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VOLUME XI                                 FEBRUARY, 1966                                     NUMBER 2

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


When a head-on collision occurs between two opposing ideologies, and when the clash results in limited or general warfare, the victims who suffer the greatest loss are the ordinary citizens of the country in which the clash occurs. They are the grist which is ground between the millstones of militant politics. Usually these victims are people who hate relatively little enthusiasm for the struggle, but who have become involved simply because the area in which they live has become a battleground.

This is the tragedy of Viet Nam, just as it has been the tragedy of a dozen other small countries during the last few decades. Viet Nam has never been a political, or even a racial entity. Aside from the few cities. Viet Nam is composed of many different racial groups which have relatively  little in common. The variations in the tribal dialects are so great that in many cases it is difficult for members of one group even to understand the language  of others. They have little understanding of the meaning of communism, democracy. or of any other political ideology, and have had to accept as rulers whatever individuals were holding the gun to their heads at the moment.

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

In the last decade, however, the concept of political self determination has been born in many small countries which have never known any degree of political freedom. Viet Nam was one of these countries. It was then udder the domination of France, and there were some political inequities which seemed to justify complaint. A growing contingent of Vietnamese patriots began, first to protest, and then to battle against these inequities. The situation was ripe for a communist take-over, and the communists lost no time in seizing the opportunity. From the surrounding countries, they furnished weapons, supplies and manpower, which enabled the patriots to achieve their immediate objective of deposing the French rule, but at the same time they became so completely dominated by communism that they lost all hope of achieving their basic objective, which was personal independence. Today all of the northern half of Viet Nam is under the total domination of an absolute dictator, yet the troops which he commands still loudly proclaim that they are fighting for the political freedom of Viet Nam. A paradox exists in the fact that the troops which they are fighting in South Viet Nam also proclaim that their only purpose is the political liberation of their country.

Now the United States has joined the fray with the same announced objective, and the paradox is complete. There are now three armies in Viet Nam engaging in ever escalating warfare and announcing that no basis for negotiations can he found, even though the proclaimed objective of all three armies is identical.

Meanwhile, the ordinary citizen of Viet Nam, the supposed beneficiary of all this fighting, is slowly being ground into the bloody dust, beneath the chariot wheels of his many Protectors!

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I am just an unborn soul waiting entrance into a strange world. I was confused at first; I couldn’t find my way, but now it slowly comes in view as my time approaches and I see what I must. do.

It all began a very long time ago; after eons of time I saw in the great distance something slowly taking shape. I was unable to make it out, but as I drew nearer I was impressed by an unusual form

FEBRUARY, 1966                      3

recognizable as a long corridor lined with doors, and drifting before me was a huge ring of keys. Are they intended for me? I wondered. Am I to have a part in this strange happening? A great. uneasiness then swept over me. Was I to gain entrance to these rooms? What would they hold for me! ….

I feel more confident now since this uneasiness faded away. Suddenly my purpose became clear. I know not what caused this process, but I realize I am about to be keeper of this corridor of rooms. This holds much excitement for me. I consider myself fortunate to assume this responsibility, but there is one difficulty, that is trying to find the correct key to each door. However, once this has been established I have access to all these rooms filled with a lifetime of thought.

One at a time I must open them. I ponder now how I will arrange the interior. Will there be a room tilled with color, striking at every turn? One of gayness and sunshine flowing with happy memories of the past and expectancy of the future! And one must be of sweet solitude embracing and comforting as need requires for the restless soul. Of course, there will be one of sadness for life’s path has to encounter sorrow along the way. It is by experiencing all these things that we enrich our inner selves.

But I believe I am getting ahead of myself — before I call encounter all these new awakenings I must first be born. And so I gaze intently on the very first door, file most difficult of all to enter, and I see in plan letters . . . Birth! I hover over the threshold and find it the most mystifying of all rooms. My time draws near acid I cry out for Help. I cannot make entry into this room alone. I feel so inadequate now. I need love and protection to guide and see me through my early years. My whole future rests here.

