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VOLUME XI                                 DECEMBER, 1966                                   NUMBER 12

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


Some years ago, impressed by the thought that Christmas had lost its true sense of “giving,” we decided to “adopt” a Foster Plan child rather than send the usual gifts to our friends. At Christmas our friends received a card informing them that we were sharing not only Christmas but the entire year with a child in desperate need in a country which could not support its own. Our monetary support for this child was in lieu of a personal gift to them.

Our friends were delighted that we let them share our gift of life. They called us often to ask how our “adopted child” was faring, and enjoyed the pride of equal participation in the venture. There was now a closeness between all of us that we had never experienced before. We realized that we had established a bond between our friends and ourselves on this side of the ocean as we answered a call for help somewhere out there. We rejoiced doubly.

So convinced were we that we had found the truly original meaning of that special time of year that we have repeated the gift of giving many times since. However, each time we decided to continue our assistance we chose a different child in another country.

We found that we became emotionally involved with “our child” as we read our monthly letters. His personality came through to us with each uncomplicated word. By the third or fourth letter our boy or girl was completely known to us. He let us know his likes, his desires, what he did, what he’d like to be. We felt drawn closer and closer with each letter. Fortunately at the point where we felt ourselves aching to be with him the year was over, and we knew we must move on to another child.

We found ourselves choosing children who are at awkward ages, those who no longer take cute baby pictures but who are at those undecided stages of life when it could be so easy to be overlooked.

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

One year it was a fourteen year old lame Italian boy whose only home was an alleyway and his food was scraps from friendly strangers. Although his letters indicated that Carlos was very bright he had no direction nor ambition when we first met him. An exchange of letters (which seem to lose nothing in translation by interpreters) indicated a change in his attitudes, and at the year’s end Carlos was no longer a confused and lonely boy but more a confident young man.

Another Christmas brought our gift to a five year old Korean girl. Hae Nae lived with her widowed mother and younger sisters and brothers in a decaying thatched hut. Their floor was mud, food non-existent. Our first photo of our newly “adopted” child revealed a shredded garment, feet bound in rags and a face marked by hunger. Several letters later brought a second photo. Hae Nae now wore a clean dress, shoes, her hair was combed and a lovely smile enlivened her face.

Each adopted child has brought a rewarding experience, and a feeling one cannot achieve inside any house of worship. This, we feel, is a living and breathing expression of our religion-love of one human being for another.

Many soon will commence to prepare their Christmas lists. This task no longer appeals to us for our minds and hearts are with the next child, still a stranger to us. But, before Christmas is over and the New Year scarcely begun, a new personality will become known to us — a new life to whom we can wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy Whole Year.

– Irene Stack

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A news report, written by Bob Thomas, in the Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Arizona, on October 7, 1966, reads:

TUCSON-Unidentified flying objects seen over the United States for the past I8 years may be visitors from outer space here on reconnaissance missions, an eminent University of Arizona physicist said yesterday. Dr. James E. McDonald, senior physicist in the Institute of Atmospheric Physics at the university, said he reluctantly has accepted the extraterrestrial theory after intensive research into UFOs.

DECEMBER, 1966                    3

In addition, Dr. McDonald charged that the Central Intelligence Agency has ordered all reports of UFOs to be officially “debunked” by the Air Force.

In the process of his research at Project Blue Book headquarters at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, where the Air Force compiles reports of saucer sightings, McDonald was inadvertently permitted to see the classified CIA order. It was attached to the Robertson Report, a government-sponsored investigation of the UFO problem by a group of respected scientists.

The Robertson Report, named after its chairman, Cal Tech physicist H. P. Robertson, is also classified and has been so at CIA request since the report was completed in 1957. CIA agent P. G. Strong, who signed the secrecy order, said the UFOs must be debunked because widespread reports of their sightings “were clogging up intelligence channels,” according to McDonald.

One of the world’s leading atmospheric physicists, McDonald said he casually asked Project Blue Book personnel at Wright-Patterson if he could see the Robertson Report. “The report was declassified on the spot and I was permitted to read it and make notes. When I returned three months later I asked to make Xerox copies of the report. The request bounced up to the base commander, and he passed it on to the CIA, which classified the report again,” McDonald said.

