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VOLUME XI                                 MARCH, 1966                                            NUMBER 3

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


The January issue of Understanding magazine contained the following “Thought for the Month:”

“What do you suppose would happen in Viet Nam if all of our planes were dropping good things for the people? What would be the result of food, clothing, medicine, books, toys, etc., raining down from the skies?”

This is a kind thought, and one which might be put to practical use in several areas of the world. In Viet Nam, however, it is an unfortunate fact that the military situation has little or nothing to do with the people of Viet Nam, either north or south. It. has become simply one more attempt, in a long chain of such attempts by communist military opportunists, to take by force one more small and relatively helpless nation. The attempt succeeded in North Viet Nam and is now being pushed in the south. The U.S. forces are not fighting North Viet Nam; they are simply fighting to prevent a communist takeover in the south.

More than thirty years of experience in observing the continuous succession of such communist takeovers has enabled us to predict exactly what would happen if we began to drop food, clothing, medicine, etc., to the North Vietnamese citizens. In the first place, the

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

communist bosses of North Viet Nam would instantly set up a howl throughout the world that the vicious Yankee Imperialists were now attempting to kill innocent. Vietnamese citizens by dropping poisoned food, inflammable clothing and infected drugs. Secondly, they would immediately prohibit, on pain of death, any civilian from touching any of the airdropped parcels, and would require any civilian who came upon such a parcel to report its location to the `authorities.’ The communist officials would then collect the parcels and distribute them among their own soldiers as a bonus for killing more of the soft and silly Yankees who thought that a war could be ended by giving aid and comfort to their opponents.

Unfortunately the communists have never heard of the Golden Rule, but have been taught since the beginning of communism that any humanitarian act is a sign of weakness in the one who per formed it., and that any form of weakness is to be instantly and ruthlessly exploited for the benefit of communism.

Understanding is not always pleasant, but facts remain facts, no matter how deplorable they may be.

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Much criticism has been directed toward the United Nations organization because “the reality has not matched the vision.” Yet ideals should not be sacrificed because implementation of them at first seems discouragingly inadequate.

With this thought in mind we present to you, briefly, the vision inherent in the United Nations concept, as given in the address of Pope Paul VI to the General Assembly of the United Nations on October 4, 1965.

“We might call our message a ratification, a solemn moral ratification of this lofty institution. . . in saying this, we feel we are making our voice the voice of the dead and of the living.. . and we also make our own the voice of the poor, the disinherited, the suffering, of those who hunger and search for the dignity, for freedom, for well-being and progress. The peoples of the earth turn to the United Nations as the last hope of concord and peace.. .

“The edifice which you have constructed must never fail; it must

MARCH, 1966                             3

be perfected and made equal to the needs which world history will present. ..

“To the plurality of states, which can no longer ignore one another, you offer an extremely simple and fruitful formula of coexistence. . . you give sanction to the great principle that the relations between peoples should be regulated by reason, by justice, by law, by negotiations; not by force, not by violence, not by war, not by fear or by deceit. Thus it must be.. .

“Your Charter goes further…. You exist and operate to unite the nations, to bind states together. . . . You are a bridge between peoples. You are a network of relations between states…. Your vocation is to make brothers not only of some but of all peoples. A difficult undertaking, indeed; but this it is, your most noble undertaking. . ..

“Let no one, inasmuch as be is a member of your union, be superior to the others: Never one above the other. This is the formula for equality. .. . You are not equal, but here make yourselves equal. Men cannot be brothers if they are not humble. It is pride, no matter how legitimate it may seem to be, which provokes tension, egoism; that is, pride disrupts brotherhood. …

“Not the one against others, never again, never more. It. was principally for this purpose that the organization of the United Nations arose: Against war, in favor of peace …

“Many words are not needed to proclaim this loftiest aim of your institution. It suffices to remember that the blood of millions of men, that numberless and unheard-of sufferings, useless slaughter and frightful ruin, are the sanction of the pact which unites you, with an oath which must change the future history of the world: No more war, war never again! Peace, it is peace which must guide the destinies of peoples and of all mankind…