I drift on to the door that stands apart from all others and has secret access to the rest. It is a room flowing with love. Love expounds al; and with true love in our hearts only – good is sure to follow. Is it not by reflection that out misgivings and short comings are viewed? … I must devote some time here each day. This room will hold all inventory of my life.

Throughout  the seemingly endless rows of doors I come across one marked . . . Patience. I tremble prematurely as I try to insert the key. This I find the most trying of all, an attribute I will be in

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

need of most. When I enter this room I am going to make full use of its possibilities. I plan to search every nook and corner and try to acquire what may have been overlooked in my being. I will make a concerted effort to apply all that is placed at my disposal, and in so doing have access to one of the most rewarding rooms of all. I hope I can do justice to this room.

In the distance I see a flimsy door marked .. . Fear. I must make note to enter this room with caution since my talent for decorating will come easily here. Fear is so easily won. I must not allow fear to play a major role in my journey: and so I quietly set all in order and proceed alone my way, perhaps to return but I hope only for short periods.

I hover about a door with bold, broad letters stating clearly. . . Courage. Alas, this room holds much for me. Anxiously I await entrance though somehow I sense a great duty abounding this room. Much time will he spent here when I feel inadequate to face the challenges of the moment.

As I try to visualize my stroll from room to room busily engaged with my arrangements, I know at the end of my journey I must reach one not put to use daily as are most of my other rooms. The inscription on this door states simply … Death.

There will be one filial entrance to this room, no turning back, no faltering along the way. This room is unlike all others as I cannot rearrange it. You see. I already did that bit by bit on my daily? trek through the corridor. The final analysis awaits me in this room.

I imagine it will be somewhat difficult to place the last key in the lock, but once done, and the door slowly sets ajar, I plan to slip into my final room quietly, feeling my way-. I have no inclination what it will be like, though I sense a great haze surrounding it.

The ring of keys jingle out before me as I venture forth to enter my corridor of rooms. I am filled with a sudden joy of overwhelming exuberance and expectancy. From outside I am sensitive to all the effects of these rooms as I slowly descend to fit the first key.

– June de Boer

——— ♦ ———

Compassion does not weep, but helps.

-Agni Yoga

FEBRUARY, 1966                      5


The December 13th issue of the Wall Street Journal has on page one an article entitled, “New `Fireball’ Raises an Old Question: Do Flying Saucers Exist?” The article was written by Elliot Carlson, staff reporter for the Journal.

“They’re back. The latest was sighted a few nights ago by residents and pilots in the Northern tier of states and Canada. They described it as an orange fireball. The Air Force at first called it an unidentified object, but now thinks it was a meteor. Some other people called it a flying saucer.” So commences the article, followed with details of an Ohio sighting.

“Whatever it turns out to be meteor, satellite part, hoax, weather oddity- or man from liars, it appeared in a banner year for such objects. . . `We’ve had more report. this year than in any year sauce 1957, when we lead more than a thousand,’ says a spokesman for Project Blue Book, the Air Force Program set up in 1948 to evaluate reports of the phenomena.

“Nobody knows what the objects are or where they come from, but there is no lack of theories-or of controversy.” The Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America, Inc., is sure the ‘saucers’ come from `outer space’ for the space people have told them so, according to President Gabriel Careen.

Mr. Carlson’s report continues with comments from others.  The National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), a private research organization in Washington, rejects reports “of noble beings landing on earth to solve our problems” but believes that a Congressional investigation would prove the UFOs are physical and under the control of living beings.

Professor, emeritus, of Physic. and Mathematics at Defiance College, Ohio, Charles A Mallet’, “These objects are unquestionably from outer space,” basing his opinion on the fact. that the objects interfere with electrical circuits and thus their propulsion is associated with magnetic fields.

Donald Menzel, Director of the Harvard Observatory, holds such views are imaginative and outside the realms of science and adds “But to some people the existence of flying saucers is a matter of religious fanaticism.”

