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VOLUME XI                                 MAY, 1966                                                  NUMBER 6

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


As the author of the paragraph printed in the January issue of Understanding under the caption: “Thought for the Month,” I feel I should give a more detailed expression of what I had in mind as I wrote the words: “What do you suppose would happen in Viet Nam if all of our planes were dropping good things for the people. What world be the result of food, clothing, medicine, books, toys, etc., raining down from the skies?”

Your prediction, Dr. Fry, of what would happen is, I am sure, a correct one. “The communists bosses of North Viet Nam would instantly set up a howl throughout the world that the vicious Yankee Imperialists were now attempting to kill innocent Vietnamese citizens by dropping poisoned food, inflammable clothing and infected drugs. Secondly, they would immediately prohibit, on pain of death, any citizen from touching any of the air-dropped parcels, and would require any civilians who came upon such a parcel to report its location to the authorities” . . . etc.

This is probably what would happen, but there is no law on earth that will stop everyone from doing the most natural thing, that is, taking a chance on getting away with whatever he can of the goods which have practically fallen into his lap. Enough of the good material,

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

the life-saving food, farming implements, or whatever, would most surely be consumed or used, for them to know that the authorities had told them one of the “Big Lies” that dictators and overlords always use to try to hold people in slavery. This good news would be quickly spread throughout the country and no amount of punishment could stop it.

It would take time, of course, for the people as a whole to be fully persuaded that they had a good and reliable friend in the U.S. Government, who could be counted upon to give them the material they lacked to build a better way of life for themselves. It also takes considerable time to win a war, and unbelievable expense.

There would be many martyrs, many tortured and punished, as they were caught with the “good things” given them. It would require months and possibly years to educate and to win the confidence of the people of Viet Nam, or those in like situations anywhere in the world.

The law of man allows him to kill his brothers, if a state of war exists, but the Universal Mind knows no such law. Although the Golden Rule is unknown or disregarded by millions now living on earth, it is and always will be, a Cosmic Law.

If the United States does not introduce it to those who do not know it and live by it, to whom should it be applied? To do good to those who treat us well, is not the meaning of the Golden Rule, but rather it is practical and put to best use among those who would by habit and nature refute and destroy it.

If those with understanding and brotherly love, who will be working among the nations, will consistently practice the Golden Rule, it should not take long before all people will know that here is a “law” that works. It should be not only practical where it is already known and accepted-But it cannot be long withheld from those who need it most, if the world is to survive.

Those who return bombs for bombs, evil for evil, an eye for an eye, cannot, dare not hold to such practices and still be regarded as trustworthy leaders among the nations-nor be considered for world leadership in the New Age. It also requires great courage and strength, and great spiritual wealth, which America certainly has in abundance. This, land will awaken to its God-given powers and opportunities, this we must believe.

MAY, 1966                                   3

This approach to the world situation, where the Communists are in control or insidiously moving into control, is such a drastic change from all that has been in effect throughout the centuries that it would, of course, be openly laughed to scorn by most, and stamped as idealistic and impractical by many. Very few will see that it has always been the “impractical idealists” who were responsible for the beginning of any decided moral change in the thinking and practices of mankind but those few will see and support each change for the betterment of man.

If we could sit down to talk over this undeclared war with one of the Masters, or some superior Space man, or if Christ were to attend a conference held to determine how to stop all fighting, what means do you suppose might be suggested? Or, what might they say was the right way within Cosmic Law? One wonders if they would not tell us that we must lay aside all fear, and begin to return good for evil. “Feed my sheep” the Shepherd of man has said-care for the hungry and the suffering first, then deal with the enemy and burst their “Big Lie” bubble. I believe it can, and will be done, before too many years, have passed-especially if we will think along these lines and want it to come.

-Esther Lowery

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(With the April editorial we commenced a series of articles which are to review the basis of dedication for the Understanding organization. The series is written by Dr. Daniel W. Fry and offers the essence of his message from Alan.)