The United Nations is the great school where that education (in the ways of peace) is imparted … everyone taking his place here becomes a pupil and also a teacher in the art of building peace … the world looks upon you as the architects and constructors of peace. “Peace, as you know, is not built up only by means of politics, by the balance of forces and interests. It is constructed with the mind, with ideas, with works of peace. You labor in this construction. But you are still at the beginning of your task …

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

“. . . another principle which is fundamental to the United Nations, which is its positive and affirmative high point: namely, that you work here not only to avert conflicts between states, but also to make them capable of working for each other … you organize brotherly- collaboration of peoples. In this way a system of solidarity is set up, and its lofty civilized aims win the orderly and unanimous support of all the family of peoples for the common good and the good of each individual. This aspect of the organization of the United Nations is the most beautiful; it is its most truly human aspect; it is the ideal of which mankind dreams on its pilgrimage through time; it is the world’s greatest hope; it is, we presume to say, the reflection of the loving and transcendent design of God for the progress of the human family on earth …

“You proclaim here the fundamental rights and duties of man, his dignity, his freedom-and above all, his religious freedom. We feel that thus you interpret the highest sphere of human wisdom and, we might add, its sacred character. . .

We know how intensive and ever more effective are the efforts of the United Nations and its dependent world agencies to assist those governments who need help to hasten their economic and social progress. We know how ardently you labor to overcome illiteracy and to spread good culture throughout the world; to give men adequate modern medical assistance; to employ in man’s service the marvelous resources of science; of technology and of organization…

“This edifice which you are constructing does not rest upon merely material and earthly foundations, for thus it would be a house built upon sand; above all, it is based on our own consciences. The hour has struck for our `conversion,’ for personal transformation, for interior renewal … The hour has struck for a halt, a moment of recollection, of reflection, almost of prayer. A moment to think anew of our common origin, our history, our common destiny . ..there is a need for an appeal to the moral conscience of man; the real danger comes from man himself, wielding ever more powerful instruments which can be employed equally well for destruction or for the loftiest conquests.

“In a word, then, the edifice of modern civilization must be built upon spiritual principles which alone can, not only support it, but

MARCH, 1966                             5

even illuminate and animate it. We believe, as you know, that these indispensable principles of superior wisdom must be founded upon faith in God .. . “

The challenge is great; it must be met!

——— ♦ ———


When we begin by admitting we know nothing, we have, perhaps the chance of learning something. Occasionally we are able to escape the routine concept into which our minds seem to become locked and open up enough to glimpse a fresh idea which leads us into a new dimension.

This occurred as I was marveling at the skill of our ever more complex computing machines, which I regard with some of the awe our distant ancestors must have held for their astrologers and sooth-sayers. I was particularly disconcerted by the electronic brain’s ability to produce the ultimate answer from the miscellaneous data fed into its tubes and transistors. These machines are the product of the human mind. How is it then that they are able to produce a clarity and consistency of answer which the human mind cannot seem to match? They can even tell us there is something wrong with the programmed facts if they are not able to produce the one correct answer.

Could it be that the computer has uncovered a fact which the human mind has not yet fully grasped, which is that there is only one correct answer to any given question? Or, to state it another way, is it possible that every set of facts or circumstances has but one ultimate conclusion built into it, like the pit in the middle of a peach? Would this solution manifest if we would grant it the same objectivity which a machine can bring to it?

As it, is we know that two men working on the identical set of facts will probably come up with two answers. A jury can listen to the same testimony and come up with twelve versions of the truth, and days of discussion cannot bring them to the same conclusion. We have many excuses as to why this is so, but should we not also consider whether or not man’s mind is as highly developed as an electronic brain, whether or not he imposes too much of his individual wish-power upon the answer?–

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Man is constantly developing machines which outstrip him in ability to perform. They have more strength, more endurance, can see further, hear more acutely and have finer definition in taste and smell. Will he have to call upon the machine’s help in what we have considered man’s last stronghold of uniqueness, his ability to survey complex problems and make conclusions? It seems that most of us are more determined than ever to lead good lives. Our social consciousness has developed to a point where we are genuinely concerned that all have adequate food, shelter and education. Yet at the same time our social problems bog down in a morass of red tape and personal differences and our personal lives are little better.

