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Published by ‘Understanding’, a non-profit corporation





VOLUME XI                                 JUNE, 1966                                                NUMBER 6

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


During the evening of May 10th your editor witnessed a television show entitled UFO-Friend, Foe or Fantasy, released by CBS with Walter Cronkite as commentator.

The show was a typical propaganda device of the type which is released whenever the sightings of UFO reach a level which begins to arouse public interest. The same old timeworn format was used in the same old way.

Not a single fact was brought out which could have any direct bearing upon the question of the reality of the UFO, although the entire program was strongly slanted in favor of the fantasy theory as, of course, all such programs invariably are.

The show was created from a hodge-podge of cuts taken from other programs which had been released from two to seven years ago, and which have been run and rerun endlessly ever since.

In order to create the impression that the show was an impartial one, several short scenes were presented during the first part of the program, in which exponents of the reality of UFO were shown stating the basis of their belief. The scenes were quite short and were chosen from among those considered least likely to impress the public.

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

After this perfunctory pretense of impartiality the opinions of quote, “Men of Science,” unquote, was sought. Prof. Hynek who became world famous for his “marsh gas” explanation of UFOs was presented, and quickly made his extreme bias obvious to everyone by his statement that, while it was unscientific to say that anything was impossible he felt that it was highly improbable that the universe contained any intelligent life other than that which is found upon this planet. This opinion, of course, makes the good Doctor a member of a very small minority group, since the recent NASA investigation revealed the fact that the great majority of scientists believe that the probability of extraterrestrial life and intelligence is so great that it is tantamount to certainty.

Colonel Tacker, the official ‘debunker’ for the air force was shown in the scene in which he vehemently denies that the air force has ever concealed any information on UFO. His performance would have been more credible if he had spent the time explaining some of the dozens of official documents gathered by NICAP which seem to prove beyond any doubt that certain members of the air force have upon many occasions falsified, concealed, denied the existence of, and access to, UFO data.

A tremendously overrated account was given of the ability of our radar defense to pick up and follow objects in the air. For example, the statement was made that any object in the air, even if it were only the size of a football, would automatically be picked up and followed by the radar system. The fallacy of this statement is constantly being made manifest by the many private planes and the occasional commercial planes, all of which are much larger than a football and yet become lost, even on scheduled flights, and crash without anyone in the radar system having any idea where they are.

The entire purpose of this flattering build up of Norad and commercial radar systems was to create the impression in the minds of uninformed people that UFO have never been picked up on radar ! This ridiculous implication was, of course, the most stupendous bit of bologna in the entire show. Yet it was carried out with a straight face in spite of the fact that newspapers carry weekly, and some-times daily, accounts of UFO which are picked up and followed by radar.

Such presentations as “UFO-Friend, Foe or Fantasy” would

JUNE, 1966                                 3

be laughable if it were not for the fact that they are designed to deceive rather than to inform, and they do succeed in deceiving a considerable number of the less educated and less informed people of this country.

Your editor would like to live long enough to see just one. TV show on the subject of UFO in which each: side of the controversy had an equal opportunity to present their views, and an opportunity to refute the more ridiculous statements made by their opponents.

——— ♦ ———


Whether or not there is intelligent life on our neighboring planets of Mars, Venus or any of the other planets poses some intriguing questions. There is certainly a vast amount of interest by intelligent life here on the planet Earth on this highly controversial subject.

Are those flying saucers for real” Do those Unidentified Flying Objects actually exist? The pro’s and the con’s are countless, with most of the Pro’s sticking to their convictions, keeping up with the latest bulletins put out by Don Keyhoe and turning their eyes ever upward in case a flying saucer should appear. As for the Con’s, well they’re all in uniform, Air Force Blue and mostly decorated in brass. Their theme song is “Flying Saucers are a hoax; all explainable natural phenomenon.” I suggest they change a word here or there in that theme song or it just might end up being their swan song.

