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VOLUME XI                                 NOVEMBER, 1966                                   NUMBER 11

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


The March 1964 edition of Understanding contains an editorial which has proven to be remarkably prophetic.

More than two and a half years after the completion of the principal investigations into the death of President John F. Kennedy the question of who shot Kennedy, how he was shot and why, are looming larger than ever in the public consciousness. Within the last few months a number of books and several dozen articles in national magazines have been published which deal entirely with this subject.

Because of this resurgence of public interest, we are reprinting herewith the most significant portions of that editorial.

“Your editor, with the able assistance of several other persons has carefully gathered, evaluated, and attempted to coordinate all of the data which has been released to the public through television, radio, newspapers and magazines, and has viewed repeatedly all released television sequences of the event itself. This effort, which required many hours of time and a great deal of careful consideration, did not lead to any firm conclusion as to who shot John F. Kennedy, how he was shot or why. It did lead to the inescapable realization that the publicly announced conclusions are totally incompatible

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

with much of the announced data upon which these conclusions were presumably based. One or the other simply has to be incorrect, or at least woefully incomplete.

To outline for the reader the numerous inconsistencies in the testimony, the mechanical impossibility of the alleged sequence of events, the sudden change in attitude of several officials, and of the wife of the accused, the apparent abandonment of the promised post mortem trial of Lee Oswald, etc., would require many more pages than are available in this magazine, and would serve no specific purpose at this time, but so long as the iron curtain of admitted secrecy hangs over this case, the public is certain to speculate.

We wish to emphasize at this point that we have no evidence or basis of belief that there were any large scale elements of conspiracy in this case, but careful study makes it obvious that if there had been such a conspiracy the plans would almost certainly have been made and carried out in a manner precisely parallel to the drama which unfolded at Dallas. It contained all of the elements of the perfect plan for the perfect crime.

Contrary to frequently stated opinion, such a plan would not have required the knowledge or the participation of large numbers of people. A dozen persons at most could have set the stage for all of the events, provided only that a few of them were in positions of authority and possessed unlimited funds.

The inherent tendency of the human mind to accept prima facie evidence as fact. when there is no one to argue the contrary, is well known, and has been utilized by the predatory elements of society since time immemorial.

It would be readily possible to create a thesis on the assassination of John F. Kennedy which would take into account all of the publicized data and evidence and which would lead to an equally logical but totally different conclusion from that which was reached by the Warren Commission.

Your editor has no present intention of writing such a thesis, but it seems fairly obvious that within the next few months other students of the subject almost certainly will.

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NOVEMBER, 1966                    3


With manned flight to the moon still to be accomplished and major energies now directed at planned conquest of space, it hardly seems worthwhile to look back at the past.

Yet, if we take an imaginary trip backward in time, and make our first stop in Egypt in about the year 4000 B.C., we note tremendous construction in progress. Some idea of its scope is indicated by the amazing number of blocks used by the ancient Egyptians: a total of 2.3 millions having an average weight of 2.5 tons (and a maximum of 45 tons being put to use to construct the Cheops pyramid.

Considerable mathematical and engineering knowledge was, of course, required for such construction. In the year 1870, the astronomer Piazzi Smith noted that the perimeter of the pyramid was equal to twice its height multiplied by the number pi (3.1415). Evidently the architect of the pyramid had exact, knowledge of the value of a number which was only approximately evaluated thousand’s of years later.

This is merely one example of what the ancients were able to accomplish. In the year 2,000 B.C., for instance, we find that the inhabitants of Knossus, a city of ancient Crete, were familiar with sanitary plumbing. And how about the Romans? From excavations made in Pompeii, where lead water pipes were found, and by discoveries in other areas, we know that they, too, knew the art of plumbing.

Recently, a valve was found submerged at the bottom of Lake Nemi, in Rome. This valve, called the Caligula valve, is nineteen centuries old – yet it had been so excellently constructed that it still exhibits highly polished surfaces and retains its plug tightly. When the find was reported in the July 27, 1959 issue of Chemical Engineering, the editors of this publication headlined the fact that “Ancient Romans built their pipes, valves, and fittings according to modern ASA and ASTM standards.”

