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VOLUME XI                                 APRIL, 1966                                               NUMBER 4

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


(Since this is the tenth year of publication for the Understanding magazine it seems appropriate to once again review the basis of dedication for the Understanding organization, Dr. Daniel W. Fry has consented to present, in a series of articles, the essence of his message from Alan-his space contact following the “White Sands Incident.”)

The first, step which must be taken in the successful solution of any problem is the attainment of a complete understanding of the exact nature of the problem. The facts upon which the problem is based; the principles which bring it into existence; and the factors which act upon it, must all be known and considered. For example, before any student can achieve the correct solution of the problem posed by the symbols 2+2=?, he must know that the figure 2 is a symbol created to indicate a specific quantity, and he must know the quantity which it indicates. Second he must know that the symbol describes the act of increasing the number which precedes it by the value of the number which follows it. Finally, he must know or must learn the symbol used to indicate the number which is created by the addition of 2 and 2.

The reader may exclaim that this is a paradox because it implies

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

that the student must know the answer before he can begin to work the problem! The statement is correct, but it is not a paradox. It is a simple fact that the solution of any problem is an inherent and implicit part of the problem itself, and will become apparent as soon as the problem is completely understood.

Most of the “Unsolved Problems” of today remain unsolved only because they are actually multiple problems which have not yet been divided into their several simple parts.

Political and economic problems remain unsolved only when the “students” who deal with them insist, because of bias or self interest, upon ignoring or omitting one or more of the elements of which the problem is composed.

In examining the more critical problems which beset our present civilization, the careful and perceptive student will eventually become aware of the fact that virtually all of them stem, directly or indirectly, from a simple problem of human progress and development. Careful study of the nature of this problem and of its inevitable consequences, leads to the firm conclusion that our present civilization cannot successfully continue to develop, nor in fact, can it long continue to exist, unless some adequate solution can be achieved. It would seem therefore that the achievement of such a solution should become the most important goal to be sought by all mankind.

The search should be conducted with the highest possible priority in every country in the world and by all the people, since the future of all will be determined by the results of the search. If it is to be successful, the search must, of course, begin with a complete and careful analysis of the problem, and of the factors which bring it into existence.

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In the March issue I discussed the idea that man has created computing machines which outstrip him in ability to discern the truth of any given situation. In searching further to understand the mind and its strange brilliancy and failure, some further ideas amalgamated into what might be a rich field of speculation or a blind alley of misconception.

APRIL, 1966                                3

Looking for the reassurance that our soft little human ways of viewing the facts of life have an ultimate purpose as valid as the computer’s needle-sharp evaluation, I took up a little known pamphlet by Prof. Edmond Bordeaux Szekely entitled “Genesis.” This is the Essene version of the creation legend, the one supposedly followed by Moses, which surprisingly enough seems more in harmony with our modern concepts than the traditional one.

Instead of the familiar, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth,” the Essenes say, “Without beginning the Law creates thought and life.” According to Prof. Szekely they believed that creation is continuous. “It is happening today as it always happened and as it always will happen. It is an ever present, universal process.”

“It is evident,” he goes on to say, “that the Essenes did not limit the continuous creation to our earth, but by `earth’ meant the sum total of planets existing in cosmic space. Accordingly they speak of the `cosmic ocean of life’ as made up of the totality of living beings on all of the life-containing planets in cosmic space.”

This is indeed a very early declaration of belief in extra-terrestrial beings but it was the next statement which intrigued me even more. “According to the Essene traditions, the currents of thought, continuously created by the Law through every individual on every planet containing life, form a powerful non-material cosmic ocean of thought not limited by time or space. This cosmic ocean propagates a form of cosmic energy with a greater velocity than light, sound, electricity or magnetism; it represents the most. powerful energy in the universe. There is an omnipresent and omnipotent interaction between this cosmic ocean of thought and every thinking being on all planets.”

This is indeed a rich statement for anyone interested in outer space. Concentrating just on the question of thought there seems little doubt the ancients meant the ordinary thinking in which we all engage and that these thoughts, given or received, have tremendous power. But, we seldom seriously consider that we are affected by thoughts from outside sources or that our own thought processes project themselves very far beyond our immediate sphere.

