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Published by ‘Understanding’, a non-profit corporation





VOLUME XI                                 JULY, 1966                                                 NUMBER 7

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


The recent Man In Space Symposium which was held in Dunsmuir, Calif., on June 3rd, 4th and 5th, was an event which will long remain in the memory of those who attended.

It was one of the most interesting space conventions which have ever been held, even though the untimely bus strike resulted in the attendance being considerable less than had been anticipated.

New information became available, not only to the audience, but also to those who organized the meeting.

A complete registration was made of each person who attended, and this made it possible to undertake a careful study of the attendance pattern.

The audience and the speakers arrived by various modes of transportation. Airs. Margaret Bosley came from Scotia, New York to Bedding, Calif., by air from Bedding to Mt. Shasta by hitch-hike; and from Mt.. Shasta back to Dunsmuir by taxi. Truly, a very resourceful and determined lady who would not allow any obstacle to prevent her attendance!

Mr. and Airs. Jacob Lester arrived from Jacksonville, Florida; Mr. and Mrs. William Knowles from Seattle Washington, and Mr.

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

and Mrs. Charles H Clarke from San Diego. Thus all of the extreme corners of the Continental United States were represented at the symposium. Lee McHugh of Alberta, Canada, represented our good neighbors to the north.

Mr. & Mrs. Ben Hensevelt live in Missouri, and like all good Missourians, they came to find out for themselves. Stella Marlott came from Des Moines. Iowa; Professor Frank Salisbury from Fort Collins, Colorado, and Myrna Packham from Ogden, Utah.

(The registration sheets are not available to your editor at this moment and so he cannot make a complete list of those who arrived from remote places, but a total of twelve states were represented, and the surprising number of eighty nine different cities).

Our computer indicates that the average distance travelled by all of those who attended was a little more than three hundred miles each! If all of the distances travelled were laid end to end they would reach about three times around the world.

One somewhat disappointing, although rather typical fact emerged from the attendance study. Although most of the people travelled hundreds, and some of them thousands, of miles to attend the Symposium, only ten people from Dunsmuir itself were registered.

It would appear that Symposiums, like prophets are, “not without honor, save in their own land and among their own people!”

——— ♦ ———


To whom it may concern:

My name is John Williams; I am 15 years of age, and in the 9th grade. I have been interested in the subject of UFOs for 3 years. For some time now, I have been reading “Understanding” (copies I had borrowed from a friend) and I find that UFOs are not the most important thing in the world. Our world is in need of help, is in need of Love, Peace, Understanding, and Wisdom. Thinking about this disturbed me greatly; I just had to find a way to express to someone how I felt. Something inside of me wanted out, and I gave it freedom. About two weeks ago, I gave a speech to 3 classes of 32 students each. I felt so relieved after giving my speech; whatever was in me was now free.

JULY, 1966                                  8

Here is my speech, the one I gave to 96 students two weeks ago. I have included it herein because I felt that if God should give me the right and privilege of speaking to 96 of His loved ones, on the subject I did, maybe it would be important to Him that I make it known to the world. I am thus offering it to you for publication in Understanding.”

Sincerely, John M. Williams


Who am I? I am a part of man-that undiscovered part, that part of which man is totally unaware. I am here for a purpose, a purpose which must be fulfilled. I have a goal to reach and so little time in which to reach it. I am that part which keeps man from having prejudices, from fighting and from quarreling. It shall be my task to bring mankind closer together, to unite all of mankind in a bond of loving friendship. It is a very hard task to perform. Each step mankind takes is a step backwards and a little closer to death and destruction, and each day I try harder and ‘ harder to surge forth from every man’s soul.

Mankind is not living up to his true purpose of existence. Alan is in a “false state of being,” so to speak. A state of being which speaks for itself. Look around you at the world as a whole. You shall see how man is transforming the world into a “chamber of horrors.” Look as I have looked and you shall see. Project in your mind’s eye an image of our world today. You shall see bitter warfare, blood shed, pollution of our air and water, natural resources running out, children without homes, population explosion, poverty, thousands of starving people and children in China and India, communism lurking forward with uncanny speed, infecting country after country, the H-bomb-an unimaginable horror, Red China-threat of the world, war in Viet Nam, Civil Rights and segregation. Selfish white men unwilling to lend a helping hand to a colored race.