Still another example of noteworthy knowledge possessed by the ancients is demonstrated by the quality of their swords, which were of a hardness we have been able to duplicate only recently. And not, long ago, in the course of archeological surveys conducted in the Kiang Son provice of China, belt buckles made of aluminum-copper

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

alloy were discovered in the tomb of a general of the Tsin age (the third century A.D.) The discovery excited metallurgists because it suggests that the ancient Chinese may have been capable of the thermal reduction of aluminum.

When we take our imaginary spaceship for other flights in time, we discover that accomplishments of the ancients also include:

The Mayan Calendar: a calendar was devised by the Mayan Indians of Middle America which is said to provide measurements of years more accurate and precise than those of our day.

Pyramids and Other Edifices: In addition to the pyramids of Egypt, there are the pyramids of South America, the assemblage of upright stones in England known as Stonehenge, and the colossal, mysterious sculptures of Easter Island.

Model of our Solar System: Dr. D. J. Price of Cambridge, England, has recently identified an object that was brought up from the depths of the Mediterranean in the year 1900, on Easter Day, by a sponge fisherman. He claims that the model was made 2000 years ago, in 65 B.C., and that it is a highly precise, mechanical model of our solar system. In this ancient model, intricate gears, operated by a small crank, kept the sun, moon and planets in proper relative positions as they rotated.

Solar Evaporators: In the year 49 B.C., Julius Caesar used solar evaporators to turn sea water into fresh water for his troops.

Lobotomy Operations: In his book, “American Indians of the Pacific,” Thor Heyerdahl, the noted explorer and ethnologist, reveals that the ancients were able to make incisions into the front lobe of the brain for lobotomy operations. His evidence includes photographs of skulls he found in the South Sea Islands, copies of which are shown in his book.

Inevitably, questions must come to mind as one reviews these amazing accomplishments. What kind of technology made such discoveries possible? What other secrets did the ancients have

Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing the answers. It is tragic that mankind suffers from a collective amnesia that makes it impossible to adequately retrace the past.

-Isidore Stern

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NOVEMBER, 1966                    5


Even while scientists are seeking answers to such earth changes as a fast moving mountain in Wales and a rapidly progressing glacier in the Yukon, they are seeking, also, answers to past geologic movements of the earth’s crust. Such is the scientific search now in progress off the island of Santorini (Thira in ancient times) for evidences of the famed yet “lost” continent of Atlantis.

Atlantis has fascinated scientists and fiction writers since the time of Plato. Legend has it that this flourishing pre-historic city was overwhelmed in minutes by one of the greatest natural catastrophes in world history.

Victor P. Walker, of the Copley News Service, reports that surveys now under way are the first practical attempts to investigate the theories developed by Professor Angelo Galanopoulos and Dr. James W. Mavor. Professor Galanopoulos is associated with the Athens University, and is one of the world’s leading seismologists. Dr. Mavor is with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute of Massachusetts. They are both on Santorini now, and the first reports are expected within a month.

Working independently, Galanopoulos and Mavor concluded that a tremendous volcanic explosion at Santorini, in the 13th century B. C..–350 times more powerful than an hydrogen bomb, according to Galanopoulos-devastated Santorini and created the Atlantis legend.

This explosion is believed to have set off the earthquakes that destroyed the Minoan civilization on Crete, and possibly accounted for the Biblical plagues that struck Egypt in the time of Moses, and the pullback of the waters when Atlantis sank led to a brief emptying of the Red sea-when Moses led his people across on dry land.

The probe commenced on August 26th when the 2,000 ton oceanographic vessel Chain, of the Woods Hole Institute, dropped anchor at Santorini. On board are a crew of 35, as well as 26 scientists with a mass of equipment unobtainable in Greece. The task of the Chain is to assist with photographing and measuring the seabed off Santorini. When this work is completed by the staff on the Chain, some of the equipment will be transferred to a specially chartered yacht, Nefeli, from which the surveys will continue, with a smaller crew, under the direction of Mavor and Galanopoulos.

