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VOLUME XI                                 AUGUST, 1966                                          NUMBER 8

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


On Sunday, July 10th., your editor paid a very interesting visit to a small new planetarium in Reno, Nevada.

This facility, known as The Charles and Henrietta Fleischman Atmospherium and Planetarium, is somewhat unique in design and construction, there being no flat surfaces in any part of the walls roof or ceiling. All exterior surfaces are continuously curved and recurved. Both the architecture and the setting are very attractive and intriguing to the imagination.

More unique than the architecture or the setting however is the nature of the programs which are being presented to the public. Several times each day the staff offers a program which deals entirely with the subject of Unidentified Flying Objects. This fact in itself is not so strange; such programs have been presented before, but the remarkable aspect is the completely objective manner in which the subject is presented.

The program is well conceived and excellently carried out.

It begins with frank admission that the subject. of U.F.O.’s is one which is of considerable interest to the astronomer, but that the amount of specific data which is presently available to the astronomer,

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

is not yet sufficient to warrant any firm conclusions as to the nature or the origin of the objects.

The projector of the Planetarium is used to illustrate some of the atmospheric and astronomical phenomena which may startle and puzzle the untrained observer, but it is candidly admitted that these phenomena cannot possibly explain all of the reported sightings of U.F.O.’s.

The great statistical probability of extraterrestrial life and intelligence existing somewhere in the galaxy is plainly pointed out, and the equal probability that sooner or later, some of this life will come to visit us if we do not first go to visit them.

The only conclusion drawn from the presentation is that we must continue to watch and wait with open eyes to collect the data, and with open minds to reach logical conclusions concerning the data which we observe.

The fact that such an open, unbiased and straightforward program can be, and is being, presented to the public, is a most encouraging sign of the approaching maturity of both the scientific and the lay mind on the subject of Unidentified Flying Objects.

We can even dare to hope that in the not too distant future, some of them may be identified!!

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Instead of proving Extra Sensory Perception scientifically it may be that science will have to expand to include the principle of ESP. Indications are that ESP operates in a vibratory field where cause does not necessarily produce effect as it does in the material world.

Many of us in metaphysical experiences jump the stream that separates the material and psychic worlds and realize that the bridge across the stream must he completed in order for man to experience full self-realization.

Dr. J. B. Rhine and his associates have been conducting experiments in ESP at Duke university for over 20 years. Upton Sinclair years ago wrote a book “Mental Radio” reporting successful mental telepathy experiments he and his wife conducted. Not uncommonly in everyday experience the man in the street sloughs off precognition or mental telepathy experiences as coincidence or superstition,

AUGUST, 1966                           3

closing his mind to the possibility that the psyche operates outside the time realm.

Many who have lived in near isolation with a pet animal realize that mental telepathy may well be an animal attribute that man has disregarded in the increased use of his conscious volition.

I found that in a passive receptive mental state I knew which kind of food my cat expected to be served, and that lie could receive orders without speech.

Dr. Rhine’s experiments in mental telepathy prove that mental telepathy operates without regard to distance. They also prove that precognition operates without regard to time or distance. Mental telepathy has until lately been regarded as the travel of thought from one mind to another.

The Universal Mind Theory claim that mind permeates all matter and that matter is a condensation of the Universal Mind of which all individual minds are conductors. When proven, this theory will substantiate that both participating minds in a mental telepathy experiment attune to a rate of vibration which allows the transference of thought to take place.

I believe that precognition, mental telepathy and telekinesis are divisional manifestations of ESP operating at a vibration rate that doses not respect time, the tool used within the material world to mark change. In each of these manifestations, the consciousness of man permeates those realms which operate outside the materiel world, including the changeless realm of eternity where cause and effect are one. Thus, effect appears to precede cause, when in fact, there is no precedence. It is in reality, a piercing by the consciousness of the eternal at what we perceive as a point in time.

This means that there is nothing magic nor superstitious in the manifestation of ESP, but that we are experiencing the results of phenomena the rules of which are yet to be proven. It is likely that in the final tracking down of the source, mankind will find proof of ESP by his recognition of an additional dimension closely related to a combination of what we call duality plus goodness. This step will bring us close to full realization of the Infinite Power and of ourselves.