Ever since time began, man has been busily working trying to better and make the world more comfortable to live in, by his inventions. Man indeed had the right idea in mind, but as time went on the picture changed, and thus was the beginning of mankind’s

9                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Endless chain of unforgivable errors. Man stepped out of line and as a result he shall never be able to enjoy true life and live in peace and harmony as the Creator intended. Man began to learn and put into practice the meanings of the words hatred, greed and war. Man begin having senseless quarrels with his brothers in other lands. They fought over land, certain men wanted control of the world. Others just loved to fight out of sheer hate for one another. Soon there arose great armies and vast navies, all of which met their fate in merciless combat. Bitter wars broke out and man slaughtered inflicting pain and spilling blood onto the ground. Today the blood is still spilling, in even greater streams. Yes, it seems as though mankind has truly lost all meaning of the words love and understanding, for all eternity.

The word “MAN” has great meaning. It is a gallant and universal word. It means Hope, Love, Victory, and Universal harmony. But does man deserve this title? Definitely not. Man can no longer be truly called “MAN” for in this day and age, he no longer possess the traits and qualities previously mentioned. Alan is no longer that marvelous creature he once was in the beginning.

All of mankind is living in a world of `slavery.’ I have used the term ‘slavery’ because this is the condition which people all over the world are in today. Mankind is a slave bound by his own workings. Yes my friends, I pity man for his reluctance to realize his true purpose in being on this planet. But yet man persists on making himself and those be comes in contact with a slave to his own work. A slave cannot progress, and when a slave does progress it will only mean slavery for others. What is to happen? Is all of mankind going to enslave itself in an isolated world?

Yes my friends, every time I offer myself to mankind I am rejected and turned down. Mankind says to me, “Go away, we’re too busy with other things to bother with you, our problems are complicated enough without you.”I am overcome with sadness and fear at these words of mankind. Then I think to myself, “Foolish mankind, if only you knew. You would not have the complicated problems you do, if only you would have accepted me into your world.”

Now as I look off into the future, I see a desolate cinder spinning endlessly through time and space, void of all life and meaning. Yes, this is planet earth, the  every man will help in destroying.”

JULY, 1966                                  5

And I, I will be chained to this lifeless planet always to view the horror which mankind turned his home into, because be rejected me, because he is too busy to bother with me. This will be mankind’s final outcome. However, mankind will be given one chance, one chance in which he must transform his world before it is too late. Mankind must accept ME. Once this has become accomplished, mankind will be able to transform this reckless planet into a world of undreampt beauty.


——— ♦ ———



(With the April editorial we commenced a series of articles which review the basis of dedication for the Understanding Organization. Part 3 concluded with the statement of the Great Problem: the imbalance of a rapidly growing superstructure of physical science upon a much slower evolving basis of spiritual and social science.) The collapse is not the result of any inherent weakness of the superstructure or of the foundation, but is caused only by the disproportionate rate of growth.

If a contractor were to attempt to erect a high-rise building upon a foundation which had been designed only to support a single story structure, it would be a virtual certainty that, at some point in the construction, the building would sag or totter. If the sagging and the tottering were ignored by the contractor, and the building process were continued indefinitely and without reference to the foundation, a time would certainly come when the structure would collapse completely.

Most contractors, however, employ engineers who are familiar with the laws of physics and with the strength of materials, and so are able to design foundations which are capable of supporting safely tile superstructure which is to rest upon them.

Unfortunately, the natural laws and the working rules which govern the development of the social and spiritual sciences are not so well known nor so generally accepted as those which govern the-growth of the material science.  The “engineers” are far too few,

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

and their plans and specifications are usually ignored or rejected.

This is the great problem which will inevitably arise during the development of any civilization anywhere in the universe. The problem is one which is simple to define and easy to understand, and the solution becomes apparent as soon as the problem is completely understood.

We can easily apply this general statement of the great problem to the specific position in which our own civilization and our society find themselves at the present time. If we examine the statistics of human effort in the advanced countries of this planet, we will find that, of the sum total of man-hours of human effort expended in these countries, about eighty percent are devoted to the material science. The remaining twenty percent is divided, about equally, between the social and spiritual sciences, each receiving about ten percent of the total of human thought and effort.