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Galanopoulos has cautioned against expecting “sensational discoveries” for the force of the volcanic explosion and the tremendous heart must have destroyed almost all traces of the city, the presumed Atlantis.

The main hope of the expedition is to find remains of human settlements on the “outskirts” of the lost Atlantis, and just possibly, larger remains and even statuary flung out to sea by the force of the volcanic blast.

“If there’s anything left,” said Galanopoulos, “then with the equipment on the Chain we’ll find it.”

(Taken from the Post Advocate, Alhambra, Calif., Sept. 21, 1966)

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There are many things which may open the door to understanding. For me, a key was hypnotism.

Objectively, the use of hypnotism may be defined in three ways. The first, and that which interested my friends and me in the beginning, is primarily for entertainment. On stage, before an audience, hypnotism removes the barriers of inhibitions and, in most cases, I believe it to be harmless fun.

Contrary to popular belief, the subject does not lose consciousness, and memory of what has happened is retained. In my case, I knew what I was doing, and what, was being done to me. If at any time the subject is confronted with a situation which is distasteful or contrary to his moral beliefs, he has the will power and the ability to break the spell.

Although I am considered a good subject, I cannot be hypnotized unless I am perfectly willing. I can also on most occasions hypnotize myself, which is, in reality, the exercising of my own will power.

The second use of hypnotism is for improvement either mentally or physically; and I include in this category the so-called “healing powers,” removal of pain, stopping hemorages, as well as weight removal and deterring habitual craving.

But the third, and most fascinating aspects of hypnotism is in connection with the super-natural, or psychic phenomenon.

My interest evolved gradually towards the third use, and as time went by we became acquainted with a group of people who are dedicated

NOVEMBER, 1966                    7

to the advancement of hypnosis, and who meet regularly to discuss and demonstrate the uses of hypnotism. The fact. that the third use was discussed and demonstrated most. frequently, is probably due to the enthusiasm and curiosity of we, the onlookers.

Of course it is fascinating, if one believes. I am a natural skeptic, but somewhat romantic too, so I was torn between my hesitancy at acceptance, and my desire to believe.

I was introduced to several phases of psychic phenomenon. Aura reading and psychometry are methods whereby the subject “sees” a given person’s background, past and present life, and aspects of his personality. In psychometry an object in constant use is given to the subject, who “reads” from the personal magnetism which remains in the object. Aura reading is a little different. The subject gazes at the person to be read until an aura of light or color appears. This color is the key to the personality of the individual.

Regression is experienced when the subject is asked to go backwards in time. Five, ten, and fifteen years may be spanned in a few minutes. I have seen people who remember, or claim to remember, what they were doing at the ages of ten, eight, or five years. Gradually the subject slips back to infancy, birth, prenatal, and finally the time before conception. The subject then remembers what has happened in a “past life.” Of course, this occurrence predisposes a belief in reincarnation. I have witnessed regression several times and have heard subjects speak in words foreign to them, and describe incidents and events which they do not know from this life.

I have also witnessed a subject project himself mentally into a house miles away and accurately describe the scene he found there. This subject is known to me personally and had never been in the house before.

Then, I myself took part in a demonstration of “automatic writing.” Automatic writing is supposedly the result of an entity from the spirit world writing through a subject who may or may not be under hypnosis. My first experiences with automatic writing were under hypnosis, but as the hypnotist released me, the suggestion was given that I would write any significant ideas or dreams as they came to me.

As a result of the suggestion, more and more often I find myself waking in the middle of the night with an almost uncontrollable urge

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

to write. Whole poems, stories, and ideas appear before me and many times I write for hours before the urge is satisfied.

I feel that, through hypnotism, I have tapped the stream of consciousness which contains the answers to many of our questions. I have come to believe strongly in the application of acceptance in our daily lives, and the wisdom of our Creator’s Master plan for our destinies.

We must each of us in our own way open the door to greater understanding. A key for me was hypnotism.

-Mary A. Rogers

——— ♦ ———


The way to Gad or the Infinite All seems as a great wheel; the many paths into the Spiritual Life are the spokes of the wheel, and the hub is the center or God-consciousness. The nearer man comes to the Center, the closer he is to his fellow-travelers in tolerance, patience, kindness, love and understanding. He is willing to live and let live, leaving each one to his particular spoke of the wheel.