My interest in ESP came in my search for an answer to the dilemma of many unexplained experiences. In analyzing these experiences,

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

I find that I am in a mental state of receptiveness, similar to a mood of meditation. Active mental aggressive forces are temporarily suspended along with any consciousness of strong will. It is an attunement to nature.

Because of the many ESP experiences l have had through tile years, I have come to the conclusion that our materialistic. approach to the phenomena of ESP has stood in the way of our understanding of it. Only  now, as it emerges from the realm of superstition into which we have pushed it, can we hope for greater insight and understanding of its possibilities for mar’s good. A part of man’s consciousness operates beyond tile time world. Only in the exercise of this part of his consciousness call he be fully self-realized.

After accompanying me in piercing the borderland, are you will in to respect whatever insights you may have into this fascinating realm and help to build the bridge needed to assure man’s fulfillment through the understanding of his mind’s manifestation via ESP!

– Helen G. Kubitzki

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Sometime in this century, probably within a few years, men of earth, either American or Russian (or both) will set foot on the surface of another world-our moon!

What will they find there? A dead cinder, “the bleached bones of a world,” as one astronomer expressed it? Very likely, judging from most of the observations of its surface made from our distance of some 240,000 miles.

However, there is just a chance that there will be some surprises. No one can know for sure, but there have been vague indications that the moon may yet prove a storehouse of useful information.

For one thing, no one knows exactly how Luna originated. There are several theories-and each could change what we are likely to find there. For instance, Luna could have developed in the same way as our own planet. At least two theories are current regarding the formation of the earth.

The first, and best known, of these is that our globe (and the other worlds in the solar system) was thrown off from our sun as a hot,

AUGUST, 1966                           6

glowing mass which eventually condensed into a globe with a solid crust and an atmosphere of gas surrounding it. Fitting the noon into this very simplified picture of tile creative process would give us a world very much like Luna is now expected to be. Because the moon is a much smaller (not necessarily- older) globe than earth it would have cooled much more quickly. For this reason, also, its escape velocity- (speed necessary for an object to escape from a planet’s surface) is much less than earth’s. Because of these factors any atmosphere Luna once possessed has long since escaped into space, including most, if not all, of any secondary atmosphere (gases escaping from the globe’s interior after it cooled), resulting in a completely dead world without atmosphere, without sound, probably without life of any kind. The word probably is inserted for a definite reason. If Lima managed to hang onto her water and air long enough, life could have developed and remnants of it could be there now, in deep craters or sealed cave. Beneath tile surface. The low gravity, unfortunately, makes the chances of this small.

Now let us assume that another theory of creation (which, incidentally, is becoming more and more accepted) is correct. This concept supposes that tile sun, planets and smaller bodies were formed from one huge mass of gas and matter-a tremendous cloud of cold particles which split up, condensed and formed globes. Most of the matter condensed into our suit, but smaller clouds formed into planets and satellites. All heat developed after the condensation from the radioactive matter imprisoned under tile crust. In the case of the sun, because of its tremendous mass, an atomic furnace was created but the planets and satellites merely developed hot cores. For the prospects of life on Luna this picture is a bit brighter. Presuming she developed an atmosphere (or was formed with one), she could have retained it for a longer period, because the molecules of gas move slower at lower temperatures. However, the current theory for the beginnings of life require a concentration of light gases (which move faster) and a degree of warmth. So it still seems unlikely that life could have developed-unlikely, but not impossible.

One interesting point in this theory is that the condensation and build-up process is presumed to be continuing in the form of captured gas and matter from space. Perhaps some day, billions of

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

years from now, Luna may (if not destroyed by collision with the earth) attain a mass great enough to hold an atmosphere …

A third thesis to explain the formation of the moon is that it was somehow torn from what is now the bed of the Pacific Ocean. If so, it could, provided the cataclysm occurred after life-forms had developed here, contain evidences of life similar to our own and go a long way toward solving many perplexing problems. Also, such life could have gone underground when the atmosphere thinned and still be there! It is even possible some forms could have adapted to surface conditions. We are not at all sure of the extent, if any, of the moon’s present atmosphere at ground level. Some of the craters are very deep and could contain a greater concentration of gases. In fact, Pickering, a famous astronomer of the early part of this century, was quite positive that he had seen color changes moving across the bottom of one of the craters and attributed it to the mass migration of some form of insect.