The CIA’s stated reason for debunking flying saucer reports, according to McDonald, was that with less official recognition of UFO organizations such as the Tucson-based Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) should be kept under surveillance because they might be subversive.

Speaking before a group of physic students and members of the faculty yesterday, McDonald said there is quite strong evidence the UFOs are from outer space. “I haven’t the slightest idea where the UFOs come from,” he said. “They don’t fit any form that we know here on earth. The only thing that can fit the known evidence is that the UFOs are extraterrestrial.” He said the patterns of sightings suggest that the saucers if they are from some other planet, are here on peaceful reconnaissance missions. That would explain the “buzzing incidents, the hovering of UFOs over cars and trucks and the flybys of aircraft,” McDonald theorized.

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

He said the outer space idea is “the least unacceptable explanation.” He listed as other hypotheses, that he has rejected, time traveling, extra-sensory perception, hoaxes, hallucination hysteria, misinterpreted natural phenomena, secret societies, and messengers of salvation.

McDonald said the Air Force has failed in the job of collecting and correctly investigating UFO reports. Blue Book accounts say that 95 per cent of UFOs can be explained, while 5 per cent of the sightings defy logical explanation. McDonald said the percentage is actually closer to 50 per cent.

Air Force investigators try hard to suggest all reports are either balloons, birds, inversion layers, clouds, reflected lights or aircraft. “But too many of the reports are from credible, trained observers who do not seek publicity or gain, and these reports are not being thoroughly investigated,” he said.

He scored the Air Force for enforcing a regulation that makes it a crime for airmen to report UFO sightings to civilian organizations. He said this has resulted in a vast official silence about radar observations, visual sightings by pilots and detection by space apparatus.

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(From the Sierra Star, Oakhurst, California, December 23, 1965)

Light has always been symbolic of hope. When the shepherds kept watch on the hillside long ago, an angel appeared and there was a great light. When Jesus was born in a manger in Bethlehem the star in the east stood still and gave off light. It is incredible how in our time men are afraid that the light of the world will be put out.

Christmas 1965 is at best going to be a time of doubt and fear as well as of hope. Joseph Filler says, “Ever since Hiroshima the very light has ghastly meanings.”

The sacrament of Christmas throws light on the nature of God and the universe in which we live. The Bible reveals to us a God who cares supremely for this world as well as for the worlds of outer space. The God of the heavens and the earth is a creator, a loving thoughtful God, says the story of Scripture. He looked on

DECEMBER, 1966                    5

his creation and said it was good. The light we need to affirm at this Christmas is the light which reminds us as stewards of this vast universe, our first task is to say, “what did the creator intend that it should be used for?” If we begin with that question rather than with our selfishness and greed and fear, we perhaps may yet turn darkness into light and share in the hope.

Another aspect of the light which no darkness puts out revolves around the Christmas revelation of human nature. Christianity is not fantasy but a description of an event which occurred in history. Let’s acknowledge the fact that Christmas joy is always a gift. One cannot possibly earn it. When we contemplate Jesus we get a clue as to how God intended human nature to be at its very best. The Christmas story reminds us that in spite of our weakness and inadequacy we are destined for bigger things. As we measure our lives by the life of Christ we take heart in the fact that where we Lave been is not as important as the goal toward which we are striving. The light of Christmas is that good will, love and responsibility are the Qualities toward which all human beings strive. The task at Christmas is to take stock of how we can better bring that light into lives that are so often dissipated by fear, doubt and anger.

The light of Christmas also reminds us that we are not entirely dependent upon our own resources. When the word was made flesh it represented an opportunity for the broken communication between man and God to be re-established. In the deepest sense the story of Bethlehem is the story of the universe. Thomas Edison made the first electric light and demonstrated it to a newsman who exclaimed, “It is wonderful, but it can’t last. When it is gone there will never be another like it.” Edison responded, “Not so, for the light you see in this bulb is a revelation of a power that is in the universe, not heretofore known or seen, but it has been here all along.”

The same is true with the Bethlehem story. The power has been here for along time but in the fullness of time God became specific in Jesus Christ. The light and that power was then released to all mankind. This is what Christmas is really all about and this light and power is still greatly needed in our own day.