One should never approach a contentions topic such as this one with a closed mind. As Napoleon cautioned, “Impossible is a word in the dictionary only of fools.” Nothing, is impossible. It is usually the highly misinformed who claim that it is.

Why not Flying Saucers? Why not ancient civilizations existing in nearby interplanetary space? Why not visitors to Earth from another planet? Why be so conceited and so dogmatically convinced as to announce emphatically, ” We are alone in this Universe.” Out of billions and quadrillions of worlds, life surely must exist on many of them.

Dr. Werner Von Braun, the noted space scientist has openly and publicly made the statement that it is very likely that life exists in

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

the Universe outside Earth. In his opinion it is an entirely logical assumption. ‘Many great researchers and historians concede that the history of our Earth and its inhabitants was old when our biblical history began. They claim that regardless of our understanding, or lack of it, spacecraft have moved through our atmosphere now and then through centuries. ”any sightings of these craft have been recorded through the centuries, both by scientists and the man on the street. An informative and most interesting example of these records are “The Books of Charles Fort.”

The U.S. Air Force and the Dept. of Defense do not actually deny the possibility that life could exist on some other planet. They merely state that, to their knowledge, there is not sufficient evidence to substantiate the sensational claims made by the U.F.O. clubs and groups or individuals that Flying Saucers are Space Ships under intelligent control. A well-guarded statement, wouldn’t you say? Most of these groups or individuals state the Air Force is withholding vital information from the general public. Could very well be. We all have a fear of the unknown, of certain witchcraft ideas. Others are afraid because of fear of ridicule and persecution. Yet the U.F.O. sightings are still reported with ever-increasing frequency and the claims are still made that the Air Force is very much aware of the Space Ships from other worlds visiting our atmosphere; that we are under continual surveillance by intelligent beings from other worlds. Spine tingling, isn’t it? You have to admit it makes for good reading and is scintillating material for speculation.

With the strides being made today in space travel by intelligent life on the planet Earth, we’re bound to find the answer sooner or later, if we can just keep our antennae in working order and tuned to the right frequency. Perhaps then, we will understand exactly what it was Shakespeare meant when be said, “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

So, keep an open mind, service that antennae regularly and hope that on the memorable occasion of the first Astronaut meeting up with another being in space, the greeting will be “Hello, Earthman, cease firing, you are among friends!!”

——— ♦ ———

Freedom is Fragile-Handle with Prayer.

J U N E, 1966                              5


As reported in our previous article, the need for an auxiliary common world language is not. a new one, and hundreds of synthetic systems have been invented throughout history. Dr. Ludwig Lazar Zamenhof, seventy years ago created Esperanto. Today it is spoken by half a million people, while another eight million have some acquaintance with it.

Dr. Zamenhof was born in Russian Poland in 1859, and as a child was concerned over the constant quarrels of the townspeople, of four nationalities. He devoted the years of his youth to the creation of a neutral language to supplement the various national languages.

In an article by E. M. Preston in the summer issue of the “voice Universal,” Dr. Zamenhof is described as a linguistic genius, master of eight languages, and well qualified for the task he set upon himself. At the age of 28 he offered to the world his booklet, signed Doktoro Esperanto-One Who Hopes. This was first issued in Russian, then Polish, French, German and English. All contained the same material-an introduction, the Lord’s Prayer, a letter; some poems, a passage from the Bible, the complete grammar of sixteen rules, and the vocabulary of 900 roots in two languages.

Esperanto is considered to be a “constructed or extracted,” rather than an artificial, language. It is based upon the elements of European tongues; its rules are regular; its spelling is phonetic; each syllable is pronounced. Esperanto consists of root words to which 30 word-forming prefixes and suffixes are logically applied.

It is said that Tolstoy remarked that after only two hours of study he could read it freely and added, “Men are often brought into unfriendly relations merely through material hindrance to mutual comprehension.” Although rather readily understood, Esperanto does require some study to be spoken fluently.

