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VOLUME XI                                 OCTOBER, 1966                                       NUMBER 10

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


The great difficulties which earthmen have experienced in their attempts to achieve a state of peace stem largely from the fact that hardly anyone has a precise and definite understanding of the meaning of the term.

Your editor once defined “Peace” as being “the hectic interval between two wars, when nations are struggling to recover from the devastation of the last, and at the same time, are frantically working to create even more devastating weapons for use in the nest!”

This description of the term peace was, of course, given only to illustrate the common belief that peace is simply the absence of war. Of course this is the first definition which is found in most of our dictionaries, but there are many other aspects of the word which are also given: “public quiet,” order, security and freedom from disturbance. The synonyms are harmony, concord, amity, reconciliation, tranquility and serenity.

A careful consideration of the definition and the synonyms will indicate that peace is not so much a state of the nation as it is a condition of the mind.

Appeals to the world for peace are only as effective as their appeal

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

to the individual mind and conscience of man, for it is within the mind and conscience of man that peace must be born.

Amity, tranquility and serenity can only be achieved through successful living, and successful living requires a continuing compromise between man and his fellowman. It must, however, be a true compromise and not a complete surrender by either party.

Surrender implies a victor and a vanquished. The vanquished is unlikely to feel either amity or serenity, and the victor will be incited to even greater demands.

Successful compromise results from true understanding, and so we see that peace through understanding is more than a mere motto or catch phrase.

Understanding is the very foundation of peace, both in the minds of men and in the state of the nation or of the world.

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The Honorable Mr. Justice P. B. Mukharji in a lecture delivered at the Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture in Calcutta, India, spoke of Peace and Understanding. We offer here, for your consideration and study, Mukharji’s concept of peace.

The supreme issue in every age, in every place, is always has been, and will forever be, peace and understanding. What is peace? and what is understanding? The two are mutually inter-connected. There can be no peace without understanding, and there can be no understanding without peace.

Peace is not a negative state. Peace is positive. Peace is not absence of war. A harassed and perplexed modern world has come to think of peace in terms of absence of war. We therefore have a sterile peace, which naturally fails to inspire the human race.

Peace is not a passive attitude, nor a passive condition. Peace is dynamic. Peace is not rest. It is sustained and ceaseless activity, informed by knowledge and inspired by devotion and service.

Peace is not comfort. Peace is purpose. It requires more purposeful planning, preparation, and service than the greatest of military operations.

Peace is not death. It is not blind resignation. Peace is life. It is

OCTOBER, 1966                        3

an invitation to accept the challenge of death and destruction and to transform them.

Peace is not victory. It is beyond victory and defeat. There can be no peace while the sense of victor and vanquished remains. Peace is not an interregnum between one crisis and another. It is not a temporal process. It is the perpetual condition of existence. It is the very fabric and texture of life.

Peace is creative and unitive. It creates and unite-s. There can be no peace without creative self-expression. Therefore peace is always new and never monotonous. The environment and social order which denies self-expression destroys peace.

Peace is total and not fragmentary. The edifice of peace is to be built brick by brick. The first brick is that the individual must, be at peace with himself, That is the foundation of all peace. Without this no peace is possible. If, in the individual, head and heart, instincts and reason, faculties and feelings, nature and nurture are all at loggerheads with one another, then he will poison life at every level with his tensions and strifes.

(Extracted from “The Religious Digest,” Oct.-Dec., 1963)

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It was proposed at the Annual Meeting of Understanding, Inc., in October, 1965, that we institute an official research project for the year 1965-66. It was resolved that the project be a study of peace organizations, national and international, and that the results of the study be published in the Understanding magazine.

The task we set for ourselves we found had already been ably done, far beyond our abilities to achieve, and the results of the study are to be published in Pathways to Peace by Russell D. Brackett. (See Book Review).

Undaunted, we now offer you this issue of Understanding, dedicated to Peace.