We trip up over our very human quality of not wanting to say that thing are black or white, but shades of grey; or that there is no definite cut-off line between right and wrong. We have a pervasive disinclination to face hard facts, despite our seemingly sincere pursuit of their, which leads, of course, to blurred answers. Can we afford to muddle on forever or will we either have to stiffen our minds and more avidly seek the truth, or ask the machine to do it for us?

If we come to proceed on the presumption that, the truth of any given situation proceeds out of that situation as a law of life then we must begin working in harmony with that. law. We should, perhaps, undertake a study of the factor which gives the computer the clear sightedness of impersonal decision and take this into the more complex area of our personal and abstract thinking which cannot be punched on tape. Some may feel this may lead to further yielding of our sovereignty to machine dominance. This need not be so if we voluntarily seek out and act in accordance to the laws of life we have ignored. We can, if we will, use the computer as an extension and strengthener of our minds to take us into areas not yet explored. It would be wise to remain in control for, as it is, we are becoming surrounded with these ruthless think-machines which can select our correct mate, predict the Watts riots or chart the way to the moon. If this means endeavoring to seek truth regardless of whether or not. the answers are pleasing we have no choice but to do it before the opportunity is taken from our hands.

-E. M. Werner

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MARCH, 1966                             7


(A brief review of the history of the Hawaiian Kahuna from the book The Special Science Behind Miracles, by Max Freedom Long.)

A Kahuna is a leader and a healer who possesses and uses the ancient system of workable magic. He is able to heal broken bones instantly, restore the dead to life and to foresee future events.

Research by Max Freedom Long reveals that the Kahunas “understood and used a system of psychology undreamed of by our modern psychologists. They knew and used three kinds of vital-mental force. . . They generated these forces with ease, working with three levels of consciousness.”

According to legendary tribal history the original Hawaiian Kahunas came from North Africa, for the words and magic of a Berber tribe in the Atlas Mountains and that used by the Polynesians is similar. The two groups had, during ancient times, been in contact with each other. It seems that twelve tribes sought to preserve their magic from the world and thus sought isolated islands for a new homeland. Their psychic powers revealed to them the empty islands of the Pacific.

Eleven of the tribes moved by way of a canal to the Red Sea along the African Coast, across India and the Pacific Ocean. The twelfth Berber tribe settled in the Atlas Mountains and lived there for many centuries until all but one Kahuna woman had died. She was to teach a young journalist the secret of the Kahuna magic. The journalist found the people hospitable, clean and exceedingly intelligent. He became a blood son in order to be eligible for the secret teaching, but a stray bullet from a tribal war killed the teacher and her secret died with her.

Hawaiian lore tells that their people once lived in a homeland far away and by psychic sight learned that the island of Hawaii was to be their new country. They traveled in large double canoes, and on succeeding journeys brought trees, plants and animals.

The story continues that a transfusion of royal blood was needed to carry on the tribes so a voyage was made to find a prince of high blood. The prince brought with him his favorite people and a Kahuna. It is told that this Kahuna brought with him a contaminated form of kahunaism, with little or no magic, and which encouraged

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

idol worship and temple building, which the missionaries found in 1820 when they landed on the islands.

Research data from the Honolulu Library revealed books written by the missionaries which describe the Kahunas as “sort of evil scoundrels who preyed on the superstition of the natives.” The missionaries male a law outlawing the Kahuna practices because of the “death prayer” by which they could bring death to anyone they disliked. However, none dared to arrest a kahuna, knowing he had psychic powers. Their rites were then practiced with grotesque wooden idols and stone altars where even human sacrifices were made.

There were, also, natives who possessed the knowledge of the workable, practical magic contained in the Kahuna tradition and they preserved this secret in almost uncontaminated form. They were the Kahunas who helped their people and kept active the magic. The Polynesian people were greatly disappointed in the missionaries who came to the islands for they were told that the white man’s magic was greater than their own, but the missionaries could neither raise the dead nor heal the sick. The Kahunas then withdrew into the unpopulated areas of the islands to openly practice their magic.

In Hawaii there is little or no dependable literature concerning the Kahunas except that which the missionaries published, discouraging the practice of Kahuna magic.