The Air Force reports that of the 9,786 UFO reports received

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

since 1947, 673 are still “unidentified,” by which is meant that the pertinent data cannot be correlated with any known phenomena or objects. Although denying any evidence has yet been received to prove intraspace mobility the Air Force invites such evidence to be sent to it. The spokesman adds “No UFO report evaluated by the Air Force has ever given any indication of a threat to our national security.”

I.M. Levitt, Director of Fels Planetarium in Philadelphia, feels that the Air Force should admit there are natural phenomena taking place under our noses of which we know nothing.” J. Allen Hynek, Department of Astronomy at Northwestern University-, and consult-ant to the Air Force, feels the matter should be studied more thoroughly. Robert Mall, sociology professor at the University of Illinois in Chicago, holds that “Pressures of conformity- in academic circles and fear or ridicule have slowed the study.”

Professor T. B. Salisbury of Colorado State University remarks “The possibility of life on Mars is an unpopular thing to consider these clays” but acids “There may be some natural explanation of these things, but a tentative possibility to be considered is that UFO are spaceships from Mars.”

According to one study, since 1947 private, military and commercial pilots have reported sightings of strange objects in the sky. Recent reports have been filed by many pilots who do not wish their names identified with the sightings.

The article is concluded with the statement of J. B. Hartranft, Jr., President of the Aircraft. Owners and Pilots Association: “I haven’t drawn any conclusions myself, but I think we certainly have a good mystery on our hands.”

——— ♦ ———


The second Workshop of Understanding, Inc., on Sunday, October 17th, commenced with the reading of the excellent. paper written by Mrs. Florence Twitchell, who was unable personally to conduct the meeting as scheduled. The inspirational paper recommended for international understanding the often stressed interchange of ideas through correspondence, as well as the urgent need to spread the ideals of Understanding, Inc., by gifts of our magazine to libraries

FEBRUARY, 1966                      7

and educational institutions the world over.

The suggestion was made that Understanding members could possibly work more closely- with other allied groups-tire Peace Corps, People to People, Esperanto Societies and others-even though we did not wholly subscribe to their purposes and programs.

Particularly- interesting was the data that since World War II the emergence of new nations has been unprecedented, the year 1960 being the record year with 18 new nations created-Cyprus and 17 African States. More than 50% of the population of these new nations, it was stated, is under the age of 20 years. The questions asked were: What challenge does this present to you ? What is your responsibility to these young people?

It. was noted that we are living in a world which is undergoing “revolutions” in most segments of life, on a world wide basis. We must adjust to these changes by understanding their nature and their impact upon peoples. According to the National Council of Churches report, we should, therefore, “affirm our conviction that in all the important issues of international relations, no man and no nation may rightly consider only one’s immediate interests and prosperity. Our earthly destiny is intertwined with that of other individuals, communities and nations.”

Three principles for achieving international understanding were mentioned

Responsibility — first to oneself, then to others;

Love — which must give of itself as a moving, creating, healing power of life, reuniting life with life and person with person;

Communication — the goal of which is to help the individual to make a decision and translate the decision into action.

In our efforts to create a better understanding among all peoples we must realize that we are, each of us, teachers, even while we are being taught as well. We must, therefore, go forth in our own way and with our own path of teaching.

The discussions which followed covered many facets of under-standing,, not all international in nature. The first, topic discussed was the People to People program, based upon the ideals of Understanding, Inc., instituted by Dwight Eisenhower. This program already has created many bridges between peoples-hundreds of thousands on a personal basis, perhaps millions through correspondence.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Our challenge is to continue building these personal bridges which ultimately will influence government authorities. The weaknesses of the United Nations were considered but the ultimate conclusion was that rather than condemn the organization for its imperfections we endeavor to rebuke its negation and strengthen its virtues as the one presently constituted organ for world understanding. Our hope is that as we change man so will his institutions reflect the change.

Like Buddha we are to remember there is good in all things, and that by pooling the good from many sources we arrive at a greater understanding of truth. We should not close our minds to the teachings of other- for there is value in all things. However, to change another to our way of belief we must understand the premises of his present concepts and attitudes and with inspired, dedicated knowledge offer the truths we have found. Thus shall we both grow.