We have, during the year, presented in the Understanding magazine articles concerned with various organizations devoted to peace, as well as various approaches to peace. The January issue offered “Good Will Ambassadors”; March, “The United Nations”; May, “Universal Language Need”; June, “The Story of Esperanto”,

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

July, “The Postal Peace Corps”; and September, “East-West Center.” In addition to the serialization, beginning in April, of Dr. Daniel W. Fry’s “The Great Problem,” the February issue contained an article “How to Abolish War” and the March issue a book review of Frank Laubach’s The Amazing War of Love.

May you find the material now offered, fragmentary as it is, both helpful and inspiring, worthy of your consideration and study. The approaches to peace are many, all necessary, until man shall have achieved that greater understanding of himself and his fellow man that will fuse all endeavors under the banner of “Love thy neighbor as thyself “

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Lowell Fillmore in the weekly Unity of April 3rd, 1966, offered the following statements under the title “Will You Help to Restore Peace?”

Remember that peace and harmony were a part of God’s original creation, for He did not create war or inharmony. These conditions exist only in the world of man …

War on earth is the result of man’s failure to realize his unity with God … Since war is caused only by the thoughts in the mind’s of men, war can be eliminated only by a change in men’s thoughts . . . If men will erase wrong thinking from their minds and turn their attention to God’s real universe, the universe of spirit, they can redeem the race from its bondage to the adverse appearances of the world, and they will then be free to enjoy the beauty of the realities of creation . . .

After thousands of years man is slowly growing up spiritually and is gradually learning to understand that he is not merely flesh but spirit also . . .

However, to inspire more than 2 billion people who live in the world with the power of God’s loving helpfulness will require many times two or three working together in the name of Christ!

——— ♦ ———

Given the growing interdependence of nations, the late Pope John XXIII said, “It is not possible to preserve lasting peace if glaring economic and social inequality persists among them.”

OCTOBER, 1966                        5


As Peace is a total way of life it is natural that approaches to the ideal are many social, legal, political, economic, cultural, educational, religious and spiritual.

Short presentations of some of the less well-known groups are offered here to acquaint you with the peoples the world over who seek with you Peace Through Understanding.

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To the question “Has not the atom exploded faith in truth and nonviolence?” Gandhi replied, “The two opposing forces are wholly different in kind, the one moral and spiritual, the other physical and material. The one is infinitely superior to the other, which by its very nature has an end. The force of the spirit is very progressive and endless. Its full expression makes it unconquerable in the world … What is more, that force resides in everybody, man, woman and child, irrespective of color of skin. Only in many it lies dormant, but it is capable of being awakened by judicious training.”

By Gandhi’s unique and inspiring leadership the effectiveness of this “force of spirit” was ably demonstrated in India’s struggle for freedom.

Kaka Kalelkar says of Mahatma Gandhi that “through his discovery of Satyagraha, he gave hope and dignity to all those who had no arms, no resources and no organization to fight against the organized might of the great powers. He showed that with the development of soul-force even a single individual could start non-violent and peaceful resistance. He restored to mankind the dignity of the soul and the power of resistance through dignified self-suffering on a high moral level. But he had not time to show us how to use this soul force in case of totalitarian warfare– We have to find out how Gandhi’s technique of Satyagraha can be applied on a mass scale even between nations.”

The Gandhi Peace Foundation was formed to further the ideals and philosophy of Gandhi on a world wide scale. The constitution of the foundation states its basic objective is “to promote the acceptance by all peoples of the principles of truth and non-violence in the conduct of social, national and international affairs.”

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Inasmuch as Gandhi was a man of action rather than a philosopher with a systematized thesis of thought it is the purpose of the Gandhi Foundation to systematize these ideas and methods of work and unfold their rhythm by a careful study of Gandhi’s life and a large volume of writings that he produced and the speeches he delivered in English, Hindi and Gujarati. It should also be its effort to understand the significance of the changing techniques he employed … and to examine the practical schemes of constructive work that were organized and pioneered by Gandhi to discover their application to present world situations.