If we examine our present situation closely, we are soon forced to the realization that the size and strength of the foundation which can be created by the application of only twenty percent of the total effort must. eventually prove inadequate to support the massive and towering structure which is being created by the application of eighty percent. Already the structure is beginning to totter somewhat upon its foundation, and unless some means can be found to direct a larger percentage of our total effort toward the strengthening of the foundation, our civilization and our society face eventual and inevitable disaster.

Our entire race is now in constant danger of total destruction through the application of nuclear weapons; yet, these weapons are an agency which we, ourselves, have created! Why should a race be destroyed by their own creations? Simply because they have not progressed far enough in the foundation sciences to enable them to control the things they create!

Most of the critical problems which beset our present civilization stem, directly or indirectly, from the one great problem.

In coming issues of this magazine we will consider some of these specific problems and seek specific solutions.

-Daniel W. Fry

——— ♦ ———

JULY, 1966                                  7


In a tree-shaded cemetery near Middlebury, Vermont, there is a grave with a small tombstone that reads:


Two years, son of Sen-Wonset, 3D,

King of Egypt

b. 1885 B.C.                                d. 1883 B.C.

The story of this grave began 3,851 years ago, with the birth of a sickly son to King Sen-Wonset the third of Egypt. The child’s name was Amun-Her-Khepes-Et. Two years later the little prince died and was buried in a royal tomb in the revered Valley of the Kings.

In 1850 A.D., thieves broke into the tomb looking for gold. They stole the tiny mummy of Amun-Her-Khepes-Et and sold it to some vagabonds. In 1886 Henry Sheldon of the Sheldon Museum in Vermont obtained the mummy and it was in the museum that it rested on display until 1945.

By that time the wrappings of the little mummy had deteriorated so much that some museum officials decided to dispose of it as rubbish at the city dump. They were stopped by Mr. George Walcott Mead, head of the museum. He was horrified. He felt that no human remains, no matter how old or how small, should be so treated-much less those of a glorious prince of ancient Egypt.

At Mead’s own expense the mummy was cremated and given a Christian burial. A minister read the twenty-third Psalm at the graveside. The headstone was inscribed with an epitaph and marked with the cross and the Egyptian symbols for life and soul.

Three years later, Mead himself passed away. Today he lies beside the little prince in the cemetery – a testament to the understanding and respect between two human beings separated by almost 40 centuries.

-John Brewer

——— ♦ ———

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING


Among the challenging titles of brochures received from DATA are such titles as: Export Your Know How; A Gift of Life; and Aid by Mail for Developing Countries.

What then is Data, and how does it implement the above goals and others of like nature?

Data-Development and Technical Assistance-was founded in 1958 by Wil Rose, and serves as “an international switch board to put Americans who see technical problems overseas in immediate contact with people here at home who can provide down-to-earth solutions.”

Wil Rose, on a round the world trip, discovered that Americans abroad who desired to assist their neighbors solve their every day problems did not know how. Meanwhile, in America, were many who knew the answers but were unaware of specific problems overseas. Obviously, a clearing house for problems and solutions was needed. Thus was born Data!

A headquarters in Palo Alto, California, now seems to provide the needed technical and development assistance to fit the needs of peoples in developing nations simply- by connecting the actual problems with the people who have volunteered their services, all through the mails.

In addition to our armed services personnel, there are some 300,000 Americans overseas at all times. Many are aware of human suffering and degradation but are personally helpless to change situations. A letter to Data can result in a solution, for Data has a team of volunteers-over 1000 individuals and service organizations-engineers, doctors, teachers, mechanics, builders, butchers, research experts, etc., to offer assistance and know how.

In contrast to the more impersonal government “give-away” programs, this is an individual “give-away” program which, therefore, better preserves the dignity of man by avoiding the humiliation associated with charity. To receive information, advice and technical knowledge provides opportunities for self-help and employment. Until local educational resources are adequate, specific. answers for immediate needs, as provided by Data, are indeed a welcome gift.

JULY, 1966                                  9

The membership plan has made possible the handling of over 75 questions monthly. The files of Data list some 1800 Americans ready to share their technical, professional, mechanical, or other knowledge, in answer to a call for help. The full time paid staff of five is implemented by 50 volunteers to handle the voluminous mail. From 3 to 5 experts are contacted for any one inquiry. Solutions are sent to Data Headquarters, within three weeks, are then evaluated and combined before being mailed to the original inquirer. The information is as detailed and comprehensive as possible. The American making the request is expected to help the foreign nationals involved translate the words into action.