Several interesting hooks for further study were mentioned during the discussions: Waging Peace by Dwight Eisenhower offers avenues of approach to peace, of which the People to People Program is but one; The War of Amazing Love by Frank C. Laubach presents a project whereby individuals may participate in a plan to increase the literacy of the world, for only through reading can people begin to help themselves and learn to ,judge between concepts offered to them; The Urantia Book offer a cosmology of creation since the beg-inning of time and presents a spiritual interpretation of both the Old and New Testaments.

The metaphysical facets of the discussions presented some hopeful thoughts. Although our efforts to create understanding seem insignificant from a survey of the ground to be covered, yet we are aware that unless the “seeds” are planted no harvest is ever possible. Further, with the knowing that “time is without end” we are less disturbed by present discords, and lose our fear of things, peoples, and ideas. The present is of short duration in relation to Eternity.

We adjourned with the realization that our service to Understanding will touch lives and circumstances beyond our knowing and so we re-dedicated ourselves to continue our efforts “to promote a better understanding among peoples of earth, and of those not of earth.”

FEBRUARY, 1966                      9


(by Alton Blakeslee, from Kansas City Times, Oct. 26, 1965)

Three billion people live now on one fabulous spacecraft, the planet earth. It spins at a dizzy speed-1,000 mile per hour and it races around the sun at 66,960 m.p.h. It’s a captive or the still which is revolving at 630,000 m.p.h. within the Milky Way, which itself is rushing away front outer great galaxies.

It is perhaps 4-1/2 billion years old, born out of a cloud of dust and gases.  Man lives just upon its outer crust, only 25 miles thick. To most people, this spacecraft seems deceptively stable, but to scientists the earth still abounds with mysteries and challenges.

Dr. Lloyd Berliner, President of the Graduate Research Center of the Southwest in Dallas, Texas, says, “We need to know how to predict earthquakes, and now there is a promise that we can learn. We need to know how to make rain fall where it is needed, to farm the oceans for food, and mine them for minerals, to locate vast de-posits of oil and metals hidden somewhere in the earth.”

Dr. Berliner was prime organizer of the International Geophysical Year (IGY) of 1957-58. Now in a new international program the Upper Mantle Program, scientists of 60 countries are probing the earth’s crust and investigating the mysteries of its 1800 mile thick mantle, below the crest.

The mantle holds major secrets of the earth’s on origin and history. Here are tremendous, sources of energy that created continents and oceans, which spawn volcanoes and earthquakes. Project “Mohole” hopes to bring up samples of the yet untouched mantle through a 4-1/2 mile hole drilled at sea.

Aloft, weather scientists are winning more precise knowledge of what makes our weather, and how to predict it more accurately, and how to control it. Weather satellites, computers and atomic powered ocean buoys are some of their new tools.

These are but some of the future potentials for man’s greater comfort, convenience and even future survival aboard this planetary spacecraft.

But this earth is-after all–still a confined, enclosed “capsule” and there are increasing concerns as to what man, by his numbers and practices, is doing to his closed environment, how much he may unwittingly be poisoning it.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Man is chewing up surface resources. Industries and homes burning fuels are creating vast amounts of carbon dioxide which may overheat the earth disastrously in a kind of greenhouse effect. Ocean waters contain increasing amounts of lead from the burning of gasoline. No one is sure, yet, of the long-run effects of this or other kinds of pollution.

Scientists are solving the puzzles of photosynthesis, so man can artificially increase his agricultural reproduction, to supply the pantry of the spaceship. Human science, engineering, intelligence and conscience offer reasonable hope that this planet can long continue as a comfortable home in space.

Perhaps this planetary spacecraft is unique in having intelligent life aboard it. But there are reasons to think we are not alone.

——— ♦ ———


War can never be won on the physical battlefield. War can only be won in the hearts of men. Only when the have achieved the consciousness that war is a foolish and ignorant thing for humanity to practice, are we open to suggestions for a better way of life. Our next, big step in evolution cannot come until we stop having war on this earth. First we must ask ourselves, “What is war? Where and how does it start?”