The Journal of the Gandhi Peace Foundation-Gandhi Marg 37 — is published quarterly at $2.50 per year. The issue on hand contains such titles as: Gandhi and the Bomb; Gandhi Between Two Worlds; War and Peace Lovers; and Gandhian Truth or Christian Love.

The Foundation in 1962 sponsored the Anti-Nuclear Arms Convention in New Delhi to apprise humanity of the gravity of the present perilous situation and “to rouse the conscience of humanity to try to avert the dangers by building up in the minds of men a peace potential which alone can counteract and subdue the war potential with which the atmosphere is charged.”

Pamphlets are available on the subject discussed at, the Convention and include such titles as: Breakdown of Civilization; Physics and Politics; and Problems of the Clandestine Nuclear Stock.

Additional information and literature may be had by writing to The Gandhi Peace Foundation, 221-223 Rouse Avenue, New Delhi 1, India.

——— ♦ ———


Founder-President J. A. Bautista Orozco issues a call to all individuals, organizations, brotherhoods and educational institutions to participate in the activities of “AUM”-Assembla Unica Mundial-which seeks Peace based upon a respect for the rights of others.

Mr. Orozco promises to distribute, with pleasure, all classes of literature which do not attack any religion, church or sect, but which promote Peace, Union and Good Will.

“My objective,” says Mr. Orozco, “is the enlightment and salvation

OCTOBER, 1966                        7

of humanity. All human beings of good-will must unite now to realize a better world . . . Knowing that, scattered throughout the world, there is a Spiritual World Family of people who, like ourselves, are working for the enlightenment of humanity, we have initiated and are organizing a Universal Movement and campaign, led by widely-spread advance groups consisting of people studying to practice and spread the True Brotherhood of Man.”

He continues, “Our aim is to hasten the People’s World Assembly, to be established as an International Civil Association of Associations for the furthering of True Universal Brotherhood and Peace-the establishment of Divine Truth upon Earth.”

A bi-monthly Spanish-English publication, “Yoga-or Union” offers many articles of merit for cultural understanding. Many of the articles are printed in parallel columns of Spanish/English. Subscription is $5.00 for six issues.

We refer you to “AUM,” Apartado Postal M-7756, Mexico 1, D. F., Mexico, for further details and explanatory literature.

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It is the belief of those allied with Understanding, Inc., that, basically, all wars are caused by misunderstanding in some form, and if that misunderstanding can be eliminated, wars will cease.

To eliminate such misunderstandings at the grass roots level, Dwight D. Eisenhower, then President of the United States, in 1956, founded the People to People Program. The purpose of this program, said Eisenhower, ”is to take full advantage of all the new and greatly improved methods of communication and travel to make millions of individual contacts on a friendly basis . . .among the citizens of all nations. Thus will be promoted the knowledge and understanding that are necessary ingredients in establishing a lasting, universal peace with justice.”

Originally the People to People program was under the guidance of the United States Information Agency. However, in 1961, under the influence and direction of Eisenhower, it was moved to Kansas City as a private, non-profit corporation. Being divorced from government associations and acting as a private enterprise the program

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

has secured the cooperation of individuals in many new areas, even in the Soviet Union.

While it is governments that declare war and make the peace, the People to People concept involves “personal diplomacy” in the service of world understanding. It is the dream of the People to People program to establish in all countries similar national organizations, these groups to communicate and cooperate each with the others, ultimately creating a world federation. Such a federation could be as effective at the people-to-people level as the United Nations aims to be at the governmental level.

To effect the ideal of world peace based upon friendship and human understanding, several specific programs have been established.

Community Chapters are chartered to host foreign visitors; promote international festivals and cultural exchange programs, and to arrange for group tours to other lands, either on general itineraries or for specific interest visits as to schools, farms, industries.

Over 300 American cities and towns have affiliated with counterparts abroad in the Sister City Program of People to People. The exchange between cities is of ideas, information and people-to build bridges of friendship.