Esperanto has survived two great wars, and though banned in Germany by Hitler, and in Russia by Stalin, there are today flourishing Esperanto Associations in both countries, as elsewhere. Esperanto is being taught in 625 schools over the world. There are more than fifty monthly broadcasts in Esperanto from European stations alone. Over 8000 books, translated and original, are now available in Esperanto, as well as 100 periodicals. More than 60

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

scholarly journal; are offering summaries in Esperanto. Four countries have issued Esperanto stamps.

The language has been used in one form or another at more than 1150 international congresses and conferences, as well as at summer schools, attended by large groups. It has been used by the clergy of all faiths, by the labor unions in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Such organizations as the Red Cross, Rotary Clubs, Chambers, of Commerce, and Youth Groups are encouraging its use.

The yearly week-long international Esperanto congresses, attended by representatives of 46 countries last year in Tokyo, have demonstrated that Esperanto is “capable of dealing with every subject from concerts, theatre plays, religious services to lectures by University professors.” At this 50th Universal Congress of Esperanto in 1965, in Japan, lectures included such titles as: What is Molecular Biology?; Algae; Intellect of the Orangutan, and Electricity and Living Things. Sectional meetings covered science, medicine, religion. The editor of Oomoto stated “The Tokyo Congress proved the great utility of the International language, irrespective of nationality, color or faith; everyone who participated realized that Esperanto at work was removing the language barrier and suggested its future prospect of being used in not only the United Nations but also all over the world by peace-loving people.”

Mr. Preston has appraised Esperanto as “a beautiful-sounding language, more easily learned than and national language… Esperanto was created so that, by using it, the people of the world would form one great family circle. This alone gives it a spiritual power which no national language, alive or dead, can ever possess.”

We can only point the way to an enrichment of your understanding of other peoples. If you are interested in further details on Esperanto, or any of the other global languages, please check with your local library, or write to Merlin for names and addresses of international language groups.

The rewards will be commensurate to your efforts!

——— ♦ ———

Editorials are very frank opinions of an individual who may or may not be right, but the opinion of that individual should make one think. (The Prism, Vol. 1, No. 1)

JUNE, 1966                                 7



(With the April editorial we commenced a series of articles which review the basis of dedication for the Understanding organization. Part Two concluded with the fact that without a foundation of social and spiritual science there can be no development of a material science.)

Mankind (in contrast to animals) no matter where or when he may come into being, is endowed from the beginning with the innate realization that there is a supreme power and controlling force which transcends man’s comprehension.

During the many stages of his development, man’s attitude toward this power may run the gamut of emotions from fear and resentment to reverence and love. But always he has the instinctive desire to learn more of the nature of this power.

There are no true atheists among the people of this planet, or of any other planet. The many who proclaim their atheism are men who are in revolt against some particular concept of the Deity. Their denial of this particular concept may be well founded, but in the heat of their emotion or in the surge of their ego, they may say, “This concept is obviously invalid, therefore no Deific concept can have any validity.” In their hearts they know better! No matter how long or how loudly a man may proclaim his own supremacy and independence, eventually the moment of truth will come.

When, in his extremity, man has exhausted, without avail, all of his own powers and abilities, he will then begin instinctively, and automatically, to seek the aid of the power which has no limitations.

Thus the spiritual science has its beginnings in the very dawn of human intelligence. It is the first branch of science to come into existence.

As the mind of primitive man evolves, he becomes dimly aware of the fact that only through his cooperation with his fellowman can he effectively improve the conditions of his daily life, and make his life more successful and significant.

It may require several thousands of years for this realization to become firmly implanted in the consciousness of a race, but its first dim perception results in the primitive tribal gatherings which represent

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

the beginning of the social science. Thus the desire to know more of the relationship between man and his fellowman brings into existence tile second branch of science in the development of any race.

The combination of spiritual and social sciences creates tile foundation upon which the material science is built. It emerges as a superstructure, standing upon, and supported by the foundation sciences.

It is at this point that the great problem, the critical problem, of any civilization begins.

