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Published by ‘Understanding’, a non-profit corporation





VOLUME XI                                 JANUARY, 1966                                        NUMBER 1

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


(With this issue, the Understanding Magazine begins its tenth year of publication. It seems an excellent time to restate the purpose for which it was founded. Hence the reprint of the editorial from Vol. 1, No. 1. It is just as true and just as timely as when it was first printed ten years ago.


“The greatest wealth which may he acquired by man, is a complete understanding.” – A-lan


Many articles are written, and many orations delivered each week, which have as their subject the present-day needs of this nation, and of the world. The needs listed are fully as numerous as those who list them, yet each writer, and each lecturer seems to feel that the needs which he points out are the critical needs. The needs upon which our civilization will stand or fall.

Concerning this country, many writers appear to believe that what we need most at the present time are more and better weapons defensive weapons, to protect ourselves against attack, and offensive weapons to retaliate if attack should come. Unfortunately, under present conditions, there is a considerable amount of logic to be

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

found in this argument, and there are several millions of persons in this country whose principal occupation is the filling. of this need. However, this is not a basic need. It is what we might call a symptom of a greater need, which existed before it.

With regard to the world at large, many authorities believe that the greatest need is to raise the production of all industries and farms to the point that hunger and want will vanish from the earth. This is indeed a consummation devoutly to be wished, but before there can be any possibility of its accomplishment, there is again a prior need which must be met.

I would like to point out that what the world needs most today, and what the world has always needed most, is simple understanding between man and man, between State and State, between nation and nation and between all men and God.

Our philosophers and spiritual leaders have often told us that we must lore our fellow men, but we are not told how to go about it. Unfortunately, love is an emotion which is not subject to the will. No man can love anyone or anything simply because he is advised or commanded to do so. Understanding is an absolute prerequisite to love, and it has the further duality that hate and fear cannot exist it its presence. It inevitably brings to man the realization that, “he best helps himself, who helps his neighbor.”

It is because we feel that the lack of understanding is man’s greatest poverty, that we have dedicated this new publication to the task of creating a greater degree of understanding between all the peoples of the earth, and of bringing to them some of the under-standing of those beings who are not of earth.

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“You, yourself saw how we live like rats on a hillside but your beautiful magazines act like an umbrella to protect me from the ugliness around me,” wrote one of the hundred thousand Asian people who know America better because of a project that grew out of a pleasure trip to the Orient.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mayers were in the Orient for pleasure but they discovered that American magazines were scarce or nonexistent

JANUARY, 1966                         3

on the Asian newsstands, that Asian people knew America chiefly through trashy movies and communist publications. Sophia Mayers thought of all the magazines tossed in the trash cans each month in America. She coupled the Asian need for good American reading material and better understanding to our country’s waste, and an idea was born.

They sailed for home, set up a workshop in their (now grown) children’s old nursery. They wrote to an Indonesian newspaper to see if its readers would like to contact Americans who would send them their discarded magazines each month. They received twenty-five hundred replies. Mrs. Mayers spoke on the local TV station and thousands of listeners offered to promote this project of understanding.

“The project is a simple thing,” says Mrs. Mayers ” We match English-speaking Asians who tell us their publication preferences, with Americans who agree to send at least one magazine a month to them.”

Americans read and discard almost 37 million magazines a month. Most of the magazines they discard give a reasonably true picture of our country. When the Asian people see an American magazine depicting how we live and think in this country, they know it is not propaganda. They read and see it for the truth as it is. Thus, it serves to combat the vicious, hate-inciting propaganda about America that is daily being poured into the Asian countries by Red China. The Soviet Union and Red China spend an estimated $3.5 billion annually just to train propagandists.

If you would like to help thwart these trained propagandists and to promote better understanding between the United States and Asia by sending a magazine it doesn’t even have to be the same magazine each month (substitute “Life” for “Look,” etc.) then just send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to —


2444 Silver Ridge Ave.

Los Angeles 39, California.

Sending a magazine does not necessitate a pen-pal relationship but many Americans enjoy sending a magazine and writing friendly letters also. Many Asians speak English fluently, which is a surprise to many Americans. The Asians are just as surprised to learn that

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

we “rich” Americans wash our own cars, wax our own floors, and many other things they see and read about in the stories, articles, and advertisements of the American magazines. The Asians express a wish most often for copies of “Life,” “Look,” “Reader’s Digest,” “Newsweek,” and many of the technical magazines, but any magazine for the general reacting public would be gladly accepted.