The more wisdom man attains to, the more readily he can see the truth in the understanding of others, and the less he is inclined to disagree and contend with the differences of others, which are bound to appear. The terms used to express God may vary, even as all religions vary and are labeled differently, but the Eternal God is changeless.

It too often happens that when we disagree with others or they with us, that we fall into a critical attitude and are almost certain to judge or condemn them for their stand. When that condition occurs we are soon aware of having lost our closeness, both with our fellow-man and with our True Self. Then we must try to make amends and close the gap caused by our dissension and criticism, through self-forgiveness and by granting the other person his freedom to think, speak and act according to his particular convictions.

We wonder at times why it seems so difficult to allow others the privilege of being different in the way they live, and the way they choose to believe. We have what is very nearly an obsession when it comes to expecting others to believe as we do, and in wanting

NOVEMBER, 1966                    9

them to approve of what we say- and do, knowing quite well that we do not always approve of the path they have chosen to follow.

If we will first learn to be tolerant, then compassionate, we will grow into understanding and goodwill toward men. As we draw nearer the center of the Wheel of Life we will live in harmony with one another and find peace and contentment for ourselves. We may even discover it is possible to love and trust those with whom we have not been in full agreement on a number of subjects, and eventually find they also have some part of the truth.

-Esther Lowery

——— ♦ ———



When the area of mutual agreement has been carefully defined and recorded and when the results have been published in every country and in every language, arrangements can be made to select a predetermined number of those who have assisted in the work as a smaller but permanent committee. The first duty of this committee would be to consider any new problems in the social science which might arise as a result of the constantly increasing complexity of civilization.

Any difference of opinion which may develop between nations or races as to the proper relationship between man and his fellowman could be referred to this body for consideration and recommendations. While these recommendations would not have the effect of law, they would be based upon postulates which every nation had accepted in advance, and so would have far greater weight and significance than any resolution passed by the present United Nations Organization, which has no foundation of mutual agreement, from which to work toward their conclusions.

If the work of this analytical group should prove satisfactory to the world as a whole, then elements of judicial authority could be vested in the group through a gradual process, in which the success of each step could be tested before the next step was taken.

Eventually a form of world court would evolve which would have the legal support, and acceptance of all nations because all nations would be legally and fairly represented therein.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

There would be no need for any type of army to enforce the decisions of such a world court. History has demonstrated upon several occasions that no civilized nation today will act in flagrant disregard of united world opinion. The problem in the past has been that there have been no means by which an actual world opinion could be established because there has never been a mutually accepted foundation of postulate from which such an opinion could be derived.

The principal objection which arises in the formulation of any plan for a world court or of world government is the fact that the individual nations would be required to surrender much of their sovereignty, or right of self-determination.

In the case of a world court guided entirely by pre-established and mutually accepted principles, however, no nation would be required to surrender any of its sovereignty, since all would simply be exercising their own predetermined wills through a mutually chosen instrument.

(The next and concluding installment of the Great Problem will discuss the determination of areas of mutual agreement.)

——— ♦ ———


The Santa Cruz (Calif.) Sentinel of August, 1966, contained an unusually interesting article, written by Frank Masquelette, dateline Houston, Texas (AP). The article is based on yellowed newspaper clippings which report a series o f sightings in 1897 o f the “Mysterious Airship.”

They add up to what might be called: The Great Airship Flap of 1897.

Some of the accounts resemble accounts nowadays of unidentified flying objects.

Consider this report from the 1897 Houston Daily Post:

“Childress, Texas, April 1.7-The much talked-of airship was seen here last night about 1:16 o’clock. The Rev. J. W. Smith was the first to discover the curious aerial monster.

“He thought at first that it was a star shooting, but after watching it, a moment or two, saw that it was not . . .

“It soon disappeared, traveling in a westerly direction. The Rev.

NOVEMBER, 1966                    11

Smith thinks that it must have been 2000 feet high and traveling very fast..”

Here’s another:

“Atlanta, Texas, April 19-There was considerable excitement here today, caused by the mysterious airship.

