been acceptably established.

The article entitled “The Great Problem” published in this magazine during the last few months, pointed out the critical necessity of the formulation of the area of mutual agreement in the social science and discussed the manner in which the formulation might be accomplished.

During the coming months the principal efforts of your editor will be directed toward the task of bringing this critical necessity to the attention of as large a portion of humanity as he may be able to

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

During his last visit to Washington D. C. your editor made almost three hours of tapes for the Voice of America broadcasting system. About one hour of the discussion was concerned with the necessity of creating an adequate foundation for the social science. If the tape is broadcast throughout the entire system as was promised, it will be heard by about three hundred million people in more than twenty countries throughout the world. This is a good start but we must realize that this number is still only about one tenth of the present world population.

The Understanding organization can not of itself, hope to complete the task, but it can sow the seed which may grow into action somewhere in the structure of Government.

A more specific outline of this plan will be published in a subsequent issue of this magazine.

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(In July 1966 we published “Youth Speaks for Brotherhood” by 15 year old John M. Williams. We offer now an article by 15 year old Nanetta Sinka. Her letter says “I felt I had the right to write this article, for my parents were once under the heel of communism, and through their words and painful memories, I wrote the article about Peace.'”)

Tell me, my friend, how long will this ravaged, torn world of a million wounds last? When will the sun begin to seek a better world upon which to shine its rays of life?

The answers to these questions will vary. People with faith may suggest that, the people of this world will eventually evade the force of hate and come together in a gallant effort to create understanding among each other. With so many different crises sprouting in every corner of the world, people often wonder if peace and freedom have slipped from their grasp.

Still more confusing, is the magnificent difference of problems each nation has encountered. It’s starvation here, communism there, revolutions stateside; riots, murders, floods, storms. . . combine all these and how can anyone shrug off the situation without thinking twice. Certainly we understand that no country really anticipates’

JANUARY, 1967                         3

suffering at the hands of some distant enemy that has never even shown itself face to face with them. But how can we remedy this? How can common people stretch out a friendly hand to a person with a completely reversed life-someone who lives hundreds of miles away

It is sporadically said that people tend to fear what they do not understand. Even I find this to be true. This is natural and not easily erased. Fear can keep apart what is meant to be brought together.

Why do countries ban the truth from the people? People have been kept, in the dark, without sources for what is going on in this confused world of ours. They live in a closed glass cage, unable to get out-unable to let in anyone. They fear anyone who is strange and different from themselves. If they know nothing of the outer world, how can they possibly understand one another? If the governments of these countries would only allow these people to emerge from their hermetic shells of darkness, allow them to live as they see fit, men would understand other men and their problems. Secluded men, women and even children would travel and acquire new friends, tying the bonds of understanding and world-wide friendship more closely. Mixing with people of different nationalities would become an interesting challenge, and each could lend a helpful ear to ease the mind of a new friend.

Americans travel to the eastern countries which are not as well off as their own, to build confidence among the people. This nation has taken the time, money and courage to create hope among those who never knew the meaning of the word. In Vietnam.. . the people are beginning to sense that the Americans do care, and already understand a little more about us. The Vietnamese seem interested in our customs and ideas and spread the word to their friends. As they begin to trust the guidance offered they will soon, I hope, begin to construct a new friendship. As people gain knowledge, they learn to accept that foreigners are just as human as themselves.

With teachers throughout the world introducing new languages, the problem of communication is somewhat eased. People can speak to one another and laugh. Friendship clubs are created and nations make treaties and agreements to support, each other.

In remote spots of the world people are slowly beginning to realize the need of international peace. All we need do is produce this

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

effect, more prevalently. If all people could band together, peace would be obtained without the battle. Peace is the most important factor!

Agree or disagree, the challenge is clearly there. Through the fog of human problems and dilemmas, both home and abroad, there are always the ones that cling to and retrieve what has been lost. They rebuild what has been destroyed and protect what has been spared. They will be aided by those who care about another’s welfare and receive prayers from those who hope for a brighter future. But everyone should be aware of the people whose ideas have been twisted to the point where their intentions sway to malevolence. If we could eliminate these madmen, people would more aptly welcome a. placating voice which would solace instead of burn.