The person who mails a magazine regularly to an Asian friend, rather than tossing it. on the trash heap, is helping our country just as much as the United States Information Agency which spends approximately $110 million a year on anti-propaganda programs. This project rates highly with the State Department, for it gives every citizen all opportunity to become an Ambassador of good will by sharing the magazine he no longer needs. It’s a well known truth that better informed people are less hostile in their attitudes. So write a letter to this worthwhile organization, obtain an Asian address, and get your discarded magazines in the mail. Who knows, you may meet an interesting pen-pal or form a valuable and lasting friendship. Lacking one of these, your discarded magazines can do no less than make the crowded Asian way of living a trifle more enjoyable.

– Mabel Turney

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Does your list. of New Tear’s Resolutions include time for mankind’s “Biggest Issue?” Or, as expressed by historian Arnold Toynbee, is your personal life and that of your nation afflicted with so many immediately pressing problems that. both you and your nation are tempted to live from hand to mouth?

While we are wrestling with the problems of the moment, it is not easy to find time and energy for dealing with the questions which may not seem to be so important-yet-which may, in truth, be more decisive, in the long run, for determining mankind’s fate. British minds are naturally preoccupied with the problem of Rhodesia, the United States with Vietnam, Russia with China, and China with the United States. Other countries have their problems also. Thus, there is a danger that we may all neglect the “Biggest Issue.” Or,

JANUARY, 1986                         5

worse still, we may think of this in terms of our immediate problems, instead of subordinating these to the overriding aim of solving mankind’s most important problem.

And what, according to Toynbee, is this “Biggest Issue!” Control of the nuclear spread!

In a recent interview for the London Observer Service, Toynbee has stated that he feels the two current world super-powers, Russia and America, should abandon their rivalry and go into partnership to give a joint guarantee against atomic attack, from any quarter, to all nations. Such nations would, in return, guarantee not to attempt to acquire atomic weapons. All nations would have to agree to the settlement of their disputes by the United Nations.

France wants her bomb for prestige, China for power in international affairs. Both France and China might feel more secure if Russia mid America agree to scale down their atomic armaments as a condition to agreement by France and China not to up-scale theirs.

The re-unification of Germany will become feasible when Russia and America have acquired sufficient confidence in each other to cease to fear that a reunited Germany- might throw its weight into the scales against one or the other of them.

Halting the proliferation of atomic armaments will not be solved automatically in the nature of relations between Russia and America. However, if this were achieved, mankind could look into the future with renewed hope, however long and hard the road to salvation might still prove to be.

Whether or not. we agree with Toynbee’s opinions is relatively unimportant. However, it is vital that each individual formulate a practical, intelligent viewpoint towards the “Biggest Issue,” and that he make this viewpoint known to his elected representatives.

True, this requires time and energy over and above the daily issues! Yet if we do not include this time and energy in our Resolutions for 1966, how many more years will we have in which to follow this time-honored custom?

– M. Shearmen

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Let. him who differs prove the opposite. – Agni Yoga

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING


A New Age requires a new way of life on many levels; a new heart will a new mind and will, which all may have. There are new vistas opening and many new visions of higher ideals. The heart yearns for harmony and union with the Source of All Good, and begins to seek ways to accomplish it. There is all awakening to the Higher and lower Self- traits are revealed in .the latter which are common to all mankind, not worthy to be brought into the New Age.

We find two natures, two minas, utterly opposed to each other, yet living together in our being. One is selfless, humble, good, caring for others rather than for self. The other is self-centered, proud, independent and rebellious. We see the lower self often taking control, to our shame and sorrow, and wonder how we may be free from these instinctive habits of behavior.

In sincerity we ask to be shown the way. In faith we ask to be helped through each day, that we may live it in gentleness and kindness, in tolerance and understanding. There: is a humble desire to submit the will and mind to the merciful and never-failing power of the Higher Self, The Christ-Within. We are lightened of our burden and given hope that we are starting on a new and vastly better endeavor and we are not. alone.

Our prayer thoughts bring peace of mind and a soothing relaxation irritation and tenseness disappear. We have only to think of kindness, patience and understanding as being what we desire to manifest; think of brotherly love and goodwill toward men and we find it is actually possible to have these virtues. There is always help from the higher Self-from God, when our hearts reach out for a better way of life. Our frank and honest appraisal of ourselves will bring a quick ability to become one with the Higher Self – so long as there is permitted neither justification nor concealment from self, nothing deters our advancement.