A careful analysis of the critical problem facing mankind today will disclose, first, that the problem is one which will probably be faced, sooner or later, by every civilization no matter where it may originate; and second, that it is a natural problem which is not the result of any fault of any race, creed or political ideology.

A civilization develops and progresses primarily through the continuing increase in knowledge and understanding which results from the successful pursuit, of “science.”

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

The word “science” has been defined as, “the orderly and intelligently directed search for truth.” Under this definition the whole of science may be divided into three principal parts, for the purpose of discussion, and for achieving a greater sense of understanding. These divisions may be defined as follows

One, the physical or material science, which deals with the needs and desires of the physical body of man, and the nature of the physical universe in which he dwells. In this division we find the study of physics, mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, etc., as well as the manufacture and distribution of the endless number of material products necessary to the well-being, the comfort, and the pleasures of man.

Two, the social science, which deals with the relationship which exists between man and his fellow man, and with the means by which that relationship may he made successful, productive and progressive. In this division are found the studies of society, government, non-material phases of economics, etc.

Three, the spiritual science, which deals with the relationship between man and great creative power and intelligence which pervades and controls all nature, but which is still somewhat beyond the analysis and the understanding of man. We usually refer to this power and intelligence as God.

All of the science in the universe, all of the search for truth, and the pursuit of fact, will come under one of these three headings, or divisions, although we cannot draw a sharp dividing line between them because they overlap and because the fundamental laws which govern all three categories are identical.

If any civilization in the universe is to develop fully and successfully, each of the three branches of science must be pursued with equal effort and diligence. The spiritual and social sciences, however, must come first. There can be no development of a material science until there first exists a foundation of spiritual and social science.

You can easily verify this if you will consider the difference between man and the animal. It is true that some people believe that there is no real difference, that man is just an animal that. has acquired somewhat more intelligence than the rest and so has achieved a material science. There are, however, several specific differences between any man and any animal.

The animal has no spiritual nor social science and, consequently, has never developed a material science and never, will because there is no foundation upon which a material science can be built. A few insects such as the ant and the bee (we call them the social insects) have developed a very rudimentary form of social science to the extent that they are able to live together in large numbers, work together for their mutual welfare, and have a form of discipline which is common to all.

As a result, they have also developed a very limited form of material science, in that they do erect simple structures and store food against a future time of need. However, the fact that they have no spiritual science has proven to be an absolute bar to any further development. This can be seen by the fact that they have not advanced a single step in thousands of years, and of course, they never will because they have long since reached the limits of the structure which can be erected upon their tiny and partial foundation.

-Dr. Daniel W. Fry

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The well publicized March sightings of UFOs in Southern Michigan, particularly from the Ann Arbor area and Hillsdale, were followed by reports of sightings elsewhere – Toledo and Dayton, Ohio; La Salle, Illinois; Las Vegas, Nevada; Roseburg, Oregon; Trinidad, Colorado; four counties in Central New York, etc.

These reports of “unidentified flying objects” have been made by reliable citizens, police officers, airline pilots, college students and leaders, and civil defense personnel. Yet, the responses to and explanations for the observations are many and varied.

Dr. Allen J. Hynek, scientific consultant for the Air Force, reported that the Southern Michigan sightings probably were the result, of swamp gas caused by peculiar weather conditions. (This led to a remark by an observer that she knew what she had seen and it was not lighted swamp gas.)

Later sightings were considered by the Air Force to be a natural

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

“aftermath pattern” of the first publicized reports. The moon and Venus have once again been considered responsible for erroneous reports. Dr. Paul A. Campbell, pioneer in space medicine, attributes the sightings to the minds of the observers, to wishful thinking, to an “escape mechanism.” Dr. John S. Hall, of Lowell Observatory, Arizona, feels that tourists from other planets, with such advanced technology, would scarcely waste their time hovering over swamps and crossroads.

The Air Force claims that it maintains an open mind with regard to the UFO and answers thousands of queries yearly, some by form letter, others with specific explanations for particular sightings. It hold’s that available evidence indicates that UFOs are not extraterrestrial. Yet, in the records of Project Blue Book are 646 incidents which cannot be correlated to any known object or phenomena.