The organizations which send many abroad to help others should be amplified and supported by all. Strife among nations should be settled at a conference table instead of a death-filled battlefield. Men should have cool heads and be wise enough to avoid the pitfall of argument. Irascible dictators should resign to leave their country to more capable hands. Old feuds should be relinquished and pacts of peace devised.

When the barriers of difference among people are broken, the lost sheep of the world shall gather in one pasture to graze of the same, green grass of peace.

-Nometta Sinka

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Is the earth heading for a drastic change of face-a tremendous deluge-or a searing purge? Such possible changes are being discussed everywhere today. This article offers some data relative to the pattern of earth changes as well as a consideration of the predictions made.

If we postulate that our planet is alive, it follows that its experiences will be similar to those of other beings. Anyone with as many headaches as there are in the world today is likely to have an upset stomach, and consequently, occasionally burp. Normal aging generally causes the skin to wrinkle, and incorrect diet. (such as

JANUARY, 1967                         5

hydrogen bombs) may well create boils on the skin and an occasional hiccough.

Earthquakes which constantly alter the face of the earth are a necessary part of physical evolution. Because of them swampy, desolate areas have become the wooded mountains and life-giving rivers that add beauty and sustenance to our lives.

Recorded history indicates that a large percentage of both the death toll and property damage attributed to earthquakes has been the result of public panic, uncontrolled fires, lack of supplies, or a combination of these. Statistics reveal that in an average year we may expect one great earthquake, ten major earthquakes, 100 destructive shocks, 1000 damaging shakes, 10,000 strong jolts, with little or no damage, and at least 100,000 gently rocking, chandelier swaying ones, covering a large area.

A ten year survey, which included 500 earthquakes in the United States, placed 495 in California, many along the well-known San Andreas Fault.

If earth changes are inevitable and prophecies questionable, what should be man’s attitude toward the future? Perhaps the best answer is to live each day as best he can with mental and emotional stability adequate to any major cataclysm which may occur.

-Col. Harry F. May

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One of the most remarkable dreams published during the nineteenth century stems from the experience of Dr. Hilprecht, Assyrian Professor of the University of Pennsylvania.

Despite his brilliant mind and extensive knowledge, Dr. Hilprecht had been unable to resolve the riddle of two fragments of agate from the temple of Bel at Nippur. Due to severe damage to the characters he found it impossible to decipher the inscriptions. He could only hazard a guess. He wrote a book for the University of his findings at that time.

Suffering from a “terrific headache” over it. all, Dr. Hilprecht retired one night, after many hours of effort, little realizing he was about to experience the most profound psychic incident of his life.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

He dreamt that a tall, thin priest of about forty years of age, urged him to follow him to the treasure chamber of the temple. The puzzled doctor obeyed, fascinated by the priest’s simple abba robe of the period. When they came to the south-east side of the temple the priest led the learned man into a room where stood a large wooden chest, scraps of agate and lapis lazuli littered the floor.

The priest then spoke the following words to the amazed Professor: “The two fragments which you have published separately upon pages 22 and 26, belong together and are not finger rings, and their history is as follows: King Kurigalzu (ca 1300 B.C.) once sent to the temple of Bel, among other articles of agate and lapis lazuli, and inscribed votive cylinder of agate. Then we priests suddenly received a command to make for the statue of the god Ninib a pair of earrings of agate. We were in great dismay, since there was no agate as raw material at hand. In order to execute the command there was nothing for us to do but cut the votive cylinder into three parts, thus making three rings, each of which contained a portion of the original inscription. The first two rings served as earrings for the statue of the god; the two fragments which have given you so much trouble are portions of them. If you will put the two together you will have confirmation of my words. But the third ring you have not yet found in the course of your excavations and you never will find it.”

As soon as Dr. Hilprecht awakened he reached for his pencil and recorded his unusual and astonishing dream. The next morning the dream was confirmed only too well when the Professor put the two fragments together and deciphered the inscription-To the God Ninib, son of Bel, his lord, has Kurigalzu, Pontifex of Bel, presented this.”