-Marvin Kennedy, Pastor, Community Church of Oakhurst

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING


A halo around the head of Christ! Did it actually exist or was it placed there by artists as a symbol of his effect, upon the world? Leonardo Da Vinci, in the painting of the “Last Supper” did not place a halo around the head of Christ, but Giovanni Belini placed haloes around all three heads in his picture “Pieta.” Actual proof of the existence of a halo cannot be given by documented historical fact, however, according to some recently accepted scientific findings and according to Tibetan religious thought, this nimbus about the head of Christ could have existed. In fact, we may all have a halo around our heads.

According to Tibetan religious belief (a form of Buddhism) all of life consists of electrical energy. From this it is concluded that the Life Force burning in the body is electric and produces not only a halo around the head but also an aura around the entire body.

To many people of the Western world this belief falls into the category of mysticism. Yet, as early as 1935, Prof. Harold S. Burr proposed the electrodynamic theory of life, and recently a medical doctor, a psychologist, and a physicist combined their skills to further investigate the subject.

They discovered that our bodies have electrical circuits. In fact scientists now believe that electrostatic potentials are associated with all living things. Trees, insects, vegetables, and animals all have direct current potentials which can be measured. These potentials seldom exceed 40 thousandths of a volt on the human body. Prof. Howard Friedman and Robert O. Becker of the State University of New York Medical Center, and Prof. Charles H. Bachman of the Physics Department, at Syracuse, have developed a highly sensitive technique for measuring direct current potentials. They have found that the highest voltage exists around the skull, between the shoulder blades and the top of the spine. Evidence exists that the rest of the body is equipped with an electrical circuit of a lower voltage rate.

At this point the similarity between the premise of the scientist and the conclusion of the Tibetan religious thought reaches a climax. Now the question arises, why is the light not visible to everyone? Once again there is striking resemblance between what is proposed by scientists and that which is basic to Tibetan religious belief.

DECEMBER, 1966                    7

The Lamas, or high priests of Tibet, contend that this light is not seen by everyone because the visual perception of man is very limited. They assert that the light generated by the human body vibrates at a higher rate than is normally perceived by the human eye. The limit of man’s vision, however, is not the weakness of the eyes but rather of the visual image receiving center of our brain. According to the Lamas we are equipped with a third eye. This eye is part of the brain which receives messages from the physical eyes. They hold that it takes much time, instruction and concentration to develop this part of the brain. An operation is sometimes performed to develop the efficiency of the third eye. Since much responsibility is allied to this gift, only the most spiritual are intended to possess it.

Science has concluded that the human eye is sensitive to a very narrow band of radiation, which falls between red and violet. The difference of a few one hundred thousandths of a centimeter in wave length divides the visible from the invisible. From this science has concluded that the human eye does not react to most of the “lights” which exist in the world. Thus, some scientists feel that our perception of reality may be greatly distorted because of the limitations of our visual organs.

At present there is no actual proof of this supposition. The combination of time and man’s curiosity will eventually shed more light upon the subject. Meanwhile, if someone should walk into your study during one of your spiritual meditation periods and tell you “your halo is showing,” don’t be alarmed. You may be better than you think!

-Cecil, M. Wright

——— ♦ ———


The boy… actually he was a young man now … lay back against the rock on a hill just beyond the edge of the town. It had been a happy birthday, and he reflected warmly on the love and warmth that he had made each small gift, each word, each look so precious to him.

There is so much in us we can give, he thought, if only we will. So much he had been given in the home he loved; so much he had

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

learned from the wise, the simple, the patient poor and brave infirm. He recalled the stories he had been told of gifts he had received from passing strangers on the night he was born in that little town, so crowded that only the animals would make room for his family. And he longed, as had longed so often, to give such gifts to others… to give them something greater than gold, something that would never tarnish, never be stolen, never fail them.

As the boy thought his birthday thoughts he watched the great cool familiar star overhead. Infinitely distant, yet here, near. As watched, it seemed to brighten. To his eyes alone it warmed and flamed, and its light penetrated deep within him. There it illumined all his thoughts, his hopes; it lighted the years ahead, the path he must take … the things he must do, and wanted so to do.