Major Donald E. Keyhoe, Director of NICAP, Washington, D.C., is asking, once again, that the government release all information it has on unidentified flying objects.

Representative Gerald Ford, R-Mich., has requested a Congressional investigation of the situation as many Michigan residents feel the incidents “sufficient to justify some action by our government.” In a radio-television program Rep. Ford said, “Bring out these witnesses from the Air Force and NASA, have them interrogated by members of House or Senate committee, let them put their records on the line. Let these people who have allegedly seen these objects come and testify.”

An encouraging change in the public’s attitude toward the UFOs is given in an editorial of the Grants Pass Courier, March 23, and we quote

Scoff if you will-and some will scoff until their dying breaths, despite all else, but there would seem to be a valid reason nowadays to believe in the existence of flying saucers …

There have been too many reliable people seeing these things since the first report 19 years ago for them to all be weather balloons, drunken imaginings or out-and-out lies. Airline pilots have flown beside them. A growing number of sober, on-duty law enforcement officers have seen these things. ..

These things whatever they may be, could be man-made, right here on our own insignificant speck of dirt, although if they are,

MAY, 1966                                   7

they’re a pretty well kept secret, except for the sightings and hearings.

On the other hand, if we assume that God wouldn’t be so wasteful as to create an entire universe just for the insignificant likes of us, they could be visitors from elsewhere.

And in the latter case, we’d better hope that 10 years of visits without trouble prove that “somebody (or something) up there likes us.”

——— ♦ ———


The sifting sands of Mars may conceal the key to man’s fate on this earth.

At first this assertion may seem the wildest of speculations. But before passing judgment, let us consider the facts upon which it is based.

Mariner-4, the first functioning Mars probe, has circled the red planet. Photographs relayed electronically to earth reveal what appears to be a sandy waste. Mars’ atmosphere is thin and poor in water vapor and oxygen, without which earth life cannot exist Hence President Johnson’s recent remark to the effect that life on earth may be more unique than people have thought it to be.

When our space explorers land on the red planet, bringing their own food and water, they will in all likelihood find no higher forms of life than primitive plants of some kind. Does this imply that exploration of Mars will prove, for practical purposes, useless? Not at all!

Such a pessimistic view would make the mistake of over-emphasizing the present condition of Mars. Its past may prove of far greater importance.

Mars, it must be remembered, is a far older planet than earth. Its atmosphere has been, like our own, slowly escaping the pull of gravity and entering outer space. That is why it is now so thin. Ages past, however, oxygen and hydrogen, hence water, were far more plentiful there than they are today. At some time, then, Mars may well have been the abode of life-perhaps life ‘as we know it:’ There are certain general considerations which make the existence

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

of life on Mars, past or present, seem likely. Consider, for example, the degree of uniformity which science has found in our universe. Everywhere, the same ninety-six or so chemical elements make up the stars, as they do our solar system. Everywhere, so far as has been discovered after centuries of observation, the same laws of physics hold true.

If life has developed on Mars, the fact would, after all, be no more remarkable than its development on earth! The planet has, by our standards, great extremes of hot and cold. Still, life has shown a great ability to adapt itself to extremes of temperature. Then again, Martian life could have developed on much different physiological lines than ours.

Is there any real reason to believe the evolution of life on earth to be such an anomaly in the cosmos? Such a belief is contrary to the central assumption of science, which is that law, order and consistency prevails throughout.

If Mars has supported life, any surmises as to its nature would, of course, have to be based more or less on analogy with our own. And if the universe is indeed a consistent whole, why should it not be analogous to our own?

Granted this premise, we may fairly assume that life on Mars would, like our own, emerge in moist, warm areas and subsequently evolve steadily to higher and higher forms, climaxing in-reason! But Mars being older than earth, a dying planet, its evolution has, perhaps, run its course. The primitive forms of plants mentioned above would spell not the beginning, but the end. Yet, if higher species have lived there, they will have left traces-traces which our intrepid explorers can find.

