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VOLUME XI                                 SEPTEMBER, 1966                                 NUMBER 9

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


During the past few weeks, many of our readers have sent in letters of indignant comment on the quote, “arrogant, conceited, disparaging and totally misleading article,” end quote, written by a young man named H. Taylor Buckner for publication in the social science journal Transaction, an organ of the Washington University in Saint Louis. If the article had been restricted to this publication, no one, would have become aware of its existence, and there would have been no clamor for the author’s blood.

Unfortunately however, the wire services which sometimes seem to take an almost savage delight in belittling minority groups, seized upon the article and splashed it from one end of the country to the other.

Your editor has been requested to do a ‘hot’ editorial in rebuttal of this `slander.’ careful consideration of the article however, shows that there is very little to rebut, because there is no statement in the article which can be identified with any individual or with any actual group of individuals.

Mr. Buckner begins by coining a term, `Saucer Cult.’ Having coined the term he then proceeds to populate his new creation with

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

people of his own choosing. He defines the `Saucer Cultist’ as an elderly, uneducated and unintelligent woman who is in ill health and without means. He then defines Saucer Cults as groups of such elderly women. Since there is no specific reference to any actual person or to any actual group of persons, the only valid grounds for complaint lie in the general nature of the article.

Obviously a young, healthy, intelligent, well educated and well-to-do man could not possibly be a member of Mr. Buckner’s group because he does not possess a single one of the requirements for such membership. Mr. Buckner states that he did attain membership in such a group, but does not explain how he managed such a seemingly impossible feat.

The only justified complaint which your editor can see is that the article pretends to be based upon fact, and its author pretends to have enough knowledge of the subject to justify the article.

The facts are that he did join one small group of saucer enthusiasts and did attend a few meetings. He may have met a few older women who furnished him with the basis of his description, yet if he had attended an equal number of public wrestling matches he would have found among that audience a far higher percentage of his chosen people.

Mr. Buckner’s knowledge of saucer enthusiasts is obviously similar to that of the blind man of the fable who seized the elephant’s tail and was immediately qualified to describe the elephant to his blind brothers as being nothing but a piece of rope.

Mr. Buckner’s article is reminiscent of the classic paper on communism written by the high school student who, after writing several pages of profound observations on the nature and habits of communists, ended with the statement-all communists make long speeches (at least the only one I ever met did). Truly, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!

Mr. Buckner is still very young, and as he grows a little older and perhaps a little wiser it is to be hoped that he will come to the realization that there are better ways to enhance his professional image than by writing belittling articles concerning a group of people about which he obviously knows so little.

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SEPTEMBER, 1966                  3


To become better attuned to the Infinite Creator-to all the many beautiful and spiritual influences about us-we must, become more aware, more sensitized to the higher vibrations about us. This, in turn, results in healing, balancing and harmonizing of all facets of our being. One very effective way, in which we so attune ourselves, is through the use of music and color. The mystics know that as great music is performed beautiful forms in color are produced which penetrate and reach the inner man.

As we enter the New Age vibrations (in conditions and people) are accelerated and we should prepare for techniques on a higher scale. We should know the application of more subtle methods of therapy fail. We must, of necessity, develop-or recover from within ourselves-different methods of dealing with disease of all types. First the individual’s consciousness must, be raised to a higher level, and then a personal attitude receptive to change, must be created for balancing and harmonizing within.

There are many relationships of color with music within us, within the universe-the seven colors of the spectrum, the seven notes of the musical scale, the seven psychic centers of the body, etc. If we assume a correspondence in these relationships, we can reach the sympathetic individual vibrations for the necessary balancing and harmonizing for healing. The color red, for example, the first color on the spectrum, relates to the coxal center, the other colors relate to various centers in the body, until we reach the top of the head, the pituitary gland, which is associated with violet-the highest color on the spectrum.