The infinite light became a part of him, and he of it. And on this blessed birthday night he knew at last just who He was.

——— ♦ ———



When the area of mutual agreement in the Social Science has been carefully determined and adequately published, and when a mutually accepted commission has been created to assure that the document will remain current and acceptable, our civilization will begin to emerge from its present danger of total destruction. A state of confidence in the future will replace the present condition of fear and uncertainty.

It will then be time to begin the task of defining the area of mutual agreement in the Spiritual Science. This task may prove to be somewhat more complex and exacting than that of defining the same area of the Social Science, and at the beginning may seem to be much more difficult. It will, however, become much simpler as the work progresses.

A slightly larger number of representatives may be required, as well as a longer period of deliberation. The total cost of the undertaking in dollars and man hours of effort may thus be greater than in the case of the social Science, but the savings which will certainly result from the latter will be sufficient to cover the cost a thousand times over.

DECEMBER, 1966                    9

When both the Social Science and the Spiritual Science have been returned to their rightful positions as areas of scientific inquiry and understanding, a tremendous burden will have been lifted from the shoulders of all humanity upon this planet.

All of the artificial and most of the natural barriers which divide humanity into mutually opposing factions will dissolve and vanish in the penetrating light of general and individual understanding.

The material science, being relieved of the necessity of expending more than half of its total energy in the creation of means and implements of destruction, can easily double and redouble its present rate of production of those things which are needed and desired by man. Hunger and all forms of deprivation will crease to have any excuse for existence, and will soon begin to disappear.

For the first time on this planet, man will be living and developing in the manner which was intended by his Creator, and for the first time he will fully understand the beauty and significance of life.

-Daniel W. Fry

——— ♦ ———


In the latest issue of “Topside,” published by the Ottawa New Sciences Club, is an interesting news item.

“In 1967, Canada celebrates her century as a confederated nation and a wide variety of centennial projects are being planned across the country. It is interesting to note that in St. Paul, Alberta, the Chamber of Commerce has elected to erect, as its centennial project and in all seriousness-a concrete outer-space landing pad for flying saucers! They are presently offering $50 for the best design, and the Car Quells Construction Company has offered to build it as their centennial project. They are prepared to spend a good deal no it.

To justify the expense of what might be considered by some as a ‘way-out’ project, the landing pad will be used as a rostrum for visiting speakers when not occupied by flying saucers!

“It is to be hoped that our space friends will accept this invitation extended to them by outer-space minded Albertans!”

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fiedler, officers of Understanding Unit 73, are among those who have seen UFOs, several times over their home in Springville, New York. Mrs. Fiedler actually obtained a picture of a saucer high in the sky, near their home, early in the summer of 1966.

The Fiedlers have an above ground swimming pool in their large back yard. After filling it one day, and hearing strange noises during the night, they discovered in the morning that the pool was nearly empty. Inspection of the grounds disclosed four round areas, about three feet in diameter where the grass was browned. The appearance of these circles was similar to that created by the use of a charcoal cooker over grass. The spots were in the four corners of the yard, with the pool in the center. If these were caused by an object hovering over the pool, the distance between the spots would indicate that the object was about 100 feet in diameter.

Electricity in the home was also affected, for the power bill for the month was more than triple the usual amount. The electric company could find nothing wrong with the equipment and could not account for the power consumption. The telephone was also affected, the instrument making unusual noises when used. As the telephone company could not locate the disturbance they replaced the instrument with a new one.

——— ♦ ———

world report

New Study of Mars

(Post-Advocate, Alhambra, Calif., Oct. 17, 1966)

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – New U.S.-French studies of the atmosphere of Mars rekindle hope of finding life on that planet, says Dr. Lewis D. Kaplan of the California Institute of Technology’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

High-resolution spectroscopic studies in the past year indicate surprisingly large amounts of hydrogen compounds in the Martian atmosphere, Dr. Kaplan reported

DECEMBER, 1966                    11

at the American Chemical Society’s Western meeting today.