We can learn to live on our higher level, having fewer and lesser slips back into the habits of the lower self, thus bringing ever increasing peace of mind, well-being, and joy of heart to ourselves and to all whose lives we touch.

-Esther Lowery

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JANUARY, 1966                         7


A race who had mastered space

came to this planet about 3500 B.C.

for exploratory purposes.

They carried with them many scientific testing devices

and the necessary implements of survival.

One of the most necessary implements

for their survival as human beings

was a handbook on adult human behavior

to constantly remind them that they were adults

and that they must act like adults

if they wished to continue their existence

under the confining conditions of space travel

and in any unexpected situation which might develop

on unexplored planets.

The handbook contained easy-to-remember

reminders on all phases of adult behavior

and was designed not only for individual study

but for group oral recitation

which was done daily as a continuing check

on everyone’s good behavior.

The book was nick-named by the astronauts

“I-am-the-way-the-truth-and-the-life” all run together

from the titles of the various sections in it,

“I Am,” “The Way,” “The Truth,” and ” The Life.”

O the planet, Earth, the natives were, curious

about the activities of the strange visitors

and their loud noises and bright lights

and mechanized equipment.

They watched in amazement,

considering the men to be Gods

who had come down from the stars.

They saw the respect of the men for the book

and they listened to the oral recitations from it.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

And then they went home to their villages

and tried to repeat what they had heard

and tried to make replicas of the objects they had seen.

And these became religious ceremonies

where they worshipped in fear and awe

and which were passed from one generation to the next.

And centuries passed and the ceremonies continued.

And there were different exploratory space-craft

and the same tiling happened each time.

Until 1947 and later.

This time the civilization was more mature.

They did not. make ceremonies out of what they saw.

They denied publicly that there were any ships.

The people who had seen them were having hallucinations.

And the people who rode in them, well–

And anyone who read the published accounts

or talked to the people who had seen the ships

and their occupants, well—

For some reason it is easier to accept the fact

that a man is insane and having hallucinations

than it is to admit

that. there might be one other civilization,

just as advanced as this one is,

among the thousands and thousands of galaxies

and millions and millions of habitable planets

that we know exist.

I would be willing to bet that in 2000 years

as a result of our first explorations;

men from Earth on planet Y in X galaxy

will be trying desperately

to find an intelligent sensible way

to tell a highly advanced intelligent civilization

that their religion is based upon a book of adult behavior

and the rituals upon the movements of men

sent from Earth thousands of years before

JANUARY, 1966                         9

to teach and to explore and to help

all of the people to become adult human beings

who will refuse to participate any more

in witch hunts or cannibal feasts

or inquisitions or torture machines

because they do not agree with other human beings,

(or burn crosses at midnight while dressed in white sheets).

And I keep remembering in Homer’s poetic reminisces;

it was the men who acted with courage and honor,

not the Gods.

— Jane Ellen Allen

——— ♦ ———


Ronald Thompson, AP Aerospace Writer, comments that the marathon voyage of Gemini 7 is a true test of togetherness for Frank Borman and James A. Lovell, Jr as the two astronauts travel in cramped quarters for two weeks. The flight’s medical director, Dr. Charles Berry says “I would be really quite surprised if we do not see some fatigue or irritability that goes with fatigue.” The officials want Borman and Lovell to maintain a work-rest cycle as near as possible to the one they keep on earth.

The Kansas City Star of October 14, 1965, published an article “The Land of No Day or Night” which further details the physiological changes and stresses to which the astronauts are subject.

An astronaut in orbit around the earth is exposed to a total of 16 sunrises and 16 sunsets every 24 hours instead of the single light dark cycle of day and night that characterizes a day on earth.

But in traveling out to the moon or to another planet, there are no sunrises or sunsets — just continuing glaring light. The earth day vanishes.

What the disappearance of the day means to an astronaut. concerns the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. For man’s entire physiological responses, the full range of his activities, are synchronized to this ”4-hour cycle by means of built-in responses — biological clocks or rhythms. Any major shift in the light-dark pattern of the cycle, such as is found in space, results in de-synchronization of these rhythms.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

The effects are fatigue and reduced mental alertness.