In color and music therapy each person must be treated individually, and a brief evaluation of the person’s mental, emotional and physical status is necessary before each treatment. The healing technique employs color lamps, solarized water and appropriate music, usually records. It is often more therapeutic to have the patient perform, if able, rather than merely listen, but the choice and control of the music is of major significance.

In the absence of physical equipment, such as lamps or color screens, mental visualization of the prescribed colors can be used, and often is more potent than the use of the physical means. Since

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

it is the vibrations of the colors that do the work, mental imagery can be effective. A color-blind person has related his interesting experiences with color. Although colors are distorted to him, he knows that wearing green, or having it about him, makes him very depressed and uncomfortable, however, wearing blue, relaxes him. He is aware of these reactions although he does not see the color in its true aspect.

For music-color therapy to be effective it is necessary that the therapist be able to sense or in some way feel the colors around the patient and that the patient have an intuitive response to his form of healing.

The colors sensed about a person can and should be guide to treatment. The colors which look “right” about an individual are usually the healing colors for him, and would most likely, be the colors in his aura. Colors which may be around him, but which seem to be out of balance, are indications of imbalances within his physical, mental or spiritual self. There is said to be a color of rest, a color of activity, and a color of inspiration for each person. These, too, are guides in determining which color is needed at any particular time for any given condition. If one is unable to see these colors about a person psychically the use of the Kilner screen is helpful.

In this form of therapy the color is first determined and then the appropriate music chosen. A series of treatments may use different colors and thus, different music.

The world of color and music is a fascinating one-one which allows the therapist. unlimited possibilities, and which brings to the patient a greater fulfillment of creativity within himself. For the future I, personally, visualize not only the greater use of lamps and screens, but an entire room where colored lighting effects and music can literally “bathe” and saturate the individual with these spiritual aids.

-Rev. Mary Bassano

Unit 59, Maywood, N.J.

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Everyday help someone. Everyday help your mind and body. Everyday contact your God. (Submitted by Lee Yates)

SEPTEMBER, 1966                  5


The East-Nest Center, associated with the University of Hawaii, was created in 1960 by Congressional legislation. It seeks to promote two way traffic in ideas between the United States and Asia, and to link “the people of two continents in a commonwealth of mutual understanding… .”

So successful has been the center that men already envision counterparts in other countries, affiliated with local universities, each financed by the host country, with perhaps some American assistance.

The Center in Honolulu has become not only a center for cultural exchange between East and West but a laboratory for the exchange of ideas and approaches to world problems through seminars and conferences. Implicit in the technical training offered, to prepare Asians to meet their needs in health, shelter, agriculture, transportation, industry, etc. is the realization that “until Asia can help itself, with its own people capable of capitalizing on their own resources, there can be no prosperity or peace in Asia.”

For the Asian students the Center offers special training to prepare them for positions as engineers, scientists, health officers, librarians, etc. For the American students the Center offers “ideas and techniques developed in other countries for comprehending, and meeting problems concerned with man’s relationship to himself, to other men, and to his total environment . . .”

“Over the past five years, 6000 Asians and Americans have intermingled at the Center, contributors and participants in a new adventure in international understanding through education; earning advanced degrees in each other’s cultures and languages; researching areas of mutual interest and writing books on problems which face peoples on both sides of the Pacific; putting new ideas info actual practice; upgrading officials, administrators, teachers, technicians, farmers from 28 lands; leavening ancient civilizations with the yeast of new knowledge; creating a vast network of professionals bound to each other by threads of congruent concerns, opening avenues of intercourse which serve as stimulants of change. “

Despite its evident achievements the existence, improvement and

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

expansion of the East-West Center are dependent upon yearly Congressional appropriations which require annual budget substantiations. Educational aims are, of necessity, long term and so it seems that what is needed is financing that will permit long term planning “while providing for periodic and effective congressional review,”–or, perhaps adoption of the Center by a private foundation!