“It was first seen by Jim Nelson, a farmer … His attention was attracted by a peculiar noise and, looking up, he discovered the mysterious aerial traveler.

“It seemed to be descending straight to the earth with great rapidity and Mr. Nelson’s hair stood out with fright …

“But within two or three hundred feet of the earth, it paused for an instant,. . . then moved off at a rate of speed about equal to that of an ordinary passenger train.”

The Atlanta dispatch says the airship was seen by other citizens when it sailed over the city at 5 to 15 miles per hour. Most described it as cigar-shape, and some said it had long wings on either side.

Stories of the Atlanta incident became suceedingly absurd. Some viewers claimed to have talked with the airship’s crewmen. One man said the pilot told him, “We will be in Greece day after tomorrow.”

Another man said he detected three men on board passing out temperance tracts and singing, “Nearer My God to Thee.”

About a week later came this report in the Houston Daily Post of April 28, 1897

“Merkel, Texas, April 26-Some parties returning from church last night noticed a heavy object dragging along with a rope attached.

“They followed it until in crossing the railroad it caught on a rail. On looking up they saw what they supposed was the airship.

It was not near enough to get an idea of the dimensions. A light could be seen protruding from several windows; one bright light in front like the headlight of a locomotive.

“After some 10 minutes, a man was seen descending the rope; he came near enough to be plainly seen; he wore a light blue sailor suit, was small in size.

“He stopped when he discovered parties at the anchor and cut the rope below him and sailed off in the northeast direction. “The anchor is now on exhibition at the blacksmith shop of Elliot

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

& Miller and is attracting the attention of hundreds of people.” Another bizarre account was found in the April 19, 1897, edition of the Dallas Morning News:

“Aurora, Wise County, April 17-About 6 o’clock this morning the early risers of Aurora were astonished at the sudden appearance of the airship which has been sailing throughout the Country…

“It sailed directly over the public square, and when it reached the north part of town collided with the tower of Judge Proctor’s windmill and went to pieces with a terrific explosion, scattering debris over several acres of ground, wrecking the windmill and water tank and destroying the Judge’s flower garden.

“‘The pilot of the ship is supposed to have been the only one aboard, and while his remains are badly disfigured, enough of the original has been picked up to show that he was not an inhabitant of this world.

“Mr. T. J. Weems, the U. S. Signal Service officer at this place and an authority on astronomy, gives it as his opinion that he (the pilot) vas a native of the planet Mars …

“Papers found… are written in some unknown hieroglyphics. This ship was too badly wrecked to form any conclusion as to its construction or motive power . . .

“The town is full of people today who are viewing the wreck and gathering specimens of strange metal from the debris. The pilot’s funeral will take place at noon tomorrow.”

——— ♦ ———

world report

Flying Without A Body

(Grants Pass Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., Sept. 12, 1965)

RALEIGH, N. C. (AP)-A North Carolina State University psychologist is convinced the minds of many individuals can leave their bodies and drift away, uninhibited by physical barriers or distance.

The phenomenon is called astral (out-of-body) projection. Dr. E. E. Bernard, who is doing research on the phenomenon, said

NOVEMBER, 1966                    13

it is “like lying on a sofa, betting up and seeing your body still lying on the couch.”

The mind, he said in an interview, may remain in the same room or be projected thousands of miles. Separation of mind and body may last from a few seconds to a few hours.

“These experiences definitely are not hallucinations,” he said. Dr. Bernard said his research is not aimed at proving or disproving astral projection because, “I am convinced it is a legitimate phenomenon. In fact I have experienced astral projection.”

His first step is to collect data from persons who claim to have experienced out-of-body projection. Dr. Bernard claims he has uncovered several cases of individuals who have experienced astral projection once or twice and others he called “old pros” who “can turn this on and off and control the destination of their minds.”

He emphasizes that evidence he has gathered indicates that mind projection causes no Harm to the individual.

“Our objective,” he said, “is to find how to produce the phenomenon, how to control it and how to put it to our most beneficial use.”