Data makes no charge for its services and pays no fees to its problem solvers, many of whom are retired people. Support for the program comes entirely from the $12 yearly memberships of those interested in the work. Additional $12 contributions by people here provide memberships for Americans working abroad.

Where people may be suspect of government experts, money and materials, sensing that “their good will or political allegiance is being sought,” irrespective of the purity of our motives, this .”postal peace corps” service creates a personal respect and affection for those “who thought enough to become involved,” and thus friendship is promoted.

Among the 3000 queries already processed have been answers to:  How to improve crops and herbs; how to build smokeless fireplaces; bow to improve drinking water; how to make soap, or glue, from native materials; bow to build simple chapels or rider bridges; how to promote education through the use of radio programs. These are but a few of varied areas covered, each answer contributing much to those in need.

Data offers a program for untold numbers of capable career people who may give away (and still retain for their own use) valuable information through the mails, to meet the needs of their fellow men on a person-to-person basis, “where true compassion belongs.”

To volunteer your services or for further information please contact Data, 437 Calif. Ave., Palo Alto, Calif. 94303. You will be glad you did!

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING


(From Understanding, July 1956)

The Chinese have an ancient legend that their ancestors came from the Moon in a huge spaceship. Many of the old world religions have myths and stories that man originally came from other planets and intermarried with the creatures they found on earth. Scientists have been searching for many years to discover the “Missing Link” which they hope will prove that man’s physical evolution was a gradual process from beast to man.

We de not expect to imprint our opinions on your mind nor do we intend to prove beyond any doubt that our ancestors came from another planet. However, just as an exercise we would like to submit certain thoughts and ideas to your mentality for consideration. We know that in an infinite universe there are unlimited possibilities. Who can say definitely with authority that anything did not or could not occur?

In the Holy Bible which is our best authority (even if you are not a church going Christian) concerning the history of man on earth, we find references to intelligences which existed prior to the creation of our planet Earth. The Seven Spirits before the Throne, the Cheribum and Seraphim, the Elohim, Lucifer and his angelic hosts, are all figures of mystery. It is certainly not sacrilege to state that other worlds and other creatures existed from time immemorial and proceeded homo sapiens in the path of evolution.

Why is there a sudden jump from the beast-like creatures such as the Java Man, the Cro-Magnon, the Neanderthal and other brutes, to the erect, modern-type creatures we know as Homo Sapiens. Very seldom is there a sudden jump in human or animal forms. There will be a few sports or new types but they seldom endure unless there is careful and selective breeding. Where did Homo Sapiens come from if not from another world?

In Genesis (Holy Bible) we are told that the Sons of God walked the earth and looked upon the daughters of men and found them fair and took them as wives. As a result of this union there began to be a great upsurge in mental and spiritual growth. But eventually the sons and daughters of such a union fell away from the teachings of their ancestors and a period of darkness resulted. This is the

JULY, 1966                                  11

history of all mankind; a new impetus comes on the scene; there is a rise; gradually the movement loses its dynamic force and the backswing follows.

If we will admit that we are not the first (and far from the most advanced) human beings to exist, then it will not be difficult for us to conceive of human beings from other planets wishing to explore and colonize the infant planet Earth. It is certainly a human trait to seek newer and greener pastures.

It is certainly even possible that many of the spacemen now in our vicinity are eager to land here, to colonize and intermarry. Certainly we can use with advantage a new upsurge of spiritual and mental force which is untainted with our mercenary, hostile and materialistic habits of thinking and behavior.

What do you think?

-Stanley Spears

——— ♦ ———

world report

Search For Messages

(Lowell Sun, May, 1966)

CAMBRIDGE (AP) – A Philosopher says there should be a “serious and sophisticated” effort to probe the universe for messages from intelligent life on other worlds even though we almost will certainly fail.

Dr. Lewis W. Beck, chairman of the University of Rochester Philosophy Department, concluded in an interview, his ideas  on extraterrestrial life in a series of statements he says only sound inconsistent

“I believe there are many abodes of intelligent life in the universe.

“I believe many of them are inhabited by organisms with intelligence far higher than ours.

“I believe many of them are capable of sending, and may be sending, messages to us.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

“I do not believe we ever will receive or, if we receive, understand se messages.

“I believe, therefore, we will never know whether there are such intelligent beings or not.