Chancellor Howard P. Jones believes that “Of all the areas in which America can move in the next few decades, none, perhaps, promise such rich rewards at every level-material, spiritual, intellectual–as this extension of education. Fully conceived, adequately organized, generously financed, and wisely administered, it can overshadow war in its drama, capture man’s imaginations, release his abilities to build, and apotheosize his urge to peace.”

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ONE of the greatest obstacles to understanding any problem is that most people believe that the circumstances can be removed from their own personal beliefs and attitudes. Most people think they can find some suitable scapegoat instead of realizing that people are problems. For the past several years we have been experiencing civil disturbances throughout our nation and many more are almost certain to occur unless we all understand that we have a responsibility and obligation to participate in correcting these conditions. This is not, a matter of black versus white man; nor is simply civil rights but human rights; not a Southern problem but a national and international condition.

The newspaper and television coverage have stressed the outward demonstrations and have given very little insight into the causes. Most intelligent people understand that the slavery question was not solved by Abraham Lincoln; he did not abolish slavery; he only tried to make it illegal. There is an old saying “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” The Civil War had a military solution but the thinking and beliefs of the majority of the citizens were still under the bondage of an illusion of superiority and inferiority. Until mankind can truly understand that God the

SEPTEMBER, 1966                  7

Father is no respecter of race, creed or color then there will continue to be exploitation of man by man.

As a minister who has devoted many days to worshipping and serving in Negro churches I know that the basic cause of the discontent is that these sensitive people feel spiritually frustrated. They have so much to give and too often their efforts are denied expression.

Our country is spending billions of dollars trying to communicate with distant planets and sending missiles to the moon. And yet we are reluctant to spend a little time and effort to communicate with other human beings right here on earth. Two of the most common obstacles to communication are isolation and insulation; these can either be geographical, economical, social or traditional. Most of our thoughts, ideas and opinions about the Negros are false because they are not current or based on our own personal experience. I was born and reared among colored people and had Negro nurses until I was old enough to go to school. I prided myself on my understanding of their feelings and beliefs. Yet when I began to worship with them on an equal footing I realized that I had been self-deceived.

For too long we have held each other at arms length and indulged in hypocritical nicey-nice talk; in trying to lean over backwards to avoid offending each other we have pulled back from honest communication. If another person steps on our toes we should let him know it right now, instead of nursing our hurt and brooding about it. One of the basic causes of the Watts riots in all its terrible fury was that the city officials refused to believe what. the Negro leaders had said about the growing discontent and frustration of their people. When we are in pain we go to a doctor and he listens to our complaint; our politicians should learn to respond accordingly.

Very few of us are in a position of political authority but we can all become ambassadors of goodwill wherever we may be, let us look for opportunities to communicate with all of God’s Creatures anywhere and anytime.

One of the most common questions asked is “What do the Negroes Want?” By asking the question the person admits that he subconsciously has alienated the colored man from human society. Any serious minded person would realize that the black man wants exactly

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

what the white man wants: His full citizens rights and responsibilities, equal opportunity to work at a job or profession within his scope of training and talents, full participation in the communities’ political, social, cultural and spiritual life; self-respect and dignity. Just ask yourself what you want from life and then multiply your desire by ten and you will come to a fairly close understanding of what the Negro wants. Above all I believe that the average Negro wants to be able to give to society something else besides the labor of his hands.

As I said recently at a Negro church, there was a time in our society when we believed that the Negro could create only with his hands but now the nation needs the fruits of his head and heart and soul. If you as a white person have become stale and jaded from your own particular church attendance I strongly recommend that you visit and worship in a Negro church. Unless your heart has turned to stone I’m convinced you will be spiritually recharged. I have learned more about humility, patience, compassion and religious fervor in the past 16 months in Negro churches than I had in the previous 12 years of my Christian ministry. We must all tear down the narrow walls we have built around ourselves if we are to grow large enough to cope with this expanding universe. When we have established peace in our own heart, then there will be peace in the world.