Is thought, perhaps, an outside thing, constantly around us, received by us whether we know it or not? Is it an automatic or mechanical

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

occurrence, with thinking merely being a method of receiving the eternally existing thought force in the same way a computer receives and acts upon the electronic impulses programmed into its system

To quote Prof. Szekely again, “It is evident that this eternal cosmic ocean of thought preceded the formation of our planet.” This seems to imply that if man is receiving communication from this thought source he is now in touch with a phenomenon which existed before any use could be made of it, as with the majority of other natural resources we use.

If, however, this particular resource pre-existed, what of the content of our thought? It is a little disconcerting to consider that our most personal mental images have been floating around in space for an inconceivable time until they pop into our minds like a card in a machine.

We could, perhaps, discount the Essene belief as just another interpretation of scripture, but we cannot dismiss the fact that there is a close correlation between the human nervous system and the electronic brain and that we know all too little about the working of the former. Dr. John van Neumann, the late, eminent mathematician, speaks of this in “The Computer and the Brain” (Yale University Press, 1955). Dr. Neumann was stumped, not by how to build a memory-storing device into a machine, but by where the memory factor lodges in the human being. How indeed can it store such vast catalogues of experience and information and not reveal its presence by so much as a bump?

Is the reason we cannot discover this, nor where the thinking mind lodges in the. body, because it is not there? Since all methods of detection have failed, should we not consider that the origin of thought and the storehouse of memory might indeed be a part, of `the ocean of thought’ upon which we draw by flipping our computer-like nervous system?

Can this phenomenon possibly be called another law of life and, if so, can we discover anything more about the way it works? Szekely’s “Genesis” contains this statement: “When and where the infinite ocean of thought created a certain precondition of life and the material evolution of planetary life was able to develop in turn

APRIL, 1966                                5

the capacity to receive this superior cosmic force, increasingly high degrees of consciousness developed on the planet.”

If man is receiving from the great source only what he is programmed to receive according to his evolution, the conditions of the world would indicate he has yet much to learn relative to the development of a higher degree of consciousness.

-E. M. Wernor

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This extract is from the address of Warren Hubbard on Radio K-ACE Celebrity Spotlight, October 21st, 1965, Riverside, Calif. The Jurupa Cultural Center is an exciting experience for the Riverside area. In its short history of less than a year, it has become known and enjoyed by thousands of people. It is newsworthy because it affects people in a significant way.

This community project was born as an idea to help children grow into better, happier and more productive people. It has grown through the loving efforts of many talented, generous and public spirited leaders. The basic idea behind the project is to let children discover the fascinating mysteries of the little common things around them: a blade of grass, a stone, a seed. There are problems of scientific understanding in these simple things which are constantly studied by scientists in our great universities.

When these mysterious inner phenomena are reduced to the level of a child’s understanding, without removing the excitement of discovery, something almost magic happens to the child. Last spring a children’s garden project was organized. It was well supervised and had the willing assistance of an outstanding authority from the University of California to explain proper methods and to answer questions. Fifty-seven children from a radius of forty miles enrolled, and continued through the seven week course. They planted vegetables and flower seeds, watched them grow, watering in the hot sun, erecting fences and scarecrows to keep out intruders, and then harvesting the crops. All now have pleasant memories they will cherish always.

Now other classes are in session, teaching little fingers and minds

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

the skills and aesthetics of beautiful and interesting things. The fingers create and the minds appreciate and remember.

The keynote is participation for children already have many opportunities to engage in spectator activities. With so many opportunities for only looking there is a special pleasure in actually doing creative things, so individual and so important, especially when others are doing similar things which can be compared and discussed.

The first classes are quiet as the teacher explains things but as skills increase friendly discussions develop. The pleasant, satisfied feeling of accomplishment is mixed with yearning for more skill and accomplishment. It is significant that people like the feeling of being importantly and productively busy and enjoy the inner peace and satisfactions which follow.

Now let us look at some of the deeper aspects of humanity. It is in the nature of things that man uses energy to survive. Man is a consumer, and he must destroy to consume … It therefore seems right that God in his infinite wisdom has placed in man a need to be creative and productive. But people need skills to be effectively productive. For these skills we may draw upon the full breadth of our culture as we bring teacher and pupil together.