To his dying day Dr. Hilprecht remained humble about this profound nocturnal experience. He offered no explanation for something he, himself, could not understand. He would only say that in some way or other a priest of many centuries ago solved a deep and desperate problem for him.

-Nellie M. Nielson

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JANUARY, 1967                         7


A woman who learned the ways of soul travel reported it was not at all what she expected it to be. “It came so easily,” she exclaimed. “I did exactly as I had been instructed, then I heard a sound, like the popping of a cork, and found myself at the ceiling looking down upon my body on the bed. I had no body, just a pair of eyes, and a knowing of what had happened. It wasn’t at all frightening.”

This experience is similar to that of others who have studied Eckankar, the ancient science of soul travel. Many have accomplished this supernormal phenomena, travel outside of the field of human consciousness, by study and research of the techniques involved. Case histories of Christian saints and Eastern holy men reveal that this is a living experience which can be controlled more readily than astral or mental travel.

My first experiences in the field of soul travel, the separation of the Atma Sarup, or soul body, from the physical body, came at an age when most children are learning to totter across the floor. Most of my family were able to leave the body at will to explore the invisible worlds.

With an older half-sister I played many games in the Nuri Sarup, the light-body, as it is termed in the Hindu language. This is not the soul itself but one of the lower sheaths surrounding the physical.

Years later I visited my half-sister in Paris and found her seriously interested in the teachings of Sudar Singh, an Oriental adept from Allahabad, India, whose forte was reaching the higher consciousness by way of Soul Travel. Fortunately both of us were able to follow him to India and study at his ashram for a year.

During later trips to the Orient I studied every feasible technique of out-of-body travel. Every possible manuscript, irrespective of its antiquity, was researched, (via interpreters), in museums and libraries. With famous holy men and spiritual Gurus I discussed the subject, and experimented with various techniques.

Finally, in Darjeeling, I met Rebazar Tarzs, the great Tibetan Lama, whose home is in the Hindu Kush Mountains, on the Kashmir Afghanistan border. He is living there today, in the remote wilds of some of the highest mountains in the world. But he appears to many whenever and wherever they might be in his soul form, regardless of distance.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

The meeting with Rebazar Tarzs was brief, but from him I learned of Eckankar, the ancient science of soul travel, which has been handed down orally for many centuries. The science is still wrapped in secrecy, as during the early ages when only a Guru would whisper the instructions into a neophyte’s ear. Few writings on the subject can be found except those in two remote monasteries of Tibet, which are heavily guarded by Lamas.

The holy scriptures of Eckankar are found in the spiritual city of Agam Des, located in the western Himalayan Mountains of Central Asia. This area is the home of the adepts known to us as the “God-Eaters,” because they exist on the cosmic spirit instead of the foods of this world.

Rebazar Tarzs, reputed to be over five hundred years old and still in the physical flesh, is the leading advocate of Eckankar today. He works closely with the adepts at Agam Des.

My studies indicate that Eckankar has five techniques-the astral technique, the meditative or mental technique, the dream technique, the trance technique, and the direct or Atma Sarup (soul body) projection. Of these techniques a student of Eckankar selects one or two for constant use.

It is comparatively simple to learn out-of-body projection under self-control. It is as natural to be in the spirit body as to experience any normal physical body function, as eating or sleeping.

-Paul Twitchell

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Signs In The Heavens

(From literature received from Hopi House, 4534 Reno Rd., N.W.; Washington D. C. 20005)

From time immemorial all races on earth have known seers who sought to read and learn how to profit by the signs given in the heavens. Among American Indians, conscious that the Great Spirit is even now calling them to a new and great destiny, this source of superhuman guidance and power is becoming ever a greater concern And with this interest has come more evidence to support this age old belief.

JANUARY, 1967                         9

On New York States official Indian Day, September 17, last past, the Hopi delegation to the sacred council of Washington, D. C., September 10 through 14, had journeyed to the Tuscarora Reserve near Niagara Falls, to join the assembled 17 Indian Tribes and guests from all over the world, who met there to testify to their dedication to whatever role the Great Spirit now assigns to these, His people.