-Rev. Stanley Spears

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(A continuation of the analysis of the relationship between the three sciences-physical, social and spiritual.)

Let us imagine that all of the major governments of the earth have reached the conclusion that, in the interest of peace, security and progress, an attempt should be made to determine and to record the area of mutual agreement in the social science.

The social science has been defined as, “the study of the relationships between man and his fellowman, and of the means by which that relationship may be made more secure, more pleasant and more productive.”

SEPTEMBER, 1966                  9

A conference has been planned which will include a number of the most highly qualified representatives from every major nation and from as many of the smaller nations as can be persuaded to attend.

The announced purpose of the convention will be simply to determine and to record all of those postulates, tenets of belief, or rules of procedure pertaining to the relationship of man to his fellowman, which can be agreed upon, and accepted as valid by all.

Such a conference will, of course, be completely unique in the history of international politics. International conventions have been held in the past, only to consider various disagreements between, the participants. In these meetings each party presented his position or belief, and then attempted by persuasion, cajolery, or coercion to cause the other delegates to accept his point of view. Some ill feeling has inevitably accompanied this process, and frequently, outright hostility has been generated.

The conference which we are now visualizing, however, can have no such effects since its only purpose is to determine which points, are agreeable to all. Any rejection of any principle by any of the conferees will automatically remove the disputed items from consideration.

Many persons may feel that under these circumstances, no points of agreement whatever will be found. In our international relationships we are accustomed to squabbling endlessly over a few points of disagreement, and since these disagreements are virtually the only things which we do discuss, the illusion is created that we disagree upon every point.

We are likely to forget that we are all human beings made in the same likeness and poured in the same mould. With a few minor variations we all have the same needs, the same desires, the same hopes and the same fears.

The actual area of mutual agreement is so much larger than the points of disagreement that if the area could be precisely charted, the points of disagreement. would become insignificant by comparison.

Our international conference will require at least a thousand delegates if its findings are to be accepted by the world at large, and

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

the conferees will probably require a year or more to complete their task.

Such a large gathering of experts will of course involve considerable expense. The transportation and living costs of each delegate will probably be in the neighborhood of twenty million dollars, or about one fifth of the cost of establishing one hardened missile base in Kansas or Oklahoma!

The cost of the conference, however, may well prove to be the most profitable investment of all time, since the results of the conference may render obsolete and unnecessary, all military missile bases on earth.

-Daniel W. Fry.

——— ♦ ———

world report

Icarus Collision?

(Post-Advocate, Alhambra, Calif., July 27, 1966)

SYDNEY, Australia (UPI)A Sydney University physicist said today the United States, Britain and Russia are studying the possibility of using a nuclear rocket to prevent an asteroid from smashing into earth. Prof. Stuart Thomas Butler said any microscopic deviation in the orbit of the asteroid Icarus could put it on a collision course with earth, causing “a colossal force impact of great destruction” equal to the power of 1,000 hydrogen bombs.

Butler, a 44-year-old professor of theoretical physics at Sydney University, said Icarus is nearly a mile wide and presently is on a “near collision” course with earth. It will pass within four million miles of earth in June, 1968, he said.

He said it could reduce any of the world’s major cities to rubble in a flash if it diverted only slightly from its present course. However, he said scientists in the United States and Russia are investigating how they can land a rocket on Icarus and smash the asteroid to smithereens by using a nuclear warhead.

SEPTEMBER, 1966                  11

“This is where the billions of dollars spent on space research and soft landings on the moon could pay off,” he said

Icarus Not Headed for Collision

(Grants Pass Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., July 28,1966)

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (UPI)-The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Wednesday denied a scary report that the asteroid Icarus might collide with the earth with the force of 1,000 hydrogen bombs.

The world’s clearinghouse for all astrophysical information also said it had no knowledge of a report that the United States, Britain and Russia were studying the possibility of using a nuclear rocket to prevent the asteroid from smashing into earth.