A recent effort has been made to bring the ancient rites as well as the present and past traditions of Hawaii into operation. The dream of the spiritual rebirth of the sacred traditions is coming true through the work of David K. Bray, 74 years old. He is considered to be the High Priest of the sons and daughters of Hawaiian Warriors, the oldest Hawaiian Society.

David Bray plans to build a “Retreat” on the Island of Hawaii, near the famous volcano of Kilaurea, surrounded by giant ferns and Lallua trees, under the shadow of the mighty Mauna Loa with its snow capped peak. It is Bray’s desire to present to the world the sincerity and beauty of the spiritual ideas of his people, for he feels that the beliefs and prejudices of other peoples toward the Hawaiians are unfounded.

A Temple of Understanding is to be built by contributions,

MARCH, 1966                             9

according to the plans already conceived. Over an- acre of land has bee” set, aside for this purpose. For the first time in over a hundred years there will be an altar in the ancient way for meditation. Kahuna rituals and chants will be seen and heard once more. The Hawaiian religion taught peace, dignity, tolerance, self control and communion with God.

Those who love humanity and spiritual understanding should find it in this atmosphere of spiritual harmony.

-May Knight

——— ♦ ———


The word Karma, as used in the philosophy of India and many other parts of the world, is defined as being the manifestation of the workings of the laws of cause and effect. Particularly as they are related to the life pattern of the individual. Karma, as an entity, has three basic components, Destiny, Fate, and Free Will. The last named is usually given too little attention in articles written upon the subject of Karma, with the result that a certain degree of misunderstanding has developed concerning the nature of the two remaining components.

Many persons find it difficult to distinguish between Destiny and Fate. I have even known some who believed that the two were identical. This might be a comforting belief to those who wish to escape all responsibility for their actions, since, if Destiny and Fate were identical, then there could be no such thing as Free Will, and no one could be held responsible for any of his actions. The truth of the matter is that Free Will is a powerful factor which stands between Destiny and Fate constantly shaping and modifying the latter.

We can illustrate this by a simple example, in which two men find themselves alone in the middle of the desert at midday. Their camels and all their supplies have been stolen, and they are afoot in the burning sand. One man reasons thus: ” Whatever the causes which brought me to this place and condition, whether faults of my own or of others, I am here, and I cannot alter that fact. It is Destiny. I cannot prevent the sun from shining nor can I by tiny effort of will

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

cool the sands. It is Destiny, I must accept my Fate.” He remains in the sun, and soon dies of heat and thirst.

The other man says to himself: “It is true that I cannot help being here, nor can I prevent the sun from shining or the sun from being hot, these are Destiny; but I perceive, in the distance, what appears to be a grove of palm trees. If I can reach them they map afford me some protection from the results of these conditions which I cannot change.” With a determined effort, he struggles forward through the burning sand until he reaches the oasis, where he finds both shade and water. He survives until he is rescued by a passing caravan.

The Destiny of these two men was identical. Their Fate was very different. The force that made the difference was the Free Will and determination of the individual. Thus it is demonstrated that, while no man can alter Destiny, every man is, to a large degree, the master of his Fate.

(From Understanding, March 1956)

——— ♦ ———


Much has been written of the 500 pound mountain giants of the Pacific Northwest. They are better known as The Big Foot, or in British Columbia, as the Sasquatch. Tracks and sightings have been reported over an area of 54,000 miles of wilderness in Washing-ton, Oregon and California.

Now a young electronics engineer, 35 year old Lee Trippetts of Eugene, Oregon, plans an unique research adventure to contact these giants.

Mr. Trippetts has compiled a list of 41 man-animal incidents but none of the experiences have produced the “creature” nor even a photograph. Therefore, Trippets proposes to enter the wilderness area near the Three Sisters of Central Oregon to make a contact by the use of mental telepathy or ESP. It is his expectation that he can reach the sub-conscious mind of the animal by broadcasting messages of love. His interest in the research stems from a hope that “the murky wastes of a giant’s sub-human cranium” may hold a clue to man’s total nature. There is a part of man’s mental make-

MARCH, 1966                             11

up, he states, that is missing, and it can he found predominant in these giants.