NASA scientists are trying to uncover the body mechanisms that control biological rhythms.

Dr. Charles Winget, physiologist at NASA’s Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif., feels that the astronaut in space probably will he aisle to synchronize his biological clocks to some measure of time within the spacecraft and will be able to perform in space at maximum efficiency.

“If his biological rhythms become desynchronized in the return to earth, the experience of re-entry could be very discomforting and even dangerous,” Dr. Winget said. “For even in the environment. of earth, within the normal functioning of the biological rhythms to the 24-hour single cycle of light and darkness, there are points or periods of dangerously low resistance to stress.”

For example, in cases of infection, complicated by a rise in body temperature, it is a medical fact that the amount of temperature elevation is greater and patients tend to be sicker at night.

BUT biological rhythms are more than a matter of sickness and health. They can be a matter of life and death. Studies at Ames and elsewhere indicate there may be a definite correlation between the fatality of a disease and the time in the 24-hour cycle it enters the body.

In one such study, the same dose of a certain bacteria was given at different periods of light and darkness in the 24-hour cycle to groups of rats of the same age and vigor.

Those infected at the twilight period of light (just before it begins to fade into darkness) had 50 per cent deaths. The group infected shortly after the onset of darkness lead 95 per cent fatalities. Those exposed to infection at the earliest light phase (dawn) had only 5 per cent of deaths.

Extrapolated to man, this apparent variation in biological rhythms with the ebb and flow of resistance to stress in the 24-hour “day” could mean great dancer to the astronaut from the stress of re-entry at one particular period.

If this period can he predetermined, it way be possible to eliminate the danger chemically by means of drugs, and thereby change the biological rhythm.

And, once unlocked by the space scientists, the mystery of biological

JANUARY, 1966                         11

rhythms holds a promise for man’s mental and physical wellbeing on earth as well as in space.


From a news clipping from Concordia, Kansas, August 1965, written by Marion Ellet under file title of “Mugwump Musings” We offer the following:

It’s too had that these unidentified flying objects which are being reported are not visitations from outer space. It would be the best thing that could happen to us. For whether they were friendly or unfriendly visitations we’d stop fighting each other because it would scare the living daylights out of the world leaders. They’d cling together like a lot of frightened children. Mao Tze-Tung and Lyndon Johnson would not only crawl into the same bed, they’d pull the same blanket over their heads and say the same prayers between chattering teeth.

Probably one of the silliest things which has happened in the whole recent epidemic of flying objects is the story which was released over the radio about the object which did land and the shattered remains of which were quickly gathered up by Air Force men and whisked away without comment, and without further report.

If that didn’t happen then the radio is guilty of unforgivable and dangerous sensationalism. If it did happen (and there was something on radar) the American people have a right to know whether it was an American plane that fell and how the accident happened. Certainly we have not yet reached the point of secrecy at which our military men cannot tell us that we have lost a plane in test flight.

If it was a foreign plane we have a right to be told how it got through our outer defenses and over the central United States without being traced. We are still supposed to be the intelligent and free citizens of a free country. We are still paying some of the heaviest taxes in the world, and we have a right to know if our expensive home defenses are little more than a joke. For we may need those defenses in the not too distant future.

If we are not careful our fear of the Red powers is going to make us as secretive as the Reds with ourselves and our neighbors as  well as with the enemy. And that’s a sure sign of ignorance and stupidity and of inherent weakness.

11                                                  UNDERSTANDING


You will never understand anyone else better than you can under-stand yourself. You will never understand more about another than you do about you. We have often been told that “Charity begins at home,” but we should also be reminded, and very often, that understanding of any other person begins with one’s self. Yet, if a national poll were made today in answer to the question, “What do you understand best!” probably less than a busload of people would list himself and I think if each one really thought deeply about it after being reminded about “Charity begins at home,” etc., be would agree that to understand himself would be the most important of all understanding. It is a fact, the closer we are to some-thing, the less we pay-attention to it.