It is a natural fact that the material science, once it has begun to develop, will be constantly stimulated by the needs and the ever increasing desires of tile body. While the needs of the body are few and relatively simple, the desires of the body may become almost infinitely complex and demanding. This constant stimulation causes the material science to develop at an ever increasing rate, so that the growth of tile science in any given period of the present is mach greater than that of any equal period of the past.

The student can easily see this for himself if he will consider the progress and the developments which have come about during the last fifty years on this planet. Advances such as television, laser beam generation, atomic energy, orbital satellites and space travel were undreamed of fifty years ago, and they represent a greater degree of progress than was achieved during the previous one hundred years, or in the five hundred years prior to that.

The spiritual and social sciences, on the other hand, progress normally, only directly with time, and even this rate of development is not always maintained. Eventually a civilization finds itself with a massive towering superstructure, growing at an ever increasing rate, while standing upon, and supported only by a foundation which is growing at a much slower rate.

Unless some means can be found to stimulate the growth of the foundation a tune will certainly come when it can no longer support the superstructure, which will then collapse, bringing ruin and destruction, both to itself and to the foundation.

(To be continued)

-Dr. Daniel W. Fry

JUNE, 1966                                 9


When we propose ” UNDERSTANDING” of our fellowmen, our neighbors, our family, co-workers and finally between nations-just what do we mean

Understanding could be merely to know tile other fellow’s language or to have the mentality to “understand” what he speaks or writes. We must, of course, go further. There is a deeper meaning, which is best expressed by the word “tolerance.” Most misunderstandings are caused by intolerance. We must learn to tolerate the other fellow’s point of view, way of living, his idiosyncrasies. Once we do that we come close to “understanding,” as in the very act of “tolerating” we look into the background of what we do not approve, and LEARN to understand.

Understanding can also mean “acceptance” of the other fellow’s philosophy, modus vivendi or modus operandi. Such acceptance does not imply that we endorse or approve, something we cannot agree with, but rather that we accept or recognize the existence of something different from our own conception. That too is “UNDERSTANDING.”

Once we have learned to understand how can we induce the other fellow to understand? By our very tolerance, our acceptance of his ways we open the way to make him “understand” us. It amounts to agreeing or admitting that we fully understand his views and ask him to listen to our side. We need not necessarily change his view-point, in fact we may not want to, but we should thus create under-standing for our side. That is the kind of “understanding” which is necessary to be able to live in peaceful co-existence, be it with the family, the neighbors or between Nations.

To foster better understanding we must imagine ourselves to be in tile other fellow’s place, his background, his mentality, and his circumstances. Thus and thus only, can we substitute “understanding” for what might otherwise be derision or condemnation. We cannot or should not judge our fellowman by our own standards, but we can try to understand there, based on their own standards.

However, as the started to say, the first steps to true UNDERSTANDING is TOLERANCE plus a sympathetic attitude. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” surely roust lead to better “UNDERSTANDING.”

–Herbert H. Seidler

(From June 1956 Understanding)

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

world report

Lost City

(Medford Mail-Tribune, April 18, 1966, by Joseph L. Myler, UPI)

WASHINGTON (UPI)- What the scientists were particularly searching for in the Pacific depths off Peru was Neopilina, one of the earth’s oldest “living fossils,” of which they recovered 29 specimens, but their deep sea (living camera also brought tip, from a depth of 6,000 feet, something unexpected -photo graphic evidence of what may be the ruins of an ancient city which flourished thousands of years before Christ.

Off the coast of Peru and Ecuador, over a stretch of about 600 miles, the ocean floor plunges to depths of nearly 19,000 feet, in what is known as the Milne-Edward Deep. It was there that Dr. Robert .T. Menzies, director of Duke University’s oceanographic program, and his colleagues were searching for various life forms. Their cameras also show what appear to be rock columns covered with hieroglyphics.

The columns, also detected by sonar sounding, were found off the coast of Callao, the port of Peru’s capitol of Lima. Nearby on the coast are some old Inca ruins. Scientists believe civilizations existed in this region for thousands of years before the Incas.