The remnants of long-extinct species of animals are still being found in different geological strata on our earth; similar remnants may well he discovered on Mars. And if a reasoning, intelligent species evolved on the planet, such intelligent Martians would have eventually formed societies-perhaps civilizations so much higher than our own as to put the dreams of H. G. Wells to shame! Our terrestrial egotism may make us resist this notion, but we should not assume this universe incapable of producing anything superior to ourselves.

The civilizations of Mars, if they existed, will have left indelible

May, 1966                                    9

traces on their dying planet. Preserved by the thin, dry Martian atmosphere, and buried by winds beneath the ever moving sands, may lie fabulous records of scientific discovery, unimagined treasures of art and knowledge.

Long dead thinkers may have unearthed truths which, revealed to us, might solve our most painful problems-even those which now threaten to rend our planet apart. Perhaps they have solved, if it is solvable, the very mystery of life itself.

Highly developed societies would have developed written languages, and hence have left behind written records. Records which, if found by earthmen, would eventually, like the sacred hieroglyphs of Egypt, encounter a Champollion to decipher and translate them for the good of all mankind.

If this is speculation, it is certainly not, without a measure of sublimity. Indeed, it may not remain speculation for long. For, in the not too distant future, men of earth will journey through space to the red planet. These our brothers will stand and gaze on the shifting sands of Mars. What they will find there no one knows.

-R. Eugene Hitchcock

——— ♦ ———


What is freedom? Where is it found? What meaning does it have for mankind today? These are some of the questions being asked by the multitude which sees no prospect for immediate and lasting peace. In his search for freedom, man has fought many wars, has entered into many pacts, has drawn up countless resolutions. The idea of brotherhood has been stressed and the plan for one world discussed as groups and nations have tried to bring about such peace through outer means. Opinions and ideals differ, and mankind struggles bravely on.

The union of groups or nations does not necessarily constitute a formula for peace. It can be brought about only through the unity of spirit. The consciousness of unity does not require sameness of thought or ideals, neither does it come through togetherness as opposed to apartness. It is born only through the spirit of the integrated whole. It is through unity in diversity that all things are

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

brought together as they belong together. That unity does exist Wherein “all are baptized into one body, whether it be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free.” No two men are alike in stature or condition of being. The same is true of every creature or living thing, yet the uniqueness of anything is not contrary to the principle of equality. All are made to drink of that ONE SPIRIT.

It is only through unity of spirit that man can come to live spontaneously and joyously the truth of his own being, and in perfect relationship with all men and life. When all phases of life become integrated through spirit, man is free, and in the spontaneity of life he lives, moves .and has his being. Now he enters into the spirit of life in all his relationships as readily as he once entered into the spirit of the game on the football field, or the spirit of Christmas, or the spirit of some fine musical composition. Now he understands the need for all peoples to unite as ONE in the universal spirit of truth. This is the hope and the glory of all mankind-with BROTHERHOOD as its eternal livingness.

-Isaphene McGuire

(From Understanding, May, 1956)

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world report

Two Moons

(Buffalo Evening News, March 23, 1966)

WASHINGTON, March 23 – Probably there once were two moons. The second one presumably broke up and its fragments scattered over the earth.

This has just been reported by a group of Columbia University geologists following discovery in northern Argentina of a rim of craters apparently caused by the impact of very heavy objects. Radio-carbon dating indicates they are about 6000 years old.

The craters lie in a flat semi-desert region called Campo Del Cielo, or, “field of the sky.” Here, according to Indian legends, a big block of iron once fell from the sky.

MAY, 1966                                   11

“A high altitude breakup in a very flat trajectory is indicated,” says the Columbia report. It is speculated that this meteorite may have been a natural satellite of earth, like the moon. Meteorites found earlier in Chile may be fragments of the same satellite which cascaded down after one more orbit.

More than 500 meteorites, ranging in weight from a few ounces to about 80 pounds, were found in the Argentine area. Later, an Argentine farmer ran his plough into what proved to be a 6800 pound meteorite.