Hydrogen compounds are considered necessary to life. Many scientists have argued recently that life on Mars is impossible because the planet’s gravity seems too weak to prevent hydrogen, the lightest element from floating off into space.

But a French couple, Drs. Pierre and Jannie Connes, using improved spectroscopic equipment designed by Pierre, found indications of a concentration of hydrogen compounds around Mars 1,000 times greater than in the earth’s atmosphere, Dr. Kaplan said.

Dr. Kaplan, who analyzed the observations obtained by the Conneses, said they produced “spectra 10 times better than any we have had on Mars before.”

UFO Sightings

(Medford MailTribune, Oct. 11, 1966, UPI)

Authorities in two widely separated areas-New Jersey and So. Dakota-Monday night reported sightings of unidentified flying objects. The incidences were apparently unrelated.

Two UFOs were reported sighted in the Fort Thompson, S.D., area, both resembling “lighted merry-go-rounds.” The first sighting was reported by Kanabec rancher Roger Huston about 9 p.m CST. He said a bluish-colored light appeared to be hanging over the Crow Creek Indian Reservation community of Fort Thompson.

Hundreds of miles to the east, at Wanaque, N.J., at least five persons-three of them policemen-reported sighting UFOs. Patrolman William Pastor said he spotted a “bright light” hovering over Wanaque Reservoir while he was parked in a patrol car nearby.

Mass Sighting

RIVERHEAD, N.C.- At least 100 persons reported that they saw an unidentified flying object with flashing lights hovering over this area Thursday night.

It was the second rash of UFO sightings within a week in this south shore area of Long Island. The reports generally described the object as like “a large star.”

10/29/66United Press

Fried Rock

(Grants Pass Courier, Oct. 6, 1966)

PORTLAND (AP)-The Oregon State Department of Geology and Mineral Industries has made water from rocks.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

It’s an experiment testing whether rocks found on the moon’s surface could yield water to aid astronauts.

The department is experimenting with tuff, a volcanic rock found west of Bend in Oregon’s “moon country.” Geologists say the tuff may be similar to rock on the moon.

“All I can say is that we have gotten water from the rock,” said Ralph Mason, one of the experimenters. Whether or not it, would be feasible on the moon I’m not prepared to say.”

Mason and Tom Mathews, another geologist, placed 100 pounds of dry rock in a furnace and heated it to 1,000 degrees. They obtained about one pint of water, formed when hydrogen and oxygen released from the rock combined. The department is still working to refine equipment and methods used in making the water.

UN Probe Urged

UNITED NATIONS, Oct. 22 (AP)-A spokesman for a group that believes in flying saucers has said it is time the United Nations did too. Or at least try to find out what they are before one lands at the door of the secretariat, building beside New York’s East. River.

Ralph Rankow, chief photographic adviser to the organization known as NICAP, said the UN is the logical source for a worldwide scientific investigation of unidentified flying objects. (UFOs)

“It’s a worldwide problem, not just a U. S. problem,” Rankow said. He said UFOs have been seen in almost every country of the world and Britain has as many sightings for its land area as does the United States.

NICAP stands for National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomena. It calls itself a scientifically oriented nonprofit group dedicated to sifting and publishing “reliable data” on unidentified flying objects.

Since its inception in 1956, NICAP has carried on a running fight with the U. S. Air Force over UFOs, charging that the latter’s investigators have hidden the truth from the public.

NICAP’s official position, Rankow explained is that the earth is being visited by super intelligent beings from outer space, a theory the Air Force scorns.

DECEMBER, 1966                    13

Mysterious Tektites

(Auckland Star, New Zealand, Aug. 22, 1966-by Douglas White)

Scattered here and there on the Earth’s surface are found small ;glassy stones, known as tektites. Their origin is something of a mystery.

For long they have been regarded as meteorites. But if this is so, they are of a special kind.

The largest group of tektites has been found in southern Australia, and in some countries to the north. These have been given the name of australites.

Measurements of their age based on their radioactivity indicate they were formed about 700,000 years ago. This makes them the youngest of the tektites.

There are three other groups, each occurring over a much smaller area than the australites. They are found in the Ivory Coast, Czechoslovakia and Texas.