Science Not Investigating UFOs

(Los Angeles Times, Sept. 18, 1966)

CHICAGO (UPI)-A prominent, astronomer has criticized the American scientific establishment for failing to investigate persistent reports of unidentified flying objects despite the fact That sightings of many “flying saucers” remain unexplained.

Dr. J. Allen Hynek, chairman of Northwestern University’s department of astronomy and a consultant to the Air Force on UFOs, said science has taken no notice of the “persistent and disturbing phenomenon” of unidentified flying objects.

In a letter to Science magazine, Hynek called for a scientific investigation to dispel “20 years of confusion.” He accused scientists of “injuring their professional standing.”

He said science is suffering from “provincialism.” The attitude of science toward UFOs today parallels the attitude of men toward meteorites 150 years ago, when science joked about “stones that fell from the sky,” he said.

Hynek said it is a fallacy to assume that all UFO reports were the work of “hysterics or crackpots or cranks,” or the product of uneducated or unreliable people. Most reports come from stable and

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

well-educated people, he said, and only a small number from “true believers”-the cultists for whom “flying saucers” are a kind of spiritual phenomena.

Hynek has studied hundreds of reports of unusual flying objects. Many have been misidentifications of natural events, he said. He pointed to a rash of UFO sighting reports in Michigan this year which he thinks resulted from swamp gas.

Air Force studies have shown that UFO’s do not appear to be a threat to national security, but Hynek has found consistent patterns in many reports. The sightings report typical motions, drapes, and lighting. The UFOs wobble, hover, and take off rapidly in case after case, he said.

Mysterious Object

(Wanganui Herald, New Zealand, 30/S/66)

FREIBURG, West Germany, Mon.-United States Air Force jets chased a huge, brilliant mystery object across the sky over Bavaria last night, but whatever it was it went away before it could be identified.

Two F102 jets were, sent up from the Rarastein Air Base after hundreds of telephone calls to observatories and the police by people who spotted the object-mostly described as dragon-shaped.

Experts said the object, seemingly several yards across, appeared at times to have a triangular shape suspended below it as it, bung at a height of about 75,000 ft.-too high for the aircraft to approach it.

One private astronomer said the object hung for several hours in one position and appeared to revolve around its own axis and change shape periodically.

Another said it changed position frequently and at lighting speed. The object set off a brilliant silver- glare in the night sky.

Odd World

(The Palm Beach Post, Palm Beach, August 15, 1966)

LONDON (AP)-A British physicist says the world may be surrounded by an invisible universe in which time runs backwards.  Dr. F. R. Stannard of University College in London, raised the possibility in the current issue of Nature, a weekly science journal. He suggested that to inhabitants of a “Faustian” universe where lives terminate by birth and parents would always outlive their

NOVEMBER, 1966                    15

children it, would seem “our world … showed the unfamiliar behavior. “

Stannard based his speculation on the theory that nature may be deeply symmetrical, so that our world is balanced by another, governed by the same physical laws, but in which time is reversed.

He raised “the interesting possibility that if some means exists for the transfer of matter between the Faustian universe and ours, a perpetual state of mutual regeneration could be established.”

Could the Faustians inform us of events lying in our future their past? And could we do the same for them?

Stannard, in putting forward his theory, wrote:

“It would appear … that in a world that was perfectly symmetric with respect to the time axis, matter of opposite time sense would decouple.

“The Faustian universe would be embedded in the same space-time framework, and yet would remain unobservable to us. “According to our experience of time, the direction which is dictated by the intrinsic time sense of the matter from which we are constructed, the Faustian world would consist of galaxies observing their light rather than being created in triple collisions between protons, electrons and anti-neutrinos, and thereafter being absorbed in nuclei, etc.

“It would be a universe that was in a state of contraction, and its entropy would be decreasing, and yet the Faustian observers would not be aware of anything strange in their environment.

“Being constructed of Faustian matter, their subjective experience of time is reversed, so they would be equally convinced that, it was they who grew older and their entropy that increased.