X-Rays From Deepest Space

(By Frank Carey, The Associated Press, 3/3/66)

WASHINGTON-Navy scientists yesterday reported discovery of X-rays coming from space far beyond the Milky Way.

And they said the discovery suggests that certain peculiar galaxies may pack vastly more energy than previously thought—–and may be sparked by something in addition to hydrogen-bomb-type energy that fuels the rest of the cosmos.

The discovery is so important, they told a news conference, that it would be fruitful eventually to try to erect a huge “fence” of 1,000 Geiger counters as X-ray detectors on the moon-assuming man gets there-to study the strange emissions from deep in space.

The X-rays, detected by sensitive Geiger counters in an Aerobee rocket, were found to come from two different galaxies-one of them 700 million light-years from the earth, the other one 35 million light-years away.

The total X-ray energy generated in each source is estimated to be equivalent to the energy of tens of thousands of stars like our sun. Yet the X-rays reaching the earth’s atmosphere are so “soft” that a thin piece of paper could stop them.

Dr. Herbert Friedman of the U. S. Naval Research Laboratory, who summarized the findings in behalf of two other colleagues, Said another possibility arising from the research is this

There may be a whole new family of celestial objects that are detectable only by X-ray emissions, and which are born of titanic explosions that may be going on periodically within distant galaxies.

Record Bible Translations

(Grants Pass Courier, 3/25/66)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (UPI)-Bible translations are going on at a

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

record rate, according to the Rev. Dr. Eugene A. Nida, of New York, secretary for translations of the American Bible Society.

The Rev. Dr. Nida said at a luncheon of the Christian education division of the National Council of Churches that the Society now is engaged in Bible translation projects in about 600 languages, employing more than 3,000 persons in this work.

Among these projects are the revision and translation of the entire Bible in 100 major or languages which, combined, are spoken by 80 per cent of the world population. A major language is generally defined as one spoken by at least 1 million persons.

Two major world trends-emphasis on nationalism and growing literacy-have greatly changed the patterns and needs of Bible translation, the Rev. Dr. Nida said.

This translations no longer are being done principally by missionaries and others who are strangers to the language into which the Bible has been translated.

In Africa, he reported, more than half the translation committees are made up entirely of nationals who use the particular language of the translation as their mother tongue. Consequently, he pointed out, translations tend to be far more understandable.

Power Blackouts

(CBA Internation Report, Jan. 17, 1966, Yokohama, Japan)

There has recently been a series of unbelievable blackouts which first hit the Northeast of the United States and lately Italy. According to an urgent report from Mr. Paolo di Girolama of Italy, on the night of the 8th of January, many people in Naples said they had seen a big fire-ball over the city and then all the electricity was gone in Southern Italy. At the time of the blackout in Northeastern U. S. an American pilot, Weldon Ross, declared he had seen a fire-ball moments after the blackout started.

On December 26th, 1965, a blackout left some eight million people in greater Buenos Aires without electric power, starting at 3 p.m. The main blackout lasted exactly half an hour. On the other hand all of south and central Finland, including the four largest Finnish cities, Helsinki, Turku, Tampere and Lahti, were darkened for nine minutes, leaving nearly 800,000 people without electric power.

The second giant power failure, which blacked out a 100 mile strip

MAY, 1966                                   13

of the Southwest, from El Paso to Central New Mexico, for more than an hour on the evening of December 2nd, left an estimated 700,000 persons in darkness.

The causes of these blackouts should be seriously considered since so many giant failures have occurred successively in a short period of time recently.

Early Man in Borneo

(Science Digest, Sept. 1965)

Scientists are now searching a huge cave on the island of Borneo for traces of early man. A skull dated at 38,000 B. C. has already been found and there are indications that man may have inhabited the cave as early as 100,000, B. C. Civilization of a sort seems to have been thriving around 50,000 B.C. This is clear evidence that early man traveled farther and more swiftly from what are considered the areas of his origin than had been previously believed.

Mound Builders

(By J. Francyl Howard, Greater Oregonian, March 4, 1966)

Recent discoveries of mound circular huts in Wyoming by the National Geographic Society show that this part of America was populated by a race of people some 10,000 years ago.