The cultural center is good for people. How does it affect the community? A community is people and the attitudes and skills imparted by the Jurupa Cultural Center make better and more interesting people. If enough participate, then the entire community will be favorably affected, becoming a more interesting and richer place to live. It should provide young people with interesting and healthful outlets for their creative energy; ease the difficult transition period of maturing instead of just growing up.

The Center does not teach trade school skills as such, but basic traits of character, which are extremely valuable to individuals and the community. Among these traits are listed confidence, awareness, dexterity, planning ability, determination, mental vigor, perseverance and patience. To this is added a knowledge of basic science and a better understanding of history and the development of our culture. As the Jurupa Cultural Center is still a new concept it presents a challenge to match the enthusiasm of the idea with the

APRIL, 1966                                7

responsibilities of accomplishment with adequate facilities. Here is an opportunity to offer something of great value to everyone.

To the little ones: To set before the eager and endless appetite for learning-the world’s wonders.

For the frustrated ones: To provide the opportunity to learn as rapidly or as slowly as each one wishes, guided only by personal interest and excitement.

For the idle ones: To find the satisfaction of accomplishment. To create. To be appreciated for something of himself. To be wanted for his skills.

For the dedicated ones: To teach, explain, demonstrate and appreciate. To see the spark from one mind kindle an interest in another.

For the generous ones: An opportunity to express their concern for people in an effective and efficient way.

So ends the script, but not the work. Other communities should be inspired to go forth and do likewise, with your support and enthusiasm.

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The excerpts here given were taken from Hindu literature by Col. James Churchward.

Hindu Manuscript, date unknown (B. C.) : “When morning dawned, Rama, taking the celestial car which Pushpaka had sent him by Vivpishand, stood ready to depart. Self-moving was that car; it was large and finely painted. It had two stories and many chambers with windows and was draped with flags and banners. It gave forth melodious sound as it coursed along its airy way.”

Hindu Manuscript, dated 500 B. C.: “Rawan, King of Ceylon(?), flew over the enemy’s army and dropped bombs, causing many casualties. Eventually Rawan was captured and slain and his flying machine fell into the hands of the Hindu chieftain Ram Chandra who flew it all the way back to his capital Adjudhia in Northern India.”

James Churchward says, in his book, “The Children of Mu,” published in 1931, “Without question both of ‘these manuscripts

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

were taken from the same temple records at Ayhodia, as was the Rama and Sita poem, referring back 20,000 years ago.

Maha Bharata (1000 B.C.) : Mention is made in this ancient book of the “gift of a flying machine” by a king to a brother monarch as a token of friendship.

These are the most detailed accounts I have found about the airships of the Hindus 15,000 to 20,000 years ago, except one which is a drawing and instructions for the construction of the airship and her machinery, power, engine, etc. The power is taken from the atmosphere in a very simple, inexpensive manner. The engine is somewhat like our present-day turbine in that it works from one chamber into another until finally exhausted. When the engine is once started it never stops until turned off. It will continue on if allowed to do so until the bearings are worn out. These ships could keep circling around the earth without ever once coming down until the machinery wore out. The power is unlimited, or rather limited only by what metals will stand. I find various flights spoken of which according to our maps would run from 1000 to 3000 miles.

All records relating to these airships distinctly state that they were self-moving, they propelled themselves; in other words they generated their own power as they flew along. They were independent of all fuel. It seems to me in face of this, and with all our boasting, we are about 15,000 to 20,000 years behind the times. Dropping bombs is a new sport with us, less than twenty years old; yet here we see that it was done 15,000 to 20,000 years ago. Rowan was shot down with a circular gun that spit fire and made thunder which is uncommonly like some of our machine guns today. Yet the world is flattering itself today that never before during the history of man has there ever been such a brainy lot of scientists as are with us at the present time. Pure egoism crowned with ignorance. I feel like the sage of old who said: “There is nothing new under the sun.” There are many Chinese records of about the same date regarding these ancient flying machines.”


Deal leniently with others, but strictly with yourself.


APRIL, 1966                                9


The staging is set for an Interplanetary Age to dawn upon earth man’s consciousness. Earth nations are contributing billions of dollars toward this end from tax funds and still there is a dilemma.