“But I believe we should make serious and sophisticated efforts to find out in spite of the high probability- of failure.”

Despite the odds, Beck who was here for a Rochester alumni meeting, said the question is too important to put aside.

“If we suppose,” he said, “there are intelligent beings elsewhere in the universe who are wondering, as we are, whether they are alone, then it is not unreasonable to suppose we and they just might be able to discover each other’s existence.”

Beck endorsed as “excellent” a recent Soviet proposal at the International Astronomical Union for an international effort to search for signals from other worlds.

The cost of such a search, he said, would not be great if several radio telescopes were used at different times.

The philosopher bases his belief in the existence of life elsewhere partly on the vast number of stars in the universe that have planets where life could arise as it has here.

Cardinal OKs Protestant Bible

(Grants Pass Courier, May 26, 1966)

BOSTON (AP)-Richard Cardinal Cushing, archbishop of Boston, has given official Roman Catholic approval to a Protestant version of the Bible.

The move, described by a priest as a “breakthrough for the ecumenical movement,” means Roman Catholics everywhere can use the Revised Standard Version of the Oxford Bible.

The approval covers “common usage,” such as home Bible reading and study groups, but does not extend to liturgical use. Cardinal Cushing gave the version his approval, known as an ” imprimatur,”  late last month.

An imprimatur is permission from an ecclesiastical authority that a book may be safely read by- Roman Catholics without damage to faith or   morals.

Knut Hammarskjold

(Time Magazine, June 3, 1966)

The swamp gas might have been particularly thick around

JULY, 1966                                  13

Manhattan that day, Knut Hammarskjold, 44, director general of the International Air Transport Association, was conjuring up otherworldly aircraft at a meeting of the Aviation Space Writers Association. I must make a confession,’ said Knut, whose uncle Dag Hammarskjold was rather a mystic before him. ‘I believe in those Unidentified Flying Objects. Is it really unlikely that there exist civilizations outside our planet which are more developed, both technically and mentally, than we are? Are these space neighbors of ours getting more interested in what we are doing as. our own technical abilities develop?’ “

Radiated Fish Cakes

(Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., flay- 31, 1966, Paul Harvey, Jr.)

CORVALLIS (AP)-Russel Sinnhuber, professor of food technology at Oregon State University, is director of an Army-sponsored project that has developed a method of preserving fish cakes by exposing them to gamma rays. The cakes can be preserved for a year.

The Atomic Energy Commission is sending him to the International Symposium on Food Radiation which meets in Germany, June 6-10. He will tell the two hundred delegates that these fish cakes “could be a partial solution to the world’s food problem.”

Sinnhuber points out that many millions of people are starving for lack of protein, which the fish cakes could provide. He notes, however, that perhaps the taste will not be acceptable.

Denver Twitches

(Times-Post Service, Washington, D. C. February 19, 1966)

WASHINGTON D.C. – Government scientists have confirmed that a case of geological jitters near Denver appears to have been caused by the underground disposal of wastes from a nearby Army arsenal, where war chemicals are made and stored.

The Interior Department’s geological survey said that the pumping of waste fluids down a 12,000 foot deep disposal well “appears to be a significant cause” of hundreds of minor earthquakes re-corded in the area during the past four years.

Survey officials consider it highly- unlikely, however, that the chemical nature of the wastes themselves has anything to do with the quakes. Rather, it’s their present theory that the millions of

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

gallons pumped down the well caused rock movements along a geological fault at the bottom, which in turn caused the twitches on top.

David Evans, consulting geologist, has speculated that pumping fluid down such wells might actually be a means of preventing disastrous earthquakes. The practice might ease stress along faults in a series of minor, controlled tremors that would act, as a safety valve to prevent a major quake.

——— ♦ ———


(From the Winter, 1966, volume of “Oasis,” publication of The Caravan of Last and West, Great Britain.)

The Caravan is a cosmopolitan movement uniting the minds and hearts of men and women, boys and girls. They are potential world citizens, who dedicate their lives to the task of abolishing all frontiers between nations and races, by first eradicating in themselves all religious and political prejudice, removing all traces of hatred, bigotry and fanaticism. Theirs is a democratic fellowship, a way of living, an open arena for service… The Caravan knows that although creeds vary and rituals and ceremonies differ, the founders of the great religions have taught the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man . . . “

Among the activities toward oneness the Caravan encourages international correspondence. Among its most active correspondents is “Uncle Julius” (Mr. Korsak, of Budapest, Hungary). Uncle Julius and his wife, Vilma, have made of their home a center for friendship. Letters come from all parts of the world, from 370 friends in 30 countries!