His plan is to establish a “rapport with the beast on the basis of mutual respect and love.” While living in the wilderness, unarmed like a child of nature, Lee Trippetts will stage deliberate meditation and broadcast sessions to reach the man-animal. According to his calculations the best time for this meditation should be during the full of the moon-the period when the animal has the greatest confidence. Trippets feels that if the giant receives the love signal and knows that the man broadcasting it is devoid of hostility- and fear there should be an opportunity for communication.

Ben Trippets, father of Lee, concurs with his son that the giants have developed their sub-conscious minds to a high degree and use ESP for protection. Trippets, Sr. has remarked that the giant’s PK (para-kinesia) “is so great that he can terrorize you from the far side of a mountain.” He is somewhat dubious of a response to man’s relatively weak mental telepathic message even though sent in love. However, as head of the Western Research Foundation (P.0. Box 1202, Eugene, Ore.) He is interested in trying to photograph one of the giants, and to record the animal’s screams.

Both the Trippets agree that the giants have so far so successfully- eluded hunters and photographers because of their highly developed ESP. Neither are discouraged because actual sightings of the man-animals have been few-most of the evidence consists of footprints and unusual occurrences reported.

A successful experiment could produce some interesting answers.

——— ♦ ———


The Kansas City Star of Oct. 8, 1965, reports:

With more than 3 billion men, women and children in the world, it undoubtedly is obvious to the 200 delegates to the national People-to-People conference that not everybody is going to be reached.

But that is not to say- that the idealism of the past is weakened or the hopes tarnished. From the beginning it was known that People-to-People-the inspiration of President Dwight D. Eisenhower would not be an overnight undertaking with everybody waking up suddenly full of brotherly love and understanding.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

In his forthcoming book, “Waging Peace,” President Eisenhower mentions a U. S. cultural exhibit in Moscow and remarks

I had long advocated- and, still advocate today-this kind of direct people-to-people exchange as one fine, progressive step toward peace in the world. In September of 1965 I initiated a broad-scale People-to-People program-an effort, to stimulate private citizens in many fields (the arts, education, athletics, law, medicine, business) to organize themselves to reach across the seas and national boundaries to their counterparts in other lands.

If we are going to tape advantage of the assumption that all people want peace, then the problem is for people to get together and to leap governments — if necessary to evade governments-to work out not one method but thousands of methods by which people can gradually learn a little bit more of each other.

And as L. P. Cookinghham, executive director of People-to-People, has said

Everyone is in. favor of it. Yet it is hard for them to see how one individual can do anything toward affecting the attitude of one government toward another. But if enough people are involved they will move the authorities of government … We are a new organization getting started and it is a long, drawn-out affair.

But it also is a very worth-while affair and the 200 delegates from 21 states represent thousands of others who have worked hard in a score of programs to promote human understanding. There have been hundreds of thousands of personal contacts and millions more by mail. People-to-People is moving forward. It is building bridges of understanding between individuals. In the final analysis, those bridges multiplied by the thousands and then the millions, can be of sufficient weight to become a potent force for peace and good will in the world.


In a news report from Hamburg, Germany, published in the Flag-staff (Arizona) “Sun” of November 25, 1965, “The Kingdom of Atlantis is no longer lost, but lies at the bottom of the North Sea, near the West German Island of Helgoland.”

Such is the theory of Lutheran minister Rev. Jurgen Spanuth, author of Atlantis Deciphered. This thesis is but one of a dozen

MARCH, 1966                             13

concerning the continent of Atlantis, but it has not been disproved despite the skepticism of archaeological experts.

Atlantis, according to the dictionary, is “A legendary island or continent supposed to have existed in the Atlantic west of Gibraltar and to have sunk into the ocean.” It is reputed to have been the seat. of a lost empire which lost a mighty sea battle 3,200 years ago to the ancient Egyptians. Twenty thousand books have been written on this “controversial” island in the past thirty years.

Rev. Spanuth’s research took him to Egypt to read the famous inscriptions unearthed 30 years ago which tell of the battle against “A people from islands in the North Ocean. The inscriptions also recall a catastrophe in which “The islands of the North Ocean people were uprooted and carried away.”