We intend to establish bases upon our moon, visit, colonize, or “conquer” Space; bring our techniques, inventions, ideas and possibly our credit systems to bear in this planned space visitation. We hope in one breath that we may find existing life, similar possibly to our own, and in the next breath, we are fearful of what may happen if we do.

However; to the knowledge of the public at large, no earth nation has provided for this to happen in reverse, namely: visitation of others to earth! Still, astronomers are saying that `they expect that there may be hundreds of millions of inhabited worlds and most of them may be more advanced than the earth!’ (Harlow Shapley) If we expect to visit, we should expect to be visited. Evidence piles up to indicate that this is an actuality already and that this visitation has been going on for a considerable number of years in time, even since the Sanskrit language, earliest known of our languages. With each new UFO sighting, the dilemma increases!

We do not have laws enacted, consequently we limit public acceptance to admit space visitors from other realms of life. If a space visitor landed upon our planet, we, by law, have no visa or passport to give him, no procedure by which he may qualify to visit. As a consequence, various security regulations and laws might. bring the inevitable incarceration that no one really wants as the solution to `our dilemma.’ If we are to establish friendly relations with other planets and realms of life, there are some FIRST THINGS THAT WE MUST DO!

1. Eliminate the one-sided approach to space research. We must accept that it is a two-way affair, what we may do with or find in Space and what Space may wish to do with us.

2. We must begin to indicate our willingness to `listen’ as well as `do.’

3. We need to enhance the public interest by opening the doors of officialdom as regards this subject-telling not only what our newest space exploit or expenditure is but what is being learned through the two-way door.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

4. To avoid great embarrassment, even a possible catastrophe, we need to open the doors of our minds and end the ostrich-like attitude of space visitation already proved before our eyes. Catalogues of photos, communications and other evidence grow in volume and number. The public is increasingly aware and demands the `right to know.’ An explosive reaction may end the stalemate!

5. A farmer planting a field, hoping for an abundant harvest, must first know many conditions that apply. So it is with our Space effort. We must yield to Wisdom, not just dollars spent. We must know by Understanding, learn and be willing to be taught many things. This `new field’ has not been explored by earth knowledge. Willing ones are present if we are willing to gather together our best and wisest and plan a sensible Space Program. Willingness on our part may bring help from those already traveling Space!

Is it worth a try? We say it is!

Committee for True Space Exploration

A Grass Roots Effort

S Smith Street

Seattle, Washington 98109

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world report

Soviet Dogs Radiation Targets

(From Kansas City Star, Feb. 24, 1966)

With the usual paucity of detail, the Soviet Union has announced that it has placed two dogs into earth orbit for “biological studies.” The experiment seems designed to test the effects of space radiation on living animals.

Our competitors in space exploration used dogs prior to their manned flights. But the most significant element in this flight is its orbit. The spacecraft’s high point, or apogee, is 500 miles. That altitude is much higher than any human being ever has traveled. Our own flights have had a ceiling of around 200 miles.

At 500 miles the Van Allen belt of radiation shows up in appreciable

APRIL, 1966                                11

strength, goes on out about 40,000 to 50,000 in the direction of the sun, and much farther on the other side.

It won’t be described this way, but the dogs are serving as a sort of shooting gallery to see if radiation affects them. Americans will be interested in whether they get back.

In the rare international conferences on space, Soviet scientists have appeared to be more concerned than American over radiation effects on spacemen. The vehicle itself will shield a great deal of the radiation and exposure time for a moon-bound flight will not be too long. But it would be comforting to be certain that the trip is safe.

It is reasonable to speculate that the Russians will follow with a manned flight soon. Both nations will be sending their space vehicles and astronauts out deeper and deeper into space, eventually to orbit the moon and return long before an actual landing. The advances tumble fast on one another.

Moon’s Far Side

(From New Zealand Herald, January 31, 1966)

Photographs secured by the Russian space craft Zond 3 when it passed close to the Moon on July 20 last year reveal startling differences between the side we can see and the part hidden from us. Preliminary studies of photographs were described recently by Dr. Y. N. Lipsky, of the Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow. They covered the one-fifth of the lunar surface which remained unknown after the Lunik 3 photographs in 1959.

Dr. Lipsky reveals that there is a great dissimilarity between the visible and invisible hemispheres. The hidden side has only a few dark areas and is much more mountainous than the side we see.