When 21, Uncle Julius longed to see the world but as it was financially impossible he decided to bring the world to him. Now at 82, “charming, witty, highly amusing” and always interesting, he radiates through his letters friendship and affection for all humanity.

“Tokyo for the Olympic games; India, or Israel, during the visit of Pope Paul; Paris in the Spring, or any other season for that matter; Berlin when the “wall” is opened; Japan again during the Cherry Blossom Festival: Mexico for a gala Fiesta, and the wedding of a friend; Korea for a University graduation party; a trip up the

JULY, 1966                                  15

is Nile River, and a look at the Sphinx, or mystic pyramids, with a side trip to visit a reigning Sheik thrown in for added interest; a conducted tour of the world-famous Disneyland, and many, many more places, well known, and not so well known.”

This, too, can be your itinerary of world travel-by pen, paper and postage stamps.

——— ♦ ———


As a publicity release, Unit. 59 of Bergen County, New Jersey, has issued a flyer indicating their concepts of Understanding and how they work for their ideals. It reads

What is Understanding? It is our way of promoting the idea of Peace, by ‘Getting to Know You,’ and your way of life-You, my next door neighbor-You, my friend-and You from another land. To know you is to understand-To Understand is to Love.

What Do We Do? In addition to hearing interesting and thought-provoking speakers, and having stimulating discussion groups, in which we Share our ideas and goals, we are also a service group, striving to put into action our philosophy.

What is the Purpose of Joining with Others to Promote Understanding? Although much can be and has been accomplished by the individual, still more can be done by people of like mind who unite with a common purpose-a genuine desire to Understand, and to help others to help themselves. Where there is unity, there is strength. The understanding, love, and sincere motivation to serve emanating from one individual is great. Increase this 10 or 20 times, and you have an even greater force for Good.

Do you want to join with us in ‘adopting’ a Korean War Orphan? Do you want to volunteer your help in community organizations? Do you want to share your ideas and thoughts with those of other countries ?

Do you want to know yourself better that you may thereby know your neighbor better I

Do you want to be one with a group with whom you may share your aims, thoughts, experiences, books?

Do you want to participate in a study group?

We Welcome You in the Spirit of Greater Understanding!

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Poet’s corner

Color Blindness

The world would be a better place

For men of every clime and race

And there would be more peace of mind

If all mankind were color blind.

The racial problems that involve

The universe would then resolve

And prejudice and needless fear

Would permanently disappear.

May men be blind to race and creed

And kind in thought and word and deed

For Christ who died for all mankind

Because of Love was color blind.

– Mrs. C. T. Humphrey

JULY, 1966                                  17

book reviews

Flying Saucers Over Australia

(James Holledge, 50 cents, Horwitz Publications, Inc., 39 Martin Place, Sydney, Australia.)

Flying Saucers Over Australia is the first UFO book published on this continent, and its release was coincident with the series of “nests” spotted in Tully, Queensland, where flying saucers were presumed to have landed.

The fly leaf of this paperback asks such questions as: Have you seen Flying Saucers in your area lately? Why are they here over Australia? Will they ever contact us? The test then gives details of Australian sightings and answers some of the other questions by references to the works of George Adamski, Cedric Allingham and George King.

This small volume, with diagrams and photos, will be of particular interest to the UFO enthusiasts desirous of details of sightings in other countries, for dates, names and places are given of sightings in Australia beginning with June, 1950.

Transcripts of “44”

(E. Blanche Pritchett, Ph. D., Marcap Council, Arlington, Wash $2)

On July 9, 1965, a man called in to the late night telephone particition program of radio station KST Salt Lake City, and delivered the first of a series of highly intriguing presentations.

He claimed that his job is governmental communications, and that he is well known within his region of operations. Thus, he chose a code name-44.

The five minute dissertations of “44” are complete in themselves, yet related each to the other, and offer information which

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

appears available nowhere else. He has stated that he cannot cite authority for his statements because there is none on this planet at this time!