The fourth possibility of Luna’s origin is perhaps the most interesting of all. Here we have the hypothesis that our moon was not formed simultaneously with the earth-that in actuality it is a captured world, perhaps a planet in its own right which strayed too close to the earth and was forced into an orbit.

In this event, any number of fascinating probabilities exist. It could have formed in a colder zone which permitted the existence of an atmosphere for a longer period-an atmosphere which may have been stripped from it by its close approach to earth. It could even have been (if, indeed, they were formed that way) one of the globes involved in the collision which formed the asteroids-and at that time have been much larger. Even the concept that it came as an interloper from outer space, perhaps from another solar system, is not beyond the bounds of possibility. In this event., who knows what traces of fantastic life-forms-even the living creatures themselves-we may find.

Our landing on the moon will certainly prove to be one of the most exciting events in the entire history of mankind. It may also prove to be one of the most surprising!

– Bill Crawford

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Kindliness antedates psychiatry by hundreds of years; its antiquity should not lessen your opinion of its usefulness.

AUGUST, 1966                           7



(A continuation of the analysis of the relationships between the three sciences-physical, social and spiritual.)

One of the principal reasons for the relatively slow- progress of the social and spiritual sciences is that there has never been a large scale effort to determine and to record the area of general agreement in either of these two sciences. Consequently, they have largely lost their status as sciences, and are now generally considered only as arts. The theories and the postulates of the leaders are accepted by their particular group of followers because of the aesthetic or the emotional appeal of the postulate rather than because of its proven validity.

The determination and the recording of the area of general agreement in the physical science was undertaken many years ago and has been diligently pursued ever since. The unity created by this body of mutual agreement is one of the greatest factors in the. rapid development of the physical science.

Today the world traveler can purchase a text book of physics in Moscow, another in Pled China, in India, Cuba, or even in North Viet Nam. If he compares each of these text hooks with those written and published in the United States he will discover that in each of them there are a number of definite and precisely stated rules and laws which are accepted by physicists the world over, regardless of their race, creed or color, or of their political or economic beliefs. This area of general agreement forms a platform from which successful expeditions into the unknown can be launched, although such expeditions inevitably result in some disagreement among those who participate.

Two or more scientists may develop completely different theories to account for the same phenomena, but since they are working from the same platform, precise tests can be formulated for the purpose of demonstrating the relative merits of the various theories. Be-cause the scientists have all accepted, in advance, the rules upon which the tests are based, they are all equally bound by the results of the tests, and must accept the theory which proves to have the

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

greatest merit; at least until a better theory or better tests have been devised.

There has never been a war which resulted from disagreement in the physical science, although the science is utilized to the utmost in the prosecution of wars which result from disagreement in the social or spiritual sciences.

The formulation of the area of mutual agreement in these two sciences will not be an easy task. It will require the cooperation of large numbers of highly trained and well educated persons from all Darts of the earth. It will be a somewhat expensive task since it requires the gathering together of those who undertake it, and it may require a year or more to complete, even its preliminary form. It is, however, a task which must be accomplished in the relatively near future if this civilization is to survive.

In our next. issue we will discuss the methods which might he used to determine and record the area of mutual agreement in the social Science.

–Daniel W. Fry

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(This article appeared in The Japan Times, an English newspaper, December 28, 1965, in the “Readers Exchange” column by Jean Pearce. )

“CBA International has been in existence some nine years in Japan, but few are familiar with its activities. There are three main divisions, one for scientific research, one for emergency defense and one galled the International Sky Scouts. Their business Investigating reported and rumored flying saucer activities. “This is in answer to a question from a reader who is interested in learning of such activities in Japan. He is in the right country. Japan may well be the world’s most active country in this field… “Active indeed is the International Sky Scout organization, claiming many world famous members in science and space flight fields. The junior group in Japan has more than 5,000 Members… They hold sky watch meetings, exhibitions to inform schoolmates of their activities, and field surveys of ancient sites where space visitors might have landed in the past. Long range plans call for preparations

AUGUST, 1966                           9

 for the day when interplanet communications will be necessary.

“Saucer enthusiasts will want to visit Haiopira in Hokkaido. Ancient Ainu legends have been interpreted by saucer scholars into a fascinating recounting of visitors from outer space who arrived by shining space ship and taught agricultural methods to the inhabitants. To commemorate the occasion, a park is being constructed on file site by CBA  (Cosmic Brotherhood Assn.) International. Last June 24, when the 18th International Flying Saucer Day- was held there, enthusiasts reported the sighting of hundreds of flying saucers and mother-ships, and have the photos to prove it…. The visitors show up each year on the anniversary of their ancient landings.