Instead of Indians these were the Mound Builders who came from Egypt. Historians claim they were the last two tribes of Israel.

——— ♦ ———


Dear Editors

I have just finished reading your “Handbook on Understanding,” and I wish to express my sincere blessing to the bard task you folks have undertaken.

As one comes to understand his most inner self, he or she cannot but help understand his neighbor, and thus peace will reign, thus the brotherhood of man will prevail over the Earth.

My blessings to your organization and its members as they strive to fill their lives with love and joy in their work toward the Brotherhood of Man that will come to exist throughout the universe. Peace be unto all.


14                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Professor Jose Martel, President of the New York Language Teachers Association, has remarked: “Speech, which sets man apart from the rest of creation and is his greatest social asset, serves paradoxically to separate him from most of his fellow humans.”

This remark is substantiated by the statistics offered by the French Academy which indicate that there are some 2,796 separate languages in the world, plus innumerable dialects. Most of these languages are used by less than one million people; over one hundred by large civilized groups; and thirteen languages have over 50 million users. Chinese is used by 600 million; English by 250 million; Hindustani by 200 million; Russian by 150 million; Spanish by 120 million, and German and Japanese by 100 million each. It should be noted, also, that in the Soviet Union there are 150 language groups, and that in India there are 225 languages (plus 3000 dialects), 24 of which are used by 96 per cent of the people.

In a world so closely knit now by transportation and transportation and communication, and where all nations are now mutually concerned with the common welfare, the need for direct understanding of another’s speech is a pressing one. It is time to replace the translator, human and mechanical by means of universal personal communication.

How much closer would be the ties of human kinship for the traveler to other lands if he could share, quickly, easily and directly, his thoughts, desires, experiences, etc., with peoples of other cultures! Language barriers are far more formidable than the customs barriers! How much surer would be understanding at social, economic and political councils where, presently, complicated simultaneous translations can be both clumsy and inaccurate!

Global intercourse is both desired and needed by scientists, technicians, educators, merchants, advertisers, journalists, and many other groups whose areas of concern are now international.

The concept of an universal language supplementary to the national “mother tongue,” is not a new one, for some 600 “constructed” languages have been invented. The first synthetic language put to practical use was Volapuk (1880). Its vocabulary was based upon English, German and Latin. Esperanto was created by Dr. L. L. Zamenhof in 1887, and Ido was invented about 1900.

MAY, 1966                                   16

Consideration has been given to the use of a currently widespread language, as English, Russian or German. However, in defense of cultural nationalism such proposals have met with opposition. A language based upon Western language roots would prove difficult to master in the East, and vice versa. Thus, it has been conceded that the world language should be neutral, easy to learn, simple in grammatical construction, lacking the irregularities peculiar to existing tongues. That such a world language would at first seem artificial is admitted but we are reminded that languages are subject to change and growth, and this would apply to a synthetic one as it has to natural ones.

An international language is a needed and useful tool for all peoples and would in no way infringe upon national sovereignty. It is not intended to replace, but rather to supplement, the native speech.

Although some global languages have been learned and used by a considerable number of people, no decision has been made yet as to which language should be the only international media of communication. Suggestions have been put forth that an international parliament be convened to consider all choices, and a democratic election be held to make the selection for all peoples. This choice should then be followed by government sponsorship, first to educate the teachers, then to present the new world language in the schools, beginning with the kindergarten and elementary grades. It is realized that even if the choice were now made it would be some 30 years before the effects and usage would be commonplace and worldwide.

Although we encourage our readers to investigate some of the proposed synthetic languages now offered, and although we, shall in the future print the story of Esperanto, the more significant action to be taken by individuals is to encourage government to consider the need for an international language, and to meet with other governments to make such a global selection.

——— ♦ ———

Understanding Handbooks are available for a donation of 50c.

Do you have one? Have you given one to a friend?