Ancient historians in the land of the Pharoahs described the seat of Atlantis as being at the mouth of great rivers and having “High cliffs of reel, white and black stone” from which “the Atlanteans derived pure copper and where they also found amber.”

After extensive research Rev. Spanuth decided the site was at Helgoland which is noted for its high cliffs and which is at the mouth of the Weser, Elbe and Eider Rivers. This area is also one of the few in the world which contains both deposits of amber and copper, the latter personally discovered by Spanuth only last summer.

Basileia, as the island was known to the Egyptians, is the sunken settlement discovered by Rev. Spanuth, 60 feet below the surface off the coast of Helgoland. “The underseas ruins-walls, tile floors and broad paved streets are still visible-are the remnants of the Lost Kingdom,” he believes. His research has also led to the conclusion “that the empire of Atlantis extended over wide reaches of Northern Germany, Sweden and Denmark during the Bronze Age, but that natural disasters have since wiped out all but a few scattered remains.”

If the minister’s theory is correct, then “the ruins in the North Sea were once the seat of a mighty empire where the legendary ten rulers of the Kingdom met-where great pagan rituals were celebrated, and where Atlantis’ highest tribunal once convened.”

——— ♦ ———

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14                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Each day we make a new beginning, forgetting the troubles of the past, but learning from our experiences those lessons that have bearing on how we live this day. It is well to take stock of each day as we come to its end, to see if we leave overlooked some good intention, or perhaps gave way to irritation, impatience or worry.

Each day is a time of solving, a planting of seeds that will spring up and eventually produce after their kind, which should cause us to consider carefully what is thought or said. Knowing that there is the Law of sowing and reaping, and that there is no way to avoid the harvest of our words and deeds, we find we dare not live carelessly, thinking tomorrow will take care of itself. The person who watches and weighs his words, his thoughts and acts will soon realize he is indeed Master of his fate. Good comes as a result of good-evil from evil-both are in our hands.

The reaping does not always follow the sowing, therefore it may seem at times that many are getting away with all manner of dishonesty, injustice and unkindness to others, but there will be an accounting one way or another, sooner or later. It seems that the more clearly we see our mistakes and the more quickly we seek to make them right, the sooner we find we are able to expiate our wrongs and be finished with them. If we should attempt to cover over or excuse ourselves for some errors or injury done another, we will surely lose our sense of well-being and will be faced with some future weakness in ourselves that will he difficult to handle.

On the other hand, our days can be peaceful and pleasant if we will be honest with ourselves; humble enough to willingly face the fact that no one is perfect, and look carefully at all our intentions, our words and deeds so that we may see exactly what they are. We can rest assured that we have gained greatly in mental and spiritual stature as we become aware of our short-comings and patiently endeavor to correct them, day by day.  No one can do more than that. And, never forget that we have a Mighty Helper closer than our breath.

-Esther Lowery

MARCH, 1966                             15

world report

Quasars Alter Universe Theory

(The Record, Bergen County N.J. February 4, 1965)

PASADENA, Calif. (AP)-Discovery that the universe has far less matter than presumed-a major surprise which may profoundly alter scientific thinking about its age acid structure was announced yesterday by the California Institute of Technology.

Studies of light from quasars-the most distant objects yet observed-show there is only one millionth of the amount of invisible gas and dust previously thought likely in the great spaces between clusters of galaxies, the Institute said.

Theoretical models of the universe have assumed there was a great deal of matter in the form of dust and gas, spread thinly between galactic clusters. Some scientists have theorized that new stars are constantly being formed of such material as it is sucked into whirling galaxies and compressed.

The theory that very little material exists has not been assessed, but it could mean:

1. That the creational process may be running out of raw material and that the universe may therefore be much older than the generally accepted age of 12 billion years.

2. That the universe had no beginning such as the current creation theory would imply, but has always existed much as it is now.

“As a flashlight beam discloses dust, smoke or other material between the flashlight  and the object it is shining upon, the light from quasars is being used to show us the dust and gases in space between the quasars and us,” Dr. John N. Bahcall, theoretical physicist, said.