“Kyushu has its stories of ancient flying saucers, too. Near Kumamoto, on August I by the old lunar calendar, there appears a remarkable and l mysterious fire which consists of hundreds of orange lights. The phenomenon has been occurring for 1000 years or so which eliminates the common explanation of fishing boat lights. Saucer supporters propose that this Shiranui, or unknown fire, is part of a great space matsuri, celebrating the landing of space people in ancient times. It is even suggested that the pre-Ainu language, which many scholars credit with the origin of names relating to nature, may actually have coma from some presently unknown space language.

“Tombs in Kyusha, according to CBA officials, support their view. Unusual circular markings in bright colors decorate these tombs. Such markings are not found elsewhere, nor can they be readily identified with other drawings. The colors are the same as the space ships sighted during the celestial matsuri. And they are shaped like saucers.

“Then there is the fascinating suggestion that the Jomon pottery figures in their strangely modern outfits actually are models of early space men….

“If this seams far out to you, there is a practical aspect to the organization’s work An Emergency Defense Division is trained to assist during critical or dangerous times. Training proved effective in 1962 when special squads were sent to Fukui Prefecture to assist with reconstruction following a damaging snow storm.”

Curious? Want more Information? Write CBA International, Naka P.O. Box 12, Yokohama, Japan.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

world report

Fire Ball Study

(Medford Mail Tribune, June 13, 1966, by Joseph L. Myler)

WASHINGTON (UPI) – Two Westinghouse scientists have developed a theory which they say explains the frightful Kugelblitz.

Kugelblitz is ball lightning, and reports of its scary antics from time to time have, indeed, sounded a bit imaginative.

But, although rare, ball lightning may well exist, according to Drs. M. A. Uman and C. W. Helstrom of the Westinghouse Research Laboratories, Pittsburgh. With the help of an electronic computer, Uman and Helstrom have shown mathematically that natural forces can produce ball lightning. A report on their work, supported in part by the Office of Naval Research, was published in a recent issue of the Journal of Geophysical Research.

By comparing how science says ball lightning could perform with eyewitness accounts of how it assertedly has performed, it may be possible to determine what is folklore and what is fact.

Kugelblitz apparently is caused by the same general conditions which generate the jagged and brilliant lightning strokes familiar to everybody. But there is little resemblance between the two manifestations.

Ball lightning usually appears, says Westinghouse, as a round moving or hovering blob or glob of light about the size of an orange or small grapefruit. It can be any color. It may last a few seconds or several minutes. It goes away “sometimes quietly, sometimes with a loud bang.”

People have said they saw ball lightning hopping along fences, perching on telephone wires, floating inside airplanes, drifting through windows.

The Westinghouse scientists describe ball lightning as an incandescent region of air leaving a high electrical conductivity through which direct electrical currents funnel between storm clouds and the ground.

AUGUST, 1966                           11

Their calculations indicate that the inner temperature of the ball may range from 6,300 to 10,800 degrees Fahrenheit and that current strength may run from tenths of an ampere to hundreds of amperes. Their theory says a lightning ball of 9,000-degree temperature and eight-inch diameter should be about as bright as a 1,000-watt light bulb.

Such a hall, depending on its shape, may hang stationary in space or move about. It may go away- quietly or blow up with a bang, depending on whether the currents through it gradually fade or are suddenly shut. off or increased.

The conditions which produce ball lightning are special and do not occur often. Just the right amount of air has to be heated by just the right sort of lightning stroke at just the right moment when electrical conditions are just so.

Antigravity Possible, Not Probable

LOS ANGELES (AP April 15, 1966)-Folks who dote on flying saucers and believe the unidentified objects hurry around the sky using antigravity may have something, in theory, says a scientist who doesn’t. believe in flying saucers.

“If there are flying saucers which I doubt, and if they are manned by living beings, which I also doubt,” said Dr. Robert L. Forward, “then the only force that could explain the movements of the saucers would be antigravity.”

By antigravity, scientists mean that a flying body would have its own gravitational field and be immune to the earth’s gravitational pull. Thus people, or anything else inside a flying saucer, could travel safely without being subject to enormous stress, inside the saucer’s field.