The information offered regarding “Flying Saucers” and the gigantic Galactic Communication Center mothership seems almost unbelievable, as does the information regarding spiritual universal government. He mentions three undiscovered planets; angels; the Planetary Council; the Aquarian Age; and our galaxy with nearly a quarter million planets inhabited by life of “differing stages of intelligence or spiritual advancement.”

“44” speaks clearly and directly, and with calm assurance and authority. He appears to make no differentiation between science, religion and ships from outer space, but seems rather to present his information from a single unified point of view.

Because of the interest of Dr. E. Blanche Pritchett in the information offered by “44,” she and her staff have undertaken to transcribe and reproduce the presentations in printed form. The first twelve dissertations are now available as “Transcripts of 44,” volume one.

-P. L. Binstock

——— ♦ ———


From Mrs. J. Dallas Purcell we have personally received information of a recent sighting of an UFO. The Purcells live in the vicinity of Sam’s Valley, near Central Point, Oregon.

In the words of Mrs. Purcell then: On April 29th, at 8:40 A. M. I looked out my bedroom window at the cliff’s rising about 500 feet behind our house. I was amazed to see a silver object sailing parallel with the top of the cliff, moving slowly as though it were going to land. The object was curved on top and flat on the bottom, and I estimate that it was about 20 or 30 feet in length.

My window was open but I heard no sound. The blue sky was so clear that if there had been landing gear on the bottom (or a propeller on top of it) I would have had no difficulty seeing it. I called to my husband who came to the window in time to see it moving, which we estimated to be about 40-50 feet above the top of the cliff.

JULY, 1966                                  19

We watched it until it disappeared behind the trees of our yard, which blocked further view of it.

The temperature was around 60 degrees.  The morning sun was shining directly on the object which was located in the western slay.

– Mrs. J. Dallas Purcell, 5/22/66

——— ♦ ———

bulletin board

Esperanto Information

In the June Issue was published “The Story of Esperanto.” Since then we have heard from a friend who offers his services towards promoting the study of Esperanto among the members of Understanding, Inc.

Mr. Carlton A. Caldwell, (P.O. Box 334, Riverside, Calif., 92502) offers to mail to Understanding Unit Presidents, or individual members, information on Esperanto Home Study Courses, texts, pronunciation records, etc.

Mr. Caldwell notes “Since your organization is international, the Esperanto language seems ‘a natural’ to provide for the free exchange of information between various foreign groups and correspondents.”

At Merlin we shall be pleased to bear of your participation in a program to “promote a better understanding among all peoples” through a universal language of communication.

Riley H. Crabb Lectures

Unit 22 of Riverside California concluded its Spring Lecture

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

series with Riley Crabb’s presentation, on June 12th, of “The Invisible Reality Behind Appearances.” The lecture included 35mm slides, and workshop drills in concentration, relaxation and rhythmic breathing.

Open Line

As the “Voice of Understanding,” Dr. Daniel W. Fry participated, on may 25th, on an “Open Line” radio program over station KVJP, in Redding, California.

The program was originally scheduled for one and a half hours but was extended another fifteen minutes because of the intense interest of the radio listeners. The attitude of both the interviewer and the public was most favorable to the material offered.

Address Changes

Understanding Units please note the following changes of address on your Officer Lists. Thank you.

Col. Harry F. May, Director

330 S. New Hampshire Los Angeles, Calif. 90005

Mr. Kenneth Carlson, Unit 72

P. 0. Lox 357 Estonville, Washington.

Magazine Copy

In an endeavor to achieve an earlier release date for the Understanding magazine, the staff announces that copy for publication should reach the Merlin office by the 5th of the month prior to the month of issue. Copy for the August issue is due in Merlin by July 5th. Thank you.

Space Symposium

The Symposium-Man in Space-field in Dunsmuir, California, June 3-4-5, under the sponsorship of Understanding, Inc. and the Good-Will Ambassadors of Mt. Shasta has just been successfully concluded.

Although the attendance numbered only in the hundreds rather than in the thousands, the audience came from as far as New York and Florida. For many, particularly from the local area, New Age Concepts and UFO subjects were new, and thus highly interesting.

Speakers included our own Dr. Daniel W. Fry; Professor Frank Salisbury, Calvin Girvin, Pat Cody, Marianne Francis, Hanna Mayburry, Michael X Barton, Col. Harry F. May, Rev. Violet Gilbert and Gayne Myers.

——— ♦ ———


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