The northern continental area on the far side is much larger than the southern continental area on the visible hemisphere, and is much more densely spread with craters.

On one of the new photographs the Russian scientists have identified 1000 new craters more than three miles in diameter. Six hundred of these range up to 12 miles in width, while 240 lie between 12 and 62 miles in diameter. In addition a dozen larger craters have been noted.

Numerous ring-shaped concavities with diameters up to 300 miles have also been discovered. There are no counterparts for these on

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

the visible side of the moon although on the earth the great Kalahari and Kashgar depressions appear similar in nature.

The hidden side of the moon, expected to provide few surprises,. has proved remarkably different.

Pain Switch

(From Auckland, New Zealand, Star, Nov. 17, 1965)

NEW YORK-Patients may soon be able to switch off their pain if it becomes unbearable.

An electronic “pain box,” developed by two Harvard researchers will turn off the agony for up to eight hours at the flick of a switch with no side effects.

The box is about the size of a small transistor radio.

When it, comes into full production it will replace addictive drugs like morphine.

There is just one snag to widespread use-brain surgery is necessary to plant tiny electrodes to receive the “stop pain” messages. But the nine-volt bleeps from the box at, the rate of 30 a second, do no damage. They only confuse the brain, making it impossible to accept pain. The pain is still there, but the patient, cannot feel it. Experiments with the “switch off” system have worked on three patients-two with terminal diseases and one with a severe nerve injury.

Flour From Fish

(From Grants Pass Courier, Feb. 28, 1966)

WASHINGTON (AP)-Secretary of the Interior Stewart L. Udall asked the Food and Drug Administration Monday to approve for human consumption a protein concentrate made from whole fish Udall describes the concentrate as “a new source of food for the world’s hungry.”

The Bureau of Commercial Fisheries developed the concentrate, using hake, a fish found in the ocean.

Virtually odorless and tasteless, it has been successfully tested as an ingredient: in beverages, noodles, gravy, bread and cookies. In his petition to FDA, Udall said bureau scientists worked for three years to develop procedures for manufacturing a nutritious and completely wholesome product.

The concentrate is approximately 80 per cent protein. About six pounds of fish are processed for one pound of concentrate.

APRIL, 1966                                13

Donald L. McKernan, bureau director, said if the unharvested fish in United States coastal waters were made into the concentrate, it would provide the protein to balance the diet of 1 billion people for 300 days at a cost of about one-half cent per person per day.

Bloodless Laser Surgery

(From Grants Pass Courier, Feb. 17, 1966)

NEW YORK (AP) -Surgeons have successfully used a laser beam to remove a tumor from a man’s leg bloodlessly, the New York Times reported today. The beam cauterized blood vessels so that no blood flowed.

The laser is a sharply focused beam of light, up to one million times brighter than ordinary light.

“I’m absolutely jubilant,” said Dr. Thomas E. Brown, one of three doctors who performed the surgery at Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati, according to the Times.

“There’s no apparent reason,” Brown said, “why we cannot use the same laser to cut into the liver, the spleen or even the brain without fear of hemorrhage.”

Lasers were used shortly after their discovery in 1960 for certain kinds of eye surgery. But other techniques proved as effective and less hazardous, so laser surgery fell into disuse.

——— ♦ ———


There is nothing in this world to equal the joy we have once we become aware of our indwelling God-Spirit. To think that such greatness and goodness is part of ourselves! There are many versions of how we come to have this Eternal Spirit in us, but the important thing for us to consider now is the fact that It is there and that we may know Its blessed influence in our daily lives.

Like the lotus blossom of r are beauty, this Spirit brightly tops the long root reaching into the slime and dregs of human life. Since the act of growing is done from the bottom, among the dark places of our lives, we tend to forget that just above us is this glorious Flower blooming in the light of Eternity.

Becoming Aware, that is the important thing! Unless we know and think about this lovely Higher Self, it is as though we do not possess It. The more we meditate upon Its Being, the more fervent

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

is our desire to become united and one with all It stands for, and the more we realize and enjoy Its benediction.

Gradually we learn to consult our Higher Self in every phase of our living-we ask to be given wisdom and knowledge, not only for the momentous occasions, but in every kind of perplexity and problem. Our desire for right living is the key that opens the door to wisdom and good judgment and gives us guidance in all matters.