War starts when we quarrel with our wife or husband, relatives and friends; when we fight with our neighbor over the back fence; when we “blow our top” at the shop, office or any other place.

We must learn that thoughts are things, living entities which know no boundaries. Thoughts can go wherever they are sent, regardless of distance. Negative thoughts are harmful and destructive. Positive thoughts are infinite and constructive. All thoughts are indestructible. All of our thoughts live in the aura of the earth and come back to us at some time, perhaps in seconds, perhaps years later. If they are destructive our returns will be destructive and if our thoughts are constructive we will receive constructive returns. We, the men and women of the world, must realize that it is our thought and action which will stop war. We will receive whatever we ask.

Our government tries to do the will of the people. We must give

FEBRUARY, 1966                      11

the government to understand what we really want by our thoughts and actions. We must realize that every person on earth, or on any other planet is our brother. We are all children of the same God, regardless of color, creed or way of life. We cannot possibly hurt a brother without hurting ourselves. Spiritually we are all clue. Out of thoughts like these will grow a world Brotherhood where war cannot possibly exist.

The powers that he have a wonderful future in store for us, if we but do our part. If all the churches of the world would just join hands a great change would come to our earth within a very short time.

Won’t you give these thoughts your consideration and then pass them on to your neighbor? Ask him in turn to pass them on. Let’s make it worldwide!

– Sam C. Ritchie

(From Understanding,. February, 1956.)


In the recent New Age Foundation, Inc., Bulletin, Major Wayne S. Aho reports on an interesting experiment conducted in cooperation with Lan Roberts of Station KJR in Seattle, Wash. The experiment consisted of a radio appeal to UFO personalities to establish communications with men of earth.

“Lag Roberts broadcast for nine days a message from Major Wayne S. Aho and himself and others, asking that if the Craft can hear and understand the English language, they should indicate this by broadcasting over a 15 second silence period over the station facility at 6:45, 7:45 or 8:45 A.M. The silence periods were generally inconclusive. However, when Roberts named a place by longitude and latitude and asked a ship to appear or land, on September 12, at the appointed time of 8 P.M. something very definitely did happen. Fifteen witnesses saw an object that came a few minutes after 8 P.M. to the appointed place. A magnetic UFO detector went wild. Many felt the approach of the object in various sensations in the body … It zigzagged upon mental request and maneuvered, changed course to indicate intelligent control, and all were satisfied

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

they had seen a UFO or Spacecraft. What is so important is that this experience indicates communication capability and cooperation. We are hoping that similar attempts will be made by other groups and communication media in other cities …”


The Kansas City Star of October 10th, 1965, offered a news item which stressed the “importance of people” to effectively create world good will.

Dr. Harold C. Case, President of Boston University, spoke to 100 delegates at the first annual conference of People-to-People, Inc. Dr. Case remarked that “the bread and steel and millions of dollars in cash and credits have not been enough to kindle love nor to guarantee respect. for our government or its citizens.” He added that “the spending of this money and providing of these needed items has not all been useless but it is not the perfect way.”

“People-to-People arises from the sense of the worth of persons, and it calls for the dialogue of the deaf to be replaced by the dialogue of the hearing. It proposes that 250,000 people who hear, and care, do some things that will improve the lot of some listening, hoping, lonely people.

He said the People-to-People philosophy is of critical importance in the world today. “Volunteerism has persuasive powers that officialdom forever lacks. When my neighbor comes to my aid because he is my neighbor, not because he is my congressman or a policeman. I am touched deeply and motivated uniquely. People-to-People arises from the sense of the worth of persons. It pins clown responsibility.”

Dr. Case issued what he called a “summons” to those involved in the volunteer work. “Whatever anyone else does of mischief or mal-intent, or for goodness and noble purpose, you and I, who believe in the worth of persons, all persons, on every continent, must take in our hands the stuff of goodwill and join in building a canoe we could not build alone.”

We must form a compact that will exist while we both are alive, or say with words that nothing-neither storm nor stress nor war nor hate nor pestilence nor disaster-can sever the bond we forge.