“Contrary to alarm caused by a recent report, Icarus will not collide with earth, but will pass 4 million miles away, as previously predicted,” a Smithsonian spokesman said.

He added that his 4 million miles distance could be “off by no more than 100 to 150 miles.”

Smithsonian hopes its strong statement will put to rest any fear generated by an earlier report that a microscopic deviation in the orbit of the asteroid could put it on a collision course with earth in June, 1968.

Fantastic Changes

(Kansas City Times, Kansas City, Mo., April 14, 1966)

LAWRENCE, KANS.-Ultra-intelligent machines may replace human beings by the year 2080, according to Arthur C. Clarke, fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and author of more than 40 books, ranging from science fiction to fact.

Mr. Clarke’s predictions include: Railroads on the moon, traveling between lunar cities in the 24th century, at 1000 miles per hour; processing of lunar rocks into food; large human colonies on Mars; and radio observatories on the far side of the moon as the only quiet place in the solar system (moon blocking earthly interference).

Clarke said that chances that. life exists in the solar system now look very unpromising but that there will be surprises when man lands on Mars.

Hinting that the earth already has been visited by residents of other planets, Clarke said there were completely inexplicable phenomena

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

in some ancient Chinese relies that included a badly corroded buckle that was 75 per cent aluminum, a metal known only recently to man because a powerful electric current is needed for its production.

Clarke suggested whale ranches in the sea as a food source, holding that our use of the sea is still in the Stone Age.

He envisioned the moon as a launching site for further exploration of the solar system; machines that would design machines; and self-contained homes, like spaceships.

Extra-terrestrial life may be non-organic. “They won’t come in spaceships,” he said, “they will be spaceships: maybe the next step in evolution will be this sort of thing.”

Operation Sky Watch

(The Seattle Times, Seattle, Wash. May 4, 1966)

In the audience at the Seattle Center’s Piccoli Theater were 60 persons-old and young-willing to give up two hours a week to watch for “flying saucers.” Running the show was a disk jockey, Jim French, and at his side was an Air Force Officer.

This will be the first massive surveillance of the heavens ever conducted from a 600-foot perch-the Space Needle of Seattle.

Jim French, of Radio Station KIRO, took the names of volunteers for the duty schedule, from 6 PM to midnight, seven day a week. The volunteers will work for two hour shifts in teams of four, evenly spaced around the observation deck. Each will carry a walkie-talkie.

If something strange appears the other spotters will be called to verify the sighing. A sighting form is to be filled out, and the McChord Air Force Base Command Post notified.

The Air Force official said there are “roughly” four sightings a week in the Seattle area, depending upon the weather. Many are readily explainable, the others are reported to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio, for study. “You folk represent a source of more reliable data than we have had in the past,” the Air Force officer said.

(Extracted from New Age Foundation, Inc., Bulletin, Mt. Rainier Hdqtrs., P.O. Box 867, Eatonville, Wash. 98324. July, 1966)

SEPTEMBER, 1966                  13

Concert in Color

The Church of Religious Science, in Los Angeles, California, on June 26th, 1966, presented Mr. George Goulding in a “Concert of Color.” Mr. Goulding not only offered some of the world’s greatest organ music, but he presented to the public for the first time, the Music to Color Translator.

Man has long dreamed of translating music in color. With the construction of the Music to Color Translator, the first step to this dream has been accomplished. This mechanism has been built, at the request of Mr. Goulding, by an electronics engineer in Palo Alto, California. It takes the electronic impulses of music and converts them into beautiful color patterns playing across a large screen.

The concert also included Color Projections by Nick Ivazes. These are film strips made during music-color improvisations by Mr. Goulding and Mr. Ivazes.

Solar Explosion

(Grants Pass Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., July 13, 1966)

CATANIA, Sicily (AP)-The Catania Astrophysical Observatory reported today that it had recorded a huge solar explosion lasting 15 minutes two days ago. It was the biggest registered here in four years.