In their hearts many had asked for a sign and several expressed that hope audibly. It came that evening about 8:35 in the form of a tremendous rose-colored fire ball lighting the scene as though by day, streaking across the sky above them, from the east, and dying over Indiana.

According to the U. S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D. C., this was an unexpected and non-recurrent type of meteor, the rock and iron of which it was formed being as large as a car. No scientist even claims to know what draws this type of debris from outer space into the earth’s atmosphere, where by friction it becomes incandescent and burns back into its gaseous form. They do not rule out however the possibility that the combined magnetic force of many Indian invocations could do so. We are only beginning to realize what a veritable electro-magnetic power house the human body actually is, but science has agreed that every physical thing is but a materialization of vast intangible powers. The havoc wrought by the explosion of an atom bomb shows what can be released from even inanimate matter.

The Indian has always acted on the belief that beneficent powers are also released by the sacrifice of the form. To sit receptively around a campfire and absorb the Spirit, of Wood, freed in its incandescence, is to make less difficult the act of faith by which some declare that they did receive Spirit Guidance by the powers released September 17 as matter from outer space was transformed into fiery light and its atoms scattered upon the world, like Divine Seed.

-Rachel Welsh

——— ♦ ———

“We must hope that we shall need to invest less of our resources in military power as we invest more of our thought and attention to the task of mutual understanding. In an atomic age, understanding, not bombs, is the last best hope on earth.”

-Senator William Benton

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

world report


(The San Mateo Times, Friday, November 25, 1966)

If a forecast for 2066 is to be believed, the earth and the planets will be inhabited by supermen, with little relation to the mere man of today.

The prediction comes not from science fiction but from Dr. John Lyman head of the biotechnology laboratory at the University of California at Los Angeles, who obviously believes in the perfectibility of the species.

Having virtually conquered his immediate environment and disease, the man of the future will control and change himself to create an almost utopian society, says Doctor Lyman. One of his weapons will be an artificial brain, perhaps coupled to his own, digesting vast chunks of knowledge that will thereby extend his intellect and memory.

Another will be teleportation which will whisk the man of the future across awesome distances, not by vehicle, but by computers which will reconstruct him instantly in another place.

Doctor Lyman sees no loss to man’s dignity in all of this. He welcomes the prospect of the superman because of the good he will do. “The future society will be free and it will be creative in the arts and sciences beyond present imagination,” he assures. And who can doubt him!

Only those who can remember that superman will be created by modern man, that fellow who still wages wars and still hungers, that fellow who can orbit the globe in hours and still not be sure of getting to the airport in time for a 100-mile flight.

$200,000 Prize

A HEARING to try to establish scientifically the existence of the human soul will be conducted March 6 in the courtroom of Superior Court Judge Robert L. Myers.

At that time at least eight religious and educational organizations will attempt to qualify for the estimated $200,000 provided in the

JANUARY, 1967                         11

will of the late Miami Copper Mine Co. employee James Kidd, who died in 1951.

The condition for the inheritors of his money is that they furnish some scientific proof of a soul of the human body which leaves at death.”

THE MONEY could also be won by anyone researching the existence of the soul.

Kidd, a bachelor, who claimed he had no heirs, wrote the will in longhand Jan. 2, 1946. In it he says:

“After my funeral expenses have been paid and $100 to some preacher of the gospel to say farewell at my grave, sell all my property, which is all in cash and stocks … and have this balance money to go in a research or some scientific proof of a soul of the human body which leaves at death.”

IN THE LAST paragraph he notes, “I think in time there can be a photograph of (a) soul leaving the human at death.”

Seeking to qualify for the money to date are The University of Life Church, Inc., Neurological Sciences Foundation, Psychical Research Foundation, Inc., Aquarian Foundation, Arizona State Board of Regents, Parapsychology Foundation, Inc., Arizona Foundation for Neurology and Psyciatry and the California Parapsychology Foundation, Inc.

Brazilian Expert

(The Record, Maywood, N. J., Wednesday, November 16, 1966)

By John A. Keel-NEW YORK (NANA) — “There is no flying saucer controversy in my country,” said Brazil’s top U.F.O. investigator, Dr. Olavo T. Fontes, in an exclusive interview here this week.