——— ♦ ———

FEBRUARY, 1966                      13

World report

Dark Streaks On Mars

(Berkeley, Calif., (AP), 12/30/65)

An astronomer said Wednesday, he has found evidence of canals and oases in seven of the 22 pictures taken of Mars by the Mariner 4 spacecraft earlier this year.

Dr. Clyde W Tombaugh of the New Mexico State University Observatory told the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement  of Science that heretofore unexplained dark streaks in the Mariner 4 pictures coincide with markings he has seen in telescopic studies of the planet.

“I know there are others who say they can’t see canals on Mars,” he said at a briefing prior to his talk, “but I’d like to see them have their eyes tested.”

Tombaugh said he believes the so-called canals are faults or fractures in the planet’s crust, several miles wide. Their darkening and fading may be due, he said, to escape of hot gases which melt a thick layer of frost, and feed vegetation.

The oases or dark smudges where the lines intersect., he speculated, may be asteroid-impact craters in which moisture gathers and promotes growth of some hardy plant, such as moss.

During Blackout

(Grants Pass Courier, Radio and TV Section, 12/18/65)

HOLLYWOOD (UPI) – Stuart Whitman has talked to little green men in flying saucers

This is no joke.

Whitman vows that during the New York blackout last month two flying saucers pulled up outside his hotel window and the occupants chatted with him and admitted they were responsible for the blackout.

Whitman is a serious-minded actor who swears he was dead sober just before dawn when the saucers communicated with him.

“I heard a sound like whipperwills whistling outside my 12th floor window in the hotel,” lie :aid. “One of them was orange and the

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

other was blue. They gave off a strange luminescent light, so I couldn’t  see if there were portholes or who was in them.

“Then I heard them speaking to me as if they were on a loud speaker. They spoke to me in English.

“It may not have been audible to anyone else. I was probably tuned into the right wave length. They said they wanted to talk to me because I appeared to have no malice or hate in my soul.

I searched Whitman’s face for a sign that he was putting me on. But he couldn’t have been more sincere….

Esperanto Mass

(Grants Pass Courier, 12/28/65)

MEXICO CITY (AP)-The first Roman Catholic Mass ever to be officiated in Esperanto, the so-called universal language, was said -it St. Hipolite Temple here.

Father Jose Concepcion Lopez and two professional singers who chanted the Mass in the same language, officiated.

Irradiated Foods

(Condensed from an article in Time Magazine, Dec. 31, 1965)

Whether the end result is a deadly illness or a striking change in the neat generation, the impact of genetic mutations caused by radiation is not fully understood as yet. Therefore, three Cornell scientists-Richard Holsten, Michiyasu Sugii and Frederic Steward-began a series of experiments with irradiated carrot cells. It was their counter check: of the experiment, placing a normal carrot cell in an irradiated broth of cocoanut milk, that produced startling results. Chromosome damage apparently resulted from the irradiated culture.

Continued investigations revealed six still unidentified chemical compounds had been produced in the cocoanut milk culture, which produced the radiation-like results in the carrot chromosomes.

The immediate result of this experimentation is to raise some serious second thoughts concerning the preservation of food by radiation, which practice has been gaining acceptance recently. The Cornell scientists question whether large amounts of sugar or carbohydrates  in the irradiated foods would give rise to these strange chemical compounds; and would these mysterious chemicals cause harmful radiation-like effects in humans? It is their belief that further investigations should be made “before there is widespread use of radiation sterilized foods that contain sugar.”

FEBRUARY, 1966                      15

Survival by Law

(Grants Pass Courier, 9/13/65)

WASHINGTON (AP) -Chief Justice Earl Warren told high court justices and lawyers from 110 nations that the quest for a world ruled by law must succeed if mankind is to survive.

“Achieving and maintaining a rule of law strong enough to regulate actions of nations and individuals in the world community is no more dreamy, impossible or impracticable than was the idea of splitting the atom, or putting a man on the moon, or sending a missile to Mars a few years ago,” Warren said in an address prepared for the inaugural session of the Washington World Conference on World Peace Through Law.