——— ♦ ———


In “Phaedo,” the famous dialogue between Socrates and his friends in the hours preceding Socrates death, are found some interesting descriptions of the World Above, or Upper Earth, as Socrates believed it to be.

Socrates, the great philosopher and probably a psychic of his day, remarks that “seen from the air” the earth looks like a ball of many colors. He states that we live not really on the surface of the Earth, as we believe, but in great depressions in which whole regions are “corroded and spoilt,” and this he conceives as being the Lower Earth. Above this Earth, he says, there exists “the True Earth in the air, a region of the greatest beauty.” There exist the counterparts of all that grows on, the Lower Earth, only sparkling and beautiful; there, too, exist “different kinds of animals and men, some of whom live in a middle region, others on the coasts of the air,

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

just as we live on the coasts of the sea; others live on islands round which the air flows, and what water and sea are to us, air is to them. And their seasons are so constituted that they are immune from disease and live much longer than we do; and they are superior to us. And they have sacred groves and shrines in which the gods really dwell and in prophecies and speech they hold converse with the gods, as well as in visions; and they see the sun and moon and the stars as they really are.”

Socrates also relates that the Lower Earth is hollow and filled with labyrinthean caverns and passages through which “great rivers flow, both hot and cold; and there is a great fire, and rivers of fire.” And deepest of all is the region of which he thinks Homer spoke when he said “far off, the lowest abyss beneath the earth,” and this region Socrates called Tartarus. Of this region, he says, “all the rivers pour into this cleft in one huge flood-for this liquid element has no bed nor bottom and oscillates and surges up and down and back and forth over the whole Earth, just, as in breathing, air is always being inhaled and exhaled.”

In a more metaphysical vein Socrates describes, at some length, the terrific boiling and mixing of water and wind and fire, “as in a mixing bowl” in this region of Tartarus. and there, he says, go the souls of men of extreme wickedness “who are yet curable. There they toil of a year and then are cast out by a wave.” “Then they must find the spirits of those whom they have injured and obtain their forgiveness after which their souls are returned to the Lower Earth to live again. But those who have purified themselves by philosophy, live henceforth altogether without the body and remove to yet more beautiful abodes which it is not easy to describe.”

He continues, ‘`Now I should not be a sensible man if I were to claim that what I have said is a literal account of these things, but a man of sense may take the risk of believing. For the risk is a noble one…. We should do all we can to gain virtue and wisdom while still alive. The prize is splendid and the hope great.

In Socrates’ words one hears echos of many older beliefs, a heaven “up,” a hell “down,” rebirth, karma, the teachings of the interplanetary Beings, today, the Rosicrucian and Theosophic theories of a planned universe and the progress of man’s soul through experience to Godhood. Here are, too, curiously apt ideas which

SEPTEMBER, 1966                  15

chime with the theories of the Hollow Earth, the mystery of the poles current in some “far out” speculations.

One must remember that Socrates cautions us that his words are not to be taken literally but that one could risk believing. Certainly the theory of an Upper Earth would explain the phenomena of things falling from the sky-chunks of ice, strange birds of unknown variety, and occasionally artifacts-which so intrigued Charles Fort but which science steadfastly has refused to consider.

One concludes that marvelous as is our modern science there is still much of which we know nothing!

-Raguel de S. Marshall

——— ♦ ———


Dear Editors

It has been some time since I’ve written you expressing appreciation of the Understanding magazine: I am a faithful reader of the magazine and enclose some verses in praise of it.


O, little magazine of Understanding!

You bring a message

That our world most sorely needs.

Each issue is a packet

Full of golden seeds;

When planted in the minds of men

Can bring forth harvest to our earth

Of peace and equity again

O, little magazine of Understanding!

You bring a message

Free from prejudice and creed.

You speak on any subject

Whatsoe’er may lead

Men’s mind to travel and explore

This universe and boundless space

To gain true knowledge more and more.