“Too many people-thousands-have seen these objects at close range in Brazil over the past 16 years. There have been many dramatic incidents, including a number of brief landings, power failures directly attributable to the presence of these objects, and cases in which people have bad to be hospitalized after suffering burns and other injuries apparently caused by these things.”

A prominent physician in Rio de Janeiro, Dr. Fontes is a professor at the National School of Medicine and an officer in leading medical societies. For the past 12 years, he has studied the wide-spread

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

reports of unidentified flying objects in Brazil and has personally investigated over 300 cases.

Speaking of secrecy, Dr. Fontes explained: “In Brazil, the government does not scoff at U.F.O. reports or try to explain them as stars or swamp gas. The Brazilian Air Force carefully investigates the more important reports but, never releases its findings. It just never says anything. “

However, he pointed out, in earlier years the Brazilian government did issue some positive statements on the subject. In 1958, then-president Dr. Juscelino Kubitschek personally released to the press copies of photographs of a Saturn-shaped flying object taken off the island of Trinidad by scientists aboard the I.G.Y. ship Almirante Saldanha. But in more recent years the Brazilian government has fallen silent and its agencies flatly ignore queries for U.F.O. information.

Dr. Fontes is particularly concerned with the reports of unidentified objects over military bases, power plants, reservoirs, and fresh water sources.

“These objects,” he said grimly, “have systematically visited and perhaps examined three areas most vital to our civilization our water supplies, our power systems, and our military resources. During one flurry of sightings in Brazil, they appeared almost simultaneously over 33 important centers of communication, railroad junctions, and key highways.”

We may have all the answers within the next 3 years,” he says.

Changed Values

(Kansas City Star, Sept. 30, 1966)

Trenton, Mo. – Amid fanaticism and the crossfire of conflicting ideas, a new era “is being shaped before our very eyes and the vital task for each of us is to devise a philosophy and commit ourselves to its goals and values,” Phil Koury said last night in a speech before more than 200 persons attending a Teachers’ night observance here.

“There is drama all around us, calling for our commitment and involvement and we can vegetate or we can do something about it,” Koury said.

“The uncommitted life, like Plato’s unexamined life, is not worth

JANUARY, 1967                         13

living. There are values we cannot turn away from, and we view these in a personal light, to do as much as we can, within the scope of our means, power and talent.

“If we have much, society may rightfully expect much of us-to alleviate suffering, to fight for equality-thus to give meaning to our lives. Well and good, if one of these goals is to crusade for the use of our gains in science and technology to improve the human lot.”

Koury, executive consultant of The Star and a lawyer, said no one could order anyone to help make this a better world. At the same time, we cannot expect to be rewarded and be said to have used our lives usefully if we ignore the challenges all around us.

“The tools that we have-our minds, our capacity for compassion and charity, our sheer love for our fellowman, no matter what his race or color-these can turn the marvels of this day into realized hope for all mankind.”

UFO Near City

(Grants Pass Courier, Oct. 24, 1966)

A Grants Pass (Oregon) woman today reported the sighting of an “unidentified flying object” over the area Sunday night and asked for comment from any other who may have seen the same thing.

The woman, who did not identify herself, said she and her husband, approaching the city on the freeway at about 8:05 p.m., saw a bright., squat funnel-shaped object “much, much bigger than a star or satellite” moving with “terrific rapidity” across the sky.

She said she and her husband heard no sound, but saw a flashing red light on the object’s side.

“It definitely was not a falling star or a plane,” she added. Its movement was generally eastward.

——— ♦ ———

In our time it is not enough to convene peak personalities. It becomes necessary to convene the peak ideas. Peace today is not to be found just by making a trip to a magic mountain, but by putting tall thoughts and purposes to work. The credentials of the participants must be represented not by their titles or ribbons but by their ability to create a totally new way of life among nations.

-Norman Cousins

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING


The objects of sense-perception are real and really-perceived.

Within, behind and above them are more important and powerful invisible realities.

Terrestrial life is dependent upon the Unseen Ruler.