We need not be perfect in order to have access to this Spirit of Goodness and Power, we need only have the desire and determination to learn all we can of the Higher Life. We yearn to be free from pettiness and common faults, for we see that oneness can only come with likeness.

Putting ourselves in the keeping of this Intelligence and Love, we lose our fear and dread of what may come, knowing that whatever befalls us can be endured and made to turn to good in our development. We are never alone nor forsaken, for we are as the cherished child of this Father, our Higher Self, ever enfolded with loving care.

-Esther Lowery

——— ♦ ———


(In the Theosophist publication “Discovery” of November, 1964, is an article “Seeing the Divine in the Mundane, from which these paragraphs are quoted.)

“We are told that the law of analogy and correspondence can be used with a view to developing intuition. This offers a wide open field for thought and practical application which should help us to see the world in a grain of sand, God in the spider’s web, and the divine in drudgery.

“The law of analogy and correspondence teaches us to see the ordinary things of life as reflections of the inner life of spiritual realities. With the help of this law, should we not see the little duties of the Universal Home? Do not the orderliness of the stars in their courses and the beauty of the peacock’s train teach us something? Should not everything be viewed as a reflection of the higher? Do not punctuality and accuracy in our everyday affairs put, us in harmony with the universal rhythm and with the Great Powers

APRIL, 1966                                15

whose intelligence lies at the base of all universal happenings? If we view everything thus, the world of day-to-day living becomes transformed; our individual relationships become changed. And as the mundane aspects of life make us feel tired, dispirited, emotionally upset and mentally confused, this new outlook will enable us to do all things with a cheerful mind guided by a well-developed intuition.

Is this why we are taught to think over our coming day during morning meditation and to get a right attitude toward it, to see ourselves as integral parts of the universal scheme, carrying out cheerfully all the tasks that need to be done? It would seem that as soon as we realized the usefulness of everything, we should be able more easily to bring enthusiasm to life and to make an effort of the will to accomplish anything.

“What makes us weary of life? It is our dissatisfaction with what we have to do, so that when we review our day’s activities we feel as though nothing has been achieved. How can this be when no effort, not the smallest, can vanish from the world of causes? The performance of the mundane duties of life fills us with enthusiasm and cheer when we use the key of analogy to trace their celestial counterparts. . . .”

——— ♦ ———

book reviews

REINCARNATION: The Ring of Return

Edited by Eva Martin, University Books, New Hyde Park, N. Y. $5

This anthology is concerned with the “idea of Reincarnation as an integral part of the scheme of Evolution, involving repeated sojourns

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

in this place of exile, pleasure-ground, prison, or school of experience, as our earth may variously be described by those of differing temperament and outlook.”

Theosophist Eva Martin has provided us with key passages from the writings of the East and also those of the western world from early centuries to the present day.

This very complete anthology is written in five parts, commencing with

1. Pre-Christian Era

“The Egyptians were the first -who propounded the theory that the human soul is immortal and that, when the body of any one perishes, it, enters into some other creature that may be born ready to receive it, and that when it has gone the round of all created forms on land, in water and in air, then it once more enters a human body born for it; and this cycle of existence for the soul takes place in three thousand years. (from Herodotus, Book II).

2. The first Five Centuries

“The message of Plato, the purest and most luminous in all philosophy, has at last. scattered the darkness of error, and now shines forth mainly in Plotinus, a Platonist so like his master that one would think they lived together, or rather-since so long a period of time separates them-that, Plato is born again in Plotinus. (Saint Augustine)

3. Before 1700 AD

“A Stone I died and rose again a plant,

A plant I died and rose an animal;

I died an animal and was born a man.

Why should I fear? What have I lost by death?”

(13th century Persian mystic)

4. AD 1700-1900

“Our duty is present with us every instant. My doctrine is Live so that thou mayest desire to live again-that is thy duty; for, in any case, thou wilt live again!” (Friedrich Nietzsche)

5. The 20th Century

“I hold that when a person dies, His soul returns again to earth; Arrayed in some new flesh-disguise, another mother gives

APRIL, 1966                                17

him birth. With sturdier limbs and brighter brain, the old soul takes the road again.” (John Masefield, A Creed)

Eva Martin’s belief that reincarnation is an “idea that appeals powerfully to man’s innate sense of justice, to his innate yearning for eternal progress and hope” is exceptionally illustrated in this most remarkable and interesting book.