University Chapters exist on a hundred or more campuses to acquaint the “foreign” students with our ways of life through home visits, trips, discussions and recreational’ opportunities.

Through the program of Classroom Affiliation, more than two million young Americans have already become acquainted with children in 85 countries. From the kindergarten level through high school, the school groups exchange ideas and information, scrapbooks, pictures, etc.

For those who cannot travel the Letter Exchange, which has already matched 120,000 people in 120 countries, offers opportunities for new friendships and new insights.

Other activities include the donation of technical books and journals to libraries, and the promotion of sports competitions which build global goodwill among competitors and spectators alike.

If, as a member of Understanding, Inc., dedicated to the ideal of “promoting a better understanding among all peoples of earth,” you wish to participate in any of the activities of the People to People program, write for details to: General Dwight D, Eisenhower, Chairman, People to People, Inc., Kansas City, Mo. 64141.

OCTOBER, 1966                        9


The “World-Wide Divine Love Radiation” leaflet, printed in Penang, Malaya, and distributed free through the generosity of Dr. C. H. Yeang, opens with the statement that “Millions all over the world are daily Praying for Peace and Good Will, in churches, temples, monasteries and mosques. This is the most effective means the common man has of fighting fear, hatred and all negative emotions and conditions.”

You are then invited to spend five minutes a day in prayer, concentrating on Divine Love, visualizing in turn each country and its people. That your prayers may be more effective you are enjoined to time your prayer thoughts with thousands of others, similarly motivated by Divine Love, according to a Synchronized Time Table. This table gives times and places, all over the world, where others too are praying with you for Peace in the World.

These “pink prayer sheets” are available through Understanding, Inc., P. 0. Box 76, Merlin, Oregon, 97532, or in quantity from Dr. C. H. Yeang, 88 China Street, Penang, Malaya.

——— ♦ ———


The Universal, Cultural, Humanist, Religious and Spiritual Alliance for Modern Man was originally conceived in London in 1824, has undergone several reorganizations, and was restyled to its present status in Amsterdam in 1962.

Its objective “is fundamentally and solely Cultural and Humanitarian” and it does not enhance nor favor any single religion, nation, race or group of people. “All deserve our respect equally. .. Our spirit. of service and our universality are based on the Golden Rule and the Brotherhood of Man.” The goal is stated as “One God, One Truth, One Humanity and One Golden Rule of Life. Let us be friends and brothers. No more wars, frontiers, discrimination, strife or ruthless animosity.”

One of the unique features of the Universal Alliance is its proposal to create a World Museum of the Living History of Man, which seeks to gather together either the originals or copies of “precious historical documents” concerning the religious, cultural, humanistic, scientific and spiritual activities of man all over the world, since the

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

beginnings of recorded history. It is envisioned that this museum will be housed in a specially designed ocean liner-a Floating Island-which will continuously visit the main ports of every country.

Assistance is solicited from individuals and groups. “You surely can help us if you will look through your trunks, bundles of papers in your attic, in your garage, or in the garden barn.” Such items as illustrated travel books, encyclopedias of mythology, books of art, charts of religious, scientific and philosophic activities are mentioned.

If you have a contribution or merely wish additional information please write to: 13 rue Maurice Arnoux, Montrouge (Seine), France, or to: Mlle Blanche Ledran, 9953 Westwanda Drive, Beverly Hills, Calif.

——— ♦ ———


The International Institute for Peace, with headquarters in Austria, was founded in 1957. Its functions include the publication of two series of brochures.

One series, “Active Coexistence, or Documents and Reflections on Political, Economic and Cultural Aspects of International Cooperation” reflects the wide range of study of the Institute. Publication of this series was commenced in 1964 and appears in English, German, French and Spanish. It is designed to “be of service to its readers by translating articles and documents into four languages, and to bring to the attention of the public material which is often difficult to find.” The distribution reaches fifty countries.