Men are destined to endure beyond the grave and to be happy or miserable thereafter in proportion to their obedience to Him.

Reverence is due to superiors.

Fraternal co-operation is due to associates.

Kindly guidance and assistance is due to subordinates.

All friendly services are due to those who need them.

Love is due to all beings.

Organization is necessary for the cooperative accomplishment of important ends.

Formulation is necessary for the acquisition and understanding and impartation of truth or even the detection and rebuttal of error. Ceremony is the appropriate garb of distinctively human actions, especially of great moments.

Order is good and disorder evil.

Law and liberty and justice are good and lawlessness and oppression evil.

Permanence is good and transitoriness evil.

Beauty is good and ugliness evil.

Family and place and tribe and craft and state are units to the interests of which the individual interests should be subordinated. All human possessions and functions are naturally and normally hereditary.

Personalities are relatively efficient and headless aggregates relatively inefficient.

The great things, the great, facts, the great events, the great deeds, the great works, are the ones that matter.

The very least things are capable of being made the instruments of the greatest purposes.

Even those who can do least, in any way, may well keep their place joyously and with invincible loyalty, among those who walk in the ever brightening light of the True Wisdom and clothe themselves in the ever increasing beauty of the Perfect Order.

JANUARY, 1967                         16

Poet’s corner

Interplanetary Spaceport

A place of peace for birds and beast.
for flowers, ferns and trees.

A place to play, to work, and pray
a place to take one’s ease.

A place to meet, a place to greet
our brothers from afar.

A place for those who come from space
beyond our solar star.

A meeting place for every race
of His evolving sons.

Where love and understanding grow
among enlightened ones.

For those who’ve sought this sacred spot
and come together here

From spheres a billion miles away
or from someplace quite near –


One hundred million worlds are His
to love, protect and cherish

Tis not His will that even ones
such as earth should perish.

-William Bryan

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

book reviews

The Light of the Universe

(Maryona, Light of the Universe, Inc., P.O. Box 70, Tiffin, Ohio. 44883 $3.95)

The contents of The Light of the Universe, Volume One, are well described on the book jacket.

“This book has truly been called a Book of Light. It contains teachings which if followed, can transform your life and the world. “To those who are weary of old ways, dissatisfied with false and outworn traditions which do not fill their needs, this book throws light on a new way of life. It shows how anyone may make a new beginning. It brushes away the cobwebs from many Truths which have been widely misunderstood, clarifies many mysteries in a straightforward simple manner, explains in clear, down-to-earth terms many of the puzzling aspects of reincarnation, karma and divine guidance. It tells of the great Powers which mould all lives and shows how they work and create. It reveals the way to a faith so great that you know all things are possible to you. Its Truths are simple but sweeping in their completeness. It sets before each a shining goal, shows how the goal is attainable by all, and brings into everyday living the mighty Power of that which gives Life itself.

“You are special. There is no one else in the world just like you. You have within you, your own individual brand of Power which can be brought out if you only learn the way. You can do great things which you never thought possible. Your life, your affairs, your world, can be changed but only by you.

“This teaching does not conflict with any religion or other course of study, For. Truth is as wide and as free as the Universe.”

JANUARY, 1967                         17


(From Dec. 1956 Understanding Magazine)

“Ours is a message of Understanding, and of Brotherhood … a message as old as time itself, and as immense as the Universe, for it is a message of Natural Law, Universal Law.

When man of earth has learned, as did we of other worlds eons ago, that, each individual is a citizen of the Universe, he too will realize that synthetic laws are but diversions from the pathway to Universal Understanding. The Universe is no small thing; its laws are eternal and all-encompassing.

When there is Understanding upon your earth that we are all brothers, some ahead and some behind on the stairway upward through eternity, sickness, weakness or fear. He will look at himself in light instead of darkness, always rising to higher insight. He will recognize the creed of the Universe; that creed itself, the infinite of Understanding, Knowledge and Progression.”

Yes, the brothers themselves have said: “Things of old will pass away, and there shall be a New Earth, and an enlightened people. There will be a new dawn of Universal Light! There will be new and greater horizons eternally!”