-Florence Twitchell


MUNICH, GERMANY (AP)-Munich’s Technological College plans to open a department of air and space travel and establish a professorship on space travel.

——— ♦ ———

Wilbur T. Miller

Will Miller, who with his wife Evelyn authored We of the New Dimension, made his transition on March 5th, 1966, at Loma Linda, California.

An ordained minister of the Christian Spiritual Alliance, Dr. Daniel W. Fry delivered the following eulogy at the funeral services for Wilbur T. Miller.

Dear Friends: We have assembled here to pay our tribute of respect and honor to one who deserves more than we know how to give, for words are inadequate to express that which is in our hearts.

Will Miller was a man whose philosophy and whose pattern of life could well be copied by all. He had no enemies because he made of every man a friend.

We who mourn his passing, mourn not for him, but for ourselves because we no longer have his companionship. But, at the same time we must take comfort and joy in the knowledge that he has entered into a larger and brighter sphere of life and progress.

By his many years of kindness and service he has earned his promotion. Let us not begrudge it to him because we are thereby deprived of his light. We bid him Godspeed in the full knowledge that wherever he may be, that place will be a better place because he is there.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

bulletin board

Daniel W. Fry Lectures

In addition to lectures given in Oregon recently-one for a new group in Rogue River City, and another for Unit 26 in Eugene Dr. Daniel W. Fry is presently setting up a lecture schedule for Southern California and Arizona.

Although dates have been confirmed we do not. presently have all. the meeting places, times nor lecture titles and so we ask that you contact the Unit representative for further information.

The lecture tour will commence with Santa Barbara on April 27th.. Please check with Rev. Violet Gilbert, President of Unit 68. The address is: Cosmic. Star Center, 1230 Garden St., Santa Barbara,. Calif. 93103.

The April 29th lecture will be sponsored by Unit 71 of San Bernardino. Contact Mrs. Robert Fortune, 3172 Mayfield Ave., San Bernardino 92405, for time and place.

The May 7th lecture will be in Orange, Calif., for Unit 7. Mrs. Dorothy Harper, 736 N. Cambridge St., Orange 92667, will have further information.

On May 8th the lecture will be sponsored by Unit 22 of Riverside, Calif. Contact is Mrs. Caroline Nuckles, 4715 Bain St., Mira Loma, Calif. 91752.

May 13th has been reserved for Cleator, Arizona, Unit 49. Mr. and Mrs Darrell Nicklaus are in charge of arrangements.

APRIL, 1966                                19

Plan Ahead

In planning your vacation trips you may wish to include a New Age Convention and so we list the data, received to date, that you may plan ahead. As further details are received they shall be given.

A Space Symposium is being planned at Duusmuir, near Mt. Shasta, Calif., for June 3-4-5. It will be sponsored jointly by Understanding and the Senior Citizens Clubs of Northern California and Southern Oregon.

Buck Nelson is announcing his 10th Annual Spacecraft Convention for June 25-26-27 at Mountain View, Mo. Write Rte. 1, Box 236, Mountain View, Mo. 65548 for information.

The 5th Annual Washington State Space New Age Conclave will be held July 15 and 16 at Eatonville, Wash. Write Wayne S. Aho, 8 Smith St., Seattle, Wash. 98109, for additional data.

Word has also been received that a Space Convention is being arranged for Reno, Nevada, for July 8-9-10. Gabriel Green, 2004 N. Hoover St.., Los Angeles 90027, has further particulars.

Voice of Understanding

Our goal of an Understanding Radio Station at Merlin still exists and the building is ready for use. However, the present staff at Merlin is inadequate to assume the further efforts still needed to “go on the air.” We await a volunteer staff, willing to spend 6 to 8 hours a day, in at least three areas of endeavor: engineering responsibilities, advertising solicitation and program planning.

But, the “Voice of Understanding” has not been silent. Our founder and president, Dr. Daniel W. Fry, has recently appeared on two TV stations in Oregon, Medford and Klamath Falls. Both programs have been well received and if sufficient audience response is forthcoming further appearances of Dr. Fry have been promised by both stations.