Now, the mystery. Where did they come from? Certainly the tektites fell from the sky, and they were once molten.

Their shape indicates that they entered the atmosphere at a low angle, at speeds of about six miles per second. Their spherical or drop shape makes it probable that they cooled from the molten state.

Many contain bubbles in them, and these bubbles preserve a near vacuum.

One possibility is that they came from the moon, thrown off by the fall of a meteorite. But in this case what held the swarm of tektites together as they fell? Only the australites cover a wide enough area to fit this theory.

A more likely theory is that large meteorites striking the Earth threw off material into space which then re-entered the atmosphere and landed nearby.

Craters of an approximate age are found in Germany (for the Czechoslovak meteorites) and the Ivory Coast.

The australites are a little harder to explain. Perhaps somewhere, possibly buried under the Antarctic ice, there is a large crater from which their parent material was thrown.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING


The Tenth Northern California Space Craft Convention, Oct. 29-30, at Hotel Claremont, Berkeley, California, passed its one thousandth guest into the Gold Room at noon on the 30th. This convention, which had fabulous radio, TV and newspaper coverage, was notable for its dignity, organization and accomplishment. Mrs. Angela Kilsby, a Director of Understanding, and past president of San Francisco’s Understanding Unit 11, co-chairman with Cynthia McKercher (who also acted as assistant to Jeanne Kovanitz in dedicated and successful public relations) organized and set the convention in motion. They had a host of helpers too numerous to mention in such brief space, but Jim and Pat Wortman and their many assistants were indefatigable in the preliminary work, not to overlook Dorothy Griffin, the old pro of Berkeley conventions.

Dr. Fred Andrews, “plain old Fred,” did a superb job as Master of Ceremonies. He timed every speaker, starting and ending on time with never a faux pas or hesitation, though it was his first convention. He learned accurately about each one, kept introductions brief and to the point. Still, he is an old pro as a lecturer.

Speakers included Dr. Daniel W. Fry, lifetime president of Understanding, Carey Carpenter, newest of six Understanding Vice Presidents (elected at the Annual meeting at Giant Rock), Dr. Irene Hickman of Sacramento (she is assessor of Sacramento County), Gayne Myers, C. A. Honey, Gabriel Green, Paul H. Wherrit, Dr. Byron C. Gentry, Gina Cerminara, Riley Crabb, Mel Noel, Dr. Nelson Decker (The “Tony” man).

Your reporter led off the first day with the invocation; Rev. Harriette Leifesta opened the second day. Jules Haywood with his International Choir was a memorable sensation, as was Dr. John Hopkins’ theme song and Dr. Wallace Halsey’s recorded 1961 “Symphony of the Birds,” offered by Forrest Hanna. “UNDERSTANDING” was a big word across the backdrop on the stage. Nobody could doubt that UNDERSTANDING was a principal sponsor. To make sure of this Ray Greaves. President of Unit 65, and assistants passed out Greaves — written publicity to every comer.

Theodore Gray Hullett, President of San Francisco Unit 11, was everywhere present in everybody’s moment of need, a smooth, efficient worker through and behind the scenes.

DECEMBER, 1966                    15

Mrs. Kilsby has already reserved the Gold Room for two days in October, 1967, for the eleventh convention. Where will she put the people? There is an adjoining room, even larger than the Gold Room. Next year the overflow, which had to stand this year, will be accommodated in that room.

Your reporter was proud to have a foot in the door. It was the only unoccupied space.

Col. Arthur J. Burks

Executive Vice-Pres., Understanding

——— ♦ ———


(Scientific Approach to Cosmic Understanding, New Zealand. From the Inspirational Writings by Mr. X. August, 1965)

The material offered is a “theory” concerned with what happens when the speed of travel traverses the Light Barrier-exceeds the speed of 186,000 miles per second.

“Intuition tells us that even if we were to send experimentally any object in the form of an instrument beyond the light barrier in order to learn the answer, that instrument would become Infinite and become lost forever. Putting it another way, we believe that on the far side of the light barrier there is a Dimension, the conditions of which we can never hope to understand, for that Barrier is Absolute! … We have discovered that any object approaching the speed of light, begins to lose bulk and becomes shortened relative to the speed of its travel until, at the speed of light, it becomes a Condition, such as Light itself is.. .