While recovery of the ancient mollusks from the Milne-Edward Trench was immensely gratifying to marine biologists, Menzies and his colleagues may be even more excited over the evidence of the possibly carved columns. “This could be one of the most exciting discoveries of the century,” said Dr. Menzies.

United Nations Check

(The Telegram, Toronto, Feb. 8, 19(()

Colman Vonkeviczky, an employee in the United Nations office of public information, proposed to Secretary-General U Thant yesterday that UN members establish a network to observe flying saucers. Vonkeviczky, who says he believes someone in outer space is sending flying saucers regularly on test flights to earth, said in a memorandum

JUNE, 1966                                 11

to Thant that only the UN could be expected to have sufficient authority to establish contact or represent mankind in a face-to-face meeting with extra-terrestrial visitors. He added: “I deeply apologize for disturbing you with an odd proposal.”

(quoted from Spring Issue of Saucers, Space and Science.)

Lethal Dust

(Grand Rapids Press, March 15, 1966)

WASHINGTON (UPI)- Without at all meaning to, man may be sentencing himself to dusty death.

The threat of dust and other atmospheric pollutants, including jet vapor trails and the smoke of cities, was aired at a symposium here for science writers on atmospheric physics.

Dr. Reid A Bryson of the University of Wisconsin said dirty air, by reflecting sunlight back into space before it can do its normal work, alters the atmospheric heat flow which drives the weather. It thus may make deserts more desert-like and cold climate colder.

Carbon dioxide from burning fuels tends to warm the planet because this gas blocks radiation of heat back into space. So, you would think that as man burns more and more his climate would get warmer and warmer. The average world temperature did rise some-thing like half a degree between 1850 and 1950.

Put an odd thing has happened. In the last 15 years, with the carbon dioxide level still rising, the world. temperature has gone down as much as it bad risen the previous 100 years. Why?

Dr. Bryson said that the dirtiness of the U.S. atmosphere has practically doubled between 1950 and 1965. Dirt particles, it may be reasoned, are turning back more solar heat than carbon dioxide is trapping. Every great city, said Bryson, shoots as much dust into the air as an active volcano.

New technological methods may improve weather forecasting and pave the way to intelligent climate modification.

Scientific Reincarnation

LOS ANGELES (AP) – When ancient Egyptians mummified their pharaohs thousands of years ago, they did so in the belief that the dead would be reincarnated in all their splendor at some future time.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

That time, says a university zoologist, is no more than a century or two away.

But the process will be reconstitution instead of reincarnation, Prof. Elof Carlson told a group of fellow scientists Monday. The actual dead will not be brought back to life, but in their place will be grown physical copies of men and women who once lived, be said.

The copies will have all of the genius possessed by their predecessors, except for their memories and emotions.

Carlson, a zoologist at the University of California at Los Angeles, said the process will be routine within a century or two because of the study of genetic codes or gene patterns. These codes or patterns, preserved in the dried tissue of mummified bodies, could be copied and placed in fertilized egg cells.

“For example, once the genetic code of a great genius is determined, hundreds of thousands of his duplicates can be created for the world’s benefit. If Mozart’s body had been mummified, thousands of Mozarts could be reconstructed,” Dr. Carlson said.

“We some day could be able to reconstitute Joan of Are – except, that she was burned. As an example, we certainly will he able to reconstruct King Tutankhamen from his Egyptian mummy.”

Carlson said be is confident that nucleic acid crystals necessary to identify the mummy’s genetic code will be found. He noted that other proteins discovered in such tissue have made it possible for scientists to type the blood of Egyptians who have been dead for tens of centuries.

Antigravity and Saucers

(Grants Pass Courier, April 14, 1966)

LOS ANGELES (AP)-Folks who dote on flying saucers and believe the unidentified objects hurry around the sky using antigravity-may have something in theory, says a scientist who doesn’t believe in flying saucers.

“If there are flying saucers, which I doubt, and if they are manned by living beings, which I also doubt,” said Dr. Robert L. Forward, “then the only force that could explain the movements of the saucers would be antigravity.”