——— ♦ ———


While most, people credit the Pilgrims and Puritans with originating Thanksgiving Day, days of thanksgiving were observed in America (and elsewhere) centuries before the landing of the Mayflower. Such days are as old as the race itself, for man is essentially a grateful and religious being, and the American Indian is no exception.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Edgar Lee Hewett, an outstanding scientists, has said: “The native American has long and reverently contemplated nature. He has reflected on his relation to the life and phenomena about him, watched the orderly processes of nature, until he has discovered the principles for the successful ordering of his own life. This he voices in his prayers of praise and thanks and dramatizes in his dances.”

This interpretation of the prayer of the Seneca Indians embodies the spirit of all Iroquois prayers of thanksgiving.

As the “Keeper of the Faith” throws the sacred tobacco on the fire and as the smoke ascends, Hawenio, the Great Spirit is thus addressed:

Now we give thanks to our Creator.

Now smoke rises, it lifts our words to him.

Now we speak to Hawenio, the great maker;

Now he listens to words of people here assembled.

We thank him that we are here to take part in council.

We thank him that he has given us the earth, our mother,

From whose breast all things grow.

We thank him for herbs and roots,

For bushes and trees that give fruit,

For flowers and grasses,

For corn and our sustainers of life.

We thank him for rivers and streams that give water.

For thunders that bring rain.

We thank him for creatures that live on dry land;

We thank him for creatures that live in air and waters.

We thank him for great lights the sky:

For sun, our elder brother, that looks in on us;

For moon, our grandmother, that shines for us at night;

For stars that guide men beings.

We thank him that he has made men beings, to be brave and strong.

We thank him that he has made women beings, in whose arms are little children.

May little children continue to run and walk about.

Continue to listen, Hawenio ! Breathe smoke and listen,

For again we make smoke, again we speak.

NOVEMBER, 1966                    17

Preserve our old men and women;

Protect our little children.

Guide minds of people that, they remember

Hawenio in all their thoughts and actions.

Now we give thanks that the minds of people

Are turned to the Creator of all things.

Now we give praise and thanks that the minds of people are one mind.

Now we give praise and thanks that peace and happiness sit at our lodge door.

Now all the people are giving praise and thanks,

From the low earth upward to the great sky where he is dwelling;

With all their mind’s, with all their strength,

The people are giving praise and thanks.

Now smoke rises.

He has seen it!

Now we have spoken,

He has heard it!

It is done. Naho.

-Mabel Powers

(Taken from Weekly Unity, November 17, 1963)

——— ♦ ———


The UFO Saga

(Cleve Twitchell, C. S. A. Press, Lakemont, Ga. 30552, $2.00)

Cleve Twitchell, former Assistant Editor of the Understanding magazine and present News Editor for the Medford Mail Tribune, has just had published The UFO Saga. This book is based upon the series of twelve feature articles written by Cleve Twitchell for his paper in 1965.

In an informal style the author narrates his experiences with and impressions of the UFO groups, their philosophies and activities,

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

beginning with his interest in the subject in 1958. His investigations of the “flying saucer” subject led to meetings with many of the well-known personalities in the field.

Full page photographs introduce you to Dr. Daniel W. Fry,. Gabriel Green, George Hunt Williamson, George Van Tassel and Gloria Lee. Brief summaries, objective and impartial, of the beliefs and activities of these individuals, and others, are interestingly presented.

Mr. Twitchell’s studies led to the reading of many of the more than 100 books on the subject of the UFO, and to an understanding of the various interpretations given for the visits of space people to the earth. These interpretations are reported under such titles as: The Venusian on the Desert; a Flying Saucer Convention; We Long To Share Our Thoughts; You Come From Venus; Saucers and Sex; Strange Lights; Flying Saucers and Religion, and What Does It Mean?

To one newly interested in UFOs the book offers a concise and very readable account of the many aspects of the UFO story. To one well acquainted with the subject, the text refreshingly reviews. the events and the people who have persisted in the belief that life exists elsewhere in the universes and that it has and is visiting planet earth.

The UFO Saga is being offered to Understanding readers at the special price of $1.50 if ordered from: Cleve Twitchell, 5480 Gebhard Road, Central Point, Oregon, 97502.