The other series, “Peace and the Sciences,” considers the impact of all the sciences on peace and the promotion of peace.

The brochures are issued quarterly in mimeographed form, at 30 cents a copy. Subjects covered are as varied as the following Practical Problems of Starting Scientific Research in Newly Developing Countries; Reports from the Conference on the Economic Necessity of Disarmament; Scientific Progress and the Future of Mankind; the Palomeres Bomb; Science and Peace, and many other equally interesting studies.

The foreword to the “Peace and Science” brochure states, “By its articles of Association the Institute for International Peace is

OCTOBER, 1966                        11

authorized, among other activities, to transmit, receive and exchange, documents, to distribute and to publish documentary materials, to make surveys of opinion, as a service to all who, in one form or another, promote the cause of peace.” However, it is noted, publication does not necessarily imply endorsement of the views given by the Institute.

To share the thoughts of learned men who have presented papers on Peace, please write to: International Institute for Peace, Mollwaldplatz 5, Vienna 4, Austria.

——— ♦ ———


“If we are ever to achieve permanent peace in the world, it will be through understanding, through the exchange of knowledge, skills, ideas and ideals, and through learning the motivations of others and how to respond to them.” So wrote Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker to Gordon Boyce, President of the Experiment in International Living. Mr. Bunker further stated, “I can think of no organization which has made a greater contribution toward these purposes than the Experiment..”

The Experiment in International Living was founded in 1932 as a non-profit educational organization by Dr. Donald B. Watts and his wife, at Putney, Vermont. Its primary purpose is to provide an intensive cross-cultural experience for each participant..

In 1965 it sent 2,214 Americans to live with families in 42 countries, and welcomed 2,403 Experimenters from 103 countries to the United States.

Regular Experimenters are screened for maturity, range in age from 16 to 30 and travel in groups of about ten under the guidance of a trained leader. One month is spent living as a son or daughter of a host family in another land, a second month in informal travel with the family, or upon a cooperative work project, and the remaining four or five days in a major city.

Sergeant Shriver in recounting his experiences as an Experimenter had this to say: “The Experiment taught us some very fundamental things that, are of importance, I think, to all of us today. First of all, it taught us that the way to find out about your own world is to

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

discover somebody else’s world .. . The Experiment taught us to look for the inner spirit of the people and to respect it in every culture … The Experiment has been teaching. .. how to get on the side of the poor and the side of people in another culture. And it’s the humble way, it’s the quiet way, but it’s the effective way in the long run . . . “

In addition to its regular program for Outgoing and Incoming Experimenters the organization sponsors other allied activities. The Experiment encourages community organizations to provide scholarships for International Ambassadors who, on their return home, share with their community the summer’s experiences with public talks, slides and movies.

The Experiment assists with arrangements and expenses for incoming Ambassador, as well as for home stays for special business and professional groups, visiting in connection with academic and field study projects.

The Experiment assists educational and other institutions in the administration of there overseas programs.

The experiment provides homes for incoming students at U. S. Colleges and Universities, to afford the students opportunities for adjustment to our way of life.

The Experiment, since 1961, has trained more Peace Corp Volunteers than any other private voluntary organization – 185 in 1965. The Experiment through its School for International Training provides intensive programs of English language instruction for students, teachers and professional persons.

Each Experimenter, whether traveler or host, has “proved that through this demanding but rewarding experience the individual may make a significant contribution to the cause of international understanding.”

For detailed information on Experiment, programs, costs, scholarships, and financial aid, write to: Experiment in International Living, Putney, Vermont, 05346.

——— ♦ ———

Peace has to be made by positive action, not just negative abstention. If we would make peace with another there is one sure way to begin-by- making peace within ourself.