Donations are still needed to cover costs of equipment, supplies, administrative expenses, etc. We need both people and dollars! What will you contribute to our needs?

Lectures Announced

On Saturday, April 23rd at 8 P.M., the Inglewood Unit 15 will present Carl Anderson, internationally known “contactee” and

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

author of Two Nights to Remember, who will speak on: “U.F.O.’s New Contacts, New Experiences.”

The lecture will be at the Business and Professional Women’s Clubhouse, 820 Java St., Inglewood. Admission is by donation and all are invited.

On Sunday, April 17th at 2:30 P.M., the Riverside Unit 22 will present Dr. Raymond L. Tippetts in “The Story of the Pyramids.”‘ The secrets of the Lost Temple will be given, an explanation of the 14 steps of the Pyramid offered, and information concerning the Sphinx presented.

The lecture will be held at the Izaak Walton Hall, Fairmount Park, Riverside, California. All are invited. Admission is by donation of $1.00.

White Sands Incident

We are pleased to announce that the White Sands Incident and To Men of Earth is being printed once more. Please send your orders to Merlin Publishing Company, P.O. Box 105, Merlin, Ore. 97532 and copies will be mailed as soon as the books arrive. Californians please remember to add 4 per cent Sales Tax to the price. which is still $2.00 a copy.

Unit 66 Officers

The Topeka Unit 66 of Understanding recently held an election of officers. The new President is: Joseph Bicking (416 W. Fourth, #16, Topeka, Kansas 66603). Other officers are: Delores Trapp, Vice-President and Treasurer, and Dr. Max Wickers, Secretary.

The group is enthusiastic and planning projects for the future.. In February they sponsored a series of lectures by Swami Parampanthi of India.

Joseph and Louise Busby

Joseph Busby, editor of the “Voice Universal” of England, and his wife Louise, are on a return lecture tour of the United States March through June. They were well received on their last tour and so we suggest that those interested in hearing their New Age messages contact their local Understanding Units for dates. No lecture schedule has been received by this office and we can only announce that a lecture will be held in Grants Pass, Women’s Club, May 15th at. 2:30.


by Dr. Daniel W. Fry

Steps to the Stars (4th printing)

Curve of Development

Both softbound          $1.50 each


Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding

Softbound, $2.00

Hardbound, $3.00

Merlin Publishing Company

P.O. Box 105

Merlin, Oregon 97532


teaches you how to

• Triumph over worry and suffering

• Rid yourself of illness

• Conquer your frustrations

• Unfold your psychic faculties

• Attain self-mastery

Hawaiian Huna that works!

Send $3.25 for this wonderful book to the author. Tax and postage included.


6711 Yucca Street

Hollywood, Calif. 90028

“ELIJAH”                      SPEAKS

For people with OPEN minds


must be BROKEN DOWN.

MIGHT does not make RIGHT.



In booklet form           $1.00, postpaid.

“ELIJAH,” 402,2 Lake Ave., Lockport, H. Y.

——— ♦ ———



atoms, galaxies and understanding, by daniel fry ………….  2.00

White sands incident and

to men of earth, one volume, by Daniel Fry …………  2.00

Diary into the unknown, by Eugene and ruth whitworth              4.00

The sky people, by erinsley lepoer trench ………..  4.50

Spacewoman speaks, by rolfe telano ……  2.00

Why we are here, Gloria lee ………..  3.75

council of seven lights, by george van tassel…………. 3.50

my contact with flying saucers, fino kraspedon …….  3.75

My trip to mars moon and venus, by buck nelson ……..  1.25

night has 1000 saucers, by calvin c. girvin (paper, $2.00)….. 3.00

road in the sky, by g.h. williamson ……..  4.00

SECRET OF THE SAUCERS, by Orfeo Angelucci ……… 3.00

Secret forces that changed the world, by frank bowman     3.50

Flying saucers farewell, by george adamski …………..  3.95

Wake up the god in you and live, by Martha baker ……  2.00

we of the new dimension, by Will and evelyn miller …………  2.00

Unity in the spirit, by comptesse de pierrefeu ……………  2.00

These books may be purchased from Understanding. We pay all postage.

Residents of California please add 4 percent sales tax.