“I believe we of our generation can translate the centuries-old dream of a world ruled by law from dream into reality,” Warren said.

“In part, my belief is based, upon the imperatives of our day which make this a necessity to save mankind from nuclear holocaust. In part my belief is based upon the fact that there is more law and judicial institutions today, nationally and internationally, than ever before in the history of mankind.”‘

“The only provable harness for the peaceful containment of power yet developed by the mind of man is the rule of law,” he told the conference. “I for one believe we can create just as mightily in the law field as our scientific brethren did in the field of science.”

——— ♦ ———


A clay comes when we will no longer feel the need of placing blame when something unpleasant occurs, for we will see that. whatever happens, it is being permitted by a far greater intelligence than ours. If the All-Knowing and All-Wise Spirit-Mind lets the hard-ships come, the grief or sickness strike, then we may be very sure that our lives are in need of such an experience. Accepting it as from a loving Father for our betterment, we do not rebel nor weep in anguish, but rather try to find in it the lesson we may learn.

When we are able to take all of our vicissitudes and hurts as opportunities to develop-take them in patience instead of mere resignation, we shall discover that we do not suffer nearly so greatly

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

nor for so long. This act of acceptance seems to lesson pain and lighten our distress; it is both a physical and mental condition that causes a relaxed attitude in mind and body. When the body relaxes and yields itself, a large portion of the discomfort seems to disappear. We know that, fear and worry cause many illnesses, and we are learning that as we willingly  accept our unpleasant trials and experiences with the thought that they can be made to work for our good, that a greater Intelligence  than ours has permitted us to have them, they then have a way of canning us very little disturbance, mentally or physically.

We do not look about for something or someone to blame for our troubles, once we see that they are for our spiritual growth. There is a lovely sense of freedom and peace of mind that always comes when we neither resist nor rebel against the adverse trials we all must learn to endure. Rebellion causes a terrific disturbance in flee body balance-as does resistance or resentment. We are wiser and happier when we convince ourselves that whatever occurs is for our learning and our betterment.

It is not what happens that matters so much-but with what attitude we accept it, how we react and what we let ourselves think about it, that really counts in our life experiences.

– Esther Lowery

——— ♦ ———


Having the ability to deal constructively with reality.

Having the capacity to adapt to change.

Having a relative freedom from symptoms that are produced by tensions and anxieties.

Having the capacity to find more satisfaction in giving than receiving.

Having the capacity to relate to other people in a consistent manner with mutual satisfaction and helpfulness.

Having the capacity to sublimate, to direct. one’s instinctive hostile energy into creative and constructive outlets.

Having the capacity to love.

-Dr. William C. Menninger

President of the Menninger Foundation

FEBRUARY, 1966                      17

Book reviews

The Gospel According to Peanuts

(Robert Short, $1.50, John Knox Press, Richmond, Va.)

This book, is a definite “must” reading for all of “Peanuts” fans. However, even the most loyal of fans will have to acknowledge the fact that this little book is a big advertisement for the religious principles of Charles Schulz, creator of “Peanuts,” as is evidenced by this quotation

“. . . if you do not say anything in a cartoon, you might as well not draw it at all. Humor which does not say anything is worthless humor. So I contend that a cartoonist. must be given a chance to do his own preaching.”

It is indeed refreshing, nevertheless, to follow the literary agility of Mr. Short. He blends the theological aspect of our lives with quotations from the Bible and with selections from great philosophical thinkers to the familiar cartoon strip that has made Lucy, Charlie Brown and Linus world-famous. As one reads he is unaware that he is being either personally analyzed or that the problems of the world have been interpreted on a cartoon level.

Author Short concludes his extremely popular book by these words from Charles Schulz

“I am a great believer in what the church calls `holy living.’ I think life should be lived on as pure a scale as possible … I am not suggesting that we take ourselves out of the world, of course; we still have our obligations and we must. live in the area where God

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

has placed us, exerting our influence and working with schools and institutions. We have to do the best we can, living each day- at the point where it begins but this does not mean that life cannot be lived in a holy way.”