-Jan Fearn

OCTOBER, 1966                        13


You may see her walking through your town or along the highway — a silver-haired woman dressed in navy blue slacks and shirt, and a short tunic with pockets all around the bottom in which she carries her only worldly possessions. It says Peace Pilgrim in white letters on the front of the tunic and “35,000 Miles on Foot For World Peace” on the back. She has finished walking those miles, but she continues to walk, for her vow is: “I shall remain a wanderer until mankind has learned the way of peace, walking until I am given shelter and fasting until I am given food.”

She walks without a penny in her pockets and she is not affiliated with any organization. She walks as a prayer and as a chance to inspire others to pray and work with her for peace. She speaks to individuals along the way, to groups in cities, through the medium of the news services. She points out. that this is a crisis period in human history, and that we who live in the world today must, choose between a nuclear war of annihilation and a golden age of peace.

“Ultimate peace begins within-when we find peace within there will be no more conflict, no more occasion for war,” says Peace Pilgrim. She continues, “If this is the peace you seek, purify your body by sensible living habits, purify your mind by expelling all negative thoughts, purify your motives by casting out any ideas of greed or self-striving and by seeking to serve your fellow human beings, purify your desires by eliminating all wishes for material possessions or self-gratification and by desiring to know and do God’s will for you. Inspire others to do likewise.”

“Some will prefer to work on an interim peace-a setting up of mechanisms to resolve conflicts in a world where conflicts still exist-so that although there will still be psychological violence there will no longer be physical violence. If this is the peace you seek, work on a world scale for world disarmament and reconstruction, for a world government which will include all people, for world thinking-placing the welfare of the human family above the welfare of any nation. Work on a national scale for a Peace Department to do research on peaceful ways of resolving conflicts, for changing the function of the so-called Defense Department from destruction to construction-so much constructive work is needed among the less

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

fortunate peoples in the world, for the adjustment of our economy to a peacetime situation-lots of problems to solve here. Get others to work with you. Of course it is possible to work on both kinds of peace at the same time.”

Peace Pilgrim’s magic formula for resolving conflicts is this: Have as your objective the resolving of the conflict-not the gaining of advantage.

Her magic formula for avoiding conflicts is this: Be concerned that you do not offend-not, that you are offended.

“The way of peace,” says Peace Pilgrim, “is to overcome evil with good, and falsehood with truth and hatred with love. The Golden Rule would do as well. Please don’t say lightly that these are just religious concepts and not practical. These are the laws governing human conduct, which apply as rigidly as the law of gravity. When we disregard these laws this frightened, war-weary world of ours could enter into a period of peace and richness of life-beyond our fondest dreams.”

——— ♦ ———

Poet’s corner


I helped

I helped hard

I watched others help harder

I wish I didn’t.

I wish I didn’t have to help this way

OCTOBER, 1966                        15

I hope I believe I did right

When I get home

So many people have…

Let me have done the right thing


Let me have done right.

So many people…

I helped

I helped hard

Let me have done right..

-Warren Frisima

The Brotherhood of Man

Down through the endless ages,

Man’s soul has yearned for peace

And dreamed of bright tomorrows

When strife and war would cease.

But as nation battled nation,

And as empires rose and fell,

Then the dream of peace would vanish

In a firey, man-made hell.

Yes, man’s history is written

With a pen of gory red,

And the price of war is counted

In the numbers of its dead.

Have we really learned the lesson

That no war is ever won,

That the gain is far too costly

To each mother’s fallen son?

Surely, we must, solve the problem

Facing earth since time began.

We must guarantee the future

And the brotherhood of man.

We must give ourselves for others;

Freely share our time and wealth.

As the Prince of Peace has taught us,

“Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

While one comrade still is shackled

By the chains of the oppressed,

We must heed his cry and help him

If we would be truly blest..

What a triumph, what a conquest,

What a victory it would be,

Were all men, in love, united

Working for world harmony!

For when all men love their brothers,

Strife and war will surely cease.

We will find our bright tomorrow

In a world at last at peace.