——— ♦ ———


The World Friendship Program has sent out an appeal to American and Canadian citizens to participate by correspondence with thousand of Europeans “in relations of friendship and understanding. . . to help people understand our problems and avoid the racism that has caused such concern in the United States. Therefore, it has a far more profound purpose than merely getting to know someone, through exchange of letters, from another country.”

The World Friendship plan was originated by Father Pire, (winner of 1958 Nobel Peace Prize) in 1961. Now “in a concerted international effort to promote understanding and truth, and with the sincere hope that all men everywhere will once again learn to live in dignity and at, peace with themselves,” John Howard Griffin and Father Dominque Pire invite all men to participate in this effort. Thousands of Europeans have already enlisted in this program

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

through Father Pire’s office at the University of Peace in Belgium. For each European correspondent Mr. Griffin and his staff are to furnish an American or Canadian interested in such an exchange in understanding.

If you are interested please write to John Howard Griffin, Mansfield, Texas, for further information and application form.

——— ♦ ———

bulletin board

Credit Lines

From our Executive Vice-president, Col. Arthur J. Burks, come the following “credit lines”

Carey Carpenter, a vice-president of Understanding, for arranging for Dr. Daniel W. Fry, the best exposure any lecturer in this field ever got in Washington, D. C. Mildred Ferguson and Harry Salkin, he states, “did all the legwork” and the total coverage is estimated to have reached 350,000,000 people over the following: Aside from lectures, Dr. Fry spoke over WTTG-TV, WAVA radio, WMAL radio (Steve Allison), WOL radio, WTOP radio (Bob Raiford), WTOP-TV, WRC radio, taped for Voice of America, Mutual Network, TV Productions Inc., and Associated Press. Interviewed as well by French Broadcasting Company and for the Japanese Newspaper, Asahi Shimbun. Carpenter disclaims much credit, but our “spies” report as we have indicated…

Anna Tomin for constant efforts, at her own expense, to expand New York Understanding

JANUARY, 1967                         19

Rev. Mary Bassano, a vice president of Understanding, for unremitting work in all areas of Understanding she can think up. And, she thinks up things, without awaiting word from Understanding Headquarters. They are always good. She also continually expands the U. S.-Japanese “axis” of children by getting the young people of both lands together to correspond-one of Dr. Fry’s first dreams, growing constantly into greater meaning. Some of the Japanese “children” are in their thirties and forties! …

Esther Ellsworth for picking up torches for Understanding members and officers who, through sickness or otherwise, have dropped them; doing this when she already has more work than she can do . . .

Bishop Imeh Emmanuel of Nigeria for his dreams for Africa which, in large part, he hopes to realize through Understanding

Angela Kilsby for successful Understanding Space Craft Conventions and immediate plans for others, different but akin…

Paul Weast of Buffalo, N. Y., for doing so much to help the Fry Understanding ministry without personal fanfare …

Understanding Magazine for, via its editors, reaching… reaching… for more subscribers. For members and others who are there at the end of the “reach” and subscribe.

Lecture on Unknown Life of Jesus

Unit 71 of San Bernardino, Calif., announces that on January 22, 1967, at 2:30 P.M. at the American Legion Hall, 732 N. Sierra Way, San Bernardino, Bishop H. Adrian Spruitt of the Church of Antioch will lecture on “The Unknown Life of Jesus of Nazareth.” Public invited.

Chicago Unit 70

During the past year, reports Vice-President Violet Kmety, Unit 70 of Chicago, Illinois has sponsored lectures, open forums, tape programs and general discussions, climaxed by a Christmas Party. A film presentation on psychic surgery by a Chicago doctor who underwent such surgery was also presented, and tentative plans include a lecture by a professor from India.

The Unit is interested in exchanging program suggestions and ideas with other Understanding Units. Do write Violet Kmety, 1512 N. Dearborn, Chicago, Illinois, 60610.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Your Christmas Cards

Mr. Jack Early has a use for your beautiful Christmas greeting cards which you hesitate to discard. Mr. Early sponsors a project of “All-Year Christmas Cheer” and mails the cards all over the world.