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING


For those who desire more detail on sightings than our 20 pages permit, we offer, from our Exchange Files, the following publications for consideration:

Australian Flying Saucer Review-Andrew Tomas
227 Bay St., Brighton-le-Sands, Sydney, N.S.W., Australia

Brothers — Cosmic Brotherhood Association
Naka, P.O. Box 12, Yokohama, Japan

Flying Saucer Review
72-78 Fleet St., London, E. C. 4, England

International Paranormal Bulletin
G. P.O. Box 1524, Amsterdam, Holland

Orbit-J. L. Otley
41 Deanham Gardens, Fenham, Newcastle-upon-Tyne 5, Eng.

Panorama-Australian Saucer Record
22 Northcot St., Kilburn, S. A, Australia

Probe: Controversial Phenomena Mag.-Ferriere & Laprade
132 Fifth Ave., Woonsocket, R.I. 02895

Saucer News — James M. Mosely
P.O. Box 163, Fort Lee, New Jersey 07024

Science Publications-C. A. Honey
1231 E. Belmont St., Anaheim, Calif.

Scientific Approach to Cosmic Understanding
33 Dee St. Timaru, New Zealand

Saucers, Space and Science-Gene Duplantier
17 Shetland St., Willowdale, Ontario. Canada

Topside-Ottawa New Sciences Club
P.O. Box 2231., Station D., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

UFO International-Gabriel Green, AFSCA
2004 N. Hoover St., Los Angeles, Calif. 90027

UFO Investigator-NICAP
1538 Connecticut Ave. N. W., Washington, D. C.

We can also supply names and addresses for UFO Publications written in French, German, Italian and Japanese. Please write to Merlin if you are interested.

MAY, 1966                                   17


Every reader of this magazine should run! (not walk) to the nearest calendar and draw a heavy red line around the dates of June 3rd, 4th and 5th.

They may, with your help, turn out to be three of the most important days in the history of Understanding.

On these three days, Understanding, Inc., and the Mount Shasta Ambassadors of Good Will are co-sponsoring a symposium which will probably bring together more data, more knowledge and understanding on the subject of space craft and space travel, than has ever before been assembled in one place.

The convention is being backed by three newspapers and several radio and TV stations, all of which have promised their full support. The convention has already been announced on several radio and TV stations from New York to Oregon, and will be announced and discussed by many more before June 3rd.

Present will be several speakers who have never before spoken in public, and also, pictures and slides which have never before been shown.

This is a gathering which you cannot afford to miss!

Motels and hotels have been reserved and if you wish, we will make all arrangements for your comfort and convenience while attending the symposium. Drop a post card to Understanding, P.O. Box 76, Merlin, Oregon, for full particulars. But, please do it soon so that everything may go as smoothly as planned.

-Dan Fry

——— ♦ ———


WASHINGTON (AP)-The coincidence was bound to come out sometime:

The spacecraft is called Gemini 4.

It was coincidences launched under the astrological sign of Gemini, covering the period May 21-June 20. And Astronaut James A. McDivitt himself is classed as a Gemini by astrologers.

The two-man capsule gets its name from the Constellation Gemini, or “The Twins,” which is the third zodiacal constellation.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

bulletin board

Welcome to Unit 72

We are proud and happy to admit a. new member into our Understanding family. Welcome to Unit 72, “Mt. Rainier Unit,” of Eatonville, Washington!

Officers elected are: President, Kenneth B. Carlson (P.O. Box 357, Eatonville, Wash. 98328); Vice-President, George L. Malay, and Secretary-Treasurer, Marlynn Malay. Mailing address for the Unit is: P.O. Box 867, Eatonville, Wash.

The new unit will be working with the New Age Foundation, Inc., which is sponsoring the 5th Annual Northwest Space Convention July 15, 16 and 17 at. Eatonville.

On the Air Again

On Thursday, April 7th, Daniel W. Fry, President of Understanding, Inc., participated by telephone from Lakeview, Oregon, on the Long John Nebel Program, which originates in New York.

On Friday, April 8th, another half hour TV program, featuring Dr. Fry, was presented by Channel 2 of Klammath Fails, Oregon. By popular request Dr. Fry was invited by Channel 5 of Medford, Oregon, to be a guest again on the Women’s World Program, Friday, April 15th.