With best regards to all the Understanding staff,


Esther Collins

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING


It is time we began to recognize the goodness and beauty of our Higher Self, instead of so closely observing the thoughts and actions of our lower being. The Good is our own, as well as that of which we disapprove. Why not take notice of the wonders of the Inner Self which is so capable and desirous of raising the Whole to the Higher Standard?

To see ourselves as if seated beside the Higher Self, learning how to rule the entire being, we can be merciful toward the mistakes made on the lower level. We can forgive, and flood the soul with love, knowing the child part is growing, and is learning many lessons. We are both parent-teacher and child-student in these years of development-therefore it is wise to see both sides, not merely one aspect alone.

Sometimes we must have more patience with ourselves than with others, showing more love and mercy, greater forgiveness. We must keep ourselves encouraged and Hopeful, if we are also to encourage and help others, since it’s our attitudes that play such an important part in our moment to moment living.

Getting to know ourselves as two distinct and separate natures, we can understand how others are also subject to the lower as well as the Higher Self, and thus have less difficulty overlooking and forgiving their faults or mistakes.

We will sympathize with, and comprehend, another’s difficulties because we know how we struggle at times to side with the Higher Self-how prone we are to justify wrong reactions-forgetting for the moment the fact that we are that Better Self.

The very weakness we perceive in another is within ourselves as well. Who would want to judge or condemn another, knowing this is true?

Love one another, and love the being you are becoming. See the endless potentials within yourself. Have patience during the years of learning and of being conformed to that Higher Image. One day you will see the travail of your soul and be satisfied.

-Esther Lowery

SEPTEMBER, 1966                  17

Book reviews

Secret of Success

After having had the pleasure of meeting Mr. R. C. Allen of Best Books, Inc., of Louisville, Ky., I feel the book authored by him is one of the most treasured in my book collection.

Mr. Allen is also a living example of his now famous book, Secret of Success. This book will hold your interest hour after hour. It will take you high on the ladder of understanding and success. Mr. Allen puts God first ; he believes if you ask you receive. Our thinking makes us what we are.

(Our thoughts are showing: if we think good, we receive good; if one door closes God will open another for you).

A quote from Mr. Allen’s book:

“The Magical Power of Prayer

Aristotle and Plato declared that the man who finds his happiness in quiet thought and contemplation, which we now call meditation and prayer, is the one who is less dependent upon external circumstances.

Prayer is the conscious contact you make with your super-conscious mind; it never fails to uplift and strengthen you because it is the most powerful, peaceful, single force in the world.

So together with love, faith and prayer comes understanding and with understanding comes success.”

-Tahahlita Fry

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

bulletin board

Peace Project Issue

The October 1966 issue of Understanding magazine will be devoted to Peace, featuring articles on organizations, individuals and concepts of peace.

The issue will be mailed to each member of Understanding, Inc., whether or not a regular subscriber to the magazine.

Giant Rock Convention

George Van Tassel has announced that his Annual Spacecraft Convention will be held at Giant Rock, California, as usual, on the weekend of October 22nd and 23rd.

Annual Meeting

Understanding, Inc. wishes to announce that its Annual Meeting will also be held at Giant Rock, California, on the weekend of October 22nd and 23rd. Plan to participate in the Annual Meeting while Attending George Van Tassel’s Convention.

In order that we may correlate material at Merlin, prior to the Meeting, we suggest that Units mail to us their annual reports, recommendations and suggestions as soon after October first as possible. Your cooperation is needed and will be appreciated.

Director of Public Relations

On August 6th Mr. R. C. Allen was appointed, by Dr. D. W. Fry, to the newly created office of Director of Public Relations for Understanding, Inc.

SEPTEMBER, 1966                  19

Because of the greatly increased activity which is being planned for the coming year, it was felt that such an office was necessary, and Mr. Allen has kindly agreed to undertake the duties and responsibilities of the position.