How many- times have you noticed someone criticizing another for the same fault he himself has? The greatest critic I have observed lately is a 14-year old boy who never misses an opportunity to tear down the reputation of his teachers. If a teacher should misquote a word or be in error in some way, no matter how small or minute, this boy never fails to tell me about it. He does remember a large part of what he is taught, but whatever he forgets will never include any mistake or error his teacher has made. He will castigate his instructor for not coming to class fully prepared with information on any subject or for not having enough pamphlets or books to give one to each student, for having exhibits not as complete as those at the World Fair, etc. Yet he commits many breaches himself in the preparation of his own homework, class work, experiments, and in the contributions of his own effort to the class. Yet if his shortcomings are mentioned he will justify his position. He is convinced beyond a doubt, that lie is perfect, that his teachers, parents and others do not yet realize this. Nothing, therefore, according to his thinking, is ever his fault or responsibility. Adults also indulge in this type of rationalization, more so than they realize. How about yourself, have you ever been surprised when your pet belief was questioned or held to be in error? It has happened to each of us.

We must check ourselves first when it comes to understanding circumstances and people. For example, there is the story of a

JANUARY, 1968                         13

juror who replied to the question as to whether a criminal verdict had been unanimous, “No, we did not reach a unanimous decision and never could. You have no idea how obstinate all of the other eleven members were.” More than we may realize we are at times much like this unthinking juror. We innately feel that the other fellow needs to change his opinion to be right if his understanding differs from ours.

So, to understand your friends and others more, you must start by understanding yourself more. You are a creature of reaction and only your analytical mind can point out the true facts in any situation. It takes much soul-searching as well as cool, analytical thinking to be right, more than you are wrong, but as your understanding of self increases so will your understanding of others.

– Harold Me Gowan

——— ♦ ———

world report


(Alton Blakeslee, AP Science Writer, Decatur Herald, Nov. 6, 1965)

Half of the entire universe may well be made of anti-matter, a Swedish scientist says, and thereby hang some intriguing ideas. Anti-matter means atoms and material composed of just the reverse of the atomic particles that make up ordinary atoms and material, including the earth and everything on it. When bits of matter collide with opposing bits of anti-matter, they annihilate each other and are transformed into radiation and energy.

Dr. Alfyen declares in Reviews of Modern Physics that half of everything in the universe should be made of anti-matter, and theories of the beginning of the universe are incomplete if they do not take this into account.

One basic law of atomic physics holds that for every kind of particle that makes up an atom there is an anti-particle. Its just as logical to assume that half of the material in the universe is anti-

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

matter-formed into atoms, stars, galaxies, even likely living things, even maybe “anti-people” . . .

It could even be that every other star, or every other galaxy, is. anti-matter-there’s no way to prove or disprove this. Alfyen says some of the puzzling objects recently detected that are irradiating stupendous energy-known as quasars–may be the result of collisions between matter and anti-matter. The same thing may explain some supernovae, or gigantic death explosion, of stars.

There could, he adds, be a kind of insulating layer between regions of matter and anti-matter. This could be similar to the phenomena observed when drops of water fall on a hot stove. The drops form globules that may last for minutes, because they are insulated from the heat by a layer of superheated vapor. A gas of matter and anti-matter particles might do the same thing in space.

Rising Continent

(New York World, Jan 31, 1960)

The rising of the Atlantic bed is one of the most important of the changes in the earth’s surface.

It was discovered when the Eastern Cable Companies cable between Cape Town and St. Helena broke some 800 miles north of the Cape. The repair ship, instead of finding it at the depth it was laid in 1899, of 2,700 fathoms, or just over 3 miles, picked it up at only a little more than three-quarters of a mile deep.

Therefore, the ocean bed must have risen more than two miles within the last 60 years.

Martian Craters

(Edmonton Journal, Oct. 28, 1965)

WASHINGTON-The chance that life once existed on Mars was suggested today in three separate scientific reports.

All reports also challenge the notion that the faces of Mars and the moon are of common age.

Pock marks on the face of Mars, the new calculations show, are far younger geologically speaking than are the craters of the moon-younger by billions of years.

The new calculations are based on the analysis of Mariner IV photographs of the Martian surface, which revealed craters oil that planet for the first time.

JANUARY, 1988                         15

If correct, the new calculations mean that Mars could have had surface water during its early history and a far denser atmosphere than now swaddles the planet’s dry surface.

Just tire opposite picture was sketched for President Johnson on July 29 when scientists associated with the Mariner exploration of Mars gave a preliminary analysis of the Mariner photographs to the President and the nation.

At that time, these scientists said that by analogy with the moon, “much of the heavily cratered surface of mars must be very ancient-perhaps two to five billion years old.”