Please send your cards to him at: 134 Pfeiffer St., Alcatraz Heights, San Francisco 33. A postal donation to help cover his mailing costs would be most welcome, we are certain.

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6c per word per insertion; 3 or more insertions same copy, 5c per word.

World Understanding and Peace requires an Interlanguage. UNESCO has approved of Esperanto to be that language. A text pronunciation record, a two language dictionary and two test wheels loaned FREE for 60 days. Your only cost 5 cents to return the kit to the Esperanto Library, Dept. USI, Middleton, Wis. 53562.

TECHNOCRACY is the only North American social movement which has become widespread on this continent. It has no affiliation with any other organization. Technocracy invites you to become informed about North America’s social problem and to prepare for the next most probable state of society on this continent. Subscription to Technocracy’s magazines, $4.00 per year. THE NORTHWEST TECHNOCRAT, 5509 University Way N. E., Seattle, Washington 98105.

The editors of Understanding magazine are happy to consider un-solicited manuscripts, both articles and poetry. Articles should not exceed 1,000 words (poetry 36 lines). Almost any type of material will be considered, providing that it is of a constructive nature and contributes to a better understanding of the subject matter employed. The editors are particularly interested in developing a greater degree of understanding among different peoples of the earth and an understanding of basic issues facing the people of this planet. Payment for articles accepted will be made upon publication at the rate of one cent per word (poetry 10c per line). The editors also are interested in seeing clippings of unusual items from newspapers and magazines, for which the sum of $1 per clipping published will be paid to the first person submitting it. All manuscripts should be typewritten, double-spaced and on one side of the sheet only. Manuscripts may not be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed envelope bearing sufficient postage. Payment will not be made for mimeographed material.


Address manuscripts to Understanding, P.O. Box 76, Merlin, Ore. 97532

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4800′ elevation

Business and living quarters plus rental. $ 5,950.

New small 2 bedroom house. Split level, carport, view. $7,950.

5 room house, nine lots $13,500.

Acreage at $675. an acre in 10 acre parcels. Water and electricity available, in city limits.

Many listings available.

Virginia Vawser Panneck

Box 544, Yarnell, Arizona 85362


(a proven method)            Price $3.00 Knowledge for Planetary Contacts. How to use the Pendulum. (can check for truth of UFO’s)


(tested and works)            Price $3.00 Harmony for Saucer attunement. Preparation for Saucer Contacts.


(astounding true information) $5 Contacted from other Planets.

A woman rescued from a Saucer. Contacts made with Venusians.

All three books for $9.00

Worth many times more!

Send to author:


8674 Falmouth Aye.

Playa Del Rey, Calif. 90291


by Dr. Daniel W. Fry

Steps to the Stars (4th printing)

Curve of Development

Both softbound                 $1.50 each


White Sands Incident and

To Men of Earth

Softbound, $2.00

Hardbound – New Edition — $3.95

Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding

Softbound, $2.00

Hardbound, $3.00

Merlin Publishing Company

P.O. Box 105

Merlin, Oregon 97532



Advertise Your Books,

Activities, etc.,

in Understanding Magazine


$8 per quarter page per month,

Three months: $16.50

Six months: $28

One year: $48

These rates are for additional insertions of the same copy.  The charge for copy change is $3.00 per quarter page.  For other rates, please write.

If proof is desired, copy must be submitted one month in advance of publication.

Copy Limit, 20 lines per quarter page

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Eckankar, the ancient science of Soul Travel, is the Illuminated Way to God. Those who see and talk with God travel this ancient, secret path. Learn out-of-the-body projection by your own volition, beyond all lower planes into God’s realm.

It increases spiritual awareness and insight into the spiritual worlds.

Services: Bilocation-Illuminated Way Discourses (1st Series) ; Eckankar Secret Way Discourses (2nd Series); The Illuminated Way Monthly Letter; Books and Taped Lectures, Spiritual Consultation and full Akashic Life Readings.


P.O. Box 13052-XX

San Diego, California 92113, USA

Please send information on Eckankar-Secret Science of Soul Travel.

Name ………..

Address ………

City ………….. State ……