By antigravity, scientists mean that a flying body would have its own gravitational field and be immune to the earth’s gravitational pull. Thus people, or anything else inside a flying saucer, could

JUNE, 1966                                 13

travel safely- without being subject to enormous stress, inside the saucer’s field.

“Without antigravity,” Dr. Forward said, “the beings inside the saucers would be crushed-if the saucers accelerate and turn as reports indicate.”

Dr. Forward, a member of the technical staff at the Hughes Aircraft Co. research division at nearby Malibu, said, however, that practical use of antigravity seems to be a long way off-perhaps centuries.

Artificial Cells

(Grand Rapids Press, April 8, 1966)

ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. (AP) – A Chinese-born scientist reported progress toward development of “artificial body cells” which might eventually help fight diseases like gout.

Such cells, if perfected for human use, would be pinhead-sized nylon plastic capsules, filled with human cell chemicals, and mimicking some of the functions of the billions of living cells in the body. They would be used to treat blood in devices linked with the body by out-and-back again blood flow tubes.

Dr. T. At. S. Chang, a McGill University physiologist, told about the quest–and of promising animal experiments with still crude pioneering versions of such cells. He stressed that the artificial cell work is still in the experimental stage.

Nevertheless, he said, such cells conceivably  could be improved to the stage where they might eventually be used to

1. Treat some diseases that are characterized by a deficiency of certain chemical enzymes.

2. Treat certain liver and glandular ills.

3. Cleanse the blood of poisonous substances.

In all instances, the idea would be to prepare capsules containing the required chemicals and let the patient’s blood flow past the capsules in a special device.

Ancient Negro Migration

(by Jaime Plenn, UPI)

MEXICO CITY (UPI) – Scientists have started an intensive study here to determine if Negroes migrated to the western hemisphere over the Atlantic Ocean long before America was discovered by the white man.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

The basis for the study is a sculpture, described as “The Head of a Negro,” found in Yucatan by an American, Jack Grant, of Portland, Ore., four years ago.

The discovery led to renewed searches of ancient Mayan chronicle, in which references were made to “the arrival of Negroes from the East”-that is, from the Atlantic.

Some experts believe these migrations may have originated in Caribbean islands, but others think they could have originated in Africa, possibly over the legendary- “lost continent” of Atlantis.

The carved stone “Head of a Negro” is at present located in the archeological museum in Merida, capital of Yucatan state.

It was taken there last year. The bead was discovered by an expedition led by Grant about 600 yards inside a large grotto known as “The Gruta de Loltun” or stone flower.

The grotto, with seven entrances, and many unexplored chambers and galleries, is located about six miles south of Oxhutzcab, a town in southern Yucatan. Yucatan sources say that Grant and another American whose name they do not recall lived inside the grotto for two months, making explorations in various chambers.

The explorers reported they believed there was a large head in the grotto, and it may have been part of a shrine of ancient tribes. Yucatan state authorities later commissioned Mexican archeologist Victor Segovia to locate the sculpture and to bring it out.

——— ♦ ———


It is human and natural to expect to be treated with consideration and justice, but it does not always work out that way. The injured one will often attempt to persuade the wrong-doer to make amends, and in some cases will succeed, while in others will only worsen the situation, so there is nothing to do but to accept the situation.

In order to be able to accept whatever occurs, it is first necessary to see that by doing so one is released from ill-will and tension. Al-though there may be financial loss, or physical hardship, there can be mental peace and serenity. As we develop we see that peace of mind and goodwill are of considerably more value than the material aspects of life.

Too often we settle for resignation when we cannot have what

JUNE, 1966                                 15

we want, but this attitude becomes a heavy burden, a sense of hopelessness. To be resigned to some condition or situation is to give up all expectation of its becoming any better. While to be reconciled to it, or to accept it, seems to imply that one can be patient until the matter changes for the better.