Bahcall has extended the technique so that it may be used to determine not only the kind and quantity of matter between galaxies but also the matter between clusters of galaxies.

Quasar is short, for quasi-stellar (star-like) object. Eighty-five of these objects, the brightest known, have been detected as far out

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

as 10 billion light years, traveling at almost the speed of light. Light from these objects may travel across as many as five galactic clusters-which are up to 10 million light years across-in reaching Earth.

Detailed analysis of the light shows what kind of gas or dust it passed through on the -way. Preliminary studies show the presence of hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, magnesium, aluminum, iron and lithium, but only in very minute quantities.

Space Photos and the Continental Drift Theory

(Los Angeles Times Service, January 7, 1966)

WASHINGTON – Photographs taken from orbiting spacecraft may help determine whether the continents long ago split from one enormous land mass and drifted apart, a scientist for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration said yesterday.

Dr. Paul Lowman of Goddard Space Flight Center made the suggestion while discussing photographs taken by Gemini 5 astronauts Gordon Cooper and Charles Conrad as they crossed the western coast of Africa during their eight-day mission last August.

Lowman said he would like to have similar photographs taken of the Eastern coast of South America during a future orbital flight by American astronauts.

The fact that the eastern coast of South America and the western coast of Africa seem to fit together in jigsaw-puzzle fashion gave rise in the 1920s to a theory that the continents formed from one primitive land mass 60 to 100 million years ago.

In comparing 170 photographs taken by Cooper and Conrad to geologic maps, Lowman said lie had often found maps incomplete and inadequate.

Because the photographs from the Gemini spacecraft show an area 100 miles in diameter, they show the extent of geological structures better than maps.

They also cover an area which would require a mosaic of many photographs taken from airplanes.

The Continental drift theory declined after its popularity in the 1920s because studies of earthquakes told scientists the earth’s upper mantle was not. molten.

This belief had helped explain how continents could drift apart.

MARCH, 1966                             17

In recent years, the theory has received more attention because of research in paleo-magnetism, indicating that the earth’s magnetic pole has shifted about over geologic time.

Proponents of the continental drift theory use the movement of the continents to explain the shift of the magnetic pole.

——— ♦ ———

book reviews

War of Amazing Love

(Frank C. Laubach, Fleeting H. Revell Co., Westwood, N. J. $2.95)

This is a book for those who desire to know the cause, and to help find a cure for the world’s vast and increasing problems of hunger and illiteracy.

Dr. Laubach is a man with a cause of such burning insistence that it has taken him to every country of the world. He has written books, lectured and taught more than 6 million people with more than 200 languages and dialects to read, write and become responsible citizens. One of the most significant contributions to mass education has been his ability to induce newly taught illiterates to pass their knowledge on to others” each one teach one.”

This book is his desperate plea to recognize the real enemy that confronts the world, an enemy that cannot be defeated with nuclear bombs, nor conventional weapons. It is a hungry, illiterate world that grasps at any straw of hope, including communism, that promises any degree of relief. Overpopulation adds immeasurably to the problem.

Dr. Laubach says, “A terrible world injustice lies beneath communism. But if every communist died today, that injustice would be

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

just as threatening. Every night half the world is going to bed hungry, slowly starving to death. We must solve this problem or we will never have peace with God or Man.”

Dr. Laubach maps a strategy for this Amazing War of Love. He calls for an Army of Compassion, of Love which could turn the tide of communism and bring real hope to despairing, desperate people. It is a challenge to every thinking person. Quoting Edmund Burke “All that is needed for evil to win is for enough good men to do nothing.” At this crisis, says Dr. Laubach, too many good men are doing nothing because they do not know what to do. This book presents an answer which is already in operation in a limited way. What is needed is a massive scale global operation of A War of Love. The American people could win this war.

– Celia Massie

——— ♦ ———

bulletin board

Chicago Unit Reports

From Betty Stelter, President of Unit 70 of Chicago, comes word that the group has a regular meeting place at 1126 Granville, Chicago, Office No. 30. We suggest that interested persons in that area contact the Unit at this address. Other groups also use this office and so it is planned to have books, records, tapes, and a bulletin board of activities.