“Without antigravity,” Dr. Forward said, “the beings inside the saucers would be crushed-if the saucers accelerate and turn as reports indicate.”

Dr. Forward, a member of the technical staff’ at the Hughes Aircraft Co. research division at nearby Malibu, said, however, that practical use of antigravity seems to be a long way off– perhaps centuries.

“We have a pretty good idea of how to build such antigravity machines, but the great amounts of matter and energy involved would make it very difficult,” he said.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

“Unless there are major breakthroughs in both theories and materials, a practical antigravity device is a long way from realization. I believe, however, that within Einstein’s theory of gravity we will find antigravity possible.”

Medicine for Radiation

(Grants Pass Courier, April 4, 1966)

CORVALLIS (AP)-The Oregon Daily Barometer reports that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration recently had representatives on Campus examining a medicine being developed by Oregon Mate University scientists. The medicine, scientists said, may enable humans to withstand otherwise damaging amounts of radiation.

——— ♦ ———


The February 1966 issue of “Good Business,” a Unity publication. featured a lengthy article by Donald Hatch Andrews, Professor of Chemistry, entitled: The New Unity of Science and Religion.

We can share with you only some of the highlights of the interesting data and conclusions presented by Professor Andrews.

To substantiate his thesis that “the universe is built not of matter but of music,” Prof. Andrews first considers the atom. He points out that the atom is so minute that the human body consists of about five octillion atoms-this is the digit 5 followed by 27 zeros! To make this number comprehensible to the minds of his students, he offers  the following illustration.

Using dried peas to represent atoms he finds that 100 of them fill a bottle one cubic inch in volume. He then calculates that a million peas would fill a refrigerator; a billion would fill his home; a trillion would fill all the homes of a small town; and a quadrillion would  fill all the buildings of a major city like Chicago. he then changes his unit of measurement, using larger areas, as states, covered with a layer of dried peas to a depth of four feet. Still short of required area on planet earth, he covers 250 similar planets with four feet deep, and uses only a septillion peas.

”Finally, we have to go into the farthest reaches of the Milky Way,  collect 1,250,000 planets, each the size of earth, cover each of these  i  with peas to a depth of four feet-and then, at last we have

AUGUST, 1966                           13

five octillion peas (corresponding to the number of atoms in your body.) So you see how small an atom is and how complicated you are.”

In the article, Professor Andrews next explores the inside of the atom, as it was known to scientists in 1920. If the human body were to be extended to a length of over 151 million miles, an atom of calcium would be as big as a balloon one hundred Yards in diameter. The 20 electrons, negatively charged luminous spheres, within this balloon would then be the size of basketballs, revolving in elliptical orbits, as do the planets about the sun. The sun of the atom, positively charged, is the nucleus, which contains nearly all tlie mass of the atom and its atomic energy, yet, on this scale would be only the size of the head of a pin!

“You may wonder,” he says, “what else there is inside the atom and the answer is, `Nothing.’ Nothing but empty space, just these few electronic basketballs revolving around this pin head nucleus and all the rest a vacuum; and since you are made of atoms, you are nothing much but empty space, too.”

From such an analysis of the atom, science developed its mechanistic theory of life, based upon the laws of cause and effect and the law that “the whole is equal to the sum of its parts.” This theory offers no room for human values, moral principles, or the existence of a soul.”

In 1920 new discoveries reversed the direction of scientific thinking. This change Professor Andrews explains with the use of “more powerful glasses” and a “magic hearing aid.” “Now, instead of major and minor chords. . . there are quarter tones, and eight-tones see a vast shimmering sphere of light. . . with waves and ripples. We time up the hearing aid and suddenly we pear music. There are major and minor chords/ . . there are quarter tones, and eighth-tones and beyond these are much finer intervals. .. . “

Although not all scientists agree that such waves and tones exist they admit that the atoms behave as if these waves did exist.

“So it is in terms of `music’ that we leave to interpret the behavior of atoms today. Consequently, the argument is valid that atoms are made of music., that we are made of music, and the whole universe is essentially music.” This then leads to a new philosophy

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

in which, as in music, the whole is more than the suns of the parts. . . .”