It is in our every-day, down-to-earth living that we get our much needed practice in accepting, as if from a Higher Decree, the many disappointments and injustices that befall us. Those nearest and dearest to us are too often guilty of inconsideration and unkindness, and we ourselves are not blameless; so it is here, that we need to watch over our attitudes and our thoughts.

To forgive is to accept-to make allowances, to be reconciled and patient with others and with ourselves.

Understanding brings its own reward in peace of mind, goodwill and our full share of pleasant living.

-Esther Lowery

——— ♦ ———


One teaching which many Orientals, especially Hindus and Buddhists, believe in is that life is a wheel on which all live. Every being rises and falls with every turn. Among the manifestations of this ever-turning wheel is the process of reincarnation. Every being’s appearance changes from time to time according to its previous conduct.

Another manifestation is the cycle in nature, such as the proverbial seven lean and seven good years. Cycles are the rhythm of nature.

Of the manifestations of the wheel, people seem to be the most. interested in reincarnation, since it pertains directly to the animate world. The basis of reincarnation is compensation. Good results from good and evil from evil. All conduct has consequences, ultimately. Also, all beings are related, since during the innumerable reincarnations through which a being passes there is a constant: rearrangement of relationships; all beings have been related to one another at some time and probably- will be again. The reasonable result of this realization is that all beings are equally deserving of one’s love.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

It is evident that this view of life can come to influence not only morality, but also the understanding of such broad fields as the natural sciences and economics.

– Michael Ryan

——— ♦ ———


Dear Editors

In your January issue of Understanding I read the article “Good Will Ambassadors.” Having lived in the Philippines for 20 years I can certainly endorse the project of Mrs. Meyers. I recall one time receiving about 100 old Time magazines from a U.S. Air Force Base. Personally, I can’t think of anything much “deader” than an old Time magazine. I asked one of our fine students in the Seminary, “What in the world am I going to do with these old magazines” It was December. The young man’s face lit up and he suggested “Why not give one to each student, so that each of us can have one of our own.” I could almost have wept-one out-dated Time magazine for Christmas.

May I suggest that Women’s Day and Family Circle are magazines that are good to send. The American Way of Life as presented in these two magazines is not, quite as luxurious as in some of our other American magazines. A Sears Roebuck or Montgomery Ward catalog is more prized than fine jewels. The postage is very little compared to the joy you give.

Your children can share, too, by sending their comics (comics, please, not the horror ones), Jack and Jill. Children’s Digest, etc. Our children here study in English but have very, very little to read.

Let me give one note of warning. After sending a magazine you may get a return letter asking for a typewriter or a wrist watch, etc. Don’t become cynical! If you were earning only one dollar a day and trying to raise six children and someone sent you a beautiful magazine, like a drowning man, you too might grasp at a straw. Try to be understanding. Write a letter explaining that you have joined a club called Magazines (or something similar) and that you hope they will enjoy the magazines which you will continue to send.

-Mrs. E. A. Vessel, Registrar

Union Theological Seminary

Manilla, P. I.

JUNE, 1966                                 17

Poet’s corner

The Discoverer

Always there are those who question: Why?

“Why go out there beyond all boundaries,

Beyond men’s sight, beyond the earth and sky?

Out there the sea will boil, the sun will freeze.

Demons and hideous monsters skulk and wait.

All the sages say- the world is flat,

And those who dare will meet an awful fate.

So all the sages say-and that is that.”

But he who has a vision in his brain

ill pay such fearful questions little heed.

He’ll beg three ships-, invent and build a plane-

And find some way to do the dubious deed.

Sea or mountain, heaven or hell or star,

He’ll go – because it’s there-because it’s far.

-Elizabeth Shafer

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

bulletin board

Understanding Library

We remind you that Understanding Unit 37, of Buffalo, N. Y., maintains a library for the use of all Understanding members. Books are sent upon request by mail. The library offers many books which are no longer available for purchase. For further details and for a book list of what is offered, please write to Paul R. Weast, President of Unit 37, 51 Grider St., Buffalo, N. Y. 14215.