R. C. Allen is well known throughout the country as an author, as a top sales executive and as the owner and publisher of Best Books, Inc.

We know that all units will benefit from Mr. Allen’s skill and enthusiasm in acquainting the public with the purpose and the activities of Understanding.

Coming Lectures

Unit 71, San Bernardino, California, announces that Michael X Barton will lecture, Sunday afternoon, September 25th, at 2:30 at the American Legion Hall, 732 N. Sierra Way, San Bernardino. His subject will be “UFOs and World Prophecy.”

Unit 15, Inglewood, Calif., announces that Calvin C. Girvin will lecture, Saturday, September 24th, at 8 P. M. at the Business and Professional Women’s Clubhouse, 820 Java St., Inglewood. His subject will be “Mysteries of the Moon.”

Spacecraft Convention

Speakers for the 10th Annual Northern California Space Craft Convention have been announced. They include our own Dr. Daniel W. Fry, Mel Noel, Gina Cerminara, Dr. Fred W. Andrews, Col. A. J. Burks, Neva Del Hunter, Nelson Decker, Riley H. Crabb, Sid Padrick, Gayne Meyers, Byron C. Gentry, Gabriel Green, Irene Hickman, Fred Kimball and Paul H. Wherrit. Basso-Tenor, Dr. John Hopkins will provide the music.

The Convention will be held October 28, 29 and 30, at the Hotel Claremont, Berkeley, Calif.

Convention Headquarters are at: 1265 Monterey Blvd., San Francisco, Calif. 94127.

Sunnyvale, Calif.

Congratulations to the new officers of Understanding Unit 65 of Sunnyvale, Calif. Elected to serve are: President, Ray Greaves (P.O. Box 2009, Sunnyvale, Calif. 94087) ; Vice-President, Maxine Carlson;

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Secretary, Emma Johnson; Recording Secretary, Ruth McFadden, and Treasurer, Ann Kallaus.

Unit 22 Activities

President Caroline Nuckles writes that the Third Annual Pot Luck dinner of the Unit was well attended. Ethera Prins, President of World Harmony, Inc., as speaker presented an illuminating message entitled “Soul Therapy.” Ethera Prins is familiar to many of you through her book The Light That Must Not Fail.

Vernon Howard will open the Fall Lecture series with a talk on “Psychic Pictography.” Mr. Howard is an author of New Age books.

New Officers for Unit 11

Congratulations to the new officers of our San Francisco Unit 11. The officer list includes: President, Theodore G. Hullett (561-37th Ave., San Francisco, Calif. 94121) ; Recording Secretary, Cynthia McKercher; Treasurer, Mrs. Bertha L. Bollman; Speaker Director, Mrs. Angela Kilsby; Librarians, Dale Hudson, Mrs. Clara Sweet; Mailing Secretaries, Suzanne de Pichon and Jean Potter; Lecturer’s Book Sales, Doris Aylworth. Cynthia McKercher is also Special Activities and Book Sales Director.

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Understanding Handbook

The attractive, inspiring Understanding Handbook should be owned by each member of Understanding, and should reach those who seek understanding, wherever they may be. Why not order one for yourself, another for a friend? A donation of fifty cents per copy, sent to Merlin, will help defray our costs. Thank you for your requests.

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Steps to the Stars (4th printing)

Curve of Development

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White Sands Incident and

To Men of Earth

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Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding

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MIGHT does not make RIGHT.



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Memberships in Understanding

Understanding, Inca is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth so that they may live in harmony and be better prepared psychologically and sociologically for the space age.

Several types of membership are available to those who wish to support our endeavors either with dollars or with time and service, or both.

The Associate Membership is Two Dollars per year; the Contributing Membership, Ten Dollars per year, including the Understanding’ magazine; Sustaining Membership, Twenty-Five Dollars per year, including subscription; and Life Membership, Five Hundred Dollars, including subscription to Understanding magazine.

Welcome to the Understanding family!