The above is only our theory … Light in its purest form, that is, where there are no reflecting surfaces, is invisible, for it is only the reflected surfaces which we can see. A beam of light is only visible because of the dust particles through which it travels and it is here where Condition produces Effect, for light is a Condition and what it produces is Effect, and so we believe that there is an Absolute Void on the far side of the Light Barrier . . . No Heavenly body can travel faster than Light without reaching that Ultra-light Dimension…

One theory is, that there is a completely New Existence beyond that Barrier, but in this as in other things which are unknowable there is plenty of room for wishful thinking.. . We can also theorize

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

that if there be Infinite Existence on the other side of the Light Barrier, then in that Dimension there should be no limit to speed, as speed should be Infinite too, but only in that Dimension.

The Light-speed Barrier is the one impenetrable `wall’ which divides the Finite from the Infinite and much wishful thinking could have free play here, as it could be suggested that the Seat of a Personal God may be in that Dimension, even that He is Light Itself, but let us hasten to mention that Light cannot be a Personal Being, but IS, as we mentioned, a Condition. A Condition is a state in which something exists . .. A changing of natural processes from one cause or another, brings about a Condition, which in turn produces Effect

——— ♦ ———

book reviews

UFOs Around the World

(Editors Edward J. Babcock and Timothy Green Beckley, Interplanetary News Service, 3 Courtland St., New Brunswick, N. J. O8901. $3.00.)

The stated purpose of UFO’s Around the World is to affirm the validity of the space craft and extraterrestrial life and to encourage an international study of the sightings by an agency of the United Nations, or by a similar world wide organization.

The foreword is written by Colman Von Keviczky, Staff Member of the United Nations Office of Public Information who states “The global flights of the UFOs do not respect any national, or international U.N. space, aviation agreement or national borders. Without the cooperation of all member nations it is impossible to analyze, and to identify their flight directions, entering and leaving atmospherical

DECEMBER, 1966                    17

areas due to secrecy on the part of individual countries.”

Dr. Jaques Vallee explains the nature of “The Scientific Problem,” the reluctance of man to accept new data and concepts. Edgar Simons, of Belgium, reports on sightings in his country and Holland. The Ottawa New Sciences Club reviews the investigations of “The Mysterious Chunk of Hardware at Ottawa” and Antonio Ribera of Spain presents tale of the “Little Green Men.”

The editors have compiled data on sightings in Mexico .and the Soviet Union, and F. R. Gallart writes of saucers over Cuba. Wu Chi-Yuan of Peking explains the problems of UFO research in Red China.

For the scientifically minded reader, ‘H. F. Hinfelaar of New Zealand presents a detailed study of `The Wandering Poles and Orthogeny” while Stan Seers of Australia discusses the relationship of the UFO to seismic activity.

The international approach to the UFO study is furthered by articles contributed by H. G. Ganteaume of Venezuela, Dr. E. Hernandes of Brazil, Rev. R. A. Nelson of Ceylon as well as Frank Edwards, Ivar Sanderson and Prof. H. Oberth.

A reading of this mimeographed folio will increase your understanding of the UFOs, of their nature and of their relationship to our world, as revealed by international studies.

——— ♦ ———


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Back issues of Understanding are bound into Year Books and are offered at $1.00 a copy for the years 1958 through 1962; and at $2.00 a copy for the years 1963 and 1964. Yearbooks for 1965 & 1966 are not yet available.

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Understanding Elects New Officers

The Annual Meeting of Understanding, Inc, for the year 1965-66 was held at Giant Rock, Yucca Valley, California, on Saturday, October 22nd. Details will be sent to all Units as soon as possible, for we can list here only the new Officers and Directors.

Elected were: President, Dr. Daniel W. Fry; Executive Vice President, Col. Arthur J. Burks ; additional Vice-Presidents, Cary Carpenter, Paul Weast, Dr. James Hershey; as well as

Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Marie Rippe; Recording Secretary, Paul Williams ; Treasurer, Kerttu Campbell; and Public Relations Director, R. C. Allen.