-Stella MacDonald Colebank

——— ♦ ———

book reviews

Pathways to Peace

(Russell D. Brackett, T. S. Denison & Co., Inc. Minn. $4.95)

If you have ever asked yourself “what can I, as a single individual, do to contribute to world peace ?” here then is a book with the answer. Actually there are many answers given, for over 200 names and addresses of individuals and organizations, dedicated to promoting world good-will and peace, are provided. You need only make a choice as to whether you prefer to serve with a group or to work individually-projects are given in both categories.

In the words of the author, Russell D. Brackett, “Pathways to Peace seeks to point out the avenues by which every motivated citizen at home and abroad can assume a tiny but significant role in creating peace in our world.”

OCTOBER, 1966                        17

Mr. Brackett outlines his purpose thus: Two broad avenues of participation presented in the text open before us. First, the avenue marked understanding beckons us. This understanding begins logically with understanding oneself. Then it reaches outward to encompass neighbors in nations on every continent.. . after this our understanding must seek to comprehend the full significance of the United Nations organization. .. in addition… a number of groups and organizations are available if we will but make use of them… The second avenue emphasizes action based upon understanding, exploring first the People to People Program, then considering such areas as world travel, private international assistance programs, personal diplomacy, youth programs, organized religions, and many others.

Each interesting chapter first details the concept inherent in the title; then lists the name and addresses of persons and groups dedicated to promoting the ideal; offers titles of suggested reading materials; and finally, makes specific recommendations under the caption: What You Can Do. The text, with its many pathways to peace, thus offers a challenge to each of us depending upon our individual abilities, interests and resources.

Russell Brackett challenges us to: Remember that peace is more than a prayer. It must be a policy with each of us. Work and sacrifice are demanded. Are you willing?

——— ♦ ———


6c per word per insertion; 3 or more insertions same copy, 5c per word.

FOR SALE-16 acre Mobile Home or Motel site; Merlin area. Water and Electricity in. Write Understanding, Inc., P. O. Box 76, Merlin, Ore. 97532

THE UFO SAGA, by former Assistant Editor of Understanding, is now available at $1.50. The book is based upon 12 special articles featured in the Medford Mail Tribune in 1965. Order from Cleve Twitchell, 5489 Gebhard Road, Central Point, Oregon.

World Understanding and Peace requires an Interlanguage. UNESCO has approved of Esperanto to be that language. A text pronunciation record, a two language dictionary and two test wheels loaned FREE for 6C days. Your only cost 5 cents to return the kit to the Esperanto Library, Dept. USI, Middleton, Wis. 53562.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

bulletin board

Dr. Fry Rides Again-But not in a Spaceship

A lecture tour on a hitherto unprecedented scale will be undertaken by Dr. Daniel W. Fry during the months of October and November. The tour will begin in San Francisco, where lectures, slides and movies will be presented in the Crystal Ballroom at 609 Sutter Street, during the afternoon and evening of October 12 and 13. A number of radio and TV appearances will precede the lectures.

On the 18th and 19th of October Dr. Fry will be speaking at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beverly Blvd, Hollywood. These lectures will also be preceded by radio and television appearances.

After the Convention at Giant Rock, Dr. Fry will lecture in the Montgomery Theatre, located in the San Jose Civic Center Building, on October 26 and 27. Following this, of course, will be the Understanding Convention at Berkeley, October 29 and 30.

About the first of November the Frys will fly (it has not yet been decided whether they will fly high or low) to the East coast where a series of large scale lectures are being planned for Dr. Fry by R. C. Allen, publisher of Best Books Inc. and of Dr. Fry’s new book which will be available October 10th.

All Units, members, and interested persons are urgently requested to do whatever they may to bring these coming lectures to the attention of the general public, so that the attendance may justify

OCTOBER, 1966                        19

the tremendous effort, time and expense which these lectures will require.

Full details will be forwarded to all who request them.

The Voice of Understanding

Our Founder-President, Dr. Daniel W. Fry, continues to be “The Voice of Understanding.” His latest appearances on TV include a program on KCBS, San Francisco, Calif., on August 12th; on KTTV, Los Angeles, Calif., August 21st., on the Louis Lomax Show; and on KCBN, Roseburg, Oregon, August 29th.