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World Understanding and Peace requires an Interlanguage. UNESCO has approved of Esperanto to be that language. A text pronunciation record, a two language dictionary and two test wheels loaned FREE for 60 days. Your only cost 5 cents to return the kit to the Esperanto Library, Dept. USI, Middleton, Wis. 53562.

NOVEMBER, 1966                    19

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A New Edition

The White Sands Incident and To Men of Earth has just been reprinted, for the 16th time, in its first hard bound edition.

The text contains much material not included in the original book, and To Men of Earth includes answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning Alan’s Message.

The book will sell for $3.95 and may be ordered from the Merlin Publishing Company, Merlin, Oregon, 97532.

Rental Library Book Lists

The National Understanding Library, which is sponsored by Unit 37 of Buffalo, New York, has just issued its new Book list. The reading material offered includes many “hard to find” texts.

If you wish to receive a copy of this list, as member of Understanding, please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to: James Czerwinski, Librarian, 68 Moeller Street, Buffalo, N. Y. 14211.

Esther Ellsworth

The other month we announced a change of address from Riverside to Morongo Valley for our Organizational Chairman, Esther Stilgebouer. We now announce that Esther and her son Wayne have legally adopted their family name of Ellsworth.

Esther says, “You who have struggled with the difficult name of Stilgebouer will find our present name easily remembered.” We say, “The dedicated service will be the same, only the name has changed.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Understanding Publicity

Unit. 71 of San Bernardino, California has adopted for publicity purposes a narrow blue paper book mark which shows clasped hands beneath the words “Understanding is Love in Action.”

What is your Unit doing to call attention to its purpose and activities?

Gift Subscriptions

We remind you that our Annual Gift subscriptions to the Understanding magazine may be ordered for your family, friends, libraries and schools, during the month of December, for the special price of Two Dollars for the year. A card will be enclosed with your gift order.

Understanding Yearbooks are also available as gifts. For the years 1958 through 1962, the price is only One Dollar. For the years 1963 and 1964 the price is Two Dollars. 1965 has not yet been bound.

Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding

A prerequisite to a federal non-profit status requires that we do not sell the books of our founder and president, Dr. Daniel W. Fry. To clear our inventory of Dr. Fry’s Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding we offer the book, while our supply lasts, for the special price of One Dollar. Please order through Understanding, Inc., P.O. Box 76, Merlin, Ore. 97532.

San Francisco Unit 11 Reports

In answer to his letters concerning Congressional Investigations of the UFOs, Theodore G. Hullett, President of Unit 11, has received from Congressman Gerald Ford the following information.

“As you know, as the result of my request for a Congressional investigation; the House Committee on Armed Services did hold hearings and although they were brief, it. was also decided that grants would be made to six universities to further study the unexplained sightings.

“A lead university will be chosen and will, in turn, choose five others to assist it, on a geographical basis. I am sorry that I have no information at the present time as to what university will be chosen.

“Thank you again for your support and I look forward as well to the report which will be made public by the universities.”

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Communications from


and Worlds Beyond


Flying Saucers and Space People

The Study of Space

Mars-Earth Union-On the Path.

• What to do about your God Consciousness

• Application of your awareness in your Business and Home Life

• A Good Way to Go

• A Communique from Headquarters

• Man’s Destiny-Teaching the Children

(Limited copies First Edition $3.25)

Evelyn and the Late Will Miller

P. O. Box 98,

Morongo Valley, Calif. 92256


(a proven method)            Price $3.00 Knowledge for Planetary Contacts. How to use the Pendulum. (can check for truth of UFO’s)


(tested and works)            Price $3.00 Harmony for Saucer attunement. Preparation for Saucer Contacts.


(astounding true information) $5 Contacted from other Planets.

A woman rescued from a Saucer. Contacts made with Venusians.

All three books for $10.00

Worth many times more!

Send to author:


8674 Falmouth Aye.

Playa Del Rey, Calif. 90291


by Dr. Daniel W. Fry

Steps to the Stars (4th printing)

Curve of Development

Both softbound                 $1.50 each


White Sands Incident and

To Men of Earth

Softbound, $2.00

Hardbound – New Edition — $3.95

Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding

Softbound, $2.00

Hardbound, $3.00

Merlin Publishing Company

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