Now, all these assumptions are being challenged by three separate studies published today in Science, the journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Each of the studies attacks the problem the same way by calculating the rate at which craters are formed oil Mars and snatching this rate against that calculated for the lunar surface.

What each of these studies concludes is that Mars is being pitted by fragments from comets and asteroids at a far higher rate than the moon is being pocked during a comparable period of time.

This means that the ‘Martian craters seen in the Mariner photographs are only one-sixth the age of lunar craters or between 300 and 800 million years old, according to Edward Anders of the University of Chicago and James R. Arnold of the University of California, San Diego.

The two scientists concluded that “the crater density on Mars no longer precludes the possibility that liquid water and a denser atmosphere were present on Mars during the first 3.5 billion years of its history.”

Water and a dense atmosphere to shield the Martian surface from deadly radiation are considered by many earthbound scientists to be prerequisites for life on the red planet now or in ancient times.

Double Atlantis Theory

(Reprinted from The Oregonian, Oct. 4, 1965)

(Howard Simons, Washington Post-L. A. Times News Service)

WASHINGTON- -Somewhere on the bottom of the Atlantic and Indian oceans are Texas-sized chunks of a supercontinent that broke apart 150 million years ago and gave rise to all the Southern hemisphere continents and India.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

That is the hypothesis advanced here by government scientist Robert S. Dietz. Dietz, a geological oceanographer with the U. S. Environmental Science Services Administration, said “a major effort would be required to discover and survey such micro continents, but it would lead to the conclusive solution of one of earth’s major mysteries.”

The mystery centers on the acceptance or rejection of continental drift-a controversial theory advanced a half decade ago and pulled apart and put back together again ever since.

Essentially, continental drift suggest that there once were two supercontinents. These broke up and large chunks drifted apart. These chunks became the continents as they are known today. And they are still drifting apart. The two supercontinent idea was made public in 1915 by a German meteorologist, A. Wegener.

What Wegener proposed 50 years ago and based largely on geological evidence was the prehistoric existence of “Laurasia” and “Gondwana.” Laurasia was a northern hemisphere supercontinent and comprised North America, Europe and Asia. “Gondwana,” on the other hand, combined South America, Africa, Madagascar, Antarctica, Australia and India.

In recent years, the theory of continental drift has come back into vogue scientifically as evidence from a variety of sources and new techniques indicates that the supercontinents can be fitted together historically.

Dietz said that “any reconstruction of the Gondwana supercontinent results in several Texas-sized missing pieces to this jigsaw puzzle. A large submerged midcontinental block, capped by the Seychelles Islands in the Indian Ocean, is one of these, but there must be others as well. Their discovery is crucial to the drift theory. These missing pieces constitute the `lost Atlantis’ of the continental drift theory.”

——— ♦ ———


What do you suppose would happen in Vietnam if all of our planes were dropping good things for the people? What would be the result of food, clothing, medicine, books, toys, raining down from the skies?

JANUARY, 1966                         17

Book reviews

This Dynamic World

(Charles W. Morgan, Vantage Press, 120 W. 31st Street, New York, N.Y. $3.95)

This Dynamic World is a challenging and controversial text although it is based upon the simple thesis of constant change from the lower to the higher levels of being. Mr. Morgan’s conclusions are based upon exhaustive research and the text is illustrated with supporting charts.

His interpretations of the inherent relationships between all trends-mineral, plant, animal, human to spiritual-are viewed from a new and universal perspective, with some startling and unusual results. Consider his thesis, for example, that the United States, by permitting unlimited immigration to its shores, could build a better nation, a better world, as well as lasting peace!

The book is divided into four sections: Dynamic Eras of Being; Dynamic Levels of Being; Dynamic Areas of Being; and Dynamic Ages of Being. The time spans covered by the various trends is from one million years B. C. to one million years A.D.

Mr. M organ explores these concepts: The greatest aim of any and every person is spiritual growth; every person or thing is at a different level of spiritual growth; spiritual growth is shaped by every thought, word and deed, or any other change in the total environment. He then submits to the reader the way to build a dynamic world which includes universal peace.

You may not agree with Mr. Morgan but you will find the book fascinating reading, and it will provide a definite challenge, mentally, to substantiate a differing conclusion.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Poet’s corner

Welcome New Year

Welcome with joy the New-

Release the old with a tear-

Meet the dawn of a new beginning

With confidence and good cheer.