Welcome to Unit 73

We are pleased to announce that a new Unit has been added to the Understanding family, Unit 73 of Springville, New York. The officers of the Unit, which includes 18 charter members, are President, Robert W. Fiedler (Buffalo Street, Spring-ville, N. Y.) ; Vice President, Marilyn L. Murphy; Secretary, Joan F. Fiedler; Treasurer, Thomas A. Czaster; and Sergeant-at-arms, Richard D. Hughes.

Because of saucer sightings in their area, the Fiedlers called upon Paul R. Weast, of our Buffalo Unit 37, for some information. Paul Weast gave the group a slide lecture and a talk on the ideals of Understanding. Now the group is one with us in our efforts to promote a greater understanding among all peoples of earth and of those not of earth.

Colonel Arthur J. Burks Lectures

Col. Arthur J. Burks, Director of Understanding, will be lecturing in Southern California during October. Dates and places are here given; please contact the sponsor for additional details.

October 8, home of Esther Ellsworth, 10762 Jacinto St., Morongo Valley, at 2 P.M. Sponsor: Mrs. E. Ellsworth.

October 9, Home of Mr. and Mrs. Lien, Old Castle Ranch, Old Castle Road, Escondido, 2 P. M. Sponsor: Universal Temple of Divine Wisdom.

October 15, East-West. Cultural Center, 2865 W. 9th St., Los Angeles, 8 P. M. Sponsor: New Age Questors, Florence Verrico.

October 16, American Legion Hall, 732 N. Sierra Way, San Bernardino, 2 P.M. Sponsor: Understanding 71, Marcella Fortune, Sec.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

October 17, Anderson Research Center, 437 N. Kenmore St., Los Angeles, 8 P. M. Sponsor, Understanding 67, Dr. L. O. Anderson.

October 20, Coptic Teaching Center, 2015 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, 8 P. M. Sponsor: Hamid Bey.

San Bernardino, California

Unit 71 of San Bernardino reports that they are now a member of the local Chamber of Commerce, ready to serve on whatever committees they may be assigned.

Other Units are encouraged to do likewise. As stated in our History Bulletin: “Take an active interest in the area in which you live. Make yourself known and speak out for those principles in which you believe. Let’s be silent salesmen on a personal level” as we serve with other groups for the welfare of all.

Giant Rock Convention

George Van Tassel has announced that his Annual Spacecraft Convention will be held at Giant Rock, Yucca Valley, California on the weekend of October 22 and 23. Program hours are 10 to 5, both days.

Understanding Annual Meeting

Letters are being sent all Understanding Officers and Units concerning the Annual Meeting to be held at Giant Rock, California the weekend of October 22 and 23.

Please register at the Understanding table when you arrive at the Convention that you may receive final details of the meeting.

Berkeley Space Craft Convention

We remind you that the Tenth Annual Northern California Space Craft Convention will be held October 28, 29 and 30 at Hotel Claremont, Berkeley, California.

The bulletin states “Our Program is fact, not fiction! Hear about recent developments in the “Saucer” and related fields varied authentic experiences and findings of investigators and researches.”

For a detailed program of speakers please write to Mrs. Angela Kilsbry, 1265 Monterey Blvd., San Francisco, Calif. 94127.

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Memberships in Understanding

Understanding, Inca is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth so that they may live in harmony and be better prepared psychologically and sociologically for the space age.

Several types of membership are available to those who wish to support our endeavors either with dollars or with time and service, or both.

The Associate Membership is Two Dollars per year; the Contributing Membership, Ten Dollars per year, including the Understanding’ magazine; Sustaining Membership, Twenty-Five Dollars per year, including subscription; and Life Membership, Five Hundred Dollars, including subscription to Understanding magazine.

Welcome to the Understanding family!


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