Mrs. Emma Johnson was appointed Membership Chairman and Mrs. John Basmajian continues to head the Subscription Department. The office of Organizational Chairman is still open for an appointment.

Two International Directors were elected: Bishop Imeh Emmanuel of Lagos, Nigeria and Anthony Brooke of England. National Directors chosen are: Dr. Daniel W. Fry, Major Wayne S. Abo, Mrs. Angela Kilsby, Col. Harry F. May, Dr. Fred Andrews, Rev. Violet Gilbert, Mrs. Tahahlita Fry and Col. Arthur J. Burks.

Charter Presentation

At a joint meeting of Unit 37 of Buffalo and Unit 73 of Springville, New York, on September 10th, in Buffalo, Mr. Paul R. Weast, in the absence of Dr. Daniel W. Fry, made the presentation of the Understanding charter to Mrs. Marilyn Murphy, Vice-President of

DECEMBER, 1966                    19

the new unit. Mr. Weast quoted from A-Lan’s message concerning the true purposes of Understanding and stressed the importance of member participation to further these purposes.

The evening’s program included a talk by Mr. Norman Weiss of his trip to New England where he had interviewed the principals of the Exeter, N. H. “saucer incident.” Although he did not meet the Hills, whose story is featured in Look magazine in October, he did get the full story of this exceptional experience. Thus the Understanding members present were treated to a scoop on Look!

Our recently chartered Unit 74 in Myrtle Creek, Oregon, headed by President Helen Mann (P.O. Box 36, Myrtle Creek, Ore. 97457) has already held two meetings, one a public lecture in Roseburg, Oregon with Clo Diroll as speaker, the other a gathering to hear Major Wayne A. Aho.

Other officers of the Unit are: Mary Root, Vice-President; Irene Meade, Secretary; Betty Fleming, Treasurer; Ars. A. Goodger, Sargeant-at-Arms ; and Paul Van Arsdale and A. V. Goodger, Commitee Chairman.

Miss Anna Tomin (320 E. 42nd St.. N.Y.C. 10017) a Sustaining Member of Understanding has just organized a Unit in New York City. No details of activities are yet available but we encourage all those in the New York City area who are interested in our ideals and purposes to contact Miss Tomin for further information.

As the new Unit is within the area of the United Nations we are hopefully anticipating that arrangements can be made for translations from our many “foreign” UFO exchange publications.

Dr. Fry On Tour

The lecture and book promotion tour (of the new and enlarged edition of the White Sands Incident) of Dr. Daniel W. Fry, which commenced early in October, continues.

Following numerous radio, TV and lecture appearances on the West Coast, which included the Giant Rock and Berkeley Space Conventions, our President and Founder headed for the East Coast. His scheduled tour included Buffalo, N.Y., on November 2nd; New York City, November 5th; Boston, November 8th, with a quick return for a special Chamber of Commerce Program in San Francisco on November 10th back to the East Coast again for lectures in Philadelphia, November 12th; Washington  D.C., November 15-18th;

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Louisville, Ky., November 19th, and Indianapolis, November 29th. Other places and times are as yet unconfirmed as we go to press.

San Bernardino Unit Elects Officers

Congratulations to the new officers of Unit 71, San Bernardino, Calif. Elected at a recent business meeting were: President and Program Chairman, Mrs. Robert Fortune (3172 Mayfield Ave., San Bernardino, 92405) ; Vice-President and Treasurer, Mary Louise Loust; Recording Secretary, Jeannette Swindel, and Historian, Dottie Jones.

New Area Coordinators

In view of the rapid increase in membership which appears to be imminent, it has been decided to appoint Rev. Mary Bassano as Vice-President for the Co-ordination of the Eastern Units, and Mrs. Esther Ellsworth as Vice President of the Southwestern Units.

Unit in Nigeria

We are pleased to report the founding of an Understanding Unit in Lagos, Nigeria, headed by Bishop Imeh Emmanuel.

This Unit was created under the financial sponsorship of Mrs. Mae Gates of Prescott, Arizona, and presently consists of 21 members. It has been suggested that Units or individuals may wish to extend this type of sponsorship to other countries where funds are scarce.


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