Officers of unit 70 are: President and Secretary, Betty Stelter (4639 North Beacon, Chicago 60640.) ; Vice-President, Violet Kmety, and Treasurer, Mary Hough.

MARCH, 1966                             19

Membership Invited

You believe in the ideals of Understandings to promote a greater understanding among all peoples of earth and those not of earth. Are you one of us that this work may reach others?

Regular membership is but $2.00 a year-4 cents a week while each letter we send out costs 5 cents and subscription to Understanding magazine is but $2.50 a year.

We need your support and so invite you to become a member of Understanding, Inc. We need your dollars to support overhead costs but we need you more personally to contribute of your time and efforts in behalf of Understanding. Welcome!

Please Note Address Changes

We ask that all Units and Understanding Officers note the following address changes.

Membership Chairman: Mrs. Elizabeth Nesbit,
4176 Edgewood Place
Riverside, Calif. 92506

Treasurer:         Mrs. Robert Fortune
3172 Mayfield Avenue
San Bernadino, Calif. 92405

Hamid Bey Lecture

Unit 22 of Riverside, California, announces that. Rev. Hamid Bey will be their speaker on March 13th, 2:30 P. M. at the Izaak Walton Hall, Fairmount Park, Riverside.

Rev. Bey will discuss “Mental Telepathy” and offer a demonstration of ESP. All are welcome. Admission is by donation.

Peace Project

We are in need of many truly active members of Understanding to accomplish our research project for the year 1965-66. May we count on you to contribute toward the realization of the effort to compile data on existing Peace Groups, their objectives, their methods, their accomplishments, etc ?

At Merlin we await your letters asking for names of such groups and instructions for your report. This is your opportunity to con-tribute to the ideals and purposes of Understanding, Inc.

Lectures Announced

Col. Arthur J. Burks, Executive Vice-President. of Understanding,

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Inc., Will he lecturing for a two week period in Southern California, beginning Thursday, March 3rd at 134 S. Glassell, Orange, Calif., for the Psynetic Foundation. Lecture will be at 8 P.M. and is entitled: Askashic Record.

Other lectures scheduled are:

Friday, March 4th, 8 P.M. for Understanding Unit 71

American Legion Hall, 732 N. Sierra Way, San Bernadino

Lecture: Our Narrow Doors.

Saturday, March 5th, 8 P.M. for the New Age Questors

East-West Cultural Center, 2865 N. Ninth St., Los Angeles

Lecture: Onset of Tomorrow.

Sunday, March 6th 2 P.M. for Understanding Unit 61

12444 7th Street, Cottage in Park, Yucaipa

Lecture: The Masters

Monday, March 7th, 8 P.M. for Understanding Unit 7

American Legion Hall, 143 S. Lemon, Orange

Lecture: Identity

Saturday, March 12th, 8 P.M. for Understanding Unit 67

437 N. Kenmore Ave., Los Angeles

Lecture: Unlimited Multiple Approach to Life Enhancement

Sunday, March 13th, 2:30 P.M.

Home of Esther Stilgebouer, 3469 Spruce Street, Riverside

Lecture: Druids and Manichees

Lecture Tour Planned

A cross country lecture tour by Dr. Daniel W. Fry is now in its planning stage. Specific dates and locations will be announced in the April magazine.

Inglewood UFO Lecture

On Saturday, March 26th, 1966 at 8 P.M., the Inglewood Unit 15 will present a double feature program

U.F.O. Slide Lecture and Voices From Other Planets.

Lee A. Yates, former President of this Unit will give an illustrated U.F.O. slide-lecture and then play several special tape recordings, all reportedly, narrated by Beings from other Planets.

The program will he given in the Business and Professional Women’s Clubhouse, 820 Java Street, Inglewood, Calif. The public is cordially invited. Admission is by donation.


by Dr. Daniel W. Fry

Steps to the Stars (4th printing)

Curve of Development

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Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding

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With his planet Venus contacts and his teaching from the Hawaiian Kahunas, he has a fast, workable way to self-mastery – How to rid yourself of all dissension of all kinds. Book one is “KNOW THYSELF” Book two, “CELESTIAL WISDOM”

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