“Thus, within your own private universe, your own body, there is this symphony of the whole, this mysterious unity of the spirit that links all your atoms together, that somehow dominates and controls their motions so that you have a coherent pattern of living. This is itself an almost unbelievable miracle… but this same miracle is mirrored in the universe as a whole.”

Studies in cosmology indicate that in proportion to the size of the total universe the atom is to man as man is to the universe. “In other words, in ratio, man stands about midway between the very largest and the very smallest sizes we recognize as significant in the universe.”

With much omitted, we conclude our summary of Professor Andrew’s thesis with his statement that

“We know that human life exists, that there is this unifying essence within every living human being that somehow ties together these octillion atoms that make up the human body-this spirit or soul that is the significant essence of life…. Is it any greater . miracle, then, that. just as the body has a soul, the universe has a soul-A Spirit that embraces the whole in unity, but by that very same unity touches every part’? In these terms we can understand how there can be a Creator of the universe who holds in His hands the farthest readies of the stars while He stands close beside each one of us, a loving Father ready to strengthen and sustain us if we turn to Him.”

(If you are interested in reading the entire article please write to Unity School of Christianity, Lee’s Summit., Mo. 64063. The price is 20 cents.)

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An Apology

To Kit Colvin for having inadvertently omitted her name from the article; “From the Unknown,” Published in the June 1966 issue of Understanding.

AUGUST, 1966                           15


It is better to speak of the positive aspect of life than to dwell upon the negative or darker side, but it seems advisable to give the latter some consideration if we are interested in eliminating the undesirable.

Since we instinctively resist and disagree more often than we accept and agree with people and situations, we should give our attention to this unpleasant aspect of our nature. Being unaware, perhaps, of the adverse physical condition; brought on by resentment and critical thoughts, we permit them to control our thinking far too frequently.

On occasion sudden headaches and nausea are brought upon us by negative thinking, as well as other more serious illnesses. It is now believed that many of our current diseases are the result of attitudes of resentment, anger, dislike or hatred. If there is the remotest possibility that this is true, we should take every possible precaution against permitting our thoughts and emotions to follow such patterns of negation.

Who has not heard someone say in disgust, “He makes me sick!,” not realizing that. sickness is experienced when such reactions of repulsion are expressed. How often we are critical – do not hesitate to condemn others for words and actions of which we disapprove because we fail to realize the damage we do ourselves by such attitudes!

To change this behavior pattern in ourselves will necessitate a very close watch over our thoughts and reactions until we have established a new set of habits. Everything is learning, practice and habit.

We know it is possible to become more tolerant and patient with our family and associates, bearing with their faults and weaknesses, as with our own, if we truly desire to be kind and understanding under all circumstances. It is helpful also to be more honest. and humble with ourselves, since self-deception, is a fault common to each of us.

-Esther Lowery

——— ♦ ———

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

book reviews

Forgotten Heritage

(Brinsley Le Poer Trench Neville Spearman, Ltd., 112 Whitfield S t. London W 1,$4.00)

Brinsley Le Poer Trench, (author of The Sky People and Men Among Mankind) in Forgotten Heritage examines some of the most significant and long-lived ideas of humanity concerning its own origins.

In the first eleven chapters the author presents an objective and realistic background of the origins and evolutions of the religions of the world since antiquity. The remainder of the book considers man’s ancient concepts as to his origin and entry into what is termed the “chemical universe.”

According to the most ancient teachings the number of universes is four, inhabited by beings identified as Cosmic Man, The Sons of God, the Sons of Man and the Children of Earth. Within the four, there are those who are equally at home? within any one of the dimensions,  and no doubt the great Teachers who have come to us have been  “Sons of God” or from the universe of Cosmic Man.

Anyone eager to expand his horizons will obtain a startling view Of the possibilities of the universal whole; will more fully understand our position in the chemical universe as well as the esoteric intangibles we sense as part of our being.

As the author states, “Our own divine heritage is not local, or universal, but Cosmic, and definitely not of one small world.” :l book to expand the mind, stir the senses, and perhaps bring remembrance  to the soul.

-Jan Daily

AUGUST, 1966                           17

Poet’s corner

My Brother’s Keeper

If I’m to be my brother’s keeper, as the good Book says I must,

Do I have the right to side-step those who grovel in the dust?

May I pick and choose my brothers because they appeal to me,

And ignore those who have need of me? Is brotherhood that free?

Because I was born Caucasian, must my brother be one too?