May the good and the true remain,

A memory precious and sweet;

Let the old failures and sorrows

Like autumn leaves fall at our feet.

Into the unknown future,

Advance with brotherhood fired.

With footsteps eager and trusting,

And hearts with new love inspired.

The earth will bloom with new beauty,

And no one may be oppressed;

We all will share in the freedom

Of humanity happy and blest.

– Letha Reineman

JANUARY, 1966                         19

Inglewood Lectures

On Saturday, January 22nd, 1966, at 8 P.M. the Inglewood Unit 15 will present Mr. Albert J. McDonald of Lodi, California, President and executive director of the Kinnamon Foundation for Biblical and Archaeological Research. He will give a factual, and what promises to be exciting and interesting illustrated slide lecture on the topic: “Before Columbus, the History and Culture of North America.” About 150 slides will be shown.

Mr. McDonald’s talk will encompass the story of the “Lost America” the Vikings, Leif Ericson, the Celts in America 1000 years before Columbus, the significance of the Iroquoi nations, ancient Indian records relating the history of their people who came from the land of Mu to what is now Western America.

The lecture will be given in the Business and Professional Women’s Clubhouse, 820 Java Street, Inglewood, California. Admission is by donation and all are invited.

Prayer Sheets

From Dr. C. H. Yeang of Penang, Malaya we have again received a batch of the pink prayer sheets which are familiar to most of you. The sheet is entitled: World-wide, Divine Love Radiation Service. ‘flee purpose is to unite the prayers of millions by synchronizing the times of prayer with groups all over the world.

Please write to Merlin if you wish copies to use with your personal correspondence.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Oakland Unit Inactive

Rev. Della Larson, long term President of Oakland Unit. 3 and dedicated New Age server, made her transition October 1965.

The Home Office has been advised that as no one feels adequate to assume the responsibilities and work so ably carried by Hey. Della Larson that. Unit 3, for the time being at least, will become inactive. Members are encouraged to affiliate with Unit 11 or San Francisco and to write to Mrs. Frank Kilsby, 1265 Monterrey Blvd, S.F. of their desire to attend the San Francisco Meetings.

Handbooks at Merlin

Handbooks have arrived and copies have been mailed to those who so patiently waited for them for so long. The attractive, inspiring booklet should he owned by each member of Understanding, and should reach those who seek understanding, wherever they may be. We would appreciate a donation; of fifty cents for each copy requested-why not order one for yourself and’ several for your friends.

Thank You

The staff of Understanding wishes to thank all who so kindly remember us with Season’s Greetings.

We also thank those who ordered gift subscriptions for their friends, libraries and colleges. We cast our bread upon the waters –

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The editors of Understanding magazine are happy to consider un-solicited manuscripts, both articles and poetry. Articles should not exceed 1,000 words (poetry 36 lines). Almost any type of material will be considered, providing that it is of a constructive nature and con-tributes to a better understanding of the subject matter employed. The editors are particularly interested in developing a greater degree of understanding among different peoples of the earth and an understanding of basic issues facing the people of this planet. Payment for articles accepted will be made upon publication at the rate of one cent per word (poetry 10c per line). The editors also are interested in seeing clippings of unusual items from newspapers and magazines, for which the sum of $1 per clipping published will be paid to the first person submitting it. All manuscripts should be typewritten, double-spaced and on one side of the sheet only. Manuscripts may not be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed envelope bearing sufficient postage. Payment will not be made for mimeographed material.



by Dr. Daniel W. Fry

Steps to the Stars (4th printing)

Curve of Development

Both softbound                 $1.50 each


Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding

Softbound, $2.00

Hardbound, $3.00

Merlin Publishing Company

P. O. Box 105

Merlin, Oregon 97532





Clark Wilkerson has classes in California and has written two books on Hawaiian Huna.

With his planet Venus contacts and his teaching from the Hawaiian Kahunas, he has a fast, workable way to self-mastery – How to rid yourself of all dissension of all kinds. Book one is “KNOW THYSELF” Book two, “CELESTIAL WISDOM”

$3.00 each, plus 35c


6711 Yucca Street,

Hollywood, California

“ELIJAH”                                                                                            SPEAKS

For people with OPEN minds


must be BROKEN DOWN.

MIGHT does not make RIGHT.



In booklet form           $1.00, postpaid.

“ELIJAH,” 4022 Lake Ave., Lockport, N. Y.