World University Sponsors Lectures

In addition to the lectures announced by the various Understanding Units, Dr. Daniel W. Fry will be speaking in Tucson, Arizona,

MAY, 1966                                   10

Saturday, May 14, 8 P.M., under the sponsorship of the World University. The World University is dedicated “to develop people and ideas adequate for a new epoch.”

Coordinator Howard John Zitko has arranged for the Saturday evening lecture to be held at the Love-Truth-Union Chapel. A seminar on Sunday or Monday will be arranged if public interest warrants it.

San Francisco Unit 11

The San Francisco Unit recently sponsored a lecture by Mel Noel on “My Experiences with the Air Force and the U.F.O.’s,” which was attended by a capacity crowd. Dr. Daniel W. Fry will be the guest speaker at the Unit’s April 22nd meeting.

Mrs. Frank Kilsby, President of Unit 11, also announces that plans are already being made for the Annual Northern California Spacecraft Convention to be held October 29 and 30, at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley, California.

Eugene, Oregon, Unit 26

Mrs. J. R. Minor, Vice-President of unit 26, reports that the membership of the Eugene Unit is writing to Mr. Gerald Ford, Republican House Speaker (Washington, D. C.), to advocate “an all out pressure for government leveling with the public” with reference to the UFO.

She suggests that all members and units do likewise in keeping with our interests.

Inglewood Unit 15

On Saturday, May 28th, at S P. M., the Inglewood Unit 15 will present Col. Harry F. May, a member of the United States Air Force Reserve, and Director of Understanding, Inc., who will speak on: Understanding the Air Force and the UFO

The lecture will be given at the Business & Professional Women’s Clubhouse, 820 Java St., Inglewood, California. Admission is by, donation and all are invited.

President of the Unit, Clarence Gahlbeck, writes, “The exciting rash of UFO sightings last month, before our March 26th meeting, was certainly responsible for our having another full house with

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

standing room only. This time there were many young boys and girls from Junior High to College level.”

San Bernardino Unit 71

In addition to a lecture by Dr. Sharon Starr on “Numerology” at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fortune on April 13th, Unit 71 is sponsoring Dr. Daniel Fry in a public lecture on April 29th.

On May 6th Paul Twitchell will be the guest speaker at a public lecture, 8 P.M., at the Saute Fe Savings and Loan Community Room, 7th and E Streets, San Bernardino. His subject will be “Bilocation.”

On June 1st the Unit will sponsor Joseph Busby in a public lecture entitled “Soul Telepathy and The Overshadowing of the Great Ones.” The lecture will be held at the American Legion Hall, 732 N. Sierra Way, San Bernardino, at 8 P.M.

Unit 71 is also engaged in a Special Project, that of making scrapbooks for both the City of Hope and the School of Hope (retarded children). President Marie L. Loust is now sponsoring the donation of books and cards to the children of the School of Hope that they may do the work themselves as happy therapy.

Riverside Unit 22

The Newsletter from the Riverside Unit reads: “Unit 22 so gratefully presents Dr. Daniel Fry, who is the Founder and National President of Understanding, Inc.” The lecture on “The Unpremeditated Pilgrimage,” with slides, will be given May 8th, 2.30 P.M. at the Izaak Walton Hall, Fairmount Park, Riverside, California Admission is by donation.

Joseph Busby Lectures

Joseph Busby, editor of “Voice Universal,” will present a series of lectures in the Grants Pass area in May. Dates confirmed include Friday, May 13th, 7:30 P.M., Women’s Club in Ashland, E Street, off Main Street. Subject: “World Peace Through Spiritual Unity.” Sunday, May 15th, 2:30 P.M., Women’s Club, Grants Pass, 5th Street. Subject: “Spiritual Cooperation, the Key to Survival.” Pot Luck dinner afterwards.

Sunday, May 15th, 7:30 P.M., Unity Center, Medford. Subject: “Jesus Christ in the World Today.”

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