CSA  Third Annual Seminar

The Christian Spiritual Alliance will hold its third Annual Seminar June 26th to July 3rd, at Lakemont, Ga.

Among the speakers represented will be several from our Understanding  family. Dr. Daniel W. Fry probably will be present “on Tape,” but Col. Arthur J. Burks, our Executive-Vice President, is listed among; the speakers, as is Rev. Mary Bassano, President of Unit 59, Bergen County, N. J.

For full details and speaker program please write to CSA, Lakemont Ga. 30522.

On Vacation

As the National Officers of Understanding, Inc., do not live in the Merlin area, mail sent to P.0. Box 76 is forwarded to the appropriate officers for processing.

We advise you now that response to your June correspondence

JUNE, 1966                                 19

may be delayed as your “mail clerk” will be on vacation for several

weeks. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Reno Convention

The Third National Convention of the Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America will be held at the new Centennial Coliseum in Reno, Nevada, on July 8, 9, 10. Speakers will include AFSCA President, Gabriel Green, Dr. D. W. Fry, Sid Padrick, Mel Noel, Carl Anderson, Madeleine Rodeffer, Wesley Bateman, Frank Stranges, Hal Wilcox and Michael “N” Barton.

For advance reservations write to AFSCA, 2004 N. Hoover St., Los Angeles, Calif. 90027.

Bergen County, New Jersey

Unit 59 of Bergen County, New Jersey, recently featured an international night “to encourage new members and to acquaint outsiders with their activities.”

Col. Arthur J. Burks spoke on UFOs and oil the origins of Under-standing, Inc. International music was offered and an international menu served, which was prepared by the membership.

Students who have been corresponding with Japanese teenagers read excerpts from letters received, and exhibited gifts from their new friends.

President Mary Bassano concluded her letter with the query: If you have the names of any Spanish teenagers they would be much appreciated by the Spanish teacher in the Maywood School. She has been much impressed by the Japanese correspondence and would like to start a similar project with the Spanish students.”

A Director Lectures

Col. Harry F. May, Southwestern Director for Understanding, Inc., has joined Dr. D. W. Fry and Col. A. J. Burls as a public lecturer in behalf of Understanding. Col. May’s talks since last. fall have included Dr. Frank Stranges Convention; Unit 67 in Los Angeles; Unit 61 in Yucaipa and Unit 7 in Orange, California.

On May 28th, Col. May addressed Inglewood Unit 15 on “Understanding the Air Force and the UFO.”




DOCUMENTARY-70 Minute, Full Color Motion Picture

concerning . . . Unidentified Flying Objects


Dr. Frank E. Stranges, Michael Musto, Capt. Merle S. Gould, Wm. F. Paul



FRIDAY – June 17 – 8:00 PM … SATURDAY – June 18 – 8:00 PM

SUNDAY – June 19 – 2:30 PM


U. S. Army (Ret.), Lt. Col. James MacNamara; Scientists: Chan Thomas and Dr. Daniel Fry; Newscaster, Radio and T. V. Sydney Omarr; UFO Expert, Publisher: Gabriel Green; Author, U. S. Navy Power Control: Carl Anderson; Author, World Traveler: Dr. George King; CBS Radio and T.V. Newscasters, Kaleidoscope Award Winners: Bill Wolff and Fred Anderson; Hearst Newspaper Columnist: George Todt; Author, UFO Researcher: Michael Barton; UFO Research Consultant: Bernice C. Raab.


Actual Motion Pictures of ‘Unidentified Flying Objects’ never before viewed by any public audience.

If You Do Not believe in the existence of ‘Flying Saucers’ you owe it to yourself to see “PHENOMENA 7.7.”

Hear profound statements from those who have actually seen Unidentified Flying Objects!


TICKETS: $4.00 – $3.00 – $2.00

Make checks payable to Wilshire-Ebell Theatre

Enclose stamped, self-addressed envelope for return of tickets




FOR INFORMATION PHONE: WE 9-1128, 241-2454 or 938-2102

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