– Florence Twitchell

——— ♦ ———

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Clarence R. Gahlbeck, President of Unit 15 of Inglewood, Calif., announces that the Unit voted to give eleven Christmas Gift Subscriptions to the Understanding magazine. Air. Gahlbeck writes, “This is what we did. On Christmas stationery we notified the recipients of the gift subscription and included fact sheets about Understanding, the organization, its objective, purposes and goals; and of Dr. Daniel W. Fry, Founder and International President. The subscriptions were given to two daily newspapers, two news-advertising papers, the City Hall Information Desk, the Chamber of Commerce, two high school libraries, and three public libraries, all in Inglewood.”

This form of publicity for Understanding, Inc., should be fostered by all Units.

FEBRUARY, 1966                      19

Coming Lectures

The Understanding magazine is haply to announce coming lectures for the units to assure a larger attendance, for many are readers though not members. Copy should reach Merlin by the 10th of the month preceding the lecture date.

Unit to of Inglewoord announces its regular monthly lecture for February 26th, 8 P.M. at the Business and Professional Women’s Club, 820 Java Street, Inglewood, California. The speaker will be Air. Mel Noel, a former Air Force Officer, who will talk on “Tracking UFOs and Their Significance.” The public is invited. Admission is by donation.

Bergen County, New Jersey

From President Mary Bassano we learn that Unit 59 understands and serves the need of others. The membership has distributed 50 letters from Japanese teenagers; contributed food and clothing to the Appalachian Project; held a dance for the benefit of the mentally retarded. The group has also shared an “international meal” and an evening of music together.

Lectures have been given on Flying Saucers, Character Analysis, ESP, etc. Weekly prayer meeting and healing sessions have also been Held. Future plans envision a Workshop on ESP and another in Music Therapy.

Understanding literature is distributed whenever possible. “Each member is an excellent worker in his own right, promoting the ideals of Understanding. Each does many things, in a quiet way, to help others to a greater awareness of self and others.”

A Bonus From Mark-Age

The Mark-Age Associates of Florida are offering to the readers of Understanding magazine an opportunity to receive the first issue of “The Mark Age Period and Program.” This consists of a booklet of forty pages with excerpts of inter-dimensional communications received by Mark-Age, 1958-61. This booklet sells for One Dollar but is offered free to you.

“Its wealth of spiritual information and instruction gives one a vast picture of the nature of the times we are now in, and what the coming of those from other planes and planets means.” If you are

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

interested please write: Mark-Age Associates, 327 N. E. 20th Terrace, Miami 37, Florida.

White Sands Incident

It is with regret t that we announce that The White Sands Incident and To Men of Earth is temporarily out of print. All requests for the book are being filed and you will be notified as soon as a reprinting is made.

California Sales Tax

Because too many book orders are received from our California readers  omitting the 4%, California Retail Sales Tax we wish to remind you to please include this small amount with your next order. We are responsible for the payment whether or not we collect the tax. Thank you.

Unit Packets

Packets which contain reports on the October Annual Meeting of Understanding, Inc., an Understanding Handbook, and other data, were mailed the first week of January to all Understanding Units and to the National Officers. If your packet has not arrived please check with the Merlin Office.

The editors of Understanding magazine are happy to consider un-solicited manuscripts, both articles and poetry. Articles should not exceed 1,000 words (poetry 36 lines). Almost any type of material will be considered, providing that it is of a constructive nature and contributes to a better understanding of the subject matter employed. The editors are particularly interested in developing a greater degree of understanding among different peoples of the earth and an understanding of basic issues facing the people of this planet. Payment for articles accepted will be made upon publication at the rate of one cent per word (poetry 10c per line). The editors also are interested in seeing clippings of unusual items from newspapers and magazines, for which the sum of $1 per clipping published will be paid to the first person submitting it. All manuscripts should be typewritten, double-spaced and on one side of the sheet only. Manuscripts may not be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed envelope bearing sufficient postage. Payment will not be made for mimeographed material.


Address manuscripts to Understanding, P.O. Box 76, Merlin, Ore. 97532


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Curve of Development

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