Am I so small in mind and soul I have no room for you

Because your skin’s a different color, your faith unknown to me?

Have I the right to spurn you because of what I see?

Is not. true brotherhood a meeting of the inner souls of men?

If he’s white or black or yellow, would it make a difference when

I meet him in infinity, where only love is borne,

And his beauty is released from the shell which it has worn?

When I have no earthly body to guide me in my choice,

Just the shining soul God gave him; the love-lilt in his voice;

Will I not be happy in remembering that I knew and understood,

And ignored his mortal origin and shared my brotherhood?

-M. M. Corley

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING


(From Understanding, Aug.-Sept., 1956)

Everyone is called upon to adjust, himself to certain persons and situations, for there are many differences of viewpoint, of aspiration, of taste, of disposition. In our home, at our work, wherever we may find ourself, we can adjust ourself happily to our world. The secret of such adjustment is to learn to look beyond the things that seem difficult to approve of or understand to the good that is surely present.

When we approach an experience with love and understanding we move through it poised and content, we contribute something substantial and helpful to it, and we gain understanding and wisdom from it.

The practice of looking for something good in every person and in every situation creates a flexibility of mind and openness of heart that enables us to make adjustments without resistance or struggle; that inspires us to minimize the failings or shortcomings of others; that helps us to keep faith in the divine idea that underlies. all.

-Daily Word

——— ♦ ———

bulletin board

Change of Address

Unit Presidents please note that the new address of the Understanding Organizational Chairman, Mrs. Esther Stilgebouer, is now: P.O. Box 626, Morongo Valley, Calif. 92256.

AUGUST, 1966                           19

The new address of C. R. Gahlbeck, President of Unit 15, Inglewood. Calif., is now: 1515 W. 170th Street, Lawndale, Calif. 90260.

Merlin News

The day President Daniel W. Fry headed for Reno, Nevada to represent Understanding, Inc. at the 3rd National Flying Saucer Convention of Afsca, he first had to put in an appearance at the Medford TV station and then hurry back to Grants Pass to speak on a radio program. The “Voice of Understanding” is still operating-in the person of Dr. Fry!

The Merlin Unit has recently reopened its Understanding Library. Hours are 7 to 9, Monday through Friday, at the Merlin Development Company Building, in the center of Merlin. If you are, within travelling distance, please come to share the excellent reading material available.

The Unit 1 monthly Discussion Group will commence again on Wednesday, September 70, 8 P.M., at the home of the Campbells, 7035 Monument Drive. All are welcome.

Mark Your Calendars

Announcement has been received that the Tenth Annual Northern California Space-Craft Convention will be held at the Claremont Hotel in Berkley, California, October 28, 29 and 30.

Sponsors for the three day meeting are Understanding, Inc., represented by Dr. Daniel W. Fry; The Wisdom Pool, by Col. Arthur J. Burks; Borderland Sciences Research Associates by Riley H. Crabb. A new magazine, Source Unlimited, also appears as a sponsor.

detailed listing of other speakers will appear in our September issue. The Convention arrangements are in the care of Mrs. Angela Kilsby and Cynthia McKercher.

A banquet is scheduled for Friday evening to introduce the speakers and to present a special program.

Information and literature can be had by calling 334-1158 or 681-5077 in San Francisco; or 293-4743 in Los Angeles; or by writing to Mrs. Kilsby, 1265 Monterey Blvd, San Francisco, 94127.

Election of Officers

The election of officers for Unit 37, Buffalo, New York, took place

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

during their Sixth Annual Banquet on May 26th at the First Trinitarian Church.

Congratulations are in order for the new officers: President, Mrs. Marie A. Hale (58 Berwyn Ave., Buffalo, 14215) ; Vice-President, Donald G. Raupp; Treasurer, George Admas; Corresponding Secretary, Gary Herrnreiter; Recording Secretary, Paul Swing; and Chaplain, Mrs. Cora Pranter.

Mr. Norman Weis was voted the honorary title of ambassador of Pubic Relations for his outstanding lecture work in the Saucer field.

Mrs. James Czerwinski (68 Moeller St., Buffalo, N. Y., 14311) was appointed Librarian for the National Understanding Library which is operated under the auspices of Unit 37. Mr. Czerwinski expects to soon release a new book list of reading materials avail-able to Understanding members.

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